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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 21, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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hit film, which ones came true. it is wednesday october 21st i'm erika von tiehl. justin and meisha are keeping an eye on things. if you missed summer, this morning we have got good news. >> happy hump day everybody. i don't have that great of news in the world of traffic. we have a water main break. or than that things are looking okay. lets get over to the the bearer of great news, justin. >> that is right, i can hook everybody up here with nice weather today. still cool outside here this morning. we're talking about 40's and 50's but a lot of sunshine and warms us up rapidly. the numbers are where they should be, generally low to mid 40's over most spots. forty-three and cooler. airport 52 degrees. fifty in the capitol city of delaware and suburbs. cooling down to mid 40's in pottstown and in mount holly, new jersey. temperatures though compared to this time yesterday are warmer in some spots. anywhere from five, up to 7 degrees warmer then this time yesterday. storm scan three is nice and
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quiet, cloud and showers over upstate new york. there is that front hanging to the north and south of the front we are sitting in the warm air mass and here we go throwing out, a's today school day forecast why not you have to with sunshine. temperatures at 8:00 cool in the mid 50's but coming home from school at the 3:00 o'clock low to mid 70's. so yeah, kids, still go to school, we don't want you playing hooky even though it is a great day, you will get a shot to hang out afternoon. high of 74 for philadelphia lower 70's at the shore. poconos, are pushing 07 degrees. we will talk about how long the warmth sticks around in a few more minutes but let's head over to more than. when you give an a we know it will be a good day. >> yes, that is right. >> good morning. everyone. happy wednesday to you. it is still dark and early. we hope you are grabbing your cup of coffee taking a sneak peak at the roadways, 42 freeway north bound at creek road looking good. this is what we see as we progress in the 5:00 o'clock hour,es specially monday
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through wednesday. our freeway friend pulled off not causing any slow down. it is typical traffic up to 295. you can expect your normal volume, over there ben franklin bridge, with you again coming from new jersey looking good. this is one of the shots i like to show in the morning just because it is such a gorgeous shot. the black sky and beautiful lights. that is construction. route one construction between route 213 and pennsylvania have avenue right lane is block. this is moving around. you cannot, it is hard to see in this camera but it is still out there we will let you know if we hear that is completely cleared out of the way. water main break, glassboro route 322 closed between main street and route 47. use an alternate such as high street, that is probably your best bet as of right now. and also more construction route 202 north and southbound ramp to nine a is closed until october 30th at 6:00 p.m. erika, back to you. new this morning an apartment fire in lansdale montgomery county. this image was tweeted out by neighbor laura emery.
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the apartment house is at green street and west hancock and fire started a little after midnight. the video from the bucks county news feed also captured flames when fire fight's arrived on the scene. the the causes under investigation. neighbors say that the smoke, filled the neighborhood. >> my home was filled with smoke, so we came walking down and noticed the whole town is filled with smoke. it started on the bottom level, we work its way up to the top. >> it took fire fighters an hour to control the the fire, there are no injuries to humans but we're told several pets may have died in that fire. they put you the their lives on the line, every day but not like this. when neighbors tell three philadelphia police officers there is a a man in the burning house they rush in. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us at that scene in strawberry mansion and we hope they are doing okay this morning, justin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this home here is now
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scorched, charred black inside from heavy smoke and fire last night, and as this home was burning and a man was trapped inside, three officers, went in. here's a look at the height of the fire fight. crew is attacking the flames from the roof and ground. reports of the fire came in just before 8:00 tuesday night. the scene here a two story house on the 1800 block of taylor street full a blaze, police tell us to that three, 22nd district officers were among the the first to respond. and knowing time was in the on their side they quickly tried going in to save a man still trapped inside but the the trio found the conditions were dark, dangerous, and smokey, but still they went in police say fully aware of the perils of being a first responder. >> these officers, disregarded their safety, and wanted to save a life. they went inside this property that was fully engulfed by not only flames and also smoke and these police officers didn't have any breathing apparatus or protective gear, or they don't have any fire resistant
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gear, so, they were, they were really brave. >> reporter: you are looking at remains of this home, pretty much just a frame here still inside, completely, charred black, likely a major loss. also, a among the injured in the fire fighter who went inside and was struck by debris. he was struck on the nose and suffered a broken nose. those three officers and man inside were all treated for smoke inhalation and they are expected to recover. erika, back over to you. >> good news that he will be okay, justin, thank you. philadelphia police are investigating what led to the shooting that wounded two brothers in tioga. a 20 year-old man and 13 year-old boy were shot the in the 3500 brook of north 18th street. this happened around 7:30 last night. both are in stable condition. police are checking surveillance video to see if they can help them solve this case. meanwhile, officers are also searching for a teenager missing for almost 24 hours. jonathan mcneil has not been seen since he left his north
