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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 22, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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walk out and that air hit me, i said oh, it is not freezing cold. it is feeling g roadways are dry. we are dealing with overnight construction. we will talk about that in a second. how sit feeling right now. >> it is nice, comfortable, to typical for october, 40's in the coldest suburbs and may need to throw jacket on but we don't have to worry about any impact of the the the drive this morning but just battling sun glare when sunnies up. we are in the lower 40's in the lehigh valley and parts of the suburbs and south jersey. dover, delaware 52, one of the milder spots and at 51. quakertown you guys dropped to 39 again. similar to yesterday morning, what we are going to see is a decent amount have of unshine, less than yesterday because there is a cold front approaching from the west. you can see those cloud, a few showers northwestern pennsylvania, mess of those showers should break up but we will get included from the front, that front passed through our region later on this evening but maybe bringing a sprinkle. wind calm, so that morning work out you have planned
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outside should be good. over the next few hours should be good. temperatures in the morning, temperatures rapidly climbing to 70 around lunchtime. then cloud will thicken up early to mid afternoon but still keeping temperatures well above average with highs in the mid 70's just like yesterday. seventy-six for philadelphia lower 70's at the shore and 60 in the poconos. meisha is liking this forecast but it will feel good and cool down. we are talking 60's. we will get to that in a few minutes. >> thanks, justin. i will relish the 70's. i love it. this is what i do not love an accident, we have an accident early this morning on route 309 northbound near waiverly road. you can see it blocking right lane. it is not causing too many slow downs but it certainly will if it toss than the move out quickly. that is route 309 north bound near waiverly road. it is that right lane. moving to 42 freeway northbound at creek road approaching 295, looking good. looking really quiet, slow
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moving at this point. slow in terms of the volume levels. there is just not a lot of vehicles right now. forty-two freeway in the north bound direction is an an area that heat up quickly even moving in the 5:00 p.m. hour. it is looking nice. 422 eastbound you can see those cones a across that bridge there, in the looking at that, 422 east is looking nice, again, very quiet this morning. looking really quiet. we have got construction on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound off ramp to fort washington, it is closed, so make note of that and also pennsylvania turnpike eastbound valley forge to fort washington two lanes block there and westbound fort washington to norristown, nicole, back over to you. new this morning police are investigating the cause of the crash in northeast philadelphia. the accident between minivan and a car happened overnight on the roosevelt boulevard in southampton road. one person was injured in this crash, victim's condition is not yet known. family of the brendan creato will attend his viewing this afternoon more than a week after a body was found in
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the wood in haddon township. meantime there is new evidence of the death of the three-year old boy. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live at the camden county prosecutor's office, good morning. >> reporter: nicole, good morning. new information almost an ad to the mystery surrounding brendan creato's death. camden officials released that his body showed in signs of sexual assault and his home showed no signs of forced entry. three-year old brendan creato was last seen monday october 12th and haddon township home, a home where camden county prosecutor's office says that they did not find any signs of anyone trying to force their way in. leaving brendan's loved ones to wonder how he was able to leave. then officials revealed that brendan's body did not exhibit signs of sexual assault. this is after prosecutors announced his autopsy results were inconclusive. so now, officials await medical testing results, last week, brendan's dad, dj creato called 911 to report him
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missing 6:00a m last tuesday. that led to a search that within hours, turned up brendan's life less body in woods off south park drive just blocks from his dad's apartment. creato's lawyer says his client is cooperating now with the police. >> he did meet with them without my being there to speak with them during the interview. he answered as far as i know all of their questions, and, since then they have not had any other questions for them but it is, as much a mystery i think to him as i think it is to the rest of us what actually happened here. lawyers say a at this time his client is not the a suspect. we do know that brendan's family is holding a private viewing today and then tomorrow a funeral and burial. we are live outside camden county prosecutor's office, i'm justin finch for "eyewitness news", nicole. >> justin, thank you. happening today democratic presidential front runner hillary clinton appears before the republican led house
