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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 23, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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also, monster storm is about to hit mexico. hurricane patricia is now the strongest hurricane ever recorded, and could make landfall, it could be catostrophic. >> and, new video, as your temple owls return to campus, basking in the glow of their historic victory, that team, still perfect, fans going wild, it will be good friday on that campus, that's for sure. today is friday, october the 23rd, good morning, glad you're with us, i'm nicole brewer. not alone, lovely vittoria and kyla keeping an eye on things this morning. good morning, ladies. >> well deserved day to kick offer the weaken, weekend temperatures are getting little cooler, i hear? >> yes, i've got my little hoodie on this morning, because it is a little chilly out here. talking temperatures that won't get out of the low 60s today. big difference, from the 70s you see in the past couple of days. it will be a lot cooler today and for the weekend, saturday looking dry, but do have chance of shower overnight saturday into early sunday.
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so we talk about that, too. currently 57 degrees in center city see the win out of the north 8 miles per hour, i feel little breeze out here, makes it feel little cooler. storm scan3 shows though that we are going to be nice and clear. skies will be blue and beautiful today. lower temperatures come with side of sunshine. down the shore, about 63, and in the poconos, little cooler there, 53, but sunshine for all today. saturday, will be, some sunshine, then some clouds, those highs staying in the 60s for the whole weekend, but it is that overnight saturday into sunday, where you have to look out for shower, so it set us up for bit of cloudy run. we will talk about your weaken, come back in a few moment, also we touch on the monster hurricane patricia in the pacific right now. for now, we head over to vittoria. keeping an eye on the roads, good morning. >> good morning, kyla, good morning, everyone, right now we are starting to seat rush hour rev up. we have some incidents to talk about, behind me, what we are looking at is 422, westbound
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right around 29. it is an incident here, that's primarily off toward the shoulder not causing too much of a problem. so if you are traveling around this area, penndot's already on the scene. you may just notice slow down, folks looking what's to the right. most part, 422 moving well. we continue to keep you updated on, that as we head to 95 all of these headlights here moving in the southbound direction, into center city. so, because we're seeing now more headlight, that means the rush hour is now upon us, at 6:02. leaving the house after you have your morning coffee put the kids to the butts stop, anticipate major traffic out of the northeast down through to the vine. primarily it is starting to form right around girard avenue and will eventually back up it allegheny. traveling 95, i would say still doing okay. also be mindful of this accident in the northeast at the boulevard and grant avenue, very, very busy and serious intersection there, no delays for mass transit.
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temple university has never had a season like there is owls are seven and zero after win over east carolina. that was suspense filled fourth quarter, temple trailing by four here, 331 left. walker throws 23 yards to rodney anderson for touchdown, temple on top, 17 to 14. seventy-three seconds later, jihad thomas runs 14 yards, there goes, for another touchdown, the owls beat east carolina, 24 to 14. i told them the best win i have ever been a part of. i told the east carolina kids when they left, many ways they out played us, probably deserve to win the game. that's what college football is, come in, finds a way to win. i thought do your fence was outstanding in the second half. proud to be seven-zero, never heard me say anything, first time, that is something i'm really proud of. that they didn't look ahead, didn't look behind, were concentrating on it game, found a way to win it. >> coach rule still rocking the beards, looks good. the team as well as the fans are pumped up and looking
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ahead to the next game of course, against notre dame. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff live on temple cam us with more, it will be a good day out there, alex, good morning. >> good morning, nicole. great morning to be waking up an owl. those players behind last night's big win return back to campus just about an hour ago. >> any tenth movement were knocked out with major re less in the second. >> it spark pandemonium, campus of temple university. two touchdowns and under minute and a half after trailing east carolina well into the fourth quart letter do that to a crowd. >> owls did what no other roster has, bring the season to seven and zero. >> form earl temple football players, some with years off the field, watch the game a
