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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  October 22, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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we begin this noon, with a developing story, police arrest a man accused of trying to lure three student outside after delaware county elementary school. good afternoon to you. i'm nicole brewer. erika is off this noon. police say the suspect approached the children near wayne elementary school not once but twice. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter is live outside radnor police department with the developing details, walt? >> reporter: radnor police now providing the first details of what they describe as a disturbing incident.
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>> this happened around 6:30, last evening, according to police, after school had dismissed for the day a man, now accused of approaching three children, ages ten, nine and eight, attempt to go lure them, then returning a second time in what police say may have been a second attempt this is the suspect, you can take a look at his mugshot provided by police, he is 26 year old daniel lee. police say he lives not far from the school. according to arrest warrant, providing details of the allegations, the male engaged the three children in conversation, and asked them where they went to school and who their teachers were. the male proceeded to ask the children if they had ever been in the woods. he then stated he was going deep into the woods where an abandoned house was located. now police here are crediting the children, their parent, neighbors and officers with taking very quick action. mr. lee was arrested after he returned the second time. he was arraigned this morning, held on $100,000 bail and he
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also has been ordered by a district justice to undergo a pschiatric exam. meanwhile, in less than a half hour, radnor police are planning a press conference here. they plan to provide additional details and they are also asking if anyone else may be familiar with the suspect, in a attempt to finds out if any similar incidents involving the suspect may have happened before. we'll be at the press conference, have all of the latest details for you live from the radnor township police station, walt hunter, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> walt, thanks for that update. meanwhile viewing is scheduled later this afternoon for brendan createo, the three year old found dead in haddon township last week. authorities report no signs of forced entry at the father's child home where last seen alive. also an autopsy didn't reveal any indications that brendan had been sexually assaulted. police continue to search for answers, no arrest haves been made. >> a hit-and-run investigation is underway in glen mills delaware county. chopper three over the scene along the 200 block of west chester pike. a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle just before 6:30 this
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morning, and that driver never stopped. the victim was taken to an area hospital. their condition hasn't been released. >> at least one person is injured after this crash in northeast philadelphia. the accident between a mini-van and a car happened overnight on the roosevelt boulevard near southampton road. the victim's condition is not known at this hour. there is also no word on the cause of that crash. >> well, breaking news right now, an american service member killed overnight is the first to die in the anti-isis campaign. officials say it happened as the us military freda number of court i shall captives in islamic state strong hold in northern iraq, details sketchy at this point, more on the story on "eyewitness news" starting at 5:00. >> right now, though, hillary clinton returned to capitol hill this morning for hearing on the 2012 benghazi attacks. the former secretary of state defended herself against tough questions at the republican led hearing. she could testify for hours. correspondent weijia jenning with the latest from
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washington. >> hillary clinton greeted members of a special house committee before facing tough questions about the deadly attacks at an us compounds in benghazi libya. >> why were there so many requests for more security personnel and equipment and why were those requests denied in washington? >> in her opening statement, clinton said she was appearing in honor of the four americans who died in 2012. >> i'm here to honor those we lost, and to do what i can to aid those who serve us still. >> this is the third time clinton has testified on capitol hill about the attacks. once again, she accepted responsibility for security lapses in benghazi. >> before i left office, i launched reforms to better protect our people in the field and help reduce the chance of another tragedy happening in the future. >> democrat, and even few republicans, have argued, this hearing is nothing but a bipartisan effort to de-rail clinton's presidential
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campaign. >> clinton is the democratic frontrunner for president. candidates in both parties will be watching her testimony very closely, looking for a comment that can be used against her. the hearing could last up to eight hours or longer. in washington, weijia january jang, "eyewitness news". >> swat teams engage in their own olympic style competition this morning, 16 teams given a situation, tested on how well they responded to it, got to compete once one another in optical course changes and put their weapons to the test. >> gives us great opportunity to come out here, bond together, do some training, all at one time. >> this is good practice, once again we hope we never have to utilize this practice, but unfortunately today's society some things are necessary. >> training competition tests team members physical, technical, decision-making skills, all those things required in critical operations. >> all right, we are enjoying another perfect fall day. but this warm up, we're sorry to say, not going to last.
