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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 22, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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i'm not alone. we have meisha and adjust continue here with the check on things. good morning, guys. >> good morning. happy thursday, you guys. things heating up a little bit. got news is it feels great outside this morning. >> we have another warm day shaping up if you liked yesterday you'll love today. maybe a few more cloud around but overall not a bad afternoon to be outside. little cool this morning in some spots we may need jacket. we are looking at upper 30's but generally mid 40's, across reporting stations. wilmington at 45. fifty-one at the the airport in philadelphia some suburbs to the north and west starting to cool off. thirty-nine in quakertown. doylestown you guys are waking up to 46 at this hour. clear skies right now, a band have of clouds trying to move through berks county and lehigh valley and a couple of showers maybe a sprinkle ten in the poconos ahead of the cold front that will come through later on today. we will see a little bit the more cloud cover but enough sunshine to warm us up. maybe we will get a stray
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sprinkle during evening hours. wind are calm, to maybe about 5 miles per hour, so it is comfortable outside, again, the cold enough to wear that jacket or sweat shirt but you have to take it a off in the afternoon because we will warm things up. that is your forecast. mid 50's by 8:00. warm on the way home from school 47 degrees, overall a a a mine to us day just due to few extra clouds. afternoon high up to 76, for philadelphia a little bit more sunshine in south jersey and poconos. more clouds, right around 66 degrees. we will will cool it down for the weekend. we will get those details in a few more minutes but we have to hit the roads first with meisha, good morning. >> a minus why doesn't that surprise me, justin. >> good morning everybody. happy thursday. a as justin said it is a gorgeous day, you cannot complain about that. here's a live look outside the blue route, moving in the north bound direction. it looks good moving in the north and southbound direction for the 6:00 o'clock hour. we can expect some will volume levels starting to heat up and
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they are on the plea route. make note of. that also another area where they are, i-95 southbound, coming around that s curve is turning out to be a relevant i start to the busyness on this thursday morning. so for those thinking about leaving your home you might want to give yourself a couple extra minutes. we have an accident this morning route 309 north near waiverly road, that right shoulder is kind of blocked as you can see not causing slow downs. every time i look at this camera they are getting that cleared out of your way. and an accident in newark, delaware i-95 southbound at route 273 right and center lanes are block in this area. also, 202 northbound and southbound ram tops 95 are closed, until 6:00 p.m. on october 30th, nicole, that is over to you. new this morning, at least one person is injured after this crash is in northeast philadelphia. the accident between the the minivan and a car happened overnight on the roosevelt boulevard near southampton road. victim's condition is unknown at this hour and there is no word on the cause of the
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crash. viewing for brendan creato thinks have afternoon as investigators look for answers since the child's mysterious death. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live with the camden county prosecutor's office with new information, justin. >> nicole, good morning. officials here of revealed that brendan's body, had no signs of sexual assault and that his home had no chases of forced entry. we also spoke to brendan's father's lawyer and he tells us that his client is cooperating with the investigation. more than one week ago brendan creato was discovered dead, and soon his family will lay him to rest. his father, dj creato was among the last to see three-year old brendan alive. creato's lawyer shared historically's personal pain. >> he went through this horrific, horrific loss and while i think everyone else has a lot of questions about what happened, he has to get through kind of first stage of it which is burying his son. >> reporter: creato spent hours facing police questions after brendan's disappearance and death.
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>> did he meet with them without my being there, to speak with them, during the interview. he answered as far as i know all of their questions. >> reporter: about 6:00 a.m. october 13th creato made this call to haddon township police. >> 911 what is your emergency. >> i just woke up and my three-year oldies missing. >> reporter: that call launched a search for brendan. within hours his body was found in woods off cooper river park less than a half mile from his dad's apartment where he was last seen alive. >> he is as much a mystery to him as it is to the rest of us. >> reporter: camden county prosecutor's office say there were no signs of forced entry a at creato's home. also initial autopsy results found no signs of sexual assault, nor did they pinpoint a cause of death for brendan leaving creato and his loved ones with questions, along with their grief. we also know officials here, did request medical testing and that could shed height on what took brendan's life, also to his lawyer, creato's lawyer says he is confident in the
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investigation and that his client at this time is not a suspect in this case. as you mentioned viewing is set for today, tomorrow brendan's family will bury him. we are live outside camden county prosecutor's office i'm just continue finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> nicole. >> so sad, justin, thank you. new developments in the road rage death in new mexico. police are a at the suspects in the confrontation that ended in the fatal shooting of the four year-old girl. as andrew spencer reports, investigators say the suspect has confessed. >> reporter: in the back of this red pickup truck on interstate 40 in albuquerque new mexico tuesday afternoon, four year-old lily garcia was shot and killed. police have very little to go on until they got a tip on wednesday. >> we received an a in must call from a person who reported they knew who had shot lily. >> reporter: albuquerque detective questioned three two-year old tony torres. they said torres eventually admitted to firing the shot that killed the little girl.
