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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 29, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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and into the courthouse jerry sandusky told reporters that, all of the talking will be and, garnering the attention, that was done by this man. judge john, who what could be described as a potential bomb shell during an appeals hearing he issued a direct order to pennsylvania attorney general, kathleen kane. and he wants her, to explain comments that she made, wednesday, about alleged e-mails, from a former grand jury judge, to reporters, referencing leaked secret grand jury information. physically, judge wants to know if there is any evidence of misconduct, that may have publicly tainted the sandusky trial, before he began. >> i think he said put up or shut up. in other word you are saying these things are there, i want to hear it. i want to hear exactly what you are referring to. if they are, what you say, they are, then we're hopeful there will be a a dismissal of this case. >> reporter: seventy-one year-old sandusky was convicted in 2012 of 45 counts of child sex abuse and
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sentenced to 30 to 60 years in prison. and former center county prosecutor, tony, was in the the courtroom on thursday. >> clearly the judge today was not amused. >> reporter: he called judge cleveland's direct order to kane, unorder, and under lines serious potential no matter how small of what is a at stake that would amount to prosectorial or judicial misconduct, and that is a much bigger deal then a simple leak. >> reporter: kane has until wednesday to provide the information to the judge, in writing, and her spokesperson tells me that she will comply, but what exactly the impact that may have on sandusky's appeal, remains to be seen. reporting from bellefonte, todd quinones for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". turning now to the the weather, we went from a miserable wednesday to a pretty near perfect thursday. along kelly drive, it almost looks like spring out there people jog nothing shorts and sleeve less shirts. well, enjoy it while it last. meteorologist kate bilo live on the sky deck with more now,
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kate. >> jessica, we are on notice as far as this nice warm september-like weather is concerned. i'll tell you this morning i felt the the same way. it felt like that first warm day of spring, when you walk outside and just not all that chilly outside. even right the now, cool breeze is blowing but temperatures, still, nice and warm, well a above average. lets look at storm scan three, a a front went through a secondary front went through earlier today and clouded up for a brief time and we are clearing out. we have sunshine here during the the evening hours. with the clear skies temperatures will drop and wind are out of the west now bringing all that cooler air, our way, 17 miles an hour wind in philadelphia, 15 miles an hour wind in allentown. so breezy, and starting to turning cooler. we are hanging on to 07 degrees in dover. sixty-nine in philadelphia a right now but it is cooler to the west at 61 in lancaster. sixty-two in reading, and if we zoom out up to the great lakes we will see all that cold air only 53 in columbus. look the the a the blue shading up there. that is already heading our way, and it will feel mote isably different tomorrow. we will tell but that and look at that all important
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halloween trick or treat forecast, coming up when i join you inside. back over to you. >> see you in a bit, thank you. a plane catches fire, flames shooting from a engine forcing passengers to jump on evacuation flights to safety. dynamic airways flight 405 caught fire taxiing from the gate. left engine was in flames and pilot reported fuel leaking from the the aircraft. fifteen people were hurt, 14 with minor injuries and one with burns. >> just one person and we don't know if it is a crew member or passenger sustain serious burns and serious injuries. that was most serious of all of the 15 that were transported by broward sheriff fire rescue. >> one passenger were on the flight which was headed for venezuela a. the injured were all taken to a nearby hospital, fort lauderdale's airport has reopened but hours long delays are still being reported. if you have plans to fly, to that area be sure to check out your flight, before heading to the airport. and update now on the runaway military blimp that crashed in central,
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pennsylvania yesterday. power has been restored for many resident left in the dark when blimp's dangling tether took out power lines. questions remains as to how much damage was done and at what cost. the high tech blimp remains skat nerd two pieces in rural, pennsylvania, while the u.s. military tries to figure out how it all got loose. they know it broke free from its anchor in aberdeen, maryland and then drifted about 150 miles, from coming down. >> we're now working on deflating it, you may have heard, shotgun shots, that is how we are deflating it. >> reporter: the military is working out a plan to safely remove the blimp but a spokesmen says it will take a few days. in the meantime state police with u.s. army and national guard personnel are guarding the site, because the blimp carries very sophisticated radar equipment. >> for these pieces we have been able to remove and, some of the more difficult pieces are being guarded. >> reporter: you been manned blimp was still being tested. it was anchored by a inch