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little more quietly, but perhaps even more pride. fans look forwards to, yes, hosting a game day. >> from day one i said against notre dame, never doubted them, never doubted them. >> those fans sleeping off the anticipation the players behind the epic season were returning home, still undefeated. >> the owls will face-off against notre dame a week from tomorrow. reporting live from temple university, this morning, alexandria hoff, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> all right, alec, go owls. of course stay with "eyewitness news" as we lead to up temple's big showdown against notre dame. coming up next saturday. now to the latest developments in the deadly shooting on the campus every tennessee state university. police say a gunman shot and killed a 19 year old, during a argument over a dice game. it happened just before 11:00 in a courtyard in
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nashville. three student passing by were also hurt, their injuries are non-life threatening. so far, there are no arrests. twenty-two police officers and others injured after attempt ends in a accident. just before 10:00 last night a car sped away on the 5800 block of master street, when police attempted to pull that driver over. the car then struck a separate police vehicle, during that pursuit, cause that car to crash no a home on 59th and master. the officers are in stable condition, there is no word right now on the condition of the passenger, and the driver. >> off duty philadelphia police officer is injured in a three car crash in philadelphia's fishtown neighborhood. this happened shortly after 1:00 a.m. at frankford and girard. the off duty officer was taken to hahnemann hospital in stable condition. there is no word if anyone else was injured in that crash. funeral scheduled today for three year old brendan createo. investigators try to solve his mysterious death. there was viewing yesterday. detectives found no signs of forced entry at the haddon township home where brendan
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lived with his father. they also didn't find any signs of sexual assault. last week brendan's body discovered in wooded area few hours after he was reported missing. police have not filed any charges. >> parent of a toddler found wandering in the park will get thousand keys today. were in family court as they try to regain custody of their two children, chosen 300 ministries raised thousands of dollars it place the family in a house and pay rent for a year. local student raised money for their appliances. it is 6:07 right now. democratic presidential frontrunner hillary clinton returns to the campaign trail today. former secretary every state spent hours yesterday testifying about deadly attacks in benghazi libya that killed four americans. here is more now from cbs news correspondent craig boswell. >> she answered questions for more than ten hours thursday, about the terror attacks on the us diplomatic compounds in
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benghazi libya. >> i have been racking my brain about what more could have been done. >> terrorists killed four americans, including us ambassador, christopher stevens on september 11, 2012, republicans accused clinton of ignoring steven's request for more security before the attacks. >> did you ever personalliy speak to him after you swore him in in may? yes or no, please? >> congress woman, look, i appreciate, and i really do, the passion and the intensity of your feelings about this. we have diplomatic facilities in war zones. we have ambassadors that we sends to places that have been bombed and attacked all the time. >> and you are their boss. >> you're right em. >> republicans on the commit reserve clinic for mistakes on clinton's watch that led to the attack.
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>> we are better than using taxpayer dollars. to try to dogs troy a campaign. that's not what america is all about. >> this was clinton's third time testifying, and the eighth investigation into the benghazi attacks. craig boswell, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". 6:09 right now. someone in our area will be $10,000 richer on election day. it could be you. all do you have do is vote. we'll explain coming up a little later. first, lamar odom is not out of the woods just yet. found out why he was returned into emergency surgery. ing. >> and don't look down. local leaders will repel down the side after building in center city today. but a member of our team, perhaps someone in the studio, already did. she is talking about it, coming up next. stay with us.