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>> he is currently in custody. he has been booked into ndc and held on $650,000 bond. >> reporter: lily's father had just pick her and her seven year-old brother up from school on tuesday. two kids were in the back seat of the truck, their mother was not in the car. police say on a 2-mile stretch of the interest state, two vehicles each cut each other off. not long after one of the drivers pull up to the pickup truck and fired a gun several times. at least one of the bullets entered through back window. lily was struck. nurse necessary traffic stopped to help, medics rushed the girl to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. torres faces multiple felony charges including murder, tampering with evidence and assault to commit a violent felony. andrew spencer for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". happening today, democratic presidential hopeful hillary clinton will testify before the house select commit thee on the benghazi attacks. clinton maintains that he did nothing wrong. in the 202 attacks.
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four americans died including u.s. ambassador chris stevens. it the is unclear if this congressional probe uncovered any new information. so far it the has cost taxpayers four million-dollar. have after keeping americans guessing for months, vice-president gentlemen biden announced he is in the running for president. >> i believe that we're out of time, the time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the nomination. >> the vice-president made that a a announcement at the rose garden, the the place he strived to reach since arriving in washington more than four decade ago. biden supporters in his home state of delaware expressed their disappointment. >> i'm surprised. if i were a betting man would i bet that he was going to run. i think biden is built to be president, he is a great public servant for state of the delaware and country. >> i am interested to see what his views are, now that he has that experience to be vice-president for eight years on top of his previous years of being a politician.
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>> democratic front runner hillary clinton tweeted in immediately after biden's announcement saying vp is a a good friend and a great man. today and always inspired by his operation miss many and commitment to change the world for the the better. republican front runner donald trump also tweeted. he said i think joe biden made the correct decision for him and his family. personally would i rather run against hillary because her record is so bad. biden's decision came as a surprise to many including pennsylvania congressman brendan boyle. the democratic congressman tweeted monday that a source told him that the vice-president will run for president. boyle says clearly something changed. >> i pass add long accurate information at the time but with that said i will keep my predictions to sports. >> through go. congressman boyle told us he admires and respects the vice-president. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning real life csi, a local police department gets what is a big upgrade and
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they are showing off their cool new tools that will help them solve crimes faster. plus they are a fall favorite but carmel apples could make you sick. find out how to protect you and your family in this morning's healthwatch. are you sick of paying bic bucks for cable? three on your side jim donovan will show you how people are cutting off the cable cord without giving up their favorite shows, that is coming up next. >> ♪ >> how could you not, temperatures reach in the 70's justin? seventy's? it the sound good to me. we will have more on the forecast on the other side, stay with us.