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thick tether designed to withstand hurricane force wind. several months ago officials told cbs news that there was a one in a million chance that tether breaking. but wednesday, was just an average, windy, rainy day. the military is in the process of removing about 6,000 feet of tether from the blimp, plans call for the tail section to be taken down tonight. body found on a beach down the shore is identified as the former mayor of the gloucester county town. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is in clayton with more from authorities, greg? >> reporter: and ukee, just a few short minutes ago the new jersey state police releasing new information about this case, saying that the cause of death, it is set, as undetermined. meanwhile the 8,000 people who live in this tiny town are mourning the the death of their beloved former mayor. flags at half staff, a among a memorial for former mayor and beloved member of the clayton community. >> extremely sad news. when i found out yesterday i was numb. >> reporter: that sad news confirmation a body washed up
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on strathmere beach is that of jeff radio who served as mayor from 2009 through 2012. >> we're a town have approximately 8,000 residents. we were close k nit community. >> reporter: the current mayor says it was clear that jeff was yarn that weaved throughout this town. >> whatever jeff did was 110 percent. >> he walk the walk, talk the talk. >> reporter: new jersey state police are still investigating the issuing ises surrounding radio's death. official causes said to be undetermined but sources close to the case say it a appears he walk in the water in atlantic city a few days before his body was discovered on tuesday in strathmere. >> we're still in shock. we just can't believe it. nobody still knows what happened, but the fact that he is not here it is heart breaking. >> reporter: friend barbara, says that her thoughts are with his family and this community, now down one member, so well respected, throughout clayton. >> there is not a person in town that didn't love jeff. he was so honest, open
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hearted, and he would do anything for anybody and he was all about our town. >> reporter: investigators with the new jersey state police say an autopsy was performed, on radio's body yesterday and although those results will the not yet be released. we are live from clayton, greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". university of pennsylvania police arrest a student in connection with a recent fire at a campus fraternity. lorenzo bonefigurelio, fire was set last friday. a sprinkler system extinguished the fire and no one was hurt. special victims unit is investigating a possible case of child abuse in northeast philadelphia police stood guard outside of this home on the 1600 block of, foulke rod street in frankford. we're told a three-year old boy was rushed to st. christopher's from that home around 4:30 this morning. his condition has not yet been released. one person is dead, another is in critical condition after an accident in atco camden county.
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chopper three over jackson road near treemont avenue where an suv crossed over middle line and collided with a motorcycle. motorcyclist 25 year-old jacob void of shamong was killed. the driver, lawrence, is hospitalized. take a good look at the surveillance video. philadelphia police need your help in a rash of robberies at cell phone stores all across the city n each of them descriptions of the the suspect were similar along with the message of robbery. if you recognize these suspects, call the police. lawmakers on capitol hill made it official, paul ryan is the new speaker of the house of representatives. ryan of wisconsin received 236 votes to succeed outing speaker john boehner w his family and others looking on he vowed to tackle problems now facing the house. ryan painted a grim picture but called upon his fellow lawmakers on both side of the aisle to help change that. >> but let's be frank, the the
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house is broken. we're not solving problems, we are adding to them. i am not interested in laying blame. we are not settling scores. we are wiping the slate clean. >> ryan becomes the 54th speaker of the house and he is now third in line to the presidency. coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 5:00 a recall involving a life saving allergy device. and then a big announcement from the world's most pop lust country, china's country ace bol issuing the long standing and controversial one child policy. what this means for american couples looking to adopt. plus, a couple's engagement shoot is photo bombed by their dog, story behind this camera hogging pooch, don. that is good. temple owls will have plenty of people rooting against them this weekend and some live right here in our backyard. pat galleys on the hunt for notre dame fans, the the story you do not want to miss in sports coming up next.
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independence mall is buzzing with excitement, preparationing are underway
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for espn college game day on saturday. that will highlight the 21st ranked temple owls verse ninth ranked fighting irish. our cameras were there as crew where is unloading trucks and getting ready. stage continues to be built, the energy, the the excitement is building. >> you got that right. >> not just temple fans getting excited for the game though, sports director don bell joins with us that. >> they shut down market street. >> yes. >> it is a big deal. >> a lot of grumpy commuters. the lets talk about this. like coca coal, mcdonald's or apple computer, notre dame football is a national brand. they have 600,000 likes on facebook compared to 4,000 for temple owls. two will hook up saturday night at the link but competition for the hearts and mind of the fans, it is already on. pat gallon has more. >> reporter: temple fever has engulfed the philadelphia region. the as fans of the 21st ranked owls make pilgrimage down to south philadelphia on saturday night they will have plenty of company.
