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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 21, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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known as back to the future day. we have things planned in the next hour including the inventions of the movie that actually, came true, and, our alexandria hoff is live with the real delauren time machine you don't want to miss that, i'm erika von tiehl. we're going back not to the 80's but the 07's. the lets check the the roads too, good morning, guys. happy hump day everybody. it is feeling great outside. you know, mother nature and traffic always go hand and hand typically because we're feeling good outside we're also looking good as well. justin i know you are standing outside right now how does it feel. >> it is still cool. it is october. we have clear skies. temperatures still in the 40's. throw the the jacket on this morning but get ready to take it off this afternoon. we will see sunshine. temperatures running 10 degrees above average. not record territory but we're talking in mid 70's. forty-three in allentown. forty-four in reading. mid 40's in wilmington
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delaware. airport in philadelphia is one of the warmer spots in the lower 50's. quake are town at 39 degrees at this hour. forty-seven in doylestown, and willow grove. wind are calmer, 5 miles an hour at best, so it the is a comfortable start to the morning if we have outdoor work out this morning planned that looks good, feeling good. clouds are well to our north across upstate new york, maybe poconos needs a few more clouds but overall sunny day. let's check out that cool day forecast, it is 8:00 o'clock temperatures in the mid 50's but mid afternoon we're in the low to mid 70's, mostly sunny skies, we have to give it an a today. you know it is a good day if i'm throwing out a's. average high in the mid 60's. we will make it up to seven 46789 lower 70's at the shore. even poconos approaching that 70-degree mark. if you missed out, we will get your chance tomorrow. we will show thaw in the few minutes. >> what is latest on this commute. >> good morning, to all of you at home. commute is looking darn good right now.
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here's i-95 taillight in the southbound direction at academy looking busy though. we can expect that it is kind of that time of the morning, when we start to see volume levels increasing and they are in that direction. schuylkill in the eastbound direction at montgomery, same thing here, with where we look at the schuylkill right now. we are seeing those levels heat up, kind of your normal rush though. no accident to report which is nice but we have this incident in gladwynn a truck lost its load on conshohocken state road at waiverly road all lanes are blocked, so use an alternate, such as morris avenue. and also earlier this morning we had a water main break in glassboro university by rowan university. route 322 is closed both directions between main street and route 47, use an alternate here, such as high street. overall, kind of a big morning. we have construction project. i'll get to that in 15 minutes. back over to you. new this morning fire tears through a lansdale montgomery county apartment house. a picture from viewer laura
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emery shows heavy flames that greeted fire fighters just after midnight. that fire was also reported on the bucks county news feed. there were no injuries to humans but we are told that several pets may have lost their lives. neighbors tell cbs-3 fire fighters face a a long battle will to control those flames. >> they were putting it out for i good hour and even still they are going through the walls and we're still seeing parts of it that are still smoking and you can see flames. not big flames like it was but, we're still trying to take a apart the walls and make sure it is out completely. >> neighbors say fire started on the first floor and spread to the upper floors of the duplex. the the cause of the fire is under investigation. well, when seconds count three philadelphia police officers rush to rescue a man inside a burning house. a fire fighter got him out but all five were hurt. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us in front of the strawberry mansion row home where all this drama an folded. we are hoping everyone is okay
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this morning, justin. >> reporter: erika, good morning. everyone is recovering this morning but this house is now a total loss. and thanks to first responders who assumed the risk of going inside this home here as it burns a man stuck inside is now a alive. from the roof, and ground, fire fighters attacked the flames here. the blaze breaking out just before 8:00 tuesday night, at this two story row house on the 1800 block of north taylor street. upon hearing the the call, police tell us three, 22nd district officers showed up from neighbors inn they heard a man was inside. trio moved quickly to free him. three officers going to the front door but conditions were dark, dangerous and smokey so they had to retreat. soon philadelphia fire fighters were here on the scene. >> so they entered the property, however they were totally overcome by the smoke and the flames. the the flames were really hot. the smoke was so thick they could not even see. so they had to exit the property but fire department
