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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  October 23, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the temple owls making history. the team is seven and zero for the first time in 121 seasons. we'll have a look at last night's game against ecu and the excitement from all of the fans. >> plus drivers in philadelphia be aware. new fees from the philadelphia parking authority could make paying your parking ticket a little more expensive. >> and it was nice while it lasted but the warmer weather is now gone. it won't and bad weekendment we'll tell you in a couple of minute. i'm nicole brewer, i'm not alone here in the studio. lovely, vittoria, kyla joining me now. good morning. >> kyla, what's up with the weather giving us the cold shoulder? >> right? we got little spoiled there, i
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think what happened. the 70s, well, they were well above average. we get not just back to normal but below normal headed across the next few days. so today big difference. cooler for friday and the weekend. talking six off's today. dry saturday, though, coming up. our next shower chance, well, that will be overnight saturday into early sunday. live look at the network shows you temperatures around the area, 54 hamilton, royersford in at 53. fifty-five broomall, cinnaminson at 56 this morning. well, we will watch the temperatures cool down little more as we go through our show today. 13-mile per hour winds as you can see out of the north. so we have little breeze going on out there in philadelphia. storm scan3, shows though hey blue skies to start this day, so at least we have to have cooler temperatures, talking sunshine, so we are looking out for high of just 62 degrees today, lot of sunshine at the shore, high of 73, and 66 in the poconos, take a deep breath, everybody, grab the jacket. but your weekend, not bad. it is going to be a little bit cooler, prepare yourself for,
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that and if you have outdoor plans saturday will be the better day of the two. i'll be back in just a few moments with your seven day forecast. i would love to tell you there is a big warm up there, but, vittoria, no such luck. the 60s are here to stay for awhile. >> you win some, you lose some. >> we're wearing black, we are in mourning. >> we are in mourning because of the weather. that's okay, though. traffic wise it is not awful out there. everybody's still sleeping, so it is still very quiet. we have construction on the vine street expressway, if you do plan to travel in either direction, between the schuylkill and broad street, you have to wait until at least 5:00 or so, as you will notice, police are still blocking the ramps here as a result of construction, actually, looks like they just had reopened that westbound side, to vehicles traveling there, good news, westbound open, eastbound still locked down. 422 bit of dark shot. westbound right around trooper, we had some earlier construction, those cones have been lifted so 422 looking great. i mean, again, barely anyone out there. we do have construction on 202, both northbound,
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southbound, the ramps to 95, close from the 5:00 a.m., starting today, until 5:00 a.m. on monday, so you will need to plan accordingly over the weekend. mass transit checklist, lansdale doylestown line bussing, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., weekdays until december. be mindful of this, as well. no delays at the airport, looking pretty good there. overall, nice start. >> tori, thank you. temple university's not ball team is still undefeated for the first time in history the owls are seven and zero after last night's win over east carolina sealed the deal in the final three and a half minute. temple trailing by four. pj walker finds the touchdown. owls on top 17 to 14. seventy-three seconds later jihad thomas runs this one in for 14-yard touchdown. look at him go. temple beats east carolina 24 to 14. i told them the best win i've ever been part of as a complete i told the east carolina kids, in many ways they out played us and
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deserved to win the game. that's what college football is, man, it is come in and finds a way to win games like. >> this i thought our defense was outstanding in the second half. proud to be seven and zero in the school district, first time, that is something i'm really proud of. that they didn't look ahead, didn't look behind, concentrating thon game and found a way to win it. >> so proud, the fans are proud, everybody's excited. "eyewitness news" at the course on temple university main campus, seven and zero means goes eight and zero against one. most storied eyewitness program in sports. alexandria hoff live on temple's campus with more. >> good morning east carolina didn't make this easy. temple head coach said himself them had to overcome shooting themselves in the foot to come back in second half and make history, for that this campus is resting easy. all of this excitement began back at the start of the season with the win against
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penn state. fans have been ride that wave ever since, that wave has carried the owls to season starter of six and zero for the first time since 1979. now the same wave also, yes, sung that pirate ship last night, 24 to 14. this is the first time that temple has gone seven and zero ever. and from the fans that we talked, to they say they always new that this day would come. boy are they ready for college game day this saturday. >> this is the best thing that's happened to me in these four years. the best thing. it is incredible, it is incredible. >> now, four years is a long time to wait, but imagine if you have waited ooh? we spoke with some former temple players who watched this game last night. more on that later in the show. but for now, reporting live from temple university, alexandria hoff, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> all right, alex, so exciting. we appreciate it, thanks. you can stay with "eyewitness news", we'll keep you updated as we lead up to the big showdown as the notre dame fighting irish visit temple next saturday.
