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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 23, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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good evening, i'm natasha brown. i'm ukee washington. guess case off tonight. tonight "eyewitness news" is uncovering new details in the cosby scandal. our walt hunter is live at franklin field in university city to tell you more bit, walt. >> reporter: ukee, cbs-3 has determined, exclusively from sources that a criminal investigation into bill cosby is now underway in montgomery county, under the d.a. there, in connection with an alleged sexual assault back in 2004. for months there has been speculation behind the scenes about whether or not this investigation was ongoing, and the district attorney resolutely decline, all comment, however, sources tell cbs-3 exclusively that the investigation that could lead to charges in the alleged 2004 assault is very much ongoing, and the sources tell us that this investigation actually restarted last summer, when depositions made in a civil suit were revealed for the first time. meanwhile in new york a press
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conference two women coming forward saying they too were sexually assaulted by cosby, including a track official who said that she was assaulted right here at franklin field in 2004, during the penn relays. >> a man grabbed me from behind, very firmly, and quite purposely, he had his arm on my waste and forcefully pulled me into his private area saying hey, back that thing up here girl. >> reporter: donna barrett, a track official, says the man who sexually assaulted her from behind in the middle of the franklin field in the 2004 penn relays as she posed for a picture with teammates was bill cosby. barrett, speaking out at a press conference with her attorney and a second woman, who also now claims that she was victimized by cosby. >> i cried out and tried to pull away from his vice-like grip on my waist. his other arm was holding my arm down. >> reporter: barrett said she was infuriated.
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>> i was angry mr. cosby would take such liberty as to force his person upon me and hold me begins my will. >> reporter: barrett claims that when she alerted her teammates and fellow officials immediately about what had just happened, there was little response. >> my teammates saw this, but they did not realize what he was actually doing to me. i complained to other officials, and in one knew what to do. i was so irritated. >> reporter: now cosby has not had any criminal charges filed against him, in connection with any of the allegations, of any of the women that have come forward. meanwhile, we have contacted cosby's attorneys in philadelphia and in los angeles, and they did not respond as of right new to our request for comment. live from the university of pennsylvania campus at franklin field i'm walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> walt, thanks very much. also police are investigating an attempted sexual assault at the university of delaware. at alleged assault happened
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early yesterday morning by a construction site near smith hall. the student says a man grabbed her, pushed her to the ground and attempted to remove her pants. she was able to getaway, suspect is describe about 6 feet wearing a black hooded sweat shirt. a plan to transform some security guard into full-fledged police officers has some students up in arms at villanova university. a group of them held a peaceful protest on campus this afternoon, organizers rather voiced concerns about transparency over decision, to let other plans arm 20 percent of the 75 member force by next fall. >> an institution that is meant to be nurturing and loving and a safe place for everybody to learn and come together. a community. i think that this policy ultimately threatening our community's safety. >> villanova released the statement that the decision was part of ongoing commitment in enhancing safety and security of our campus.
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well, maybe a little chilly outside but temple football fans are still fired up, after last night's big win. >> the owls, came from behind, and now they are seven-zero for very first time in 121 seasons, "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson is live on temple's campus right new with more on the historic win and, of course, hope for a new football stadium as well, steve. >> reporter: you know, the fans, the students, the head coach i am himself everybody is fired up and excited for temple football but i'm in the the sure many would have included the board of trustees high on that list. they are making news in their own right and here's why. >> it gives everyone that goes to the school here, lives here, work here, giving us something to cheer for. >> reporter: coach at this point although may be front seats of the band wagon but it is way bigger than that. thursday night pandemonium, temple football wins again, program seven-zero nationally ranked headed for a clash with
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notre dame. let's break that down, temple will will play notre dame and people are calling it a clash. pride on campus overflowing. >> i'm just so happy right the now. >> it makes me want to be here. >> big accomplishment for temple. >> lots of pride, forehead coach matt rule hoist most proud of how his team is handling it. >> i'm proud of the way they have handled success. they are not acting like big shots, they are just the same guys they were when we were zero and zero before we started the season. >> reporter: across campus senior day for field hockey game in a place that could look very different in a few years, temple board members set to discuss a brand new hundred million-dollar, 35,000 seat stadium, students jane kline lives on the edge of where they may be playing. >> i'm a big fan so would i like it but i know people that aren't in love with the football so it depend on the person. >> reporter: she may be the only one who knows not everyone in north philadelphia is not a temple student but
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with it just in talks and the team doing so well, why not dream of bigger things to come. the university toss confirm that the board will have the discussion about this in their december board meeting making this possible dream a reality. for now we are live on the campus of temple university i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> matt rule in the process, keep him here. another crisp sunny day but cooler air on the way in time for weekend. kate bilo on the skies deck with the first forecast, kate. >> i'm out the here watching sun dip below buildings and it is beautiful just starting to be invisible off to the west, of course and sun will officially set in less than ten minutes. the it is cooler but you seasonal october day for us. storm scan three is clear locally for the moment, skies are completely clear outside right now but we have a system from the west that will bring in some showers this weekend. that is it over great lakes.
