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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  October 23, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> it is the last thing you want to hear if you park in the city. ppa just added another fee. we'll let you know why it is getting more expense i have to pay for tickets and how you can avoid to pay that extra charge. >> after perfect october weather we are coming back to reality, back to seasonable temperatures, maybe even below. we'll get more from kyla who knows a lot more about this than i do. but dropping down a bit, right? >> little dramatic to consider that yesterday, i mean, didn't you have the windows open in the car? >> perfect. i supply had the ac on yesterday, that's how serious it was. >> i was sweating and it wasn't because i was hanging off the side after building. >> well, that too, exactly. but today we will see temperatures a lot keel. so that is the story, that we go from 70s down to much more seasonable, 60s, and even below average, so our average high this time of year about 64. as you can see, over the next few days, we will dance around the 60s. we will be in those low 60s.
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so you will feel difference, even though, where we are going is much more closer to normal than where we should be. right now sitting at 59 degrees in philadelphia, little cooler up there, mount pocono, at 44, and 58 down in wildwood. as we zoom in here, yes, pretty warm in palmyra at 57. little cooler in quakertown, good morning to you, you are sitting at 50 degrees. storm scan3, shows, that we are nice and clear. now, if you have to have cooler temperatures, i think nice if you get the sunshine with them. that's exactly what we see today. so beautiful. just few clouds in the sky. should continue our gorgeous run of at least the blue skies, wind this morning, we have little breeze going on, out of the north about 12 miles per hour there in philadelphia, everyone between five to 12 miles per hour this morning, not bad at all. as we go throughout the day today sunshine will be the story. cooler temperatures as you can see by 3:00 p.m., not talking 70s, we're talking 60s, everybody,, so just be prepared. also, little rain coming toward us future weather saturday. you can see pretty good looking saturday. by 11:00 p.m., some stormy weather ahead of a front
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getting awfully close us to. overnight saturday into sunday, look out for some showers. i'll time it out little more specifically when i come back, for now we head over to vittoria. she is going to get you going on the traffic this morning. >> thank you so much, kyla. well, traveling out and about right now, still very quiet ride. i know i'm sort of sounding like broken record, but really at 5:32 this morning, no problems just yet. if you are traveling on 95, right around street road, we had earlier construction, been cleared out of the way, so, good to go. and really, if you are traveling on 95, out toward the area of bucks county, it is great, toward trenton, looking great, then even all the way down into delaware, there are no delays just yet. and the schuylkill, looking fine, vine street expressway, wide open now, earlier construction between 76 and broad street, cleared. so we are moving real well as a whole on the majors. however, some of the neighborhoods, we have accidents, upper township, or upper providence township, greenwood at noll drive, do have accident, so be mindful of that. also, in lansdale, towamenson avenue, accident do you want to try to avoid.
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as i mention before, pa, new jersey and delaware, speed censors are after edge into the 50's, you look good overall. mass transit all running on time. nick snow. >> vittoria, thanks. soon cost you more to pay a ticket in philadelphia. the parking authority is raising what they call their convenience fee. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt, spoke to ppa authority about what led to this increase. >> 1 dollar for some a way to show appreciation, but when added to the amount you already owe the philadelphia parking authority, that dollar suddenly increases in value. >> i mean, i think it is not convenient for anyone at all. >> starting november 1st, when you pay your ticket by telephone or on line you pay a dollar more, dollar added onto what's called the two-point ooh convenience fee already in place. >> convenience fee should be the other way around, paying on line, something like, that shouldn't you not be charged? >> but ppa executive director vince told "eyewitness news", the convenience fee hike is
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not unusual. >> there is no panic here. there is no increase in tickets, or parking fees. >> i asked, and vince told me, the last time the ppa rates dollars a parking convenience fee was 2012. he said then and now is the same reason. credit card companies are charging more to process those fees. >> nothing personal, just something else we have to do. >> ppa employees were busy thursday night in rittenhouse square. that's where we found no he will, who already had one ticket on her windshield, hoping to avoid another. >> i pay them thousands and thousands every dollars. >> says the fee is anything but convenient. >> so inconvenient, then go to pay it, and then they charge you on top of that. i mean, how much more inconvenient could it be? >> if you do want to save that dollar, she says one way to avoid forking over another buck. >> cost you 49 cents for a stamp. old-fashioned way. it is cheaper. >> in philadelphia, david spunt, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> all right, meanwhile, a judge has set bail at $100,000
