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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 20, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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sexually abusing images. officials uncovered during a search here on east county line road in a home, where he lives, with his grandparents. >> a person answering the door, declined comment, and the investigators claiming that videos showed the defendant, pablo rodriguez hiding a video camera or cell phone in the bathroom or dressing room and then recording a female, changing out of the bathing suit. officials do not disclose the location, rodriguez allegedly recorded the videos. and, a spokesperson for hatboro horsham school district, where rodriguez tend the senior high school, is issued a statement reading in part that the activities the which led to this individual's arrest, did not occur on school district property the or during the course of his day, as an alternative school student. now, attempts to reach the the
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suspect and his attorney were not successful. he was held in $100,000 bail here and ordered by the district justice to stay away from anyone under the age of 18 and not to use the computer. we will have more when we join you a at 6:00 live from hatboro district court, i'm walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks, walt. we will now know the the cause of the death for doctor and beauty queen with ties to our area. authorities in new york city says long island dermatologist kristin died from cocaine and alcohol. she grew up in washington township gloucester county. the 38 year-old wife and mother important was found unconscious in a manhattan apartment building, on the fourth of october. well, if you have noticed people may be seeming happier today, a little more friendly, it could be eagles. lots of mistakes. but a win is a win. >> a loss gets everybody arguing is what wrong with the team but a win, now a win brings us all together. the lets see if our theory is correct. "eyewitness news" reporter
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rahel solomon joins us from the pro shop in cherry hill what do you think, rahel, um. >> reporter: well ukee, look, we sent out to find a very scientific study or maybe more of a social experiment but we were curious too are we all just very happy after an eagles win. we went in search of an answer, first in philadelphia's historic reading terminal market. >> a absolutely, are you kidding me. >> everybody is coming in upset. >> reporter: clearly the the cheer from monday night's win against the new york giants, spread well past the link. >> people tell me tuesday, it the is kind of a little will bit more pep in their step and the day seemed a little bit brighter. >> i get a high five, you know, go eagles. >> definitely feel happier, although, i'm's not out there make money. >> reporter: positivity permeated throughout the region and across the bridge to cherry hill trickling down to youngest fans here at russell night the night elementary school. >> i was really so happy.
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>> reporter: but far from scientific the results, are in, the people, have spoken. >> i don't know, but people much are happier, they are being very strange. i feel the same way. aim nice after a eagles win. if they lose i'm miserable. >> reporter: to be fair, i should say most diehard fans today were not thrilled with last night's performance. but we will take it, we will have more for you for fan reaction coming up at 6:00. reporting live from cherry hill, rahel solomon for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a win is a win. >> i don't think we need a study to tell thaws. >> yes, i agree. >> thanks, rahel. well, talking weather right now our roller coaster of temperatures continues with a fall warm up, and the week's only getting better. that is good news. meteorologist kate bilo is live on the cbs-3 sky deck with the first look the the a the forecast, hi, kate. >> hi nicole what a beautiful evening here in philadelphia a is there a nice breeze picking up. good news is that breeze is from the southwest and bringing warmer air to
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directly into our region. the lots of sunshine today and more on the way. lets take a look what is going on, we will go out to storm scan which is clear no problems, just blue skies as far as the the eye can see. we have showers to the north and that denotes boundary between cooler air to the north and warmer air to the south but we are tapping into here over the next several days. today wasn't quite warm enough for you, its was a perfect october day if you like it warmer we have got the next few days to look forward to temperatures right now take a look at these numbers after highs only in the 50's, for the past couple days, right the now we're at 07 with the airport. seventy in reading. sixty-eight in mount pocono. and 69, at the atlantic city airport. just a huge change from yesterday, this time yesterday, i was out here in the jacket, chilly, even with the sunshine. it only got to 55 for the high yesterday. today's high so far 71, 16 full degrees warmer then it was yesterday and next two days are even warmer then today. you can see 24 hour temperature change all around the the region, in the 15 to 20 degrees range. that is a pretty big jump and
