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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 19, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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found contractor griffin campbell, guilty of 20 criminal counts. including, six of the involuntary manslaughter. >> i hope that it does provide some semblance of closure and something as horrible, and overwhelming, as this kind of tragedy. >> reporter: jurors found campbell not guilty of the higher charge of third degree murder, which, upon multiple convictions, could have put him behind bars for life, without parole, hopefully today's verdict will help put this sad chapter behind for all philadelphians. >> my heart hearts every single day that this happened for them and my hearties hurting for us, because he is a good guy. >> reporter: sean benschop the drug impaired crane operator working for campbell previously pled guilty on involuntary manslaughter and other charges. family members of the victims, including this man who lost his wife with their attorneys,
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said that campbell's conviction is a step in the right direction towards justice, and healing. >> i had a sense of joy, and jurors of their statement today. >> reporter: you feel there was in that courtroom today, justice. >> yes, justice. >> reporter: now, jurors left the courthouse here indicating to court officials they did not want to comment on their second dick. meanwhile, sentencing has been set for january 8th, prosecutors saying based on the number of counts for which campbell has now been convicted, if they are listed consecutively, he could wind up spending decade, perhaps the rest of his life, behind bars. we will have more on this developing story at 6:00, we are live from the criminal justice center, i'm walt hunter for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> walt, thank you. developing right now, is he in or is he out? speculation about joe biden's run for the white house is
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reaching a fever pitch. one local congressman says he has inside scoop on the vice-president's, decision. "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon joins us from wilmington with the latest developments, rahel. >> reporter: ukee, good evening. well to day vice-president joe biden is in washington speaking about climate change but here at home it is all over talk of the town is biden, will he run or won't he? as the war of word rages on among presidential candidate. >> it is not about that. >> reporter: when vice-president joe biden, isn't saying that has everyone talking. insider and interested voters have been on biden watch for months and monday, speculations reached an all new level after this treat from u.s. congressman brendan boyle of philadelphia assaying i have a very good source, close to joe, that tells me, vp biden will run for president. >> i think that biden has a really good shot the. >> reporter: monday voters in his home state of delaware are divided. >> i admired his
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accomplishments in foreign policy but it seems that hillary clinton has a lot of momentum and it would be a mistake to run against her. >> it goodies to have another face in the mix. >> reporter: biden has said he wants to consider, what running would mean for his family. >> make a decision that is best for him, whether it is, first political career, if he continues to do that or maybe it is time to send more concentrated time with his family. >> reporter: monday some media reports claim that the decision could come within 48 hours, and others, reportedly close to biden told cbs news about the timing of this decision, he does not like bullies and will not be bullied. voters meantime say that they are waiting and watching, but if he does decide to run. >> make it very interesting cam pain. >> reporter: officials in the biden office today would only say that they cannot comment, until biden himself makes an announcement. of course, many people still
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wondering when that announcement will come and what, of course, he will say. reporting live, ra hell solomon for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". wait continues, thanks rahel. everyone is talking about the weather and how unseasonably cold it is out there. this morning we had to keep moving or you would freeze. moms, dads had to get children's hats, coats out and break out their own winter gear as well. i'm not ready for this are we? lets go outside to meteorologist kate bilo for our first look at forecast. >> thanks, ukee. i was counting down to the bus coming trying to dig for hats and gloves because we are not ready for this kind of weather. it is mid-october. normal highs in the mid 60's. the we're not used to 20's and 30's in the morning. today was a little fire drill, so to speak, for winter weather that is just around the corner. it does warm up over the next couple of days. you can put hats and gloves away at least for time being. the lets look at these morning lows. it was very cold, all across the the a area the mount pocono down to 20 degrees, this morning, and allentown at
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25. trenton, new record at 27. reading at 28. atlantic city also 28. wilmington also sub freezing at 30 degrees this morning. in philadelphia, we have bottomed out in the mid 30's. morning low 35 degrees. that is coldest it has been since april fools day last april, 2015. it was a frigid start all across the a area but good news it is too cold and we have warmer weather to tell but over the next several days. in fact, right now it the is cool, more than 10 degrees below average but with the sun it doesn't feel too bad this afternoon. right now 54 degrees in philadelphia 52 in allentown. fifty-three at the atlantic city airport. definitely some good football weather. we will bundle up heading to the eagles game tonight. we will look at that forecast forecast. a at kick off temperature only in the mid 40's tonight and as eagles take on the giant, 8:30 . wind southeasterly at five to 10 miles an hour. but here's the good news. after 50's yesterday, 50's today we will jump back to normal if not above normal will for tomorrow and then by wednesday and thursday we're talking about highs in the