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switching gears, developing right now, one person has been killed, three other hurt, in a shooting on the campus of tennessee state university. now, area police say it began with a fight over a dice game, in a outdoor courtyard. just learned the victim who was killed was not a student. three others are being treated for non-life threatening injuries. last week three people were hurt by gunfire at off-campus party across the street from that college. well, happening today, sentencing for the excavator operator in the deadly center city building collapse. sean benschop pleaded guilty to six counted of involuntary manslaughter. wall of the building under demolition there collapsed onto salvation army thrift store at 22nd and market streets in june of 2013. that collapse killed six people and injured 12 other. >> well, funeral services will be held today for three year old brendan createo as authority continue to investigate the boy's mysterious death. family, friends, attended his viewing last night. detective found no signs of forced twin at the haddon township home where brandon
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lived with his father or any signs every sexual assaulted, discovered in a wooded area last week a few hours after being reported missing. at this time no arrests have been made. new this morning, an off-duty philadelphia police officer is injured in a three car crash in fishtown. it happened shortly after 1:00 a.m. at frankford and girard. the off duty officer was taken to hahnemann hospital in stable condition. no word if anyone else was injured in this crash. >> four people including two police officers are injured after intent to pull over a car ends in a accident. police say just before 10:00 last night a car sped away 5800 block of master street when police attempted to pull that driver over. now the cars then struck separate police vehicle during that pursuit, cause that car to crash into a home on 59th and master. the officers are now in stable condition. there is no word on the condition that far passenger, as a driver. >> well, it is over. hillary clinton spent 11 hours on capitol hill yesterday testifying about the terror attacks on the us diplomatic
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compound in testified before a special house committee. the lawmakers investigating the handling of the 2012 attack that left four americans dead including up the s ambassador chris stevens. republicans accuse clinton of ignoring steven's request for more security before those attacks. >> how many instances would it have taken you to say hey, we need to look at the security over there? >> no one ever came to me and said: we should shutdown our compound in benghazi. >> i'm not saying shut it down. i'm saying protect it. >> i would imagine i thought more about what happened than all of you put together. >> now this was clinton's third time testifying, and the eighth investigation into those benghazi attacks. democrats say the hearing was only conducted to damage clinton's presidential bid. >> well, congressman paul ryan is officially running for speaker of the house. this comes after the wisconsin republican repeatedly turned
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down pleas to run. ryan had said, he would only run if he got the support of three key gop house groups. well, that support came wednesday, when more than 70% of the house freedom caucus vote in the favor of ryan. >> meanwhile, democratic presidential candidate lincoln chafee said i'll addressed the future of his campaign today. made the announcement last night on twitter. the former road island governor and us senator has struggled to build support against clinton and sanders. he raised just $11,000 in the most recent fundraising quarter. 4:39. still ahead on "eyewitness news", some bad news unfortunately for philadelphia drivers. we have some new fees to discuss from the philadelphia parking authority that could make paying your parking ticket a little more expensive. we'll tell you how much the new fee will cost you, but also, how you can avoid paying it, how about that? so say good-bye to the warm weather at least for now. we do have nice weather ahead. it will definitely feel a little more like fall. kyla will break it down for you coming up. stay with
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the cost to pay a parking ticket by phone or even on line is going up in philadelphia. not what you wanted to hear, right? well, right now the philadelphia parking authority charges two-point ooh for convenience fee, but beginning november 1st, that number actually goes up a dollar to 3.50. the hike does not affect parking fees or tickets. the ppa says there is one way to avoid forking over the extra dollar. >> it cost you 49 cents for a stamp. it is cheaper. >> but who want to do that, right? the ppa blames credit card companies for charging more processing fees, and this is the agency's first convenience fee increase by the way in three years. >> well, heavy rain in west texas, flooding there caused several tractor-trailers and mobile home to float away from rv parkas you can see here in this video on your screen. the rain is expected to increase today and tomorrow, hurricane patricia makes landfall near port vie art a, mexico, dallas for the worse, dallas, san antonio could see
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to up four-8 inches every rain. kai last talking about this just few minutes ago, this is really alarming. >> i have to tell you waking up this morning and seeing hurricane patricia off the coast of mexico with us is contained winds at 200 miles per hour, category five, that has every, yes, every antenna is up, right, like i am so concern for mexico. then of course texas bringing more rain to them. they do not need that. let's take a look at patricia right now, it is a monster this morning. look at this, category five everybody. how often do you see this close to land? thankfully not very often. 200-mile per hour sustained winds, gusts up to 245 miles per hour, check it out, pressure has dropped to 880 millie bars. this >> this is a path it is expected to take late friday make that impact with land there, mexico, now, there are mountains in mexico. that will rip it apart, yes, will still bring more moisture to texas, you can see, dallas already getting some showers this morning. so, that front, by the way, will be tracking toward us as we head toward the weekend. so that will make an impact
