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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 23, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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walt hunter is live from the field in university city with exclusive new details, walt? >> reporter: well, ukee, for months there has been speculation on whether or not a criminal investigation against bill cosby was still underway into an alleged sexual assault back in 2004. the district attorney and in charge of that investigation remained tight-lipped but now cbs-3 "eyewitness news" has confirmed exclusively from sources, that there is an open criminal investigation, into bill cosby, going back to 2004, and that criminal charges could be filed against cosby, the at some point in the near future, when that investigation is completed and district attorney makes a decision. meanwhile, two more women as you mentioned came forward making allegations against cosby, one of them a field judge at 2004 pen pen relay whose says had she was assaulted by cosby, right behind me, in the middle of franklin field. at a press conference in new york with her attorney and a second woman who claims to be
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a victim of bill cosby, donna berry told reporters as she stood in the infield, posing for a picture during 2004 penn relays at prank lynn field she was a all thed from behind by bill cosby. >> a man grabbed me from behind, very firmly, and quite purposely he had his arm on my waist and forcefully pulled me into his private area saying hey, back that thing up here girl. >> reporter: barrett says that day she struggled to get a away. >> i cried out and trying to pull away from his advice-line grip on my waist. his other arm was holding my arm down. >> reporter: barrett a says that she was infuriated. >> the incident happened fast and i was angry that mr. cosby would take such liberty as to force his person upon me, and hold me against my well. >> reporter: barrett said she immediately brought the assault to the attention of those standing nearby and officials, but got very little response. he left the area quickly, and
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i complained to my teammates. my teammates saw this, but this did not realize what he was actually doing to me. i complained to other officials but no one knew what to do. i was so irritated. >> reporter: again, cbs-3 has now confirmed exclusively from sources that a criminal investigation is now opened in the bill cosby, and an alleged 2004 sexual assault, and that investigation at some point, could still lead to charges being filed against cosby. meanwhile, it is important to note, that no criminal charges have ever been filed against cosby, in connection with the 2004 alleged assault, or the new allegations from the two women who came forward today, cbs-3 has reached out to contact cosby's attorneys in both philadelphia, and los angeles, so far they have not responded to requests for comment. much more on this developing story, and our exclusive new information, when we join you a at 6:00 live from franklin field i'm walt hunter for
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cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> we will see you new an hour, thank you. >> we started the week with really cold temperatures and it got warm and now it is cooling down again but just how cool will it get? meteorologist kate bilo is on the sky deck with the first look at the forecast, kate. >> i can tell you today is cooler then yesterday but standing out here in full sunshine right now, it actually feels nice and warm. i'm very comfortable in short sleeves so you cannot complain too much about this friday. this is how month has been going. warm during workweek and cooler in the weekend. i will see that in a few minutes with more on. that the lets look at is what happening in the near term on storm scan three everything is clear in, problems as i zoomed out. i will show you our next weather make their will come through on sunday. this front is impacting much of the upper midwest and will bring us a few showers to start the day sunday. that doesn't mean sunday is a complete loss for outdoor plans though. temperatures right now 64 in philadelphia. sixty-three in wilmington. for reference this time yesterday we were around 77. so it is a big drop in temperature but with the sun shining it is a crisp,
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seasonal october day, 11 degrees below where we were yesterday in philadelphia, 14-degree difference in reading and 17 degrees cold inner mount pocono. your weekend outlook not looking too bad cool but dry for saturday at 61. watch for showers sunday morning, high of 66. you may have heard about hurricane pennsylvania trish, strongest hurricane ever recorded and bearing down on mexico. the lauren casey will have more about this powerful storm and what to expect coming up when we join you back inside. for now from a beautiful sky deck aim's meteorologist kate bilo, back to you. >> thanks very much. >> even though temperatures are dropping, temple football is the fever, it is heating up all around town. team is seven-zero for first time in 121 seasons. >> so much excitement is building, last night's game was a nail biter with the team trailing by four only to come up and score and historic win. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson is live on temple's campus where fans are just so excited. we can only imagine the mood
