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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 20, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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justin, we know you always leave the coat in the closet. good morning, guys. >> so tough, justin, just so tough. well, today's actually feeling little better than yesterday. i know that you will touch bales on that in a minute. right now roads are looking good, no accidents to report, just overnight construction, so how is it feeling outside? >> i do have to say little cool still. now we're dealing with a little bit after wind, so some windchills out here, but nothing like yesterday morning. not waking to up 20's, 30's, no frost out there on the cars, no wore business scraping this morning. we will have the sunshine up, temperatures return above average. forty-seven at the air port right now, 44 up in mount pocono, so really, there is no sign of any true cold air, anywhere across the region, quakertown, at 39 degrees, maybe dropping another agree or two, but there is a nice breeze to help mix-up the air little bit. so the coal air really can't settle in at the surface, look at the change in temperature compared to this time yesterday. ten to 22 degrees warmer, so that's a sign of the warmer air mass that will continue to move in, through the day today, it will peak on wednesday, and thursday, with
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temperatures well into the 70s. winds kicking up little bit. these are sustained winds, 15 miles per hour out of the southwest here, in philadelphia. so that's what we will be dealing with today. little breezy at times. few clouds will roll through specially across the northern tier of the region. specially in the poconos and the lehigh valley. otherwise just mostly sunny sky today. here is the school day forecast, again, little wind think morning at the bus stop. temperatures in the upper 40's. 3:00 numbers mid 60s, we'll have sun and clouds, give it a minus today because of few clouds and the breeze today. sixty-eight for the high for philadelphia, mid 60s at the shore, even the poconos make it to 60 degrees. then talking about mid 70s, in the seven day forecast, we will break down the details no few minute, all right, meisha, a what's the latest on the roads? >> of course you gave it a minus. >> of course, wouldn't have it any other way. >> not imagine anything else. thanks, justin, good morning, everyone, happy tuesday to you. dealing with overnight construction still kind of not causing any problems, but still certainly in the roadways. here's some construction bucks county route one southbound between route 213 and
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neshaminy. two lanes blocked, behind me see the cones still detailing the roads. just make note that that is still in effect, also trooper road near 422 the right lane both directions, are open, you can see crews out, there as well as the cones and the flashing light. still give yourself couple of extra moment on trooper road, also some construction 95 northbound between newark plaza and route 896. two lanes are block. this is schedule to open or lift at around 6:00 a.m. so i'll keep my eye on, that let you know when it does so. also an accident this morning in quakertown, route 309 at toll gate road. make note of that, not cautioning too many delays, still early, also dark outside. mass transit for those of you taking the lansdale doylestown line, between doylestown and colmar through december, back to you. >> thank you, back to breaking news right now two, men storm into home in philadelphia's kensington neighborhood and terrorize family of three. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff joins us now near the scene with the latest informationment alex, good
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morning. >> reporter: good morning, erika. terror is certainly what happened on this block, according to police. they they arrived here around 2:30 to report of a woman screaming but back it up to what happened before that. this is a complicated ordeal. now, police say a family of three, two women and a man, were woken up by two male intruders, they had their faces covered, one of them may bewaring socks as gloves, and they were armed, one with a hammer, and one with a knife. now the male resident was tied up to the bed, with wire. that's where he was assaulted and stabbed, one of the women was tied up to a chair as well. and then the other was forced to drive the men up the block to atm where police say she was forced to withdraw $100. now the violence continued to escalate once she was returned to the block, that's where she got in a altercation with one of the men, and start today scream. >> upon police arrival, they saw a female screaming, involved in a altercation, with a male, who was wearing a
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mask, gloves, and he was armed with a hammer. when police went to apprehend this male the male jumped into a honda that was running. the officers did great job. they jumped into the honda, they wrestled with the male. the male tried to accelerate at take offer, one of the officers put his foot on the brake. they were able to take him into custody. >> reporter: now that other male took off on foot. police say right now they don't have a good description of him, but they are hopeful that surveillance cameras near that atm were able to catch him on film. the three victims were taken to the hospital. they are all in good condition. reporting live in kensington this morning, alexandria hoff, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> alex, thank you for. that will also new this morning, philadelphia police are investigating an apparent murder in east oaklane. storely before 3:00 someone found a man shot in the head-on the 6700 block of north 11th street. he died at einstein hospital short time later.