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also got there so fast. and with the breathing apparatus and protective equipment. they were able to rescue the the resident of this property. >> reporter: looking now, at this home, there is not much left, just debris inside, complete thely charred inside as well. there was a fire fighter treated for a broken nose. debris struck him in the face and he was inside that building. those three officers as well as a man who was stuck inside, they are all recovering from smoke inhalation injuries and also now that fire remains under investigation, erika, back over to you. >> thanks very much. family members and philadelphia police hope thaw can help them find a missing teenager. fourteen year-old jonathan mcneil disappeared on his way to school at the northeast high yesterday. we are told mcneil may suffer from depression but he does not take medication. he is 5 feet six, 110-pound with brown eyes. if you have seen jonathan mcneil please notify
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authorities. yangming a main line restaurant shut down back in august for health code violations will reopen today. it wases shut down after roaches were found and pipes were dripping, on to food. our cameras got a look inside yesterday, here's what we saw, restaurant says it is completed extensive upgrades to dining rooms, and kitchen areas. the it was reinspected by radnor township board of health and received the okay to reopen for lunch. a vote to limit number of fantasy sports gambling web site in pennsylvania is expected today in harrisburg. legislation, that would leto owe would let the the state's 12 casinos operate their own fantasy web sites banning sites like fan dual and draft kings. last week nevada ordered those sites to get a gambling license or seized operations. also in harrisburg today more than 50 clergy members will announce their support for medical marijuana legislation. clergy for compassion will lobby for what they call, sensible, comprehensive
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legislation. the group released a statement saying in part, we cannot remain silent while people in in pain and anguish are deprived of the viable, safe, and responsible remedy. 6:07. the g.o.p. may have a remedy for their leader ship problems. it appears wisconsin congressman paul walker is now willing to replace outing speaker of the house john boehner. but as cbs news correspondent brooks, reports, he has demands before he commits. >> reporter: it is not a job he wanted, but wisconsin congressman paul ryan now says he is willing to run for speaker of the house. helping fill the the the leadership vacuum, left by outing speaker john boehner. >> i came to the conclusion that this is a very dire moment, not just for congress and for the the republican party but for our country. >> reporter: the announcement came after ryan spoke to house republicans in a closed door meeting tuesday, setting several conditions for taking the job. he wants to change house rules to make it harder to be
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removed as speaker and spend much less time fund raising, then boehner did. >> i cannot and will in the give up my family time. i may not be on the road as often as previous speakers, but i pledged to try to make up for it with more time communicating our vision, our message. >> reporter: house oversight committee chairman jason is among those already rallying behind paul. he said he will give up his own campaign of the spot. >> i'm out. i'm in with paul. he is right person at the right time. >> not everyone agrees. >> we need someone that represents american people and not special interests. that is what john boehner's problem was. >> reporter: ryan will make a final decision in the come days based on one last condition, three key republican groups must all pledge support. brooks sill braga for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". remarks by vice-president biden are fueling speculation that he will seek the democratic presidential nomination. last night in an event honoring former vice-president
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walter mondale biden said hillary clinton was naive for calling republicans her chief enemy. biden says if you treat the other party as a even my there is no way to resolve america's problems. still ahead, the salt can goes on the the record after a report of the pope having a brain tumor. we will tell what you they are saying. target's new halloween ad is getting a lot of attention for all of the right reasons. find out why it is gaining support from parents all over the the the nation. and imagine taking a hey ride to the pumpkin patch only to find, no pumpkins. why that is baron and what is waiting there instead, that is coming up next. back to the future, right?
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today is october 21st, 2015, it is the year and day that marty and doc went to in back to the future part two. we are celebrating back to the future take coming up, we don't want to miss this. we will be right back.
