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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  October 22, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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fifty-seven up in the mountains in mount pocono. it is really mild for this time of the year through most of the locations the with the exception quakertown coming in at 39 degrees at this hour just like yesterday. clear at the moment. that is why temperatures have been dropping down into the upper 30's in some spots but there are cloud to the north and west, a couple showers northern pennsylvania, that is a front, that will come through here later this evening. maybe bringing a sprinkle during evening hours and that is it. wind are calm or light out of the south/southwest at 5 miles an hour. we do have calm wind, there is more moisture so we are seeing patchy fog. millville visibility is down to a mile. it is okay, less than a mile in trenton but may run into a a few patches of fog on your way in this morning. today sun with more cloud then yesterday. overall warmth. 10 degrees above average. here is that cool day forecast. i will give it an a minus because of the cloud because overall not bad 55 degrees. mid 70's this afternoon. check out this high temperature 76 degrees for philadelphia we should be
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around 65. more sunshine down toward the the shore lower 70's. sixty's in the poconos. we will talk about that weekend cool down in a few minutes. all right, meisha, what is the latest. >> sound good, thanks very much. if you are just waking up we are so glad you are here. here's 95 northbound at 452. looking good, but we could see moving in the north bound direction, plenty of open road. it may be an easy thursday. ben franklin bridge looking g volume levels just slightly picking up here although this is holding steady and of course everyone traveling around posted speed coming from new jersey there. accident route 309 northbound near waiverly road, the right lane is still blocked. let me move out so you can see have travelers moving by and there is, of course, capping their breaks, not causing too many slow downs but just make note it will if it doesn't get cleaned out of the way, and patco starting traditional weekday services today. weekday track work is suspended through leaf season or early december because
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track can be slick with the the leaves falling on it. trains could be running slower because of it. the just a heads up. check on line for that new schedule and also the lansdale doylestown line is shuttle busing. we have been talking about that all week. >> happening today hillary clinton will testify on capitol hill about benghazi deadly a attacks. the a attacks in 2012 led to the death of four americans including u.s. ambassador chris stevens. weijia jiang has a preview from washington. >> reporter: hillary clinton will face eight hour grilling before the house committee investigating 2012 been gas a tack. testimony that could prove pivotal for her presidential campaign. >> can she weather a full days worth of testimony in front of the committee that even some republicans have said is aiming to hurt her politically. if she can do that she will be on stable ground after what was a shaky summer. >> reporter: republican led committee will try to find out why the u.s. chose to remain in benghazi, despite thees
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lacing in violence. >> what i want to know is while violence was going off in libya why was our security profile going down. >> reporter: clinton will face questions about whether she was aware for requests for security at the consul where at tax took place. the clinton, who was secretary of the state of the time, has gone on the defensive during two previous testimonies. >> the fact is we have four dead americans, whether it was because of a protest or guys out for a walk one night and decided to go kill some americans, what difference at this point does it make. >> reporter: ahead of the hearing, democrats on the benghazi committee released transcript of the closed door testimony of the former clinton aid cheryl mills. mills testified that clinton was devastated by the events and very engaged in her response. in washington, weijia jiang for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". now clinton is also expected to be asked about her private e-mail server and e-mails she sent the night of the been gas a tack this
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committee marks eighth major investigation into those attacks. it appears congressman paul ryan is all but guarantied to get the job of the speaker of the house. the members of the conservative house freedom caucus are backing the wisconsin republican. they have enough votes to secure a selection. house freedom caucus helped push speaker john bain inner to retirement. a vote on the new speaker is scheduled for next week. well to day you can weigh in on the future of fairmount park. fairmount park group is one of the six groups to receive a three million-dollar grant from a program established by president obama a. the the goal, to include more art in that park. they are holding a forum to talk about how to spend monday a please touch museum at 4:00 o'clock. 5:34. in business news this morning dominoes gives a new meaning to hot cars and you tube, they are offering to get rid of ads for a price. hena daniels joins us live with more, good morning, henna. >> good morning. you tube introduced a
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advertisement free subscription service, you tube red will cost $9 and a 99 cents a movement subscribers see everything on you tube without the ads and will have have the ability to save everything you want for device for off line viewing. sign up for you tube red beginning october 28th. ups will be shelling out 4.2 million-dollar to 17 states including illinois for false delivery claims. they settled after allegations of overcharged state and local governments by fake ago rifle times of packages including next day deliveries. former ups employee exposed the scam. other cities including washington d.c., and in new york. disney is launching a subscription streaming service in the the uk. disney life will offer movies, tv series, books and music from the disney library foyer $15 a movement parents can establish time limits for their children's use they hope to expand across europe next year. so far in plans to offer the services here in the u.s. and domino's piss ace
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unveiling hot new cars, literally, second largest pizza company will roll out its pizza mobile equipped with the oven. the converted delivery car can hold 80 pizza a with a temperature of 140 degrees. domino is accepting 100 vehicles and plans to bring the the cars to 25 cities. nicole. up in the anti, hot pizza. i mean it is better than cold pizza but we will take it, thank you. ieven if users meanwhile are waking up to a software update that includes new emojis, these are long awaited ones that include a burrito, new smiling faces, even middle finger, um, the group in charge of the picking them is working to find more for next year. early contenders include avocado, selfie hand, glass of whiskey and a shark. all right. 5:36. it is game on this weekend at franklin institute, one of the museum's most popular features has been transformed to a brand new exhibit paring sports with science.
