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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 19, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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collapse, that killed six, and injured 13. >> we're very satisfied, we think just advertise was done in this case with this verdict. >> reporter: among those dying in the ruble that day the wife of this man. >> i feel that it was just advertise today. >> reporter: you feel there was in that courtroom to take justice. >> yes. >> reporter: jury deliberated barely three hours, finding campbell, guilty on six count of involuntary manslaughter, and had they, convicted on the higher charges of third degree murder, he could have have faced life without parole. >> hopefully today's verdict will help put this sad chapter behind for all philadelphians. >> my heart hurts every day that this happens for them and my hearties hurting for us because he is a good guy. >> reporter: campbell's drug impaired crane operator sean benschop previously pled guilty to involuntary manslaughter and other charges and now facing a maximum 20
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year sentence. the verdict in the eyes of attorneys for the the victims, a step toward just advertise. >> when someone that it is a wound that never heels. they are grateful for the the jury. they are grateful for conviction but that won't ease pain in their hearts. >> reporter: now jurors left the courthouse here without commenting on their decision. sentencing for campbell now set for january the eighth. live from the criminal justice center, walt hunter for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks for that. we woke up to another day of cold temperatures this morning. hats, gloves out in full force, and kate bilo outside on the sky deck to tell us if we will need cold weather gear again tonight and i am thinking yeah, that is an affirmative, kate. >> that is an affirmative, ukee. it will be a chilly night and partially thanks to the clear sky but the the clear night temperatures like to drop quickly a as soup as sun goes down. i can feel it out here an hour ago and it felt warmer now that the sun will drop below
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the horizon and just about ten or 15 minutes, it will feel chilly again tonight. not as cold as last night but many spots will wake up in the 30's. the dress in layers tomorrow you may want them in the a afternoon. we will get to that in a moment. let look at what had happened this morning. we have a morning low of 35 in philadelphia very cold. coldest it has been since first of april last year. some spots even colder. this is serious old in our north and western suburbs. 20 degrees in mount pocono. allentown at 25. and, that is a new record there. and new record of 28. atlantic city also at 28. national weather service says in more freeze or frost warnings we have hit a hard freeze. that is end of. that growing season has ended across our area temperatures right now 53 degrees in philadelphia 50 in allentown. we are dropping, and, 49 degrees, in millville and it will be a chilly night at eagles game. bring out that black parka, glove, hat, whole 9-yard, kick off temperature tonight 46 degrees. definitely feeling like hot cocoa and we will talk 70's
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over next couple days. we will have more of that coming up when i join you inside. >> you talked bit. are you ready for some football. i hope eagles are. tonight they will take on new york football giants down at lincoln financial field a share of first place is on the line. don bell and leslie van arsdal join us new from south philadelphia with more on tonight's big game huge game. >> a few weeks ago we didn't think this was possible the way they were playing. right now if they win tonight talking about the the eagles they have a share of first place. >> yes good they will take out the giants first. tonight is night where we celebrate one of the all time greatness eagles history. >> that is right brian westbrook is going in the eagles hall of fame. villanova grad certainly deserves, one of the six players in nfl history to record 30 or more rushing and receiving touchdowns. that is not easy. >> no, not at all. >> it is a appropriate that we are celebrating him on a night like tonight because the most important play he made in his
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illustrious career, i should say one most memorable was the 84-yard punt return against them at the meadow land. it happened almost 12 years ago to the day, and it propelled the the team to a 14-ten win. we talked to his former teammate last night in the sports zone. >> i remember during that time we lost a couple of games. and speaking of momentum, after we won that game with the giants we rallied out nine straight victories. so, that is probably the most exciting memory i can think about that rivalry. >> he is just an all around great guy. >> he is a good dude. and that year, 2003, they started slow and they went on to go and went 12-four and win the division. many people are hoping same type of thing that happens to this team tonight. >> yes. >> now later on, in sports, guys, we will talk to merrill reese, the the voice of the eagles. what are the keys to the game. how do they get to eli manning.
