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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  October 21, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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very popular movie. how people in our area and celebrating back to the future today. a brawl caught on camera eagles fan decks a giants fan. why police say it might be hard to figure out who is responsib responsible. vice-president joe biden ends speculation about his potential presidential bid. why he said he decided not to enter the race. but first tonight after long wait there's new information in the death of a three-year-old head haddon township boy whose body was found in the woods last week. hello, i'm ukee washington. jessica is off tonight. let's get right to "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt in camden where he spoke with prosecutors. david? >> reporter: ukee, i have two new pieces of information from prosecutors tonight. meanwhile, we have not heard from dj brendan's father at all since this investigation began but tonight his attorney spoke for the first time on camera and says that his client is not and will not be a suspect. he also tells me that dj creato is just a father who wants to know what happened to his little
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boy. >> it is as much a mystery i think to him as it is to the rest of us what actually happened here. >> reporter: philadelphia attorney richard, tells "eyewitness news" his client the father of brendan creato did nothing wrong and is working with authorities to find out exactly what happened to the little boy. police found brendan's body in the woods half a mile from his dad's haddon township apartment last tuesday morning around 9:00. three hours after dj creato called 911. >> 911. what is your emergency. >> i just woke up and my three-year-old is missing. >> reporter: camden county prosecutor's office released new information for the first time in a week. telling "eyewitness news", brendan was not sexually assaulted and there was no forced entry into dj creato's apartment. >> you didn't hear anything or see anything? nothing like that? >> no. i just woke up and he wasn't in my apartment. i don't know if he wandered out or what happened. i don't know where he is. the door was locked. i guess he unlock it and left. >> after police found his body
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dj spent several hours with detectives and according to his attorney he held nothing back. >> he did meet with them without my being there to speak with them during the interview. he answered as far as i know all of their questions. and since then they haven't had any other questions for him. >> reporter: police have not named a suspect in the case. if and when they do, richard, is confident brendan's dad dj creato won't be named. >> when i last spoke to the detectives they indicated to me that he was not a suspect and that was at the time he gave an interview to them. they told me and they told him both that he's not a suspect in this. if that has changed they haven't let me know since. >> reporter: bran dan's autopsy came back last week inclusive. meanwhile detectives here at the prosecutor' office have also ordered a toxicology report. the results of that report have not come back yet. again, no suspect in this case. authorities here are asking the public for any tips.
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if you have anything give camden county prosecutor's a call or give police call. reporting in camden tonight, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". ukee. >> thank you for that update david. other news a no go for joe. vice-president joe biden is not jumping into the 2016 race for the white house. our natasha brown is in our sat center with more on why the vice-president decided not to run for president. natasha? >> reporter: ukee, vice-president biden put the deliberation and speculation to rest with today's announcement. he will not seek another run at the presidency as you mentioned. it's not the decision though that some in his home state of delaware had hoped to hear. >> i believe we're out of time. the time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the nomination. but while i will not be a candidate, i will not be silent. >> reporter: with those words vice-president joe biden ended months of speculation bowing out of a presidential run gracefully. after a nearly 50 year political
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career, biden will not make a third run for the presidency. but urged the democrats who are running to stand on the current administration's accomplishment. >> democrats should not only defend this record and protect this record, they should run on the record. >> reporter: during a deeply device seive climate in washington, biden made a plea for bipartisan ship hoping the next president can reach across the aisle bringing both democrats and republicans together. >> i don't think we should look at republicans as our enemy. they are opposition. they're not our enemies. and for the sake of the country, we have to work together. >> reporter: surprise and disappointment about biden' announcement from supporters in his home state of delaware who would like to have seen a biden presidency. >> i'm surprised. if i were a bettering man i would have bet that he was going to run. i think that biden is built to be president. he's great public servant for the state of delaware and the country. >> i'd be interested to see what some of his views are now that
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he's again had that experience to be vice-president for eight years on top of his previous years of, um, of being a politician. >> reporter: after losing his son to brain cancer earlier this year, biden's decision to enter the race hinged largely on his famili' emotional readiness for a campaign. biden reflected on what a personal priority would have been had he ever become president. >> if i could be anything, i would have wanted to be the president that ended cancer because it's possible. >> reporter: well vice-president biden ended on an optimistic note wishing the best for our country's future and hely took the time to thank the reporter who's have covered him over the years hinting possibly what it's likely to be an end to his career in washington. we're live in the sat center tonight, natasha brown cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> natasha, thank you. democratic front runner hillary clinton tweet the right after biden's announcement.
