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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 29, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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near walnut street. another incident was reported october 21st near locust street. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter is live along the schuylkill river trail with the very latest on this, walt. >> reporter: more police out here and those police urging women to be more aware after two indecent assaults in the past week, right here on the stretch of trail behind me. >> bike officers were visible patrolling a stretch of the schuylkill river trail where police say two female runners have been indecently assaulted, in similar attacks, by different teenage suspects in the past week. >> young man riding by on a bicycle and then he inappropriately touches the female on the rear end. again, it is indecent assault. >> reporter: run are we spoke to were concerned to learn of the assaults. >> it is surprising, i guess, i would expect that to be hatching, along here, we never seen an issue like that coming
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up so it is concerning. >> reporter: but michael ban i a veteran trail biker says long before the two most recent assaults, he has seen similar teenage groups, who he called the wheelie kid in action. >> they will go up and smack women's behind as they ride by pop wheel is. >> reporter: albany a and police say pinning down the exact number of trail assaults is very difficult, because many are never reported to police. >> i think one of the biggest problems is people that ride by and run by and walk by them just let them do whatever it is because they don't want to get involved. they want to stay, you know, stay indifferent to it and that gives them power to feel like they can do whatever they want. >> reporter: and, police are issuing this standard warning to women in situations like this. don't run or bike out here alone. if you are wearing ear buds or listening on your iphone for
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some reason please maintain situational awareness, be aware of everything around you and again if you see something, say something, immediately to police. live from the trail here in center city, i'm walt hunter for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> wait, thank you for that. convicted child molester jerry sandusky speaks briefly after a hearing in which his lawyers told the judge sandusky did not get a fair trial. a as "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones reports, what happened today could potentially lead to a new trial. >> reporter: jerry sandusky, scored a potential big win in court thursday after his courtroom observers including a sex abuse victim advocate off guard. >> startling to think about it. certainly was not expecting that walking in the courtroom today. >> reporter: in what could be described as a potential bomb shell during at peels hearing judge john cle land issued a direct order to pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. he wants her to explain comments that she made this
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week about an alleged e-mails from a former grand jury judge to reporters, referencing secret grand jury leaks to the media. specifically judge cle land wants to know if there is any evidence in misconduct that may have publicly tainted the sandusky trial before it the began. >> there were grand jury leaks and if the grand jury's office participated tonight, it should result in the dismissal of the charges. >> reporter: the 71 year-old sandusky was convicted in 2012 of 45 counts of child sex abuse and, sentenced to 30 to 60 years in prison. supporters in court on thursday wearing justice for jerry pins, contend judge's order marks and turning point. >> clearly judge cleunderstands something is not right in this case. >> reporter: sandusky's attorney is seeking subpoena power to talk to witnesses alleging victims in this case had a financial stake in the outcome of the trial. prosecutors with the the attorney general's office left the center county courthouse without commenting but released a statement saying
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that mr. sandusky's argument lacked merit a and that his request is akin to a fishing expedition. kane spokesperson says that she will comply with judge cleland's order demanding a written response by wednesday, detailing evidence about who may have leak information. it is not clear what impact that may have on sandusky's appeal. in bellefonte, todd quinones, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". university of pennsylvania police arrested a student in connection with the recent fire at the a campus fraternity. lorens egg bonfigureleo is a sophomore from england and that fire was set at epsilon house. a sprinkler system extinguish the fire in, one was injury. you know the old saying what a different a day makes. after a wet, windy wednesday we have beautiful weather in our region. will it a hang on for the weekend? a lot happening over the weekend. kate bilo is in the sky deck to tell us more bit. >> it is definitely getting cooler. i'm trying to stretch sleeve
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less as long as i can with temperatures in the 70's it felt like we were rewind to go september. now we can feel the wind of change, blowing here in philadelphia as cooler air hits the region. we are back to cool crisp late october early november temperatures as we head in the weekend. look at temperatures right now still hanging on to mild numbers. 67 degrees still in philadelphia. the the breeze making it feel cooler. i can vouch for that. sixty-seven in dover. notice it is dropping even more steadily off to the north and west, lower 60's in allentown, reading and lancaster and down to 53 in mount pocono. you can see where cool air is. it is bubble of cold over great lakes where you see blue had shading there temperatures in the 40's. columbus only at 51. warmth we felt today starting to slowly be pushed south and in the 07's in charleston, south carolina temperatures up and down this week. our average high is six two. the past few days, very, very warm as that storm lifted in and brought that moisture and warmth from the south with it, but tonight, changes for right
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back in the 50's. for tomorrow and for saturday. temperatures slightly below average, as we head in the weekend. so we have got a lot to tell but, coming up. we will tell but your temple kick off forecast and trick or treaters at my house and possibly at your house getting ready to head out and knock on the doors around neighborhoods saturday night. i will update your trick or treat forecast as well when i join you back inside. >> see you shortly kate, thank you. halloween can be seriously dangerous for millions of children who have allergies, but now pumpkins are change ago this. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here to tell us about projects that is catching on fast here and all over the country. >> reporter: thinks like fire, every where, it is really great. it seems like there are children with allergies every where and many of them cannot have halloween candy. well now the tiehl pumpkin project is making sure that they do not get left out of the fun. >> hi. >> hi. >> reporter: three-year old brady, might look like a tough little football player in his burlington county front yard but it is allergies to things