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you know eli, excuse me, you know merrill always has the answer. >> yes good until then we're hanging out the at lincoln financial field, ukee, back to you. thanks very much. good to see bobby t again. we will talk to you soon. in other news philadelphia police are investigating a shooting on auburn street. chopper three over the the scene where a mentally challenged man was shot in his 20's multiple times. he was taken to temple university hospital and is in stable condition. police are still searching for suspects. well, assistance is pouring in from across the country for family of the toddler found wandering barefoot and alone in love park in center city. this is two-year old jeremiah jones, his family had been sleeping under the stairs of the welcome center in love park. jeremiah's father says his family situation is part of the larger problem. >> i don't want people to help us and then all of a sudden just stop. >> the home will helps advocacy group chosen 300 has raised $12,000 in just 254 hours which will go to the
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families, housing costs for a year. well, neighbors in port richmond put out intentionally set car fires with garden hoses. they happened near janne a and east tioga a street. neighbors tell "eyewitness news" someone stuffed rags in the gas tanks of the cars and let them on fire. several vehicles were damage. the fire marshall is now investigating. chopper three over what remains of the the lulu country club in glenside montgomery county. clubhouse was destroyed as fire ripped through it yesterday morning. it took 100 fire fighters nearly three hours to control the blaze no one was hurt in the blaze and fire. the the cause remains under investigation. so far no charges in the bizarre incident aboard a septa us about a 4-foot long bowa a constrictor got away from its owner yesterday on the route 52 bus near 52nd and west minister. passengers and driver's vac waited until police could corner the snake. the owner, 26 year-old karen riley was reportedly on his way home from the pet store where he bought some rats to
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feed the snake. vice-president joe biden is staying mum on whether he will seek the democratic nomination for president but after weeks of speculation a local congressman claims to have the answer. "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon joins us from wilmington to join us with more on that. rahel, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, ukee. as you know there has been speculation for months about whether vice-president joe biden will run for president but a particular tweet this morning from a local congressman didn't appear to be speculation at all. in fact it said that biden will run. the wait could finally be over, after months of speculation, media report monday suggested that vice-president joe biden could announce whether he plans to run for president, in the the next 48 hours. >> little late, isn't it. >> reporter: biden has said he wants to consider his family before making the decision, a source reportedly close to him told cbs news about the the timing of his decision, he does not like bullies and will not be bullied. >> i think pending, you know,
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everything with his family, i think, it is him just the pressure, in the the to have the public pressure him. >> reporter: but his office said they have no comment until he makes an announcement but a a tweet sent out monday morning by u.s. congressman brendan boyle of philadelphia a strongly suggested that he will run, saying i have a very good source close to joe that tells me vp biden will run for president. but not all voters think biden should run. >> it will make it very interesting, because he will have one tough challenge as far as and in particular, hillary. >> he has had a family concerns, and he would be better off retiring and doing all of the wonderful things that presidents and vice-presidents do afterward like lecturing, speaking, things like that. >> reporter: vice-president biden is in washington today speaking on climate change, now no official word from his office again about whether he will in fact run but until
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then people are waiting and watching. reporting live from wilmington, rahel solomon for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> that they are ra shell, thanks very much. stay with "eyewitness news" as we continue to follow joe biden's presidential decision. we will have the latest on air and on our web site at cbs help is just the push a button away, coming up next wearable protection for women in case of an attack. it not only sound an alarm but calls for help. we will share story behind this life saving device. also, a busy weekend for coastguard and this is just one of the rescues that took place off the new jersey shore. kate? the sunnies now setting on a cool but dry day in philadelphia, temperatures on their way up, we're talking well above average by the middle of the week so how long does it last and when we can expect rain creeping back in the forecast. ill will's have the answer when we come right back.
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a man behind his see lion friend are safe after being rescued pie the coastguard in atlantic city. sailor and his cat were traveling on sail boat, 21 miles off the coast of atlantic city. he fell over board but managed to get back on his boat.
