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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  October 22, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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a crash on the the roosevelt boulevard overnight send one person to the hospital, and we will have more tea tails coming up. plus new information in the death of the three-year old haddon township boy as his family prepares to pay their final respects today we are live with the latest on what prosecutors are assaying about the case. plus this... >> reporter: hillary clinton takes a break for a grueling hearing on the been gas a tax, i'm weijia chang in washington with the latest coming up. today is thursday october between the second, good morning to you thanks so much for joining us. i'm nicole brewer. er case off but justin and meisha are in the house. is what up, guys. >> good morning. >> thursday already, you guys, where did the week go. and justin, i have to say, the
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weather is looking mighty fine so thank you for that, the roadways are nice and dry. that always helps in the morning. i will send it over to you but good stuff coming up in a little bit but how is it feeling. >> i will take full credit for this forecast. if you like yesterday you will a a's love today as well. we're waking up to jacket weather, 40's and 50's. the sunshine this afternoon gets us well above average into the 70's. check it out still sitting at 53 at the the a airport in philadelphia a. forty-five in allentown. it is exactly the the same. forty-nine in palmyra, new jersey, willow grove coming in at 49 and also 41 in quakertown. storm scan three quiet, clear skies, clouds over poconos but there are chances of showers in western pennsylvania, that is a cold front coming you this later today, we should come through dry, slight chance of the sprinkle will are and then later this evening and that is it. wind are calm, nice comfortable start. little bit cool but sunshine will start to rapidly warm temperatures up by lunchtime. we are close to the 07-degree
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mark in the sunshine, more cloud will roll in the mid afternoon hours and top off in the mid 70's. seventy-six for the high in philadelphia a lower 70's at the shore m i had 60's in the poconos. the not liking these 70's wait another day we will cool down for the the the upcoming weekend. that full forecast in a few minutes. meisha, what is happening. >> who doesn't like this weather. >> is there always somebody out there. >> good morning, everybody. happy thursday to you. well, it is still early, it is dark outside, the construction levels are certainly still outside on the roadways. the we are seeing one here at route one southbound in bucks county near business route one, you can see crews on the site, flashing lights they are trying to get this cleared out but right now just know it is still there but on the other side, northbound side you can see headlights, plenty this have em, it is still early in the morning, not traffic out there but certainly volume levels building, route one in the northbound direction. the vinees closed both ways
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because of the schuylkill and brought until around 5:00 a.m., this goes into effect at 11:00 p.m. night before and lasts until 5:00 a.m. hopefully this will be cleared out of our way but just know getting on the vine street expressway anytime soon in the east and westbound sides it the is still completely closed so take an alternate up until i tell you that it is okay, construction on the pennsylvania pennsylvania turnpike eastbound off ramp to fort washington is closed, nicole, back over to you. new this morning a van and car collide injuring at least one person in northeast philadelphia. that crash happened overnight on the roosevelt boulevard near southampton road. police say one person was taken to the hospital, victim's condition is unknown. the the cause of the crash is being investigated. time to mourn for brendan creato, there will be a viewing for three-year old boy found dead in the wood last tuesday. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live at the camden county prosecutor's office with new information on
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that case, justin. >> reporter: nicole, good morning. we now know that brendan creato's body showed no signs of sexual abuse nor were there any signs of forced entry into his dad's apartment where he was last seen alive. so still so many unanswered questions, as to how three-year old brendan creato left his dad's haddon township apartment and also how he died. the camden county prosecutor's office says brennan's autopsy result were inconclusive and just released that there were no signs of sexual assault on his body a and no signs of forced entry at his dad's home. now officials await medical testing results. brendan's dad dj creato called 911 a after finding him missing 6:00 a.m. last tuesday. doors to his home were still lock. within hours a search was launched and brendan was found dead in wood off of south park drive, less than a half mile from creato's home. creato a's lawyer says his client was questioned and is cooperating but he is not a
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suspect although he is a dad, deep in grief. >> he went through this horrific loss and while i think everyone else has a lot of questions about what happened, he has to get through first stage of it, which is burying his son and moving on from this tragedy if there is such a thing as moving on from it. >> reporter: as you mentioned a viewing, private viewing, for brendan will be set for today and burial for tomorrow. the probe here in camden county is ongoing, nicole, back over to you. meanwhile, pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane a assures staff her job duties won't change much now you that she has temporarily lost her law license. kane held a meeting with aid yesterday to outline her duties. spokesmen says she expects to perform 98 percent of her job. kane's name will appear on court document but she won't be able to sign some legal papers. state supreme court ordered kane's license suspension last month as she fight criminal charges.
