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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 22, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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eye witt the necessary news reporter walt hunter is at the police department with the very latest, walt. >> reporter: children here at wayne elementary school learn the same lessons so many of our children learn, stranger danger, if you see something, say something, and right around this time last night radnor police say they put those lessons into action with their mother and police officers, resulting in the the arrest of the man, who allegedly was attempting to lure the children, talking about going in to the woods. police say daniel lee a approached three children age ten, nine, and eight on the playground outside wayne elementary school around 6:00 wednesday evening. and scarring them, when he began talking about heading in to the wood nearby. >> and then he started talking about going in the woods and i will go into a cabin in the woods, and they felt scared about this and they felt a stranger. >> reporter: investigators claim lee left, and returned 20 minutes later where he was spotted by the children's mother. police say she net filed
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police officers who arrived within two minutes, the children, never threaten, touched, or injured by the suspect according to police. >> good thing is nothing worse happened here, we don't know what could have happened. we don't necessity his intent. >> reporter: at lee's home nearby his mother told reporter her son who was ordered to have a psychiatric evaluation did not intend any harm. >> my son did not do anything wrong. he is a good kid. >> it is a situation where you see something, say something and the the children did exactly that. >> reporter: meanwhile police, school parents, and neighbors, credited the the children, their family and officers for taking immediate correct, actions. >> i think that was a great job on behalf of those families and family that their children, knew to do the the right thing. >> now police hearsay that mr. n 2011 in a suspicious person investigation but never
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charged with any crime. meanwhile, they say they want to know if they may have been involved in other incidents and they are asking anyone who might recognize him to contact the detectives here immediately. meanwhile mr. lee is being held on hundred thousand dollars bail in delaware county prison tonight. live add radnor police headquarters, i'm walt hunter, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". turning to the the forecast, it has been a perfect day and we're hoping that the nice weather hangs around a bit. kate is outside on the skies deck right now to tell you more about that, how bit, kate. >> it is bought full outside right now, it is definitely noticeable that the days are getting shorter and shorter. already looking a little bit darker out here as they did yesterday. we are losing two and a half minutes are day and then come november 1st, that is when daylight savings time end and we will be seeing sunset a whole lot earlier. so, talking about the warm weather going away, daylighting ago way, fall is testify tonightly upon us but some nice weather for weekend. we have sunshine returning as we see this front moving through tonight just a few clouds moving through with it.
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the as we zoom in maybe a stray sprinkle the green you see in lancaster county. don't be shocked if you are out and about and get a couple rain drops here and there but that front doesn't have moisture to work w as we await arrival of the cold front it is still very mild. seventy-three right now in philadelphia down at the a airport. zero seven in wilmington. thirty-seven in reading. it is starting to get cooler north and west. looking up toward buffalo, cleveland, pittsburgh, wind are out of the north west direction, down in the low 50's and 60's and again that front comes through for us, later this evening and tonight. your first forecast still hanging on to 70 at 7:00 p.m. sixty-five by 9:00. a few clouds will keep it milder through midnight and we will see temperatures drop through the overnight hours as we cool off. we have 77 today. tomorrow will be about 15 degrees cooler. make sure you have that jacket and you are ready to go when you head out tomorrow morning. we will have more coming up when i join you inside where for now back to you. doctors meantime are treating 19 students at
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princeton university for hand, foot and mouth disease. university officials say that the the out break began, september 17th. this contagious viral illness often causes painful sores, inside the mouth as well as a skin ration a person's hand or feet. commonly seen in children younger than the age of five. in the statement, princeton says quote university health services staff have advised the student to take precautions to avoid the spread of the disease, and services and staff have been doing extra cleaning in common areas in all residents halls. camden police say a bodega that sold milk bread and eggs was doing more. it was operating as a front for major stolen goods operation. new jersey reporter cleve bryan has more now from camden. >> reporter: medicine, okay. phones, accessories, maybe but power tools and car stereos. police say it wasn't hard to figure out that items moving through this store in camden were stolen. >> the suspect will go to the