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"eyewitness news" got in the csi unit new state of the art center that is the process in solving crimes. what used today days only takes hours. investigators no longer to have send evidence to the new jersey state police. >> and there is times when we do this whole examination process to take, a few hours, where a suspect still may be at detective boro being investigated. and we have this information and that is more for them to work with. >> camden county police expect quicker arrests instead of criminals still wandering the streets. all right. coming up on 6:13 and another nice day ahead but some changes also on the the way, justin, as usual. >> yes. >> i know. >> always something here in the news business. here we go to day, enjoying mid 70's once again. so one more warm day and as we head toward weekend we will cool things back down. it is overall not terribly coal. temperatures a few degrees below a average for friday and
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sat the day and our next good rain chance, and i wouldn't say it is great will be on sunday in the form of a scattered showers. here's the temperatures. the it is still cool. jacket weather, some spots in the lower 40's, millville, pine land, sitting a at 52. in dover delaware 51 in philadelphia. mid 40's mullica. forty-seven in voorhees. north and west, we will fine those cooler locations, quakertown 39. lafayette hill milder at 52 degrees at this hour. clouds and showers from the poconos on northward we are still sitting in clear skies, philadelphia, delaware, new jersey but more included to the west. the the cold front still across the the ohio valley, will come through later on tonight maybe bringing a sprinkle during evening hours and mostly just dry. there is future weather model, this afternoon sunshine mixed with a few more cloud but here comes the the front, through evening. we don't see much at all showing up maybe a stray spring will back to full sunshine on friday, just noticeably cooler. today's high were in the mid 70's, upper 07's in the warm
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spots and then cooler air arrives, for friday, as we drop back down into our lower 60's for afternoon high. enjoy it. 76 degrees. tonight, more cloud, cool, 52 and the extended forecast, again for the weekend, it is not bad, sunshine, friday, saturday lower 60's, more cloud and shower, better chance of rain next week on wednesday. >> we can hand that will. >> i love it. >> seventy's. >> yes. >> i can handle 70's. good morning, happy thursday. that makes me smile is it is almost friday. it is almost the weekend. traffic levels are looking good. we are heating up now in the 6:00 o'clock hour. we had a couple accident this morning, we are getting cleared out very quickly not causing too many slow downs. here's the schuylkill expressway moving in the east and westbound directions. as you can see plenty of headlights, taillights out there past the conshohocken curve. we can expect this as we progress toward the 6:00, through the 6:00 o'clock hour and toward the 7:00 o'clock
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hour, heart of the rush hour. just know that the schuylkill is looking very busy right now. vine is looking good. we were closed earlier because of the overnight construction project that was in place, closing down east and westbound lanes, those have now obviously opened and you can see this is what your levels are looking like, right now. still traveling around at posted speeds in and around that a area. we have an accident newark delaware 95 southbound at route 273, right and center lanes are blocked and also, i'll update coming up in a little bit regarding patco, nicole, back over to you. coming up a new warning about keeping children from secondhand expect but this time the warnings coming from your dentist. sesame street welcomes a new character. find out what makes julia so special. we w
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i want a supreme court judge who knows the law. for the past seven years, i've served on pennsylvania's second highest court. and the bar association has given me their very highest rating. i want a judge who understands regular people. i was the first in my family to graduate from college. my dad was a coal miner. my mom- a factory seamstress. i want a judge with integrity. me too. and that's why i'm running. i'm christine donohue. it's time to bring integrity back to the supreme court.
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on the cbs-3 healthwatch, growing evidence that secondhand smoke may harm children's teeth. japanese researchers studied more than 75,000 children, they found exposure to tobacco smoke at four months of age was a associated with almost twice the risk of tooth decay in babe teeth. carmel apples they are a fall, halloween tradition but health experts say they could make you sick. many felt heated carmel would kill listeria bacteria that caused food poisoning. researchers say it survives the heat and even
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refrigeration. listeria out break last year link them, sickened 35 people from 12 states and seven people died. sacramento state scientists are looking town lock mystery of autism through fruit flies. to evaluate brain abnormalities after exposure scientists will focus on two things, dissection of the insect's brain and behaviors. according to the cdc and prevention, one in 68 children in the you had is diagnosed with autism. well, with the rise of the autism diagnosis, sesame street is introducing its new character. here's more now from cbs news correspondent jim axlerod. >> reporter: sesame street's new than line story, the new kid on the block seems to be different and it is not just julia's bright orange hair. >> hi, abby calls loudly. julia doesn't answer. your friend doesn't like me, said abby, sadly. >> reporter: but since this block is sesame street elmo is on the job of teaching kid
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what they need to know. >> elmo said he said that julia has autism so she does things a little differently. >> reporter: julia's story is part of the campaign to see the amazing in all children. more than six out of ten children with autism have been bullied at some point. the idea behind julia is familiarity breeds compassion, and compassion helps reduce that number. twitter blew up with the news like this from at rudy reagan, seeing kid like i was depict positively on a main stream show that means a lot to me. the story end like you might imagine. >> one, two, three, count julia. yeah. one, two, three friends counts abby. >> reporter: with confusion cleared up, friend ship triumphant. >> ♪ sunny days >> reporter: sunny days on sesame street now have been a bit brighter.