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it will only get warmer. what to expect over the next few days? clear not as cold tonight. we are well above average wednesday and thursday but then cooler air comes back in friday and saturday, fall chill returns, and then we have a chance of the shower on sunday ale break it down with the seven day in a bit. back inside to you. well, homeless parents hoping to regain custody of their two-year old son was found wandering alone in love park will to have wait longer. michael jones and angelic rowland j granted them two hours of supervision twice a week with their son and four year-old sibling until the they complete drug and mental healthy valuation. >> i think they are difficulties a appointed. i mean that is normal. they want to check on some more things. let them check. but we're hoping that soon that this family can be reunited because there is no place for a child but in a home with his parents. >> chosen 300 ministries rallied community support to raise $12,000 to pay, for a
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years worth of housing, for the family. detectives are searching for missing girl in cobbs creek. thirteen year-old mitchell was last seen, leaving her residents on the 400 block of south 62nd street yesterday morning. she was on her way to school. detectives are working to track hanniya and reviewing surveillance cameras in the area if you have any information, please cat the police. police identified one some of the suspects arrested in last night's violent home invasion in kensington. he had wind valleys was entered the home in the 2100 block of epps street. the suspect assaulted and tied tup victims and kidnaped a third. at this time police don't know why the victims were targeted. >> we're not sure why they were targeted at all. they don't operate a business. they do not the of, large sums of money in there. it is a in mystery as to why they were targeted. it just seemed to be random. >> one woman was kidnaped and taken to an atm to withdraw cash, the the victim, tied up
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inside that home called for help. he is facing robbery and kidnapping charges. second suspect involved, fled on foot and remains at large this evening. take a look at this surveillance video, two would be thieves armed with shotguns opened fire on a atm in port richmond. this happened early sunday morning at main river restaurant on east cambria street. bullets damaged that atm but not enough for suspects to grab cash. they got the away empty handed. an employee in the back of the store was not hurt. a main line restaurant shut down for health code violations will reopen tomorrow. yank minute in radnor has been closed since august 18th. restaurant has been reinn expect by radnor township board of health and received the okay to reopen. today our camera got a look inside. the restaurant says it has completed extensive upgrades to dining rooms and kitchen areas. on the cbs-3 healthwatch, new guidelines from the american cancer society, say that women can have fewer mammograms starting at a later edge. the that is cause ago lot of
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concern and confusion. >> health reporter stephanie stahl joins with us more on that. >> reporter: lots of doctors calling in on this one. it the is hard to figure out how less is better when it comes to cancer screenings but that is what the american cancer society is now saying. that is not the the only issue for doctors. there are three major groups that now have conflicting recommendations on mammograms. sherry had her first mammogram at age 35 after she felt a lum in her breast. luckily it was a false a alarm. the american cancer society is now recommending that women at average risk have yearly mammograms starting at age 45, not 40. >> between 40 and 44, breast cancer is less common. there is a risk for false positive so we thought that needs to be an informed, decision between woman and her health care provider. >> reporter: starting at age 55, american cans sore he site now recommend screenings every two years, that is closer to the u.s. preventive task force guidelines which
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recommend mammograms every two years starting at age 50. >> i think it leaves woman in a very confused place. >> reporter: einstein radiologist deborah says she's worried about new recommendations that include eliminating clinical breast exams. >> i'm disappointed that the american cancer society isn't fully in line with the american college of radiology, the society of breast images and many, many other organizations that specialize in cancer and breast cancer diagnosis. >> reporter: doctor copeland says it can be rel managed. cher a grease. she would rather be safe then sorry. >> it is scary waiting to find out results. >> reporter: new there is some concern that insurance companies won't cover mammograms for women under the age of 45 because of these new guidelines. but the affordable care act currently mandates that mammograms are covered for women 40 and older, and always, when medically necessary. so this is lots of confusion. what are women supposed to do? talk tour doctor to help you get through this. >> absolutely, but strange to
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hear it. >> yes, exactly. >> thanks, stephanie, appreciate it. coming up on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 lemar odom leaves the the hospital what is next for his recovery. caught on camera a driver trapped in her carries rescued from raging flood waters. >> reporter: will joe biden run for president? i'm's greg argos in the city of brotherly love talking to philadelphia's top democrats about what they think will happen. also ahead, viral video that is hard to watch a car side swiping a motorcycle and new driver who hit them says he has a good explanation, it must be hard to believe what he is blaming? we will have it on the other side, we will be right back.
