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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 23, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> good morning, kyla, happy friday. we're in mourning, i know, we're in mourning. but at least weather wise, you'll talk about that in a second. traffic wise, right now, we're looking pretty nice outside i would say. no delays real that i we're seeing. overall pretty good on my side. >> oh, good. well, listen, i have good news, too, it will be cooler today, we will have lots of sunshine out there, and i think it makes the cooler pilla little easier to swallow when you know you will have beautiful soul shine. so let's look what we can expected to. that is we are looking out for for abundant sunshine, much cooler day as our temperatures will not get out of the low 60s, everybody, so we prepare ourselves for that. in fact, currently sitting at 59 degrees, you can see the wind out of the north about 12 miles per hour, little breeze, and really not going to get whole lot warmer than that. high today of 62. looking live look at storm scan3, there you go, we have nice blue skies expected. so when the sun does come up, you will be greeting the day with some beautiful blue skies. not bad. but, today, high of 62. as you can see, on saturday,
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high of 61 degrees. by sunday, little warmer, 66, and we have some rain to talk about saturday night, into sunday. so, little bit of business in the weather department. i'm also by the way going to touch on the unbelievable hurricane, pa trish, a that's off the coast of mexico. we will talk about that when i come back in just a few moment. for now we head on over to miss vittoria, keeping an eye on the roads. >> thank you so much. right behind me you can see there is some activity traveling on 95. if you are traveling right around the area of woodhaven, and street road, the left lane block, not causing too much of a problem, but just construction, so be careful about that. schuylkill expressway looking pretty good still around girard. if you are traveling in either direction, there are no delays, and really that's the entire schuylkill expressway this morning, at least for right now, 5:01, between your western suburbs and downtown philadelphia. as we continue, taking you now to mass transit where the media elwin line are shuttle bussing 7:00 p.m. friday until the end of service on sunday, this is all because of construction at ridley creek. so do you want to keep that in mine for sure for your weekend
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plans tonight. the lansdale doylestown line shuttle bussing 9:00 a.m. until 3:00. >> this would be ongoing until december, between colmar and doylestown. so, definitely want to keep that in mind as the holiday season starts to rev up. no delays at the airport, still looking pretty good there, i would say, overall, still very, very quiet commute. so we are good to go as you can see with our speed censors, our averaging speeds into the 50's, 55 right now on the schuylkill, in the 30's on 476, but for the most part, i would say, that's probably around a ramp because right now not dealing with too much trouble. then 52 on 95, but all-in-all, pa, new jersey, delaware, still very quiet. nicole? >> vittoria, thank up. the dream season still alive this morning, for the temple football team. the owls latest win has earned them a spot in the record books. temple needed a frantic come back though last night at east carolina to stay perfect. scored three and a half -- scored with three and a half minutes left in the game to take 17 to 14 lead. then put the game away with a touchdown run 73 seconds later
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to win it 24 to 14, right there. owls now seven and zero for the first time in school history first win as ranked team since 1936. >> i am really proud to be seven and zero for the first time in school history, never heard me say anything about penn state, seven and zero, that's something i am really proud of, that they didn't look ahead, didn't look behind, were concentrating on this game, found a way to win it. >> i told them the best win i've ever been a part of as a coach. >> that's great. been long time since football fans here in our area have been excited about temple. they'll no doubt be fired up for the next game against notre dame. alexandria hoff live with more on the excitement. they're geared up, alex, good morning. >> nicole, so exciting, this is what fall on campus should feel like. crisp, cool, and buzzing with game day excitement. it is more of a silent sleeping stat satisfaction for these student right now, because they had exhausting night in that battle against east carolina but the owls were able to stagger out on
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top. i think we all new there was something about this season with the early win against penn state. this momentum just carried temple for the first time to six and zero, since 1979. now, with last night's win against the pirates, that is seven and zero for the first time ever. now the owls may have to work on some of their offense before confidentially facing off against notre dame, week from tomorrow. but these student say they've never doubted the process. >> we new it a long time, never doubt this team, from day one, i said, be here against notre dame, never doubted them, never doubted them. >> seven and zero, you know what sounds better, it will sound pretty sweet next week, eight and zero. eight and zero. >> that is certainly some passion, those student event wait add long time, you know what, coming up at 6:00 we will talk to former players who wait bad 50 years for this win. that will be really guide. you want to stick with us for
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that one. reporting live from temple university, alexandria hoff. >> exciting time on campus, alex, thank. temple had some fun after the game tweeting philly versus north carolina we won round one, now it is your turn, eagles. the birds will try to complete the philly sweep when they take on the undefeated carolina panthers sunday night. >> well, this is just in from france. at least 42 people are dead after a fiery crash between a tour bus and a truck. apparently the bus caught fire after that wreck in france's wine region. now some people managed to escape boy breaking windows. arrayed yo station reports that most of the victims are elderly people. this is the deadliest crash in france in more than 30 years. we'll stay on top of this and bring you more information as we get it. also, new developments in deadly shooting overnight on the campus every tennessee state university in nashville. officials just updated the media to say this is an isolated incident, and there is no threat to student. one person is dead, as many as four other are injured.