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house wash in the north wildwood bay. contractors are working to re3406 is what left. most of it has sunken under surface. coastal storm this month warned that house and foundation. the process will take several days and cost thousands of dollars. a south jersey farm is forced to come up with a plan b after a strong storms left
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them with a pumpkin less patch. "eyewitness news" at zimmerman's farm in sewell, new jersey where hey ride this year doesn't end in the pumpkin patch but rather at a witch's house. still spooky. a powerful storm in june that wreaked havoc in south jersey killed his pumpkin crop. >> the rain was so torrential and downpours that the seeds were packed in the soil so far that the sun could not reach them and they could not come out of the ground and come up. >> what a shame. >> situation at zimmerman a's pharma appears to be isolated. experts say pumpkin crop in gloucester county is strong this season. it business that time of the year to carve a pumpkin this halloween. it doesn't feel like fall. >> we are talking about temperatures 10 degrees above average. we will get where we should be for upcoming weekend. the month of october, it has been a little bit on the cool side, so far, we're runningal half degree below a average right where we should be. we ended up above average, so that is the trend, again, today and certainly tomorrow,
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and weekend we will drop below average. temperatures all over the the place. that is typical for october. other signs of the cool season is daylight length getting shorter a and shorter. sunset tonight 6:13. november 1st is when we turn the clock back an hour 4:59 and then end of november we're talking about a sunset of 4:36. we are losing two and a half minutes of daylight as we heat towards winter solstice. we have cold temperatures, mid 40's newark delaware. forty-nine in dover. same situation in south jersey, lower 40's in mullica. thirty-nine in quakertown. forty-two, pottstown. fifty lafayette hill. cloud and showers across new york state. we are send nothing clear skies with sunshine as high pressure remains in control, warm afternoon mid 70's. repeat it gannon thursday. here's a change in the forecast for friday. cold front moves through dry just some cloud, temperatures drop back in the 60's for friday afternoon and same deal for saturday but we will start off on the dry side. very quiet on the future
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weather model, lots of sunshine today, tonight, same deal tomorrow, mostly sunny skies. is there front that comes through no rain associated with this, just too dry. forecast high up to 74 degrees. not record territory. eighty-six is our record high. clear, comfortable 53 for center city. forty's once again in the suburbs. the here's that extended forecast. we have seen mid 70's today, tomorrow, then low 60's return for friday and saturday with the sun, included return on sunday. maybe a shower around but a huge temperature spread today, we are waking up in the 40's so that is jacket weather a and in the 07's we can throw shorts on. >> last bit of summer. >> yes, put me such in a good mood every time you hear 70's in october, it the is just, a smile, bing. good morning everyone. happy hump day and happy back to the future day. the it feels like it the with our weather. things are looking good in the world of traffic just because mother nature is being so good today. things are looking great. we have had one accident this morning.
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i'll touch base on that in just a moment. here's the the blue route, as we approach the schuylkill. this is one area we are keeping an eye on and it is looking good. this is blue route southbound at ridge pike, looking good there, again, moving toward schuylkill. both in the north and southbound directions, blue route looking good. this is an area starting to heat up i-95 southbound at cottman, thinks a hot spot and it is in the 6:00 o'clock hour. as you can see levels are building there. now, this is where we have an accident, had hatfield township, bergie road at penn street just make note of that, just so you know that is in place still. i'll let you know when that does clear. also earlier this morning water main break in glassboro, new jersey by rowan university, route 322, is closed between route 553, main street and route 47 to make note of that use an alternate, back over to you. a public report says pope francis has a small curable brain tumor. claims vatican is denying this morning. citing unname sources an
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italian paper says 78 year-old pontiff has a dark spot on his brain, that can be cured without surgery. a vatican spokesperson calls the the the claims quote unfounded, and seriously irresponsible. the paper stand by its reporting. 6:17 right now. coming up in your healthwatch new recommendations about mammograms that are upset ago lot of doctors, and causing concern and confusion for women. we will have have that. also standing decks have have been get a lot of attention we will tell you why teachers believe that these ball chairs, are better for younger kid in the classroom. that story coming up next. we will be right back.