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so will the 2016 race for the white the house include vice-president joe biden? political experts are weighing in, including former pennsylvania governor ed rendell and democratic congressman. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is at the art museum with more, greg. >> reporter: ukee, if you asked five different people you will likely get five different answers. will joe biden run for president? it is a question that even has our state's top democrats, stumped. >> have you made your decision
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yet? >> i can't hear you. >> have you made your decision yet? >> reporter: it is the the question everyone seems to be asking. >> will he or won't he. >> i hope joe biden, doesn't go into the the history books as one of the best vice presidents in this nation's history. >> reporter: that is former pennsylvania governor ed rendell, he believes a biden bid for president is highly unlikely since the the parties won't abandoned bernie sand their leaves clinton the the target. >> the only way he has a chance is to go after hillary's lead and he would have to trash her personally because they agree on almost every issue. they both work for the president. they are good friends. i don't think joe has it in his heart to run that type of a campaign. >> reporter: right now whether biden runs is all speculation, although some in politics like brendan boyle seem to have an inside scoop. he posted this, quote i have a very good source close to joe that tells me vp biden will run for president. we left him a message for
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clarification but never heard back. >> he is thinking about it, but it is a big thing to think about. >> reporter: representative bob brady, a long time friend, says he hopes biden's thoughts lean toward yes. >> it the one a tough decision for me not to back him. he is my friend. friendship trumps politics all the time. >> reporter: an official here, governor ed rendell plans to back if joe biden does run for president. chelsea clinton weighs in on the conversation. that is coming up in just about an hour. we are live at the art museum, i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". one other political note former senator jim web has dropped out of the democratic presidential race. he says he will meet with people from across the the political spectrum to consider a third party run for president. stay with "eyewitness news" every step of the way as we cover campaign 2016. we will have more from the campaign trail coming up at 5:30. get the the latest anytime at cbs now to some viral video from texas that a motorcycle accident, lets take a look as
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a motorcycle with two people on it illegally passes a car. the car suddenly swerves taking out that motorcycle. the driver of the car, said a spider bit his inner thigh and he swerved as a result but people are not buying it. >> to be like i deliberately did anything. i do not feel like i intentionally done anything, it was a reflection. >> now immediately, after the accident, that driver was caught on camera saying he didn't care that he hit the motorcycle. both people on the motorcycle are recovering. so far no charges have been filed. things have taken a turn for better for former nba star lemar odom. according to reports odom was transferred to a hospital in los angeles for better specialized care. he spent a week in the las vegas hospital after being found unconscious in a brothel. tmz report that odom's kidneys are failing and he may need a transplant but his overall condition has improved.
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you can imagine the the terror that this driver felt, watching flood water rush around her minivan. rescue crews pulled the woman out of her vehicle. thinks in anthem, arizona gist outside phoenix. she was a alone in the car and thankfully, she was, not hurt. the crew did his their job and did it well. very well. >> so scary when flooding is a concern. thankfully not here at home. >> yeah, we've had this gorgeous weather today. it has warmed up. >> yes. >> it is a nice change. >> yes. >> yesterday was just too cold. >> too cold. >> too cold and too soony hear you. i'm with you on that. >> we want short sleeves kind of weather and this afternoon was beautiful.rt sleeves kind if you like it warmer then today, tomorrow and thursday we're talking mid 70's. to temperatures a full 10 degrees above average. it will feel amazing outside. if you are thinking it is getting late toward october where is fall chill, we have got that for you as well friday and saturday. little something for everyone unless you are a fan, we don't have that in the forecast.