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this after a fight broke out during a dice game we're told. authority believe some of the wounded were bystanders. their injuries are non-life threatening. well, two police officers and two other were hurt after attempt to pull over a car ends in a crash. police say just before 10:00 last night car sped away on the 5800 block of master street when police attempt topped pull the driver over. the car then struck a separate police vehicle, during that pursuit, cause that car to crash no a home on 59th and master. the officer suffered minor injuries, and there is no word on the condition of the passenger, and that driver. three car crash in fishtown, happened shortly after 1:00 a.m., frandford and girard. off duty officer taken to hahnemann hospital in stable condition, and there is no word if anyone else was injured in that crash. >> excavator operator who pleaded guilty in the center
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city billing collapse pleaded guilty. benschop pleaded guilty to six count every involuntary manslaughter one each for the six people killed when a wall after building under demolition collapsed onto salvation army thrift store back in june of 2013. now, earlier this week, a jury convicted demolition contractor griffin campbell of six count of involuntary manslaughter. >> a funeral scheduled today for three year old brendan createo. detective found no signs of forced entry at the haddon township home where he lived with his father, also found no signs of sexual assault. last week they found the boy's body in a wooded area few hours after reported missing. no one has been charged. >> well, the parent of toddler found wandering alone in love park will receive the keys to their new house today. ankle leak roland and michael jones were in family court this week as they try to regain custody of their two children. ministries raised thousands of dollars to place that family in a house and pain their rent for one year. local student raised money for
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their appliances. well this morning, hillary clinton joins other democratic presidential candidates as well as president obama at the women's leadership forum in washington. her appearance follows a showdown with the house benghazi committee investigating the deaths of four americans, on september 11 of 2012. cbs news correspondent don champion wraps up the marathon hearing from which clinton emerged largely unscathed. >> reporter: hillary clinton heads back to the campaign trail today, after being grilled by lawmakers investigating the 2012 benghazi attacks. in testimony, that spans 11 hours, clinton managed to avoid political miss steps. >> i thought more about what happened than all of you put together. i've lost more sleep than all of you put together. >> she not only defended her actions as secretary of state, but also her use after private e-mail account. >> i did not conduct most of the business that i did on behalf of our country on e-mail. >> things got heated when republican committee chair,
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tray gaudy, asked clinton about her frequent e-mail exchanges with long time friend, sydney bloomenthal. >> our ambassador was asked to read and respond to sydney bloomenthal's drink. >> sparred with republicans, called the hearing a show trial, meant to hurt clinton's presidential run. >> we better than using taxpayer dollars tow try to dels trout a campaign. >> in the end, chairman gaudy admitted the committee walked away with little new information. >> i don't know that she testified that much differently today than she has previous time she testified. >> the latest quinnipiac pole shows clinton still in the lead among likely democratic voters in iowa, with rival bernie sanders trailing close behind. don champion, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> if your civic duty also also pace to vote. right now cash in, just by casting your ballot. the extra incentive to get voters to the polls.
