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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 20, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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rock len con financial field in prime time. now the fires are going. wasn't a pretty game, but shut down the giant for a division win. we'll break it all down for you. good morning, it is tuesday, october 20th, i'm erika von tiehl. checking on traffic and weather together, if the eagles win weren't enough at least it is warmer and the roads don't look too bad, right, us. >> roads are looking pretty good. just overnight construction, overnight construction still dealing with on the roadways, all of the updates coming up. justin feeling little niles err today. >> battling this morning, big difference in the temperature, good 15 to 20 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. no frost around this morning. waking to up mid and upper 40's. even mount pocono checking in at 44 degrees, some suburbs may drop to the upper 30's, what we're seeing in quakertown right now, but we can hands thal this morning. forty-seven in palmyra, and in
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mt. holly, new jersey, little bit of breeze to deal with, this morning, every now and then it, does add little bit of chill to the air. but overall, really not that bad when you compare to things yesterday. >> 22 degrees colder, so, that's a sign that warmer air mass building in, the wind starting to transport the warmer air from the south, that southwest wind, continues today, at about ten to 15 miles per hour. we get our temperatures back near average today, ventnor going to return well above average tomorrow. mostly sunny skies today, maybe some more clouds up toward the lehigh valley and poconos, but no threat of any rain, afternoon highs we do make it up to 68 degrees for philadelphia, mid 60s at the shore, and near 06 in the poconos. talk about those 70s in the seven day in a few minute, but first meisha with a check on the roads. >> looking forward to it, thanks, justin. good morning, happy tuesday to you. we're so happy you're waking up with us, dealing with some construction, overall levels starting to build ever so slightly, take a look at the ben franklin bridge, for those
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every you coming from jersey in center city looking pretty good. holding steady, still traveling around at polls dollars speeds, you're starting to slow down just little bit. just shear volume. a lot of people going back to work monday and tuesday, construction bucks county, between route 213 and neshaminy two, lanes block in this direction, but i will tell you right now that as we move those cones out of the way not causing any problems in fact i can't even see them in that shot right there. accident in quakertown involving a tractor-trailer, all southbound lanes route 309 are block between toll gate road and rich hill road. use alternate, such as the northeast extension, that's what i would say otherwise avoid it altogether, and then construction on the pennsylvania turnpike, eastbound, valley forge to ft. washington, and westbound, ft. washington and norristown two lanes blocked in both directions make note of that as well. >> back to breaking news right now, we've been following this all morning long, two men break into a home, tie up two people, and then kidnap
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another. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff joins us in kensington with the latest information for us. alex, good morning. >> good morning, erika, certainly complex story, but the big question right now why this family of three was targeted, police were called here, to the block around 2:30 a.m. to report of a woman screaming, they say, short while before that, just asleep inside of the home along with another woman and another man. now, if they were woken up by two intruders, both of their faces were covered, according to police, one every them may have been wearing socks, and gloves, and both were armed, one with a hammer, one with a knife. >> made resident tide to the bed, assaulted and stabbed according to police. and another female was tied up to a chair, by her neck and wrist. >> third victim in the house, female in her 40's, wasn't tied up, but the perpetrators took her, forced her to drive her car, about three blocks,
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to the intersection of kensington and allegheny where they forced her to remove money from her atm. >> she got into a fight with one of the soilings peng whether she started screaming, when police arrived they say one of the men tried to flee in her vehicle, two officers were able to jump in actually apprehend that suspect. >> don't have good description, but hoping surveillance caught near the atm will be able to get them better description of that one individual. but those three victims, they were all taken to the hospital. and all are in good condition. reporting live from kensington, alexandria hoff, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> alex, thank you. also, new this morning, two men were shot overnight in north philly, and they say they were struck by the same bullet. it happened in the 3,000 block of germantown avenue. the victims were told then
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drove to the 1200 block of west atlantic street. they say it happened whether a man was robbing them at gunpoint. the suspect apparently fired, we're told the bullet traveled through the first victim's hand, hitting the second man in the hip. >> eagles back on top of the n. >> this c east after a win against the giants in prime time. pat gal end here with what went right, what went wrong. a lot of people just tired this morning, it was a long game including -- >> it was late night. i stayed up. i hate to be the bearer of bad vibes, but that was real a ugly game last night. but not as ugly as the eli manning face, that's a butte right there. showed this face quite a bit last night as the eagles were able to both him up. earlier in the week brandon bran graham said the defense will be turned up. and they were. so start with the good this morning. and that is of course the defense. going into the game, eli manning virtually untouchable.