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jim axlerod for cbs news, new york. leave to it sesame street. 6:21. there has been talk this week about the new mammograms guidelines, coming up later doctor, jen will join us to dress top concerns. plus check your iphone for an update this morning this one includes 150 new emojis, see which ones are getting the the most attention this morning. another warm day, before big changes, right justin. >> repeat of yesterday with highs in the 70's and we are lag at a cool down for the weekend and we will talk about our next chance have rain with those details in a bit.
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back on "eyewitness news" and more and more tv viewers are ending their cable or satellite subscriptions these days, upon your side consumer reporter jim donovan find younger viewers are leading the exodus. >> reporter: when josh horwitz and ellen saltsman watch tv they grabbed the remote but there is no cable box to point it at. everything they watch is on line. >> when i finally cut the cord, and cable, i didn't feel like i lost out on very much. >> reporter: couple get their tv shows from on line streaming services, like netflix and hulu and they are part of the growing trend of people dumping cable. recent study find 3.7 percent
6:25 am
of people plan to end their cable service. up from 1.5 percent in 2011. that big push coming mostly from younger viewers, but never felt the need to cut cable. >> i didn't even have a tv in college. i think a couple roommates did but i just use my computer. >> i would imagine that this will continue to grow. >> reporter: about 30 percent have of people quit cable because of the cost but almost half do it because they are happy with what they can find on line. and that content continues to grow with more and more media companies offering streaming services. >> so i do think this will be more common in the years ahead and it is just starting right now. >> reporter: cable and satellite companies are cutting rates in an effort to keep customers but analyst say that likely won't stop a steady stream of people from cutting the cord in the future. >> the the survey found that 61 percent of people with cable are interested in getting a smaller number of channels for a lower price and what may be more telling, 20 percent of those surveyed
6:26 am
said they have never subscribed to a paid tv service. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. >> 6:26. coming up next on "eyewitness news", some trash talk after monday night's eagles games turns violent and even though it was all caught on cameras police say it will be tough to track down fighting fans, find out why. franklin institute has a new three million-dollar exhibit dedicated to philadelphia sports. we will take you up side, coming up next, meisha. we have no accidents but we are still getting up on i-95 southbound and update on patco but first we will take a quick break and stay right where you are, the
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all right. folks we have a nice day in the 70's, but just one more nice day in the 70's and then temperature drops again. not all that dramatic.
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>> we have to bring out our winter coat. >> goodness gracious, it the is fall. we're only talking 60's. >> that is right. it is warming up to the mid 70's, i wonder how many people will be calling out of work today. >> but we're talking about lower 60's for high, friday. >> that is not bad. >> typical october. >> we are close to halloween to get you in the mood. fifty-one at the a airport in philadelphia mid 40's allentown. so jackets, sweater wet they are morning. but again a lot of sunshine now coming in late this morning to the afternoon we will wrappedly warm us up. thirty-nine quakertown. forty-four pottstown. the just like yesterday, it is starting off on the cool side. clear skies over philadelphia, surrounding suburbs. we have a few clouds in the lehigh valley and poconos, a batch of some light showers, coming through mountains ahead of the cold front. that front will bring the change in here later tonight but still out ahead it the is a warm day. wind are calm to about the 5 miles per hour or less, then they are out of the south, so
6:31 am