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out there, steve. >> yeah, you might say that, guys. this is kind of story you have to change your tie for. earlier i haddon like a little gold striped tie. i don't think i would make it out of campus alive on today so i had to find something to a approximate the cherry and red but people here, the pride, it is just overflowing and for good reason. we spoke to the head coach about that as well as this student body, and check this out. a thursday night like this sure puts a real glow on friday. >> just to have a good day, i'm in a happy mood, sun out, beautiful. go owls. >> reporter: it ace a beautiful day to be a temple owl for a program, community and let's face it, a city accustomed being in the mid city doll drums right now. temple football is giving us all something to cheer about. >> i'm just so happy right the now. >> football team is doing well, it speaks volume of the university. >> every day i wake up, like waiting for it. >> that is kind of excitement
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seven and zero a national ranking and date with the fighting irish will bring, just look at the that permanent smile on head coach math the math rule. >> it gives everyone that goes to school here, works here, went here, loves temple gives them something to cheer for. >> reporter: rule says while steaks couldn't be higher gearing up for notre dame his players just like fans are enjoying the moment and why not. >> they should have fun, they shouldn't get tight. this is an unbelievable experience. the city will be a buzz so enjoy it, play as well as we can and see what happens. >> that temple glow only getting brighter. and coming up at 6:00 o'clock, it is just talk, at this moment, but there are discussions, about a brand new, stadium here, right on campus, at temple university, we will talk about that as well as more, on the excitement, that everybody here is enjoying. for now we are live on the campus of the temple university i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> exciting times, thanks very much, steve. stay with "eyewitness
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news", we have you covered as we lead up to temple's big showdown against notre dame, next saturday. students staged a peaceful protest on the campus of villanova university over a plan to arm campus security guards. protest organizers are calling for more dialogue and transparency about the decision. the university plans to roll roll out changes next fall which will, turn 20 percent of its 75 member force into train, police officers. >> the the important thing is that we have communication between those who are protecting us and those being protect. sometimes those protecting us if they don't talk to us, necessarily don't create that feeling of service, as well as protection for their community. >> villanova released this statement which reads in part the decision was part of an ongoing commitment to enhancing the safety and security of our campus. well, also, family and friend gathered to celebrate the life of the three-year old brendan creato, funeral mass took place in westmont, new
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jersey, meantime, detectives continue their investigation into the child's mysterious death. he was found dead in the woods in haddon township last week and detectives found no signs of forced entry, at the home where blend an lived with his father. they also did not find any signs of sexual assault. fail police need the public's help to find a missing 15 year-old girl. siani torres is three weeks pregnant and last seen at perfect home on the 1500 block of fairmount avenue last night, around 7:30. she's 5 feet one with freckles and two toned red and blonde hair and last seen wearing a gray sweater, a blue shirt with white stripes and blue jeans. if you know her whereabouts please contact the police right away. in an effort to cut down on litter from disposable water bottles the the city is installing new water kiosks in the largest park. new water bottle filling stations will stretch along kelly drive from east falls to boat house row in fairmount park. specially design water
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stations will include traditional drinking fountains and ground level water bowl for dog walkers. >> the new water kiosk will encourage more people to get outside, utilize our great park system for recreation or just to be a spectator walking around which will lead to healthier lifestyles for our kid and families all across the city of philadelphia. four kiosks are scheduled to be installed by spring and more planned by center city and other fairmount park locations. you may have noticed traffic pattern changes on the ben franklin parkway near logan circle as part of the construction project to replace the went yet street parkway bridge, over the vine street expressway. today, penndot reduced the eastbound inner lanes to two lanes between 21st and 20th street. bridge replacement the is scheduled to be completed in july of 2017. well, most pour full her kane ever is about to make land fall and our weather team is tracking it, next. also rushing water turns a neighborhood into a raging river, what caused this watery
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mess, that is coming up. suspended pennsylvania attorney general, kathleen kane makes good on a prom toys release, dirty sexually charged e-mails that she says were passed around by lawyers, prosecutors, and even a state supreme court justice. and three is on your side with a warning about a scam linked to those new credit cards, embedded with security chips, more, coming up, on "eyewitness news". stay with us.