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benghazi committee. on the eve of the hearing democrats released full closed door testimony, showing clinton work hard to protect those caught in the 2012 attack. many democrats and some republicans believe the hearing is an attempt at derailing clinton's campaign. will he or won't he? speculation about joe biden is now over, what the vice-president a announcing he will in the run for president. "eyewitness news" reporter natasha brown has more on the decision that took many by surprise. >> i believe we're out of time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the nomination. but while i will not be a candidate i will not be silent report report with those word vice-president joe biden ended months of speculation boeing out of the presidential run gracefully after nearly 50 year political career, biden will not make a third run for the presidency, but urged the the democrats who are running to stand on the current administration's accomplishments. >> democrats should not only
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defend this record and protect this record but they should run on the record. >> reporter: during a deeply tea vice i have climate in washington biden made a plea for bipartisanship hoping that the next president can reach across the the aisle bringing both democrats and republicans together. >> i don't think we should look at republicans as our enemies. they are opposition they're in the our enemies. for the sake of the country we have to work together. >> reporter: surprise and disappointment about biden's a announcement from supporters in his home state the of delaware who would have like to seen a biden presidency. >> if i was a betting manny would bet that he was going to run. i think biden is built to be president. great public servant for state of delaware and country. >> i'm interested to see what his views are, now that he is, again had that experience to be vice-president for eight years on top of his previous years of being a politician. >> reporter: after losing
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his son beau by tone brain cancer earlier this year biden's decision to enter the race hinged largely on his family's emotional readiness for campaign. biden's ever cheerful and resilient reflect on one of personal priority would have been had he ever become president. >> if i could be anything, i would have wanted to be the the president that ended cancer, because it is possible. >> vice-president biden ended on a optimistic note wishing best for our country's future and he took the the time to thank reporters who have covered him over the years hinting at the possibility that he may be ending his career in washington. in the sat center i'm natasha brown for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". aloft people expecting the the vice-president to jump in the races specially pennsylvania congressman brendan boyle. you will probably remember the the tweet that he tweeted a source close to him, to biden that is, told him that the vice-president would run for president. well, after the vice-president's a announcement boyle admitted
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his mistake clearly something change. like am i admire and respect vp biden but in the meantime i'll stick to my day job. now that the vice-president is out of the race it looks like the field is set for the race for the white house. stay with "eyewitness news" and cbs for continuing coverage of the campaign 2016. pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane's law license is temporarily suspended. kane held a meeting yesterday to let them know her job won't ab expected by that suspension. the a spokesmen says that she expects to be able to perform about the 8 percent of her job. kane's name will still appear on court documents but she won't be able to sign legal papers. state supreme court ordered kane's license suspension last month as she fights criminal charges. two fire fighters are hurt battling this massive fire at an apartment building in northern new jersey. the blaze broke out last night in the building as flames shot out of the roof there during the 58 alarm fire. we're working to find out how the the injured fire fighters are doing, everyone who lives
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there, safely got out of that building, so that is really good news there. 5:09. shocking case of road rage as a four year-old girl is being killed. there are developments overnight in that case. what the driver told police about that shooting. also new high tech tools for a local police department. how the state of the art novelty is changing the way they fight crime. >> major make over at franklin institute there is a new way to get active and tested for your skills. >> ♪ >> a new look on that classic exhibit, that has been around for quite sometime we're taking you behind the scenes to show you what is new before it opens to the public, i remember going to the franklin institute as a kid, definitely classic. we will be right back.
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crashing into a fence. now that crash was captured on police dash cam in georgia. police say crash happened while the officer was pursuing theft suspects. they were later caught. officers injured we're told
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are non-life threatening. roadway shooting leads to murder charges. suspect shot a four year-old girl. don champion brings us up to date own his facebook page the the father of lily garcia called her the light of his life, allen garcia and his seven year-old son watched as lily's life was cut short inside of this red pickup truck. now there has been an a arrest. >> everyone that was involved is breathing just a little bit better with the sigh of relief. >> reporter: tips from the public led to the arrest of the three two-year old tony torres, investigators say torres and lily a's father exchanged word on this albuquerque high way tuesday a afternoon during the road rage incident. at some point torres allegedly opened fire on the pick up the garcia family was riding in. lily, seated in the back seat was hit in the head. a passerby called for help.
