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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  October 21, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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good morning, new this morning, fire fighters, battle a fierce apartment fire in montgomery county, no one was injured but some pets were not as lucky, details coming up. also... >> these officers disregarded their safety and wanted to save a life. >> heroic actions from three philadelphia police officers a and fire fighter trying to save residents from the burning row home, we are live with the stories of courage coming up. good morning it is wednesday, act 21st i'm's erika von tiehl. before we get to those stories wine check on the forecast with meisha and justin, good morning. >> happy hump day it is feeling better outside, justin, i'm looking forward to those 70's. those are looking good.
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we're not any strange tore overnight construction. we are used to that. >> i'll get to that in just a minute but how is it feeling. >> it will be a good day. if you liked warm temperatures we have 70's today and still somewhat cool looking at 40's and 50's but once that sunnies up, temperatures will rapidly warm up. 53 degrees at the a airport. mid to upper 40's in the lehigh valley ape berks county. quake are town cold spot at 41 o this time yesterday we are running 5 degrees warmer in some locations, quiet gannon storm can three and mostly clear sky this morning. the that is trend throughout the afternoon, but a lot of sunshine. that boost temperatures up 10 degrees above average. we will talk about mid 70's today. by noon time 70 degrees in the the sunshine. check out these high temperature. seventy-four for philadelphia lower 70's at the shore. sixty's in the the poconos. we will talk about how long the warmth last in the seven day forecast in a few minutes.
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okay, meisha, what is the the latest. latest is we are dealing with overnight construction. we are used to this on the vine street expressway. it is still closed. it closes at 11:00 a.m. and opens up a at 5:00 a a.m. this is vine closed at east and westbound both what he is between schuylkill and broad street. ill will's let you know when that does reopen. ninety-five southbound between route 413 and route one. that left rapist blocked not causing any significant low downs at this hour. construction route one southbound between route 23 and pennsylvania avenue the the right lane is block in that area, again, it is looking like a ghost town still very early. tacony a palmyra bridge is up, i will let you know when that comes back down. that will be in the couple minutes. water main break, i'll have updates coming up in about 15 minutes. erika, back over to you. meisha, thank you. new this morning an apartment fire in lansdale montgomery county. neighbors say fire broke out in the first floor unit at
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green and west hancock street just after midnight. it took fire fighters an hours to get the upper hand. there are no injuries to anyone but we are told some pets may have been killed in the fire. an act of heroism almost caused three philadelphia police officers their lives. they rushed to rescue a man from the burning row home in strawberry mansion. fire fighter was also hurt. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us from the scene with more on this, good morning. >> reporter: erika, good morning. we are told that three officers charged into this home as it was burning here on taylor street as the man was also, still inside this morning. all are recovering from smoke inhalation and related injuries. the lets take you now to video, here's a lot the fire burning at its height. fire fighters a being toking the flames from the roof and ground and reports of this blaze came in just before 8:00 e the the two story home on the 1800 block of taylor street, police tell us three, 22nd
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district officers, were among to respond. not only was this report of the fire but also word that at least one man was still stuck inside. the trio of officers went in but the conditions were dark, dangerous and smokey, but still they had to retreat. but soon philadelphia fire fighters were on the scene. >> so they entered the property but they were totally overcome by the the smoke and the flames, the flames were really hot, the smoke was so thick they could not even see so they had to exit the property but the the fire department also got their so fast and with their breathing apparatus and protective equipment they were able to rescue the resident of the the property. >> still that man who was inside was taken out, he is now recovering, a look at the this home now as you can see all floors appeared to be scorched, lots of debris here on the ground. we also learned that one fire fighter was struck by debris and suffered a broken nose. he is being treated for.