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a helicopter was able to hoist the the man and transfer him, the crew also brought his boat and cat back a a shore. shallow waters and cold temperatures prompted another rescue by the coastguard over the weekend. a helicopter air lifted two fisherman saturday night in brigantine. the coastguard says their boat was stuck in shallow waters. when this were rescued they were mildly hypothermic. both men were released into the care of their family that night. musicians in the world renowned philadelphia orchestra will be given a 3 percent raise. one-year contract was a approved today. it will push musicianes base salary up to $2,400 a week. new deal will invest in health savings, for orchestra members, and ensure that the viability of future international touring. well, golfers hit the course in montgomery county for a good cause, the ad am taliaferro foundation and magee rehad happen golf outing took place at the green valley country club. there was plenty of food and silent auction. proceeds from today's benefit,
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helping spinal cord jury search rehab and quality of life program. he was a former patient at magee. he suffered a spinal cord injury as a penn state cornerback while making a tackle. during the game. he is doing great. he is in to politics. such a role model for so many. university city based tech start up is hoping to reduce number of assaults against women. the a as kyw news radio cheri greg reports, the the company is launching a new type of jewelry designed to keep women safe. >> reporter: yes yas minute mustafa and anthony golden, tech, and social media. >> and transforming society. >> reporter: duo founded roar for good. >> new taff a traveled the world and every where that she met, women who were assaulted a and when she returned to philadelphia, a brutal rape, near her home. >> grabbed from behind, dragged into an alley, beaten and raped. >> reporter: so the idea for
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this, product was born. it is not a weapon. instead it is a $99 tool that clips to clothing and looks like jewelry but press a button and it sound an alarm and text a friend with the wearers location. >> one scenario, we hear a lot of i'm at a party. i don't want to call attention to myself but i want this creep to get off me and leave me alone. >> reporter: that is when silent mode comes in handy. angel investors fueled start ups, presales start tuesday to raise money for manufacturing. and to prove that there is a need. >> roughly one in four women will be victims of sexual assault before the age of 18 and these social entrepreneurs, are hoping that this little device, makes a dent in that big problems. part of the proceed will help fund anti violence groups, their mission, to create a world where it is no longer needed. cheri greg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". kate bill will owe joins with us your forecast, how low will temperatures go.
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>> in the as low as last night. >> good. >> already we're warming up. we have a big warm up over next couple days. we are a's talking about temperatures heading in the 70's, and stay there for a couple of days. problem is, the bottom falls out thanks to the cold front which comes through thursday night. temperatures are up and down. one constant though sunshine, today with the bright sunny day, tomorrow more of it. lets look at our sunset cam. 6:16. sun just dipped below the horizon. i posted a picture on my twitter feed of the sun and moon sharing the same blue clear skies over philadelphia with a beautiful sight this evening and moon will be a sight to see as well and that clear sky as well looking beautiful as we take a peak on ben franklin bridge. we have nothing to tell but either. quiet all across the state of pennsylvania, city of philadelphia we had some snow over the weekend up a across northwestern pennsylvania but a few spots even locally saw a few rain drops and instability showers and a few snow flakes out there yesterday with that cool air aloft.
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only snow in the radar picture is up across eastern canada we are dry for the moment. it looks like it will stay that way until thursday night. chance for a shower but mostly we will miss that because we will be sleeping. coming through in the middle of the night. temperatures our high today 55 is what we got to in philadelphia. fifty-four in reading. fifty-three in millville and atlantic city. look at highs across the central portion of the nation, 78 in st. louis. eighty-three in will dallas. eighty-one in houston. a all that warmth is push east and will reach us starting tomorrow but especially wednesday and thursday. in the meantime, chilly night, we will wake up to 43 degrees on your tuesday morning in the city. thirty-eight is your morning low in reading. far cry from the mid 20's they had in the lehigh valley this morning. thirty-eight will feel balmy in comparison. take a look what we expect over next few days, a warming trend, 55 the high today. better than yesterday. tomorrow we will jump back to at least average if not a few degrees above back to the 60's and then 70's return by wednesday and thursday thanks to the high pressure as it
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pushes east ward we will see southeasterly flow, bringing in nice warm air and begin 70's here wednesday and thursday. thursday we will await arrival of the front coming through overnight with the chance of the shower. behind it cooler more seasonal air, lurks and speaking of the cold, cold start to the morning. the lets look at our winter count down. one day until average high is just 65 degrees. twelve taste until the end of the daylight savings time and that means sunset will be in the 4:00 o'clock hour. only 51 days until the average date of our first snowfall in philadelphia right around december 10th. that doesn't mean that is first time it will snow. that is just the average. 63 degrees until the start of the winter on this winter december between the second. before we get to all this stuff lets talk about a return of summer-like weather over next couple days. we will start off with the overnight hours 43, clear and cold but not as cold. tomorrow we are back to 68, mostly sunny, beautiful tuesday. eyewitness weather seven day forecast here's your warm up. pretty extended here.