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>> it looked like some sort of medical emergency that is not an accident but there is an adult holding a unresponsive child. >> reporter: lily died after being rush to the hospital after her death the local police chief had tough word for the gun man. >> this is a complete disrespect of human life, this should have never happened. >> reporter: after his arrest police say torres confessed to the crime. don champion for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a judge denies bail from suspect in the murder of a new york city police officer. tyrone howard is accused of stealing a device and shooting officer randolph holder tuesday night. court record show howard has a long criminal history with 18 prior arrests and three outstanding warrants. prosecutors will present their case to the grand jury starting tomorrow. camden police have a new tool in the fight against crime, crime scene unit is working out of the brand new state of the art center that just opened. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones gets an
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exclusive tour and shows you how it will help officers. >> this is where all guns are kept. >> reporter: what used to take days can now be done in hours. >> prior to this everything went to the state police, it will come right off the street, crime scene packaged and taken to the state police. >> reporter: many different wave lengths to protect fingerprints it is an example of is what possible in the newly establish unit in the camden county police department. >> these are the guns that cops can get confronted with on the street. >> yes. >> what are some of the guns here. >> basically, we're looking the arrival, shotguns, semi autos. >> reporter: quick glance at the amount of the guns here, indicates here that there are plenty of people here armed with bad intentions and new upgrade to the crime scene unit here which cbs-3 was given exclusive access to will help police process information at a much faster rate. >> we're seeing a suspect certainly here and being interrogated we have this
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information, should at the the detective and that is more to work with. >> there is no better equipment out there. >> reporter: firearms examiner sal depaula shows us how similar markings and shell casings can be tied back to the same gun. >> why should criminals be scared of you and what you are doing here. >> because we can link two crimes together that would have never been link before. >> reporter: hope is that this will lead to quick's rests as opposed to allowing criminals to wander the street as potential evidence is still being processed. reporting from camden, new jersey, todd quinones, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". 5:16. and hey if you like weather the last few days and really who hasn't you are in luck. >> yes. >> a lot of people were freaking out, because it was so cold, winter is coming. >> too soon. >> it is october. we will get to warmer days. i don't think we're done. there will be more 70's, through the end of the movement it does cool down but enjoy today if you like mild temperatures, starting off, waking up to some clear skies,
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live look at palmyra cove nature park new jersey camera looking across the delaware river at center city. all quiet. we will be seeing more clouds today, compared to yesterday but enough sunshine will warm us up. here's october overall not a bad month. seven days of over 75 degrees. only four days with some rain. we have that this weekend. high temperatures so far 80 degrees. our lowest temp 35 that happened on monday morning. fifty-one right now you at the airport, wind direction out of the southwest, and that keeps us nice and mile. cold front still to our west, 63 in cleveland. so, much of the east coast, sitting in the warm air for one more day. showers ahead of the front across northern central pennsylvania and a some cloud, mostly showers should break up but stays to the north as our front comes through tonight, maybe gets sprinkled in the evening but otherwise just some cloud and then noticeably cooler conditions returns for weekend. we are seeing high color up toward lehigh valley and
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poconos. we are getting close to peak. maybe planning a trip this weekend up into the mountains it looks good saturday, cooler 53 degrees, sun and cloud, we may get a couple showers in here sunday. temperatures in the upper 40's for the high. today a mixture of sun and cloud, tonight more clouds that is front moves through a stray sprinkle we are back to full sunshine on friday, just breezy and cooler. today's high well in the mid 70's, maybe upper 07's as we see enough sunshine and then tomorrow, noticeably cooler, afternoon temperatures upper 50's to lower 60's. today feeling good, running 10 . 76 degrees. pleasant day. tonight we are dropping to 52 with some cloud around early. extended forecast we will go from 70's today. we will hold in the low to mid 60's next week. no sign of true cold air, meisha. >> seventy-six, we will take it. thanks, justin. happy thursday to you, if you are just waking up with us we have an accident outside, route 309 northbound near waiverly road, you can see that right lane is blocked and
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travelers are passing through not causing too many slow downs right now but you as we progress in the 5:00 o'clock hour, it can we did have people outside on foot and whenever we have people out there vehicles walking around when it is dark you want to use extra caution. here's the the schuylkill headlights moving in the eastbound direction at girard, this is one of the area to keep my eye on and heat up quickly. looking good though. have been traveling moving around in posted speed. roosevelt boulevard, moving towards the schuylkill you can see print of headlights already. it is 5:00 o'clock hour but we will move through the 6:00. we will start to see this area heat up. i will move out and let you take a look at this, patco is starting traditional weekday service, weekday track work is suspended, through early december because the the track can be become slick with the leaves falling on it. also, trains could be running slower because of this. just check your on line schedules, for sure, now nicole, back to you.