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store and sell stolen items to the store. the store in return will sell stolen items to customers. >> reporter: camden police were investigating burglaries and after arresting manual mendoza, they found out where he was selling his stuff. police executed a search warrant at keys grocery store on federal street and they a say these hot items were under the counter and in the back room. >> is this your store can you talk about stolen goods found here by police. >> reporter: stories closed because city officials found safety and health violations but people can come in and out at times this man was inside but says he doesn't know anything. >> okay. >> i have never heard anything bad about this store. >> reporter: camden police say some items do match up to reports they have had recently for burglaries but this stuff they do in the know who owns it so they are asking if you have had had something stolen recently go ahead and call camden police. >> we want to return these items to the rightful owner, and also we would like to send
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a message to all these local stores that you buy certain items from criminals, we will prosecute you. to the fullest. and shut you down. >> reporter: so far store employee rafael jimenes is charged with receiving stolen goods and police say more charges are coming for the owner. in camden, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> well, one south jersey couple is probably regretting taking a selfie right now after they got caught snapping the photo on an ipad they allegedly stole. evesham police say 38 year-old lawrence, and 26 year-old, both of voorhees allegedly stole an ipad from the park car. owner told police that she left her car unlock while she ran inside of a star bucks on route 73. would the man noticed selfies up load todd her icloud which police said led them to the suspects. >> she contacted us a second time and advised us that pictures popped up on her icloud that were pictures of the male, female that she did
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not recognize and what you would consider a selfie pose. >> police sent out this selfie to local law enforcement and lindenwald police responded with their names. the couple is now facing burglary and theft charges. tonight, visitation for three-year old, as authorities, and, and, the death. up investigators say they found no signs of forced entry, and, and, any simple assault. he was discovered in the wooded area last week. a few hours after being reported, missing. at this time in arrests have been made. a funeral mass for brendan is scheduled for tomorrow morning. and, police in delaware county are working to track down a hit and run driver a bicyclist was struck just before 6:30 this morning on west chester pike in glen mills. police say the driver never stopped. the the victim is recovering at the hospital right now and there is no word on a description of the vehicle or the driver. six swat teams get the call in delaware county but it was all for a very friendly
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competition, and members they put their training to the test in an olympic style challenge. the teams competed through a series of drills and obstacles at delaware county emergency services training center. >> you know, you are cheering your officers on and we are out here compete to go day but tomorrow we're all in the same team. >> after the event is over whichever team comes out on top, gets to have bragging rights. it is all friendly. >> for the the first time in chris christie's tenure in new jersey governor lawmakers over written one of his vetoes. he veto a gun control bill that would require police be alerted when someone has been committed to a psychiatric facility applies for a gun permit and then asks a judge to sponge their record. new jersey democrats accuse christie, who is running for president of opposing the law for political gain. chris toty fired back that it is the the democrats who are playing politics. temple football team is taking its perfect record on the road tonight against east
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carolina and students and fans are pumped, siked for their owls. >> sports director don bellies live on temple's campus right now, don, we can only imagine the energy is electric right now. >> reporter: it is pretty cool to be out here. i have covered big basketball games on this campus but not football ones. we are park outside student library on this grass knoll and students we have talk to coming out here, some of them don't really understand significance of this all. in others, they are really dialed in, they understand that they are six-zero and they have watched this team especially last week as they timed you the out central florida and they are excited. they gave up 14 points per game, and also they like to run the ball and they do it very well. overall excitement here is tremendous. >> it is electric, first time since 79, just like you said, 35 years since temple has been ranked. team has been doing great, all throughout the nation they are getting talk. people are mentions them on espn. you never can get that, and
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thomas up for heisman, you know, low key stuff. it is pretty cool. >> it is important that we win this and we will be seven and zero, which will be even better chance of us beating notre dame. >> reporter: everybody is talking about notre dame. they will play fighting irish halloween weekend before a sold out crowd of lincoln financial feel. fans can look forward but head coach, he has to stay focused and that is matt rule and we will hear from him later in sports. but for now let's toss it back to the studio. >> those pirates can sneak on you tonight. still to come on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 a huge upgrade to the infrastructure in pennsylvania has been just approved. it could make a difference when severe weather hits but could it also raise your bill? plus don't like to vote, well, maybe this will change your mind, find out how you can win $0,000, just for stepping in the booth kate. and it is just a gorgeous week with temperatures well above average but a cold front you can see right about here
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is starting to work its way in right now and that will really knock temperatures down i'll tell you how much you'll need to bundle up this coming weekend when we come back.
