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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  October 20, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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happy to be returning to fall, temperatures morning, feels so different when you walk outside. >> way warmer today. even just couple of degrees feels way warmer, yep, feels good out there. >> no need for the gloves, no scraping this morning, always good thing. little early in october to deal with that. so here we go. doesn't feel like summer almost the next couple every days, bring out the shorts, people will be, the next couple of days, talking mid 70s, so here's the set up watch we are talking about, obviously temperatures on the rise, feel the difference this morning, keep warming up over the next 24 hours, a loft sunshine in our forecast, as well, next rain chance, really doesn't happen until early next week. so enjoy the sunshine as well. current temperatures, mid 40's, some of the cool spots, red willing at 39. upper 50s millville, atlantic city, some suburbs the cold spot, quakertown 39. much bet their dollars yesterday morning waking to up mid 20's. wind kick up, sustained winds 15 miles per hour at the airport in philadelphia, five in wilmington, southwest wind
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starting to bring in the warmer air, also mixing up the air little bit so the coal air just can't settle in at the surface, pretty much cloud free skies around philadelphia, on south, to the north, passing clouds, up in the lehigh valley in the poconos, that's about it today. overall mostly sunny sky, milder, temperatures at or even above average, mid and upper six 60s, brake down the numbers hour by hour, upper four's in the sunshine, looks good early afternoon already mid 60s, so nice lunch hour. we make it to the upper 60s for the afternoon hype for philadelphia, not bad at the shore, in the sunshine, mid 60s, even in the poconos, we make it to 60 with with a few more clouds, talking mid 70s for the next couple of days, that seven day forecast coming up in a few minute. >> that sound pretty nice. 70s, we will take it in october. thanks so much, justin, good morning, everyone, happy tuesday to you. if you are just waking up with us what we are dealing with primarily some overnight construction, just wait to go get cleared out of the way. here's a look in bucks county route one southbound between route 213 and neshaminy. two lanes blocked in and
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around that area. kind of waiting for a lot of this stuff to clear, to be honest with you, a lot of this is getting cleared out of your way quite nicely. a look at route 100 near route 113, i can tell you right now, both directions, you have lost that left lane, left lane low. logs. see some cones, but not causing any slow downs here, just headlights out there. also, we do have accident in quakertown, all southbound lanes route 309 are blocked, between toll gate road and rich hill road. so, certainly, make note of that. that's still in effect. i'll let you know that does clear, and also, some construction on the pennsylvania turnpike, eastbound, valley forge, to ft. washington, and the westbound side, ft. washington to norristown two, lanes blocked, in both directions on the turnpike, erika, back to you. >> meisha, thank you. updating breaking news right now philadelphia police have one of the suspect in a home invasion in custody. investigators say two men broke into a home on the 3100 block of f street earlier this morning. they say they tide one man to a bed, and stabbed him.
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they tide a woman to a chair, and then kidnapped another woman to have her withdraw $100 from atm. police heard a scream, from a woman, and then saw a suspect trying to use a get-away car. >> the male tried to accelerate, take off, one of the officers actually put his foot on the break, able to breast they will male and take him into custody. >> police are being looking for the other suspect, all throw victims we're told are in good condition. if vice president joe biden has made up his mind about running for vice president, he hasn't told anyone we know about it, new pole shows hillary clinton ahead of the other democrat being candidate. as brock reports, at least one republican hopeful is asking for secret service protection. >> reporter: business as usual for joe biden, no big announcement yet. but when he spoke to members of the military at the white house, he mentioned his late son, beau biden, iraq war veteran who reportedly urged
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biden to run for president. >> our son was a good man, but no different than everyone every those in that case soldiers who got off that flight with him. >> bid never no rush to make a decision, even as hillary clinton increases her lead in national polls. >> the reason that you are running is because you perceive that somebody else is not doing as well as they should, that's not a particularly effective rational for voters? clinton will testify before the house benghazi committee on thursday, testimony that could last eight hours. republican side donald trump continues to lead, he's won vertically every national pole for four months. >> i don't want anybody's money. they form all of these pact. people pour monday my pact. i don't want them. >> secret service pre questing protection in the ben carson campaign, carson denied request came from his team, former neurosurgeon, who is polling second to trump, admitted to receiving many
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threats. >> cbs news. >> a pennsylvania congressman claimed inside knowledge about vice president biden's decision, 13th district democrat brendon boyle tweeted he has a very good source close to joe that tells me vp biden will run for prez, boil's spokeswoman said his staff is trying to track him down. stay with "eyewitness news", we continue to follow decision whether vice president biden? make a run for the white house. we'll cover this on air and on line at >> meanwhile, democratic presidential candidate, jim web, may switch parties. the former virginia senator is expected to announced to he will run for president as an independent. complains during last week's democratic debate he did not get enough time to speak. recent national pole put web far behind hillary clinton and sanders. 5:35, contractor convict in the connection with the deadly 2013 center city building collapse await sentencing.