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notre dame fighting irish have a solid foundation n northeast philadelphia there is a strong contingent. kevin cooney of the bucks county courier times is a former temple student but a notre dame fan. >> we see a lot of notre dame fans, a lot of irish catholics that grew up in mayfair and that has been a strong part of this, is there a bond there from growing up in catholic school. >> reporter: angelo debello owns soft touch car wash on frankford avenue that has a notre dame feel. >> since early 70 this was a irish catholic neighborhood and the tradition was there and we have irish bars, up and down frankford avenue. people really a appreciated it. >> reporter: as we hit temple campus we wondered if we would find notre dame supporters. you guys are owls fans. have you seen any notre dame fans around. >> absolutely not. >> not a chance. >> reporter: are they too scared to come out. >> definitely too scared to come out. >> reporter: we did spot a few brave loyal list. you are walking through hornets nest. >> walking through, nothing has been thrown on me yet so i'm good. >> reporter: you don't fear for your life yet.
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>> i wouldn't hang out around here past sunset. i'm a notre dame fan and temple student here. my loyalties are a bit torn. >> reporter: at least james is honest, coleman might need help getting off campus. >> do you have any security to escort me out. >> reporter: from temple university, pat gallon, "eyewitness sports". patty has done it again. notre dame is third winningest program in college football history. owls look to sleigh a giant saturday night at a sold out lincoln financial field. there will be 70,000 people there. >> screaming fans. >> here's the thing as you break that crowd down you wonder how many will be notre dame fans and i would think it is pretty much majority. it will be a lot. >> that is all right. >> yes, he was happy. he just needed to get out. >> yes. >> thanks, don, a appreciate it. it is a big football night here on cbs 36789 pro football, thursday night football features two afc rivals, miami dolphins and undefeated new england patriots. the nfl on cbs-3 and it all
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starts at 7:30 tonight. game on. game on. >> yes, kate joins us with the weather forecast. >> i was thinking about halloween and parents will be rushing their kids through trick or treat to go get home to watch that temple game. >> yes. >> a lot of things to do. >> that is right. >> yes. >> we got to go, watch the game. >> i know. >> well, it will be a nice halloween. we will have a trick or treat forecast in a moment but today, how about today, a little glimpse of september in october. we should stay like this butin unfortunately cooler air is already moving back in, temperatures will drop, tonight with a clear sky and tomorrow, highs only in the 50's. so, a bid farewell to the 07's. we have dropped below 70. we will not get back there for the next few days. that could change next week though. let's talk about the near term. we will go outside and take a look at a beautiful evening here in philadelphia a we're headed toward sunset. keep in mind at the this time on sunday it will be dark, already because it the is the end of daylight savings time this weekend. at the this time next week, expect it to be dark, sun will set in the 4:00 o'clock hour.
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the right the now still looking good as we go out to kutztown area middle school and live neighborhood network. kid playing soccer, we have blue skies, 59 degrees, cooling down, certainly off to the west but still feeling comfortable for kids outside on the soccer feel. few more clouds heading down into rehoboth beach. look at how warm it the is, 72 . front still not quite through there. this is a secondary cold front, not as strong as one that came through last night this one, not bringing any rain but it is bringing cold air. clouds are starting to clear and that sky is clearing and we will see cooler, dryer air, start to come from the north and west. a few instability showers up over the great lakes but rest of the region is looking quiet. temperature wise, we're cool to the the north and west. we're dropping in the lower 60's in allentown, reading and lancaster. cool air taking its time to get the in here. it is 69 degrees in in philadelphia. still hanging on to the 07's in atlantic city. sixty-nine in dover. but take a look at buffalo. 43 degrees in buffalo right now with 47 in cleveland. all that cool air is getting here very, very quickly.