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well, a neighborhood in queens is flooded after a huge the water main break, the geyser sent rushing, water, into nearby homes, businesses, and even down into the subway this morning. some buildings had to be evacuated, authorities say workers at a construction site actually caused this break, in one was injured. now have your old credit cards, been replaced yet with the new type that has that micro chip? if not, then you are not alone. >> three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan tells us that scam artists are trying
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to cash in on the delay and people receiving them. >> reporter: exactly, how dare they. at last check less than 40 percent of us gotten those chipped credit card which is designed to reduce fraud. consumers don't to have request a new card it will just show up and not everybody knows that and that is the problem. credit card industry is currently tonight middle of the massive change, swamping the classic stripe card for new chip enabled card aimed at offering better card security. >> it is the biggest change in the the way we have used credit cards in decade, and people, aren't ready just yet, there is a lot of confusion out there. >> reporter: not everyone has a chip enabled card just yet and now federal trade commission warns that scammers are capitalizing on the confusion. ftc says scammers are sending fake e-mails that seem to be from the credit card issues asking for valuable personal information in order to send a new card. in some cases, the scam asks consumers to click on the link which could install malwear.
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ftc says consumers could only enter personal data on line, when they typed in the web address themselves and can see that the cities secured. if you get an e-mail from what appears to be your bank, credit card company and requires you to reply with personal information, or directs you to a link that asks for that sort of stuff a big red flag should go up. they just don't send those things out. it is most likely a scam. if you get one call your bank. >> when you start with now look. >> people get suckered into this because you have to always focus before opening these things, because once they have got your information, it is a mess to clean up. >> i hear you. >> thanks, jim. >> have a good weekend. millions of residents in texas are bracing for more severe weather after after storm slammed parts of the state leaving cars submerge and many drivers stranded. part of the region has received 5 inches since thursday morning. flash flood watch is in effect through sunday but the state could get even more rain, next week, when remnants of the hurricane patricia starts to move through.
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that hurricane is now the most powerful hurricane recorded in the western hemisphere. >> it is unbelievable to see. take a look what this category five storm actually looks like from space. the these images from nasa show massive storm moving north at about 10 miles an hour. here's a satellite image of hurricane patricia as it is barreling toward mexico where forecasters say it could make a potentially catastrophic land fall. so some loud sirens going off warning residents of the hurricane's arrival. residents there along mexico's pacific coast have been told to brace for wind at 200 miles an hour, and torrential downpours. patricia has potential to cause massive death and destruction in the city known as a tourist hot spot. as you might imagine mexican officials are calling pennsylvania trish at most dangerous storm in history. >> let's check with meteorologist lauren casey right now who has more on the massive storm and its path,
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lauren. >> patricia is not only the strongest hurricane, now on record, but it is also one of the strongest tropical cyclones on earth, on report, now, we have heard hurricanes all over the globe but they are called different things in different areas. in eastern pacific where patricia is and in the atlantic we call them hurricanes. in the western pennsylvania pacific we called them typhoons. you might think strength is determined wye wind speed but we also look at central minimum pressure to determine the ultimate strength, the strongest system ever, tropical system, typhoon tip, 870 million bars in 1979 but there is pennsylvania trish, lowest pressure so far, 879 millibars making it the fourth strongest cyclone ever recorded on the globe. as far as our standard, hurricane scale of intensity it is a category five which starts at 157 miles an hour, wind went up to 200 miles an hour with patricia. so really off the scales.
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why is patricia a so strong? it has very warm surface temperatures, ocean water of 87 degrees, incredibly warm and that water is very deep. light wind sheer, that is wind higher up in the atmosphere they are strong and cause thunderstorms in the hurricane. if they are light they can grow in strength and abundant a atmosphere moisture fools that hurricane and that has been present as well. as of the latest advisory from the national hurricane center, pennsylvania trish ace still a a category five. it has weakened ever so slightly, wind at 190 miles an hour but as we just heard later this evening, guys, likely to make land fall by puertovillearta and catastrophic storm as it makes land fall later tonight. >> thank you for that. >> that is frightening. >> kate joins us now with our forecast and more. >> wind of 235 miles an hour, and that is like a tornado strength whipping through a very populated vacation area friend of mine is on vacation there right now. they are held up in a basement of their hotel in a ballroom.