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the the american cancer society issues new breast cancer screening guidelines. the the group, now recommend women begin annual breast cancer screening is a at 45, instead of 40, and then every other year at 55. doctors caution it is not a one size fits all recommendation. the the advice is for women at average risk for breast cancer. between age 44 breast cancer is less common. there is more risk for false positives. and it needs ton an informed decision between woman and health care provider. >> affordable care act, says that mammograms are covered for women 40 and older and always, when medically
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necessary. a teacher in iowa is going above and beyond to help her students, learn. kindergarten teacher cara pulley, use these ball chairs for kids in des moines. she bought chairs after raising $2,800 through an on line donor site. she said allowing the kid to move around during the day helps them stay focused and engage. well done. up next, see the the ad putting target in the spotlight this morning and for good reasons, too. and if you have not heard it is back to the future day. justin check this out. look at this. >> we're having fun. >> we are pretending to be dock and marty there. >> i'm digging my heart. what do you think. >> looking good. we are both looking good right there. i'm checking out that storm scan three, this puts out 1.21 gig a watts of power and showing quiet conditions over us, we have that back to the future day forecast coming up.
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halloween is just ten days away and kid costumes are flying off the store shelves. but, as reporter christine laser shows us one costume at target is get something extra special attention. >> what are you going to be for halloween this year. >> elsa. >> reporter: eight year-old lucy castillo has a lot in common with within of the kids featured in this target halloween ad. they are going as queen elsa from frozen and they both have
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spina bifada. >> it think it kind of just like showed her it is possible for her too, you know, you don't see it often and when she's out, you know, everybody kind of stairs at her. >> reporter: mega a retailer's decision to feature child with disabilities in the holiday mailer is getting support from parents of children with disabilities like charmaine cruz whose son nathan had has down syndrome if we don't have images of special needs then they don't get a chance to be seen, to be accepted, and it the just opens up the door for acceptance every where for them. >> reporter: gale williams is a talent agent for people with disabilities. she says more and more retailers are using clients like hers in their advertising. >> with children this year i have put them in target ads, on target commercials, nordstrom, toyota print ads and commercials, and nike, nike has a commercial. but, in general, i'm always
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submitting to the ones whether or not acting. >> reporter: lucy and nathan's mom hopes as more and more retailers include kids with disabilities seeing them on the page won't make headlines because it will be the normal. >> they are kids just like everybody else. my daughter can do anything that any other little girl can do. >> just a beautiful elsa. >> that was christine laser reporting. the this is not first time target featured a child with disabilities in one of its ats. target is committed to showcasing its diverse community. right now 6:26. coming up next on "eyewitness news" a parking problem in philadelphia, found that nothing new, except it is a as we cruise in the new era of technology, hear why residents are charged up you might say over electric car parking spots. alex. well, erika i'm coming up to live from the year 2015, we have this delauren, back to the future day i'll have more on that. roadways, live look at
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schuylkill eastbound approaching spring garden and water main break earlier this morning. we will have updates coming up. but first stay where you are we will take a quick break at for the girl scout meeting... ok! for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! giant just dropped prices on thousands more items. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane. my giant.
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fighting to saveatlanti. chris brown's attacks? the press calls them "embarrassing" political "posturing." the truth? chris brown and will pauls opposed the atlantic city rescue plan, even though it would save thousands of our jobs. we already know they're propped up by
6:30 am
north jersey casino interests. and pauls even wanted the vote to allow north jersey casinos "this year." now they brag about helping atlantic county. but there's a word for politicians like that. hypocrite. good morning, everybody, and just get ready for a wonderful wednesday. there is an october chill right now as you wake up but we are warming up to the 70's today, and one of those days you walk outside with a light jacket on but by noon you won't need it, justin. >> we get worried, oh, my god winter is here, it is still october. we will get warm days. and even next few weeks there is no true sign have of cold air coming in. >> it is fall it is fall. >> huge temperature difference. breaking out shorts this afternoon in the sunshine.