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he's been sacked just four times in five games. birds got to him three times last night, eagles made it miserable on eli all game. forcing him into bad throws, and of course, several goofy faces. he was pick off twice including the pick six from carol. demeco ryans also intercepted the giants quarterback, and ryans says the turnovers have been the emphasis since day one. >> that's been our focus all off season, focusing on taking the ball away. we know that that correlates to winning games. more turnovers we can get, the more we're in the turn over battle the more games we can win. >> from the good defense to the bad sam bradford, he tries to out do manning's all play last night throwing three interceptions every his own, he now has nine through six games. time after time, balls were either under thrown or forced into coverage. and make no -- make no mistake about it, this will not fly against the elite teams in the fl. one on the schedule next.
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undefeated carolina panthers sunday night, so what's up with all of the picks? tell us, sam. >> you know, it is something that i've never real had i a problem with in my career. you know, i'm never thrown a loft interceptions, new to me, but, you know, we're going to get it fixed. i'm going to get it fixed. hopefully eliminate that from our offense? well, bradford struggled, demarco murr did i not. murray his best performance of the year running 22 times for 109 yards, and a score. ryan matthews chipped in with 40 yards on nine carries. but murray ran with much more authority against what was the second ranked rushing defense going into the game. and this is big. because it allows murr toy kind of shake the frustrations of that inconsistent first four games in which he would run for only 130 yards. so, hopefully, this is a sign of things to come. and while murray was great, we've got to give a game ball out. got to give this card ballgame out as we cover time the eagles win. today's winner, nolan carol of
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the defense. because he did a great job. i know the giants wide outs were banged up, beckham, jr., but that pick six was huge, eli manning did not complete a passover 20 yards. so nolan carol our fake game ball winner, con yacht nations, could have gone to number of different guys, but it goes to you, nolan. >> nice to have options. okay, pick bun. >> true. >> pat, thanks so much. >> eagles fans of course extremely excited about that win specially now that they're in the top spot in the division. right out to our justin finch live at 94wip studios, with some fan reaction, tired but pumped fans, justin, good morning. >> reporter: erika, good morning, tired indeed. now, overall, fans hearing they're happy with the win, a wayne is a win, but overall, they want to see the eagles win better. and no doubt, the wip team this morning will get an earful about that and much more. now, early review from the studio boot so far the crew wants more. specially from the eagles
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offense. and qb sam bradford, on the field, fans say, they saw some positive's, a strong play making defense, several sacks of giants qb eli manning as well, but overall fans called that performance uneven, despite that win, in the end. taking down the giants 27-seven, now in divisional dead heat for number one in the nfc east. the eagles still have what it takes. but even the staff here at wip have their concerns, many about quarterback, sam bradford. >> a long season but you know after the slow start, people gave up on us, back in the mix right now. back with the giants tide for first. >> giants is everything. we hate the giants. there is no -- everybody talks about dallas. if you have been doing this long enough, it is a giants, you got to hate the giant the most. >> you look at sam bradford, and you are going when am i going see what they told me we're going to get?