that south wonderful continues to bring in warm, temperatures wrappedly climbing to the 60's to 70 by lunchtime, more cloud will move in mid afternoon so that should cap temperatures off in the mid 70's. if we see enough sun some spots could hit 70's. forecast high of 76 for philadelphia more sunshine at the shore, it will take longer for clouds to get there at seven 36789 poconos, mid 60's, not bad for afternoon high. let's jump to the weekend. never too early to think about that. sunny skies saturday. high of 61. more cloud on sunday with a temperature of 64. maybe a shower coming in sunday afternoon. that is not a bad change. we can deal witt. how is that looking. >> i a agree, justin we certainly can. traffic levels are certainly building on i-95 moving in the southbound direction at cottman. evident by outside it is looking very busy out there but good news as we don't have any accidents to report. we did have a couple earlier, those have been since cleared out of our way but look at i-95 south at cottman looking busy for those thinking of
6:32 am
just leaving your home anytime soon. here's the stretch that looks good boulevard southbound at fox street looking okay, some cameras looking at boulevard we are getting busy right around, trying to get on the schuylkill. forty-two freeway north bound a at creek road a approaching 295 is heating up and we can see our freeway friend pulled off not causing too many slow downs. we are used to him being there. make note that he is there patco just to give you an idea what is going on and starting traditional weekday services today, weekday track work suspended through early december because track can be slick with these leaves falling on it. trains could be running slower because of this so just a heads up check on line for that new schedule. also, lansdale doylestown line is busing weekdays 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. between doylestown and colmar through december. that is another thing to make note of. nicole, back to you. authorities are asking for public's help identifying those involved in the fight after monday night's eagles game. a giants fan was knock out by
6:33 am
a man wearing eagles green. that entire confrontation captured on camera attic ninth street terminal in upper darby. video shows fans exchanging word before punches started to fly. so far in one has filed a complaint. >> we do not know identity of the victim nor do we know the identity of the person who posted it on facebook. i don't see anything, even if we were able to identify somebody because it looked like a mutual combatant type thing. >> superintendent chitwood says assigning blaming could be complicated. septa transit says they will prosecutor riders caught fighting on the cyst tell. happening today presidential hopeful hillary clinton will give highly anticipated testimony in the 202 deadly attack in benghazi. at tax led to the death of four americans including u.s. ambassador chris stevens. weijia jiang has a preview from washington. >> reporter: hillary clinton will face a grueling eight hour grilling before the house committee investigating 2012 been gas a tax.
6:34 am
testimony that could prove pivotal for her presidential campaign. >> can she weather a full days worth of testimony in front of the committee that even some republicans have said is aiming to hurt her, politically, if she can do that she will be on stable ground after what was a pretty shaky summer. >> reporter: republican led committee will try to find out why the u.s. chose to remain in benghazi, despite thees lacing in violence. >> what i want to know is why whilens was in libya why was our security profile going down. >> clinton will face questions from lawmakers on whether she was aware of requests for additional security at the consul, where the attacks took place. clinton, who is secretary of state at the time has already gone on the defensive during two previous testimonies. >> the fact is we have four dead americans, and whether it was because of a protest or guys out for a walk one night and decided to go kill some americans, what difference at this point does it make. >> ahead of the hearing democrats over benghazi committee released transcript
6:35 am
of the closed door testimony of the former clinton aid cheryl mills. mills testified that clinton was devastated by the events and very engaged in her response. in washington, weijia jiang for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". congressman paul ryan is closer to becoming the new speaker of the house. the members of the conservative house freedom caucus are backing the wisconsin republican giving him enough votes to secure his election. the weighs and means commit thee chairman said he wouldn't run for speaker without their support. freedom caucus helped push john boehner into retirement. the vote of the new speaker is scheduled for next week. open enrollment for nearly 150 million americans who received their benefits through their employers. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger joins us live with what is new next year and what you need to necessity to make good decisions for you and your family. good morning to you, jill. >> good morning. >> i'm sorry, you go first. >> it is okay.