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here's something to think about when you get in your car. it is not just cell phones distracting you, new study released by triple a says it takes drivers 27 seconds to return to full attention after using a hands free device to make a call. now, turn on the radio or even perform another task. the researchers found that practice with assistance doesn't help either. they say old are drivers took longer to pay a attention then younger drivers. well, a with man survives getting lost in her car for hours, unlikely item in her car that led police right to her, plus. i'm danielle nottingham in los angeles, coming up, the diet that researchers say can help keep your brain healthy as
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on the cbs-3 healthwatch new research say eating more fish and vegetables could slow down effects of aging on your brain. danielle nottingham has details. >> it is lunchtime at this mediterranean cafe in los
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angeles at five two-year old, man is here for his salmon and vegetables. >> it contains a lot of protein, which is good for mental health. >> reporter: new study out of columbia university found that eating a, mediterranean diet which includes more fish, vegetables, fruits, grains and less saturated fatty acid, meat and dairy may help people lose fewer brain cells as they age. dr. g. oo monitored diets of nearly 700 people with the average age of 80 and found those who followed a mediterranean diet have larger brain volume then those who did not. >> we found, you know, a study that more you adhere to the mediterranean diet the better protection you get for your brain. >> reporter: dr. g. u says adding five mediterranean foods to your diet may equal five fewer years of brain shrinkage. that won't be hard for this man who says the diet already includes his favorite foods. >> i love all of the flavors.
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>> reporter: doctors recommend eating at least three to 5-ounces of fish a week or eating no more than three and a half ounces of meat a day. danielle nottingham for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a new reason to keep your child away from secondhand smoke, japanese researchers studied more than 75,000 children. they found exposure to tobacco smoke and four months of age was associated with twice the risk of tooth decay in baby teeth. coming up next on "eyewitness news" video of a fan fightings viral, this time it is an eagles and giants fan brawling after a game. why police say it could be hard to figure out hoist responsible. franklin institute's new exhibit doesn't open until this weekend but we will give you a sneak peak at the exhibit that lets you test your sports skills a against the stars, justin. we are waking up to cool temperatures, 40's and 50's, still lots of unshine, gets it back in the mid 70's. we will talk about how long the warmth will last in the
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forecast. before you leave home, more than ace updating backups on the road, she will have detours so you don't get caught in traffic. not as much maybe. we will be right back.
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democratic front runner hillary clinton is taking a break from the campaign trail today, instead of rallying for votes she's facing a grilling
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on capitol hill. it is all over deadly attack in benghazi. how her testimony could impact her presidential hopes. and get out and enjoy the great weather today because we have one more, warm day, before it starts feeling a little bit more like fall with maybe a good thing. we're talking to meisha and justin. you like warmer the better. >> i don't believe there could be one person that doesn't like 70's. please, let me know. >> yes, they will track them down. >> justin, you are bringing good news in weather. >> cool thing about working this shift because you can get out of here at decent time and enjoy the weather. we will see sunshine this afternoon and back in the 70's. cool start. so typical for this time of the year, 40's and 50's. a along the coast it the is milder. that ocean still warm. rehoboth beach checks in at 56 . similar numbers at the jersey shore as well. inland the atlantic city airport drops to 43 degrees. fifty-seven up in the
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mountains in mount pocono. it is really mild for this time of the year through most of the locations the with the exception quakertown coming in at 39 degrees at this hour just like yesterday. clear at the moment. that is why temperatures have been dropping down into the upper 30's in some spots but there are cloud to the north and west, a couple showers northern pennsylvania, that is a front, that will come through here later this evening. maybe bringing a sprinkle during evening hours and that is it. wind are calm or light out of the south/southwest at 5 miles an hour. we do have calm wind, there is more moisture so we are seeing patchy fog. millville visibility is down to a mile. it is okay, less than a mile in trenton but may run into a a few patches of fog on your way in this morning. today sun with more cloud then yesterday. overall warmth. 10 degrees above average. here is that cool day forecast. i will give it an a minus because of the cloud because overall not bad 55 degrees. mid 70's this afternoon. check out this high temperature 76 degrees for phel


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