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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  October 19, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> good morning, it is monday, october 19th, i'm erika von tiehl. and oh, we are off to chilly start this morning. we have the latest on your forecast, justin has good news, i promise you in the seven days. presidential candidate bernie sanders responding to comedian larry davis' portrayal of his this past weekend. we'll hear from him just ahead. it is uncanny, almost like looking sanders himself. we'll show you the clip. cold is the biggest thing they notice when waking up this morning. >> and frost outside in that's no good. >> hard to wake up and get out of the covers. talking 50's for the high today. you know, in the winter that would be warm. >> yes. >> but not used to it. >> right now not used to it, that's the thing. but 70s in the seven day? >> i'm this charge, i'll bring back some warm air. not here to stay just yet. all right, talk about what's happening outside see the skyline there, no problem, looking from the palmyra cove
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nature park across the delaware, heather headlines again, cold morning, still cool this afternoon, i mention highs only in the 50's, nice rebounds coming in for the middle of the week, next chance of rain little later in the seven day forecast, now, fries warning still remains in effect for the entire region. this goes until 9:00 this morning. temperatures, still above freezing at the airport, in philadelphia at 36. but a loft suburbs, way below freezing, 25, in allentown, up in berks county, cut town, checking in at 24 degrees. doylestown, 27, mt. holly, new jersey, chilly 28. this hour. so here it is. 36 degrees, the low temperature so far this morning. this makes it the colds he is tell tour for philadelphia since april 1st of this year. wind are pretty much calm maybe up to 5 miles per hour, good news, there at least not dealing with any harsh windchills this morning. storm scan3, quiet, so lots of sunshine, on tap for the rest of this afternoon. so we break things down for you again those temperatures chilly through the morning, 30's, four's, by lunch time, mid 40's afternoon highs. only in the low to mid 50's.
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we will talk about the seven day in a few minutes. >> of the, will justin, thanks so much. good morning, everyone, hammy monday to you. we're back at it, another work week, another school week for all of our kids, here's a live look outside 95 the headlight moving in the south berks direction, as you approach woodhaven road. i can tell that you stretch all the way down 95 looking pretty good. hoo czar look at the blue route, tail light at route one, this is another area i'm keeping my eye on, as you can see, just ten minute ago, it didn't look quite this busy. so things are starting to heat up. a loft you just starting to hit the roadways now. schuylkill, at the conshohocken curve area that also gets really busy on a monday morning, and that you can see just evidence by how many vehicles already are out on the roadway. make note of. that will it is a busy monday morning, mass transit for those every you, lansdale doylestown line bussing weekdays 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. many between doylestown and colmar station through december, that's going to be the case. and also, we have chestnut street bridge over 95 closed
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between front and columbus, until further notice, i'll have the update on that coming up in a about 15 minute, erika, back to you. >> meisha, a thank you. we have new video just in from port richmond where it appears that somebody intentionally set fire to at least two cars overnight. you can see the size of the cars, charred, look at that, fire dispatch says the call came in just after 3:00 a.m. neighbors near the intersection of janney street and east tioga tell "eyewitness news", that somebody stuck several rags into gas tanks, and then lit them. we're told one of the neighbors ran out of the house, grab garden hose and quickly doused the flames. fire marshall now investigating. >> democratic presidential frontrunner hillary clinton is riding high after last week's debate. but, this week, she'll have to testify before congress regarding benghazi. meanwhile war of words is ratchet dollars up between two republican presidential candidate. giuliana goldman reports from
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washington. >> almost hillary clinton dis spilling g, saying two previous testimonies, what difference at this point does it make? >> and other congressional inquiries into the 2012 attacks refuted conspiracy theories, and it is now attempt to derail her presidential campaign. >> i think it is pretty clear that whatever they might have thought they were doing, they ended up becoming a partisan arm of the republican national committee. >> chairman incised he want to focus on the vet considering the attacks. >> i have told my own republican colleagues, and friends, shut up talking about things that you don't know anything about. >> but it will be impossible to take politics out of the equation on thursday. >> i wish for once mrs. clinton would be prepared to stand and be held accountable for the murder of four americans, in benghazi libya. >> meanwhile there is weekend, donald trump and jeb bush continue to spar over the
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september 11, 2001 terrorist attack, and the gop frontrunner suggestion that former president george w. bush was responsible. >> mr. trump talks about things that as though he still is on the apprentice. >> bush has been under pressure from donors to take harder line against trump and increasingly making the case the republican frontrunner isn't fit to be president. giuliana goldman, cbs news, washington. >> vice president biden could reportedly announce a presidential bid, any day now. long time advisor says that biden feels he's earn the right to make decision about his political feature on his own timetable. that close confidant also says that the vice president will not be bull night make that decision. >> larry david's imitation of bernie sanders on saturday night live is getting some attention on social media. david looks so much like sanders, even the candidates himself is impressed. >> larry david, i think, we will put him up on the stage on the nut and let him do it, rather than me. he does it better than dow. >> how about that?