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>> new mexico man charged with road rage killing of little girl has been arraigned in court. tony torez had his wrists and ankles shacked when he appeared on tv screen from jail thursday afternoon. he's being held on $650,000 after police say he admitted to opening fire on the family's vehicle tuesday, killing four year old lilly garcia. >> i thought it would make us feel better, i mean, we're glad that he got caught. it is in the going to bring lilly back. but at least he's off the street. >> now, the story of lilly has touched the lives of people,
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world-wide, through the family's hashtag justin for lilly. and there go fund me page has collected tens of thousands of dollars, in just days. sixty-three certainly nice morning, but, we're going to notice little bit more after chill, in the air, right, kyla? >> yes, slutly. i actually want to start today with a big weather story, nicole of the we have monster hurricane in the pacific. take a look at hurricane patricia, now category five, 200-mile per hour sustain winds gusting up to 245 miles per hour, that's massive, in fact, it is one of the strongest recorded hurricanes in the western hemisphere as of this morning. expected to go and hit mexico, as we head toward the weekend. so very dangerous, not only is mexico going to have it problem, but will drag more moisture into texas, where they're already dealing with rain today. as we take live look at storm scan3, so, really just potentially awful weather coming their way. now we are certainly doing much bet they are morning, we're looking out for blue skies, beautiful here in philadelphia, and but our story is going to be that our temperatures are going to be a
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lot cooler than we've gotten used to, so abundant sunshine today, much cooler day, instead of 70s, we're talking temperatures in the low 60s. little different. sunshine will be with us, but just noon the low 60s, as we get into the afternoon time frame. nice day, but one where you want to take your jacket. saturday we stay dry, get clouds in, there overnight saturday into sunshine, now showers coming in. so your sunday little warmer, starts off with few showers and will be cloudy. now i want to mention this morning, this cool, if you can get out to check it out. mars, jupiter, venus, look toward the east sky, best viewing 6:20 a.m. this morning. i know one the weather watch he is throughout trying to catch few photos of it, hopefully successful, but today, 62 degrees, abundant sunshine, little cooler as you get into tonight, low of 41 degrees. showings 06 a -- showing six's are here to stay. how are the roads doing? >> finally now rush hour,
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kyla. if you are traveling out and about, 95, schuylkill expressway, all looking very, very busy. but, i'm still sort of hold willing my breath, really. it is only going to get worse. that's sort of how i felt when i went over the edge, yesterday. >> i heard. >> because it is only going to get worse is what i thought. >> people are thinking what, you went over the negligent what do you mean? you literally went over the edge. >> philadelphia michael nutter along with a hundred other people, vittoria include, rep he will down the billing, but this is individual gentlemen from last year, 418 feet, from the roof to the ground. >> wow. >> yes, the hair raising challenge, a good cause here, raising money for philadelphia outward bound school programs, and as we've been mentioning. >> scary already. >> check this one out. >> oh, my gosh, vittoria.
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>> were you panicking? >> first, you're extremely spoken, but if you can hear me i'm like ahh. >> i want to hear the natural sound. >> natural sound on this, i was listening to it back, after we came back after we shot it,. >> oh, gosh. it was hilarious, i don't know why me being terrified is so hilarious. >> amazing courage you had to even go over the edge. because i have to tell you, i really don't know. i would like to think coy do it. >> tubing one for the team. >> i did. so your welcome everyone. >> remember that, folks. >> that's right. remember that. torch tonight at 11:00 see the whole experience behind the scenes, and i'm sweating thinking about it, i was telling nicole earlier, i woke up this morning like i can't even believe that i did that. >> yes, yes. >> so it was wild. not my personal idea of fun. but did i it. >> so happy to see you safe. >> yes, i'm safe all in one piece, very, very safe. see that tonight.
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in the meantime, you definitely want to pack your patience if you are traveling out and about. because if you are headed on the schuylkill expressway, we are jammed solid. as you approach the area of set i area, and then make your way out toward belmont, usual stuff you're used to it every day. notice these taillights sort of forming together, you will notice that again it is rush hour at 6:17. same story 95. here is the thing with 95, getting reports of an accident on 95, around girard avenue. we're having a problem seeing it in the camera. but it does seem to be that even though that it is rush hour. so 95 by the look of this i would say from approaching cottman throughout the construction zone, slight break until you reach the betsy ross bridge. once you reach this point, you're going to find whole lot of traffic. and it is not going tone here. it will get worse. so stay with us, we'll be right back.
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a little girl from rural pennsylvania. with hard work, she was told she could be anything. her father, a coal miner. her mother, a factory seamstress. christine donohue. the first in her family to graduate from college. then law school. for seven years she's served on pennsylvania's second-highest court and earned the very highest judicial rating. now, christine donohue is running for supreme court. to restore integrity, and be a judge for all of us.
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>> new information on lamar odom. the star had to have too emergency surgeries yesterday. procedures involved test issues and several lenny media outlets doctors have bands all visitors except for his estranged wife khloe kardashian. now reports sauteed em has been making improvement, since being found unconscious in the nef odd a brothel.