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republican front runner donald trump also tweeted. he says... biden's decision came as surprise to pennsylvania congressman bran don boyle. on monday, boyle tweeted that a source told him the vice-president will run for president. today he toll us clearly something changed. >> i passed along accurate information at the time, but with that said i will keep my predictions to sports. >> congressman boyle also told us he admires and respects the vice-president. congressman paul ryan is a step closer to becoming the night speaker of the house. today members of the conservative freedom caucus threw support behind the republican from wisconsin. that's enough votes to secure ryan's selection. the ways and means committee
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chairman said he wouldn't run for speaker without their support. the freedom caucus helped push speaker john boehner in retirement. a vote on the new speaker is scheduled for next week. pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane will temporarily lose her law license at midnight. kane held a meeting with aids today to outline her duties. spokesman says she expects to be able to perform about 98% of her job. kane's name will still appear on court documents but she will not be able to sign some legal pap paper. state supreme court ordered her license suspended last month as she fights criminal charges four people are hospitalized with minor injuries after an accident in wissonoming. chopper three over the scene on the 5900 block of torresdale avenue in wissonoming. the accident happened around 7:00 o'clock tonight. police continue their investigation. authorities are asking for the public's help to identify those involved in a trash talking fight after monday nig night's goals game. a giants fan was knocked out by a man wearing eagles green and
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the entire confrontation was captured on camera it happen at the 69th street terminal. video here shows the giants fan exchanging words with eagles fans before punches started to fly. so far no one has come forward to file a complaint. >> we do not know the identity of the victim nor do we know the identity of the person who posted it on facebook. >> i don't see anything if we were able to identify anybody because it look liked a mutual combatant type thing. >> as signing blame could be complicated. septa transit police say they will prosecute riders caught fighting on the system. philadelphia police need help identifying four suspects who held up a corner store in ken says sing on october 11th at the diaz grocery store on south 54th street. police say the armed suspects assault th thed the store clerk, took money from the register and robbed one of two customers signed the store. if you recognize them, please contact the police. well tonight the vatican is denying a serious rumor more about the pope having a brain
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tumor. the report came from italian newspaper that claims pope francis is sick with a curable tumor. the news report also said a doctor and his team flew to the vatican to examine pope francis several months ago. however, vatican officials say none of this is true and the pope is in good health. >> the news of the pope's health condition is totally unfounded. it is a totally irresponsible act of the italian news agency that released this. >> the newspaper is standing by its story though. the editor says the publication deliberate add long time before printing the news it says it had confirmed months ago. former price is right host bob barker is recovering in the hospital tonight. authorities say the beloved 91-year-old television legend tripped and fell outside his home tuesday morning and hit his head on the sidewalk. police in the area saw barker fall and responded right away. barker suffered some cuts but was conscious and alert on the way to the hospital.
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tracy morgan is coming back to the state of delaware. the comedian performed at dover downs hotel and casino the night he was in an accident that kill his friend and left him in critical condition. morgan returned to stand up comedy earlier this month. he tweeted this photo he hosted saturday night live this past weekend. in march morgan will perform at the playhouse on rodney square in wilmington. it has been very very nice outside. but for how long, kate? >> well, the warmth continues for at least one more day. temperatures well above average today and tomorrow. but then we hit a little stumbling block. we'll drop back down into the cool range as we head through friday and into the weekend and we may even have little bit of wet weather to talk about this weekend in the meantime staying splendid. more about your nice thursday warmth coming up in just a few minutes. >> splendid. i like that. they say an apple away keeps the doctor away new concerns are being raised by a possible seasonal treat. how caramel apples could be
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dangerous. vittoria. >> it's back to the future day and all night long in bryn mawr there have been tons of celebrations and also a few things that i don't even think the doc could have predicted. wee see. >> also, these birds can't fly but they can hover kind of sort of. see the high tech ways some eagles get around the practice philadelphia in south philly. >> and tonight right after "eyewitness news" it's the late tory stephen colbert. comedian amy schumer tops by along with author stephen king and a musical performance by troubled waters. it all right after the news at 11:35. be right back. ♪
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caramel apples are a fall and halloween tradition but health experts say they could make you sick. many thought the heated caramel would kill the listeria bacteria that causes food poisoning. researchers now know this bacteria survives the heat and even refrigeration listeria outbreak last year linked to caramel apple sickened 35 people from 12 states and seven people died.