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lets look at is what going on right now. we will go town the the shore. camera looks to be shaking, a breeze has pick up this afternoon, wind coming from the south and west, that is a what is transport ago this warmer air our way. you you will see some walking on the shore there in ocean city all bundled up in the fleece and jeans, definitely still cool along the coast and still october after all, and tomorrow afternoon it will feel like a taste of september as highs climbed to the mid 70's. the lets take a look at a time lapse video. what a beautiful day. it is in kutztown. nothing but blue skies and high clouds out there this afternoon. kid come out on the field, they played soccer. and now as we head in through 5:00 o'clock hour shadows beginning to lenghten and we are seeing a writ will will bit of color on the horizon. sunset is just about an hour away, and, it is still setting in the 6:00 o'clock hour but by even of the month that will all change. we will talk more later about daylight savings time coming to an even. storm scan three shows us showers and that boundary denoting division between warm air to the south, and then much cooler air to the north and that will continue as we
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go through next few days. these showers will miss us. not a big deal. we are looking at clear skies through tonight and tomorrow. right now 70 at the airport. sixty-nine in millville. seventy in reading. and there that is breeze, wind sustained at ten to 15 miles an hour from the southwest, and transporting all that warm air our way. lets talk about october. first of the month we have averaged 72 for a high. by end of the month the average high is 62. we will be close to that by end of the week. most recent october snow we had was in 2011, .3 inches fell on october 29th that year. fall color will peak in late october and our average first frost is usually late october but as we know, after yesterday morning, we have already had that. so it is a nice week 70's over next couple days. difference comes in heading in to friday cold front comes through thursday nitrogenly dry and back in the 60's. october chill back in the air starting friday. overnight mainly clear, not as cold. 50 degrees will be the overnight low. remember for reference we only got to 53 degrees for the the high on sunday. so big, big change. your wednesday's mostly sunny
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nice and warm at seven 46789 you're witness weather three day forecast, again looks more like a late september forecast then mid to late october forecast and i'm in the complaining. wednesday and thursday looking good, mid 70's and then friday, closer to normal but good news is the sun will stick around right through the start of the weekend, and we have had some great days a ahead. we will talk about a chance for rain for part of the weekend but we will have more next half an hour. >> mother nature making up for lost team. >> thanks, kate. >> appreciate it. still to come here, hershey kisses just got a big make over, coming up, how the chocolate company is upping the anti with its the new product. holiday bargains that are hot right now, three on your side jim donovan tells you you what to buy now to get the best deals, don. last time temple lost a football game was thanksgiving week of last year. that is almost 11 months ago. why the owls are saying all of the right things up north broad street, sports
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for district attorney in montgomery county... kevin steele, first assistant d.a. with a 98% conviction rate and tough sentences for sexual predators. or bruce castor, a former d.a. who refused to prosecute bill cosby. castor said, "we don't charge people for making a mistake or doing something foolish."
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many more victims came forward, and castor admitted he could have used their testimony against cosby but castor didn't even try. bruce castor was not looking out for the victims.
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plenty of excitement as owls are nationally ranked. >> the the excitement just continues to build as they helped into a thursday night game on national television. sports director don bell joins with us more. hi, don. >> hi, what is up. temple first started playing football in 1894, this week they have a chance to make history. and, we went to visit the 22nd ranked owls in the country. they are loving life, on north broad street. even the routine things like practice, are fun. and why not? the temple owls are ranked for the first time in 36 years. but the players, they are playing it cool. >> walking around, you know, it definitely is honored to see that people are recognizing us for the wins that we have put together. but just us here, as a team, you know, that is not something you really take it too. >> getting better means going on the road and beating south
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carolina on thursday night. the pirates are looking for some pay back. they were ranked, last year, when owls handed them a ten-point loss. >> so, all we can do is control this game. it is the biggest opportunity for us right here and we have to play our game, and if we play well, we will win the games. >> reporter: owls are saying all of the right things, but let's just hope they do all of the right things. on halloween they will host notre dame at a sold out lincoln financial field but they cannot afford to overlook east carolina first. >> we are not worried about notre dame right now. we know they will come out ready and ultimately knocks out of the top 25. >> it is a pleasure on it ways the pressure, it is g i don't want pressure to be too much. so, go play. >> now, the owls win thursday night they will control the east division of the a ac and have inside track to the conference title game. by the the way, you made a point the other night since matt rule started to grow that beard. >> things have changed. >> things have changed. >> it is all about the beard.