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this is why this guy was coming here, he was accurate, could throw the ball. you are still not seeing. that will now we're six games in. it doesn't look like the quarterback and his receives ers are on the same page. interceptions bradford is throwing, the ones at least i saw yesterday, he didn't appear to be under any durress. these are interceptions where he had time to throw, offensive line had given him time. the one cooper stopped running, bradford expected one pass, receiver not eastern turned around, just sighing this, when the receive remembers dropping the ball. i don't know how you fix that. >> and that is a big conversation this morning. how do you fix that? miscommunication between eagles quarterback, sam bradford, and his wide receivers, and again, fans have yet to call in, and, and of course they'll do, that also heard chip kelly will be on the line here at 8:00 a.m., so, fans can hear what he has to say about last night's performance. after of course taking it all in and sleeping on t live here in old city, justin finch,
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cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> justin, hopefully gain more than couple of hours of sleep, there thanks so much. >> still ahead more fall out from the bill cosby sex scandal. see the controversial magazine cover that questions the cosby show's legacy. also, some new pictures are released showing lamar odom inside the brothel where he was found unconscious. we'll show those to you coming up next. >> and, some startling video here after man with a michetti attacking cars on the street as drivers try to run him down. see how all of this ended coming up.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. ebony's cover depict cosby show fictional cosby under shattered glass. show was hailed for its depiction of african-american
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family life. editorial asks what is to become of the cultural legacy. dozen every women have accused cosby of sexual assault, he denies the accusations. >> meanwhile, washington dc police are after the graffiti artist who plastered picture of kim jong un off ever over picture of cosby. they say he is a sexual preditor, stuck pictures of the kim jong un else where, including over the logo of washington football helmet. so looking for him. >> this morning, back here in philadelphia, still a bit chilly but you know not nearly as bad as yesterday. i think you can leave the winter coat in the closet just bundle up little bit, right, justin? >> forty's we can handle that, little breezy, chilly, nothing like we saw yesterday, 20's, widespread freeze, but now starting to rebound nicely, today's casino of the transition day, average high of 65, again, yesterday, way below that, only mid 50's, today, going to be at or even slightly above average, then wednesday, thursday, that's where we peak in the warmth. talking mid seven 70s for the afternoon high temperatures,
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now, record high this time of year around 80 degrees. so getting close. but i don't think we'll break any records. mid 40's in cherry hill as well as dover, delaware, 48 degrees millville this hour. around philadelphia, same numbers, nice breeze, helping to stir up the air little bit so the coal air real he can't settle in at the surface, q town little cool their at 39 degrees, 44 reading, 40 pottstown. clouds are rolling through central pennsylvania right now, we get some of the clouds, lehigh valley and poconos respect showers, stay remained up across up-state new york. high pressure over us today, nice day overall, upper 60s with the sunshine, tomorrow, seven's return, still another warm day, thursday, and then here comes another cold front. few clouds, thursday night, it comes through dry, but does cool us back to the lower 60s, so we go below average friday into the upcoming weekend. today mostly sunny skies, passing clouds, tonight, mainly clear, tomorrow, same deal. we will be in the sunshine. that warms us up. forecast high 68 degrees today, southwest win at around 10 miles per hour, tonight, not as cool. fifty's for the city, 40's in
6:16 am
the suburbs, and the extended forecast, a loft sunshine through the rest of the week into the weekend, warm wednesday and thursday, mid 70s, little indian sum their, then cool back to the 60s for the start of the weekend, break out the shorts, little heatwave there. >> no kidding after yesterday's temperature, seven's tomorrow. what a roller coaster. >> oh, i will ' take it, i will never complain about the 70s, even the 60s, even the 50's, even the four's. then i starting to backward. >> three's? twenty's? >> well, good morning everyone, happy tuesday to you. roadways looking pretty good. we kind of take a peak at the cameras outsidement things are look good. certainly starting to see volume levels buildings as we typically do, especially in the 6:00 hour. so here is a look at 422, 422 eastbound toward trooper roadment looking pretty good. see some steady headlight, tail taillights, looking good in and around the area. keeping our eye on that. also a peak at the vine, now the vine construction, that was where we had the eastbound lanes, that were closed
6:17 am
overnight, and it will again, those are now cleared now, seeing traffic move nice, east and westbound, on the vine. but i will tell that you that construction project will go and play again tonight. 11:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. and this goes all week up until thursday. so just make note of that. then i'll have couple of updates for you, more construction project in about 15 minutes. erika, back over to you. >> meisha, a thank you. coming up: a look inside the brothel where lamar odom was found unconscious. also, star wars fans go wild as the trailer for the new movie is released but the force was not with them when they tried to buy tickets for this movie. find out what went wrong. coming up.