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now receiving treatment at cedar sinai hospital in los angeles. a nurse from maine who spent days quarantined in new jersey because she had contact with ebola patients in west africa is suing governor christie, and state health officials. kaci hickox said she was held against her will outside newark airport last year. she is now seeking $250,000 in damages, governor christie has yet to respond. >> on the health watch this morning, outbreak of hand foot and mouth disease at princeton university. doctors are treating 19 student. university officials say the outbreak began september 17th. that viral illness often causes painful source inside the mouth, as well as skin rash on the person's hands or feet. it is mostly common in younger children, ages under five. >> in the meantime, doctors could soon have new tool to screen for breast cancer. scientists at florida international university have developed an operate call hand held scanner to create 3d imaging in real time.
6:22 am
that scanner will go to the fda for approval. it is 6:21 right now. coming up: concerns that haak remembers now targeting fit bit users. >> and do you remember internet sensation glow ' zoe who went viral with the stick figure halloween costume couple of years ago? well, we are getting sneak poke at this year's costume. see if she out does herself coming up next. also the temperatures starting to drop today. right, kyla? >> they are. really just not going to climb very hoy. high of just 62, we also have little rain for the weekend, so i'll show you all of that when we come back. stay with us, good morning, "eyewitness news", we're coming right back.
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>> if you're wore i had that your fit bit may have been hack, you can put your mind at ease, in presentation researcher for security company showed using blue tooth, she could manipulate data on steps and distance and theoretically, but fit bit called report it could be false, says it want to reassure users the devices are safe. now there is high tech way to watch your kids whole they trick-or-treat. yes, trick-or-treat apps, it is an app, specifically designed to track your kids on the holiday. you just download the app on your kids device, and enter your e-mail address or phone number get access to their locations, you can even enter multiple contact, so that other family members or friends go keep track, as well.
6:26 am
or you can just go trick-or-treating with them, that works, too. well it, has become quite the halloween tradition. remember this video of lad -- led stick man? that's khloe zoe, her dad designed this outfit which became so popular it is now sole on line. so, are you ready for the big reveal for this year's outfit? let's see it. there it is. check it out. zoe is elsa from frozen, complete with a glowing power wheels. look at her, so adorable. so, what are zoe and her dad looking forward to this halloween? listen. >> go trick-or-treating. >> november 1st, i'm going to take two week nap, then i will start thinking about what's going on for next time. >> all right, got to up the and tee every year, look at her little power wheels, so cute. zoe spent last night practicing her trick-or-treat route. she grew quite a crowd of onlookers. man, she is really stepping on it there. coming up in the next half hour of eye within news if you get a parking ticket in
6:27 am
philadelphia prepare to pay more. i know. not what i want to hear. but the ppa just added another fee. we'll tell but it. plus get paid to vote? seriously? how you could win $10,000 just forecasting your ballot on election day. vittoria? >> well, nicole, for some it feels like losing situation on 95, rush hour, is upon us, and every single lane is stacked, i would imagine, it is only going to get worse. so stay with us, we'll have all of the details on the other side.