6:36 am
>> i will ask you how we should compare health insurance plans. >> well, it does take some work. i was about to say prior to work a little bit because just like every other part of the life you have to do some homework. this is what you need to do. review your current plan wharf been enrolled in and look at how much money you spent over the past year. then you will try to project what your health care costs would be in the year ahead. for example did someone develop a condition that requires more care, do you know that you need a hip replacement in the coming year. then compare the plans, determine what they cover, how much they cost. don't forget to include co pays and deductibles and ask whether they are in the plan's network. when it comes to retirement, how much should we be trying to save. >> as much as possible isn't really the best answer but let's start with this, if you are really crunched and your cash flow cannot afford it, at least try to put as much up to
6:37 am
the company match, that is three or five or 6 percent. now the the annual contribute limit for the employer plans is going to remain at $18,000.2016 ape bonus over age 60 you have a catch up contributions of $6,000. people don't have retirement plans through work, so if you want, you can try a traditional or a rot ira, with a traditional you put a pretax dollar in the account, you get a tax deductions today but when you with draw that money after age 59 and a half, it will be subject to whatever your income tax rate is a at that time you may be able to take deduction force traditional while in the work place retirement plan, it depend on your income. when you use rot, there is no current tax benefit but when you with draw after you retire the fund have have been taxed. limits for traditional and rot ira's remain at $5,500, the catch up limit is $1,000, most importantly in all of this, do
6:38 am
something. don't just check what you you did last year, be pro active. >> that is the bottom line, jill, thanks, we appreciate it. mcdonald's new menu item has a new surprise, the wall street journal reporting that they are testing out sales of monster the largest machiner of energy drinks. it has been 21 patientness five states. mcdonald's isn't saying whether it plans to expand monster sales to more outlets. well, there are 150 newe maine gi is available for iphone users this morning. long awaited text icons include a a burrito, a new smiling face, even a middle finger. the group is in charge of pickinge maine gis is working to find out more from next year. early contenders include avocado, a glass of whiskey and a shark. all the important stuff. well represented. well, chloe card ash ab and lamar oath or are putting their divorce on hold. does that mean they are
6:39 am
getting back together, next. new mammogram guidelines were a announced and they are raising questions. doctor jen is here to explain what it means for you. alex? nicole we're inside franklin institute new designed sports zone having way too much fun. we will have a a sneak preview coming up. until then check out that screen. we will have more coming up. >> ♪ >> yeah, rumor is, chloe kardashian and lamar odom giving their marriage a second shot but what are the details behind this news. we will have it for you coming up next.
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well, in the word chloe kardashian and lamar odom are giving their marriage a second shot. odom a former nba star was found unconscious last week in
6:43 am
the nevada brothel. her lawyers filed paper yesterday to dismiss their divorce case. kardashian has been in the bedside making medical decisions. the couple married in 2009 just one month after meeting. chris rock returns as host of next year academy awards, he hit in the 2005 when he poked jude law. some critics later chastised his conversational comedy style but others praised him. oscars air on february 28th. and singer adele says her third album will be all about making up where her last album was all about breaking up. the album titled 25 will be about self acceptance and also becoming an adult. adele plans to premiere first single on the radio overseas tomorrow with the album dropping by the end of the the year. 6:43. let's head over to justin for the forecast. >> good morning. waking up, cool jacket, sweat shirt weather for sure, many spots in the 40's and 30's in
6:44 am
some locations, checking with the weather watchers with you a nice rebound getting us back in the mid 70's. way above average. saint david, christopher has 41 degrees in hatboro we are looking at mid 40's, and kyle's house one of the warmer spots dover, delaware amy a has 51 degrees at this hour in downingtown, not too bad, dawn at 52 and then we will get to bethel, 45 degrees. middletown delaware 43. clementon, new jersey 48. newark, delaware a cold spot this morning, and delores checks in at 38 degrees. it is warm for now this afternoon. average high 65. yesterday was mid 70's. to the day once again mid 70's. then we will drop for friday in the weekend, cooler air mass builds in but lower 60's. nothing terribly cold. is there a cold front out to the west across the ohio valley, a ahead of it some clouds and a couple showers to the north this front should come through this evening on the dry side just with a few more clouds. we have cold front moving through from time to time. they are in the producing a whole lot of rain. let's check it out.