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it is all thanks to again that weak surface, that has been moving through all day long. tomorrow high pressure is still in control. beautiful sunny day, but it will not be quite as warm. much cooler highs, only in the 50's. same story for saturday, high pressure overhead, not i bad fall day, last day of october but we're only in the 50's once again for your halloween and then we will have this next front approaching, cloud increase during the day sunday with a chance for a stray shower. the highs are back to the mid 60's, not too bad into sunday but i'll tell you beautiful outside and really felt it when the the sun came back after a all that rain yesterday, we have the sun and you have the fall color. we are peeking, all across the area right now. you can see the red in the north and western suburbs. up through lehigh veil and peak foliage at the moment, past peak even as you head up in the northern poconos. high foliage from philadelphia down to the shore points and possibly peeking as we head in the weekend. just beautiful conditions outside. fantastic day to see it. game day forecast for thursday night football tonight pretty nice night in new england.
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57 degrees there. the partly cloudy a and breezy. watch it right here on cbs-3. overnight we are looking at temperatures dropping to the mid 40's, a much cooler night with clearing skies, and less wind. your friday, most lids sunny but boy is it cooler, 59 degrees, and then halloween forecast not too bad for trick or treaters. fifty-four at 6:00. 50 degrees by 8:00 p.m. so again, nice warm costume make sure you have coats but don't need umbrellas and it does stay cool right through the start of the weekend, sunday, cloud and the chance for a sprinkle we have a lot going on. i don't think we have any significant rainfall but i want to tell but is coming up in the seven day we have nice little warm up next week. >> how about that. >> seventy's maybe for a few days. >> back to the 70's. >> yes. >> break out the the shoes, the the 70's. take a look at the this the dog steals a spot the light from its owners. the this is louie the datson who took over engagement photo shoot of his owners megan and chris. he just manager es to keep showing up in the front.
5:20 pm
the leaves, no matter where they were. megan had louie before she met chris and she's starting to think he is jealous. >> no doubt about that. >> look at that face. >> look at his earsy love it. >> no amount of treats could get my dog to go airborne. >> that is great. coming up tonight, we are turning our attention from dogs to cats. >> beep, beep did someone order an uber. the it is a side of kittens. yeah, this that is right, i'm alexandria hoff we will bring you inside the cutest ride coming up. this is a warning for high risk allergy patients, medical device that injects life saving medicine is recalled, health reporter stephanie stahl has an important information coming up next.
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for district attorney in montgomery county... kevin steele, first assistant d.a. with a 98% conviction rate and tough sentences for sexual predators. or bruce castor, a former d.a. who refused to prosecute bill cosby. castor said, "we don't charge people for making a mistake or doing something foolish." many more victims came forward, and castor admitted he could have used their testimony against cosby but castor didn't even try. bruce castor was not looking out for the victims.
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a medical device used to treat high risk allergy patients is being recalled. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here now to tell bits, stephanie. >> there air lot of parents worried about this one and paying attention. this is a precautionary
5:24 pm
voluntary recall, that involves those auto injectors of epinephrine they might not deliver the the right amount of medications for one device that we're talking about and that has families worried and looking for alternatives. >> to sharon family has learned to live with worries about food allergies, one daughter's reaction, can be so severe they are life threatening. >> my six year-old daughter is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, eggs, seeds, shellfish, kiwi and mango. >> reporter: she keeps a big supply of auto injectors of epinephrine used for severe allergic reactions. >> shorter needle all but talks to you. >> reporter: but the maker is recall a uv i-q because it may not deliver the correct amount of the life saving drug. they say they have received 26 reports of problems with the injectors. now doctors will to have write prescriptions for the alternative, epi-pens. >> i'm sure that his office will be slammed, as all of the pharmacies around here will be
5:25 pm
slammed. so, just hoping that there are a a few left for us. >> reporter: epinephrine injectors are used to treat allergic reactions caused by things like insect by the, food, medicines. >> a uv i-q's are very popular. if you had to replace them with epi-pens the epi-pen market will be tight for the short term. >> now, right now there are no reports of any shortages, of epinephrine, at this point, but people who rely on that a uv i-q are advised to check with their doctors to make sure that they have an alternative. and speaking of allergies, coming up at 6:00 o'clock tonight, painting pumpkins, tiehl. it is not just halloween decorations, how these green pumpkins can keep trick or treaters safe? i will have that story in our next hour. halloween fun and safe, with a tiehl pumpkin. >> we will find out what that means. >> yes, and it is a safe safer. >> see you tonight. coming up next on "eyewitness news" a major cultural shift in chine, the
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government will abolish decade old one child policy. what that means for families there and also here at home, we're looking to adopt. plus... despite years of turmoil one survivor can now finally say i'm home from sandy. i'm's cleve bryan. coming up, we will tell you how things are going three years after the storm. and then new at 6:00 a warning for runners on the schuylkill trail why police want them to be on the look out before they put on their running shoes, we will
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at a bomb shell, announcement out of chine, the ruling communist party says it will abandoned the country's controversial one child policy a and allow couples to have two children. good evening, everyone i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean.
