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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  October 20, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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good morning, following breaking news in kensington, violent home invade and kidnapping overnight. we have a live report on what happened and the search for one of the suspect. >> boy what a difference a day makes and week makes. my goodness, the eagles thought to be done for the season, come back and take the top spot in the ffc east. it wasn't a pretty win but we'll take the win. the big question, will he or won't he take a run for the white snows vice president joe biden still not reeling vice his plans watch voters in his home state of delaware think about biden running? >> good morning, it is tuesday being october 20th. i'm erika von tiehl. getting your day started with traffic and weather together. i know few degrees warmer but it feels so much better out there this morning, good morning, guys. >> good morning, you do feel difference even though couple every degrees like you said.
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even though it is somewhat still chilly, i will tell that you it is not too chilly for construction, that is what we are dealing with this morning. justin, how are we doing throughout? >> if you like warmer temperatures you will love the forecast coming up. already talking about big time change in the numbers this morning, not seeing any 30's right now, so yesterday at this time we were dealing with some 20's. check it out. forty-eight at the airport in philadelphia, 45 allentown, 44 in the mountains, there is lancaster, the cold spot right now at 39 degrees. forty-one quakertown, mid 40's in willow grove. there you go. twenty-four hours temperature change, big time difference, compared to this time yesterday. anywhere from nine to 20 degrees warmer so that's a sign of the warmer air mass starting to move n part of the reason is the wind direction, notice the arrows pointing northward, that means southerly wind starting to bring in milder air from the south. bit of breeze this morning, so it is bringing the windchill values down just a little bit to the actual air temperatures feeling like the low 40's, in many spots, when that winds does kick up. nice and dry on storm can three, maybe few clouds roll through, especially across
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northern sections of the region, up into the lehigh valley and the poconos, but looking dry today. a loft sunshine through the morning, lunchtime feeling much better thanked yesterday, low 60s at noon, topping off into the mid and upper 60s around philadelphia, mid 60s at the shore and the sun, again few more clouds up toward the poconos, even there looks like temperatures make up to 60 degrees. then talking mid 70s in the future, i will show you the seven day forecast coming up? just a bit. now the roads with meisha. >> good morning, yes, 60s, you can't complain about. that will still feels nice outside. good morning, everyone, happy tuesday to you. so it is still early out there. as you can see we are morning construction, eastbound vine closed until right around 5:00 a.m. so i'll keep my eye on this let you know when it does open. eastbound lanes open, see the drive-thru traffic looking good on the vine regardless. i'll keep my eye on that, also more construction in bucks county route one southbound between route 213 and nishikori a.m. any. two lanes blocked. make note of. that will you can see the red
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cones sitting in place. but this isn't going to cause any slow downs right now. because it is still early hour construction on route 100 both directions, between sunrise boulevard and lincoln highway. that left lane is blocked, you can see the cones again here. and the flashing arrow letting you know where that is blocked. again, not causing too many slow downs. we do have accident in quakertown, route 309 at tailgate road. just make tailgate road, make note that far in and around that area. won't cause any slow downs, still early, just not enough drive-thru traffic right now, erika, back to you. >> back to the breaking news right now, violent home invasion in kensington, "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff joins us near the scene on 39100 block of s street. alex, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erika. one of the big questions this morning is why this family of three was targeted in such a violent crime. here at the intersection of allegheny and f street. mid-way down the block police arrived around 2:30 a.m. after reports after woman screaming. now, police say a family of
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three, two women, and male, were woken up by two men, who came into their home, one of them with a hammer, juan knife, their faces were covered, one man had been wearing socks as gloves. police say that the men tied up the male resident, to the bed, assaulted and stabbed him, tied up one of the women to a chair, using wire and forced the other to go to an atm where she had to withdraw $100. when they arrived back at the home one of the men and women got into altercation, that's when police say she started screaming. when they showed up they say that that man tried to then flea in the woman's car two, officers got inside of the car. even though the man had a chamber him they were able to stop him. that will one man has been taken into custody, the other one fled on foot. there is a search for him at this hour. all three taken to the hospital where they will be okay. but as for that other person that police are looking for right now, they don't have really good description of him at this time.