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mrs. sanders at the cnn democratic presidential debate which s&l had, one of the lines, quote, i don't have a super pack. i don't even have a back pack. funny clip. 5:36 right now. stay with "eyewitness news" for complete coverage of campaign 2016. when you are not near a tv, hop on line to >> a funeral is scheduled for wednesday for former u.s. senate candidate, tom smith. he died saturday at his home in armstrong, county. smith, unsuccessfully ranas the republican nominee against democratic incumbent bob casey three years ago. stomp smith was 67. 5:36 right now. and in business news this morning, more recalls surrounding faulty tack could the an airbags. let's check in with hena dance yells, joins us now at the new york stock exchange, good morning, hena. >> good morning, general motors recalling more than because the side takata airbags could rupture, ex employed.
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own letters start getting note any case frost their dealers today. 23 million vehicles have been recalled, deuce to faulty tank cat an airbags. >> while christmas is still month away, christmas presents may beheading your way much sooner. it is a race for time for many retailers. some companies like wal-mart, macy's, target, have even built new warehouses to keep up with demand and shipments. on line retailer amazon is using robots to pull items in its warehouses, cutting time to process an order from hours to just minute. >> amazon is suing more than 1,000 people for posting fake product reviews. the retailers says the bogus reviews from sell remembers mislead to go it customers. amazon sued several websites in april for selling false re viewers, but describe the new suit against individuals as the next step. >> planning a trip to new york soon? the world's largest rubber duck is waiting for you. meet mama duck, the 11-ton inflatable rubber dock is docked in oyster bay, long
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island, for the annual oyster festival. the giant floating toy has made appearances all over the world, from hong kong, to sydney. erika? >> all right, one more thing to see in new york, thanks so much. >> happening today, in delaware county, regional rounds table will take place to discuss the exploding heroin empidemic southeastern pennsylvania. congressman patrick meehan will host members of the de a and other law enforcement officials at upper darby high school. law enforcement and elected officials will join together to discuss improving efforts to combat heroin abuse. the event gets underway at 3:30 this afternoon. >> later on today, the federal aviation administration will announce new rules regarding the use of private drones. the faa will announce a federal registry for anyone who buys a drone. it would allow the government to keep track of drones which have reportedly affected air travel at high attitudes. senator chuck schumer of new york want even more rules.
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>> twenty-nine states have proposed abolishing drones including new york, big mistake. you don't need to abolish it. what you should do is go fencing, go fencing builds into the software that every drone now has. prohibition, where they can't fly. >> the goal is to have the registry in place by the holidays. it is estimate that 750,000 drones will be sold between now and the end of the year. >> law enforcement officials in minnesota are mourning a deputy killed in the line of duty. he was shot yesterday by a suspect he was guarding at the hospital. police say investigator steven sandberg was coming to the end of his shift when the patient he was guarding grabbed his pistol. authorities say it was a dangerous situation inside the hospital. >> shots were fired, during that struggle, and then security officers were able to get into the room, and the subject was tazed, with a taser and taken into custody.
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>> sixty year old sandberg leaves behind a wife and daughter. the suspect and officer sandberg shooting suffered seizure and died in custody. still ahead this morning, parachute is makes hand landing into a crowd of people. hear from eyewitnesses about the scary moment just ahead. >> also, coming up: tragedy in arizona when a crash leaves an entire family dead. as a community grieves, we'll have the latest on the police investigation when we come right back.