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a philadelphia non-profit will pony up $10,000 to reward one lucky voter on election day next month. the organization known as the philadelphia citizen wants to increase, voter participation. voters fill out an on line ballot and take witt them when they go to the polling place. the the organization will pick a philadelphia polling place at random to give out the check for 10,000 you dollars. more stores then ever will open up on thanksgiving day and that is not sitting well employees at deptford mall. >> they have set up a petition titled do not open deptford mall on thanksgiving day. the mall is scheduled to open at 6:00 p.m. thanksgiving n a open letter the employees are asking management to consider the families of those who work in the mall stores. so far more than a thousand people have have signed the petition. now this story has a lot of people talking on social
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media, holy ford hearsays quote not everyone cooks, or gathers with family on thanksgiving and christmas. keep the mall open. on the other hand sue brown says that quote all places should be closed, it is a day for family, to be thankful, not working at a mall, grocery store, bar, et cetera. what do you think? should mall stay closed on thanksgiving? connect with us on facebook and twitter, use the hashtag cbs philly. big step for pennsylvania today when it comes to avoiding power outages during big storms. >> today state approved a 274 million-dollar plan to improve the electrical infrastructure, "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos has more on what that means for homeowners. >> reporter: when it rains, it can pour. coupled with high wind and you have situations like this, down power lines. >> do you ever see power outages, problems during storms in your area. >> absolutely whenever there is heavy rain or high winds. >> always.
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>> reporter: today the pennsylvania public utility commission approved peco system 2020 plan. >> which is, our plan to install advanced equipment, to help make our system less vulnerable to storm damage. >> reporter: ben armstrong with peco says 274 million-dollar will be spent over the next five years installing tree resisting power lines. >> it is a cable that allows for the tree to either be held up by the cable or, to fall, instead of, causing the outage. >> reporter: something called reclosures, think of them as detour that is could automatically reroute power to the home in the event of the outage. peco says a power loss effecting 2,000 homes could be knocked down to 200. >> automatically identify where system damage may have occurred and restored services to customers, faster, then before. >> reporter: so this all sounds great, right? these improvements throughout the system but many customers we have spoke with said they have one question and that is
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what happens when they open up their bill? >> i am concerned about the the cost increase. >> reporter: but peco officials say there won't be one at least for the near future. >> the current time the cost for this work to our customers is zero. >> reporter: customers could soon breathe easier, ones wicked weather hits. in fairmount greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". time for your forecast now with kate. >> yes. >> talking about this. >> yes, yes, everything is good. >> yes. >> bring the coat tomorrow, you may not have needed it past few days but you will need it again tomorrow. get it ready, put it by the door. if your house is as crunch a as mine is in the morning you need everything by the door when you head outside and maybe kid will want to wear shorts again thomas they did today. tomorrow is not the big day for it. lets look at is what going on outside, and take a a look at ben franklin bridge what a beautiful shot just past sunset only by a couple of
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minutes, sun just hit below horizon but gorgeous colors out there. especially with that front from the west we have a few cloud off to the west. we are seeing reflection off those clouds and things looking great. ben franklin bridge campbell's field cam looking fantastic. rehoboth beach, delaware where we have a beautiful evening. the paint clouds for folks walking boardwalk 70 at the moment. great for evening stroll. this is a beautiful shot from palmyra cove nature park camera and still some pink and blue in the sky there. that looks great in kutztown as well. we will go through evening hours and sky begins to darker, 69 degrees. the great weather for kid outside on the sock are field, more realistically parents on the sidelines of those soccer games, you are not chilly, in the bundling up tonight but tomorrow we will be a different story for friday not football. it shows a front. here's the boundary just a few cloud maybe a stray sprinkle moving through our area we will zoom in on lancaster county and spotty sprinkles popping up there they may not