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it is a major slumber party. i just can't imagine the fear with a storm that strong. >> crazy. >> locally, we're looking beautiful on this friday afternoon. we may feel impacts from patricia here, not as bad as off to the south. lets look at outside. first and foremost we will take you to our live neighborhood network camera. wall to wall sunshine and blue skies, that is exactly what we've got. 56 degrees in kutztown, it is cool, but dry and we have got blue skies outside. we will see moon right there looking beautiful, another clear night for moon gazing, the past few nights the the moon has been beautiful. storm scan three is clear as well, no problems outside right now. it looks like the sun will stick with us as we head through first half of the weekend but eventually this storm will make its way in. this is what is bringing to that heavy rain, over portions of texas. this has really nothing to do with patricia but unfortunately the path of that storm will bring moisture back into the same area. they will not get a break from the rainfall. for us, front comes through with just a few showers and
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early sunday morning. sleep in. you may miss most of the shower activity. sixty-four in philadelphia 60 in reading. fifty-one mount pocono. much cooler over great lakes. only 46 inialpena, 49 in minneapolis, contrast that with 77 degrees in lexington, kentucky. cool weekend but generally a dry weekend. sun giving way to a few more cloud late saturday as this system approaches. the system comes through early sunday and it will bring chance for a shower in the morning and we will clear it out and cool it down, again, sunny and cool. lets look at the moisture with patricia as we head into early next week. it moves across east texas by middle of the next week this moisture will get absorbed from another system by the north and could impact us. i will show you in more on that next wednesday into thursday. i mentioned our calendar all of the warmth has been concentrated during workweek, weekend have been cool and that is how it will stay. we will get blue temperatures below average tomorrow especially and into early next week as well. sunday looks like it could get
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above normal. overnight clear skies, chilly, 41 in the city. thirty's widespread across the the suburbs. for your sat the day sunshine giving way to clouds as that front approaches. 61 degrees. we will keep it dry saturday. wake up sunday morning to a few showers especially early around six or 7:00 a.m. and then by midday i'm's optimistic we will get sunshine back. sleep in, get up late, get up and in the afternoon monday looking good as well we will be back to 60 with some sun. >> that is a plan. >> i'm telling you. >> thanks, kate. still ahead, mayor nutter goes to new heights. >> we do mean new heights, but it is all for a great cause, we will give you a sneak peak at the member of the "eyewitness news" team, who accepts the same challenge. pat? we are live in wilmington and our cbs-3 friday football frenzy, we will set up our game of the week, dover and sales um, and plus we have, injury news for eagles as they take on the panthers sunday night next
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i want a supreme court judge who knows the law. for the past seven years, i've served on pennsylvania's second highest court. and the bar association has given me their very highest rating. i want a judge who understands regular people. i was the first in my family to graduate from college. my dad was a coal miner. my mom- a factory seamstress. i want a judge with integrity. me too. and that's why i'm running. i'm christine donohue. it's time to bring integrity back to the supreme court.
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it is friday night, you know what that means, the the friday football frenzy. >> pat gallon joins us from wilmington with the preview of tonight's big game, and has some very special meaning to my buddy over here ukee washington. >> once a senator always a senator, is what up, pat. >> reporter: how are you doing, guys. we are here live in wilmington for our cbs-3 friday football frenzy. i think we are pretty big down here in delaware. this is second time we have been here in three weeks. it is our game of the week as voted on by you, the people out there and it is dover against salesadam, they have started off red hot. they are five-one, and little later on, in the 6:00 o'clock hour we will talk about the notable alumni from the other school, dover, but lets get into some eagles talk right now. because there is some injury news as they take on the the carolina panthers, 8:30 sunday night. nelson agholor he is out. kiko alonzo, he is out as well. the panthers have cam newton who is a a very good
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quarterback. eagles on defense will need all of the help they can get. eagles defense will have to stop a good rushing attack. they are rang third in the nfl, jonathan stewart averages 4-yard a carry, cam newton has run for 225-yard already this year. eighth rang rushing defense of the eagles knows they will have their handful on unday night. >> they rush the ball a lot. so it will be heavy, heavy running game for us, defensively and we have to stop the run and they spring until a quarterback run which as far as speeding it up or whatever. >> we're stopping that run because we know what we got out front to get after the quarterback and once we make a one dimensional we can live with them, beating us for design if that is what it going to be. >> reporter: we are live back here in wilmington. last time we were back this delaware it absolutely poured but weather is as beautiful as it could get. clear skies, great night for football, and as i noted guys
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when we talk again in the 6:00 t notable alumni from dover high school. maybe you know these people and maybe you heard of them. at least one of them good i think i have. >> i know the other one you you are talking about too but we will break it down when we see you again. >> thanks, buddy. promising news for those embarrassed by baldness, coming up medical reporter stephanie stahl has information about a drug already approved by f.d.a. that seems to regrow hair. what a scary site, take a look at a truck on the side of the very thin bridge, that story is coming up, plus... >> reporter: it is a 5,000-mile transatlantic boat trip that took one man more than a year to complete, i'm greg argos showing you how it happened on this 24-foot rehoboth boat and exactly why this guy did it
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we begin at 5:30 with the latest on allegations of sexual misconduct against bill cosby at penn relays.