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happening today hillary clinton will field some tough questions from a a republican led house commit thee investigating the 2012 benghazi attacks. they left the death of four americans including u.s. ambassador to libya chris steven. weijia chang has a preview from washington. >> reporter: hillary clinton will face a grueling eight hour grilling before the the house committee investigating 2012 been gas a tax, testimony that could prove pivotal for her presidential campaign. >> can she weather a full days worth of testimony in front of the committee that even some republicans have said is aiming to hurt her, politically, if she can to that she will be on stable ground after what was a pretty shaky summer. >> reporter: republican led commit thee will try to find out why the the u.s. chose to remain in benghazi, despite the thees lacing in violence. >> what i want to know while violence was going off in libya why was our security profile going down. >> reporter: clinton will face questions from lawmakers on whether she was aware for requests for additional security at the consulate
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where the attacks took place. clinton, who was secretary of the state at the time, has gone on the defensive during two previous testimonies. >> the fact is we have four dead americans, whether we have protest or guys out for a walk one night, to decide to kill some americans what difference at this point does it make. >> reporter: ahead of the hearing democrats on the benghazi committee released the transcript of the closed door testimony of the former clinton aid cheryl mills. mills testified that clinton was devastated and very engaged in her response. in washington, weijia chang for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". after months of speculation vice-president joe biden has confirmed he is not running for president. >> i believe we're out of time, the the time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the nomination. >> the vice-president, made that announcement at the rose garden yesterday. at some point he strives to reach since arriving in
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washington 40 years ago. biden supporters in his home state of delaware expressed their disappointment. >> i'm surprised. if i was a betting man would i bet that he was going to run. i think that bind is built to be president. great public servant for the state of of delaware and the country. >> i'm interested to see some of his views are, now that he is, again, has that experience to be vice-president for eight years, on top of his previous years of being a politician. >> democratic front runner hill willry clinton tweeted immediately after biden's announcement saying vp is a a good friend and a great man. today and always inspired by his operation miss many and commitment to change the world for the better. republican front runner donald trump also tweeted he said i think joe biden made the correct decision for him and his family. personally i would rather run against hillary because her record is so bad. biden a's decision came as a surprise to pennsylvania congressman brendan boyle. you may recall on money tweet that had a source told him
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that the vice-president, joe biden works run for president. yesterday he told us clearly something changed. >> i received accurate information at the the time but with that said i will keep my predictions to sports. >> congressman boyle told us he admires and respects the the vice-president. well, congressman paul ryan is a step closer to becoming the new speaker of the house. members of the conservative freedom caucus thrown their support behind the republican of wisconsin, that is enough votes to secure ryan's election. weighs and means committee chairman said he wouldn't run without their support. freedom caucus helped push speaker john boehner in retirement. a vote on the new speaker is scheduled for next week. new york mets are heading to the world series. they completed a sweep of the chicago cubs late last night. now mets, they never once trailed the cubs. we will pick it up in the eighth inning, david murphy hits a sixth consecutive home run to make it eight-two.