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that those three officers and that man inside are recovering from smoke inhalation and related injuries. we are live from strawberry mansion i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> justin, thank you. philadelphia police are checking surveillance video for clues that can solve shooting that wounded two brothers in tioga one of whom was a teenager. chopper three over 3500 block of north 18th street where the shooting happened just before 7:30 last night. the 20 year-old man and 13 year-old boy are in stable condition. police have not made an arrest or recovered a weapon. authorities hope thaw can help them find a teenager missing since yesterday morning. fourteen year-old jonathan mcneil was last seen leaving his north warknock street home to go to northeast high. we're told he may suffer from depression although he does not the take medication. he is 5-foot six, 110-pound with a thin build and brown eyes. if you have seen jonathan mcneil you are asked to call police. residents in one camden county neighborhood are still
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looking for answers one week after a three-year old boy was found dead in the woods. blue ribbons lined haddon township in honor of brandon creato, the the the three-year old was found dead in the woods near his father a's home. boy's grandfather is anxious to find out what happened. >> i can't even look at his picture right now because i just start bursting outcrying, just devastating. >> sleep all night and wake up and he is not there and there is no answers. >> brandon's autopsy came back inconclusive, authorities have also ordered tax coming tests but those results of not been made public. today a main line restaurant will reopen after being shut down for health code violations. yangming in radnor was closed august 18th. roaches were discovered, and pipes were dripping on to food. tuesday thousand our cameras got an inside look. the restaurant has been reinspect by radnor township board of health and has received the okay to reopen. the restaurant says it has
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completely upgraded the the dining room and kitchen areas. right now, it is 4:37. and buying for ryan a divided g.o.p. may have a candidate to replace john boehner. as cbs the news correspondent, reports, wisconsin congressman paul ryan appears to be willing to take the the job. >> reporter: it is not a job he wanted but wisconsin congressman paul ryan says he is willing to run for speaker of the house helping fill leadership vacuum left by john babier. >> i came to the conclusion that there is a very dire moment not just for congress, republican party, but for our country. >> reporter: the the announcement came after ryan spoke to house republicans in the the closed door meeting on tuesday setting several conditions for taking the the job. he wants to change house rules to make it harder to be removed as speaker and spend much less time fund raising, then boehner did. >> i cannot and will not give up my family time.
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i may not be on the road as often as previous speakers but i'm pledged to try to make up for it with more time communicating our vision, our message. >> reporter: house oversight committee chairman jason chefitz is rallying behind paul and will give up his own campaign for the spot. >> i'm out. i'm in with paul. he is right person a at the right time. >> reporter: not everyone agrees. >> we need someone that can meet with the american people and not special interest that is what john boehner's problem was. >> reporter: ryan will make a final decision in the coming days based on one last condition, three key republican groups must all pledge support. brooks, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a local congressman is continuing to fuel speculation that vice-president joe biden will jump in the democratic race for the the white house. in washington, biden tended an event honoring former vice-president, walter mondale. there was no mention of whether or not biden will be running for president, but late last night during a telephone town hall meeting
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pennsylvania congressman brendan boyle stood by his monday tweet that stated that biden will run. >> well, i i put something on twitter and lesson is be careful if you put something on twitter. i have a little bit of inside information that i'll repeat. i was told by someone very close to the vice-president, joe that he a has decided to run for president. >> those close to biden says the vice-president will make a decision any day now. well, the future has officially arrived, today, marty mcfly famously traveled 30 years in the future to october 21st, 2015, in that popular 80's flick back to the future part two. while the film's prediction is still unclear whether the chicago cubs will actually win the the world series. alexandria hoff will have more on which predictions came true coming up. that prediction is hanging on by a thread here, new york mets defeated the cubs five-two last night in game
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three of the national league championship series. that win puts the team just one win away from going to the world series. game four takes place tonight, at wrigley field. 4:40 right now. coming up this this morning new york city police department is in mourning after one of their own is shot and killed in the line of duty. details are coming up next. also a ahead, a have traveler goes to extremes trying to catch a flight here, video showing him running out on the tarmac. not a good idea. scare for game show host, as a fall sent him to the hospital. we will have the latest on his condition when we go
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authorities say randolph holder died after he was shot in the head after a gun battle in east harlem. the suspect was captured several blocks away with gunshot wound to his leg.