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after deliberating roughly three hours, jury found grief i can campbell guilty of six count every involuntary manslaughter. they say he cut corners, at 22nd and market to kill six people injury 13 otherment campbell has said escape goat for the architect overseeing the project. attorneys reacted to the verdict. >> we're very satisfied. >> jurors rejected the third degree murder charges, that prosecutors had south t would have likely given campbell life in prison without parole. the sentencing scheduled for january 8th. >> all right, time for check on your business news right now, and a change at the top of united airlines, money watch's hena daniels joins us up at the new york stock exchange with more on that and other headlines this morning. >> good morning, united airlines has new chief
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executive, united general council, brett heart, oscar moon owes was taking an indefinite medical leave. munos, 56 years old, was named to leave the company on september 8th, but suffered a heart attack on thursday. was brought in following a corruption scandal that led to the ousting of the previous chief. if you don't have health insurance, the federal penalties you face are set to jump next year. this year, the fine $325, penalty will rise to $695, or 2.5% of taxable income if you are uninsured the full year. >> apple has pulled hundreds of apps from its stores after reports that they've been accessing users private information. researchers at source dna found over 250 apps violated apple's security guidelines. by collecting personal emails, and device id numbers. >> fall is in the air. for some people, in their
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hair, you have seen pumpkin spice foods. how about pumpkin spice hairstyles? social media is a buzz with women dying their locks bright orange red, in honor of the season. erika? >> looks beautiful. and if you can pull it off, power to you. but pumpkin latte. >> i couldn't pull it off. but it does look great. >> like wide. i'll take my $3 latte. >> have a great day, thank you, hand a. >> speaking of the fall you only have 11 days left to find the perfect halloween costume. so if you want a unique outfit, here's what you should not wear. real estate website estate lee ranked the most searched costume in each state. in pennsylvania the number one won, bumm letter back, the knows popular costume. other favorites an eagle, makes sense, bacon, and of course our rocky. people in new jersey just can't seem to get enough of the jersey shore either, because they search for snooki costumes, more than anywhere else. other popular costumes in the garden state are angry birds,
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michael jackson, and santa claus. and people in delaware apparently they did not do enough searches to come up with the list, sorry, delaware. the hess toy truck coming back for the holidays even though no more hess gas stations. weaver look at the icon you can truck right here that will begin zero sale next month. you can buy it on line or at kiosks at the willow grove park and cherry hill malls. now this is the first hess truck that won't be sold in gas stations, because hess sold its stations last year, but you can still get the truck, at least. >> still to come this morning, training exercise turns into real life emergency. see a swimmer saved all thanks to quick thinking rescuer. also, oscar pistorius is out of prison but not a free man yet. what is next for the sprinting star after his release. >> and, we're getting new sneak peak at the latest star wars movie. see trailer already causing website to crash. >> and, coming up tonight on cbs-3 at 8:00 you can catch ncis followed by ncis new
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orleans, then stick around for new limitless at 10:00. after that catch up on all of the days news with "eyewitness news" at 11:00. we'll be right back.