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for more than three decade china has limited families from having more than one child as a population control measure. >> but with the policy change what does it mean for families there and americans looking to adopt? our ra hell -- rahel solomon reports. >> reporter: playing in the leaves on a a beautiful fall day, nothing particularly special about it but it is the stuff flourtown home jennifer sella lives to enjoy with youngest daughter rachel. >> she has a lot of energy. she has the best smile in the whole world. >> reporter: they a adopted rachel two years ago when she was three. this is the day that she came home. she was drawn to china because of the famous one child rule. >> it is a lot of families, give up, the the daughter, because in culture if you are one child, and they want a boy, to carry the the family name especially the the chinese culture still the sons give the social security to the parents. >> reporter: in recent years china eased the policy allowing some parents to have two children but thursday, in
5:31 pm
an major announcement chinese media reported that the government will a allow all parents to have two, progress in the eyes of sella. much like u.s. and china facing an aging population were not as many young workers. while many hearsay this new policy is a step in the right direction they also say changing the culture in china will likely take sometime. >> they are just going to have to keep looking at this, every year, and try to tweak the policy as much as they can. >> reporter: meantime she said that the new policies while encouraging is still limiting. >> still restriction, on families and family still don't have a choice for how many children they want to have. so, i think there is still a problem. >> reporter: in flourtown rahel solomon for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". three years ago hurricane sandy cut a path of destruction along the the jersey shore that lingers even to this day but today one sandy survivor found closure that has alluded her every day since, the day that sandy
5:32 pm
destroyed her home back in 2012. new jersey reporter cleve bryan is live in tuckerton this evening where he has more on her three-year ordeal, cleve? >> reporter: jessica, three years after sandy you still see many streets like this one right here where there are numerous homes that are either being conductor torn down but there are, also signs have of success. we spoke to a woman who just got home and had quite an ordeal. >> everything was covered with mold, mildew, and a stench that i could still remember the smell. >> reporter: sandy survivor jeanie demarcus says only thing worst than losing her home was rebuilding. >> i immediately got my claims adjuster here, and i thought this is all going to be just fine. wrong. and, that is when the night mayor truly began. >> reporter: months turned into years for fighting for insurance money a and government grants. >> the government on all levels, failed. really failed us.
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>> reporter: finally she got help from a christian non-profit called a future with hope which has helped hundreds of sandy survivors through community partnerships and an army of volunteers. >> people have not the recovered and that is the message that really everybody need to hear. we need help. >> reporter: as a welcome home celebration for demarisco, the new jersey department of community affairs spoke of success getting some money to almost all 8,000 people in the rebuild program known as rim but only a quarter are don trucks. when people describe the the rebuild as a nightmare a a lot of that anger is directed at your agency and what do you say to that? >> people got hit hard by sandy and we certainly understand that. >> reporter: deputy commissioner david reiner says rim process has gone through growing pains but has become more effective over the last three years. >> as you can see thinks a war zone still. >> reporter: she still sees several neighbors not home, she encourages them not to give up. >> i just thank the the the lord every single day, for
5:34 pm
this beautiful, beautiful home. >> reporter: a future with hope says that three years after disaster, it is tough to still get donations and volunteers which they need. monmouth university poll found that four in ten sandy survivors that were hard hit, still need help. reporting live from tuckerton, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> cleve, thanks very much. we have a look back at the videos, pictures and stories from when the super storm hit, and also from its the aftermath. you can find that at cbs, just search hurricane sandy. overseas, a family of refugees spent 50 days living in an airport. this kurdish family fled the war in syria but they are stuck in the moscow airport because authorities believed that their visa as are fake. lawyers are trying to untank will this mess. meantime familyordond off a corner of the airport to set up air mattresses. u.n. convinced authorities to let them spend their night in an airport hotel, but during
5:35 pm