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for us, too. but, obviously, not going to be the impact this they're going to be seeing in mexico, texas, from that. so our hearts go out to them. temperatures right now currently in philadelphia, 61 degrees, and believe it or not, our high today just 62. forty-six in mount pocono, 59 down in wildwood. as we take a look at what to expected to, lots of sunshine, it will be nice day, much cooler with the temperatures in the low 60s, so good-bye to the 70s, taking a look at your hour by hour, see all of the sunshine, but yes, those temperatures staying in the low 60s today. so take that jacket as you head out the door. looking at future weather, lot of sunshine starting our day today. go through the afternoon, beautiful for your friday. we get into our saturday, notice the clouds will start moving in in the morning. by the time we get late into the overnight hours, saturday, into sunday, that's when we see few showers rolling in. so weekend looking great for saturday, stay nice and dry, high of 61. but overnight saturday into sunday, that's when we get some showers, particularly the early part of sunday, not so great. but today, pretty nice, lots of sunshine, cooler with a high of 62.
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your overnight low tonight, oh, it will be a chilly one, 41 degrees, with some clear skies, and look at the seven day forecast, shows you no great warm up in the future, all we have is a 66 there sunday, back to the low 60s, sunshine, monday into tuesday. 70s were nice, weren't they, nicole? >> i can do the 60s, thanks, kai l eagles face the undefeated carolina pant nerves prime time sunday nightment bird offense has had its issues of course, sam bradford in particular, has nine touchdowns to go along with nine interceptions. he was asked why some of his deep passes have come up short. >> i'm not sure my weight transfer has been where it should be on a couple of the throws. i'm not sure i've really gotten to my front leg. i think that's why some of them had been short. so i spent a lot of time this week trying to get back to the fundamentals. to hockey right now, nhl says there will be no fine or suspension for former flyer and current boston bruins, zach rinaldo, for this hit, right there, on flyers center sean.
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rinaldo received five minute major penalty and game misconduct for that hit. he's listed as day-to-day. all right, 4:46 right now. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, big change is coming to general mills. we'll have more on what they're doing to popular tricks cereal, adorable campaign going on long with it, first, what's coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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>> now, for another look at this morning's headlines, sentencing for the excavator operator in the deadly center city building collapse takes place today. sean benschop pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter. wall of the building under demolition collapsed onto salvation army thrift store at 22nd and market back in 2013. that collapse sild six people and injured 12 other. >> the cost to pay a parking ticket by phone or on line is going up in philadelphia. right now, the philadelphia parking authority charges
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two-point ooh for convenience fee, but beginning november 1st, that number goes up to 3.50. ppa says you can avoid paying that fee by paying your ticket through the mail. >> temple university's football team makes history for the first time the owls are seven and zero after last night's win over east carolina they beat the pirates, 24 to 14. exciting newsment holiday shopping season fast approaching. more stores than ever will be open on thanksgiving day. some employees of deposition for the mall are trying to change that trend. they've set up petition titled do not open depford mall on thanksgiving day. the mall is scheduled to open at 6:00 p.m. on thanksgiving. in a open letter, the employees are asking management to consider the families of those who work in the mall stores. so far, more than 1,000 people have signed a petition. >> it is 4:49. let's take a check on business news, money watch's hena daniels joins us live from new york from the new york stock exchange. good morning, hearing fast-food giant mcdonald's has
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a reason to celebrate after a great day on wall street. >> good morning, yes, first time in a long time shares every mcdonald's soured over 8%, biggest daily increase in seven years. mcdonald's reported restaurant sales rose for the first time in two years. mcdonald's attributed it sales jump to menu tweaks, new ceo has been on the job for about eight months now trying create new corporate image. nicole it, seems to be working. >> general mills kicking off new campaign as well calling all bunnies. what's that about? >> this might be the cutest video you see all week, their tricks rabbit campaign, in search of new mascot for trix cereal. asking owners of photogenic beers real or fake smith pictures marking the launch of the cereal new recipe using natural ingredient instead of artificial ones, certainly following the lead of many other food makers around the country. >> all right, you get that silly rabbit has to go, new rabbit, new bunny rabbit.