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watch for showers especially early sunday. sixty-one in philadelphia, 50's all across the region and only 48 in mount pocono. temperatures ten to 20 degrees colder then they were at this time yesterday but still not a bad friday evening and nice weekend on the way, little bit on the cool side watch out for those showers early sunday. i'll have more what to expect next week and also the the latest on that dangerous hurricane patricia haeded for mexico that is coming up when i join you inside, back to you. well, parents of the toddler found wondering alone in love park have a permanent place to stay. angelic rowland and michael jones received keys to their new home today. chose pen hundred ministries raised thousands of dollars to place a family in the house and pay their rent for one year. local students raised money for appliances. the couple was in family court this week working to regain custody of their two children. well work autism numbers continuing to sky rocket advocates says a new law just introduced is making a huge
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impact. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here with touching reactions to right here in our area. >> reporter: autism spectrum disorder is often miss understood because it can cause a wide range of symptoms. but now a charming red headed muppet is changing that. >> the philly autism support group is introducing their children to the new sesame street character jewel, yeah she has autism a brain disorder that effects social interactions. >> so she does things a little differently. >> it is sort of bit are sweet and very emotional as a mom with a sun with autism, you look at that character julia and you see so many things that your son cost. >> reporter: julia is part of the new initiative called sesame street and autism, see amazing and old children, hashtag, see amazing. >> all of the little kid get to see it is okay to be different. >> reporter: erin ferrell has taught her seven year-old twins to be proud of their differences, they can easily
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relate to julia. >> what do you think about that? >> other people. >> these kid are just like every other kid, there are some quirks and some may not speak and some may speak differently but they are just like every kid, they want to play, learn. >> reporter: because children with autism typically have trouble communicating they are stigmatized and bullied, that is what julia's character aims to fix, similarity breed compassion. >> every child is different and just because you have autism you you are different from other kids but you are still, you know, a kid. >> reporter: jen fischer has six children two autistic, whole family has embraced julia. >> it is great that kid will have character to relate to. >> sesame street autism program is available as an app and on desk tops. it includes a variety of educational resources. we have links and more information at cbs click on health and i will have it on my facebook and
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twitter feed. so now elmo, big board and all of us have a new friend. >> that is so great. >> yes, heart warming. >> thanks, stephanie. an official historical marker is installed at william penn pen charter school in east falls. students and former pennsylvania governor ed rendell were there for the dedication, penn charter is oldest quaker school in the world that was established by philadelphia quaker and william penn pen in 1689. the fail zoo loses a beloved animal, a favorite for visitors for more than three decade. >> that is coming up next, plus why one of the philadelphia's teen mascots was actually spotted high a would have the city of philadelphia today repelling down a high rise, greg. it is a 5,000-mile transatlantic boat trip that took one man more than a year to complete, i'm greg argos here in atlantic city showing how it happened on this 24-foot rehoboth boat and why this guy did it the in the first place. behind me you you see hurricane patricia about to make land fall along the coast