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pictures appear to show lamar odom found unconscious last week. meantime, andrew spencer tells us, there are reports that odom has moved from a nevada hospital back to los angeles. >> the photos obtained by daily mail. com appear it show lamar odom inside the love ranch outside las vegas. it is not clear when the photos were taken, in one every them the former nba star is sitting up, with a bottle of water in hand, the others, he appears to be unconscious. again, it is not clear whether he's just sleeping. oath em would later be taken to the hospital after being found unresponsive. brothel employees say pink-ish fluid coming out every his
6:21 am
mouth and nose. odom spent a week in various hospitals, espn reports just last night, a helicopter took odom from a hospital in las vegas, to one in southern california. one of odom's former coaches says his condition is improving. >> he took his breathing tube out himself. and if he needs a mask, he'll wear it, but he's breathing on his own. >> coach for odom in college, jim, says he's been in contact with oath em's estranged wife, khloe cards ash yan, almost every day. >> he spoke few words, he reached down and said hey, you know i love you, and he said, ya, i know, and then went back to sleep. >> the los angeles daily news saw its multiple sources saying odom has started physical therapy and that his breathing, vision, and ability to communicate have all improved quite a bit. sources close to odom say he's progressed to the point where he can continue his recovery in los angeles. andrew spencer. >> this morning getting a look at some disturbing video, man with a michetti swinging it,
6:22 am
in traffic, and that's just the beginning here. we have the video here shot by eyewitness. at about 3:00 in the morning, in oakland, california. some drivers tried to hit him with their cars, and finally, one did. he bounced back up, and eventually, that man was arrested. prosecutors have not said what charges that man will now face. >> and this next story really sounds like something out of tv mystery show. this is the gun fighting re-enactment in the old westtown of tombstone, arizona but this past weekend, one of the wild west actors, was shot by a live round. he is okay. but investigators found out the gun fired by one was loaded with real bullet. officials say, only blanks are supposed to be used. it is not clear who loaded that gun. >> still ahead this morning, the few presidential candidates who are now requesting secret service protection, we will tell you who. also, devilish deals on halloween costumes where you can shop for the whole family, and not break the bank.
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and justin, oh, nice to say a milder day out there today, right? >> we have changes going on in our atmosphere, if you like warm temperatures you will love this forecast coming up. i'll have the details when we
6:24 am
6:25 am
>> authorities in new york have ruled the death after
6:26 am
doctor with ties to our area accidental. the medical examiner says dermatologist kerston died of accute cocaine and alcohol intoxication. investigators had suspected the 38 year old died after overdose. the married mother of three was found unconscious in the doorway of a manhattan apartment earlier this month. she grew up in washington township, new jersey. assistance coming in from across the country of the family of injury moan a jones after the toddler found wandering barefoot in love park over the weekend. the family had been sleeping under the stairs of the welcome center at love park when the two year old boy wandered away. jeremiah's father told "eyewitness news", while his family's situation is better now, homelessness cannot be forgot glenn the thing is that's just a small part. because i don't want people to help us and then all the sudden stop. >> the homeless advocacy group chosen 300 has raised nearly
6:27 am
$12,000 in just 24 hours. that mondayly go toward the family's housing costs for one year. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", the big question is he in or is he out? rumors swirl as the nation waits for joe biden to make a decision on a run for president. meisha? >> well, got a disable tractor-trailer, 95 southbound, approaching the vine, also an accident in quakertown, all of the updates coming up. but first, we take quick break, stay right where you are. the cbs-3 "eyewitness
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>> as you are waking up, good news, not as chilly, as it was this time yesterday. and, tomorrow, it is going to be even better, it is warming up so if you are looking forward to one of the taste of summer, we have it coming up. i know tomorrow. but today, nice fall day seems
6:31 am
like, justin. >> about 20 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. >> indian summer coming back, start you offer down toward del way now. live look at rehoboth beach. getting ready for nice sunrise again, skies brightening up, 46 degrees, little bit after breeze to deal with. so every now and then when the winds kicks up, does add little chill. actual temperatures, for the most part, mid and upper 40's, >> temperature change, compared to yesterday at this time. twelve to 22 degrees warmer, temperatures continue to rise, winds out of the southwest starts to bring in milder air mass. storm scan3, nice and quiet. little bit more cloud cover today specially north of the city. little chilly this morning at the bus stop, 8:00 in the sunshine little breezy,
6:32 am
48 degrees, 3:00, 66, a minus today with the breast and little more clouds. but afternoon highs, really can't beat it this time of year. 678 degrees, mid 60s at the shore, 60 even up in the mountains, with some sun, clouds, then talking mid 70s, for the next couple of days, talk about how long that warmth lasts in the seven day forecast in a few minute. but let's go over to meisha for check on the morning ride. morning. >> yes, good morning, justin, good morning to all of you just waking up with us, we're happy to have you along, looking pretty good out there. starting to see volume levels pick up now, disable truck here, 95 southbound approaching the vine. you can see it pulled all the way off kind of walking little bit of the rate lane, primarily pulled all the way after the shoulder. as you can seep, just evidence by this camera shot, it is looking pretty good here. just starting to see kind of steady stream of vehicles hit the roadways in this area.