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what will it mean for our weekend? >> don't ask me, ask kyla. >> did you notice in the picture how clear everything
6:31 am
is? >> crystal clear out there. >> you have sunshine with it, i think -- >> yes, makes it much better, right? makes it little easier? let's take a walk down the board walk, if we k we go to our live neighborhood network camera here, this is boardwalk park, boardwalk plaza, rather, rehoboth. 60 degrees, not but lock at the wind, out of the north-northeast 15 miles per hour, so little breezy out there, currentsly 57 in philadelphia. fifty-six in atlantic city mount pocono, still the blue color, 44, this morning, zooming in, 49, in doylestown, so little chilly as well. fifty pottstown. >> lot of sunshine today in philadelphia, yes, much cooler your weekends will be dry on saturday cool high of 61, clouds working their way later in the day, overnight hours few showers. >> looking fine friday, saturday come the clouds,
6:32 am
really is late night overnight 2:00 a.m., worried about the showers. so we come back in just a few moment and talk about the seven day forecast everybody. i would love to tell you there are seven's, but i just can't do, that how can we help them out with the traffic this morning? >> you really disappointed me but >> let's continue, traveling 476 the northbound direction, your taillights there. approaching the area every route one, you will notice, there are some minor traffic, but it is nothing compared to what we're dealing with, on the 42 freeway. forty-two, traveling, in the northbound direction, approaching the area of creek road. heading toward 295, getting pretty heavily. and can i tell you, the schuylkill expressway, 95, are not looking great either. usual culprit signed, city avenue continuing throughout your western suburbs, and then
6:33 am
95, going to be a mess this morning. northeast down through to the vine, speed censors terrible. also in new jersey logan township, center square road, very serious accident, motorcycle accident, that we've gotten word in the northeast on route one northbound, roosevelt boulevard, northbound, approaching grant avenue. this intersection is one of the most dangerous intersections in the country, any time you will travel in the northeast you want to be practicing extra caution, be minds full of the spotlights. using mass transit, no delays, we head back to the desk. >> sense continuing g for ex calf ate or operate operator. sean benschop pleaded guilty to six counts every involuntary manslaughter. the building under demolition collapsed onto salvation army thrift store at 22nd and market streets in june of 2013. that collapse killed six people, and injured 12 others. a man accuse in the luring scare in delaware county is awaiting a pschiatric
6:34 am
evaluation. daniel lee is accused of trying lure three children into the woods, not once, but twice, near the wayne elementary school playground. two days ago, radnor township police arrested lee after those children, ages eight, nine and ten, told their parent. lee's mother says her son didn't intends any harm. >> my son did not -- he is a good, good kid. >> perfect situation where you see something, say something, and the children did exactly that. >> a judge set bail at $100,000. police say the children were never touched, threatened, or injured. >> parking authority is raising their convenience fee. david spunt spoke to ppa authority about what led to this increase. >> 1 dollar, for some, it is a way to show appreciation, but when it is added to the amount you already owe the philadelphia parking authority, that dollar suddenly increases in value.
6:35 am
is. >> not convene yen for anyone at all. >> starting november 1st, when you pay your ticket by telephone, you pay dollar more, dollar added onto what's called the 2.50 convenience feel already in place. >> convenience fee, should be the other way around. paying on line, something like that, shouldn't you not be charged? >> but ppa executive director vince told "eyewitness news", the convenience fee hike is not unusual. >> i asked and vince told me the last time the ppa raised a parking convenience fee, was 2012. he said then and now, is the same real. credit card companies are charging more, to process those fees. >> employees busy in rittenhouse square, that's where we found noel, who already had one ticket on her windshield, hoping to avoid another. >> says, the fee is nick but convenient. >> just so inconvenient, then
6:36 am
go to pay it, and then they charge you on top of that. i mean, how much more inch convenient could it be? >> if you want to save the dollar, they say there is one way to avoid forking over another buck. >> cost you 49 cents for a stamp. it is cheaper. >> in philadelphia, david spunt, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> congressman paul ryan wants to make the house quote more open, and included whiff he becomes speaker of the house, after saying he didn't want the job, he announced woe run in next week's election. the wisconsin republican said woe only run if he got the support from three key gop house groups. he got it and appears to have a lock for that job. hinting he may drop out of the democratic presidential race. he's tweeting he will address the future every his campaign later today at democratic national committee women's for i am. the former rhode island governor and us senator is having trouble gaining traction and raising money against hillary clinton and
6:37 am
bernie sander. >> first impression of bernie sanders saturday night live now here is babies for bernie. yes, the instagram account has babies, dressed like the democratic presidential candidate, my goodness, that's hilarious. some costumes, others just photo shopped of course. also, a facebook page, that one is pretty, pretty uncanny. i like that. going to have to follow that on instagram. all right, well, voter turn out in philadelphia's may primary was less than 30%. and now an area non-profit is working to add incentive to the civic duty. cherri gregg, "kyw news radio" 1006 explains how one voter will become a lot richer. >> desperate times call for desperate measurings. >> larry pratt and philadelphia citizen hoping to boost the city's voter at any out. by offering to give one randomly selective voting a both load of cash.