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of mexico latest on this storm and this weekend forecast locally coming up in just a bit, hi, pat. >> hi kate, we are here in wilmington for our cb is. three friday football frenzy game of the week, three-three dover, five and one salesadam, plus coming up in sports we will talk about the eagles and apartmenters coming up
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i see you over there we want you to take a look at this though, philadelphia mayor michael nutter takes the plunge, he repelled 31 stories down one logan square in center city in support of the philadelphia outward bound, school programming. and if you have been to any sixers games lately you know this guy isn't afraid of heights, franklin, the sixers mascot, also participated in today's event, take it easy marks my man you have opening night next week. we need you. tonight at is 11:00 our own vittoria woodill is only television reporter to go over the edge. we have excitement covered from every angle and you'll experience it with torey, tonight at 11:00 o'clock, join us. well, she was a beloved member of the philadelphia zoo, the oldest polar bear in the united states, has died. the zoo says that the 34
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year-old female bear named klondike was euthanized this morning due to a recent decline in her medical condition. she had been at the zoo for more than 30 years. klondike was one of the zoos two polar bears, colby who is 34, now becomes the the country's oldest polar bear. a man heroic 5-mile journal a cross the atlantic ocean, it is almost complete and what a story he has to tell. >> variety for moon i set sale, making stops in, off the coast of west africa and then up in the east coast including atlantic city toy day. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos has more on the inspiration behind the the trip. >> reporter: imagine boating across the the atlantic ocean, in this. >> i left, the the shores of west africa and made my way across the atlantic. >> reporter: for queen's native victor moon i, it is not an easy 5,000-mile journey. >> this has been my home for
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15 months. >> reporter: he hatched the the idea more than a decade ago as a way to raise awareness for hiv and aid research. >> i have lost brother to this disease, i have another one battling this disease. >> reporter: this is his fourth attempt, in 11 his rehoboth both took on water. >> i sustained 14 days, into the middle of atlantic. >> reporter: his boat attacked by a shark. >> the shark put the a hole in the boat. he was hungry. >> reporter: this attack was not easy either. victor says in haiti pirates surrounded his ship, attached their vessel to his and then brought him a shore. >> i was prepared to die. i remember walking with roseries, on my hands. >> reporter: he activated an emergency beacon. >> the coastguard officials came with their plan and then i... i broke down.
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i started crying. >> reporter: on top of that victor only had a satellite phone and gps locate or but very little will entertainment. >> one of the new york times best seller did you carry on your boat? >> i carried the bible and i read it from the beginning to the end, and it was a good read. >> reporter: even less food. >> after the first two weeks i knew that my food supply would expire and i began eating every other day. it was a tank shore came up to me and identified himself and he said do you need a rescue. i said do you have a hamburger. >> reporter: his mission delayed as he recovered in the saint martin hospital. >> it equated to an 80-pound weight loss. >> reporter: now just about 100 miles from his final destination brooklyn bridge. >> soon i will be home monday. >> reporter: he says his journey and struggle will is nothing compared to those battling hiv and aid experience each and every day.