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70's, a little return of some summer-like weather in your forecast, coming up, i'll tell you how long that return to warmth will last. for now, back over to you. >> we will see you in a bit. lets talk more about the eagles. bird are on the national stage playing under the lights in prime time as they take on the giants in lincoln financial field. don bell and leslie van arsdal join us from south philadelphia with more on tonight's huge game, don and leslie. >> it is absolutely massive game tonight. right now they are going go through the national anthem right behind us. they just started that, perfect timing by the the way. >> eagles taking on the giants, tonight, massive match up because if the bird win they have a tie of first place and nfc east. but the giants, smoldering hot right now. >> yes, especially at quarterback. eli manning, who is playing very well. giants are on a roll right now. >> one thing about athletes, guys, is you know what they always want to get that mental advantage. one advantage that these bird think they have tonight is the fact that if you look good, you play good. they're going with all black
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jerseys, they debuted those things a year ago almost to the day against the giants, they beat that team, 27 to nothing. linebacker brandon graham excited for monday night. >> i know, it has been turned up, as always, and really turned up because it is monday night and we are going all black, and we know, what happened last time we wore all black. i'm hoping we continue that same streak. >> you know, what happened? i don't to have say nothing. >> reporter: absolutely, love it. by the way, the they sacked eli manning six times in that game a year ago rocking the all black unis. >> whatever works. fans encouraged to wear black. we have got memos here. coming up later, i think, nose tackle, i will sit down with who is going to social media to promote a cause very chose to his heart. >> it is called lunch with leslie. you do not want to miss this. until then from frigid lincoln financial field, ukee, back to
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you in that toasty warm studio. >> come on now you didn't have to go there. >> we will see you both later. >> thanks very much. in other news, two suspicious car fires prompted an investigation by philadelphia fire marshall, those fires which were apparently set intentionally happened around 3:00 this morning near jenny and east tioga streets in port richmond. neighbors tell "eyewitness news" someone stuffed rags in the gas tanks of the cars and lit them on fire. those neighbors saw it happened and doused the flames. several vehicles were damage. a view from chopper three shows extensive damage caused by yesterday's fire at lulu country club in glenside montgomery county. the clubhouse which opened in 1912 was destroyed as flames ripped through it yesterday morning. the it took fire fighters three hours to control that blaze. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. chopper three also over a shooting on auburn street in philadelphia, a mentally challenged man in his 20's was shot a number of times and taken to temple university hospital and he is in stable condition. police are searching for suspects.
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well, a man and his cat are safe today after they were rescued by coastguard in atlantic city. man was traveling on the sail boat about 21 miles off the coast of atlantic city. he fell over board but managed to get back on his boat. helicopter was able to hoist the man and transfer him before medical help, the rescue crew brought his boat and cat back to shore. another rescue, by the coastguard caught on camera in brigantine. two fisherman were rescued by a helicopter crew saturday night. their boat was stuck in shallow watters. when this were rescued they were mildly hypothermic. the men were okay and taken home by their families that night. well, one of two men wanted in a deadly home invasion in dover delaware on saturday is in police custody, and, matthew harrington turned himself into buckingham township police in bucks county last night. 's weights extradition to face charges in delaware. a second suspect salem shabazz, of philadelphia, is still at large. well, so far no charges have been file in the bizarre
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incident aboard a septa a bus, a 4-foot long bowa constrictor got away from its owner yesterday on a route 52 bus near 52nd and west minister. the passengers and driver's vac waited until police could corner the snakes. owner 26 year-old karen riley was reportedly on his way home from a pet store where he bought rats to feed the snake n1 was injured. coming up on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 is what next for lemar odom after his near death experience? also this... >> reporter: it is a story that captured at attention of the city, a young two-year old boy found wandering love park by himself, i'm greg argos in west philadelphia a with the latest on that young boy's condition and is what next for his parents. also new warnings about the danger of the drinking alcohol during pregnancy, why pediatricians now say, no amount of alcohol is safe. and oprah's new project can she help you lose weight? that story and much more when we come back.