6:33 am
>> the even direction, over night construction now of course lifted, you can see it moving freely east and westbound directions but it will go into effect tonight again at 11:00 p.m. and it reopens at 5:00 a.m. this is between the schuylkill and broad street. again, that's overnight construction, in that area, take a look at 95 southbound cottman, looking very busy, coming around the s curve there, and also an accident here, quakertown involving tractor-trailer all southbound lanes on route 309 are block, between tailgate road and rich hill road. use alternate such as the northeast extension, erika, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you. huge flames shooting from building in new york city this morning. fire fight remembers battling this three alarm blaze, in the health ' neighborhood. eyewitness took these pictures with his phone. officials say the building was under construction, and luckily, no one was hurt. several other building in that neighborhood had been evacuated just as a precaution.
6:34 am
>> voters are waiting for vice president biden make up his mind about run for the white house 17% of democrats, that's compared to 48%, for hillary clinton, and 21% for bernie sanders. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt tells us that one local congressman claims to have the inside scoop. >> i honest to god believe i'll be the next president of the united states. >> common. >> i swear to god. >> that was 1987 talking about his 88 campaign for the white house. george h.w. bush later won, but biden gave it one more shot 20 years laden. >> how are you? >> he didn't quite make it to the presidency, but got close as the number two. where he's been since 2009. >> i'm not going to comment on what joe's doing or not doing, i think you can direct those questions to my very able vice president. >> but the vice president
6:35 am
hasn't answered when asked. >> are you running for president? >> brendon boyle stirred things up monday morning with a tweet that reads i have a very good source close to joe, that tells me vp biden will run for pr owes. "eyewitness news" reached out to the conditioning man several times to ask about the tweet. our calls were not returned. meanwhile, on the streets of wilmington, the talk is all about joe biden. >> you know, it would be good to have another face. >> make it very interesting campaign, already hillary clinton pulling double that, vermont senator bernie saunders does come point where decision has to be made. but, certainly, i'm not in anyway suggest or recommending the vice president except any timetable other than the one clicking inside of him. >> source close to the vice president told cbs news vice president joe biden does not like to be bullied, and he'll
6:36 am
make a decision when he's ready. david spunt, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". meanwhile, republican presidential hopeful, done al trump, and ben cars owe on, asking for secret service protection. carson however insists secret service came to him after several threats against his campaign. homelands security secretary, dave johnson, reportedly with five senior members of congress before making a decision, the request comes more than year before election day. democratic presidential candidate, jim web, may switch parties, and run as an independent. he's expected to make announcement about his campaign during a press conference later on today. the former virginia senator complains during last week's democratic debate that did he not get enough time to speak. recent national pole put web far behind both hillary clinton and bernie sanders. registered voters in philadelphia head to the polls in just two weeks to elect new mayor. the candidate faced off in a debate last night to try and win over undecided voters.