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today two more women came forward to accuse the comedian of inappropriate behavior. they were joined by attorney gloria alred. one of the women identified herself as donna barrett, she said cosby grabbed her from behind during a group photo at penn relays in 2004. >> i felt his private parts against my back side. i cried out and tried to pull away from his advice-like grip on my waist. his other arm was holding my arm down against my side. he had had me lock down against his body without my consent or desire. >> woman are more than 50 who are accusing bill cosby of sexual abuse as far back as mid 1960's. kathleen kane's days in office could be numbered now that her law license is suspended, legislator is exploring option that is could ultimately lead to the removal of the embattled pennsylvania attorney general from office. this is as she released new porn gate e-mails. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones is live in the
5:32 pm
sat center with the very latest, todd. >> reporter: natasha, attorney general kathleen kane has made good on her promise to release these racey e-mails allegedly involving a state supreme court justice. she called these e-mails offensive, and some images or graphic and they include a sexual act. kane publicly released 48 e-mails, many showing naked women and juvenile crude jokes. e-mails were all exchanged between lawyers, prosecutors, and she claims that pennsylvania supreme court justice jay michael eakin. in a two page statement kane said this set of e-mails was only a subset of the pornographic, massage is in particular and racist e-mails received and sent by justin eakin on his rifle e-mail address. one of the three e-mail kane said eakin sent was this one depicting a boy student making a joke about his teacher's breast. >> her goal, it is to expose this network that had has
5:33 pm
existed a apparently for an extended period of time. >> reporter: when contacted from, eakin a had no comment but he reportedly apologized for the the e-mails. judicial conduct board cleared him of any ethics violations, however in her statement kane contend that not all of the e-mails were reviewed by the board and suggests that the decision to dismiss the the case was wrong. this afternoon a spokesperson for governor tom wolf called the e-mails inappropriate and wrong and that the governor had previously said if anyone were involved in his administration, they would have been dismissed. reporting live tonight from the sat center, todd quinones, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". today the pentagon identified first american solder, killed in the fight against isis. thirty-nine year-old master sergeant joshua wheeler of oklahoma was stationed a a the fort brog, north carolina wheeler was killed in a rescue mission that freed as many as 70 isis hostages in northern iraq yesterday. no other americans were injured, in the raid, and more
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than 20 isis fighters were killed, and six were captured. well, now to the very latest on a deadly bus crash in france, 43 people were killed when a tour bus collided with a truck. the bus caught fire, after the wreck and some people did manage to escape by breaking windows. most of the victims were senior citizens on a day trip to wine country. this is the deadliest crash, in more than 30 years. also a two vehicle crash on the chesapeake bay bridge leaves a driver and a very precarious position. the back end of the an overturn box truck dangled slightly over the edge of the bridge barrier there. fortunately the driver was able to get out safely and there were no other reported injuries. the crash, tied up traffic though on that bridge, for hours, but it is all cleaned up at this hour. jeb bush says he is getting lean and mean to take on donald trump while hillary clinton get back on the campaign trail. cbs correspondent craig boswell has today's developments in the the race for the white house.