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>> nicole did a store which him not too long ago. >> i work out with them in the beginning of the season. >> and then. >> hashtag good luck charm i'm just saying. >> i'm just saying. >> there it is. >> thanks, don. all right. coming up in the next half an hour is what next for oscar pistorius who has just been released from prison. new developments in the gas explosion that destroyed a building in south jersey, one month later work resumes on the gas line project and neighbors are nervous. chelsea clinton brings her push to empower kid right here to philadelphia. we will talk with the first time author about her new book and about her mom's campaign for president. also new at 6:00. i'm cleve bryan walking through a south jersey pumpkin patch with a key ingredient, the pumpkins. they were wiped out the by mother nature. coming up how a business is trying to recover during the busiest time of the
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tonight i'm ukee washington. here's is what happening. authorities announce a child porn bust in hat blow. pablo rodriguez is charged with possessing 1500 explicit images and videos of children, rodriguez is a student at hatboro horsham senior high school. homeless parents of the toddler found wandering alone in love park will have to undergo drug and mental healthy valuations before they cannery gain custody. a judge made the ruling at a family court hearing, today. the the american cancer society now says that with men should start mammograms later in life and get fewer of them, something that has upset some doctors. they recommend breast cancer screenings at age 45 instead of 40 and every other year, at 55. kate? well, after a cold start to the week things warmed up very nicely as much of the area climb in the 70's. we will keep those temperatures climbing, keep the warm up going over the next few days. also the dry stretch continues, nothing but
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sunshine through the even of the week at least but we have a chance for a couple of showers this weekend coming up with the seven day forecast i will tell you when to expect those and fit will impact your weekend plans, for now, back over to you. it has been one month, in the explosion, rocked a house in new jersey and as crews laid gas line there many people in the the town remain nervous. new jersey reporter cleve bryan has that story. >> i was afraid it will happen closer to my house. >> reporter: chilling memories of the fire september 15th at pennsville officials say started with a explosion. it was a near miss for upstairs tenant and several employees, in the law office, that has now been leveled. >> you can see construction on the natural gas pipeline was to blame, and after, a few weeks, of suspension the work resumed last week. >> i'm worried that it will happen again and my kids will be involved. >> reporter: fear other the savetive of the gas line project all along broadway let more than 360 residents to sign an on line petition asking them, the the contractor, kline construction, be removed from the job. they are still doing work but
5:32 pm
pennsville officials a say they are only digging by hand and in longer using backhoes. police chief alan cummings a assigned an officer, to kline each day and met with twice with south jersey gas before work can resume. >> residents are very concerned but we're trying to do the best we can for their safety and make sure they feel comfortable and having the the officer there every day with them is a plus. >> reporter: the explosion was a at least the second gas leak during the broadway project. south jersey gas gave us a a statement saying in part regardless of the cost, we have initiated a comprehensive dialogue with the township, contractors and internal personnel to review and renew our focus on safety requirements. residents we met have mixed feelings about chances of another leak or even worse, another explosion. >> we have been given that house was still smoldering two days later, i'm very nervous. >> i don't know, it could, but if they are constructing it and they are paying money to fix it, then it might actually be positive. >> reporter: by having the the police officer here if there is an emergency it could help get fire department on the
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scene faster or initiate a evacuation. work is expect to continue on broadway through thanksgiving. in pennsville, cleve bryan, cbs-3 eye bitterness news. oscar pistorius is out of jail and on house arrest at his uncle's mansion in south africa. olympic athlete was released after serving a year behind bars for killing his model girlfriend reeva steenkamp. correspondent deborah para has latest from developments from south africa. >> reporter: there was no sign of oscar pistorius but family spokeswoman came outside to speak to the media. >> oscar's sentence has been shortened and reduced. he is entering the next phase of his sentence now. >> reporter: his trial was an emotional roller coaster when he broke down. he shot his girlfriend reeva steenkamp saying he thought that she was an intruder. >> difficult not fire at reeva. >> reporter: court accepted this and found him guilty of
5:34 pm
manslaughter, not murder, sentencing him to five years behind bars. during his jail term, he was even filmed playing football on one occasion. now he will leave his uncle's luxury mansion to report dale toy a police station. >> he will be under house arrest, which is a form of deto tension, where he is monitored. >> reporter: same comes, as they say year behind bars was not enough of a punishment but pistorius faces another hurdle, the prosecution is appealing his conviction, they want it changed to murder. and if they are successful pistorius could find himself back in jail before the end of the year. deborah par a, cbs news, south africa. month long wave of violence to continues to have much of israel on edge. take a look at this video from ramallah in the west bank. it doesens of palestinian hurled films at his rail i troops. the troops responded with tear gas and rubber coated steel pull et cetera. clashes come amid a up surge
5:35 pm
in violence that has left nine israelis and 42 palestinians killed along with a migrant worker. and now to our continuing coverage of campaign 2016, donald trump and ben carson now stand alone the at the top of the republican presidential field, that is according to a new cnn poll. trump lead with 27 percent and five points ahead of carson. jeb bush and marco rubio are tied for third, 14 points back. donald trump says his message is rest mating with voters. >> i love polls. other people don't talk about polls. you know why, because they are doing lousy in the poles, okay. >> the cnn poll will show carson and trump are both doing well with female voters. daughter of the democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is visiting our area today. >> chelsea clinton is talking about her family and pushing to empower kid. i caught up with her at the the campus of the university of pennsylvania pennsylvania.