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for a man accused of luring children in delaware county. daniel lee is accused of trying lure three kids into the woods, not once, but twice, near the wayne elementary school playground. on wednesday, police arrested lee after the children, ages eight, nine and ten, told their parent. >> this is a situation where the system absolutely worked, that we were notified by the parent of the children, immediately after the incident occurred. >> police say the suspect never touched, threatened or injured the children. lee must undergo a pschiatric evaluation. >> well, student on the university of delaware campus are being warned after a student says a manna tacked her. that woman told police that a man grabbed her early yesterday morning, near smith hall. then knocked her to the ground, and tried to remove her pants. she managed to escape when she kick him in the groin. campus police only have a vague description of that attacker. >> united airlines is feeling the pressure to reconsider flights to cuba. the head of the new jersey-new york port authority want the
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airline to put flights from newark to cuba on hold, until the communist country returns a fugitive. joanne was convicted of the 1973 killing of new jersey state trooper, westerner forrester. >> 5:36. paul ryan appears to have a lock on becoming speaker of the hours. wisconsin republican says he'll run in next week's election after receiving support from three major gop caucuses. that includes, the hard-line freedom caucus, about face from few weeks ago, when ryan said he didn't want the job. >> welshing we will know later today whether lincoln chafee is still seeking the democratic presidential nomination. the former rhode island governor plans to address the future of his campaign. chafee has been struggling against hillary clinton and bernie saunders. also struck told raise money for his campaign. >> a local non-profit is hoping to increase voter turn out this election day, by paying one lucky voter. the group, the philadelphia citizens, says less than 30% of philadelphians voted in the may primary. so, they plan to award $10,000
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to one lucky voter, with the hopes of increasing turn out. in election law attorney says it is all legal. >> as long as you don't vote for proposition, well, the turn out perfectly legal. >> similar effort turn out by the thousand. >> 5:37 right now. business news this morning, guess what twitter ceo is giving his workers? money watch hena daniels, with more on that, hey, hena. >> reporter: hi, nicole, happy friday. twitter ceo, is giving $200 million of his company stock to his employees. the stock will go to the employee equity pool and be available for bonuses and hiring new staff. >> owns shares worth estimated 640 million. last week twitter fired 8% of its work force, about 335
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employees. >> recall impact seven models, so far, no injuries or accidents have been reported in the u.s. dealers will replace the ignition switches, starting in december. >> you may remember that controversial ceo, that bought rights back in august, raised 13.50 to $750 a pill? well, now, he's being under cut. a specialty drug maker says it will sell 1 dollar doses of daraprim. mcdonald's might start selling sweet potato fries, trying the idea in some create your taste test restaurant, in amarillo, texas f another people bite, nicole, the fries could go nationwide. >> sweet potato fries, i like that addition, that sounds great. >> such a comfort food. >> yes, and all day breakfast menu, all right, mcdonald's,
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way to go, hena, thank youment talking holiday shopping season right now, it is fast approaching, right, and more stores than ever will be open on thanksgiving day. but some employees of the deposition for the mall, they're trying to change that trend. they've set up petition titled do not open depford mall on thanksgiving day. the mall is scheduled to open at 6:00 on thanksgiving, but, in an open letter, the employees are asking management to consider the families of those who will work in the mall stores. so far, more than 1,000 people have sign that petition. >> it is 5:37 right nowment some stunning video, as storms below through the midwest. see the scary scene when some homes are washed away. also, a heart stopping moment, when a student collapses during gym class. why the hero who saved him almost wasn't up to the task. plus: >> we think from now on must be perfect, not good, not excellent, perfect. >> bradley cooper steps into the kitchen for his latest movie. the experience and his team
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that helped prepare him for that role. >> ♪ >> what a voice, right? you are look to go adele's new single which was just released along with news i can video overnight. this is adele's new song in three years. the full albumn comes out next month. we'll be right back.
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>> shooting the campus of tsu university. that is stemming from a, amount. former secretary of state hillary clinton will attend dnc leadership forum, one day after spending 11 hours testifying before congress about the 2012 benghazi attacks. republican committee chairman, tray gaudy, admits the hearing yields dollars no new information from clinton. and, your temple owls are returning home, un defeated this morning, after making history last night. the team made history by going
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seven and zero for the first time ever, they beat east carolina university 24 to 14. so exciting. >> well, princeton university trying to stop an outbreak of hand foot and mouth disease from spreading around campus. so far, 19 student have gotten sick from that outbreak, that started last month. hand foot and mouth is a contagious viral illness, that causes painful source, inside your mouth, and rash on your hands or feet. princeton is cleaning common areas around residence hauls, more frequently, to help prevent more student from getting sick. >> a main line nurse, who is quarantined in new jersey last year, with ebola patient? west africa, now suing governor chris christie and state health official. casey hick okay said she was held against her will will @ living at newark airport last year. she showed no symptoms of that disease. hick objection is now seeking $250,000 in damages, governor christie has yet to respond to that suit.