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so far there is no word on suspect or a motive. 50:00, a eagles back on top in the ffc east after prime time win against the new york giant, they've gone from worse to first and now tide for the top spot with new york. joining us now, pat gallen of course. a lot of folks waking up tired, that game went so late, including you, you were watching. >> i got it a couple of hours of sleep, but it makes it bet r err when they win. but didn't feel like a win, strange game. sometime you have trouble putting into words what you have watched and i feel that way after last night's eagles-giants game. that's why we're here, we'll talk through this one together. giants came into the game on three game winning streak, the birds, they just beat a bad new orleans team, could they start a winning streak of their own? there are fireworks really any time these two teams get together. and right out of the gate, the giants exploded. eli manning to beckham, jr., give the giant early seven-nothing lead. oh, no, here we go again, that would actually it be for new
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york. still in the first, sam bradford under throws riley cooper. but it worked. it is 32-yard score. it is seven-seven. in the second quarter, a big manning mistake. nolan carol top of your screen, jumped the route. he intercept manning for the pick six. that will would put the eagles up 14-seven. to the third, demarco murray bounces right. he uses the stiff arm. takes it to the house. he's fired up. about time he gets in there. how about bradley couper? he loves it too. the eagles go onto win 27 to seven. chip kelly he's happy. as you can imagine, room for improvement. >> we're doing some good things. we have to be able to finish specially until the red zone. >> i think everything that went wrong tonight is collectable. we will get in, look at the tape, see what corrections need to be made. you know, try to get ready for next week. >> like i said, a process, we continue to learn from the things that we did well tonight, couple of things we didn't do so good. we got to come in together, correct them, go from there. >> oh, that offense.
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former running back, ryan west brood, induct intoed the eagles hall of fame last night. looking dapper, looks like he's from the movie dick tracey there. yes, villanova product spent eight seasons in philly, gave us some incredible moment like his punt return against the giants at the meadowlands back in 2003. two time pro bowl. actually led the league in yards from scrimmage, in 2007. we spoke with b west about this honor, one he says he never thought about as a player. >> you know, my main focus was helping our team win games. so for me to get off of that focus, start thinking about post career, how many yards you rush for in touchdowns things like that, it just wasn't my game plan. the only thing that mat toward me was a win. >> coming up at 6:00 we'll dig little deep near this bad excuse for a football game. we'll give away our fake game ball which hint will go to someone on the defense, yes, must talk about the play of one sam bradford, because it won't get any easier. next up for the eagles another prime time showdown this time against the five and zero
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carolina panthers on sunday night. they are a tough, tough defense. they've got to clean some things up. >> you think they'll be okay the eagles with the painters. >> it is a tough one, but they have a lot of work to do. so fingers crossed. >> all right, thanks. 5:08. the birds crushing the giant on national tv, of course good thing for eagles fans. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch sampling fan reaction a loft folks tired, but at least happy for that w. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, fans fickly didn't get full eight hours last night, many teaching rehash the win from last night with the team here at 94wip. and of course review where the team can improve. okay, final score, 27-seven, the eagles taking down their nfc east rivals, new york giants at the linc. the win leaving both teams at three and three, divisional dead heat for first, lags night the eagles went hard, eli manning, three sacks, pulling off two interceptions, coach kelly and fans give
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credit to linebacker damico ryan, calling him difference maker last night with the interception from manning, and make being fumble recovery too. plays they say gave the eagles absolute edge. by the second quarter, fans saw defensive back nolan carol snag interception for snappy 17-yard td. and then at the bars collapse all around for receiver riley cooper, who took a pass for three-2-yard touchdown, and so far, fans say they're happy with their defense, and the win. but still question their offense, quarterback, and of course the rest of the season. >> they went off, they won the game, but at the end daft i what are you looking for? i'm looking for production from the quarterback, looking for production for for a team that can go into lambeau and win a football team. >> cut down the turnovers. we'll be fine. >> you know, just inconsistent, missing throws, you know, some good, some bad. but i know for us to be where we want to be, i have to play
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much better. >> and show prep right now underway here at 94wip. you can imagine, a lot of talk will be about sam bradford and of course the offense play last night. against again, giants and e-a-g-l-e-s oatmeal up again in january on the giants home turf up in new york. live at 94wip, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> a lot it to discuss this morning, thank upment voters in philadelphia head to the polls? just two weeks to elect new mayor. the candidates faced off in a debate last night to try to win over undecided voters. democratic nominee, jim kenny and republican nominee melissa murray bailey attend philadelphia the event at temple university. the debate hosted by the center for public interest journalism at temple's school of media and communication. >> still ahead this morning, in or out? the waiting game continues for joe biden. but one local congressman says he knows what is next for the vice president. we'll have that for you. also, signs of improvement from lamar odom and the former nba star is moved to los
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angeles hospital. we're now getting a new look inside the brought he will room where he was found unconscious. also, this. >> she's creating potentially more risk than she is safety for herself. >> if you saw this black dot, would you know what to do? why the latest campaign to go viral is causing safety concerns. >> and after down right frigid start to the week it, will start feeling more like fall today. justin has that warmer forecast, when we come right back.