6:37 am
democratic nominee, jim kenny, and republican nominee, melissa murray bailey attended the event at temple university. the debate was hosted by the center for public interest journalism at temple's school of media and communications. right now, it is 6:37. woe all know americans are still having a tough time meeting the retirement savings needs. but, recent survey finds, that women are actually in much worse shape than their male counterpart. for more now joined by list analyst jill schlessinger up in new york for thus morning, jill, some just unfortunate news here, survey found this major gender gap. what's this about? >> reporter: financial fitness found retirement savings between 45 year old men, and women, well, that divide is significant. okay, like, really? we have to underscore that neither sex is in very good shape. but women on average are more than $268,000 short of what they need to retire comfortably at age 65,
6:38 am
foremen, they are also short, but it is a smaller number, 212,000. so, let's look at this another way. if our guy, do you have set aside 100 bucks for your retirement, that same woman, the same age, needs to set aside 126.26% gap. >> big gap, jill. >> well, look. the reality is women live longer, right? they need to accumulate more. but, next, women do earn less than men, over the course of their work lives. >> number one we know they make less monday any their counterparts in almost every feel. two, women have not yet entered the highest paying gross field that requires science, technology, engineers, meat degrees, so call stem degrees. number three, some working mothers are actually operating for flexibility over big time compensation. that is so they can balance their work and family lives.
6:39 am
>> women need to take control of their retirement savings sooner rather than later, check out your own numbers at choose to very easy calculator to use. >> jill, thank you so much. >> right now, 39:00. coming up: new star wars trailer is released. >> the trailer you've been looking for, but the force not with the fans who tried to buy ticket to the movie. find out what went wrong. also this. >> doff -- leffler deals, and the store to create your own unique costume designs. all
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>> pounding rain, turns this town into rivers. nearby hillside, tumble down, storm drains filled with water and debris. people even a ban donned their cars yesterday in boil heights near la.
6:43 am
the rain also damaged homes, now resident are nervous the predicted el nino will cause even more damage this coming winter. >> well, something a little bit nicer to look at, nicer knowing it is not in our backyard, snow here dusting the trees in the town of belvadier, vermont. they want the snow there. some fall foliage in new england this time of year, see the beautiful autumn colors, but the snow may just be a hair too early for some folks. still enjoying the leave peeping up there. right now checking with justin and our great with the weather watch ers. so happy the temperatures have warm up. >> they can have the snow up in vermont. yes, back home this morning, big difference in the temperatures, waking to up 40's outside. certainly not as cold. not dealing with mid 20's, again, mainly low and mid 40's this hour, we check things out, across the region, up in north wales, still 42 degrees, low 40's in hatboro, as well, lawrenceville little milder peter's house, 45 degrees, saint david's little cooler at christopher's house, 38, out in downingtown, dawn,
6:44 am
43 degrees, 37 another cool spot up in gilbertsville. eileen's house looking at mid 40's south jersey, and what to expect. today temperatures rebounds to the 60s, above average, wednesday, thursday, it will be the warm days, 70s, way above, average, then friday saturday we cool right back to below average conditions, 60s, even some 50's. storm scan3, quiet. clouds rolling through right now, showers up across up-state new york, they stay there today. next colds front will move through the region later thursday. high pressure over us right now keeping things dry today, wednesday, thursday, here's the front though it, comes through thursday night, should come through dry, but does bring cooler air mass in here
6:45 am
friday into the upcoming weekend. today enjoy the upper 60s, maybe some 70s, see enough sunshine tonight, tomorrow, widespread 70s return to our forecast, we're up to 68 degrees in the sunshine this afternoon, southwest wind up around 10 miles per hour, not as chilly tonight, ooh for center city, 40's in the suburbs, here is the extended forecast, nice and dry, sunshine, 74 for wednesday and thursday. cool down friday, saturday, off's to ooh ace, then next week maybe shower coming in, later on sunday afternoon. how is it looking? >> sixty-four in october. looking good. take a look at 95 southbound, coming around the s can you noon center city looking pretty busy there. give yourself couple every extra minutes. boulevard southbound starting to see steady flow happening here. starting to travel listless than posted speeds approaching the schuylkill. take a look, the ben franklin bridge, yikes. all lanes completely packed,