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new warnings today about the danger of drinking alcohol during pregnancy. the american academy of pediatrics has issued a new report that stresses no amount
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of alcohol is safe for pregnant woman. studies show pregnant woman who drink in the first try in mess ter are 12 times more likely to give birth to a child with behavioral or neurological issues. drinking throughout pregnancy puts babies a at 65 times the risk. a baby's brain and central nervous system is exquisitely vulnerable to what we call things that can cause damage and alcohol is one of them. >> recent survey found 8 percent of women drank alcohol during pregnancy. oprah winfrey and weight watchers are teaming up. she has acquired a 10 percent stake in the diet company and today's announcement caused the stock price of weight watchers to sore. health reporter stephanie stahl joins us with more on this mega deal. >> reporter: big, big, big. oprah is going on a diet again and worth a a lot of money to her and weight watchers n a statement oprah says she believes to make a big investment because program that she says, has given her the tools that she needs to make lasting changes in her
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struggle with weight. >> oprah winfrey is so convinced weight watchers will help her lose weight she has invested 42.3 million-dollar in the diet company and will be an advisor. >> she's amazing. she will be really successful. >> reporter: john berkhead is vice-president of the philadelphia await weight watchers, one of the oldest and largest franchises. he think oprah will bring a boost to business. >> i think we will be happy working with her. >> reporter: key to the success is weekly meetings where members support each other and share ideas. the members are allotted an individualized points system that essentially tracks calories but recently weight watchers sales and products have been declining with competition from fitness trackers and diet apps. oprah will be using the weight watchers mobile app and work with the coach. >> we know oprah has a history of yoyo dieting, gaining and losing weight what if she doesn't lose weight on weight watchers. >> an individual's weight loss
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journey is private, and personal. i'm sure that our program, and if you follow the program, you will be successful and she will. >> reporter: now the stock price of weight watchers doubled today with the oprah announcement and the company also said that instead of just focusing on weight loss, it is shift to go concentrate on overall health and wellness. what we have not heard from oprah is when she started the diet and has she lost any weight yet but i'm sure we will be hearing more about that. >> it is a really good team. thanks, keep us updated. thanks, stephanie, appreciate it. lemar odom is continuing to improve after being found unconscious at the a nevada a brothel. tmz said odom will survive but it will be a long road to recovery. the a athlete is scheduled to undergo rehabilitation for speech, physical and other therapy. his estrange wife chloe kardashian has vowed to stay by odom's side as he recovers. we're not only ones feeling frigid temperatures. check out this shot across the
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the the state of pennsylvania. this is erie. yes, that is snow. it is first snowfall in erie. i didn't stick to the road. more inconvenience then anything. penndot didn't even salt and anticipating worst conditions when winter officially arrives. we have a taste of it, kate bilo. yes, we have. no flakes, cold it is here. >> i'm not ready. >> no, who is. >> you have to unearth gloves, mittens a and big coats this morning. we were in the 20's in some spots. >> twenty's. >> that is miserable for mid-october. >> yes good but good news is we will be in the 70's over next few days. i'm sure people will be saying it ties warm, october supposed to be chilly but it is up andg down temperatures. little something for everyone. we have 50's and 60's and 70's and good news we have sunshine across the board right into next week even. lets look outside speaking of sunshine beautiful evening down the shore, lot of folks out there this evening but great night to take a walk along the san. you need to bundle up there in ocean city.
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certainly different then what we saw a month or two ago where people were staking their spot the in the san. summer has come and gone and now we are firmly entrenched in fall. it is a is in looking day down the shore and delaware beaches as well. live neighborhood network and rehoboth beach things looking great. nothing but sunshine and blue skies. only 49 degrees and temperatures are cool. look at that sun as we appreciate sunset, camera looking right and it is full blue skies. kutztown area in middle school where we are currently at 49 degrees. the not much to show you on storm scan 36789 everything is clear, dry. we don't have any storms to talk b next chance for a shower will be overnight thursday night as a weak cold front moves through and that will put an end to the warm up we have to tell you about. but take a look at some snow in eastern canada a. we have a few rain showers in portions of upstate new york but we are starting to see purple colors on the radar picture and more of that to come certainly as we head through the the next couple of months. but not this week. not for us.