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ >> photos of basketball star odom are now public. andrew spencer release the photos commas odom is moved from nevada to los angeles treatment center. >> the photos obtained by daily mail. com appear to show lamar odom inside the love ranch outside las vegas, not clear when the photos were taken, in one every them the former nba star is signature up, with a bottle of water in hand. in the other, he appears to be unconscious. again, it is not clear whether he's just sleeping. odom would later be taken to the hospital after being found un respond i have. brothel employees say pink-ish fluid was coming out every his mouth and nose. he spent week in various hospitals, espn reports a
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helicopter took odom from hospital in las vegas to one in southern california. one every odom's former coaches says his condition is improving. >> he took his breathing tube out himself. if he needs a mask he'll wear it, but he is breathing on his own. >> coach for ad em in college, says he's been in contact with odom's estranged wife khloe kardashian almost every day. >> he spoke a few words, he reached down and said hey, you know i love you. and he said ya, i know, then went back to sleep. >> the los angeles daily news saw it multiple sources saying odom started physical therapy and his breathing, vision, ability to communicate have all improved quite a bit. sources close to odom say he's progressed to the point where he can continue his recovery in los angeles. andrew spencer, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> people in southern california are trying to dry out this morning after some drenching downpours. this neighborhood in los angeles was flooded after getting hit with about an inch
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of rain. several drivers got stranded in the water that came up to the top of their cars tires. some homeowners say the flooding caused tens of thousands of dollars in damage to their homes, and oh, just such a mess out there right now with all of the rain. ii know for us back home, temperature we're talking about. >> that's right. wake up with temperatures in the 40's, talking about mid 70s coming up for the next couple of days before we see your honor a return for cooler air for the weekend. so we break it down. nice and quiet outside. no frost to scrape off the carls. hoo err's what's ahead. here is the set up today. temperature rebound to the upper 06 ace, so we go couple of degrees above average. then wednesday and thursday, those are the days where we have a shot at reaching the mid 70s, so if you like the milder air, wednesday and thursday, try to get outside if you can and enjoy it, friday and saturday, sunshine around, but does cool down, again, to below average numbers, talking about some 60s even some 50's, for the weaken but still dry. sunday, monday, that time period, the next shot for
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maybe few shower chances, nothing heavy, i'll show you that in the seven day forecast, 48 in millville. forty-five in the capitol city of delaware, 47 in philadelphia, surrounding suburbs in new jersey, kind of same deal, mid 40's, woodstown, mullica hill and in voorhees, to the northwest suburbs, not much cooler, quakertown normally the cooler spot coming in at 39 as well as reading, that's about it, so big time change from yesterday, we were talking about some mid 20's, in a lot of the cold spots. clouds to our north, we see showers across up-state new york they stay there today. so maybe few more clouds, specially across the lehigh valley and poconos through the morning into the afternoon. but overall, mostly sunny conditions, high pressure again just stays locked in control. starts to bring in warmer air mass, 70s return for wednesday, thursday. here's the next cold front coming through thursday night, just few clouds around, no threat of rain, 60s return for highs on friday, still nice day with the sunshine. this afternoon mostly sunny skies, few clouds from time to
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time. tonight nice and quiet, pleasant evening, then tomorrow, sunshine continues. here are the temperatures, rebounding nicely, upper off's, maybe some 70s in warm spot. it is mild tonight. going to be in the 50's during the evening, tomorrow's highs, low and mid 70s, enjoy today, afternoon high 68 degrees, mostly sunny skies, again, next shower chance will be holding off all the way until sunday. meisha, what's the latest? >> sixty-eight we take it. thanks, well, roadways looking pretty good. overnight construction project kind of moving out of the way. still have some out there. we'll let you know about those. quick look at 95 at cottman, looking pretty good there. you can see just into the 5:00 hour, seeing levels pick up 95 southbound, we're no stranger to that specially in the 9:00 hour. construction bucks county route one southbound between route 213 and neshaminy. two lanes block hearings you can casino every see the cones behind me. almost looks like they're clearing this out of the way not causing any slow downs whatsoever right now. accident quakertown, lanes block between toll gate road
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and rich hill road. so, certainly, make note of this. you will want to find alternate. otherwise, give yourself couple of extra minutes, i'll let he know when that does clear. disable tractor-trailer delaware, 95 southbound route 141, right lane block, in and around this area, make note of. that will also, some construction here, as women. ninety-five northbound between the toll plaza and route 896. two lanes blocked schedule to open around 6:00 a.m. i'll let you know when it does so. >> washington dc mural of big cosby was the dark it of vandalism. cosby's face covered up with a picture of north korean leader kim jeong aoun. graffiti art hoist calls himself smear leader said he covered up the mural so no one could look at who he calls a sexual preditor. cosby's been accused of sexual assault by dozens of women he has not been charged. >> a viral campaign to help victims of domestic abuse now raising some safety concerns. called the black. com pain. started by a woman in the uk,
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the campaign encourages women to dray a black dot inside their hand and flash it if they're in need, or in danger and need help. but abuse expert say it could accomplish the, act opposite. >> abusers read, you know, social me ya, and they follow the news just like everyone else. so you tell a woman to put black dot on her hand, there is good risk of her being killed as a result. >> experts say if in your danger call crisis center or ask a friends to call for you. 5:20 right now. have you pick out your halloween cans tomb yet? we'll show you the most popular costumes in our area this year. homecoming heroes, hear from the local homecoming king and queen whose crowning is going viral. oh, we have more of this video for you when we come back.