5:35 pm
>> reporter: g.o.p. presidential candidate jeb bush is hoping to rejuvenate his floundering run for white house. bush is hoping to save a million-dollar a in by slashing salaries, reducing staff and cutting back on travel costs. jeb bush is currently sixth in the latest poll in iowa, well behind front runners ben carson and donald trump. >> we need a government that actually understands. >> reporter: this is first time carson i had lead nothing iowa and hoping to capitalize with tv ad. in early voting states. >> hillary clinton wasted no time in the campaign trail after giving 11 hours of testimony on capitol hill on thursday. >> eleven hours of testimony, this is why she needs to be our commander in chief. >> i'm not running for president obama's third term, i'm not the running for bill clinton's third term i'm running for my first term. >> reporter: clinton will head to iowa for jefferson jackson dinner sat the day night a key event in iowa democratic politics. bernie sanders will be there too and he has some ground to
5:36 pm
make up in the hawk yah state. the most recent democratic poll shows 60 percent of voters say they are less likely to support sanders, due to his stance on gun safety laws there is one less democrat on the ballot after former rhode island governor lincoln chefee dropped out friday morning. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". reminder to stay with "eyewitness news" and cbs for continuing coverage of the campaign 2016. vice-president joe biden will give his first interview since announcing he is not running for president. cbs anchor nora o'donnell will talk to the vice-president and his wife on 60 minutes sunday at 7:00 right here on cbs-3. slow and steady wins the race. >> especially when course is on the side of the philadelphia high rise. don't look down, about hundred people spent the day repelling down the one logan square building in center city. challenge raises money for philadelphia outward bound school programs. mayor michael nutter was there to take the 31 story plunge.
5:37 pm
>> wonderful weather out here. great crowd. as i got closer i could hear crowd and music, and it really does help. just take your mind off of things and don't look down it all work out well. >> also, getting in on the hair raising act here franklin, the the sixers mascot had more going on there. >> if mayor nutter can do this you better get up there and go over the edge. >> are you scared. >> yes, yes, i'm scared. >> especially when it feels like your feet are coming off the building. >> telling it like it is. cbs-3 exclusive vittoria woodill is only television reporter to go over the edge. we have the the excitement covered from every angle and you'll experience it with vittoria tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. best part to look at from this angle. >> it could be a game changer for people embarrassed by bald
5:38 pm
or thinning hair, medical reporter stephanie stahl has new information about a drug that seems to help regrow hair. shocking video of the student collapsing during gym class, from shock to release, later is the video you zoo he that boy's life saved, story coming up next, kate. >> cooler but sunny and beautiful for october friday so how is weekend looking we have a few showers this weekend but then chance for heavier rain next week. i'll have your full seven day forecast coming up when we come back.
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well, listen up, parents, build a bear is recalling over 30,000 stuffed animals, the consumer products safety commission says that the the star bright dragon stuffed animal posts a choking hazard. the the seems can open up
5:42 pm
exposing stuffing materials that can choke children. if you have one, return it to the store for a coupon to get another bear. and a utah teen ace lives thanks to the quick actions of middle school staff members. >> they save the teenager's life when he collapsed during class because of an unknown genetic heart defect. reporter don champion has life saving story. >> reporter: surveillance cameras inside this salt lake city area middle school not only recorded the frightening moment when skylar nelson collapsed but also, the desperate effort to save his life. >> i rolled him over, he was gasping for air and his eyes were in the top of his head. >> it happened last wednesday when the 14 year-old was in pe class. >> he wasn't with us, and. >> he was gone. >> he was gone. >> he a had just dropped down, heart had stopped. >> reporter: that is when staff members including eric price, the vice-president, sprung into action, started cpr, price had just been through training, days before.
5:43 pm
>> at that time the adrenaline kicks in you just do what you have been trained to do. >> reporter: with the help of the school resource officer skylar was eventually brought back to life, and then rushed to the hospital. the it turns out he was born with the heart defect that is genetic. sky lar says he barely remembers what happened. >> fortunately i was given a second chance. i just want to thank all of the people who supported me. >> reporter: at last check skylar was set to undergo surgery to put a defribillator in his chest. don champion for cbs news. >> just been through training too. >> he was right there. >> god bless him. >> we will be right back.
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i want a supreme court judge who knows the law. for the past seven years, i've served on pennsylvania's second highest court.