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but they do say that where that atm was, there are businesses around, and they are expected to get surveillance footage of him. once again, one of the suspect still on the run, at this hour, police are pretty confident that they will be able to get individual joe and find out hot man s the other one is in police custody right. no but the scene still active, they say still looking into this home which was ransacked, and they are not even just looking for a break-in entry robbery but this is also a kidnapping since they took the woman to the atm. erika, we will make sure to be out here, and continue looking into this very complex story. but for now reporting live in kensington, alexandria hoff. cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> also, new from overnight, philadelphia police are investigating a homicide in east oaklane. it happened just before 3:00 a.m. in the 6700 block of north 11th street. a man was found shot in the head. no word yet on motive or a suspect. >> 4:35 right now, just two weeks ago, we were wondering if the eagles season war already over, now, you what
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somehow in the lead. catapulted the team to the top of the standings being becomes but it wasn't a pretty game, a lot of turnovers, fortunately though the eagles were able to capitalize on few bad decisions by giants quarterback eli manning. also big night from running back demarco murray. after the game coach chilly asked beating a divisional rival carried any extra weight. >> every game is important. so it is not -- every single game you supply important. at the end of the year what's your final record, you can't say we lost that one but it wasn't important. every game is important. that's what we talk about. >> we will take closer look at last night's game coming up in sports. >> meanwhile new this morning two, men shot overnight in north philly. they say by the same bullet. it happened in the 3,000 block of germantown avenue. the victims then drove to the 1200 block of west atlantic street. they say they were being robbed by a man at gunpoint. one of the victims tried to
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grab the gun. suspect we're told file the weapon, the bullet traveled through the first victim's hand and then hit the second man in his hip. police are still investigating. >> contractor has been found guilty for his role in the deadly 2013 center city building collapse. after less than three hours of deliberations, a jury convicted griffin campbell yesterday of six count of involuntary manslaughter. prosecutors say he cut corners causing demolition at 22nd and market to kill six people and injury 13 others. campbell has said he's a scapegoat for the architect overseeing the project. all parties involved remember those who lost their lives two years ago. >> my heart hurts every day that this happened for them. and my heart is hurting for him because he esiason a good guy. >> a wound that never heals. they are grateful for the jury. they are grateful for the conviction, they know that won't ease the pain in their heart. >> jurors rejected the third degree murder charges by prosecutors which would have
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likely given life in prison without parole. he is schedule to be sentenced in january. >> law enforcement sources tell cbs news that the personal emails of c. amount director don brennan and homeland security had been hacked. andanonymous hacker using handle cwa was tweeting all day yesterday bragging about each breach. even the releasing the social security numbers and phone numbers of about 20 people said to be affiliated with the head of the cia. the unidentified hacker also claims to be a high school student. authority are now trying to locate that suspect. in campaign 2016, republican presidential hopeful, donald trump and ben carson, they are now asking for secret service protection, however, carson insists the secret service came to him after several threats were made against his campaign. the agency says homelands security secretary, jay johnson, will consult with
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five senior members of congress before a decision is made. the request comes more than a year before election day. >> well, one way or another, vice president biden has done nothing yet to confirm or deny if he's going to run for president. new pole from monmouth university of new jersey shows biden with 17% among democrats, before making up his mind. hillary clinton has 48%. bernie sanders, 21%. voters in delaware, biden's home state, are divided on whether he should run. >> admire his accomplishment, especially foreign policy, but it seems to me that hillary clinton has a lot of momentum, and that it would probably be a mistake for him to run against her. >> good to have another face in the mix. >> yesterday pennsylvania congressman, brendon boyle, tweeted that he has a quote very good source close to joe that tells him the vp will run. effort to reach boil have been unsuccessful. >> meanwhile, democratic presidential candidate jim web may continue his run as an
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independent. he is expected to make an announcement about his campaign during press conference later on today. the former virginia senator complained during last week's democratic debate he didn't get enough time to speak. recent national pole puts web far behind both hillary clinton and bernie sanders. >> meanwhile, philadelphia voters will head to the polls in just two weeks, to elect a new mayor. last night the candidates faced off at debate to try and win over some last minute voters. democratic nominee, jim kenny and republican nominee, melissa murray bailey attempt dollars the event at temple university. last night's debate holes dollars by the center for public interest journalism at temple school of media and communications. >> the obama administration says some upgrades to the government's health insurance website could take more time. at issue was new doctor look up tool for healthcare at well as feature that will allow consumers to find out whether a particular health plan covers their prescription drugs. open enrollment runs from november 1st to january 31st.
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>> still ahead this morning, on "eyewitness news", it was one of the biggest moments in monday night football t wasn't even the game. the trailer for the new star wars film was released during half time. we have more on what we know about this new movie and the computer problems caused by people all flooding the internet to buy those pre sale tickets. >> and, a bit of relief from the cold, we're warming up from the near freezing temperatures, justin takes a look at just how warm we will get today and over the next few days, that's coming up after the break.