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what to expect? clear but not as cold. we will rebound to the 60's where we should be, normal high 66. we are close to. that wednesday and thursday are your two days well above average. highs climb to the 70's. could be last time we're in the 70's this year. it the ties soon to say but we have a chance that it does cool back down for friday and upcoming weekend. so temperatures, highs today only in the 50's. forty's to the south but take a look the at all this heat over central part of the nation, 82 the high in dallas. eighty in wichita and that warmth will be billowing east ward. still a chilly start to your tuesday morning. morning lows in the 30's. lower 40's in the city. but better than 20's and 30's we will deal with today. back to the 60's for your tuesday, 70's, wednesday and thursday and then this front comes through thursday into friday and that will knock us back in the lower 60's by end of the week. talk about the foliage out there? we are seeing moderate foliage in the greater philadelphia area high foliage in the lehigh valley now and continuing to cream southward. we tend to hit our peak in
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late october. as far as overnight hours are concerned not as chilly 43 degrees. tuesday looks good, mostly sunny, beautiful at 68. eyewitness weather three day forecast, looking pretty good for mid-october, 68 degrees tomorrow. mid 70's, wednesday and thursday and cold snap license a thing of the past by thursday but then it does get chilly again starting on friday, coming up in the seven day i'll have more next hour. >> i'll stop at thursday for right now. >> yes, stop with the good stuff. >> thanks, a appreciate it. still ahead on "eyewitness news" new star wars poster is creating a galaxy sized controversy. we will tell you all about it. also paid to praise, amazons cracking down on fake reviews, find out how to spot them leslie van arsdal has a very, very special story about an eagles player you will want to know all about. it is lunch with leslie on the other side. we will be right back.
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here we go game on lincoln financial field is hub of the football world as eagles get ready to face giant, don bell and leslie van arsdal joins us with more on this huge decision and match up, leslie and don, break it down. >> we are three hours away from monday night football and public enemy number one tonight will be eli manning. tonight's quarterback is smoldering hot, has ten touchdown pass these year and that is a absolutely excellent. it will be really important for the the pass rushers, of the eagles to get after him. >> and i got the chance to sit down with those guys, nose tackle beau allen and kind of talking on twitter these days. the 6-foot two, 333-pound, eagles nose tackle beau allen is one of the most imposing players on the roster but also one of the most amusing when it comes to social media everybody talks about that picture of you and conn are barwin in the bathtub. what kind have of mine set are you in for that picture. >> we are a tight team.
5:25 pm
>> yes. >> what about the the picture you tweeted. >> yeah, i don't know, there one last year where codey parkey and i lifted him up, yeah. >> reporter: yes, kind of like. >> now i've had a time of the my life. >> i quoted dirty dancing. no one puts parkey in the corner. i thought that was twitter he used twit tore promote a cause close to his heart. his mother susan, diagnosed with breast cancer in middle school. since 11 did you know what was going on. >> just kind of looking back on it you don't understand the severity of it. it wasn't until my mom lost her hair and started to feel sick that i was like wow, this is pretty serious. >> then you decided to grow your hair. >> i decided to grow my hair as a reminder. i will donate it eventually he is making quite a fashion statement on the field. >> i breaked it last week. i'm not sure if i will do that every week.
5:26 pm
you know, a big lineman with a pink bow tie in his hand. >> off the field, he is helping promote the the cause, anyway that he can. >> i just try to get involved with families and, you know, just do whatever you can to help them out. >> best parties your mommies cancer free. >> yep, she is. it is a great feeling. >> now i did have to ask about that braid. it was a little too perfect. i cannot do that. someone else did it for him. so, we will see. >> you know an imposter when you see one. >> yes. >> ukee, coming up at the 6:00 e of the philadelphia eagles merrill reese and also brian westbrook the former bird will be induct in the eagles hall of fame. we will talk about his illustrious career at 6:00. new back to you in the studio. >> boy, b west it seems like yesterday he was at villanova thanks both. we will see you in a little bit. coming up next on "eyewitness news" we are learning more about the family of the toddler found wondering
5:27 pm
around love park in the middle of the night. also community outreach to help them get back on their feet. personal drones are expected to be a hot christmas gift but there are privacy and security concerns, we will tell you about new plans to regulate drones. then new at 6:00, help is just a push of the button away, it is wearable protection for women in case of an attack. it not only sound an alarm but also calls for help, the cause behind this life saving device, coming up.