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>> i survived and you can survive too. >> reporter: in atlantic city, greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> what a story. >> inspirational story it will be moving. >> i bet. >> kate joins us with your forecast. >> you know, today turned out to be beautiful. it was cooler but you cannot complain about mid 60's and 50's, and sunshine. >> this is what we're supposed to be feeling. as we head through the weekend it will be stunning fall weather for your saturday but then perhaps changes early sunday. sun day is not a wash out but keep an eye to the sky with sunday morning activities, a soccer game or flag football game, it may be soggy sunday morning. lets look and see how evening is shaping up, beautiful sunset tonight. once again it has been just a sunny gorgeous week, and beautiful sunsets all week long and tonight is no exception to that. ben franklin bridge looking great, storm scan three does show our next system that is moving in from the west and you can see it there over portions of the great lakes
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producing a few showers into wisconsin and illinois at the moment and these showers will lift east ward as we go into the weekend and eventually get here. you may start to see clouds increasing late tomorrow afternoon as that system approaches but it will be dry tomorrow, best chance for showers as early as sunday. 61 degrees at the airport. remember yesterday we were in the mid 07's. definitely cooler right now. fifty-eight in wilmington. unless reading. fifty-five in allentown. it is down to 48 degrees in mount pocono w that clear sky overnight it will be another very chilly night, wake up to temperatures in the 30's and lower 40's all across the the region. thirty-three the morning low, mount pocono. thirty-seven in reading, 41 in philadelphia, so with temps this coldest specially up through lehigh valley we may wake up to frost on the ground tomorrow. cool weekend but dry for saturday. sunshine early more cloud in the afternoon and that will keep us in the the lower 60's during the course of the the day. not as cold as saturday night an sin day morning with more cloud cover around. temperatures staying in the 50's but there could be ape few showers waking up sunday morning. that will clear out. by noon time hour we will get
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some sun back from west to east across the region. monday high pressure builds back in and it is sunny and cool. here's latest update on hurricane pennsylvania trish a it does look like it is weakening preparing to make land fall but a category five hurricane gusts to 235 miles per hour. this is a catastrophic situation along the coast of mexico puertovillearto, and this storm will continue to lift northward and remnant low from this will move into east texas next week and bring threat for flooding rainfall. they had flooding earlier this week and just yesterday and today we will have another round late this weekend. we may tap into that moisture next week as well. overnight clear skies, chilly at 41 degrees. saturday sun giving way to increasing cloud cool at 61. eyewitness weather seven day forecast a few stray showers early sunday morning, sun returns. monday, tuesday, cool but sunny and dry and then late wednesday into thursday that moisture from patricia could get in and bring us a chance for rain, stay there we will
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it is our cbs-3 friday football frenzy, live here in wilmington i'm pat gallon. it is three-three dover high against five-second one salesadam, they are ranked number one in the entire state of delaware. should be a decent match up. if you didn't know this couple notable alumni from dover high from our very own cbs-3 family, greg argos and the man, ukee washington, both alumni from that school. ben stiller's wife in meet the parents went to dover high as well. they are playing, the carolina panthers, the eagles are this sunday night. they are playing panthers. tough match up against the panthers who are five and zero but eagles will be missing
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nelson agholor, he is out as well as kiko alonzo, michael kendricks is questionable. the last time they played last season eagles dominated 45-21. they got touchdowns from the offense, defense and the special teams, and complete team effort, cam new ton was sack nine times. he was not completely healthy. they would like to do that again. >> do they expect panthers to have a chip on their shoulder after last years beat down. >> you can expect us to come with a chip on our shoulders. they are undefeated. so, like i said, it will be a playoff rivalry. >> it is hard to say anything in this league. with us we love that they are undefeated because it is a aing about game for us, and it is a championship every week. that is how we take it. they are in our way. >> some more news league find giants defensive end demathry more more 20,000-dollar for his late hit in the first quarter of monday night's
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game. it kept eagles drive alive on third down and four plays later it was sam bradford and riley cooper for a 32-yard touchdown. the philadelphia 76ers will finish up their preseason schedule tonight, 7:30, they take on boston celtics up in new hampshire. the don't go anywhere more "eyewitness news" giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we will return at ten on our sister station cw philly and we are back here at 11:00 on cbs-3. >> up next "cbs evening news". one of the strongest storms ever on record is bearing down on mexico, latest on hurricane pennsylvania trish a here now is scott pelley. take care family, we will see
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you tonight. >> pelley: there it is, the strongest hurricane this hemisphere has ever seen, and a popular resort is in its crosshairs. also tonight, hillary clinton hit the trail after a marathon on the hill. in the land of the alligator, it's about to be open season on bears. and steve hartman with the little one-horse power engine that could. >> he's super soft tail. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: news is breaking tonight south of the border be hurricane patrish arb the songest ever recorded in the southern hemisphere is taking aim at mexico. 13 million people are in its path. this is what it look likes from space, a rare


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