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let's get first check on the forecast with meteorologist, kyla grogan, i know i sounds like debbie downey, mid 70s, it can't last that long? >> it can't last forever. but a great day to get outside if you can, maybe have your lunch outside, take your stroll taking a break today. 70s again, absolutely beautiful. so, today, high of 76 degrees, clouds are moving in later this evening, though, and tomorrow, we will see sunshine but much cooler with a high of just six it. -- 62. much more fall like feeling. 68 degrees looking at center city. see the wind there is relatively not too bad, about 8 miles per hour, relatively mild today, humidity at about 52%. live look at storm scan3, clear now in philadelphia, but look off to the north and west you start to see where that front is going to track through. so while we will stay dry this evening, and just see some clouds from this, it is certainly going to have big effect on our temperatures. today looking good, 76 as high here in philly, 73 down the
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shore in the poconos about 66 degrees, some clouds in the poconos, as well. and certainly little cooler, but, the story that is coming our way is the weekend. and what you can expect is sunshine on your saturday, i think outdoor plans will be great, highs in the 60s, so little cool they are weekends, but on sunday looking out for shower. so i'll detail that coming up in your seven day forecast, but making the plans for the weekends, saturday is your better bet. >> kyla, thanks. undefeated number 22 ranked temple university football team takes one more step toward a perfect season tonight. the owls will face east carolina university in greenville north carolina. the campus, no doubt, buzzing for this game tonight, that's where we find greg argos this afternoon, greg? >> reporter: that's exactly right, nicole. buzzing is the key word here, everyone seems to be speaking about tonight's game, in fact, a lot of the student i spoke with say they can't wait to get through class, can't wait to get home and watch the game against ecu, where the temple owls take them on tonight in
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north carolina trying to maintain perfect record. right now their record set at six and zero. now this is the first time since 1979 before most of the student here on campus were even born where the temple owls had been rang in the top 25 nationally. currently like you heard they're 22nd and there have been some big wins over the past few weeks, including, an opening season win against in-state power house penn state. tonight, though, all eyes on campus glued to the game in greenville, north carolina, where a temple win would mean perfect seven and zero for the owls. >> it is electric, first time since 79, first time temple has been ranked. >> it is exciting, i like how you're winning. >> a lot of buzz, yes, walking around, you know, excitement, you know, you can tell that people are excited for the first time. >> well, a lot of buzz of course already the talk is next weekend, that's when the temple owls take on notre dame
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at the linc here, that game will be extremely exciting only more excited if you they win tonight against ecu. live here, on campus, greg argos, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> they are on quite the streak, greg, thank you. more football excitement tonight. it is thursday night football here on cbs36789 seahawks take on the san francisco 49ers tonight in nfc west showdown. coverage starts at 7:30. >> all right coming up next on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", eight alarm fire rips through an apartment building leaving hundreds homeless. we'll have what residents say they didn't hear during all that commotion. why these people are sitting on sidewalks scrubbing in center city watch are they
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>> some residents in north new jersey apartment building caught fire claim they never heard alarm. blaze broke out last night in passaic. two were treated for minor injuries, 300 resident forced from their apartments. the cause of the fire is under investigation. in st. louis reward now being offered to catch suspected arsonist who has been targeting churches in predominantly black neighborhoods. since october 8th, 7 church fires have been set, all within the 3-mile radius. investigators say, in each fire accelerant used to light the front door of the churches. the buildings were unoccupied at the time of those fires. >> king of sweden says, in shock, eyewitnesses describe the scene of utter chaos at
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that school, with hundreds of student, fleeing the building screaming. one student thought it was a halloween prank. unfortunately, it was all too real. a second student and teach remember also badly wounded. the 21 year old attack here wore a mask was shot and killed by police. there is no word on what prompted that attack. >> it is 12:13. still a they had this morning, more people are using emojis to communicate. and now you will have more to choose from. that's right, we'll talk to you more about the new emojis making their debuts today. kyla. >> i think we need weather emoji, can go from incredibly warm and ganger us to very fall like feeling as we head toward the weekend. we're about to cool down, i'll tell you all about it help you plan your weekends, stay with us, "eyewitness news" is coming right back.
