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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  October 21, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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good morning, one week later and a community still wants answers after a young boy is found dead, near his father's home. there is still questions about what happened to that little boy. we will show you how they are honoring that young victim. also if you can get outside to grab lunch, dine outside today, today is day to do it, shaping up to be a beautiful october afternoon. i feel like october is the month we really appreciate and soak in these nice days in the 70's because after monday that reminder of what is coming our way, it is nice, and warm. >> i can tell you, it is something i'm in the used to that seeing it the in october. >> where i come from. >> record highs are still in the 80's this time of the year. >> yes. >> but it is one of those days where you have to wear everything. you have layers this morning. still chilly but afternoon you can break out shorts. checking it the out. we will take you to the coast in delaware, a live look at
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rehoboth beach. it is 52 degrees, light breeze, 3 miles an hour. that ocean water temperature still hanging around 60 degrees. forty-three in allentown. forty-six in reading. so through go, still a cool start to the morning. that is typical for this time of the year. forty-one quakertown. forty-nine doylestown. a lot of sunshine around this afternoon. it will rapidly warm temperatures up. compared to 24 hours ago we are warmer, and most locations anywhere from five to 7 degrees warmer in reading. storm scan three quiet, clear skies over us right now. that is why temperatures didn't drop in the 40's last night because we didn't have the cloud holding in that heat. today a lot of sunshine. warm day. we are riding 10-degree above average. we will top off in the mid 70's. here's temperature break down through the morning. fifty's and 60's. we're around 70 degrees. sun continues in the afternoon. we will reach a high of 74 for philadelphia a lower 70's at the shore and poconos, making a run at 70 degrees.
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so we have more of that coming up in the forecast but, if you are a fan of the fall temperatures that is coming for weekend and we will break it down in a few minutes. >> great day to get outside, thanks, justin. good morning, everyone. happy wednesday. this is schuylkill eastbound at city avenue looking good. still traveling at posted speeds here and just beyond these trees move in the westbound direction you can see a string of headlights there coming from the roosevelt boulevard. just know it is heating up on the schuylkill basically anywhere that we look. blue route headlights moving in the northbound direction, a approaching route one in the northbound and southbound direction, you can see steady flow here. as we progress through 5:00 o'clock hour pushing it toward 6:00 o'clock hour we will see this heat up. i-95 southbound coming in center city around that s curve looking good in both directions. the southbound direction that we keep an eye on but looking okay. construction in wilmington delaware route 202 north and southbound ramps to i-95 are closed, until 6:00 p.m. make note of that if you
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typically take those exits. water main break in glassboro, university by rowan university. route 322 is closed between main street and route 47. use an alternate. i would suggest one like high street in and around that area. and also, peak at the mass transit for those taking lansdale doylestown line, it is shuttle busing, 9:00 a.m. until will 3:00 p.m. weekdays until december between colmar and doylestown. make sure you have that in the memory bank. erika, back over to you. new this morning one person was rushed to einstein hospital after this fire in crescentville. the fire broke out around 500 block of geneva street around 3:00 a.m. and under control less than a half an hour later. the extent of the injuries are not yet known right now we are told that a pet, a dog was seriously injured. investigators are trying to figure out how this fire started. a private memorial is planned for later this week for three-year old boy found dead in the woods in camden county. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt spoke with the
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boy's family and neighbors still searching for answers. >> you cannot go more than a block in haddon township without seeing blue ribbons like these, they honor a little boy found dead in the wood half mile from his dad's home. the brendan creato a's body was discovered some three hours, after his dad called 911. >> 911, what is your emergency. >> i just woke up and my eight year-old is missing. >> reporter: bj creato stayed on the phone as detectives responded. >> did you hear anything or see anything, nothing like that. >> no, i just woke up and he wasn't in my home. i don't know what happened. i don't nor where he is. >> reporter: brandon's grandfather david creato told "eyewitness news" he is anxious to find out exactly what happened. >> i cannot even look at his picture right now because i just start bursting outcrying. just devastating. >> reporter: employees a at haddonfield floral are busy making ribbon as a way to honor the three-year old.