5:45 pm
and the bar association has given me their very highest rating. i want a judge who understands regular people. i was the first in my family to graduate from college. my dad was a coal miner. my mom- a factory seamstress. i want a judge with integrity. me too. and that's why i'm running. i'm christine donohue. it's time to bring integrity back to the supreme court.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. feeling a bit more of i chill returning. >> definitely feeling more like october should feel today but it is october, yes. >> yes. >> it is mid 60's, it is
5:47 pm
pretty perfect for this time of the year. it turnout to be a nice day, lots of sunshine. here's how the evening is looking for you, and it looks beautiful. blue skies. heading toward sunset. it keeps getting earlier and earlier but in about a week and a half we will be wishing the sun would set just after 6:00, end of the daylight savings time is next sunday, morning after halloween, if you are partying halloween night the but it means, the sun will set, at 4:59 p.m. lets look at our eyewitness weather watcher reports and take new to photos we have from our weather watchers, and they are sending beautiful pictures our way. lets start off with temperatures. many spots in the 50's right now as we check with barbara lane in willow grove. 59 degrees there. only 57 in delaware. we will check with sandor in newark at 57. he says tgif what a booty, and enjoy weather. not sure who bill j is. but lets take a quick peak at photos and great shots here from ed connor.
5:48 pm
beautiful fall foliage out there today. scrolling through a couple more from ed connor with more fall color. this is beautiful, again, reds and greens. it is just explode nothing to fall foliage all across the the region. we are reaching our peak this week. if you want to do leaf peeking there is train trips you can take from the lehigh valley, great weekend to do it. it will fell like fall should feel outside. lets look live, and you can see sunset, already in progress here. middletown ship high school in cape may courthouse. this is opposite direction but you can see colors in the skies starting to take on that sunset look. 57 degrees there. definitely cooler then yesterday with most spots were still in the 70's at this time but can't really complain about this weather, full sunshine all day long, blue skies, it looks great out there and storm scan three is clear as well. we have been talking about showers this weekend. culprit is this storm system, upper lower to the north and see moisture associated with the tail end of that front as it extend into portions of
5:49 pm
northeast, texas here in this region and this will fizzle out. this doesn't produce much. i will show new a moment. i will watch moisture associated with hurricane patricia that could impact us by next week. temperatures right now again about ten to 15 degrees cooler then this time yesterday, 64 in philadelphia. sixty in reading and allentown. just 51 in mount pocono. more than 15 degrees cooler there. through rest of tonight skies are clear and that will continue into tomorrow morning. 10:00 a.m. a few more clouds tomorrow. it is no the that brilliant blue sky but a nice looking day. cloud increase later saturday, stays dry throughout the day tomorrow but then showers arrive, early sunday morning, so keep that in mind if you have outdoor plans. here's patricia, just about to make land fall as a very dangerous category five hurricane. win gusts to 235 miles an hour. that storm then lifts to the north and it will start to weekend a bit but eventually could bring over 6 inches of rain, to much of the gulf coast region, texas into
5:50 pm
louisiana and that moisture could head our way as well. overnight clear and chilly at 41. tomorrow sun and cloud and cool just 61 degrees. your seven day forecast, well, cool will through weekend and chilly next week as well, chance for moisture from patricia gets in here next wednesday into thursday. ukee and natasha back over to you. on the cbs-3 healthwatch, new research released to day could eventually lead to a new treatment for hair loss. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here with the results of the the new study. >> lots of people interested in this one. this is looking very promising, researchers were able to regrow hair in mice using a class of drugs already f.d.a. approved. >> hair loss ace problem for millions of people, old and young. >> i don't wanting to bald but if i do no big deal. >> reporter: new study is offering hope about a possible cure for baldness. researchers were able to rapidly regrow hair in mice using human hair follicles and class of drugs called jack inhibitors. >> jack inhibitors seem to be
5:51 pm
among very few number of the compound that can induce hair growth very soon, after the applications. >> reporter: jack inhibitors are normally used to treat blood diseases and rheumatoid arthritis. researchers discovered dramatic results when they applied a topical form directly to the skin rather than orally. >> i'm pretty cool, if it works, i would be willing to try some and grow back from there. it is pretty nice. >> i think, i'll go for it. >> yes, yes. >> reporter: researchers caution this is just first step and a lot more work need to be done to see if the treatment continues to work, and if it is safe on people. >> we are also told mice treated for five days with these jack inhibitors sprouted hair within ten days. another part will look at how long that new hair lasts. it is promising. i know lots of people are interested and i'll keep you posted. >> that is good. >> break through. >> thanks, stephanie, appreciate it. well, new mammograms guidelines released by american cancer society this