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warknock street home from school last morning. jonathan goes to northeast high. police say he may be suffering from depression. jonathan is 5 feet seven and weighs 110-pound. he was last seen wearing a hooded jacket and khaki pants. if you see him you are asked to call the police. a new york city police officer is killed in the gun battle. authorities say that the officer was shot in the head, while responding to a report of shots fired. it happened last night in east harlem. police identified the officer as three three-year old rand.a. colder a third generation police officer. >> this sadness is just so hard to describe what everyone is going through and we're fight to go understand the loss of a man who did so much, cared so much, dedicated his life to protecting others as you heard from the commissioner, an immigrant who wanted to give back to his city and his country and had a exemplary record as a police
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officer who did everything the right way. >> the the suspect was captured several blocks away with gunshot wounds to his leg. police say that the three three-year old officer is fourth police officer killed in the line of duty in the the last 11 months. 5:07 right now. vice-president biden is still silent about a possible presidential run. he is now criticizing democratic hopeful hillary clinton about calling the republican party her quote cheapen my. >> if you treat it as the enemy there is no way you can ever, ever, ever resolve the problems we have to and you end up with the the dysfunction that we're experiencing here in washington. >> that at a form um honoring vice-president walter mondale. he hinted that if he runs he would upset clinton's claim to the president's legacy. brendan boyle stand by his tweet that says biden will run. >> well, i put something on
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twitter, and i guess, the lesson is be careful when you put something on twitter. i have a little bit of inside information that i'll repeat, i was told by someone very close to the vice-president, joe that he will decide to run for president. >> those close to the vice-president says that he will make a decision any day now. another political decision this one on the other side of the aisle, it appears that wisconsin congressman paul ryan has decided he may take the house speaker job. but, as andrew spencer reports ryan had a few requests before he commits. >> reporter: pressure finally got to congressman paul ryan. >> it is not a job i have ever wanted or sought. >> reporter: almost grudgingly he told his fellow republicans in the congress that he is willing to become speaker of the house but he has conditions. >> i laid out for our conference what i think it takes to unify this conference, what i think it takes to have a successful speaker ship. i will leave it up to my collogues to decide. >> reporter: fractured go p in the house ended kevin
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mccarthey's bid to become speaker. he pulled his name from consideration earlier this movement lawmakers then turned to former vice-presidential candidate paul ryan. in addition to wanting support from three different groups of republicans from the house ryan says he wants changes to house rules and one other thing. >> the last point, last point is personal. i cannot and will not give up my family time. >> reporter: speaker john boehner says he often works very long hours, ryan says he will not do the same. boehner plans to resign at the end of the in with ryan's demand laid out on the table whether he becomes speaker he says is in the hand of his collogues. andrew spencer for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a popular tiny restaurant on the main line gets a green light to reopen after a series of health code violations. yangming in radnor spent the the last two months cleaning up after inspectors found roaches and pipes dripping on to food. we got a look inside the restaurant to see the clean up and renovations.
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the restaurant will be back opened for lunch this afternoon. a vote is expected today in harrisburg on a proposal to limit the number of fantasy sports gambling web sites in pennsylvania. this legislation seeks to let the states 12 casino operate their own fantasy web sites. the it would also ban unregulated sites like fan dual and draft kings. last week nevada ordered those sites to get gambling license or stop operation. also in harrisburg today more than 50 clergy members will a announce their support for medical marijuana a legislation. clergy for compassion will lobby for what they call quote, sensitive, comprehensive, legislation. they release add a statement reading we cannot remain silent while people in pain and anguish are deprived of the viable and responsible remedies. still ahead this morning three on your side with a new credit card scam, how scammers are trying to take advantage of those new more secure credit cards. also, a community, still searching for answers, one
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week after a boy was found dead in here father's home. latest way they are honoring the young victim. to me this is one of those crimes which is unexplainable. it is a a crime that even shock police how a case of road rage ended up with a little will girl good's murder. we're going back to the future as temperatures go back in time today. soon it will feel like summer. the justin is updating your forecast and we will look back at the predictions about 2015, from back to the future, part two. which ones came true? we will let you know. we will be right back.