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"eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is live at the science center with your first preview, alex, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we've got old favorite is here. this is surf board, i'm inside sports zone at franklin institute which has gone under a complete redesign, it really helps visitors know the science behind the sports that we all love. for example, you have 2 feet together, ballies key. this is really cool. now this has been in the works since 2013, and 3.1 million-dollar redesign, completely redone a new vision and here to talk more about that, we have fredrick burtly, and let's talk what was the the idea what are you hoping visitors get out of this renovated experience. >> alex, it is really funny. here we make science accessible and everybody loves sports, whether you play the sport yourself or watch on tv, sport is a universal language so we use sport, we revamped it, we brought 21st century technology to showcase where
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sport toys day. how do you make yourself a better athlete, nutrition, all of the things that make us awesome in sports. we have brought it right here to the franklin institute. >> kid who love sports, they might not even realize they are learning about science. it is sneaking in that way because science is involved in all this. what do we have behind here. >> we have a wonderful pitching cage that showcases how you throw the fast ball. we have you, and we have avatar here with an pitching coach and you throw and then he analyzes you and you compare yourself to pitching coach and figure out how to be awesome. >> lets see if we give this one a go. >> we can try this. >> i don't know if i know this one. >> let's see this is a a replay, an actual athlete and then you are going head to head. >> you can see he throws it and makes it look simple. >> i will go on baseball pitching and try my best to throw and see my after a car come up and compare to it that individual. >> let's see how you can do. >> okay. >> you have your sneakers on. that is good.
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okay. there are four steps to the perfect pitch. >> i see him. so pull back over the top, cool, i'm seeing how you throw, okay, very good. >> you feel like a pro. >> there is another, i think i'll get involve in this one here. you have the baseball on check but i ran track in high school, in high school i didn't tell but that. >> this is the the stapel. this is the the center piece of this new exhibit. >> one of the things that is perfect for all your listeners to understand is franklin institute makes things interactive. you are not theoretically learning about sports but we are actively doing sports right now. this has a bunch of athletes from jordan matthews on the eagles, to an amazing marathon runner. you can pick one. we have pick don. what we will do is go head to
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head and run. >> i have to put this down. should i put this >> i pulled a ham string. i pulled a hamstring on that. >> i have no idea how that looked but that was pretty cool, i think andy got the best look. you go head to head with athletes there. >> yes. >> i ran next to you and you are a track star and i am sweating. you run next to the athletes and it shows you their time next to their time and it is really cool, interactive. that is best part of the franklin institute. you get engaged through interactive processes to get through all your senses why science is all around us and how we can learn from it. >> this exhibit is opening up saturday and i think first 500 i don't want to get this wrong but the first 500. >> the the first 500 come here
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for free. get here early on time we open up at 9:30. have a remarkable time here. >> this is wonderful and for those of all ages. i got a whole lot more to check out. i will see new a couple minutes. nicole, back to you. >> i like him playing it off like i pulled a hamstring and that is why i lost. yeah. >> that was his story we will check back. 5:41. young musician calls out a magazine and defend herself. see the picture that shocked the singer. eagles fans are used to getting a bad rap. find out where they rank among the most a anything fans in the nfl.