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>> that's right. >> hena, thanks. coming up after the break, another check on weather and traffic. stay with us, we'll be right
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4:53, let's check on those roads. >> hey, nicole. hey, you guys. hey, good morning, everyone. if you are traveling out and about right now, or you're planning to leave in just a few minutes, i would say, if you leave the house in the next half hour or so, you will still be good to go. it is still dark and very quiet on the majors. do have little activity, just construction on 95 southbound, right between the area of street road and woodhaven. it is compromising the left hand lane. not causing too much after stir. there are not many cars on the road. as we move now to the schuylkill expressway, right around girard avenue, looking pretty good here. dow want you to keep in mind the vine street expressway was
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closed on the westbound side between broad street and the schuylkill. it has been reopened. if you are trying to travel on the eastbound side, they are just sort of lifting up the cones. so you're not good to go yet on the eastbound side just westbound. as we take a look now at mass transit, the media elwin line will be shuttle bussing 7:00 p.m. friday until end of service sunday due to construction at ridley creek. plan accordingly for this for the weekend, otherwise, mass transit is moving just fine. there are no delays at the airport. anything that's going to cause a delay at the airport, weather wise today, at all, kyla? >> i don't think so. weather wise we should be just fine. lot of sunshine out there. the big difference is temperatures. you will need your jacket as you head out the door. let's take a look at the current temperatures right now. sitting at about 61 degrees in philadelphia, you can see, 55 out in reading, 58 down in atlantic city. as we zoom out, look at the blue on the map, all of the 40's off to the west, 50's to the north there in new york city. and everybody starting off little cooler, so, as we send the kids off to school today, make sure they take jacket.
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we give the day an a minus, lots of sunshine, about 58 degrees at 8:00 when you sends them out the door this afternoon, the high about 62, so not bad. we will have lots of sunshine, just more of mental adjustment, right? we've had 70s, getting kinds of used to, that today as you can see we keep the sunshine with us, but only going up to high of 62 degrees. now, we do have little weather coming toward us, as we get toward the weekends. so saturday, looking good, mix every sunday, clouds, have the low 60s again, but check this out. shower chance for your sunday; temperatures in the 60s, there, too. ill time that out, coming up with the full weather forecast. back to you, nicole. >> thank you, checking sister station "kyw news radio" 1060 is following. the chester county sheriff's office is warning residents, not to fall victim to a phone scam going around. plus, there is a new website that helps you search for doctors in your network. find specialists even schedule is her have i cents. and with christmas just over two month away, a family run candy company in south jersey is busy making candy cans the
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same way they've been doing it for the past 70 years. you can check in two, three, four times a day "kyw news radio" 1060 on your a.m. dial. coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news", much more on temple ace already took win, so, so exciting, plus, an outpouring of support for the family after toddler found wandering alone in love park. the special help they are receiving today. >> and heart stopping moment when a student collapses during gym class. why the hero who saved him almost wasn't up to the task. we're back at the top of the hour. stay with us.
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>> temple fans as the owls make history. first time in 121 years, temple football fever sweeps across the city. >> also, developing now, gunfire erupts on college campus overnight. one person is dead, and several other are hurt. what police say sparked that gunfire. i really don't care what you all say about me. it doesn't better me a bit. >> clinton heads back from the hot seat back to the campaign trail today after getting grilled on capitol hill. the fiery moments from the marathon showdown including some that didn't even include hillary clinton. today is friday, october 23rd, good morning to you, thanks so much for joining us. i'm nicole brewer. we've got kyla, vittoria here with me this morning keeping an eye on trafficking. good morning, ladies.
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>> good morning, kyla, happy friday. we're in mourning, i know, we're in mourning. but at least weather wise, you'll talk about that in a second. traffic wise, right now, we're looking pretty nice outside i would say. no delays real that i we're seeing. overall pretty good on my side. >> oh, good. well, listen, i have good news, too, it will be cooler today, we will have lots of sunshine out there, and i think it makes the cooler pilla little easier to swallow when you know you will have beautiful soul shine. so let's look what we can expected to. that is we are looking out for for abundant sunshine, much cooler day as our temperatures will not get out of the low 60s, everybody, so we prepare ourselves for that. in fact, currently sitting at 59 degrees, you can see the wind out of the north about 12 miles per hour, little breeze, and really not going to get whole lot warmer than that. high today of 62. looking live look at storm scan3, there you go, we have nice blue skies expected. so when the sun does come up, you will be greeting the day with some beautiful blue skies. not bad. but, today, high of 62. as you can


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