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>> headlines this morning on cbs 3, the big one, waking up to what feels like the middle of winter. temperatures near freezing in the philadelphia area. don't be surprised if you need to scrape some frost off your car. it is expected to warm up, though, later on, and justin has good news in your seven day if you like the warmer temperatures. police investigating overnight accident, in south philadelphia, that sent one man to the hospital. it happened overnight, at penrose and paterson avenues. the accident involved a car and a tow truck. and the eagles take on the giant tonight, in prime time at lincoln financial field. with a win, the birds will fly into a tie for first place, in the nfc east. giant have not been very good at the passing game, allowed 300 games pass ago game so far this season. let's go flyers. let's go eagles. >> scary movements at houston air show, when parachutist
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landed in the crowd. four members of the sky diving team were scheduled it perform at the ellington airport bus high winds forced the it to be called off. unfortunately, one member of the team had already made the jump. the parachute cents landed on what a periods to be a tent, and sent visitor merchandise scattering across the field. >> we new he was coming into the crowd. we just didn't know where. actually that probably was the best place for him to jump because he didn't hit anybody. >> like old military movies, they drop and roll. >> right. >> he dropped, he rolled, into the tent. >> that parachute g suffered broken limb, taken to nearby hospital. how much, he is expected to be okay. >> check in with justin no coat drabick. we don't see a coat anywhere near you, justin. >> are you surprised? >> not at all. you. >> know, casino every hot here in the studio, so you get a break from the heat out there. talk about there are cold temperatures this morning, you will need the coat, especially
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outside the city as we check out some mid 20's, north and even south of the city. into the pinelands, chadsford, mark, chilly 25 degrees this hour willow grove, middletown delaware feeling the chill in morning at jason's house, below freezing at three; same deal in cart inning ton, bill laden at 31 degrees, john jenkins, perkasie, also looking at mid 20's, and chilly 29 up in northampton county, in bath. tuck about the forecast shaping up a lot of cold air around. look how deep the cold air goes, all the way down to the carolinas, northern georgia, frost advisory are in effect. indicated here in the blue. still under the freeze warning going until 9:00 this morning. but there is a warming trend in our forecast, cold air isn't going to be here to stay just yet. fifty-three yesterday, same deal today, lower zero's, tomorrow back where we should be, and look at that, pair of 70s showing up in our extended forecast for wednesday and
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thursday. coal air over the region, blowing over the warmer ocean water why we're producing clouds over the ocean, inland spot lots of sunshine today, really doesn't help the temperature much, with high struggling to get to the mid 50's. tomorrow high pressure over us, more sunshine warms us back to the mid 60s, even warmer wednesday, starting to push the low 70s, thursdays should top off mid 70s before the next cold front comes in, cools us down for the weekend. nice and quiet this afternoon, mostly sunny conditions tonight, big game eagles-giants, look good with clear skies, just chilly, temperatures will be in the 40's, dress warm headed to the gamement then tomorrow, maybe just few clouds around, forecast high today, up to 54 degrees, tonight, not as cold, 41 for the sit. thirty's in the suburbs, again the extended forecast a lot of sunshine this week, wednesday and thursday those are the days if you like the temperatures. meisha, the latest? >> i might just have to turn the heat on, good morning, happy monday to you. looks like a lot of you are trying to stay in bed as long as you can, because those covers, dow not blame you,
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roadways are looking good, although overnight construction project moved out of your way nice and early this morning. this is an area where we had disable truck, cleared, blocking the left lane, no longer doing so, really looking good on that stretch. one of the areas starting to heat up 95 southbound at cottman coming around the s curve one of the areas, fairly quickly, now push toward the 6:00 certainly doing so. the good news is you are still traveling at posted speeds, in that area, and you are also traveling at posted speeds in delaware county, 95 northbound, at 452, you are looking good both northbound, southbound directions, accident here, skippack pike near whitehall road. that left lane block, in this area. not causing any major slow downs, make note of it, that it is in fact there. also, chestnut street bridge over 95 closed between front and columbus in the firm notice, traffic differ earth dollars to front street. back to you.