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authorities are asking for public's help identifying those involved in the fight after monday night's eagles game. a giants fan was knocked out by a man wearing eagles green. that entire confrontation was captured on camera. sixty-ninth street terminal in upper darby. video shows the fans exchanging some words before punches started to fly. so far in one has come forward to file a complaint, septa transit police say they worked to prevent fights like this. >> it is for this reason and reason by itself... >> it looks like we have a little problem with that sound bite. meanwhile septa transit police say they will prosecute riders caught fighting on the system. meanwhile, eagles fans are used to getting a bad rap, right. now they have been named some
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of the most annoying fans in the nfl. a a poll on play buzz writes eagles as the the fifth most annoying fans. the bird just behind pittsburgh. cowboys fans third on the list. last two super bowl champion seattle and new england hold the top two spots. speaking of seattle, seahawks take on san francisco 49ers tonight in an nfc west showdown on thursday night football, coverage starts at 7:30 right here on cbs-3. speaking of football temple keeps its perfect football season alive tonight, six and zero owls are taking on east carolina on the road at 7:00. temple in an unusual role playing as a ranked team for first time in 36 years. they have never started the season with seven straight wins. go owls. river sharks, have struck out in camden, unfortunately, inn baseball team is seizing operations after 15 years. the team says they were unable to reach a lease agreement at their home campbell's feel.
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last month camden county officials say other teams have expressed interest in that stadium. there is in word right now whether the team will move to another state. so much for cubs being lucky on back to the future day. they were swept by met late last night, daniel murphy making history, hitting a record setting sixth consecutive home run. met went on to beat the cubs eight-three. of course, fans in new york celebrating. mets return to the world series for the first time in 15 years. they will face winter of the toronto/kansas city series a happening now. speaking of back to the future, pepsi is trying to make it right after the the special promotion left some fans furious. pepsi released 6500 bottles of pepsi perfect to celebrate back to the future day yesterday. bottles sold out almost immediately making some movie fans angry. pepsi perfect was first featured in the film back in 1989 and pepsi says it will sell another batch of bottles on november 3rd.
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now lets get a check of the forecast and man does it look nice today, justin. >> looking g if you like mid 70's like yesterday, we will hit that again. then change it up for weekend bringing in those temperatures where they should be this time of the year. a few degrees below average. something for everybody over next few days. weather watchers reporting temperatures about 20 degrees warmer then what they were dealing with on monday morning but here we go across the region out in cardington bill has 43. willow grove barbara at 50 at this hour. the mount laurel, kerry at 44 degrees. clementon david an "s" house we have 48 degrees. it is jacket weather in most locations. ed connor chesterfield 47. cherry hill 49. lower 50's in bath and perkasie john jenkins 41 degrees. chats worth, new jersey. we are feeling low 40's at this hour. it is a wrapped warm up with more sunshine but we have a taste of indian summer going on. what is indian summer? it does occur in mid to late fall. typically after the first frost ape we have had that
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widespread frost on monday, and it consists of warm days, cool nights, temperatures well above average in the 70's with clear skies. it got its name from the native american indians which thought they use these days warmer to go out and gather more supplies for the winter. it makes sense. we're cooling off. today still warm 70's. we are back to the lower 60's as we head into friday to the upcoming weekend. here's is what happening on storm scan three. we have showers across northwestern pennsylvania, cold front still hanging out near chicago that will come through later today. bring in more cloud maybe a stray sprinkle, we will see enough sunshine to warm us up though. again here's the setup. front comes through late are tonight and puts an end to the 70's as north wind return on friday to the weekend. and then sunday we will go another front starts to approach, maybe a shower or two coming in on the the afternoon. not much happening today, tonight. just some cloud around. as we head toward friday. we will be back to full sunshine. energy today if we can. sunshine, clouds, high temperature of 76 degrees. what is the latest.