5:52 pm
week has some pennsylvania women, speaking out, these guidelines proposed to change the suggested age for women to begin yearly mammograms, to 45. and, there were two years after 55. the pennsylvania breast cancer coalition says that is a step in the wrong direction and are calling for guidelines to be reconsidered. >> we do see reducing the age forgetting a mammogram from 40 to 45 is sending the wrong message to women. many, many women are diagnosed in their early 40's. >> the american cancer society has sided a high rate of false positives for women under 45. stay with us, everyone still ahead on "eyewitness news" this evening, the halloween season is quickly a approaching and tinseltown is ready for scary new films. >> i think witches are real. >> but do they live among us? that is theme of the elijah rose, and vin december ill film the last witch hunter, we
5:53 pm
will preview up next.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
for district attorney in montgomery county... kevin steele, first assistant d.a. with a 98% conviction rate and tough sentences for sexual predators. or bruce castor, a former d.a. who refused to prosecute bill cosby. castor said, "we don't charge people for making a mistake or doing something foolish." many more victims came forward, and castor admitted he could have used their testimony against cosby
5:56 pm
but castor didn't even try. bruce castor was not looking out for the victims. it is friday and many are flock to go local theaters to see film releases. vin diesel stars in the last witch hunt are. >> two co stars topped by to help preview movie for me and these two come with the major background in the action fantasy ge nre. >> lord of the rings thrilling ace monk his many credits, game of thrones, part of hers, together now in the last witch hunters. >> sure. >> let's bin with the thought that witches, live among us. >> i think witches are real, are they what we portrayed them in films? doubtful. >> vin diesel's character is the man who spent his cursed immortal life tracking down witches all while yearning for his long lost family of 800 years ago. >> take me to the dream world,
5:57 pm
and we all know where it is. >> reporter: rose, plays good witch a few levels above glennda a dream walker restoring memories is how she rolls but sometimes it can backfire. sometime incredibly reluctant to tap into that if one is a dream walker they have an ability to step into a mine and kind of twist, and walk your thoughts, to their advantage. >> reporter: and then there is a young priest who is assigned to the witch hunter during quest to eradicate evil and he is a dollar. >> i have waited my entire life to help you, but something else is awakening, beyond good and beyond evil. >> whether a dolan is, it is a priest in a long line of priests who serve underneath an order called the ax and cross which is a secret organization, task with protecting humanity from black magic. >> reporter: magic of the film making is led by brent. much eisner has made this
5:58 pm
world wind journey one to remember. >> you all are transported to this new low and visually stunning. we don't have time to ramp people up to speed, in regard to where they are and who we're dealing with, and so some of that is also within the visual context and it vice important. >> the film commits to it as well. >> totally. >> it really does. i have been blown away when i first saw it. >> will you be? keep your eyes opened to be sure. >> a witch hunter. >> don't are scared natasha. >> i was a little scared. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> coming up at 6:00, more women women step forward accusing bill cosby of sexual misconduct. one was inappropriate touched during the penn relays. we are live, kate. it is a beautiful evening out here on the die deck as sunsets on a easenablely cool october day but it is a cool
5:59 pm
weekend and we have chance for showers as well to go with you are cool down, i'll have more on that coming up at 6:00. sesame street introduces a new character with autism, see how this muppet is helping children in philadelphia to understand it is okay to be different. >> reporter: temple's historic season renews talks of the university finally getting its own football stadium. maiden journey across atlantic, one that included a pirate and shark attack, "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. the incident happened fast and i was angry that mr. cosby would take such liberties a as to force his person upon me and hold me against my will. >> new allegations, new investigations, bill cosby is again accused of sexually inappropriate behavior, this time at the penn relays.
6:00 pm
good evening, i'm natasha brown. i'm ukee washington. guess case off tonight. tonight "eyewitness news" is uncovering new details in the cosby scandal. our walt hunter is live at franklin field in university city to tell you more bit, walt. >> reporter: ukee, cbs-3 has determined, exclusively from sources that a criminal investigation into bill cosby is now underway in montgomery county, under the d.a. there, in connection with an alleged sexual assault back in 2004. for months there has been speculation behind the scenes about whether or not this investigation was ongoing, and the district attorney resolutely decline, all comment, however, sources tell cbs-3 exclusively that the investigation that could lead to charges in the alleged 2004 assault is very much ongoing, and the sources tell us that this investigation actually restarted last summer, when depositions made in a civil suit were revealed for the first time. meanwhile in new york


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