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be reaching the ground but out and about taking a dog for a walk and feel rain drops hit you don't be too shock. thirty-seven in philadelphia a. it is 69 in millville. seventy-three in reading right now, and the cooler air is really moving in. we're on notice. these 70's will be thing of the past. we are down to the 50's. we will only rebound to the lower 60's with full sunshine across the board for your friday. saturday same story, mostly sunny, cool start the two day saturday morning in the 30's in the afternoon, 60's again and watch for a shower sunday morning. the here's how it looks over next few days. 8:00 he clock tonight, maybe a stray sprinkle. we will clear it out quickly tomorrow full sun beautiful blue skies, just not as warm as it has been but we can live that. saturday looks mostly sunny. watch what happens sunday we will see cloud increase sunday morning just a few spotty showers, hopefully we will get clearing in especially north and west of philadelphia later sunday afternoon. again it has been a very warm act. we have had three days above
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average, today another day but we're in the 50's tonight and tomorrow, only in the lower 60's for highs. notice warmth has been concentrated in the mid week time frame. weekend has been chilly and we will have more coming up, tomorrow and saturday. we have temps in the lower 50's. once we get that front out and sprinkle and clear skies. 62 degrees. the it is cool, and it will feel chilly compared to what we have been enjoying this week but not that far below average here friday and saturday. sunday just a shower and then back to quiet, cool, crisp october weather early next week. if you have any fall foliage viewing plans, pumpkin patch it will be great weather for that. >> earlier ukee said he wanted to jump in the lake. >> with a big blanket like linus. >> a lot of fun. >> we will take a short
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it is a big night for temple football the owls take six and zero record into thursday night play, on the road with the pirates in east carolina. >> it is a big night, exciting night sports director don bellies live where all of the excitement has been building all week long, don. >> hi there, don. >> it has been building and students here all fired up for this match up, there is a viewing party set to begin in 35 minutes when team is set to kick off at east carolina. you've got to remember how this season started for owls. back on september 5th they beat penn state 26-ten it was then that they got catapult ed to the national stage, people started to pay attention. now they are looking to go seven and zero for first time in school history. how do you keep pressure off, head coach matt rule talk about it. >> tennessee, here, everything from everybody, our coaches. oh, shoot just go out there and play. rob stop trying to make a
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touchdown every play f we do that we play well. i have to get that done somehow. but, i haven't gotten it down hundred percent yet but we are getting closer. our kids a why don't we just relax and play football. >> matt rule you have to love intensity. they are six and zero but hey we can be more perfect, then perfect. of course highlights tonight at is 11:00. lets talk about the philadelphia eagles. they beat giants monday night but in that game there were in other questions than answers. people wandberg sam bradford. he threw three interceptions, looked bad in red zone situations, nine interceptions on the season and then is tied for second most in the nfl. bradford at practice today afterward was asked, hey are you where you want to be at this point in the season. >> it is hard to predict how season will go and where you will be coming off the injuries. would i like to have been a little sharper? absolutely but the same time i think i have done some things
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really well. just looking to continue to improve each week. >> also want to let you know he thursday night football tonight, don't worry about the record, seahawks verse 49ers, both teams two-four but always heated rivalry. coverage begins at 7:30 eastern right here on cbs-3. also tonight, highlights and reaction from east carolina and temple looking to be seven and seer. that is it from broad street. now back to you in the apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
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well thanks so much for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. we will return at ten on our sister station cw philly and back here at 11:00 on cbs-3. >> up next "cbs evening news".
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here is scott pelley. take care family we will see >> pelley: the battle over benghazi, the chairman versus the secretary. >> i don't know what this line of questioning does to help us get to the bottom of the death of four americans. >> i'll be happy to help you understand that, madam secretary. >> pelley: also tonight, the first american combat death in the war against isis. gun violence claims another child. police say a suspect has confessed to a road rage killing. and high honors today for world war ii heroes immortalized by hollywood. >> want to get into the war? >> monuments men. >> this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: house republicans have been planning this day for over a year. former secretary of state and now presidential candi


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