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>> on the skin of the apple and when they put the caramel on, it actually kills it a little bit because of the heat but if it doesn't kill it completely then that interface between the caramel and the apple seems to be an environment that it can grow in. >> doctors say the best way to prevent food poisoning from listeria make sure to always thoroughly wash all produce including apples before you eat them and before you make caramel apples. a blast from the past or would it be the future? host you want to say it, it's a night movie fans have been waiting for for a very long time. our vittoria is in brinn newer night they are having a special celebration for back to the future tight. hey, tori. >> report roar ukee, hey, everyone, all night long here behind me in bryn mawr at the bryn mawr film institute there was a special screening. there was excitement, fans galore dressed up in costume all to celebrate october 21, 2015. the date is super special. let's take you back in time.
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>> we're descending toward hill valley california on wednesday, objection 21, 2015. >> she will out showing at the bryn mawr film institute back to the future two when marty mcfly travels to october 21st, 2015 to save his future children. but first let's take you back in time. the excitement began long before the move of movie started. >> i saw the back to the future when i was five years old. it's my favorite movie of all time. >> you're a huge fan of back to the future. >> without a doubt. >> reporter: grown up fans to not so grown up fans were all thinking back to their favorite parts of the movie. >> i like when,ing when biff goes into the, um, the restaurant. >> reporter: restaurant g what's your favorite part of the movie? >> will,ing when marty jumps off the building. >> reporter: as we all love to travel down memory lane, as doc once says where we're going we don't need roads for movie fans would never have been able to
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time travel without doc brown's time show the iconic did he lore yann. why do you think it's so cool? >> um, well, because it went forward in time. >> reporter: making an appearance before the start of the film was a did he lore yann just like the one in the movie. equipped with its own flux capacitor. thanks to its owner bob g where would you want to go in your did he lore yann. >> i think i'd go 30 years in the future see how my kids turn out. >> reporter: in the movie we got glimpse of what the future could hold. >> i've been waiting for hover board for 25 years. >> and some things actually came true. >> marty's using a skateboard in the first movie. what is the futuristic version of that? how about a hover board and now it's actually happening. >> reporter: here in the present day one super fan could have never predicted this happening. >> tonight kyle asked her to marry him. >> this is her favorite movie. 30 years came up october 21, 2015. why not? >> you know after watching and
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witnessing the engagement of kyle and elaine, in that did he lore yann, one of the quotes that i found that doc had said in the movie, your future is whatever you make it. so make it a good one. and that was the epitomy of a happy start. at least happy future and we might not have a did he lore yann but we do have news van and we may not be able to travel back in time but we have a rewind button back here ukee. that's probably gas as it's going to get right now. >> as close you're right. >> hit the button and we'll see you later. >> all i got is -- hard to find it, ukee. >> here we go. we're traveling back in time you guys. mcfly over. >> we'll talk to you later. >> be well. >> big celebration in south jersey for back to the future fans "eyewitness news" at pop shop in collingswood where guests enjoyed a special menu including dock brown's breakfast and marty's meatloaf watching the movie and playing trivial
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restaurant even had di did he le yann car park outside. while we don't have flying cars or hover boards quite like the movie predicted, we do have one thing, hover boots. these self balancing scooters imitate the hover board and eagles players use them to get around the novacare complex. some players enjoy roaming around on them. others they don't want to risk getting hurt. i asked don bell earlier if jeff fro lurie approved those. watch yourself fellows. be careful. >> i want goat one and scoot around the weather center to the newsroom. >> i wonder if it works with high heels. nothing look into. >> put that on twitter. >> kate has got your forecast. another nice night. >> beautiful this week. it been a warm october for us. break down october but i'll tell was temperatures have been well above average this week. they'll stay there tomorrow. but you're looking for fall chill in the air break out the sweaters and the boot and whole 9 yards we've got that for you as well. little something for everyone. take a look outside take you out to our roof cam which looks
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great from skycam3 looking towards center city. all lit up on another clear and beautiful night. i'll tell you the moon has been gorgeous the past few nights i haven't seen it tonight but last night i was driving home and just kind of did a double take if you get a chance to check out the moon it will look beautiful again tonight on nice clear evening. take a look look at our live neighbor network. as we look across the river a beautiful evening for us and storm scan3 is clear all across the region but this is the next system that is heading or way over portions of eastern canada. there's the actual storm producing snow right now. front that back across the northern plains and upper midwest coming our way tomorrow afternoon and evening. should come through generally dry but you'll definitely feel the change in the air. once that front passes through. it's 58 degrees in philadelphia right now. 54 in millville. 50 in allentown. still relatively comfortable and boy it's been a warm october. now, we've had seven days so far full week of 75 degrees plus. keep in mind the warmest average