6:38 am
>> come out of the polls, they may run into me, holding a giant check for $10,000. >> the effort has the support of political veterans, mayor john street and sam katz, and it even appears to be legal. under state law, as long as you don't tell people to vote for candidate, or for or against a proposition, as long as voter turn out it is perfectly leader. >> similar lottery in lost ankle will he awarded $25,000 to vote nerve school board election last spring, and the effort reportedly boosted turn out by the thousands. >> we ought to try things, to get people reinvigorated. >> to educate voters committee of 707 teamed up with tech start up crowd park for this souped up website, that provides details on candidate. even allowed voters to create a ballot on lying. >> you can e nail directly to your phone and take it with you to the pole on election day. making a little easier to cast a ballot, and maybe win ten grand, for the effort.
6:39 am
cherri gregg, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> the holiday shopping season is fast approaching, and more stores than ever will be open on thanksgiving day. but, some employees at depford mall trying to change that trend. they set up petition titled do not open depford mall on thank giving day. that mall scheduled to open at 6:00 thanksgiving. in a open letter the employees are asking management to consider the families every those who work in the mall stores. so far, more than 1,000 people have signed that petition. >> coming up: $274 million elect call upgrade that could help avoid power outages during storms. but, will it also raise your bill? that story is next. >> plus, frightening moments, caught on camera, when a ninth grader's heart stopped during gym class, and he collapses. hear from the heroes who jumped into action to save his life. >> and a really special treat for star wars fans, a movie marathon. find out where you can see all seven films, including the new
6:40 am
one, back-to-back on the big screen. that's an event. we'll be right back. >> ♪ >> cooper temperatures on the horizon, stay with us. >> ♪
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>> potentially catostrophic hurricane about to descends on mexico. hurricane patricia now the strongest hurricane ever measured in the western hemisphere, category five monster, expected to make landfall near port a vie art a mexico, move toward texas, area already gotten an lot of rain lately. take a look. >> there it goes, gone. >> that's double wide mobile
6:44 am
home being washed away boy the high watt their in ran can, texas. heavy rains have led to widespread flooding, and when patricia moves north, forecasters saying downpours five to 8 inches more than likely in those affected part of texas. certainly not a god situation. pretty alarming, right, kyla? >> absolutely there is thing is monster, no doubt about it. to the latest on hurricane patricia right now winds sustained 200 miles per hour, gassing up to 245 miles per hour, and look at the pressure just 880 millie bars, as this category five is expected to make landfall in the next 24 hours. you can see, this is just potentially absolutely devastating for next comb, again bringing the moisture into texas. under whole different situation year skies, lines us up for pretty good planetary viewing this morning. peak operate mal time to see it was at 6:20 this morning, some of the eyewitness weather watchers were kind of out there checking out clear skies. take a look at james. necessary ocean city where you can see skies are relatively clear. 57 degrees, he says being the
6:45 am
morning stars are shining bright in the eastern sky. and he's correct in fact, our weather watcher phil, who also tends to be one who takes a lot of photos for us, he is at 52 degrees. you can see that he said beautiful clear morning for star gaizing. and he was able to snap this picture, which if you can make it out, basically, we've got venus, and then you have got jupiter, and mars. so kind of cool alignment there, pretty neat. hopefully were you able to get out, check it out today, too. if not you might be able to catch it now. clear skies right now, take a lock at storm scan3, that will certainly help you with a little star gaizing this morning. current temperatures, 57 in philadelphia. forty-three mount pocono. and about 56 in atlantic city. if the kids are heading out the door, i think light jacket is good idea today. talking up ear's at about 8:00 a.m. this afternoon, only getting to up 62. we give that day a eight minus today. you can expect toward the weekend, some sun on your saturday, highs in the 60s both days, and shower overnight saturday, into
6:46 am