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ welcome back. a tragedy on a new mexico freeway a four year-old girl is dead after she was shot in the road rage incident. police say that little girl was killed while she was riding in the back seat of her parent's car. the father told police that another driver, opened fire, hitting the child in the head.
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albuquerque police chief issued a public plea for help. >> we are begging for the community's help. this should have never happened. this is a complete disrespect of human life and we're starting to see this throughout our nation and this is something that should not be happening. >> police are searching for the the suspect's vehicles but because of conflicting information, they are not releasing any details. 5:15 right now. who could ever forget these images from chopper three showing that house wash in the north wildwood because. contractors have begun work to remove it. much of the home has sung under the surface. that coastal storm earlier this month washed the house right off the foundation. the process to remove it will take several days and cost thousands. i want to check with justin and if you like 07's we have got good news for you. we have a good forecast today and next couple days we will be running a good ten to 15 degrees above average feeling more like september.
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certainly not october. so if you don't like warmth just wait a few more days as we can even will cool it back down. little bit cool, still need to throw in that jacket the in the suburbs. we are looking at 40's right now. live look at center city, clear skies, that is the trend. here's our headlines, temperatures are still climbing. yesterday we hit lower 70's, today mid 70's. dry stretch continues. no threat of rain until second half of the weekend. we will break that down in the seven day forecast. good morning, south jersey, delaware, 40 to 50 degrees. fifty-two rehoboth beach. forty-four millville. we will get closer to philadelphia still cool in the south jersey suburbs, mullica checking in at 44 at this hour. chadds ford. 46 degrees. forty-four pottstown. lafayette hill coming in at 51 . clouds and showers to the north, there is a frontal boundary. it stays to the north. warm air mass. clear skies, over us, every now and then a passing cloud may move through this afternoon. set up high pressure over us keeps us nice and dry and
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warm. here's a cold front that comes through. not a lot of moisture. it brings clouds in here thursday evening. the once it moves off shore for friday we will cool temperatures back down but still a lot of sun in the forecast. today inland spots in the 70's. tonight not quite as cool. tomorrow mid 70's again, further away from the ocean. forecast high this have afternoon in the sunshine, a warm day 74 degrees. wind are light out of the southwest, at 10 miles an hour. cool and comfortable tonight. fifty-three for center city. forty's in the suburbs. extended forecast mid 70's through thursday. friday and saturday back to the lower 60's. there is that rain chance sunday in the form of the shower or two but does warm up to the the upper 60's. meisha. >> i love it, 74, 75 such great news to wake up to. happy hump day. we are still glad you are here. 422 east at trooper road looking good. kind of a nice steady flow of headlights and taillights. 422, looking good in that area
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so far. the schuylkill, near 202, thinks right around king of prussia area headlights moving eastbound. we are looking good in this area a as well. although we are starting to pick up on the boulevard, same thing here, moving in the southbound direction towards schuylkill. once we get on the schuylkill right around city avenue we are still looking good. just starting to build on those volume levels. water main break glassboro university by rowan university, route 322 is closed, closed, closed, closed between route 553 main street and route 47, so you want to use an alternate such a as high street. the lansdale doylestown line is busing, now this is busing 9:00 a.m. and week dade between colmar and doylestown. so erika, back over to you. three on your side with the scam alert, thieves are using new credit card rules to try to steel your information. they switched to these credit card with chips in them because they are supposed to be more secure. but many people still have not received the new card in the
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mail yet. so, scam artists are now sending fake e-mails telling people they need to update their credit card account by confirming personal information. the federal trade commission reminds you, you do not have to share any information to get one of those new updated credit cards. if you are looking for work, amazon is hiring. the on line retailer plans to hire a hundred thousand people to work at its fulfillment and sorting facilities during the holiday season. amazon has several facilities in our area in logan township and robbinsville, new jersey along with middletown and new castle delaware. 5:19. time to check your philadelphia jobs market report. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger look at another growing industry. >> reporter: when housing bubble burst it took 2.2 million construction jobs with it, now that the market is normal icing and inventory remains low, many jobs are returning. the government predicts that there will be 1.6 million new you positions by 2022 making
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construction one of the fastest growing industries. you don't need to be a plumber or carpenter to take advantage of the this building boom, someone needs to oversee these projects from beginning to end. construction manager communicates with the client, obtains work permits, works with architects and engineers to plan and budget, oversee see the building process and takes care of all details in between. and then attention to detail pays off. here in the philadelphia area a construction manager can earn over $128,000 a year. people with the degree if construction science, construction management or civil engineering combined with on the the job experience has a leg up when trying to land a management position. i'm's jill schlesinger for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still ahead, more trouble for toy yet, the the new problem that is forcing the auto maker to recall millions of cars. also, some brand new recommendations for when women should get mammograms, not all doctors are on board with this new plan and it is leading to
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some confusion for women.