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ i'm ukee washington with the day's top stories, the the contractor has been charged with the death of the six people killed in the 2013 center city building collapse. griffin campbell was convicted of six counts of involuntary manslaughter. prosecutors a say he cut corners, causing the the demolition to turn deadly.
5:31 pm
will vice-president joe biden make a run for the white house? president congressman brendan boyle tweeted that he would according to a source close to biden but the vice-president's office says he has not made a decision. oprah winfrey has taken a 10 percent stake in weight watchers and is also taking a seat on the company's board. weight watchers has been suffering sales and profits are down. kate? and it was a very cold start to our week. monday morning temperatures in the 20's in some spots but we've got a big turnaround in temperatures. temperatures are set to sore well above average, over the next few days. it continues through the week but we have a chance for rain coming up in the seven day forecast and we will have more in a few minutes, ukee. well, there are new developments surrounding a toddler found wandering barefoot and alone in philadelphia's love park in center city. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos joins us at chosen 300 ministries in west philadelphia where family is getting a assistance, greg?
5:32 pm
>> reporter: we have just learn in the last few minutes that enough money has been raise todd pay for family's rent for past year with donations coming in all throughout the country as far away as arizona. >> dhs. >> reporter: first met michael jones this weekend. >> my daughter was sleeping here. my son sleeps here. >> reporter: his family is homeless and while they slept under the the stairs of the welcome center at love park jeremiah, his two-year old son wandered off friday night and septa cop pick him up. how is jeremiah doing. >> he is doing good. >> reporter: two days later a after our story aired a lot has changed for michael as donations poured in from all over the country to help out his family. >> i say we cannot take no more stuff. >> reporter: it is not just clothing and food. >> it will take you to the pay pal link to give you a donation right there on line. >> reporter: homeless advocacy group chosen 300 has raised $12,000 in just 24 hours, that money going toward family's housing cost for a year. >> it is exciting because of the fact that two days ago we
5:33 pm
saw this family living in the card game box. >> reporter: but this family situation is unfortunately not unique. >> the the city has not done not nearly enough to end youth, family child homelessness. >> reporter: john youcock the executive director says his organization helps more than 500 home less youth a year but because of lack of space. >> we will turn away another 400. >> reporter: a tragedy michael says effects so many people, not just his family and that is why he is using this opportunity and spot light to hopefully help others in similar situations. >> it is looking up for you and your family. >> but see the thing is that is just a small part because i don't want people to help us and then all of a sudden stop. >> reporter: as for jeremiah he and his sister are currently in fos to ter care. his parents they are due in family court tomorrow at 11:00 l return whether or in the they will regain custody.