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we will take you outside right now where it is nice and clear, cross the the region, we will go to our roof camera, campbell's camera. >> yes. >> we will get close to the sunrise at 7:15 this morning. skies start to brighten up. there is ben franklin bridge. all is quiet as far as weather conditions go and that will be the trend through the afternoon. storm scan three, again here it is, not showing much right now. just some clouds and showers to our north, now it is just picking up, a flying delauren, that is your future day. had to throw that one in there. storm scan three putting out 1.21 gig a watts per hour and keeping things nice and dry. fifty-two at the airport. forty-three allentown. fifty-two in mount pocono. temperatures all over the place depending where you are. is there a cold spot in quakertown at 39. wind are calm, maybe up around 5 miles an hour but wind direction will be southwest today, that warms us up mostly sunny skies, 10 degrees above average, that puts us into the
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mid 70's, and throughout morning by lunchtime we're talking about 07 degrees. what is the latest. >> things are certainly heating up new that we are pushing toward our rush hour, we have an accident outside on ramp from belmont is block on to the the schuylkill eastbound. you can see just a flood of taillights in and around this area. that on ramp on to the schuylkill is block right now, so make sure to give yourself a couple extra minutes in and around this area and planning on using that on ramp. here's the boulevard, this is moving in the southbound direction at fox street looking pretty good here. i can tell you you already, from this busy wednesday, you and certain areas traveling less than posted speed, evidenced by this road right here. this is one that puts the thorn in our side, i-95 southbound around that s curve, come around that cottman curve. certainly give yourself couple extra minutes there and vine looks like it is heating up as well. we had a water main break earlier this morning, glassboro new jersey by rowan university, route 322 is
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closed both directions between main street and route 47, and you will want to use an alternate and i would suggest one such as high street in and around that area and construction in wilmington delaware route 202 north, of i-95 are closed until october 30th at 6:00 p.m. erika, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you. new this morning one person was rush to the hospital with injuries and a family dog also suffered serious injuries, in this fire at crescentville. flames tore through a row home on the 500 block of geneva street around 3:00 this morning. fire fighters had that fire under control in about a half an hour. the causes still under investigation. two brothers are shot, in tie ohio, now philadelphia police are checking surveillance video to see if they can find who pulled the trigger. cbs-3 is at north 18th street where the shooting happened just before 11:30 last night. they have in the yet found the weapon but they do have, ballistics evidence.
6:34 am
based on ballistics evidence on the scene we know at least eight shots were fired from semiautomatic weapon, we found, we found eight spent shell casings on the highway. >> both victims ages 13 and 20 are in stable condition. there is no word on a motive, and, in that shooting. a private memorial is planned for three-year old boy found dead in a camden county woods. blue ribbons line haddon township in honor of brendan creato. the three-year old was found dead a week ago, near his father a's home. the brendan's autopsy came back inconclusive. leaving family and neighbors in the dark about what really happened. homeless parents of the toddler found wandering a alone in love park will to have wait to regain custody of their son. judge granted angelic rowland and michael jones two hours of supervised visitation twice a week with their two-year old and four year-old siblings. they want the court to complete drug and mental healthy valuation were proceeding with that case.
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as we have been talking about all morning long it is back to the future day, day when marty mcfly traveled to in 1980's movie back to the future part two to celebrate the bryn mawr film institute is holding a special screening of the film today. we have sent our alexandria hoff out there and she joins us. i see you have taken ownership of that delauren, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yes, i have made it to 2015 all thanks to this thing here. this is back to the future. i don't know if you can hear it playing in the background here, sound like universal studios or something, but this car will be here for film being played tonight at bryn mawr theater and you know, for the the writer and pre dueser of this film, this has been a long time coming. >> wednesday october 21st, 2015. >> reporter: day has come and it is a biggie for bob gale, writer and producer of the back to the future movies. >> forever, and ever it will be known as back to the future day. how great is that? >> reporter: a delauren took
6:36 am
the thrilling to the past, present and into the the future, and a few fancy yourself marty mcfly, congratulations you have awoke tone that future today. some things gale and his team got right, think google will glasses and face timing on a flat screen tv. skype anyone. >> the the coolest thing that is happening is the the whoever board. >> the the whoever board thing was a total fantasy. now we have, people that have magnetic whoever board now. >> but where are all of the smart phones and what is a fax machine. >> yeah, we blew that. they were so ubiquitous when we wrote it. >> reporter: while there was in jaws 19 and black and decker hydrator, bob gale predict in one outside of chicago would have. >> the cubs mate get in the world series and they might win it. >> i think, very well might. there is a sure thing in bryn mawr and that is back to the future two will be playing at
6:37 am
7:00 o'clock tonight buzz an hour before that fans of the movie first of all, all dressed up, second of all, you have this beauty here that they will be a able to check out. i was, its owner is robert, and how are you doing. >> hi there. >> tell me were you explaining before but tell me what you have going on in here. it is looking authentic. >> thinks delauren, 81 delauren, fully restored and for car shows we run a pastor in there and we have musicking and people enjoy that. >> now sit year round you get attention for this. i can only imagine today people will wet their eyes when they come down the the road but do you get a lot of attention. >> yes, as time goes on, everybody slows down, window comes down and then cell phone pictures and that is common. i have been driving this for five years, more and more, is there not that many left. >> reporter: it is interesting because, the thrilling is three decade old.