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murphy won the mvp there. the cubs would go on to score two runs but the mets swept them eight-three. as expect, mets fans, totally thrilled about that win, their team hasn't been to the world series in 15 years. the celebration continued into the mets locker room where they sprayed champagne before the nlcs trophy presentation. they face either toronto blue jays or kansas city royals. the royals currently lead that series three games to two. well, final out for camden river sharks after 15 years the independent baseball team is seizing operations. team was una able to reach a lease agreement on the camden feel. other teams have expressed interest in that stadium. 4:40. a fight between fans of rival football teams coming up next on "eyewitness news", a brawl breaks out after the eagles game monday night and it is all caught on camera. why police say it might be hard to figure out who is
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responsible. are they calling it off? latest object divorce plans for chloe kardashian
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chloe kardashian and lamar odom are giving their marriage a second chance. chloe dismissed their divorce case. the odom was found unconscious in the the nevada brothel about a week ago. kardashian has been at his bedside making medical decisions while he recovers. the couple married in 2009, just one month have after meeting. all right. 4:43. let's check out this forecast. it the is really good coming in this morning. >> yes. >> not crisp enough. >> you need jacket this morning but then get rid of it this afternoon and maybe break out short because it will feel warm just like yesterday. >> you have been delivering, my man. >> i know, ever since we have been working together. >> yes. >> it is good stuff. enjoy it this afternoon. one day left of the milder temperatures and then we will
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cool it down in the weekend. live look at center city where campbell's field camera at ben franklin bridge, it the is all clear across the region. here is our headlines what we're talking about yet another warm day, temperatures ten, maybe 12 degrees above average and then we will cool it down tomorrow and upcoming weekend so it feels more like october, next chance of rain real hi coming in on sunday and not a big chance at this point as well. big difference in the temperatures back to monday morning we will wake up with lows in the mid 30's, that is for the city. many suburbs in the mid 20's. yesterday's high, 76 degrees. we should have a a repeat of that today. fifty-two in dover delaware. millville, cooler at 43 degrees. hanging out the lower 50's at the era port, upper 40's in voorhees and palmyra. north and west, cooler just like yesterday, quakertown, chilly at 41 and 45 in will allentown at this hour. storm scan three quiet. we are in the clear, notice more clouds and showers
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across, northwestern, pennsylvania. that is cold front tracking through later today and evening hours, mainly bringing us clouds. the mostly a shower should break up but not a lot of moisture. warm ahead of the front, we're in the 70's today. north wind return. sixty's for high on friday. saturday still on the cool side. another front comes in sunday triggers off another shower in the afternoon. today, again mainly just some cloud around, front coming through evening hours that is it just seeing cloud over delaware valley and a stray sprinkle we're back in the sunshine friday. work outside today 76 degrees, warm and pleasant we're back down to the lower 60es a. nicole, back to you. authorities are asking for public's help identifying those involved in the fight after monday night's eagles game. a giants fan was knock out by a man wearing eagles green. entire confrontation was captured on camera at 69th street terminal in upper darby. video shows the fans exchanging word before punches started to fly. so far in one has come forward to file a complaint.
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>> we do not know the identity of the victim nor do we know identity of the person who posted it on facebook. >> i don't see anything even if we were able to identify anybody because it looked like a mutual combatant. >> as a result, superintendent chitwood says a assigning blame could be complicated. septa transit says they will prosecute riders caught fighting on the system. here's a reminder, for you, nfl axis on cbs-3 tonight. the west coast battle between seahawks and 49ers, thursday night football right here on cbs-3. coverage kicks off at 7:30. we will take a short break and we will be right back.
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and now for another look at this morning's headlines, a viewing is scheduled today for brendan creato, police up to his body last tuesday in the the wooded area near his father's home in haddon township. the investigators say the child was not sexually assaulted a and there were no signs of forced entry into his father a's apartment. hillary clinton becomes star witness in the investigation in the deadly 2012 attacks in benghazi, libya. committee members are expect to ask her about security lapses at the area as she was secretary of state. it killed four americans including u.s. ambassador chris stevens. new york mets go to the world series after sweeping the chicago cubs to win the national league championship. daniel murphy's two run home run in the eighth seals the the deal, mets won eight-three. 4:49. time for a check of business news. money watch's henna daniels joins us from the new york stock exchange. we're hearing ups is forced to pay millions of dollars over false delivery claims, what can you tell us about that.
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>> reporter: that is right, good morning, nicole. ups will be shelling out four .2 million-dollar to 17 states for those false delivery claims. package delivery giant settled after allegations it overcharged state and local government by fake ago rifle times on packages including next day delivery. it was a former ups employee that exposed this scam. >> henn amount, domino as tempt to go stay ahead with something called the pizza a mobile, it sound good to me, what is this all about. >> me too, dominoes pizza is rolling out, top new cars, literally. second largest u.s. pizza company unveiled its pizza a mobile equipped with an oven, the converted delivery car can hold up to 80 pizza a's with a temperature of 140 degrees, domino is testing 100 vehicles and plans to bring the cars to 25 cities, nicole. >> so, no more cold pizza. not such a bad thing. sound good. >> especially for breakfast
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sometimes. >> right. >> thanks, we will check back with you. coming up, we will get another check of weather and traffic. stay with us, we will be right back.