6:45 am
this afternoon mixture of sun and cloud. here comes the the front moving through tonight, stray sprinkle in some spots, that is about it. we will be back to full sunshine for friday. even though temperatures are cool we will have have sun, that is strong. hurricane season has been quiet for the atlantic, active in the the pacific. we have a new one, hurricane patricia expected to make land fall, potentially category one or two hurricane in mexico. it will bring rain, to texas. look at this, into next week we are talking about six, seven, eight, 10 inches of rain. some of that moisture could get its way in late next week. seventy-six do he grease. we are dry with sun and clouds tonight, 52. here's the extended forecast, cooling down with some sunshine lower 60's. next best chance of rain showers sunday and widespread showers on wednesday. the what is the latest. >> let's just live right in the moment. seventy-six. sound great. thanks, justin. good morning. happy thursday to you. thinks where we have an incident right new schuylkill eastbound on ramp from belmont you can see pulled off to the shoulder. it will in the cause too many
6:46 am
slow downs but just an on ramp but on the schuylkill we are looking very busy as we push toward the 7:00 o'clock hour. 422 eastbound at valley forge moving in the east and westbound direction. starting to heat up in this area as well. so again, perfect, for thursday, maybe give yourself a couple extra in minutes. for those from new jersey coming over ben franklin bridge you can see what the volume levels are looking like right now and heating up in that area as well. another accident that is posing some problems, newark delaware i-95 southbound at 273, right and center lanes are blocked and when i peak at a camera shotty can tell you it is certainly causing slow downs in and around this area. if you have to take this stretch of i-95 you will want to give yourself a couple extra in minutes or hold off all together for just a little bit, nicole, back to you. >> well, calling on sports fans this weekend the franklin institute debuts new exhibit sports zone and dedicated to the science of the sports. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is live to
6:47 am
give us a special preview and i see you have a good arm, alex, good morning. >> arm might be okay but i don't know about the legs. the since we have last spoken we have been working on this eight and a half foot jump and i have been failing miserablely. i will have to stick with the five and a half. but, we're here at franklin institute, brand new redesigned sports zone having way too much fun. for example this is momentum, it is all interactive, combining the science of the sports when you don't even know you are having so much fun. we have been here all morning checking it out. this has been in the works since 2013 this redesigned, i'm here at franklin institute, president and ceo larry and tell me, what has gone into two years, 3.1 million-dollar to get this up to speed. >> this is a great exhibit. what we're able to do is test sports that everyone can do. so we start really with the
6:48 am
basic stuff that you would have in your garage or backyard, able to put together different types of items, they come in and get fabricated in to making a top exhibit exhibition on science technology and sports. >> this is unique because it is not like you are going on line and saying we need a device that shows us. these exhibit are created in house. >> that is right. franklin institute has an award winning team that fills exhibitions and this team won for our brain exhibit an award nationally as best exhibition and i will tell you i think sports really, is right behind. that it may also land an national award as a great exhibition. >> this is great. i think as you may have seen in the last, segment, if you want to head down here, because we will go head to head. that is one of the things that the franklin institute learned that was a favorite last time was that people loved to compete. >> yes, people loved to compete. they loved sports that they can do as well, bicycling is one of those this shows you
6:49 am
difference between low gears which takes less force and which one you will use low gear to get up. and, i'm's in low gear here. i'm in the blue. and, okay. >> see, you are beating me. >> yes, i am, but that has to do with the high gear and i think that is the point of this one. >> you roll down the hill. >> that is the the other kind of sport you will learn about here as well. >> when talking about sports very important thing especially this day and age is to ramp safety. there is a a new helmet exhibit. the lets show and tell me about this. >> one of the things you will learn here is everything about science physiology, safety as well, the science, technology that has gone into equipment and there is nothing you have seen like helmets that continue to improve a that is because concussions are a real problem in sports. >> we will talk about those now. >> this shows you a an example
6:50 am
of what happens, helmet, non-helmet and g force that happens when you load it up. if i slap you on the back it would be 4g when i hit you without a helmet, 70g's. so what you have is a challenge what has happened in sports is this proliferation of great sports equipment and technology. >> all sports, this exhibit pans all a sports. we have all kinds of wrestling, these helmets show different sports. it is a great exhibit to show up on saturday. >> we open up on saturday. so excited. first 500 visitors are free, we have special activities all through the day, learn about sports, you can play sports and show how sports science and equipment all come together. >> you can win, and everything from running to softball to biking here, it is all fun, all activity and most important thing it will do what the franklin institute does best and immerse people and learn why they are here. >> good point learning what
6:51 am