6:46 am
give your except couple every extra minute, accident in quakertown involving tractor-trailer little earlier still active. all southbound lanes route 309 are blocked, between toll gate road and rich hill road. use alternate such as the northeast, extension, and if you can avoid that area altogether you certainly want to do that. pennsylvania turnpike, construction eastbound valley forge to ft. washington, westbound, ft. washington, all the way to norristown, just make note two lanes blocked in both directions in that area, and also an accident in pottstown, 422 eastbound passed route 101 lane blocked in that area. erika, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you. if you watch the half time report during the eagles game, you saw the much hyped trailer for the new star wars movie. the two minute clip introduces new characters and also bridges back some old favorites. but, reporting, the force was not with everyone hoping to get ticket to go see the movie. >> the trailer they were waiting for new speak peak at
6:47 am
the next star wars movie. >> force awakens will hit theatres december, expected to break box office records, tickets win on sale for the first time last night. >> fan danno crashed. try to make it work on line it, wouldn't work, on the app it, wouldn't work. >> like he like many went straight to the theser. >> seventeen particular. >> the even hollywood stars are clamouring for ticket to the latest installment of the epic film, directed by jj abrams. >> i'm having hard time stopping myself from e-mailing jj and going, dude, we wok together. can you just, you know? do me a solid and just hold two ticket for me. >> episode seven mixes familiar faces and new ones. >> passing of the torch on screen, that will be mirrored in the audience. >> my mom waited in line in hollywood to see the very
6:48 am
first star wars, and she has her button that says may the force be with you. so it is an interested anythings our family. >> star wars movies helped up usher in the modern block buster and invented the pre quill. getting fans to turn up for the release after trailer, there is no try, they just do. cbs news,. >> coming back: sources say netflix has inning add deal with warner brothers, for limb the revival of the beloved series. according to the magazine, pass negotiations now underway. big congratulations to one of the cbs colleagues, charlie rose, anchor of cbs this morning received the 2015 walter cronkite award for excellence in journalism. with more than 40 years of broadcast experience, charlie has interviewed such big names as president obama, bill clinton, nelson mandela and bill gate, just to name a few, congratulations. 648. we check in see what's coming
6:49 am
up on cbs this morning with gale kin in new york, police, tell charlie congratulations from all of just philadelphia. >> i know, he was supposed to be sitting here if the spot but had to go track something. but i will tell him, erika. >> thank you. >> be very appreciative what you just said. ahead tracking down claims to the teenage hacker targeted the cia director and the homeland security secretary, the latest on that investigation. amazon fighting back after major expose. melody claims why the on line giant is now taking the stands. and chelsey clinton won, usher, two, and legendary linebacker ray lewis all here in studio 57. we have busy day. news back in the morning. see you guys in just about ten minutes, and counting. erika, back to you. >> action packed show, gale, thank up. so do you have your costume pick out already for halloween? recent survey shows people will spends more than $70 on halloween costumes this year.
6:50 am
>> vittoria says you don't have to break the bang to show your hollow wean spirit. >> welcome. >> what's more exciting than dressing up for halloween? nick you can imagine. >> i think i really will wear this for halloween. >> great prices, devilish deals, next best thing to all of the excitement here at good will pen sidewalk glenn affordable, it is affordable, lots of variety. >> and it is a chance to be create disbelief exactly, put some things together. >> you can be a fairy princess, robot, superhero, and there is wigs, scary make up, and accessories. >> prices range from 999 to $20, tons for even under that. >> nice prices, good deals, wear it once. >> he may be batman but works here too. >> you know what is a crime spending a fortune on halloween. >> that it is, but accounting those prices in half, maybe into thirds. >> thirds at the good will?