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roadways justin are looking good, we are starting to heat up, now as we are pushing toward our 6:00 o'clock hour. here's 422, in the eastbound direction in collegeville you can see a steady stream of headlights letting us know that people are starting to hit those roadways and seemingly busy thursday. ninety-five south at academy looking the same way, everyone still traveling at posted speeds which is a i great time for i-95 because we know this is one of the spots that heat up fairly quickly. this is an accident we have been dealing work route 309, northbound, near waiverly road, pulled all the way off to the right shoulder trying to get that cleared out of the way. it has not yet cleared yet. not causing too much problem but it will do so. we have an accident in trenton 95 south at route 273, right and center lanes are blocked and also an update with patco it is starting the traditionallal weekday service. weekday track work is suspended through leaf season, because of track and leaves falling on it and trains could
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be running slower. check on line for the new schedule, nicole, back to you. >> here's today's headlines on cbs three, viewing for three-year old brendan creato is set for this afternoon. last tuesday, police found that child's body in the wood in haddon township. his death is still under investigation. hillary clinton will testify before the house select committee on benghazi, the panel expect to grill former secretary of the state about 2012 attack on the u.s. compound in libya. u.s. am was dor chris stevens and three others died in the a attack. vice-president joe biden will not make a run for the white house, he said while his family what's mostly ready to under take a grueling presidential campaign, they a arrived at that decision, too late for him to launch a credible bid. former nba star lamar odom continues to recover in the hospital this morning. meanwhile odom and chloe kardashian are putting their divorce on hold. old om was found unconscious last week in the nevada a brothel. kardashian has been at his bedside and continues to make
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medical decisions for him. the couple married in 2009 just one month after meeting. actress zandeya calls out a magazine for photo shopping her cover. modeleste slimmed down her torso and her legs. she posted the before and after mug shot on instagram with the caption had a new shoot coming out and was shocked to find my 19 year-old hipps and torso manipulated. these are things that make women self-conscious creating unrealistic ideals of beauty. she thank the magazine for pulling down imaging and fixing the issue. just an unusual viewing in puerto rico here where a dead man is still sitting at his favorite table in his favorite bar, 23 year-old omar's mother decided to memorialize him by dressing him in the blue track suit, baseball cap and sunglasses. he is also playing dominoes. it may seem strange to us it is a legal way to handle the dead in this region of puerto
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rico. 5:51. a family a appears at work when grandmother difficulties a appears while driving home. unlikely at number her car that helped police track her town. talk about a bar burglary fail. see struggle some burglars had when they tried to get away with the goods. we will be right back.
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take a look at this thunderstorms triggered flash flooding in north phoenix, and trapped this met the wrist who became stuck in fast moving water. rescuers got to them in time though. law enforcement said road that became flooded and closed and there were barricade in place. spokesperson says the driver will face fines. a virginia grandmother goes missing but she's found thanks to a pin g from the cell phone. emily apple, 76, lost control of her car and landed in a ditch. she was missing for five hours. she didn't have her cell phone but her sister left hers in the car. police were able to ping its locate and led straight to the apple's car. police say it is always a good idea to keep your cell phone handy. apple is still in the hospital but she will be okay. a pair of burglars make off with nothing but a headache after trying to steel a bar's atm machine. take a look at this
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surveillance here from coach's bar and grill in houston. what the thieves didn't know that machine was bolted to the floor, at one point, one of the crooks falls over and hits his head. they gave up and tried to steel a new flat screen tv but they could not get that done. bar suffered $15,000 in damage but they did get some clear pictures, of the suspects. all right. still to come on "eyewitness news" there are a lot of questions, and concerns after new mammograms guidelines were announced earlier this week. doctor jen will be here to sort it all out. sesame street welcomes a new character meet julia and find out what makes her so different from the other muppets coming up next, we will be
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police release new information, in the mysterious death of the three-year old boy in south jersey. we're live with what has been ruled out in that case. and hillary clinton sets off the campaign trail today to give highly anticipated testimony on the been gas a tacks. why her testimony, could prove to be pivotal in the race for the white house. and meet julia, sesame street's new addition to their cast, we will show you why she's making history on the tell rigs show. we love this story. it is thursday, october 22nd good morning, so glad you are
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with us, i'm nicole brewer. i'm not alone. we have meisha and adjust continue here with the check on things. good morning, guys. >> good morning. happy thursday, you guys. things heating up a little bit. got news is it feels great outside this morning. >> we have another warm day shaping up if you liked yesterday you'll love today. maybe a few more cloud around but overall not a bad afternoon to be outside. little cool this morning in some spots we may need jacket. we are looking at upper 30's but generally mid 40's, across reporting stations. wilmington at 45. fifty-one at the the airport in philadelphia some suburbs to the north and west starting to cool off. thirty-nine in quakertown. doylestown you guys are waking up to 46 at this hour. clear skies right now, a band have of clouds trying to move through berks county and lehigh valley and a couple of showers maybe a sprinkle ten in the poconos ahead of the cold front that will come through later on today. we will see a little bit the more cloud cover but enough sunshine to warm us up. ma


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