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an utah teen alive this morning, thanks to the quick actions of some middle school staff members. they saved that teen's life when he collapsed during class. as cbs news correspondent don champion reports, it was all caught on surveillance video. >> surveillance cameras, inside this salt lake city area middle school, not only recorded the frightening moments, when sky letter nel on collapsed, but also, the desperate effort to save his life. >> i rolled him over. he was gasping for air. his eyes were up in the top of his head. >> it happened last wednesday, when the 14 year old was in pe class. >> he wasn't with us and -- >> was gone? >> he was gone, he had just dropped down, heart had stopped. >> that's when staff members including eric price, the vice principal, sprung into action and started cpr. price had just been through training days before. >> at the time, you know, adrenyline kicks in. you just kind of do what you have been trained to do. >> with the help of the school
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resource officer, skyler was eventually brought back to life, then returned to the hospital. turns out, he was born with a heart defect, that is genetic. skyler says he barely remembers what happened. >> i was fortunate, i feel like i get a second chance. so i thank the people that supported me for this. >> at last check skyler was set to undergo surgery to put defibrillator in his chest. don champion, cbs-3, "eyewitness news" >> gone, governor of raj can texas catches double wide mobile home being washed away in flood waters. led to widespread flooding there. rain in the area is expected to intensify today and tomorrow after hurricane tricia -- patricia makes landfall in new mexico. you are saying for mexico and
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for texas, big problem. >> listen, for anyone facing category five hurricane, what pa pain an is at this morning, it is a problem, with all of the moisture tracking toward texas. so, it becomes a double problem right for those at the coast and those inland. thankfully we don't have to worry about that this morning. we is sunny day today, cooler day, say good morning to the eyewitness weather watchers, looking at few observations that have been sent our way, this one from barbara, in willow grove, relatively clear, out there, with her 51 degrees. little warmer, as we head little further east, 55, where kerry higgins is in mt. laurel. again, she has relatively clear skies. she says warm they are morning, and not as humid with light breeze from the north. yes, it is looking pretty good out there. but the thing is those temperatures they won't go up much further from where we are right now. well, let's change gears for a second, talk football if we k we've got our football frenzy game of the week, dover taking on, little chilly tonight, 52 degrees, at the 7:00 p.m. kick off. so i would definitely take jacket with you if you are
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headed out. current temperatures right now you can see not far off our high today. sitting at 59 degrees, in philadelphia, 43 up in mount pocono, and 59 down in wildwood. so little warmer down the shore there. taking live look at storm scan3, this is the blue sky, i'm talking about, beautiful today. while we are dealing with cooler temperatures, at least you get the sunshine in there. so today, abundant sunshine, much cooler day, though as our temperatures stay in the low 60s. so take you hour by hour, just to show you, you know, really not going to warm up much here, just couple every degrees as we kick through the afternoon. again sunshine will stick bus, so headed toward the weekend, things change up little bit in the sense that we have some rain to look out for. so 61 is the day, should stay dry, overnight saturday into sunday, when we have little bit of rain again those highs in the 60s, showers, starting offer sunday, and then should clear out for you. so vet tore y i think outdoor plans saturday, no problem, sunday, little rainy to start the day. then it get better. how is traffic this morning? >> already planning accordingly for, that traffic right now not doing so great
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if you are commuting route one or plan tonight so, if you are traveling on the northbound side, rock hill drive, notice, stream of traffic continuing to build here. as all of these brake lights merge together. if you look up ahead, there is the accident scene. and it does seem to be that they've closed both lanes in this area, or actually, no, seeing little movement there. so, now only one lane is getting by. so again, northbound, on route one at rock hill drive. maybe you're headed to the trenton transit center. >> this will set you back. give yourself more time. we continue now to the ben franklin bridge, beautiful shot of the ben. no delays in either direction. all of the bridges are moving exception atly well this morning, and real nice outside. i would anticipate some rush hour traffic building or starting to build. at 95 at girard because it is get being that time. so just keep that in the back of your head. we do have an accident upper providence township greenwood avenue at noll drive. give yourself more time there. and construction closing the off ramp to ft. washington, so you will want to maneuver around that, as women. no delays for mass transit. nicole? >> all right, vittoria,
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thanks. >> well, jenkintown's own bradley cooper is back on the big screen, playing chef who is looking for redemption. kevin frazer from entertainment tonight has the words on what's new in theatres. >> ♪ >> bradley cooper is adam jones, talented chef, struggling to get his life back on track in the kitchen, after diva behavior and drugs ruin his career. while cooper has some experience in the kitchen, his is nothing compared to what he needed to compete as a top chef. >> when you're rid toy cook let me know, i will be right here. >> i worked in restaurant since i was 15, a prep cook when i was like 18. that's where i learned a lot. but still, you know there is casino of like going for your third mitch len start, whole other world, yes, like playing in the world series or something. >> i want to make my kitchen the best in the world. >> good. >> i've had better. >> really? >> you were reallying. >> not were, sweetheart, a.m.