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taking the plunge, local leaders get ready to take a walk on the wild side today by repelling down the side after building. >> ♪ >> a member of the "eyewitness news" team expected that challenge, as well, hear what she thought about the stunt, when we come back. >> ♪
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>> court arraignment for the new mexico man charged with road rage killing of little girl w his wrists and ankles shackled, appeared on tv screen from jail thursday afternoon, being held on $650,000 bond, after police say he admitted to opening fire on the family's vehicle tuesday killing four year old lilly garcia. >> i thought it would make us feel better, i mean, we're glad he got caught t won't bring lilly back. but at least he is an off the street. >> family want him off the street for good. hashtag justice for lilly connected supporters world-wide and that gunned me page collected tens of thousands of dollars in just days. well, the mother of freddie gray, is recovering, after attempting suicide in baltimore. you will recall gray died in police custody last april, triggering riots in the city. sources tell our sister station in baltimore that
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gray's mother suffered superficial wounds and is undergoing a pschiatric evaluation. few weeks ago, the city of baltimore awarded gray's family $6.4 million to settle civic claims. >> 5:14, kyla tracking monster hurricane in the pacific ocean, no joke, kyla. >> it isn't. talking about category five very dangerous system off the coast of mexico, slate today make impact as we head toward the weekend. >> to pa trish, a currently sitting with sustained wind at 200 miles per hour. you can sigh there gusting 245 miles per hour moving about 12 miles per hour. look at the pressure 880 millie bars. as you can see expected to make impact every land late friday, into saturday, now that's also going to bring a lot of moisture to places like texas where they do not need it. let's take live look now if you can at center city here in philadelphia. and you can see here, that we are looking at much quieter
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weather, gradually, we don't have anything terrible like that storm to worry about. but we will see temperatures much cooler, as we go through the day today. live look at storm scan3, you can see our skies are relatively clear. lots of sunshine out, there but the temperatures only in the low 60s, yes, you heard me correctly, so it won't be like yesterday. you had the sun beating downtownment today see sunshine, but temperatures in the 50's. head toward the weekend another sunny day saturday, we start our day out, clouds work their way in, again highs in the 60s, looking out this weekend for shower, later saturday night into sunday, so let me tim it o gave you a idea what we are talking about, looking good, high pressure stays in control. work our way through the day, very nice, front tracking toward us. looking good. the clouds start rolling in, on saturday. and then here comes that system, that's 11:00 p.m.
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it could be good if you have your plans later in the day sunday, i think you're okay, we dry out. watch out for. that will temperatures where we see 70s wednesday, and thursday, remember the average high is 65 degrees. today, saturday into sunday, temperatures in the 60s, will lift up little there sunday into the mid 60s and get closer to the average. but, yep, it will be a bit of a cool ride. so saturday high of 61. again we start off with some sunshine, get few clouds in there, as you work our way into sunday, watch out for the showers earlier in the morning but today sunshine, bring your jacket, the high of 62 today. clear skies tonight, chilly, low of 41 degrees, taking a look at the seven day, little lift in the temperatures sunday with the few showers, as you can see by monday, into tuesday, back to the low 60s. low 60s will take a minute to get used to.
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>> it is an adjustment. anything like that is an adjust. ment at least we have the sun. the bright side right now, is that there is still only few vehicles out, there not causing too much after rush. 5:17, 95 right behind me, around the commodore barry bridge, both sides moving pretty fluidly. southbound being your taillights. northbound your headlight. do have disable vehicle on the shoulder though not causing too much after problem. vine street expressway, earlier bit of problem, because on both sides, between the schuylkill and broad street, closed due to construction, construction zones have been lifted so you are free to travel between 76 and 95 on the vine, and it is a really, really nice ride out there. overall majors are great. pa, new jersey, and delaware, so really if the green. un for the lip, we have accident, especially, in upper moreland township. easton, sick more, right around the pa turnpike, be careful there. also in lansdale, accident, seventh and towamenson avenue. be mindful of those intersection, tan seems to be since already on this map, on the northeast extention northbound, some minor delays around the lansdale area. minor slow going, but mass
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transit, things at the airport, all look great. nick snow. >> thank you, facebook making searching on the social media ascites year. several new features have debuted including new search tool making it possible to see all public posts. words and posts will be highlighted and suggested as users type. facebook said they also fixed glitch that caused some iphone use tears complain that the app drains their batteries. all right, 5:18. time to check your philadelphia job market report. cbs news business analyst jill schlessinger takes look at healthcare jobs you might not know about. >> the country is a wash in pink, as we mark breast cancer awareness month. but if you want to make a difference all year long, there are couple of professions to look into that you may not have thought of. side owe technologies also disease detective. they spend a lot of time peering through microscopes looking for abnormalities in cells helping pathologies cents diagnosis cancer and other diseases. unlike pathologists, sito technologists don't need to attend medical school, do require bachelor's degree.