5:34 pm
i'm greg args for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thank you for that look, greg. turning now to campaign 2016, new poll numbers for democrat inning presidential can tait could difficulties a appoint front runner hillary clinton. on the republican side, jeb bush and donald trump have a war of word over 9/11 a attacks on american. correspondent craig boswell reports now from washington. >> reporter: just days after the first democratic presidential debate a new poll shows a slight up tic for hillary clinton. clinton gained six points over last month in the monmouth university poll. bernie sanders is a at one to 21 percent, joe biden is a at 17 percent and not yet indicated if he will join the race. clinton is overwhelming favorite when biden is taken out of the mix. >> biden sources tell cbs news that the vice-president feels he has earned the right to take his time but filing deadline next month. the vice-president must make to get his name on some state
5:35 pm
ballots. on the republican side, donald trump and jeb bush are escalating a feud over president bush and 9/11 attacks. >> i'm not blaming anybody. the the world trade center came down. when he said we were safe. that is not safe. we lost 3,000 people. >> reporter: remember bush defended this proves that trump isn't fit to be president. >> it doesn't show he is a serious person as it relates to being commander in chief and being architect of the foreign policy. >> reporter: bush also followed with a new on line campaign ad questioning trump's judgment. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a manhunt is underway for suspect who opened fire during a zombie theme festival in florida killing one and wounding five others. >> unaudible. >> cell phone cameras captured chaos as people ran for cover. shooting happened saturday night at some bye con in downtown fort myers, florida. a 20 year-old died at the scene. he wases a football player for
5:36 pm
asa college in miami. >> everybody is devastated. that message on facebook. you know, that text message. anything. >> we're told details about the gunman are still sketchy and police have yet to release a motive. faa is developing new regulations for those who own and operate drones. those flying drones in public air space must soon register with the government. pilots of the large planes have reported significant increases in drone sightings over the past year. transportation secretary anthony fox says that without registration, it can be hard to punish those breaking air safety rules. >> there can be no accountability if a person breaking the rules cannot be identified. registration will now allow us to identify them. >> new rules will likely be in place by the winter when tens of thousands of drones are expect to be sold for the holidays. critics of the new rule say they will be difficult to
5:37 pm
enforce. well, still to come on "eyewitness news" amazon takes on fake reviewers, world's largest on line retailer fights to protect their brand and the trust of its consumers. do you have room in your heart and your home to rescue a dog in need? october is a adopt a shelter dog month. and we are showing you some adorable dogs who are just waiting for adoption and for you. we will be right
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so, do you look at product reviews before you make a purchase? report says ten to 15 percent on social media reviews, are fake. and in fact, amazon filed a lawsuit begins fake reviewers. amazon says that more than a thousand people sold five star reviews, through a site called, a web site where odd jobs can be pick up, for as little a as $5.
5:41 pm
amazon bans, fake product reviews, and it is suing fake reviewers for breach of contract and violating federal consumer law. amazon has a program called vine where they will send free products to people that will review them. very interested to get more views on the at. >> how can you spot a fake review? experts say the the review reads too much like a promotion for the item and check reviewer's history. see fit makes sense. if not be on alert the review may not be authentic. we will be right back.
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eagles in prime time tonight and calling for a fan, blackout, the the players are wearing black uniforms and they hope fans will wear black eagles gear to the game. if you are going downey hope you have a warm black eagles coat and hat because it will be cold down at the link. the let's check with lauren casey in south philadelphia where she talk with bundle up fans. >> hi, ukee i got my barrett going. little chilly. i checked temperatures of 50 degrees. it should be 10 degrees warmer as far as averages this time of the year. it is day number three of the autumn cold snap. that did in the stop fans from
5:45 pm
tailgating, and we went around and asked them how they are staying warm. >> i have layers of clothes. that is nice thing about having a motor home, i can get dressed as i go and layer up, last time bring go in but right now it is gorgeous. sunnies beautiful. >> you can feel it. can i say it on tv? >> i got long johns on and we have the fire going, everything, we're all good today. >> it is a two layer day, absolutely. i sit in the club box. i called my friend and say i'm sitting in the heat while they are suffering out in the cold. >> whatever your choice is, long johns, other options, you will need it this evening. temperatures for kick off around 46 degrees but nice clear skies, little bit of the breeze but those wind will lighten up out of the southwest at five to 10 miles an hour but energy in here guys is still great. everybody is fired up. the it is like a little will warm bundle all around the area just keeping us nice and
5:46 pm
coasty little warm bubble, i like. that hopefully eagles will turn up the heat on the giants. thanks, lauren. we appreciate it. we will get back to you. >> cold temperatures tonight. we will wake um to cold tomorrow morning. >> not as bad as today, scrape the the ice off the car a lot of folks woke up in the 20's. i had to start the car 20 minutes, early it is mid october. >> i had so many people say they wait until in first to turn the heat on but i don't know if people could make it through last night. >> cranked it up. >> yes, but good news, mother nature will be cranking heat over next few days. the lets look at is what going on outside. we will go out to the roof cam which is looking beautiful right now. city is all ready for big monday night football, game, eagles taking on the giants and we have to wear your black. black park, hat, luckily color that most people have in winter gear. not a lot of people have eagles green parkas and hats and gloves. it should be fine for tonight but it will be chilly out there it looks chilly.