6:38 am
a lot of people who admired this this vehicle will come out here today, possibly weren't even born then. what do you think the draw is for this film. >> it is a classic movie and it is just time travel or hg wells type thing it is just a classic story. >> and i have a question, you own this. you get in all the time. if you could drive this in any point past and present where would you take the delauren. >> just 30 years to the future maybe. >> yeah. >> okay. >> i'm scared of the the future, i think the movie scares me a little bit. very cool. thank you so much for being with us. >> visitors can come out here right across the street from the bryn mawr theater, and it will be in the parking lot for everybody to enjoy, take their pictures with and erika, it will be a really fun day and it is scary to think that from tomorrow forward back to the future movies will no longer be in the future, it will be a back to the past situation.
6:39 am
>> yes, maybe cubs will win the world seer is. >> maybe the cubs will win the world seer is. >> erika, back to you. >> hey alex, i have a quick trivia question for you, back to the future trivia question are you ready. do you know which main actor in the movie grew up just a few miles from where you are right now, any guesses. >> reporter: i do know this one i was doing my research, i think biff, robert wilson, he went to radnor high school. >> i think so. >> reporter: i was right, okay. >> give her a gold star he was born and raised, in philly, raised in wayne, went to radnor high school. he was the class of 77. alex, color me impressed you know your back to the future trivia. as biff likes to say let's make like a tree and get out of here. >> reporter: i'm sorry, i'm hearing back to the future music behind me i'm getting distracted. >> let's make like a tree and
6:40 am
get out of here? remember that, no, okay. alex, thanks very much. back to the future day. the movie did predict cubs would win the world series and that prediction is not looking so good right now. mets lead cubs three games to none and chicago could actually be eliminated from the playoffs tonight on back to the future day but no, i think they have this going for them. hopefully they can win this one. still ahead on "eyewitness news", sniffing out crime at philadelphia international airport. see how these two beagles, yes, beagles are really getting the job done. in this weeks story of brotherly love, helping mothers of the babies born premature is a scary time for any mom, so another local mommies sending love and hope to mothers of priest mature babies because you she was there herself. when we come right back.
6:41 am
no lions but philadelphia zoo is bringing a few animals to the zoo this morning. can you guess what that creature is on the right. we're talking about boo at the the zoo how you can take part, this will be terrific. don't miss this coming up after the break.