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>> meisha, a thank you, tragic scene in arizona the family of five is killed after their truck drives into a lake. police say the families suv went into tempe town lake early sunday morning. there was group of fisher in men on the other side when it happened. they told police they saw the vehicle parked near the water with its lights on, then later heard a splash. they called 911, and police dove into the water. >> one of the witnesses that was here fishing, he jumped into the water with our officers. again, he helped to pull these individuals out. he conversation we could have asked for and more. we are grateful for him. he was concerned not only the victims in the vehicle but for the officers. >> officers recovered five people, the husband and wife, a six month old girl, and two boys, ages two and three. police say 27 year old father was hine the wheel. they don't foe if he drove into the water intentionally. >> similar tragedy in santa cruz, california. sat date my a car plunged into
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a war of. one of the two men inside died yesterday. the other is in critical condition. lifeguards able to pull the two men out of the vehicle. eyewitnesses say that the men were underwater for nearly 20 minute, before help arrived. investigators say, it is not clear what caused that car to go into the water. >> 5:49. game of cops and robbers ends with a six year old boy accidentally shooting and killing his three year old brother. chicago police have now charged their father. andrew spencer tells elsewhere the child apparently found that gun. >> israel lasalle said he didn't even know there was a gun in the house until he found his three year old grandson shot. lasalle said he heard a pop, then saw iaian's six year old brother running up the stairs. >> and he tells me that somebody shot his brother. you know. and i told him well, who is going to shoot your brother this there is nobody down there, but at the same time i was running down the stairs with him. and i seen him laying on the
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floor in the kitchen. >> returned the boy to the hospital. but doctors couldn't save him. chicago police say the father of the two boys, michael santiago owe had left a loaded handgun on top of the refrigerator. the six year old got ahold of it while the two boys were playing, and shot and killed his three year old brother. lasalle says the older boy may not even fully understand what happened. >> it is not a safe place that you can put a gun, where a kid can reach it. you know? say is a is a santiago former gang member, obtained the gun illegally. his family said he was at work saturday night when the shooting happened. he is now in jail charged with child endangerment resulting in the death of his young son. andrew spencer, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". former nba player will ma'am odom showing signs of improvement. his family says odom has regained consciousness, and has been speaking. odom has been in a hospital for almost a week, after he was found unconscious with drugs in his system at a
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brothel near las vegas. sources say odom suffered serious damage to his vital organs. >> as we go to break right now, here's what's coming up tonight on cbs-3. at 8:00 the big bang theory. friends spes cents from in amy. then at 8:30, life in peace, tyler bridges home his new girlfriend. at 9:00 scorpian, at 10:00nci last angeles, join us for "eyewitness news" at 11:00 after that.
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>> fire officials in california one. most deck struck tiff wild fires in the state's history now fully contained. nearly 2,000 homes were destroyed after the valley fire exploded last month north of san francisco. cbs news correspondent carter evans has more on those who lost everything, including eight firefighters. >> when the valley fire exploded, battalion chief paul duncan was on the front lines, 25 miles away from his home. >> the speed of the fire was incredible coming down off the mountains. >> but thought his wife and children were safe, and their house. >> i still believe it would make it all the way down here. >> the family thought they had at least a hour to evacuate. instead within six minutes the fire had raised through
5:55 am
middletown. >> i said to my dad, i'm so scared. where do we go? >> she said there are cars in front of me on fire, there is fire beside me, there is fire behind me. >> i texted him i love you, and he said the same, too, in case anything would have happened. >> i said you know where the road; step on the gas and drive-thru the fire. >> four people died in the valley fire. but foyer crews say many more were saved, as they worked frantic throw evacuate thousands from their neighborhoods. >> just trying to get people out of the way, it is life over property. >> justin galvin was battling another wild fire when he heard middletown was being overrun. >> you're a firefighter out on the fire lines, and your home is on fire and no one to protect. >> what's the alternative? save my house? and then have people perish down the street? you know, that's not an option. >> i had been seeing burnt houses all day, knowing this was mine, knowing there was
5:56 am
nothing coy do, it is surreal. >> both families say they'll rebuild. >> i'm ready for the the next fire, i will make sure my family is taken care of. but i'm ready to go. >> carter evans, cbs news, middletown, california. >> coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news", justin has your chilly forecast, talking about the 30's this morning. >> also, what is a bride to do when the good morning gets cold feet and canceled the wedding? one california woman's making headlines this morning, with her plans. and, oh, check out these adorable faces here, october is adopt a shelter dog month. there are so many in need of good home. oh, look at. that will we'll tell you what you need to know if you are look to go adopt a best friend. that and more when we come right back.
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we wake up to temperatures in the three's, how about that? we do have good news in the forecast if you are missing those in more pleasant fall temperatures. also, weaver some new video this morning, someone tried to light at least two carson fire in one philadelphia neighborhood. things could have been much worse if not for one quick thinking neighbor. >> and, eagles-giants in prime time tonight.
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the battle for first place, with the archrival. details coming up. good morning, it is monday, october 19th, i'm erika von tiehl. big story today i think just that cold, you wake up, go you outside, doesn't feel like fall any more, like the dead every winter. we check in with justin and meisha. >> good morning, happy monday to both of you. time to turn on the heat. but it sound like justin that will be casino of warming up throughout the week. i'll let you touch base on, that roadways looking good. we did have frost out there, justin, like you said earlier, but overall things looking prep good on the roadways, how is it looking outside? >> cold. but not harsh wind to deal with. lots of sunshine this afternoon, so overall the forecast pretty good today except little on the chilly side. don't wore at this does warm up later in the week looking for milder temperatures, but the freeze warning states in effect for the entire delaware valley this goes until 9:00 this morning, many suburbs well below freezing at this hour. still sitting at 36 at the airport, 28 in


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