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police say the the three three-year old officer is fourth police officer killed in the line of duty in the last 11 months. investigators want to know who has been torching churches around st. louis, the at least six have caught fire. a all of the churches are within a few miles of each other and five of them have black congregations. the damage has been minor, now though churches are stepping up security. >> this is war, and we have a war room in every church, and every christian home, and we will call upon the god here, who loves us and protects us to speak for us, to fight for us. >> investigators are trying to determine if the fires are hate crimes based honorary ledge us on race. 4:43 right now. a a man goes to extreme measures attempting to catch a flight. he actually runs on to a tarmac right here with his bag in toe as i plane gets ready to pull out of the gate. this is video from denver's international airport from back in august. the 58 year-old man missed his
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flight to his high school reunion. do you see how quick that baggage cart came after him. he was arrested yesterday. judge sentenced him to two years probation and hundred hours of community service. how do you even get to the tarmac. >> that is dedication but i don't know how he got there. >> who wants to go to their high school reunion that badly. i'm loving it. >> we're getting less like winter today. >> we have a couple days of 07's ahead. highs reaching mid 70's. still cool in the morning but you can take it a off this afternoon with that sun glaring in a couple hours. live look at center city right now clear skies, ben franklin bridge looking good right now and again, overall, forecast, no problems really as we get in the upcoming weekend. the here's the temperature trend. it is the story, earlier this week we were cold in the 50's. sixty-five is our target number. yesterday we made it above
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that 71 degrees. tuesday's high. today and thursday we're talking about mid 70's for afternoon high. we still have 40's, 47 in newark delaware. fifty-one in the the capitol city of delaware. forty-nine in in millville. around philadelphia upper 40's palmyra, mount holy, mullica at 44 degrees. a same deal in the north western suburbs, richboro is at 49. quakertown at 41 degrees. jet stream is on the the move. that allows that warmth to expand. highs today and tomorrow at least 10 degrees above average. quiet on storm scan three just like yesterday maybe some clouds up across the the poconos and upstate new york. that cold front stays to the north. it will be a warm day. then we will watch this cold front track through thursday night and coming through dry, just some cloud, and cools us back down to lower 60's on friday and those fall temperatures hang around, lots of sunshine on saturday. nothing happening on the future weather model.
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clouds well to the north. the thursday few more cloud return. that is the front. is there front coming through, no rain showing up, just some extra clouds. today's high 74 degrees. the tonight still cool at 53. extended forecast a couple days in the 70's and we are back in the 60's heading in the weekend. >> long time, price is right host bob barker is resting in his los angeles home after taking a fall on his morning walk. ninety-one year-old barker retired in 2007 after hosting the price is right for 35 years. he return last april, for a special appearance. he needed stitches for a cut on his head and he had scrapes on his leg. bob says he stumbled over uneven pavement. coming up why there is in the the enough legos to go around this holiday season. but first here's what is coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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in your head lines this morning flames ripped through an apartment in lansdale, montgomery county overnight. this happened at green and west hancock street. there are no injuries to humans but some pets may have perish in the fire. also three police officers and a fire fighter are injured, rather trying to save a resident from the burning row home in strawberry mansion. that resident was also injured but none of the injuries appear to be less threatening. and philadelphia police are checking surveillance video for clues that can solve shooting that wounded two brothers in tioga one of whom is a teenager. twenty year-old man and 13 year-old boy are in stable condition. there is new guidelines from the american cancer society that says women can have fewer mammograms starting at a later age. the group now recommend women begin annual breast cancer screenings at 45 instead of the 40, and that every other year at 55. doctors caution it is not a one size fits all recommendation the the advice
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is for woman at average risk for breast cancer. between 40 and 44, breast cancer is less common, is there still risk for false positive so we thought that need to be an informed, shared decision between a woman and her health care provider. >> the affordable care act mandates mammograms are covered for women 40 and older and always when medically necessary. 4:50. trying to check on your business news with henna daniels at the new york stock exchange this morning. we're hearing one of the world's largest toy makers say they cannot meet the holiday demand. what is going on here. >> reporter: good morning, lego factories are hitting a brick wall when it comes to meeting those demand saying some kids may in the the get their hand on legos this holiday season. a spokesperson says the the factories are running at full speed but problems with forecasting demand means all order bill not be filled in time. a a lot of kid will be disappointed. >> that is bad news there. we are hearing master card, this is interesting, they are