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>> oh, it looks so good. for movie fans last night monday night football game was exciting for completely different reason too. the trailer for the new star wars film debuted, here it is, star wars the force awakens features new characters like a storm trooper who questions
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his allegiance cents and also you saw at the top there a dart slater of ville and. some familiar names will be returning, as well, including kerry fisher, harrison ford, the roles of princess leia. it takes place 30 years after the events for return. jedi. premiers in december. if you want tickets, good luck. pre sale tickets were made available globally last night, many site crashed because of the demands. oh, looks so good. hopefully not too much of the cgi. stuffy remember first ones loyal fans disappointed. this looks good. at least for the star wars do, in all of us. hey, more good news, the cold snap, little better this morning. >> it is, yes. today is transition day, you will feel the difference then certainly tomorrow and end of the week talking 70s return of the forecast, so winter weather fans, still put on hold. >> it is october. you have december and january. >> so yes, let's take you outside. comfortable again, little breezy, but at least not
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waking up to any 20's, so not scraping frost offer the cars this morning. temperatures mainly in the 40's across the region, with mostly clear sky. our headlines, really, story is the temperatures, they'll be on the rise, through the next three days, the dry stretch continues, as well, a lot of sunshine in the forecast, i'll show the seven day it, includes chance for rain. we will get to that in just a bit. but the temperatures, again, newark little cooler coming in at 39 degrees. most spots in the low and mid 40's, this hour, 48 in melville, 44 capitol sit every delaware, atlantic city airport coming in at 46, more numbers right around philadelphia and surrounding suburbs in new jersey, malvern, 41, i think we can handle that this morning, as well as quakertown, 44 even up in the mountains, mount pocono at this hour. we do have few clouds around, specially to the north, that's cutting across the poconos, maybe the lehigh valley few clouds today, but overall mostly sunny sky, high pressure will keep us dry this afternoon, same deal tomorrow, but even warmer air returns. so talking about mid 70s, for
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the afternoon high. same situation on thursday. here comes our next cold front, should come through dry, thursday night, just bringing few clouds, it cools us back down to the low 60s on friday, but still dealing with sunshine. few afternoon clouds from time to time today. little breezy. tonight, it is clear, it is quiet, and mild, and then tomorrow mostly sunny conditions, here's the set up. jet stream moves to the north, allowing warmth to expands across the mid-atlantic into the northeast, talking some 70 aims. enjoy today, 68 degrees, mostly sunny, wind out of the southwest ten to 15 miles per hour, not as chilly tonight, 50 for center city, 40's in the suburbs, here is the extended forecast, 68 today. seventy-four for wednesday and thursday, we cool it back down for the weekends, but mainly dry saturday, 59. sunday, that's a day where we could get scattered shower in here, no big deal, temperatures hold in the 60s early next week. erika, back to you. >> thank you, eagles are waking up in a tie for first place in the nfc east after a strong showing on the national stage. the defense came to play last night in south philly.
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helped turn the tide and short time later carol picks off re eye manning, ran it back for pick six. demarco in your i 109 yards and touchdown, first touchdown as an eagle. eagles win this 121 to -- 27 to seven. they play the undefeated panthers this sunday night. eagles also pay tribute to one of the all time gratulate cents into. former running back ryan westbrook introduced into the team hall of fame. villanova product became an instant legend when he returned a punt 84 yards for last minute touchdown against the giants. that play turned around the birds 2003 season. l the eagles won nine straight after that to win the division. b west called it a career defining moment. >> it was a coming out party for me, just a bit. before that some people kind of new about me, but they still weren't sure. after that, they understood who i was. >> talking hockey, the flyers take on the dallas starrings tonight at the well.