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>> the stars on south broad street have shining little brighter today, along the philadelphia music wall of faith, to be exact. workers from the philadelphia stage hand union and other volunteers, on their hands and knees this morning, they put some shine on the current sidewalk plaque, doing this as part of the philadelphia music community, as it prepares to inch duct new members next week. >> the whole idea to build on the foundation we had here in philadelphia, great foundation for entertainment, and raise our cultural identity. >> this is the second year that the stagehands union has taken part in the make the star shine outreach effort. >> well, forget the plane old smiley faces and the thumbs-up
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sign, okay? there are new emojis for iphone users this noon. in fact, there are 150 of them. 150 new emojis, including of all things a burito, got to have that, new smiley faces of course even middle finger, i guess if you're real he particular off. the group in charge of picking emojis is already work to go fine more for next year, even more options for you, early contenders include after kad owe, glass of whiskey and a shark. >> i don't know, just in case, you snow. >> in case you jump the shark. >> there go, could work in that situation, you know what though, if it takes more more than 102nd to find a darn emoji, i move on. >> a smiley face, heart, thumbs-up ... hopefully not the one with the middle finger. >> but this weather forecast, i would give it a kissy face. >> that's nice out there today. 70s again, and we will stick with the 70s today but then back to fall like temperatures as we roll into the weekend. so, get out, enjoy it today if
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you can. live look actually, start off with that, look at this, spring garden camera, i know, look at those blue skies, they're absolutely beautiful. just a light breeze out there. and we're in those upper 60s, headed for the seven's, yet again. oh, i like turkey was saying this is casino of like what i get san diego is like in the wintertime. we've had pretty interesting october so far. seven days of 75 plus degrees temperatures, we add one more to that today. four days of rain, high eggs temp was 80. this month, and the lowest was 35. so quite arrange. now, we are going to be cooling off the average high this time of year 65 degrees, obviously well exceed that, today we do it again, but friday, saturday, sunday, it is back to the 60s, back to where we should be and much more fall like feeling. but they're not feeling very fall like in rehoboth. look at this, beautiful 72 degrees, gorgeous sunshine out there, and i was watching a lot of people in short sleeves, taking their walk today, and it is just stunning. that's our live neighborhood
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network, love the cameras. today will be gorgeous, all the way from the shore right to philadelphia. one more day of those 70s, that takes us about 10 degrees above average. again, today. currently you can see we do have few 70s on the map, 71 allentown, 71 dover, 70 wildwood. seeing 68 degrees in philadelphia, but we will get there. down the shore a lot of 70s all the way from stone harbor, right on down to rehoboth beach. so looking good. and the winds is out of the southwest, not bad, but certainly see it picking up little bit here in wildwood about 12 miles per hour same story for in you allentown, going to get little breezy tomorrow, that will be one of the things we start to see change. well, you can see the changes coming. we've got clouds headed our way as we take live look at storm scan3. now, as we zoom out, you get bigger picture of where this front is stormy weather ahead of t few showers in central pennsylvania but i don't think much of anything. one more day of 70s, beautiful weather today. and then we are going to start to see things change. that cold front moves through.