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wages closely track the broader group of laboratory technologists, in the philadelphia area, these workers can expect to earn over $64,000 a year. another healthcare job you may not have considered, biostatistician. any time you read about a health related finding, like affected cancer treatment, or link between a disease, those numbers are crunched bye-bye owe statistician. you mayland entry level job in the field with only an undergraduate dough agree, but typically you need more advanced education. average salary $75,560 a year. i'm jill schlessinger, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> all right, women, it is bad enough getting a parking ticket. right? well now they could get little more expensive. the extra fee being added to some tickets and how you can avoid paying it. plus this: >> i feel like i need a second chance. >> that teenager alive today thanks to the quick actions of some workers at his school. you'll hear from the heroes
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who saved his life coming up
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>> women, don't look down. that's the advice from mayor michael nutter and about 100 other people who will re pep down one logan square today. that's a building by the way. video from last year's trip from the outside of the 31 story building. it is 418 feet from the roof to the ground, okay, so it is pretty high up. the hair raising challenge raises money for philadelphia outward bound school program. so for a good cause. hey, if the mayor needs some advice, he can ask vittoria. right? >> yes. >> you took the challenge? >> i told you you're a crazy person. >> can i tell you, i woke up this morning, like i can't believe i did that. >> you're like aim little crazy. >> i am a little -- everyone knows i'm always usually a little nut, but this was to an extreme. it was the wildest adventure
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of my life. and, you know, when they say going over the edge, it is a met a for. i get it. over the negligent two ways, do you have get over your fears and then climb down a building. so that was intense. >> was there a moment where you're like they don't pay me enough to do this? >> yes. no, there was a moment where coy see channel three, and i'm like tacking one for the team you guys. okay, so hope you all appreciate it. >> i hope they remember that, right? >> you too, nicole, vittoria. >> we'll see, thanks, i'm glad you're here. >> i'm happy to be alive. >> well hey, switching gears right now, is your bathroom still full of ceramic tile maybe chunking shower doors? it may and bit out-dated. in this week's angie's list report, jim donovan takes a look at trait he is trends in bathroom renovations, why updating yours could make a lot of sense. >> remodeling bathrooms is a popular home improvement project. but not cheap. >> it could run anywhere from ten to $20,000. but it is one project that can help boost your home's resale value, so what are the latest
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bathroom remodeling trends? experts say, homeowners are opting for marble over ceramic tile. and bathrooms that require less maintenance. >> they are tired of fighting the grout line. tired of having to recock. maybe they don't have a loft people in their family members that squeegie a lot. so, by that maintenance standard, they want something that's easier to clean. >> consume remembers locking for less work around the house. specially when cleaning their bathroom. so the trend remodelers are seeing more walk in showers where the frame less doors, because they're just easier to maintain. >> modern is also popular. like the floating vanities that many people are going to. and homeowners seem willing to give up that underneath storage space, in exchange for a streamline appearance that makes it seem like a bigger room. >> people really like having that open feel. they don't like necessarily feeling so built in, so compartment lies dollars, and the space any longer, trying to more or less take down the walls, have it much more spa-feel.
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>> free standing tubs remain very popular, as for fixtures, chrome, brushed nickel, and van osha bronze are still in style. now, while renovating your bathroom could increase your home's value, experts say you shouldn't go overboard. or you'll price yourself out of your neighborhood when it comes time to sell. for more advice from angie on remodeling your bathroom visit's list. i'm jim donovan. >> good advice there, 5:26. coming up in the next half hour every "eyewitness news", menu make over for mcdonald's, popular food it is testing right now. plus this man refused to give up without a fight when shark attacked him. yes, the incredible way he managed to escape from the shark's jaws. >> also, a health alert on campus of a local school. the steps being taken to stop the outbreak from spreading. kyla? >> and those 70s, thing of the past, everyone, we are headed into much cooler scenario. we will talk temperatures, and also, your weekend forecast, when we come back, stay with us, "eyewitness news", coming right back.
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>> vittoria will also be coming back. she'll have the latest conditions on the rolled, as you get ready to head out the door this friday morning. we'll be right back.
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>> it is the last thing you want to hear if you park in the city. ppa just added another fee. we'll let you know why it is getting more expense i have to pay for tickets and how you can avoid to pay that extra charge. >> after perfect october weather we are coming back to reality, back to seasonable temperatures, maybe even below. we'll get more from kyla who knows a lot more about this than i do. but dropping down a bit, right? >> little dramatic to consider that yesterday, i mean, didn't you have the windows open in the car? >> perfect. i supply had the ac on yesterday, that's how serious it was. >> i was sweating and it wasn't because i was hanging off the side after building. >> well, that too, exactly. but today we will see temperatures a lot keel. so that is the story, that we go from 70s down to much more seasonable, 60s, and even below average, so our average high this time of year about 64. as you can see, over the next few days, we will dance around the 60s. we will be


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