sunday, so i'll just show you real quickly here as this tracks through, talking overnight. saturday 4:00 p.m., some clouds moving in, and then overnight, we are going to get few spotty showers in there. so not bad. today 62 degrees for you, overnight low tonight, in the 40's. vittoria, get ready for that. it will be little chilly tonight. >> will do. thank you so much, kai l good morning, everyone, you will need to get ready for few trouble spots in your commute this morning, if you are traveling at 26th street northbound at penn rose, right at the down side here, not too far from the platt. you will have big old problem. this incident scene compromising the left-hand lane, as you will notice, so give yourselves more time out there. traffic moving around it. but, ever so barely. also, 95, delaware county, we take a look at the birds' eye view right at 452, northbound side being your tail light, headlight being southbound. not bad. but if you are traveling northbound it, will get little busier as it usually does. ninety-five, in another area, however, already as busy as it
6:47 am
is going to getty would imagine. not really. still pretty early. out of the northeast, down through to the vin vine, it is a slow go the whole way. so pack your patience, make sure to have full tank there. fourteen being your average on 95, 40's part of the schuylkill, but not so much around city avenue. still the same trouble spots. twenty-nine is what you are traveling on the blue route northbound at route one. so just breathe. nick snow. >> all right, will do, vittoria, thank you. peco taking giant step to prevent power outages during storms. pennsylvania's public utility commission has okayed a $274 million plan to improve the electrical infrastructure. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos explains how it works. >> when it rains it can pour. coupled with high winds, and you have situations like this. downed power lines. >> do you ever see pour outages problems during storms in urinary. >> absolutely, whenever heavy rain, high winds, always. >> but today the pennsylvania public utility commission approved peco's system 2020
6:48 am
plan. >> which is our plan to install advanced equipment to help make our system less vulnerable to storm damage. >> ben armstrong with peco says some $274 million will be spent over the next five years. installing tree resistance power lines. >> it is a cable that allows for the tree to either be held up by the cable, or to fall, instead of causing the outage. >> and something called re closures. think of them as detours that could automatically reroute power to your home in the event after outage. peco says power lost normally affected 200 homes could be knock down to 200. >> automatically identify where systems damage may have occurred. and restore service to customers faster, than before. >> so this all sounds great. right? all every these improvement throughout the system. but many customers we spoke with say they have one question, that is, what happens when they open up their bill?
6:49 am
>> i am concerned about the cost increase. >> but peco officials say there won't be one. at least for the near future. >> the current time, the cost for this work to our customers zero. >> so, customers could soon breathe a little easier once wick weather hits. in fairmount, greg argos, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". the site of all of that ♪. 6:49 right now. a lot coming up on cbs this morning, nora o'donnell joins us live from new york, happy friday. >> and happy friday, good morning to you, nicole. ahead, hillary clinton's 11-hour marathon on capitol hill. welshing our nancy gives us a surprise answer when she asks benghazi committee chair whether he learned anything new from her testimony. plus, take rare look, inside the command center running the air war against isis. this is real cool. david martin will preview his 60 minute report for this sunday. and then, bradley cooper and siena miller will join us right here in studio 57. the news is back in the morning, so we'll see you?
6:50 am
just about ten minutes. >> be coup, we're jealous. nora, thanks, we will be watching. >> ya, i know. >> utah teen is recovering this morning after he collapsed during gym class. now he may be alive, he may not be alive, rather, if it wasn't for the quick actions of middle school staff members. cbs news correspondent don champion report, it was all caught on surveillance video. >> surveillance cameras, inside this salt lake city area middle school, not only recorded the frightening moments, when sky letter nelson collapsed, but also, the desperate to ever save his life. >> i rolled him over. he was gasping for air. his eyes were up in the top of his head. >> it happened last wednesday, when the 14 year old way in pe class. >> he wasn't with us. >> he was gone? >> he was gone, he had just dropped down, heart had stopped. >> that's when staff members including eric price, the vice principal, sprung into action, started cpr.