6:51 am
>> at the good will. >> good will employees can help you design your own costume. the good will has this awesome idea book, which has given me loft inspirations but i have a few ideas of my own. how about evil pirate? a lovely gypsy girl? or a hunter? a wild -- >> who can resist baby duck? oral is in wonderland? benefit of shopping at the good will for happen halloween? >> makes good sense, supporting wonderful charity, saving a lot of money and you're guaranteed originality. >> what do you want to be? >> i like lady bug, angels. >> very cute. >> i like mini mouse, i love it. >> and if someone can fine me pink fur coat i will be a food this will halloween, i will be a poodle in heals. >> i'll keep looking for that pink coat, you guys, but the good will is definitely a great place for the family to
6:52 am
come, and if you don't have a big budget, to find something for everyone. and remember, any donation that you provide to the good will is tax deductible. doing good and looking good. vittoria widdle. >> she found that pink coat. well, look to go get early start on your holiday shopping. expert say more people are starting to shop earlier than ever. if you are one of them, there are certain items best to be purchased now, and other, you should wait until next month to buy. >> i would say start owing look and shop for things like home decor, fall fashion, even toys, i would pick those up now because you're going to find great discount. if you want to save some time i would look to november and "black friday" for things like home electronics. and even computers. >> brick and mortar shops are said to offer incentive to get shop nears the stores. so look for those deals. what's going to be oh, popular
6:53 am
item, always, the hess toy truck coming back for the holidays. will go on sale next month, buy it on line or kiosk at the willow grove park and chevy -- cherry hill males. first hess truck not actually sold in gas stations, because hess sold its stations last year. >> here's what's coming up tonight in prime time cbs-3 at 8:00. catch ncis followed by ncis new orleans, then stick around for limitless at 10:00. after that catch up on all of the days news with "eyewitness news" at 11:00. we'll be right
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6:57 am
>> terror fill ordeal for kensington family two, men break-in their em overnight. alexandria hoff joins us from the scene with the information. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erika, one suspect has been taken into custody, but a second took off on foot. according to police these two men broke into a home in the 3100 block of f street around 2:00 a.m. they were armed with a hammer and a knife. according to police, they tied up one of the male resident, and assaulted and stabbed him. they tide another woman up to a chair, and then forced a third female resident into her vehicle where they went about three blocks to an atm. now the victim was only able to get about 100 bucks. when they came back to the scene, the victim started struggling with one of the guys. police showed up at that point because she was screaming.
6:58 am
they were able to get one before he fled in a vehicle, but, a second man, took off on foot, still looking for him right now. all three victims were taken to the hospital. but i think we just saw that male victim return back to the home. all are in good condition. reporting live from kensington, alexandria hoff. cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> good to hear they're okay, alex, thank you. one last check on your traffic and weather together. just so nice to not have the biting colds like yesterday. >> certainly. >> not as bad as yesterday. trying to sell this. >> winter, no winter gloves, no frost. sunshine this afternoon, 68 for the high, few degrees above average. look at the stretch 70s, 74 wednesday and thursday. we cool back down to below average temps friday saturday in the 50's, looks likeness best rain chance will be sunday late in the afternoon but really only shower chance, nothing heavy. enjoy the sunshine and warm temperatures if you like that. >> well, 70s sounds so nice, justin. in the worlds of travel, weaver an accident 95 southbound at the betsy ross
6:59 am
bridge, you can see it pulled all the way up to the upper right-hand corner of your screen. pulled kind of blocking the right lane, and of course, the shoulder, then also, delaware county 95 northbound at 452, as you are approaching kinds of the area around the airport also looking very busy so overall just give yourself couple of extra minute as we kind of move into our rush hour this morning. >> all right, thank you, meisha acbs this morning coming up next. we have a new live picture of you of the team in new york getting ready for the show there. is gale at the desk got her coffee ready. coming up chelsey clinton and usher both live talking about their new project. i see nora many doing up to the desk, oh, cbs this morning starts in just about 20 seconds. right here on cbs-3. extreme zoom. and reminder to join us bright and early every weekday morning here on cbs-3, we kicks things off 4:30 a.m. hope you have a great day. >> ♪
7:00 am
good morning, it is tuesday, october 20ing, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." an embarrassing hack attack on the director and homeland security chief t. hacker claims to be a teenager with another target in his sights. a key family member backs biden for president and chelsea clinton is here to discuss the challenges in her mom's campaign. also in studio 57 today, music star usher, legendary linebacker ray lewis. >> we begin with today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> you guys, say you were able to hack into his personal inbox, how difficult would you say it is? >> oh, it's 8


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