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the vatican is denying a published report this morning that said pope francis has a small, curable brain tumor. citing unnamed sources in italian paper says the 78 year-old pontiff has a dark spot on his brain that can be cured without surgery. vatican spokesperson calls the claims quote unfounded and seriously irresponsible. the paper is standing by its reporting. on your healthwatch this morning for the first time in more than a decade the american cancer society is making new recommendations about breast cancer screenings and when women should get mammograms. correspondent jill wagner has the story. >> reporter: sherry, had her first mammogram at age 35
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after she felt a lum in her breast. luckily it was a false a alarm. >> i have gone every year since. >> reporter: american cancer society is now recommending that women at average risk have had yearly mammograms starting a at age 45, not 40. study author doctor kevin, says the that the benefits far out weigh harm starting at 45. >> between 40 and 44, breast cancer is less common. there is still risk for false positive so we thought that needs to be an informed, shared decision between woman and health care provider. >> reporter: starting at 55, american cancer society recommend screenings every two years. that is closer to the u.s. preventive task force guidelines, which recommend mammograms every two years starting at age 50. some doctors say that the guidelines are confusing, and only take into account breast cancer deaths and not quality of life for survivors. the chief of breast screening at lennox hill hospital recommend all women start yearly mammograms at age 40.
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>> women who develop breast cancer in their early 40's develop a very aggressive breast cancer, and it has spread rapidly. >> reporter: she says she has had a a few false positives in her early mammograms. >> it is scary when you are waiting to find out results. >> reporter: but she says she would rather have the the screenings then cancer. jill wagner, cbs news, new york. also on your healthwatch this morning, people who is it a lot during the day may be at the risk for chronic kidney disease. researchers at university of utah studied 6,000 adults. they found each 80 minute increase in sedentary behavior can lead to a 20 percent increase in the likelihood of crop i can kidney disease. coming up next on "eyewitness news", we will show you the four legged security helping keep the the airport safe. also parking always a premium in the city but now there is a battle brewing over spots being saved for just certain drivers. and the the future is now, it is back to the future day, we will show you how you can
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celebrate the historic moment in movie history, justin. waking up, temperatures are on the cool side right now but don't worry, the the sunshine warms us up in the 70's. we will talk about this forecast coming up. also, more than ace keeping an eye on the roads, she has everything you need to know before you head out the door, we will be right back.
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good morning, one week later and a community still wants answers after a young boy is found dead, near his father's home. there is still questions about what happened to that little boy. we will show you how they are honoring that young victim. also if you can get outside to grab lunch, dine outside today, today is day to do it, shaping up to be a beautiful october afternoon. i feel like october is the month we really appreciate and soak in these nice days in the 70's because after monday that reminder of what is coming our way, it is nice, and warm. >> i can tell you, it is something i'm in the used to that seeing it the in october. >> where i come from. >> record highs are still in the 80's this time of the year. >> yes. >> but it is one of those days where you have to wear everything. you have layers this morning. still chilly but afternoon you can break out shorts. checking it the out. we will take you to the coast in delaware, a llo


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