5:36 pm
>> ♪ >> reporter: inside the palestra the focus was on fitness, as chelsea clinton took in a performance before taking center stage to promote her new book. >> i hope that kids and their parents, and their teachers get the out there with a little bit of information, any kid can make a difference. >> reporter: bike toothled it is your world get informed, get inspired getting breaks down the world's biggest challenges like obesity and access to healthy food. topics of the food truck youth leadership summit, an organization that promotes healthy living here in philadelphia. >> practical. >> it is profound and it effects new a way. >> reporter: clinton admits 4902 page book which discusses poverty and global warming may sound daunt to go kid age ten to 14. >> what i heard from kiddies often they start reading the book in the chapter, and section, they already really care about. they want to know more and they want to know what more they can do. >> now some of those kid go on and read the whole book but i bet some of them just read that section, and that is fine. >> reporter: for these kids it
5:37 pm
was a fill. >> being addressed by former president's daughter a and her mother is running for president right now, how i can see how her mind work. who inspired her when she was a kid. she told me it was her grandmother. it was a really sweet story. >> reporter: former and perhaps future first daughter says that she was expected to have opinions on important issues as a kid and so will her daughter charlotte whom she hopes will be soon see grand mom in the oval office. >> i feel like i have a different stake in the future with my daughter charlotte. she just turned one. i know that my mom would be the best president for the world that i want her to grow up in. >> great message for kid. >> inn keyed. >> she seems down to earth. >> we talked about her kid, she mentioned charlotte, my son jack. >> welcome to town. still to come on "eyewitness news" tonight, the biggest change to the hershey's kiss and 25 years, we will show you you. >> all right. >> and then get an early start on holiday shopping, here we go again, could be zoomer reporter jim donovan is on
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your side with how to get the best deals and discounts. and elsa takes to the friendly skies everything you need to know about the frozen theme airplane when we come right back.
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welcome back. apple has pull hundreds of app from its store after a security scare. source dna reports over 250 apps have violated apple's security guidelines by accessing user's private information. and now among the information reportedly collected personal e-mails, apple says that they are working closely with develop tours make sure that the apps are safe for customers. all right. 5:41. time to check your philadelphia's jobs market report. >> here's cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger. >> reporter: when housing bubble burst it took 2.2 million construction jobs witt, now that the market is
5:42 pm
normal icing and inventory remains low, many of those jobs are returning. government predicts there will be 1.6 million new positions by 2022. making construction one of the fastest growing industries. and you don't need to be a plumber or carpenter to take advantage of this building boom, someone needs to oversee these projects from beginning to end. a construction manager communicates with the client, obtains work permits, works with architects and engineers to plan and budge it, overseas building process and takes care of all of the details in between. that attention to detail pays off. here in the philadelphia area of construction manager that can earn over $128,000 a year. people with a degree in construction science, construction management or civil engineering, combined with on the job experience have a leg up when trying to land a management position. i'm jill schlesinger for
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could this be the most magical flight on earth. disney and canadian airline west jet unveiled their new frozen theme airplane. the custom painted 737 jetties decorated inside and out with
5:46 pm
characters from the popular animated movie. plane made its first flight from orlando to toronto yesterday. it will be used for flights all across, north america. >> how about that. >> hey, sweet the news from hershey, pennsylvania based chocolate makers will start selling new, deluxe kisses november 5th. new treats will be twice the size of regular kiss west a hazel nut center and rice crisp all around it. they will be wrapped in gold foil, a three kiss box will sell for 1 dollar. big old kisses. >> yes. >> awesome. >> we like that. >> more the more year. >> we have a hurricane in the pacific not impacting named but it is hurricane olaf, which is, you know, throw back to frozen. >> anytime you say hurricane, kate. >> i know. >> let's in the talk about hurricane. >> we get shuttered. >> we need olaf and elsa just to chill. >> my two-year old said elsa
5:47 pm
because that it what is looked like. >> are you ready for a snow man. >> not yet. we have got the some great warmer weather to talk about over next few days. outside this evening it looks fantastic right now. what a gorgeous view. it feels great. one of the daisy call goldie locks, not the too hot, not too cold just right. don't need a jacket this afternoon. you can go out in long sleeves but not too warm. it is october, after all. we are supposed to have crispness in the air next few days will be well above average once again and if you are looking for some more crisp weather by end of the week, build a fire, have some apple cider down at the apple orchard perhaps, friday and saturday looking fantastic. nice little chill in the air but not as cold as it was earlier this week. temperatures a across the region in the upper 60's as we check with our weather watchers sitting at 68 degrees in willingboro, new jersey. but, i will keep on trying. steve is back behind the curtain. he is my wizard of oz, clicking for me. steve shore says 68 degrees in