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>> bill murray is joined by all-star cast including zoe, kate hudson, and bruce will ills, as he traveled to afghanistan to put on a show, but instead, finds a sing here deserves a chance and can put him back on ton. >> last night i heard a girl singing. this has got to be fate. >> i must say it is god's will. >> okay, then i want 20%. >> she has the gift, she has the magic. she is the best i ever heard. >> if you really know talent, then do something. >> back at you, babe. >> for entertainment tonight, i'm kevin frazier, now, back to you in the studio. >> all right, and you can hear much more from cooper about his role in the kitchen, the three time oscar nominee will be on cbs this morning coming up at 7:00 right after "eyewitness news" right here on cbs-3. we'll be right back.
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they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now. a man survives a shark attack by doing the unimaginable. pulling out his eyeball. can you imagine? tony lee recovering after that attack off the coast of hawaii. forty-four year old said he felt something pull his legs while swimming, and saw that a big shark had both of his legs in it mouth. >> i had goggles on, so coy see everything real clearly. and i knew, i kept thinking if i just punched him enough woe let me go.
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but he wasn't doing it. he pulled me down one last time, and so i just reached out, put my fink nerve his ian i just pulled out his eyeball. and so then he let go. >> oh, gosh. meanwhile, a father and a son on a canoe nearby heard the screams, and rushed over to help him, thank goodness. lee did lose 1 foot, will undergo surge troy save the other. he is an after i had athlete. doctors say it will definitely help in his recovery. but oh, pulling out the eyeball? goodness gracious. >> well, emu's on the run here causing quite a stir as you can imagine in a texas town. round rock police posted this video on their instagram account. it is unknown how the four emu's got loose. while authorities look for their owner, they are urging residents to not feed or try to coral those birds. well, sheriff's deputy in indianna goes on bear hunt only to find a teddy bear. county deputy saved he received odd distress call,
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from the mother of a five year old boy in minnisota who had lost his teddy bear during a family road trip. now the boy's mother believes the bear fell out of the car when they stopped on the side of the highway. >> the bear was real important to him. it was the mother's bear. she passed it down to her son. >> serious, he went out, he put for the the time and effort, as result we have a happy mother and son up in minnesota. >> deputy white says the bear was right where the family believed it was, it is now in the male on its way to minnesota. nice that they had the time to look for the teddy bear. well, glad nothing else was happening of importance. >> coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 eyewitness new way to detect breast cancer. plus, fit bit users on alert, reports say they could have been hacked. finds out if the fitness track remembers safe. remember glow ' zoe? yes, she broke the internet two years ago with her led stick figure costume? now we are getting sneak peak at what she is going to be wearing this halloween. see you next.
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why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. developing right now, another shooting on cam edge campus there is time in tennessee, what police say spark that gunfire. also, monster storm is
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about to hit mexico. hurricane patricia is now the strongest hurricane ever recorded, and could make landfall, it could be catostrophic. >> and, new video, as your temple owls return to campus, basking in the glow of their historic victory, that team, still perfect, fans going wild, it will be good friday on that campus, that's for sure. today is friday, october the 23rd, good morning, glad you're with us, i'm nicole brewer. not alone, lovely vittoria and kyla keeping an eye on things this morning. good morning, ladies. >> well deserved day to kick offer the weaken, weekend temperatures are getting little cooler, i hear? >> yes, i've got my little hoodie on this morning, because it is a little chilly out here. talking temperatures that won't get out of the low 60s today. big difference, from the 70s you see in the past couple of days. it will be a lot cooler today and for the weekend, saturday looking dry, but do have chance of shower overnight saturday into


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