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>> some local student taking the internet by storm. homecoming hero have become sudden stars. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco shows this special moment they were crowned. >> perfect. >> central bucks south senior, nick magee; still beam interesting his homecoming king win. >> it felt great. pumped up. >> youtube video posted by nick's sister now more than 1 million views, half time at cb south homecoming game. and the winners are being announced. nick hears his name, runs over to the stands, and starts leading them in his favorite cheer. >> the crowd goes wild, chanting back, jumping up and down, neck runs to get his crown. hugs friend and newly crowned queen, lilly bowman. nick and lilly both have downe syndrome. as king and queen, they got to share the moment together. before all of their friends, and family. >> mick, i love the dance.
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>> forever. >> friend forever. >> yes. >> senior taylor don was nick's dayton the court and standing next to him when his name was called. >> tears, it was probably the best moment of my entire time at cb south. i couldn't contain any emotions, it was amazing. >> lilly's brother son the football team, was getting ready to take the field. >> i could just hear the crowd cheering. i just new that it was lilly. i went out there ann just saw my mom and my grandparent and they were just like almost on the verge of tears. >> what's next for these two? >> oh, going to a game. >> central bucks south went onto win their game against abington. nick and lilly say they're forever grateful to their peers forgiving them a night they'll never forget. chalfont, diana rocco, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> fantastic. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", the waiting game continues. vice president biden still sitting the the fence about a run for the white house, the latest clues about which way
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he's leaning for his political feature. >> also: oh, looks so good. the wait almost over for star wars fans, as the new movie trailer debuts, but, some fans are waking up frustrate in the morning. we'll tell you why. justin? >> all right, warming trend is underway right now. we're talking about temperatures returning well above average in the forecast, those details coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, also, meisha has her eye on the road as you get ready to head out the door, lets you know any backups to avoid this tuesday morning. we'll be right back.
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good morning, following breaking news right now, police swarm local neighborhood after three people woken up by mass intruders owe night. two people are tied up, another victim is kidnapped. now, police have caught one of those suspect, but they are still looking for another. we have the latest on the search for the mask men still on the loose. and, also, the question this morning, in or out? after month of speculation, it is coming down to decision time for vice president joe biden, and tweet has a lot of people talking. we'll tell you what it said in one moment. but if you're not a big fan of the winter weather you're
5:30 am
happy to be returning to fall, temperatures morning, feels so different when you walk outside. >> way warmer today. even just couple of degrees feels way warmer, yep, feels good out there. >> no need for the gloves, no scraping this morning, always good thing. little early in october to deal with that. so here we go. doesn't feel like summer almost the next couple every days, bring out the shorts, people will be, the next couple of days, talking mid 70s, so here's the set up watch we are talking about, obviously temperatures on the rise, feel the difference this morning, keep warming up over the next 24 hours, a loft sunshine in our forecast, as well, next rain chance, really doesn't happen until early next week. so enjoy the sunshine as well. current temperatures, mid 40's, some of the cool spots, red willing at 39. upper 50s millville, atlantic city, some suburbs the cold spot, quakertown 39. much bet their dollars yesterday morning waking to up mid 20's. wind kick up, sustained winds 15 miles per hour at the airport in philadelphia, five


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