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we get cooler, we get breezy conditions, highs in the 60s for your friday. sunshine in there, though, dry first half of the weekend saturday, 60s, sunshine, so certainly fall like. and then sunday that's when i think we have little trouble ahead of the second front that comes through here. the 60s but also a chance of showers, as we roll into our afternoon, so making weekend plans for saturday, low 60s, yes, it will be little cool. but by sunday, clouds moving in, and we will look out for those showers. all working through 76 degrees just warm, and pleasant out there, tonight, not bad looking night. we start the clouds moving in, and low of 52 degrees. and take a look at your seven day forecast, everybody, it is beautiful today. clouds moving in later. but then the fall like feeling comes back, and we actually go after being 10 degrees above average, we are going below average. to the low 60s, and you can see that's really where we stay until we get into mid week next week. so, some 40's for our lows, coming over the weekend. that's enough to break the
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coat out up early in the morning like someone i know. >> good point. you know, it is fall, i'm ready for this crisp wetter. >> right. and we had the cooler weather, trial run for winter clothes already. >> sure, it was too much. >> i think so, too. thank you. all right, time to check your philadelphia job market report. cbs news business analyst jill schlessinger takes another look at a growing industry. >> when the housing bubble burst it, took 2.2 million construction jobs with it. >> the government predict 1.6 million new positions by 2022. making construction one of the fastest growing industry's. and you don't need to be a plumber or can per at the to take advantage of this building boom. someone needs to oversee these project from beginning to end. construction manager, obtains work permits, works with architect, engineers, to plan and budget, overseas the building process, and takes
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care of all the details inbetween. and that attention to detail pace off. here in the philadelphia area, a construction manager can earn over $128,000 a year. people with agree in construction science, construction management or civil engineering, combined with on the job experience, have a leg up when trying to land a management position. i'm jill schlessinger for
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>> coming up on "eyewitness news" at 5:00, $10,000 to be exact, prize awarded to one randomly selected voter on election day. we'll explain why today at 5:00. not bad. flyers are off until saturday, when they face-off against the rangers, at home, last night a thrilling come from behind win for the orange and black. first period now tied at one, catch the bruin on the line change. flyers two to one lead. first, bruins on the power play, appears goalie takes a stick to the head and leaves the game. ouch. steve mason comes n third period now. flyers rally from a two goal deficit, wayne simmons with the goal to tie the game. it goes into over time as you can imagine. in ot claude giroux comes up big with a game winner. flyers win this 15 to four in over time. go fly guys.
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hey, so much for the cubs being lucky on back to the future day. you heard that talk. well, they were swept by the mets instead late last night. daniel murphy made history hitting record setting six consecutive homeruns, the mets beat the cubs eight to three of course fans in new york celebrating. they should, right? the met return to the world series for the first time in 15 years, so they'll face the winner of the toronto kansas city series, see how it all plays out. >> all right, interesting stuff. >> step back to the future, you kind of feel bad for the cubs. >> i know. you thought it was their moment for a hot second. not so much. kyla, some good weather. >> yes, very good weather. so today enjoy it, get out there, it will be beautiful, tomorrow much cooler so we'll see high of just about 62 tomorrow. that sets us up for the weekends, saturday sunny, those. >> seasonal, we like t that's "eyewitness news" at noon, for erica who is off, kyla all of us here, thanks so much for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. always on line at
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>> adam: i was sort of hoping to spend my last few hours of freedom with my wife and son. >> michael: we have something to discuss. >> adam: michael, you're a brilliant attorney. we both know that. but even you can't stop the damage billy's gonna cause my case today. >> michael: you're right. all those wonderful things chelsea said about you being a good husband and father are going to go right out of the jury's head once they hear what billy has to testify to. >> adam: yeah, well, you know what? if i was on the jury, i'd probably feel the same way. >> michael: that's why we can't let them hear what billy has to say. >> adam: what? you -- you know a guy who knows a guy? >> michael: i know the legal system and how it works. >> adam: what are you proposing? >> michael: [ clears throat ] a deal. i tell christine that you will plead guilty to a lesser charge.


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