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welcome back. you have seen haunted hey ride, houses, corn macees but here's a new one, zombie paint ball. cream acres in mullica be prepared to get spooked and then fight back. the visitors, ho p on the hey ride with paint ball guns mounted on and shoot glow in the dark paint balls once zombies appear. >> everybody wants to shoot a zombie these days or to something with the zombie. we figured let's shoot paint balls at them. they are all getting off, laughing, kidding around, i got that zombie, i killed that
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zombie, i got it. >> one of the several attractions as part of the night of terror. the if you want to get in on the the action, this weekend, it is $25 per person. why do i feel like something thinks right up meisha's al-zawahiri i, why do i feel like that is the the case. >> let me tell you, it hurts. i don't like that game. i never hit my target. it is weird. anyway here's a look at the vine. we have had overnight construction closed in the east and westbound direction. we're looking good now. they are all open. just thinking about getting on to the the vine right new looking okay, in fact, it is looking very calm moving into the 5:00 o'clock hour here shortly. looking good on the vine street expressway. that is closed. it is now reopen. ben franklin bridge for those coming from new jersey into center city looking good here as well. this is a beautiful shot along that black sky line, all those lights looking pretty here. i-95 south at cottman coming
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around s curve our cameras frozen but this is what it looks like. we are still dealing with the red cone zones but not causing you any hang ups. so overall things are looking good this morning and justin, it is always nice for commuters when they wake up in the morning and we have dry roadways. thank you. >> in problems. i'll do what i can. lets keep this stretch going. we are talking about another warm day. still jacket weather this morning 40's and 50's. so typical for mid to late october but we have strong sun this time of the year and will warm us up in the 70's a. lower 40's to 50's around the city. storm scan three is quiet, there are clouds. we see a couple showers across central pennsylvania ahead of the cold front. that will move eastward tonight bringing more clouds in here this afternoon, most of the showers should break up and we could get a stray sprinkle. high of 76 for philadelphia, lower 70's at the shore, mid 60's in the mountains. tonight, thursday night football on cbs in the west coast seahawks at 49ers. 68 degrees at kick off under clear skies.
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that extended forecast. warm today. then we are back to the fall weather and 60's over the weekend. >> justin, thank you. lets get a check of the stories our sister station kyw news radio 1060 is following. celebrating a a seal of approval philadelphia police department gets an accreditation. more than 130 films and 30 countries will be shown at 24th annual philadelphia film festival and bill wine has a movie recrew. check in two, three, four times a day on kyw news radio 1060 on your am dial. coming up we will have latest clueness the death of the the south jersey boy. plus new developments in the shocking road rage killing of the four year-old girl. how police cracked the case and arrested one of the drivers. plus, the franklin institute's new exhibit doesn't open until this weekend, but we will give you a sneak peak at the exhibit that lets you test your skills against the stars, we're back at the top of the hour, stay with us.
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we're learning new information, about the the mysterious death of the young boy in camden county. latest clues in the the case as to his family prepares to say good bye. also happening today hillary clinton takes a break from the campaign trail, the top questions that she is expect to face on capitol hill. joe, says no, after months of speculation the the vice-president rules out another run for the white house, the promise he is making about his future. today is thursday october 22nd good morning, glad you are with us, i'm nicole brewer. justin and meisha are in the house, well, sort of, he is outside on the sky deck. sorry, justin. >> i'm sure it feels good. i know it did earlier when i
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walk out and that air hit me, i said oh, it is not freezing cold. it is feeling g roadways are dry. we are dealing with overnight construction. we will talk about that in a second. how sit feeling right now. >> it is nice, comfortable, to typical for october, 40's in the coldest suburbs and may need to throw jacket on but we don't have to worry about any impact of the the the drive this morning but just battling sun glare when sunnies up. we are in the lower 40's in the lehigh valley and parts of the suburbs and south jersey. dover, delaware 52, one of the milder spots and at 51. quakertown you guys dropped to 39 again. similar to yesterday morning, what we are going to see is a decent amount have of unshine, less than yesterday because there is a cold front approaching from the west. you can see those cloud, a few showers northwestern pennsylvania, mess of those showers should break up but we will get included from the front, that front passed through our region later on this evening but maybe bringing a sprinkle. wind calm, so thatni


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