the day they go back to their makeshift home. final preparations are underway for a new program that will deploy 200 high school students to philadelphia polling places on election day. >> the goal, to get young voters involved in the election process. the here's kyw news radio cheri greg. >> reporter: meet committee of 70's election ambassador core. most are just too young to cast a ballot. have have you ever been part of the election day process before. >> no, i have not. this is my first time. >> reporter: this battalion of junior and seniors is one tenth of the army of boot camp getting outfitted with information to help voters. >> i'm exited to get involved. >> reporter: on election day they will head to the poles armed with a voting rights manual to answer voter questions and take voter surveys. >> we want to show importance of voting. these are the folks who should have a little bit of say in where the future is headed. >> reporter: walter mostly and committee of 07 says they are battling bleak statistics. twelve percent of the
5:36 pm
millennials voted in philadelphia. >> alarmingly low number. >> reporter: they are putting the young toes work. >> it will open my eyes to how the voting process works. >> reporter: hoping to get them excited about they can vote. >> it is one thing to learn about this from textbooks or power point but entirelitive rent thing to be out there in the field and seeing it for yourself. >> reporter: by turning these students into election ambassadors the the hope is that the the cities new voters will be super voters who return to the polls, year after year, after year. so far their plan is working. what are you going to do when you turn 18. >> i'm going to register to vote definitely. >> i will register for voting, and then vote. >> reporter: maybe these ambassadors will convince others to do the the same n chestnut hill, cheri greg for kyw news raid grow for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". i talk to cheri and a similar program helped in her development. it does work. >> no doubt bit. still to come on "eyewitness news", you ever wish you could have kittens delivered to you on demand?
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the car service uber is bringing your dreams to life today and we will go along for the ride. find a penny, pick it up, one man did that for years and there is a a good chance you will not believe how many thousands of dollars he has right now, kate? and it was a warm day to day but don't get used to it. colder air arrives. we will tell you what the the forecast is for halloween and all important temple kick off forecast coming up when we come right back. >> go, wow.
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because it works for our patients. here, at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, we give our patients the freedom to make appointments that fit their schedules, even on weekends.
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because we believe in being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living their busy lives. weekend appointments are now available here. learn more at
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herrs is recalling bags of powe tait the owe chips that is incorrectly labeled as gluten free. it effects 1.875-ounce bags of sour cream and onion chips. they are primarily labeled as gluten free on the front of the back. if you need more information
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you can get it at cbs >> time to check your philadelphia jobs market report. >> cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger is here with more with that. >> forget nap rooms and other perks, new benefit companies are using to attract and retain great workers, help repaying student loans. in pennsylvania, the average student debt in 2014 was more than $32,000. accounting for price water house coopers is largest company to date to offer this benefit. in 2016, it will begin paying 12 hundred dollars a year toward a young employee's student loan debt for a total of six years. according to the society of human resource management only 3 percent of the companies currently offer this form of dent relief but that number could grow. that is because employee turn over costs american businesses, as much as $11 billion a year. it noise surprise that companies want to keep employees happy. and with 71 percent of under grads leaving college and debt, offers to lighten the load appeal to a lot of
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employees. in the meantime, there are other ways to get some help with your student loan payments. a career in public service can typically result in a portion of your debt being forgiven. you can learn more at student aid dot ed dot gov. i'm jill schlesinger for
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a louisiana man has been forced to part with his pennies. >> we're not the just talking with a couple pennies, we're talking about 15 water jugs filled with pennies. he has within collecting them since 1907's. wow break a dollar before spending a penny. he never wanted to cash them in but he was forced to when insurance company would no longer ensure them. he walked away with $5,000. >> um, um, um. you see penny on the ground and tails up, do you pick it up ? i always heard that was bad luck. >> difficult too. i heard you only wanted to be heads up. that is good luck. >> i usually will pick it up. >> why not. >> penny is a penny. >> yes. >> i can get a coffee were 400 of those. >> kate has your forecast on a beautiful day to day.