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a parking battle is brewing in the city of philadelphia. at issue, spots dedicated solely to electric vehicles. and, this the spot in society hill. it is illegal for gas powered car to park there. the space is for electric cars only, so they can charge. a according to the philadelphia parking authority, city council, and eight years ago. and, parked their electric car right in front of the house. >> not like i'm taking a spot away from them, it is just, happens to be in front of my house. >> you try to come somewhere in the middle and make amount of space that he is could happen per block. >> there are 25 approved electric charging stations in the city and another 13 are pending. homeowners who want to have
6:45 am
the the space need to pay a hundred dollars in fees. let's check with justin, if you missed summer already we have got good news. >> we will love this forecast. it will feel more like september, good 10 degrees above average. talk about 70's returning. so temperatures on the rise. you will really like today, even tomorrow, and, and, rain chance really holding on, until the second half of the weekend. we will check with weather watchers, still some cool spots this morning waking up to lower 40's in blue bell, jerry at 43 degrees. the peter in lawrence vul 46. wilmington delaware sally at 47 degrees. bethel rick at 46. so jacket weather this morning but take that jacket off this afternoon. the jet stream on the move, it moves to the north, that allows that southwest wind to overtake the region so that warms us up running 10 degrees above average in the mid 60's. we will do better than that mid 70's for highs. storm scan three is quiet, cloud and showers across upstate new york that is where that cold front is a
6:46 am
approached and we have a flying delauren just wanting to come in, as storm scan three is picking it up on the back to the future day. high pressure over us. same deal tomorrow, locking us in the dry weather pattern. here is cold front that comes through thursday night, just some clouds, really not a lot of moisture but it will knock temperatures back down in the lower 60's friday in the upcoming weekend. enjoy today, nice and warm 74 degrees under sunshine. clear, comfortable 53 for center city. forty's once again in the suburbs and the extended forecast mid 70's through thursday, back down in the the lower 60's, friday and saturday and then next rain chance will hold off until the form of the shower. i know you like that forecast. >> i just don't like it, i love it, justin, it is perfect. good morning everyone. we have an accident, on ramp to belmont to the schuylkill eastbound, it is block but it has moved off, that on ramp, and on to the shoulder, we are seeing vehicles get by. look at the schuylkill how
6:47 am
busy it is. volume levels starting to heat up now pushing toward 7:00 o'clock. ben franklin bridge for those coming from new jersey you can see a much different shot then it was 15 minutes ago. we are starting to heat up on the ben franklin bridge but right here 95 south around that s curve. i'm keeping my eye on because it is going slowly. we're in longer traveling in posted speeds. also construction northeast extension northbound between lansdale and quakertown left lane is blocked, and in this area make note for those in and around that a area and also another point of construction wilmington delaware route 202 north and southbound ramps is closed until october 30th at 6:00 p.m., erika, back over to you. almost three years ago a delaware valley mother was going to one of the scariest times of her life her babies were born premature. now though her children are doing well, that mommies reaching out to help other mothers of premature infants. our ukee washington met her in this weeks story of brotherly
6:48 am
love. >> reporter: when michael junior, kate, and shay were born in 20 and a half weeks her mother knew they would be in the neonatal intensive care unit until they were strong enough to go in their home in media. >> i did not really understand howie mostly challenging it would be to actually to have leave them there. >> reporter: kelly struggled with guilt and fear. kerry of montgomery county knew exactly what she was going through. her twins delaney and brooklyn were born november 2012 and at 28 weeks. it left her with ptsd that she still struggles with. take us back. >> back and forth to the hospital, i called it zombie mode. i didn't know if i was coming, going, what day it was, if i ate, did i sleep, brush my teeth. i found a quote even in the dark moments love and hope are always possible. >> reporter: one thing that lifted her spirits a care package left on her doorstep. >> cute little clothes that
6:49 am
were no larger than my hand and actually got a smile on my face. >> reporter: carry realized she could help other moms, she started a non-profit called sending love and hope. >> and they each got their own pack. >> reporter: delivering care packages to mothers like kelly, they include a journal, tiny hats and onesy is with a message made with love, sent with hope. >> it is a amazing when you find somebody that has almost exactly gone through what you have gone through. >> can you smile for me. >> yes. >> twins turn three next month and they are doing great. kerry estimates she has given care packages to 30 moms so far letting them know that they are not alone. kerry advocates for mothers with ptsd to find out more about end ising love and hope go to cbs i'll see you tonight. i'm ukee washington for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> beautiful story. >> who says halloween is just for kids. >> it is not.
6:50 am
animals at philadelphia or getting in the spirit this weekend. it is annual boo at the zoo. erin nicole delong joins us to introduce us to these great animal visitors thaw get to see this weekend. we want to talk about the animals but first boo at soot is a great tradition. what can folks do. >> it is great weekend at the zoo we encourage kids to wear their costumes. we have treat stations throughout the zoo. so they can pick up some kind. we have peanut free and gorilla safe candy. and they can do some crafts, games, hot apple cider, a parade at 12:00 o'clock and lots of fun. >> we're all wondering who is this cool guy. >> this is camilla, and he is a three banded armadillo, so it is armadillos in spanish mean little armored ones. it looks like they are covered in arm or like a modified hair. if you touch. >> just touch on her back there. >> it looks like a fingernail.