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>> we will have several on our property and we have asked neighbors if they would be willing to have have them also. >> reporter: neighbors are watching the case closely, hoping for a answer, and soon. >> is there something like this to happen, it is absolutely devastating. >> just go to sleep and wake up and it is not there and there is no answers. what happened? >> reporter: brand an creato's autopsy came bank last week inconclusive, authorities here at the the prosecutor's office also ordered a toxicology tests, the result from that test have not been made public. nobody has been charged in this case. david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". 5:35 right now. homeless parents of the toddler found wandering along in love park won't regain custody of their son just yet. angelic rowland and michael jones a appeared yesterday. a judge granted them two hours of supervised visitation twice a week with their two-year old and four year-old sibling. the court wants them to complete drug and mental healthy valuations before
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proceeding with the case. >> i think they are disappointed and that is normal. they want to check on some more things. let them check. we're hoping that soon this family can be reunited because there is no place for a child like being home with his parents. >> chosen 300 ministries rallied community support to raise $12,000 to pay for a years worth of housing, for that family. a bus in montgomery county leads to the arrest of the high school student. eighteen year-old pab lows rodriguez is charged with possessing 1500 explicit images and videos of children some as young as three years old. he is a student at hatboro horsham senior high school. investigators say they found this pornography during search of the home on east county line road in hatboro, where rodriguez lives with his grandparents. 5:36 right now. in business news this morning more problems of a big recall to fix them.
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money watch's henna daniels comes from the new york stock exchange who has that recall and more, good morning. >> good morning, toy yet ace recalling 6.5 million vehicles globally to fix problems with the power window switch that can lead to a short circuit. several models including the yaris, corolla and camry are part of the recall. vehicles affect were made between 2005 and 2010, car maker says it is not aware of any crashes from the glitch. subway is on track to using only meat raised without antibiotics at its restaurants. sandwich chain says it will servant bite i can free chick men march with turkey making change sometime next year. pork ace beef raised with antibiotics would be implemented by 2025, that is according to subway. subway, the trend of fast food restaurants doing away with the medicine in meat products. chipotle, mcdonald's and chick-fil-a and mcdonald's made the commitment. lego factories are hitting
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a brick wall when it comes to meeting holiday demand. world's largest toy maker say some kids may not the get their hand on legos this holiday season. spokesperson says danish company's factories are running at full speed but problems with forecasting demand means all orders will not be filled in time. and chocolate lovers rejoyce, hershey's is bringing you something extra sweet for the holidays. company a announced it is selling a new hershey kiss deluxe that will be double the standard size, have have a hazel nut center and with rice crisps. new kisses will be on shelves november 5th, erika. >> nothing like a big old kiss, thank you. right now 5:38. a parking battle will is brewing in the city of philadelphia a. at issue spots dedicated solely to electric vehicles. take this spot for example in society hill. it is illegal for a gas powered car to park there. this space is for electric cars to charge. according to philadelphia parking authority, city council a approved this
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measure eight years ago, but park your electric car right in front of his house. >> it is in the like i'm taking a spot away from this them, it is just happening to be in front of my house. >> and limit amount of spaces that could happen per block. >> there are 25 approved electric charging stations in the city, another 13 are penning. homeowners who want a space need to pay more than a hundred dollars in fees. muslim teenager who was a arrested when he brought a homemade glock to school is switching to schools in one in the middle east. ahmed mohammad is moving to qatar. he was arrested last month when a teacher at the his texas high school thought a clock he brought in was a bomb. qatar young innovators program is offering mohammad free secondary and under graduate education. before you walk out the door we are update to go day's top stories including latest on several heroes, hurt while trying to save a man from the fire.
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also this morning talk about a leap of faith here how is that sailor was saved from a ship in very rought seas. >> we also have some all new episode of your favorite shows tonight on cbs-3. at 8:00 another cast away will be sent home on survivor cambodia. that is filled by criminal mind and code black at ten. then of course stick around for "eyewitness news" at 11:00. we will be right
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grab your delauren, it is back to the future day. a a day when marty and dock travel back in time to the future, something like that, we will show you how you can celebrate it is finally a travel to the future in part two coming up in just a few minutes. we're not back to the 80's but back to the 70's. >> good day to cruise outside on the whoever board. that would be awesome, man if they really came out. this is futuristic touch screen they weren't thinking about doing this back in the weather in the 80's. lets check with our weather watchers. lots of 40's. still a cool spot. we will check out a couple spots in new jersey where lynn in cherry hill has got 49 degrees with the clear skies, and sending a message here. looking forward to the 70's. people getting pumped up for warm temperatures. this afternoon will feel more like september, not october. little further south into buena vista township we are looking at 46 degrees, clear skies at margot's house.