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breaking news just in from new york city looking at pictures from massive three alarm building fire in the chelsey neighborhood. you can see flames are shooting out of the top of the building. look at that. officials tell a reporters from our sister station in new york that the building was un construction, and that no one was hurt. several other building in that neighborhood have been evacuated just to be safe. we'll keep you updated on the
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store. >> i also, for the first time in years, a look at a galaxy far far away. disney has released the longest trailer to date for the newest star wars movie. and reporting in just few hours movie tip innings for episode seven sold out at many theater locations and on line. >> it was a the trailer this he were waiting for, a new sneak peak, at the next star wars movie. >> episode seven, the force awakens, opens, and projected to break box office records. tickets went on sale for the first time last night. >> i tried to make it work on the app it, wouldn't work, tried to make it work on line it, wouldn't work. >> like he -- he like many went straight to the ticket counter. >> latest installment of the epic film directed by jj abram. >> i am having a hard time
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from e-mailing jj. we wok together. can we just say you know, do me a solid and hold two tickets forme. >> episode seven mixes familiar faces and new ones. >> a passing of the torch on screen, that will be mirrored in the audience. >> my mom wait in the line, in hollywood, to see the very first star wars. and she has her button that says may the force be with you. so it is an interested anythings our family. >> the star wars movies helped usher in the modern block buster, and invented the pre quill. getting fans to turn up for the release after trailer, there is no try, they just do. cbs news. they are excited. oprah winfrey of course has a lot of money, and now she is expanding her empire by buying part of weight watchers. paid $43 million for a 10% steak in the weight loss company. she has agreed let weight watchers use her name, image
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and likeness for it products and services, weight watchers has struggled financially with declining sales, and profit. shares of the company doubled in value after the news of that partnership. health watch this morning, men and women real i do have different types of hearts. new study of mri scan shows men and women's hearts age differently. the major difference is how the muscle surrounding the main heart chamber changes over time. in men it grows bigger and thicker, in women it stays the same size or gets smaller. scientists say the information may some day help doctors use gender-specific treatments for heart failure. >> and, hey, the number of moles on your arm may predict your risk every skin cancer. researchers in london say the risk of melanoma increases two to 4% for every mole you have. people with 11 or more moles on the right arm were more likely to have 100 moles on their whole body.
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right now 5:45, and a lot of bodies have long sleeves on because it is warmer but still chilly out there, justin. >> it is mid october. waking up to temperatures in the 40's, breeze toy adding little bit every windchill. but not like yesterday morning, and as we saw our first taste of some winter temperatures, but today, not looking at mid 20's. here we go from the weather watchers checking in with a lot of 40's, card inning ton, bill has 40 degrees, willow grove, barbara at 44, at 48 at david dutch's house in clementon, new jersey, ed connor in chesterfield, checking in at 41 degrees, 40 up in northampton county, bath, not too bad this morning, chatsworth, column err spot, mid 40's, cherry hill, down in delaware low 40's, even up at sailors berg, check it out, 42 degrees at this hour. so talking about the warming trends underway. sunday, monday, way below average, low and mid 50's, that was it. today is the transition day, start to get back to another and above average, 60s, then bring in warmth for wednesday, thursday, look at the mid 70s,
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for the high temperature, so that will be the peak of the warm air mass. storm scan3, quiet over us right now do, have some clouds, notice the showers up across up-state new york, cold front up here. that front stays to the north. so no threat of showers moving southward, today, that's good news, outdoor plans look good. we have some passing clouds from time to time. specially up across lehigh valley and poconos, there is the front i mentioned, stay to the north, high pressure over us right now, that locks in the dry weather. wednesday, same deal, lot of sunshine, here's the next cold front that comes through, mainly dry though, late thursday, still warm, thursday afternoon, once the front passes, we start to drop the temperatures little bit for the weekend. but the jet stream takes a trip to the north, that allows the warm to expands, northward, into the mid-atlantic and northeast, that's why we are talking about mid 70s, so little indian summer going on here. mostly sunny, milder today, 68 degrees for the afternoon high, tonight cool, but not cold. fifty for center city, some four's in the suburbs. then we warm it up wednesday and thursday, look at that, 74 degrees each day, into friday, cooler in the 60s
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being back to the 50's saturday, maybe shower or two coming in sunday. meisha, what's the latest on the roads? >> 70s just gorgeous, thanks, good morning. roads are looking pretty good. starting to see volume levels start to pick up now, evidence behind new jersey, those every you on 42 northbound creek road approach 295 see steady, flow now, headlights, and freeway friend pulled off to the shoulder not causing any slow downs, kind of used to him being there. also, look at the schuylkill eastbound, at spring garden, looking good both directions although see moving into center city on the schuylkill starting to build levels there, as well. just beautiful shot there. also, we do have accident, in quakertown involving tractor-trailer all southbound lanes on route 309 are blocked, between toll gate road and rich hill road. use an alternate, such as the northeast extention, that's what i would recommend, or avoid it altogether at this point. disable tractor trailer in delaware, 95 southbound at route 141, the right lane blocked in and around the area. make note of. that will also on the pennsylvania turnpike that
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construction valley forge to ft. washington, eastbound, and westbound, ft. washington and norristown, two lanes are block in both directions. erika, back over to you. >> meisha, a thank you. philadelphia police hope that surveillance video can help them catch a suspect in a church burglary. investigators say the man broke into the healing water church in kingsessing on the night of august 19th. he allegedly took two flat screen tv's and microphone. police say he appears to have a tatoo on his right arm. if you recognize him, you are asked to please call 911. villanova university is turning its public safety department into a police force. it will have officers and security personnel. 20% of officers will undergo the same training as public law enforcement. the trained officers will carry firearms on campus. villanova says the trainless eggs will align them with most of their higher education peers, about 70% every all colleges nationwide have a police force. >> all right, update on breaking news.