you do not even know, that is the best. >> nicole, back to you from the franklin institute this morning. >> 6:51. there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning, charlie rose joins us from new york, good morning, charlie. >> good morning, nicole. ahead nancy cordis is with us from capitol hill as she has what to expect from the hillary clinton testimony in the benghazi investigation. plus one man business to have brain surgery on live television, bryant gumbel is here with preview of the unique event. and this john and tracie stewart, their first ever interview together they tell us about life after the daily show and tracie's new mission to change with animals. more of the news is back in the morning, we will see new about ten minutes. >> charlie, we will be watching, thank you. we have reported this week the american cancer society announced new mammograms guidelines bumping the
6:52 am
recommended age from 40 to 45 for women at average risk of developing breast cancer. news has caused confusion and also raising some questions for many women. family physician doctor jennifer cuddle is here to answer those questions and let you know we should be discussing with your own doctor. >> good morning. you are absolutely right, about these changes. >> what are these changes, break it down for us. >> sure. >> women of average, american cancer society is recommending streak start at age of 45 instead of 40. >> right. >> and go every year until the age of 54. but at the age of 55 women can screen every two years for as long as they remain healthy. another change they made was that a clinical breast exam they are not necessarily to be done any longer but i should mention with these guidelines they do have caveats for woman who wants to start screening a at 40 or who wants to continue the annual screening the whole time rather than going to the every two years. it is a lot of talk. biggest thing to keep in minds, 45 instead of 40 and
6:53 am
then at age of 55 we are going every two years. >> why the changes, why 45. >> that is a great question. researchers looked at a lot of data from over the years. one of the things they realized when women were screened earl are it raised their risk for false positive. a false positive is a woman were to get a a mammogram and it looked like it showed a problem with her breast but in a actuality there was no problem what that means is she had undergone testing, biopsy to come to the conclusion there wasn't a problem in the first place. that risk, of false positives is higher when we started screening earlier. there were other reasons as well but that is a main one. >> they say average risk, what does that mean. >> that is very, very important here. if you are a a woman with high risk for breast cancer these do not apply to you month. man at average risk defined by american cancer society is a woman who does not have a personal history of breast cancer. she never had breast cancer herself. she does not have a gene mutation to increase her risk
6:54 am
for having breast cancer and never received radiotherapy to the chest area when she was younger. my personal belief is a number of other potential risk factors that need to be taken into consideration but those are some things that the american cancer society, defines as average risk. >> i'm sure you are getting questions as a doctor yourself, i want to hear bit. and also was should women be discussing with their own doctor. >> that is the key right there, this word discussing. honestly the take home message for all women out there even physicians is that we simply have to have a conversation really discuss risk verse benefits and talking about a woman's risk factors. woman needs to know her body, her family history, personal history and talk with the doctor about hey what will be best for me. we have guidelines. there are lots of different guidelines out there making sure we he know what is best is really the key there. >> you mentioned discussion talking to your doctor, are there other ways that women can advocate for themselves.
6:55 am
>> honestly i say just start by going. we know there are a number of women who opt out and getting routine screenings. get to the doctor in the first place. really start having that conversation is the best advice i can give. for us doctors out there i think doctors are scratching their heads because i used to talk to a number of my collogues. or saying nope, i'm sticking with 40. or doing 45. some are saying 50. talk to your doctor. >> if you want to do it earlier will insurance cover. >> that is a good question. i think it would cover at the age of 40. it is certainly up to each insurance company. so check with your car year. >> doctor jen, we appreciate it. >> thank you we will be ri
6:56 am
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we have breaking news in sweden where a teacher has been killed in the school attack. police say a masked man seriously hurt two students before police shot him in the school's cafeteria. that attacker is in serious condition, these are new you pictures from that scene. police don't have a motive for this attack but cbs this morning will have more on the breaking news situation coming up at 7:00. yes, lets look last check of the weather. >> warm day, sunshine, cloud. seventy-six. cool back down friday in the weekend still some sunshine. schuylkill looking very bus think morning, and also, we do have an accident, newark, delaware just make note of this 95 southbound at
7:00 am
note of this 95 southbound at 273, right lanes a captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, october 22nd, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." hillary clinton is hours away from a critical face-off with lawmakers over benghazi. a woman who gave birth mid-flight is reportedly separated from her baby and might have to pay the airline for delays. plus jon stewart, remember him? his new life on the farm and his wife tracey's mission to train how he lives with animals. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. this committee was charged to find the truth. we are on a fact finding mission. >> this was a political witch hunt. we know everything there is to


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