5:48 pm
bensalem. thinks fall weather i can enjoy. me too. i'm loving this day. it is 76 degrees as we check with ed connor in chesterfield, new jersey. he has sunshine. he spent this half fine day at fort dix and then went to the lake to enjoy nature. doesn't that sound like a perfect little objecting day? have of course, ed sent pictures with prospertown lake from the dock looking beautiful, the fall color is in fully affect, right now coming up at 6:00 we will have latest fall foliage report. lets look at is what going on outside to palmyra cove nature park camera and what a a beautiful sight this is. the city sky line in the background. we have the sun sinking low in the sky. we are half an hour or so from sunset now and that is just a a bought full shot with the sun, shining off the delaware river this evening. you've got to love this day. there is nothing not to like. started off cool, crisp and nice and warm this afternoon. we have showers drifting by to the north. those will stay away. we are keeping cold air over can inadequacies and warmer a era loud to move in for us a
5:49 pm
and that will be the story over next few days, pretty significant october warm up and nobody is complaining. zero seven in philadelphia a a68 in millville. sixty-nine in allentown. our normal high is 66, 65 or so depending where you are. temperatures 5 degrees above normal today. the as well as chicago at seven 46789 warm in st. louis a at 80. sixty-nine right now in lexington, kentucky. highs across the region in the 70's or upper 60's. philadelphia we will top out at seven 16789 trenton 71 as well. thinks after a new record low of 27 yesterday morning in trenton. talk about a big jump. wilmington 70. we have to be upper 60's in atlantic city and allentown. jet stream continues to push north over next few days allowing that warm moist air from the south and west to move in. meaning temperatures will average 10 degrees above the normal. tomorrow and then gannon thursday. look at how this will set up for us. notice sunshine here in your wednesday afternoon 1:00 o'clock no problems. thursday starts off with sunshine as well. nice day. here's the the next front. it will start to slide
5:50 pm
southward as we go through thursday evening. we will bring a few cloud later thursday night but then this comes through generally dry. we are not talking about much in the way of shower activity witt. by friday morning we will clear out and sun returns. we have talk about sunset times. tonight's sunset at 6:15. we are close. it the is looking beautiful out there but november 1st is end of the daylight savings time and we will fall back, technically or as people like to say you gain an hour of sleep, the bad part, it is 4:59 p.m. that is our sunset time which means most people driving home in the dark and that is less than two weeks away. november 30th, 4:36 p.m. losing two and a half minutes of daylight each day, it does get lighter, earlier in the morning. if you are an early reiser heading out to work it will be lighter in the morning, as a trade off there overnight mainly clear, not as cold. 50 degrees is overnight low. beautiful wednesday on deck, in mostly sunny, nice and warm. seventy-four. it will feel great. thursday looks great as well. i promised an october crisp day and here we go friday and
5:51 pm
saturday. great start to a fall weekend. 61 degrees on saturday. sunday does bring a few more cloud in. milder day. watch out for a shower. we will clear it out but keep it cool starting off next week. enjoy 70's over next few days while we have them. we will send it back to you. retailers are already ram pink up hiring and putting plans in place for their busy holiday season. but our consumer reports. >> consumer reporter jim donovan has advice for shoppers looking to get an early start. >> reporter: they do, nicole and ukee. while it is far from beginning to look a lot like christmas, many of us are thinking about how to save on holiday shopping. before you know it, the holiday shopping season will be in full swing. >> we're finding more and more people are starting to shop earlier then ever. >> consumers are actually expecting to see deals in the marketplace way before black friday. >> reporter: sarah of the retail me says that there are certain items that purchase now and other next month. >> i would say if you are starting to look, and shop for
5:52 pm
things like home decor, fall fashion, even toys, i would pick those up now because we will find great deep discounts. if you want to save sometime, would i look to november and black friday for things like homey electric tronics, and even computers. >> reporter: with the rise in on line shopping options, brick and mortar shops will offer incentives so shoppers may want to make an early trip to the mall to beat the crowd and see what is in store. >> e commerce is certainly growing but malls are where it is at and what we're finding is that one of the big motivators for people to go inn store are things like cash back rebates. >> not a big enough motivator for me. recent survey find that many traditional brick and mortar locations will be adding things like gift wrapping stationness stores in mall to lure shoppers. eliminate that extra holiday chore. >> it is the most wonderful time of the year. >> reporter: no, it is hostile. >> i love the who will take
5:53 pm
shopping but i do it at off peak times you can do it the in the afternoon or you have a schedule but like most people, 4:00 o'clock on a saturday at king of prussia, are you crazy. >> thanks, mr. grinch. >> i know. >> all right, buddy, take care. still to come, brittany spears performs through a wardrobe malfunction we will show it the to you coming up. the new star wars trailer, sends fan fever into over drive, insider's has it all of the hype coming up when we come back.