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philadelphia police are investigating an overnight home invasion in kensington. two men wearing masks entered a home tied up a man and woman and then kidnapped a second woman to take money from an atm. a suspect has been caught. police are still searching for the second. all three victims are expected to be okay. >> the big question, is joe biden going to run for vice president. pole shows numbers before making up his minds. >> stay to up watch this game? now eagles top the nfc standing but not pretty game to watch. a lot of turnovers, fortunately, though, the eagles were able to capitalize on few bad decisions by giants quarterback, eli manning, they beat the giants 27 to seven. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. former olympic sprinter oscar pistorius will spend the next four years under house arrest, now that he's out every prison in south africa. the double amputee known as the blade runner was released yesterday. he spent just under one year behind bars for the shooting death of his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. prosecutors are still appealing the judge's decision, not to convict
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pistorius every murder. >> a five year old who was in the back seat when his father's car was carjacked is back home safer and sound this morning. it happened in miss your when brendan white picking up his second son from his grandparent. the carjacker jumped in and took off with white's younger son, noah in the back. noah was let go by the carjacker and good samaritan saw him wandering around. >> someone had my dad's car, and when i was in it, he got out, said i'll take you home, and then he lied. >> i thank god for him. if it wasn't for him, no telling what could happen to my son, or where woe sends dollars up at. >> the police department says they found the car, and they add that it contained evidence that could lead them to a suspect. texas man charge in the connection with crash ago car into a motorcycle has a bond hearing today. video from saturday shows a
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car swerving out every it lane of traffic in front after motorcyclist, in a no passing zone. two people on the motorcycle were hurt. the motorcycle driver, eric sanders, says the driver of the car, william crumb, did it on purpose. crumblings it on a spider bike. >> i do not feel like i intentionally done anything, it was a reflex. >> police charged with him two count of aggravated assault with a deadly wet wept over. police cited the motorcycle for pass nag to passing zone and driving with a invalid license. >> a training exercise turns into a real life emergency in texas. an ems worker just happened to be recording his class on water rescues outside san antonio whether he noticed a young boy struggling in the water after falling off an inner tube. the rescuers quickly swam over and brought that boy back to shore. just incredible there, right place, right time.
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>> astronomy night, boy who made national headlines. fourteen year old muhammad was arrested in september after bringing homemade clot to his texas high school. a teacher thought it look like a bomb. after the mix-up, he invited him to the white house said did he not bring his club with him last knit but did have great time. coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news", live with an update for you on breaking news, a violent home invasion in kensington. also, it was supposed to be a re-enactment, but real bullet fly in a old west gun fight. finds out who was shot. >> and, halloween costumes on a budget. we'll show you where you can dress the whole family for just pennies on the dollar, that and more when we come back at the top of the hour. good
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>> we're following some breaking news this morning. mask men, break into a home, tie up and terrorize two people, then kidnap another woman. now, police are searching for one of those suspects. also, she was found dead in the doorway of a new york apartment building. now we know what caused the death of the new york doctor who was originally from south jersey. >> and, more than 60,000 fans
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rock len con financial field in prime time. now the fires are going. wasn't a pretty game, but shut down the giant for a division win. we'll break it all down for you. good morning, it is tuesday, october 20th, i'm erika von tiehl. checking on traffic and weather together, if the eagles win weren't enough at least it is warmer and the roads don't look too bad, right, us. >> roads are looking pretty good. just overnight construction, overnight construction still dealing with on the roadways, all of the updates coming up. justin feeling little niles err today. >> battling this morning, big difference in the temperature, good 15 to 20 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. no frost around this morning. waking to up mid and upper 40's. even mount pocono checking in at 44 degrees, some suburbs may drop to the upper 30's, what we're seeing in quakertown right now, but we can hands thal this morning.


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