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philly has won two in a row. the stars have won three, at the skate zone in voorhees as the flyers hit the ice for practice, lags played six days ago. steve mason expected back in goal after missing the last two games, dealing with a family matter. back up michael posted back-to-back shut-outs, filling in for mason. >> and, former phillies all-star dominick brown is shopping for a new team. he's now a free agent. brown was one of the top prospects in baseball when he was called up in 2013. but after a 27 homerun, 83rbi season that year, he is regressed. last season he only hit 228 with five homeruns, and 25 rbi's. >> still ahead this morning, oprah is buying into a struggling company. more on how her involvement is already helping that business. first though, here's what's coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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an un dayton breaking news, philadelphia police are investigating an overnight home invasion in kensington. two men wearing masks entered a home, tide a man and a woman up, then kidnapped a second woman to take out money from an atm. one suspect has been caught. police are still searching for the second. all three victims are expected to be okay. >> 4:51 right now, time for check on your business news with hen a daniels up at the stock exchange. hearing this morning uninsured americans are being told to expect to pay more penalties because they don't have health insurance. tell us more about that. >> reporter: good morning, erika, that's absolutely right. if you don't have health insurance the federal penalties you face are set to jump next year. this year the fine $325. penalty will rise to 695 dollars, or 2.5% of taxable income if you are indeed insured the entire year. >> hena, also hearing oprah
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now buying into weight watchers. what's the condition i on this whole situation? did it help stock? >> yes, she is right the oprah winfrey network paying about $42.2 million for the 10% snake weight watchers. winfrey has publicly struggled with her weight for decades, sign five year endorsement deal. following the oprah news, weight watchers stock more than doubled, erika, really seems to have the midas touch. >> very good. we'll see what happens there. thank you so much, hena. coming up after the break, a check on traffic and weather together. we'll be right back.
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the latest on the roads, meisha, a how is it look being? >> things are looking plenty good. now starting to seat early morning construction project kinds of get out of our way. one of the big area, eastbound vine is closed now it is open. drive-thru traffic is now looking good on east vine, westbound is looking good, as well.
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so the vine looking good right now. we will of course see levels progress as we move into the 5:00 hour. here is a look at another construction site bucks county route one southbound between route 213 and neshaminy. two lanes are blocked. you can see those cones still in place. i'll keep my eye on, that let you know when that clears, also trooper road near 422, right lanes both directions are still closed down. see crews still out on site. getting this kind of cleaned up. i'll keep my eye on trooper road as well. overall things looking pretty good. more construction, route 100 both directions between sunrise boulevard and lincoln highway. the left lane is blocked, in this area. so justin, a lot of morning construction, and i know it is a little bit chilly outside. but better than it was yesterday. >> big time difference, yes. not scraping any frost, that is always a good thing, so waking up temperatures until the 40's, little breeze any some spots, but we'll take it, just sign of the warmer air that will move in over the next 24 hours. look at the numbers right now again well above average for this time of year in the morning, look at the upper 40's to around 50 in some spots. cool spots right around 40 in
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lancaster, could be some spots that do reach the upper 30's, but that's about the coldest we'll get this morning. storm scan3 quiet. clouds up to the north, lehigh valley, poconos, best shot to see some clouds this morning into the afternoon. overall milder day, above average temperature high of 68 degrees with some sunshine, tonight, not as cool, make it to about 350 for the low for philadelphia, little cooler in the suburbs, maybe down to the mid 40's. here is the extended forecast, sunshine through the rest of the week into the weekends, mid 70s for wednesday, thursday, cool it back to the upper 50's for the start of the weekend. erika, back to you. >> justin, thank youment coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news", live with terrifying wake up for several people after mask men storm into their homes. >> also, lamar odom showing some signs every improvement. now we're getting new look inside the brothel room where he was found unconscious. >> and, if you saw this dot, would you know what it means? why some people say it could save a life while others
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>> mask men storm into a home in the middle of the night, kidnapping another woman. police caught one suspect that they are looking for another. >> also the birds are back on top this morning. the eagles overcome an ugly night, but claw their way back into first place in the nfc east. hear what the players say about the problems that are still plaguing the team. and, some good news if you are not a fan of the cold weather. you can leave the heavy jacket in the clause threat morning. still little chilly but nice warm up is on the way justin has the details. good morning, it is tuesday, october 20th, i'm erika von tiehl. justin and meisha keeping an eye on things this morning,
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justin, we know you always leave the coat in the closet. good morning, guys. >> so tough, justin, just so tough. well, today's actually feeling little better than yesterday. i know that you will touch bales on that in a minute. right now roads are looking good, no accidents to report, just overnight construction, so how is it feeling outside? >> i do have to say little cool still. now we're dealing with a little bit after wind, so some windchills out here, but nothing like yesterday morning. not waking to up 20's, 30's, no frost out there on the cars, no wore business scraping this morning. we will have the sunshine up, temperatures return above average. forty-seven at the air port right now, 44 up in mount pocono, so really, there is no sign of any true cold air, anywhere across the region, quakertown, at 39 degrees, maybe dropping another agree or two, but there is a nice breeze to help mix-up the air little bit. so the coal air really can't settle in at the surface, look at the change in temperature compared to this time yesterday. ten to 22 degrees warmer, so that's a sign of the warmer air mass that will continue to move in, through the day today, it will peak on


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