5:46 pm
and, we have some cooler weather, moving in, as we speak, we're tracking, temperatures north and west and that cooler weather is heading our way. but, end of the october it is supposed to be cool. maybe not next week. we have a warm up in the extended forecast which i will show new just a moment. the in the near term lets look at down the shore where it looks like a great evening for a walk along the coast. temperatures still in the lower 70's in our shore points this evening. a a few more cloud down that way but looking nice in ocean city tonight. kind of makes you want to go back to summer and head down the shore. feeling more like summer outside today, then it is supposed to feel for the last couple of days of october. let's check with our eyewitness weather watchers end ising us their observations. we have great temperatures here on the map, especially warm the further south and east we will go. ed connor in chesterfield, new jersey. 64 degrees. rain stopped early this morning and by 1400 hours, very precise there, it was a very, very nice day. thank you, ed. 67 degrees a as we check in with steve schwartz in
5:47 pm
bensalem. he has full sunshine there looking beautiful. lets see if we have anyone further to the south. there goes my map on me. 70 degrees. to still hanging on to those lower 70's. james is in ocean city. sunny, 70. looking good for tonight's oc halloween parade. that sound like fun. send pictures of that over, james. off to the north and west temperatures dropping. dave up in reading, he is at 64 degrees. you can see barometer starting to drop as well. the lets look at what he says dew points, 36 and a half degrees. very, very dry air, starting to move in from the north and west behind that cold front. so lets take a look at a beautiful shot on our live neighborhood network. thinks palmyra cove nature park cam. you see clouds have increased a lit built this evening over center city philadelphia a take a look at the sky line that is silhouetted a against that beautiful sunset backdrop, and remember this time next week it the will be pretty dark because we have the end of the daylight savings time this weekend. we're living on borrowed time with these beautiful sunset shots from the palmyra cove
5:48 pm
nature park. storm scan three looking okay. we can see a few more clouds, but dry air behind it. you can see showers moving through portions of upstate new york. temperatures here only in the 40's. definitely got that cold push, as we head through end of the week and weekend. i have been calling it a bonus day all week. rain cleared out. cold air was held back. we were able to get up in the 70's and then enjoy a nice summer-like day. you can see a few clouds moving in right now as we head through tonight a few clouds here and there and surface boundary moves through new england and then high pressure starts to build overhead. by tomorrow afternoon at 3:00 o'clock it is full sun but much cooler. the wind are clockwise around the high, a and that is pulling will that cool dry air from portions of the eastern canada a on saturday the high sits overhead. this front will be approaching for sunday, so clouds may through to increase a little bit on saturday afternoon. we will call it a mix of sun and clouds, most of the day looking fine. not a whole lot of moisture with this next front. dew point is very low in the weekend a and just aids few more clouds on sunday and a otherwise we have a lot going
5:49 pm
on. let's talk about the temple game. this is a big one. temple taking on notre dame saturday at 8:00 o'clock. not bad. great football weather, 50 degrees is kick off temperature. wind southwest at five to 10 miles an hour but remember, before you go to bed on saturday night, and this could good news for people heading to the game or at a halloween party staying up late, get an extra hour of sleep. the set those clocks back 2:00 . that does mean unfortunately though that the sun will set on sunday at 4:59 p.m. so, take a look at next week. this is day six through ten. this is basically next wednesday, through next weekend, and the trend across the eastern half of the country has temperatures much above average. we will be entering a warm spell as we get into next week. we could be talking 70's for an extended per of time which for early novice almost unheard of. clearing skies, left overnight. cooler, 45 degrees. for tomorrow cooler but mostly sunny at 59. you're witness weather seven day forecast, well, cool and dry into saturday.
5:50 pm
few more cloud sunday and monday. next tuesday is when we kick start warming trend 70 on tuesday. 72 degrees on wednesday and thursday. we will send it back to you at the desk. >> thanks very much. kittens on demand delivered right tour office what better way to celebrate, national cat day. >> what better way, spca teamed up with the car sharing service uber to offer kitten play dates people and we have more on how it worked out. >> reporter: when you order a uber you need a ride home. what happens is you have the the ride but don't yet have the home despite the uber cute. that is the predicament the these kittens were in so we went along for the ride. they cannot design or crunch numbers. these kittens barely men html so what are they doing inside an e commerce company. >> this is all my idea. >> reporter: cat fanatics from around philadelphia unleashed cuteness on their co-workers thanks to a partnership between ride sharing company uber and pspc a.