6:51 am
she had three bands on her back so if you count her back she has one, two, three band, so that is how they get namedded three banded. she likes to eat worms. she has a great sense of smell. she looks for perfect worms. right now these guys are threaten. they are vulnerable. they are susceptible to habitat loss and poaching. because they crawl up in that ball they are really easy to hunt. that attributed to their decline. >> don't worry about us, we're friend. >> we have something you may call creepy. i know people love these guys. >> what do you have here. >> these are cockroaches. >> yes. >> and, i'll hold one. >> we will bring out one of the boys here. >> absolutely. >> see. >> yes. >> are you feeling brave. >> you can hear them but what
6:52 am
else can you tell us about these guys. >> what they do is this is a boy reason is he has two horns on the top of the head and they his out of the side of the body. they are blowing air out of the side of their body. they do it when they are startled, so, they wonder what is going on. males will do it when they have territorial fights and things like that as well. people think they are really dirty, right. they get a bad reputation. the but their shell is made of something called kiten, thicker than your fingernail. it is quite clean. they are pretty clean. >> on their own, clean. in your food, less than clean. >> true. >> they are from madagascar, again, dependent on healthy forest. we can help animals like armadillo and even cockroaches by saving paper, reducing our paper usage. >> who is our last guest.
6:53 am
>> our last guest is who. >> who is this. >> this is hugh i. he is a -- good what is he doing. >> he is a owl. and he makes that sound like they are knocking almost. >> yes. >> do it again. >> can you hear it. >> yes. >> so he is excited. he is in a new environment and just excited to be here. he is making some noise today, he is very used to being around people so very comfortable in this environment which is great. he has huge eyes. owls have great eye sight. they can see very well in darkness. he lives pretty deep in the rain forest. he lives in central and south america. so they are pretty secretive animals in the wild. >> thanks so much for coming in. >> you're welcome.
6:54 am
>> boo at soot this weekend, wear your costume, treat or trick meet animals friend, it will be great, we will be right back. >> such a beautiful bird.
6:55 am
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want to get one last check on three officers and a fire fight shore risked their lives to save a man from his burning row home. eye witt the necessary news reporter just continue finch joins us live outside our home in strawberry mansion with the
6:58 am
latest information, justin. >> erika, three police officers and a man tried to rescue are now recovering from smoke inhalation injuries suffered last night. this fire broke out here on the 1800 block of north taylor street at about 8:00 on tuesday night. we are told that three officers from the 22nd district arrived here and we learned from neighbors a man was stuck inside a tree to try to go into rescue him. they were unable faux do so. the conditions were too bad inside. eventually fire fighters did arrive and take that man out, one fire fighter did suffer a broken nose. the cause of the fire least mains under investigation this morning. erika, back over to you. >> justin, thanks very much. two very special dogs are helping to sniff out crime at philadelphia international airport. beagles mattie and auburn are agricultural k-9's they look for any type of good like a fl our, food or animals smuggled or accidentally brought in the country. customs and border patrol say their efforts are really paying off, these dogs, find
6:59 am
an average of 18 items, a day. just incredible. if you see a beagle now you know why. lets check on our traffic and weather and looking beautiful, i necessity weather-wise. >> cool right now but lots of sunshine. we will make it up to the mid 70's. even eye that tomorrow and back to the lower 60's as we head in the weekend. >> and we are just at the start of the rush hour and looking busy, delaware county i-95 northbound at 45 2a steady stream there moving in the northbound direction for those coming from new jersey, over that ben franklin bridge starting to heat up there as well. still traveling at posted speeds there but not on i-95 moving into the southbound direction. >> meisha, thank you you. cbs this morning is coming up next, lets give you a live picture from new york team getting ready for the the show. we can see gayle right there coming up to day vice-president joe biden's account of the joe biden raid is in the spotlight once gannon cbs this morning which starts right here on cbs-3 good ten seconds. reminder to join us bright and early every morning we kick things off at 4:30 a.m. have a great the day.
7:00 am
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