6:51 am
price had just been through training days before. >> at the time, you know, adrenyline kicks in. you just kind of do what you have been trained to do. >> with the help of the school resource officer, skyler was eventually brought back to life then rushed to the hospital. turns out, he was born with a heart defect that is genetic. skyler says he barely remembers what happened. >> i fowl like i got a second chance. so i am thanking people that helped me with this. >> was set to undergo surgery to put de fib later in his chest. don champion, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". well, domino's is upping the pizza delivery game. the pizza chain rolled out its new custom delivery vehicles outfit wad warming oven. the vehicles known as dxp are modified, company says, the vehicles can holdup to 80 pizzas at a time. twenty-five cities will get these new cars, none of them
6:52 am
are in our area. unfortunately. >> the movie steve jobs hits the theatres this week em. one of the stars, kate wins let, took on the role of jobs' former marketing chief, joanna hoffman. take a look. >> take it easy. >> or i quit, how about that, i quit and you never see me again. how about that? >> tell me what's wrong with you this morning? >> wins let talk with us about her character, and the role she played in jobs' lifement take a listen. >> in the story, she really is his work wife. she his right hand woman. he leans on her for absolutely everything. she was tremendously loyal to him. she had huge respect for him. and he had huge respect for her, and so what happens in this story is that you really get this casino of strong working relationship, but then also a little bit like brother and sister. they fight every now and then. she really tells him how to behave. pulls him out when he is
6:53 am
offending people or being rude, and dealing with him in ways she doesn't like. so she is strong. but at the same time, very much a part of his working team. >> you can catch kate winslet in her latest roll steve jobs. that movie is rated r. >> well, the new star wars movie is now in theatres for another eight weeks, be excitement is building big time. amc theatres wants to get fans ready. on the day before the nationwide release of the force awakens, 38amc theatres across the country will be showing all seven films in the star war series back-to-back. so to take part in this 20 hour movie marathon head to neshaminy 24, bensalem, december 17th, beginning at 1:00 a.m. ♪ >> that voice. i can't get enoughment check it out. adele fans, first look at the video, the first single off her new albumn. the song hello comes out
6:54 am
today. her 2011 smash hit albumn 21 was about breaking up, adele says the new albumn called 25 is about making up. it goes on sale november 20th. we're going to take a short break. let's listen to adele. >> ♪
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in your headlines, gunfire on the campus of tennessee state university leaves a 19 year old man dead. three student passing by suffered minor injuries. police say an argument over a dice game led to that shooting. >> patricia is now the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the western hemisphere. category five storm is expected to hit mexico later today. >> and, the temple owls, they're making history. team now undefeated seven and zero. beat east carolina university in a nail biter last night. twenty-four to 14. so excited for owl's nation. now to california man with incredible talent. just in time for halloween. jim morrissey an i-team manager by day but professional pumpkin carver boy night. has the ability to transform any photo into a life-like form. four years ago, more i realized his talents could actually pay for christmas for his kids. >> paying for chris you may now, yes, it is, it is awesome, every october i look forward to it. >> he is very artistic. receives towards from tv knelt
6:59 am
work since celebrities, his pumpkins run about $100 a pop. wow. all worth it. >> beautiful. yes. absolutely. very talented. >> hard to karch a pumpkin. >> it is. >> and how cute is that, adorablement wonderful. >> good for him. all right, we talk about this forecast. little cooler, little cooler, so talking low 60s, little rain, overnight saturday into sunday, i like the overnight part. i think then it won't get in the way of your plans. >> good call. >> warm up little sunday. then see the sunshine starts the week monday. but we will stay in those low 60s, so don't see a seven day on -- 70 on that seven day forecast, do you, ladies? >> not so much. >> well, kyla, i don't have a 07 on the roads either, because it is rush hour. and no one is moving on 95, schuylkill expressway, but very serious incident is happening right now, 26th and penrose. notice multiple millions personnel on hand. we'll keep you updated. >> vittoria, thanks. next on cbs this morning jenkintown own bradley cooper,
7:00 am
been coup, talking about his new movie. see you next week. captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, october 23rd, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." hillary clinton faces a marathon interrogation on the deadly benghazi attack. we ask the house committee chairman whether he learned anything new. >> flash flooding threatens millions in the south and torrential down pours threaten millions. bradley cooper and seinna miller are back in the kitchen. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> i don't know whether that is funny. >> i'm sorry. a little note of


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