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she sends in a mess aiming cool start with calm wind and clear skies. that is why temperatures did drop but this is a good start for hump day. we have temperatures surging a good 10 degrees above average. big difference from what we had sunday and monday. average high 65. we're really peeking today and tomorrow. then if you don't like the 70's and 60's return for weekend friday and saturday and we will have have a decent amount have of sun behind but there his no sign of true cold air returning. jet stream on the move. it stays to the north. that allows that warmth to pump up in the mid-atlantic and northeast. still some showers left over among the cold front in upstate new york. we're on the south side, nice and mild, high pressure large and in charge, blocks us in dry weather today and tomorrow. here's our next cold front not a lot of moisture with it that comes through thursday night and bringing some clouds but behind the front we're talking about more northerly breeze for friday. that cools temperatures back below average and still on the
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cool side temperatures in the 60's. not much happening today sunshine and a few passing cloud, nice and quiet, we will notice a few more clouds, that is actual front that comes through but today's high up to 74 degrees, enjoy it. within more day in the 70's tomorrow. meisha, how sit looking. >> thanks, justin. we are looking good. it is starting to heat up here. happy wednesday to you. ninety-five southbound at girard you can see certainly a far different picture then we are seeing, even 20 minutes ago. volume level certainly starting to heat up now a inn weak see this progress in the 6:00 o'clock hour. still only 5:45. good indication it will be a busy day indeed. looking at ben franklin bridge beautiful shot with those lights still across that dark sky, still dark outside looking good, for those coming from new jersey but again we are starting to see more vehicles hit the bridge, here's vine taillights moving westbound at 24th street as you are a approaching the schuylkill looking good, again, busy, east and westbound lanes were closed
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this morning due to construction that has been since cleared. vine is looking good. we have construction on the northeast extension northbound, between lansdale and quakertown, left lane is blocked, in this area so just make note of that. we have a water main break in glassboro, new jersey by rowan university, route 322 closed between main street and route 47, use an alternate such as high street, erika, back over to you. here are your headlines this morning. there are no injuries but damage after an apartment fire in lansdale, montgomery county. the causes still under investigation, but neighbors tell cbs-3 that those flames broke out on the first floor around midnight. also, three philadelphia fire fighters are being called heroes this morning after they charged in the burning home to save a resident. rather these police officers are being called heroes. a a fire fighter was also injured battling that fire on taylor street in strawberry mansion. and, three-year old new york city police officer randolph holder is latest police officer killed in the
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line of duty. holder was shot and kill in the gun battle in harlem. police have a suspect in custody. we will be right back.
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next time you go to the airport you might notice different security guard patrolling terminals. dogs are sniffing out crime with customs and border patrol officers. a as diana rocco explains these animal effort are really
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paying off. >> reporter: meet matty and auburn agricultural k-9 a's patrolling philadelphia international the airport looking for any type of of goods, like food, flowers, even animals, smuggled or accidentally brought into the country. >> if something does get in, destroy millions and millions of crops. >> reporter: auburn's handler medical list ace hearing impaired and taught her sign language. two weeks ago they uncovered thousands of unreported currency inside of a woman's luggage. >> it is a great feeling when they find something, the teamwork that we do. >> reporter: in 2010 she sniffed out 89-pound of banned herbal stimulant in the passenger suitcase. on average 4,000 passengers, come through phl international terminal per day this time of the year and when those flights come in that the dogs go to work. on this flight from cancun auburn made at least three seizures which produced a few apples and banana left in passenger bags. >> a lot of people just forget
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that they have one apple in their bag, and you know when a dog find it, they are so surprised. >> reporter: dogs may be small but k-9 handlers say they have got a nose that helping to protect borders and keep the country safe. >> they appreciate what we do and every once in a while people say thank you. >> on average each dog makes 18 seizures per day and every so often it is a big one. outside philadelphia international airport, i'm diana rocco for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". talk about a leap of faith a boater makes a daring escape as giant waves battered his boat off the the the coast of a last contact coastguard video captured the dramatic rescue when his sail boat broke down he held on before jumping on to a rescue ship with his the cat, talked inside his clothes trying to i have is a his pet. the coastguard had not identified that boater or said how he is doing this morning. louisiana police officer is getting a lot of attention for doing what he says is just his job. officer david taylor was