5:47 pm
it looks like a clear fall winter night where temperatures like to drop quickly. lets check with our eyewitness weather watchers. temperatures well below average only in the 50's across our map here. we will start off at 51 degrees. but i got it, 51 in willingboro, new jersey. looking at sunshine and cool. coolness, touch of things to come. kind of like a fire drill you have to figure out where you stash hats, gloves, mittens and parkas from last year, unearthed them and put them aside for a few days now. jerry aubrey in blue bell with sunshine and he said bring back fall we miss you. we have jumped into winter. look at photos, great fall color, i love this one from phil. denise and ethan that is phil's wife and grandson. phil, tell me on twitter for sure at morris arboretum. lots of fall color there eileen mur any bill getsville, fall foliage and eagles beating the the giants. she took it to the next level and calling the game. eagles will beat the giants.
5:48 pm
the lets look at what is going on our live storm scan three. everything is clear, high pressure in control and what will happies i'll show you in a moment is high pressure will move east and start to churn up this southeasterly flow and feeling nice but for right now a weak front over eastern canada is bringing some snow, that is that purple shading on the radar picture, i haven't missed that this summer but now we are starting to see it pop up here and there temperatures across the network, plymouth meeting 51. saint david in wayne is 51. forty's in wilmington and mays landing and we are looking at low to mid 50's but look at this bubble of warmth here. right now in december money 79. st. louis 78. chicago a at 72. in the middle here in cleveland and lexington. so all that warm air will head our way. something interesting i noticed on the october calendar. we have had warm spells during the the workweek and our cool spells on the weekend. it looks like unfortunately that will happen again. over next few days we will be back in the red and then
5:49 pm
heading back to blue. cooler era arriving for start of the weekend friday into saturday. the here's that high. it is slipping east through the next couple days and that will kick up a southeasterly wind and help things warm up. we have in rain in the forecast until this weak front gets in. notice wednesday it is well off to the west. this will not come through until thursday night, when it could bring chance for a shower. sunset times tonight, sunsets at 6:16 which is not too bad but by november 1st less than two weeks away sun will be down by now. 4:59 our sunset time by november 30th, 4:36 p.m. we only got two more weeks of these longer, brighter days before we start to set those clocks back. losing about two and a half minutes of daylight every single day right the now. temperatures overnight the tonight will drop, considerably but not as cold as last night. thirty's in the north and western suburbs. we have clear skies throughout the overnight hours. we are beautiful october day tomorrow. sixty-six is the normal. we will get to 68. right on target. great day to be outside.
5:50 pm
all across the region things look nice. sixty-eight in philadelphia. sixty-six down the the shore. we are in the 60's in the poconos. we have a warm up and subsequent cool down features on our eyewitness wet ther seven day forecast, 70's wednesday and thursday. that front comes through thursday night unnoticed but notice drop in temperatures for weekend. lower 60's friday and saturday. sunday we are back to 67. we have a chance for shower sunday and monday of next week. ukee, back over to you. speaking of the warm up, october is a adopt a shelter talk month and work got underway to honor that and a open your heart and home to a fury friend. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao went to the delaware county spca to see pets in need and these faces are guarantied to melt your heart, lets take a look. >> duffy is a success story, name after the duffle bag that she was found inside at chester park, duffy came to the delaware county spca near death and now fully recovered she's off to her forever home this wednesday and that is goal for dozens of dogs here
5:51 pm
at this no kill shelter. >> we want to adopt out as many as possible because more we can save. it is a a 30 minute process. a lot of people are surprised about. >> october is adopt a shelter dog month and at any given time there are 60 dogs and puppies a at spca in median they are looking for that perfect family and workers here considered themselves match makers. we are very good at selecting pets with people and making that right match. >> reporter: meet carla a laid back a adult blend. >> she would do well with kids, with other dogs, really best option for her would be a family with an open mind and lead her along into her new life. >> piper is playful and will do well with the active family. >> piper is very sweet and loving. she has good amount of energy. she loves to run. the she's a member of our dog trotter program. >> reporter: delco spca also rescues puppies, don, a bull
5:52 pm
doggies a scene steeler. >> when i hold her she's very sweet, calm, kind of doesn't know what is going on but really loves the a attention. >> reporter: this month the spca is making it easier then ever to take her and her friend home in honor of aodopt. this includes spay, newter, micro chip and all of the regulatory vaccines, there is a vet vice that it is included and pet health insurance. >> reporter: on the last day of the month, the delaware county spca is waving puppy and dog fees to walk away with the the new member of your family october 31st for free n media, january carabao and don for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> told you, i heard them all out there. adopting a doggies a big responsibility and it is not for everyone. there are certain requirements to make someone eligible. we have all of the information on our web site at the cbs, just click on links and numbers. still a ahead on "eyewitness news" tonight a star wars squab he will, as the teaser trailer, trenton social media a controversy is
5:53 pm
brewing about the new movie poster. we will get the scoop from the insider, up next.