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for october at the beginning of the month is 72. so we've been unseasonably warm for more than a week out of the month so far. thome make it eight days and we've only had four days with any appreciable rainfall highest temperature 80 degrees. lowest temp starring off this week monday morning at 35. high pressure starts to move away tomorrow. we're still awaiting the rifle of this front so southwest wind tomorrow keep it nice and warm. front comes through in the afternoon and evening. comes through generally dry a few clouds but by this time tomorrow night we'll start to feel those winds from the northwest work their way in high pressure moves in a cold canadian high heading our way friday into saturday. and that's what's going to bring the changes as the mercury begins to drop. future temperatures tomorrow we're in the 70s. tomorrow at 6:00 o'clock back to the 60s you can see how the cold air starts to work its way in friday morning by friday afternoon we see some spots only in the 50s and it will be another cold night friday night into saturday morning. so enjoy tomorrow while we've got it. not saying it's the last time we'll be in the 70s think career but it could be the last time we have a three-day stretch in the
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70s. 76 will be the actual high for your thursday. i were the weather seven day forecast looking gorgeous. now it does get cooler. but at least it's sunny in the low 60s friday and saturday which will feel fantastic. next chance for rain comes into the forecast on sunday morning. we could try to clear it out in the afternoon. back to 67 degrees. so tomorrow nice warm day if you're looking for summer weather that's your day to get outside. >> you got it. thanks so much, kate. don bell has got for sports. >> worry talking about hockey. the flyers lost their starting goalie and down by two. but what happened next is worth sticking around for. highlights from boston coming up after the break.
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wild hockey business going on in bean town tonight. >> yeah, yeah. they kept battling. good one to watch. professor had a back at boston university who taught us to never use cliches. i'm breaking that rule right now. it's not how you start it's how you finish. tonight the flyers were skating embodiment of that in boston. to the ice we go. first period. we're tied at one. flyers catch the bruins online change. began yea making them pay. how about the wrister. two-one flyers. later in the first, bruins on the power play. michael narberth appears to take a stick to the head and leaves the game. he's down on the ice. steve mason comes in. game tied at two. flyers on the power play. chris kelly scores a shorthanded goal. so the bruins up three-two. so tough way to start for mason but third period here we go. how about a shot and a score right there from the captain and
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right now the flyers down by one. and here they come. continue to go come back with under 10 to play in the third. wayne simmons lights the lamp and so the flyers tie the up right there. then we have overtime. in the extra session, claude giroux shorthanded, how about that? big-time come back by the fly guys they win it five-four on the road. all right. to the nnl they courage scratch, they claw, they hit and they won't take no for answer eagles defense is a force to be reckoned with but so is 6-foot six pro bowl tight end greg olson. eagles visit undefeated carolina sunday night and he's the top target. he leads the team in receivers, receiving yards and targets. last week he caught the game winning touchdown as you saw there against the seahawks f the birds are going to have to soar they'll have to keep olsen grounded. >> he's playing at a high level. it's his comfort zone getting it
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to him and fining him. if you throw it anywhere near him he catch it. >> he's definitely different. he's one of the best tight ends in this league get along lot mortar gets. best receiver on their team and he's -- when they want to get things going he's who they go to and you saw last game seattle, upping, him and cam newton took that game over. >> to the high school ranks now the friday football frenzy returns to delaware. sales sum hosting dover in our game of the week. voted earl and often thanks to ukee. >> how many times did you vote. >> senators in the house. d high. >> we'll be in wilmington friday night and we'll be back a
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land marks all across our region are glowing pink in the fight against breast cancer. among them philadelphia college much as tee yo pa thick medici medicine. pcom is taking part in the lights for the cure cam paper a joint effort by the cw philly, cbs3 and see san g komen physical. october is breast cancer awareness month. we've seen haunted hay rides, houses and corner mazes but here's a new one. zombie paintball. cream acres in mullica hill visitors hop on hayride with paintball guns mounted on shoot
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that's going to do it for us. "eyewitness news" returns tomorrow morning from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. with nicole brewer, meteorologist justin drabick and meisha johnson with traffic. we're always on at cbsphilly.c the late show with stephen colbert is coming up neglect.
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from our entire team, thanks so much for watch ♪ ♪ ( band playing intro music ) captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen. >> stephen: thank you very much. ( cheers and applause ) welcome to the late show. thank you so much, everybody. jon batiste and stay human. how about that?


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