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trying to appeal to millennial toss pay with their purchases and it involves one of the favorite activities, right in? >> reporter: that is right. this might be perfect way to pay for this selfie generation. the master card is testing a mobile app to allow shoppers to authorize transactions with the selfie meaning no pennsylvania pass word or thumb print. right now 200 people are testing the selfie pay app in the u.s. no word when it will be available to other customers, erika. >> do i have to pay not the to use the selfie, my goodness. >> reporter: are you not going to use it. i mighty still enjoy typing in my code but call me old fashion. henna we will see you later this morning, bye. we will be rig
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well, good morning erika and good morning at home happy hump day just waking up we are looking pretty good. i'm keeping my eye on the vine, an area closed for construction both ways east and westbound. it is now opened. this is great news for those thinking about getting on the vine east and best bound opened, driving through traffic on both directions looking good between schuylkill and broad and again that closes at 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. this is another look at construction that is clearing or has cleared out of the way, route one south between route 213, pennsylvania avenue, right lane blocked due to construction looking good there and also water main break in glassboro new jersey by rowan university, route 322 is closed both directions between main street and route 47. use an alternate such as high street. that would be your best bet, right now. all right, justin so roads are looking g we are getting construction cleared out of the way and great news in the
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weather department, 70's. >> i think everybody needs to take the day off. just take the day off. you cannot beat this day. we're talking mid 70's and second half of october that is good. the it feels more like september. right now we're still will cool, maybe jacket weather and lower 40's in allentown and some of the suburbs. around philadelphia we are looking at 53 degrees, we have clear skies, clouds stay to the north so mostly sunny sky again, that sun still strong, warms us up to 74 this a afternoon, southwest wind though at 10 miles an hour. tonight clear comfortable 53 for city, 40's in the suburbs. here's the extended forecast if you cannot get outside we still got a shot tomorrow. a few more clouds. seventy-five. if you don't like warmth we have fall temperatures for friday, saturday highs back in the 60's with sunshine. back over to you. >> something for everyone, justin, thank you. here are stories our sister station kyw news radio 1060 is following. state senate committee tackles issue of reforming law to allow authorities to keep and take property suspect of being
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used in certain crimes, even if the owner has in the been convicted. also market were hit hard when refinery closed three years ago but delaware county council members, they unveiled, phase two of the study looking at redevelopment of that site. as you mentioned not a national holiday but for many people who love pop culture they are treating it, check in two, three, four times a day on kyw news radio 1060 on your am dial. coming up next we have latest on the injured police officer and fire fighters they risked their lives to try to save a man from his burning home. a horrible case of road rage when young girl is shot and killed. it is a case that is shocking police. and new fight over parking spots in the city, why not everyone is happen bye the the priority spot for certain drivers. details on that and traffic and weather when we come back at the top of the hour, good morning.
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good morning, new this morning, fire rips through a montgomery county apartment building overnight. we're now hearing from the people, forced out by those flames. also... >> they were heroes. they were everybody that responded, acted with a a lot of courage. >> several police officers and a fire fighter are rush to the hospital, this is after risking their lives to save a man from this raging fire. we will let you know how they are doing this morning. >> where we're going we don't need roads. >> future is now, it is back to the future day as fans in the movie have been waiting for almost 25 years. we will take a a look at some of those predictions from the
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hit film, which ones came true. it is wednesday october 21st i'm erika von tiehl. justin and meisha are keeping an eye on things. if you missed summer, this morning we have got good news. >> happy hump day everybody. i don't have that great of news in the world of traffic. we have a water main break. or than that things are looking okay. lets get over to the the bearer of great news, justin. >> that is right, i can hook everybody up here with nice weather today. still cool outside here this morning. we're talking about 40's and 50's but a lot of sunshine and warms us up rapidly. the numbers are where they should be, generally low to mid 40's over most spots. forty-three and cooler. airport 52 degrees. fifty in the capitol city of delaware and suburbs. cooling down to mid 40's in pottstown and in mount holly, new jersey. temperatures though compared to this time yesterday are warmer in some spots. anywhere from five, up to 7 degrees warmer then this time yesterday. or


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