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tuesday, wednesday, thursday all looking great and above average. mid 70's through thursday. thursday night when front comes through could be a shower but mainly overnight clearing it out and gun sunshine back. friday and saturday highs back to the lower 60's. sunday, better at 67 with some sun. a great fall weekend overall and monday looking okay, with just a chance for a shower. no more extreme cold in the forecast and we have extreme warmth for this time of the year. >> midsection of the country that warmth looked good. >> thanks, kate. "cbs evening news" is just a few minutes away. scott pelley joins as you head. >> here's the "cbs evening news" tonight a hacker has invaded e-mails of the cia director. we are following this story. plus democrats launch a defense of hillary clinton as she prepared to testify before the house benghazi committee. and we will tell you why time could be slipping away for big ben. that is tonight on the "cbs
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evening news".
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welcome back to lincoln financial field, don bell with leslie van arsdal and first place is on the line here tonight, on monday night football. if the eagles can beat the giants, they will have at least a share of the nfc east. >> isn't it unbelievable that we're actually talking about this, the the way they started. we were all encouraged by what we saw last week with the saints. but this is a better team we are dealing with here a lot of people wonder if this team is an extension or just taking advantage of the weak new orleans team last week. they have won in a row. eli manning, ten touchdowns on the season. just two i haven't exceptions. moments ago leslie annie caught up with merrill reese, the play by play voice of the eagles and we asked them how you can save eli. >> well, very, very closely. get in his face. i know that he is getting rid
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of the ball at a record pace. he doesn't hold it long. he takes it, throws it. but last year they got to him six times and they got the to his backup ryan madson twice, that was eight sacks. they will not have that tonight but they've got to pressure him before his dangerous receivers can separate themselves down field. when you talk about eli playing at his best, so is number 91. fletcher cox has been unbelievable. so that is great pressure. >> plus eli is missing a couple weapon out there. giants come in a banged up group. >> we are find out just who they are missing but even if number 13 odell beckham is able to play, there is a risk on a cold night like this that he could repull the hamstring. very dangerous. >> it is a cold night. one of the things eagles always want to do and chip kelly preaches this is run the football. how much success do you think they will have pounding the rock. >> you are talking about the number two against the the run defense in the national
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football league. so it is tough. and sometimes you have to bury your attack. this may be another night where they have to set up the run with the pass, and instead of the conventional vice versa. >> and how confident are you in sam bradford after last weeks performance. >> i am. i think he is getting better and better. i think he is more confident. i think he is more comfortable in the offense. look, this is a guy who didn't play for a year and a half. you can look at the preseason, leslie and donald but when you look the at the preseason you are looking at games that are not played at this tempo against defenses that don't really game plan for you. so it takes a while to get into it. i think you will a's see sam bradford, continue to go up, on that graph and i think tonight he will take a big step forward. >> oh, eagles need to win tonight, don. >> it is a must win situation. don't want to be zero and three in the division. >> that is the situation from lincoln financial field, more
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"eyewitness news" after this. apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
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a and thanks for watching a "eyewitness news" at 6:00. "eyewitness news" will be back at ten on the hour sister station the cw philly and we will be back at cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news". they launch a defense of hillary clinton as she prepares before the the house benghazi committee. also is any amount of alcohol during pregnancy okay. doctor john will leastpuke with the latest data. here now is scott pelley.
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we will see you later tonight. >> pelley: high-level security breech. a hacker got his hands on the personal e-mail of two of america's top national security officials. also tonight, trump makes 9/11 an issue in the presidential campaign. house democrats try to keep benghazi out of it. their cars were towed out of the mud. now comes the hard part -- the great california scrape-off. and big ben may need surgery. diagnosis: bad ticker. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: the personal e-mail accounts of two of the highest-ranking national security officials have been hacked. c.i.a. director john brennan and homeland security secretary jeh


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