5:51 pm
>> first time driving around kittens. >> yes, yes. we did puppies last time. >> reporter: "eyewitness news" was there when pups took a tour of the city spreading cheer and adoption awareness. this time around 25 kittens got the escort three per uber. >> we are heading around philadelphia, bringing some, you know, cuddles, from the kittens today. we're excited. >> reporter: when you open up your app in certain areas in philadelphia you will have a kitten option. you slide the kittens and you will will have an option that said request meow. >> reporter: that is what these girls did at gwynedd mercy. >> that is so cute. >> reporter: they even made a surprise visit to a nursing class. >> oh, my god, he is so cute. >> it would be a good break for everybody, and fun experience, to help and have a great cause. >> reporter: with the prop that is defining a home these two month-old sigh most siblings did not sit still. >> it is a place of work, you have to be respectful.
5:52 pm
>> reporter: when you are a kitten you can do pretty much anything you want including interrupt cbs-3's afternoon meeting and take a nap. >> i think winston looks pretty comfortable right there. i think so. these cats in particular they will be available for adoption until 7:00 tonight a at pspca, in fishtown. ukee, look. >> you know what, come here. >> i've got ni theareo lopez. >> at my house we can take seven. >> i think it is a good match. >> these are beautiful. >> we will dot the news like this for a while. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" a change in holiday hiring. >> say hi, consumer reporter jim donovan is on your side with where to look for a job this year. that is next.
5:53 pm
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5:56 pm
as the holiday season is getting closer, and it is inching closer, retailers are getting ready by boosting their staff. >> as three on your side jim donovan find the economy, employment rate and changes in consumer habits have led to changes in where to find those jobs this year. >> that is right, ukee and jessica, good afternoon. the steady rise in on line holiday shopping has created some new staffing need.
5:57 pm
amanda clemens gives thought to your holiday shopping before you do. >> we really start in the summer, crunching numbers, getting our inventory estimates together ape placing larger orders. >> reporter: she's also making sure her boutique will be fully staffed for the the holiday, larger chains are busy doing the same. overall right tail aers have determined they have need to hire at roughly the same levels as last year. out placement firm challenger, gray and christmas expects retailers to add 755,000 seasonal employees to payrolls. >> even though, the the economy is growing we don't expect to see big changes in the total hiring, another good strong year but probably, similar to where we were last year in terms of the total hiring. >> reporter: the talk of the nation's unemployment rate means stores are well staffed but because that fewer americans may be looking for part-time holiday jobs. shift in consumer habits is shifting where to find them. e commerce giant amazon will boost holiday hiring by 5 percent over last year, to
5:58 pm
100,000 new positions. that is more than macy's plans for 85,000, target's 70,000, wal-mart's 60,000, and kohl's 69,000. now if you are looking to get hired this holiday season remember flexibility will be important. it may seem like common sense but often people don't put much thought to the fact that the busiest time of the shopping year in retail means working holidays, nights, weekend. make sure you join us tonight after thursday night football. three on your side has an important story about car insurance, find out how some people are cutting their premiums in half or even more. this guy did. i'll show you how you can do it too. >> in half. >> yes. >> jim, thanks. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 runners beware, police are telling people using a popular schuylkill river trail to be cautious. our walt hunter has details on that. the bomb shell from bellefonte, dramatic twist in
5:59 pm
the jerry sandusky's appeal from a center county courtroom, kate. after a mild day to day wind have of change are starting to blow n i can feel temperature dropping out here on the sky deck already and it is chilly for friday and saturday, after a terrific thursday, i'll have your up to date trick or treat forecast and temple forecast as well coming up at 6:00. plus a new halloween trend, strangely colored pumpkins aren't taking a place of jack len terence. we will tell you where they could keep trick or treaters safe. it is happening again, two more indecent assault along the schuylkill trail in just the last week. tonight, police want runners to be a aware. this is not the first time women have been targeted on the popular trail. hi, good evening i'm ukee washington. i'm's jessica dean. last two incidents occurred not too far from each other most recent, this pass tuesday
6:00 pm
near walnut street. another incident was reported october 21st near locust street. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter is live along the schuylkill river trail with the very latest on this, walt. >> reporter: more police out here and those police urging women to be more aware after two indecent assaults in the past week, right here on the stretch of trail behind me. >> bike officers were visible patrolling a stretch of the schuylkill river trail where police say two female runners have been indecently assaulted, in similar attacks, by different teenage suspects in the past week. >> young man riding by on a bicycle and then he inappropriately touches the female on the rear end. again, it is indecent assault. >> reporter: run are we spoke to were concerned to learn of the assaults. >> it is surprising, i guess, i would expect that to be hatching, along here, we never seen anss


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