5:54 pm
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how many meetings are you having?! giant just dropped prices on thousands more items. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane. my giant. ♪ >> well, brittany spears wardrobe malfunction last friday has many commending her built to stay calm.
5:57 pm
the pop star said a zipper popped over in the middle of the cons inert vegas. you can see dancers trying to help but they just could not get that zipper backup. so with an unzipped suit, brittany just kept on dancing. >> good for her. >> show must go than. >> you know that feeling when the fly is down, and imagine in front of the audience. >> just saying. >> moving right along. the new star wars, episode, seven trailer broke the internet. >> 17,000 tweets a minute and millions and millions of these made ticket sites crash as fans went into light speed to be first to get ticket for next install president of the epic lucas franchise. insider's louie now joins us from hollywood, lewis. >> ukee and nicole, so excited, it is in hyper drive. >> you have to be on cloud nine right now. >> the first awoke, to an
5:58 pm
unpress tented, fans frenzy, surrounding release of the final star wars seven trailer. the the number one trenton twitter, 283 tweets per second, over 10 million you tube views within the first 13 hours. >> twenty-three year-old star could in the control her tears after seeing it, for the first time. >> yes. fellow co stars got his cruz on by jumping the couch in the most epic of ways. >> what. what. guess what, new generation of star wars, maybe. >> this will be the biggest movie of the year with the projected record breaking, $615 million worldwide opening weekend. how about that. ukee and nicole, back to you. >> shaking my head, how about that. >> you can see more on star wars the the force awakens tonight on the insider, it is on cbs-3 tonight and every week night at 7:30. that will do it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00 a montgomery
5:59 pm
county tina rested for child pornography, some of the victims as yenning as three years old, and we're live. it is pumpkin patch that is sniffing pumpkins, what happened to them. other south jersey farm is coping during one of its busiest times of the year. kate? beautiful sunset is getting started here in philadelphia after what turned out to be a perfect october day, a big warm up is underway and that is the forecast for today and back to the 07's for next couple of days but there is also some cooler weather to talk b i'll have the the full forecast at 6:00. thanks, kate. it was ugly at times but a win is a win, we are live as eagles fans celebrate last night's critical division victory, "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. police, search this montgomery county home and find hundreds of disturbing images, child pornography, involving children, as young
6:00 pm
as three years old. the suspect is an 18 year-old high school student. hello, i'm ukee washington. aim nicole brewer. jessica dean is off tonight. lets get right outside to walt hunter who picks up the story live for news hatboro, walt. >> reporter: nicole, word of the child pornography charges causing real concern here in hatboro, this evening. the suspect, the 18 year-old pablo rodriguez not only charged with selected and distributing child pornography but of secretly hiding cameras in order to record the the little innocent vick times. word that pablo rodriguez had been charged with possessing more than 1500 sexual and sexually abusive images of children as young as three, drew a strong reaction from neighbors, like grandmother barbara bolson. >> i feel so bad for the little will children who don't have any idea what is going on and these people take advantage of them. >> reporter: police say rodriguez is a student at the tb


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