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5:56 pm
the force awakens is trending hot, all things star wars dominating headlines along with the new controversy. the insider's debbie, now joins us from l.a. with more, debbie. >> force is strong with you, ukee. we are 59 days a away and i am counting until the film's latest installment, teaser/trailer already burning up on line but now a galaxy sized controversy with the new movie poster. let's go inside to the big star wars squabble. star wars fans will finally get a full trailer of the force awakens as giants face off against the eagles. the star wars official twitter
5:57 pm
account tweeted a new poster which highlights its new cast, including oscar isaac. >> i'm he so excited to be part of this universe. >> reporter: also featured fan favorites of the $4.3 billion franchise carry fischer and harrison ford but shockingly missing luke skywalker himself mark hamill. >> and, they are wondering exactly what luke's role will be, is he just a minor character or could he join the dark side. >> i mean everything has change but nothing has change. >> disney and lucas films announced after the full trailer, ticket will go on sale immediately. and also it is monday night football tonight. your eagles playing the giants. i love demarco. go eagles. back to you in the studio. >> debbie, thanks very much. for more on star wars and, all of the days entertainment the news tune into the insider tonight at 7:30 right here on cb. 36789. that is "eyewitness news"
5:58 pm
at 5:00. at 6:00 a letter dick is reach in the center city bills collapsed trial. a a contractor charge in the death of six people learned his fate. and is joe biden running for president. a tweet add new fuel to the fire about the vice-president's decision. kate? and, the day we have the coat, hat and gloves out this morning but not for long, temperatures surged this week, we will go well above average, i'll tell you how long it will last. also, a little tea vice that could save your life, just one push of a button sound an alarm and calls for help, don? first place is on the line, eagles verse giants, monday night the football live from lincoln financial field, we will have a preview, "eyewitness news" starts right now. and, in the news tonight a demolition contractor found guilty in the deaths of six
5:59 pm
people killed when a center city building collapsed two and a half years ago. jury reached their decision in just a few hours. good evening, i'm ukee washington. guess case off tonight. griffin campbell could spend the rest of his life behind bars. the our walt hunter was in the courtroom as the verdict was announced and he joins us from the criminal justice center, walt? >> reporter: ukee, it was 2:31 this afternoon in courtroom 304, a silent courtroom, when jury foreman stood up and said the word guilty, again and again. contractor campbell, now, and prosecutors say, the the convictions on these criminal county could face decade, behind bars, amounting to a life sentence. contractor griffin campbell, seen here, on the day of his arrest showed no emotion, as the jury found him guilty of 20 criminal counts, in the june 2013 demolition site collapse, that killed six, and
6:00 pm
injured 13. >> we're very satisfied, we think just advertise was done in this case with this verdict. >> reporter: among those dying in the ruble that day the wife of this man. >> i feel that it was just advertise today. >> reporter: you feel there was in that courtroom to take justice. >> yes. >> reporter: jury deliberated barely three hours, finding campbell, guilty on six count of involuntary manslaughter, and had they, convicted on the higher charges of third degree murder, he could have have faced life without parole. >> hopefully today's verdict will help put this sad chapter behind for all philadelphians. >> my heart hurts every day that this happens for them and my hearties hurting for us because he is a good guy. >> reporter: campbell's drug impaired crane operator sean benschop previously pled guilty to involuntary manslaughter and other charges and n


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