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comforting a little boy who got lost during a festival when they snapped that picture. she posted it on line and it has gone viral on social media. >> i understand that he helped the little boy for quite a while until he found his mother a and that was really great to see. >> it is awesome because we hear so much negative things about our police officers today. i'm happy to say i have seen something that is a positive image. >> great to to see this. police chief says he is proud of officer taylor and wishes the public would see more of what he sees, his officers do, every day. 5:52. do you know what day it is? it is not a holiday but october 21st, 2015 is the day that marty and doc traveled back to in back to the future part two. to celebrate this landmark bryn mawr film institute will be holding a special screening of the back to the future. that is where we sent "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff all way in the
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year 2015, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you have to be very careful in these kind of situations not the to create a time par docks where you create a series of events that will discontinue the space time continuum as a whole. that is a worst case scenario that comes to you from back to the future two. the best case toys come out here and check out a very, very cool timeless film and writer producers, this has been a long day coming. >> wednesday, october 21st, 2015. >> reporter: day has come and it is a biggie for bob gale, writer and producer of the back to the future movies. >> forever, and ever it license known as back to the future day. how great is that? >> reporter: a delauren took the thrilling to the past, present and into the future, and a few fancy cell phone marty mcfly congratulations you have a awoke even to that future today. some things gale and his team got right, think google
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glasses, and space timing on the flat screen tv. skype anyone. >> coolest thing that is happening is whoever board. the whoever board thing was a total flight of fantasy. every kid in the world wanted one and now we have a magnetic whoever board now. >> but wait where are the the smart phones and what is the the fax machines. >> we blew that they were so ubiquitous when we wrote it. >> reporter: while there was no jaws 19 and black and decker hydrator but you gale predicted, something no one out of chicago, would have. >> the cubs might get in the world series and they might win it. >> reporter: three decades ago bob gale took a stab in the future. >> just gave us permission to let your mind go wild and say look, we know we will get this wrong. because nobody ever gets it right. >> reporter: you can get close for sure. right now i'm's here with valerie temple, the director of programming, correct, at bryn mawr film institute.
5:55 am
so my question is you will have people coming out today, dressing up, which is a whole lot of fun. i just saw a delauren pull up, that is awesome. so many people were not even born when this first movie came out. what that is made this movie so timeless. >> i just think this movie has everything, it had has comedy, adventure, sci-fi, is there a million gettable lines, the the fashion is awesome and the the music is just great. it just has everything. i love it. >> reporter: now what gives you the idea you wanted to celebrate this film. >> i have been waiting for this date forever, this date is etched in my brain. i was a fan of this movie since i was a kid and i think that this day is really exciting because it kind of represents the future to everybody. when this movie came out in 198 five you are like okay, 2015 is the future and here it is, we're here. it validates us. we have done some cool things. a lot of these things are
5:56 am
almost out there. >> reporter: yes. but thank you so much. we have seen that delauren pull up. i can't wait to look at. that we will give you a a look at that coming up in the next hour but live from bryn mawr i'm alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> you cannot beat back to the future day. looking forward tour 6:00 a.m. story. alex sent us her story about the cubs but it is not looking so good mets lead chicago three games to none and cubs could be eliminated from the playoffs tonight on back to the future day. in day to knock it out of the park i think it is today.
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they were heroes, everybody responded, and, acted with a a lot of courage. >> and trying to hit a man from the burning house. the those officers and a fire fighter were rush to the hospital with injuries. wow we are live with an update on how they are doing this morning. also, does pope francis have a brain tumor? the vatican goes on the record this morning to address those reports. roads? where we're going, we don't need roads. >> one of the best quotes, right.
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it is october 21st, 2015, also known as back to the future day. we have things planned in the next hour including the inventions of the movie that actually, came true, and, our alexandria hoff is live with the real delauren time machine you don't want to miss that, i'm erika von tiehl. we're going back not to the 80's but the 07's. the lets check the the roads too, good morning, guys. happy hump day everybody. it is feeling great outside. you know, mother nature and traffic always go hand and hand typically because we're feeling good outside we're also looking good as well. justin i know you are standing outside right now how does it feel. >> it is still cool. it is october. we have clear skies. temperatures still in the 40's. throw the the jacket on this morning but get ready to take it off this afternoon. we will see sunshine. temperatures running 10 degrees above average. not record territory but we're talking in mid 70's. forty-three in allentown. forty-four in reading. mid 40'sn


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