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like peanuts and milk are a constant challenge. for brady and millions of children with allergies, halloween can be an ordeal. >> you want them to feel the same. you don't want them to be excluded. >> reporter: tiehl pumpkins to the rescue, universal symbol to let everyone know this ace house with non-food halloween tweets. >> we have halloween toys, stickers, we have spiders, we have sidewalk chalk. >> reporter: in addition to regular candy brady's month and other tiehl pumpkin families will also have a separate bowl, with non-food treats. >> this is serious. this is a life or death issue for you and your family. >> yes, it is. when you see anaphylaxis, you know, your heart stopping, it for me anywhere heart stopping for me is life threatening. >> reporter: epi-pen is always nearby to off set an allergic reaction which can happen if brady even touches something that has been in contact with peanut products. >> dip your apple in the icing. >> reporter: family find way to make safe food and treats
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fun and halloween is no longer a scary ordeal since tiehl pumpkins have joined the festivities. now nationwide tiehl pumpkin project was started just last year by a group called fare, food allergy and research education. they have a variety of resources, and that includes a crowd sourced map to easily find tiehl pumpkin homes. we will have that link at cbs, click on health. this project is popular and helping kid. >> they don't need to be left out anymore. >> now when you go down the street you will know what that means. >> after that young man goes out i will see hoe will be cheering for saturday night. >> notre dame. >> yes. >> thanks, stephanie. a body found on the beach down the shore is identified as former mayor of a gloucester county town. flags are a at half staff for jeffery radio who served as a mayor from 2090 through 2012. the his body washed up on the beach in strathmere and discovered tuesday. sources close to that case
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says it appears he walked in the water in atlantic city several days ago. >> we're still in shock. just can't believe it. nobody still knows what happened, but the fact that he is not here, it is heart breaking. >> and an autopsy was performed yesterday, and the results are not yet available. a possible case of child abuse is now under investigation, in frankford. police say a three-year old boy was rushed to the hospital for this home, on foulkerod street this morning. it is unclear how that child is doing tonight but detectives are treating the case as suspicious. remember those -- remembering those lost to gun violence is message of the t-shirt memorial in university city. these t-shirts will honor 206 people killed by guns last year in 2014. students at the christiana so, at the the university of pennsylvania, created the t-shirt memorial at 37th and chestnut. they say that they want this to bring pressure on the gun shops to stop selling guns, to the wrong customers.
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independent mall is buzzing, these days, crews are now working day and night to get ground ready for espn college game day crew on saturday. the popular show will highlight undefeated number 21 temple owls against number nine notre dame, fighting irish. cbs-3 cameras were there as crews unloaded trucks and began, the the preparations, don. >> yes, speaking of the big game, a home coming of sorts, on saturday night, a local product comes homes as a member of the notre dame fighting irish. we will hear from william fuller, later in sports. and also tonight, on "eyewitness news" we will learn more about the runaway blimp that came back to earth in pennsylvania. we will have have very latest on how they are deflating it. and these kids are showing a lot of heart, why a local school came together for a very important message. kate? we've got a lot going on this weekend, tha temple game, we have halloween and we have cooler air moving in, as we speak, just in time for all of those activities, i'll have
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your full forecast, we will talk about a potential warm up next week coming up when we come right back.
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well, the wayward military problem that broke loose in maryland yesterday and then crashed in central pace coming down, piece by piece. state troopers fired shots at the main body to day to help deflate it. military officials say they hope to have that part removed in the next few days. >> for these pieces we have been already able to remove and some more difficult pieces are being standing guard. >> many resident left in the guard when the tether snapped power lines are now back on line tonight. accident investigation team is on site to figure out just what went wrong. suspect in the arson on 13th and chancellor streets has been indicted. prosecutors say that steven gregory pedaway started fire that damaged three center city properties september 15th. fifty year-old faces five years in prison if convicted. october is national bullying prevention month and a local school is spreading the message.
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>> chopper three over glenn older school where students formed a gigantic heart on the blacktop. they held signs reading glenn olden kid connect and cares. the school has a formal bullying awareness program in place and wants to promote kindness, caring, for everyone, nicely done. hard to believe it was just three years ago hurricane sandy pummeled the new jersey shore destroying several coastal towns and thousands went without electricity for weeks. damages mates, amount todd just over $71 billion, for many, memory of that faithful time is just something too hard to forget. i know it is fresh on many mind, as well. >> boy, boy. >> look at those images and it comes right back in doubt about it. >> kate is joining us now with a much better forecast, than that. >> much better, yeah. three years ago crazy seeing that storm coming in and still dealing with the after effects of thane chrisably powerful storm. good news is we don't have anything like that to talk about. we have a quiet forecast as we move into next week and maybe
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nice little warm up. temperatures next week for a time could be more than 10 degrees above average. basically if you liked today you may have some more where that came from but not for the weekend. cooler air is moving n lets look at what is going on outside right now a beautiful sunset tonight, enjoy these if you can, because they are going to be, about an hour or so earlier once we get into this time next week as we set those clocks back this week for end of the daylight savings time. looking great right now, as we check out this shot from campbell's field across the river to the ben franklin bridge. lots of beautiful colors right now. storm scan three looks okay as well. we had a secondary cold front. we talk about the rain, impacting us throughout the day. one front came flaw last night. you heard rain drops around 3:00 a.m. as we told you, it came through around that time and then cleared out quickly. this morning some sun, a few more cloud as our front slowly progresses through and behind it, much, much cooler air moving in for the end of the week and start of the weekend.
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these cloud moving in the western suburbs right now and that will continue through the overnight. that may keep us slightly milder for first part but we will clear things out and temperatures will drop rapidly tonight. temperatures are dropping off to the north and west. we are at 60 in allentown. sixty-three in mount pocono. still mild in philadelphia at 67, and, not for long this cool pocket, settled over great lakes where temperatures are in the 40's inialpenamount, chicago at 46, minneapolis 45. cleveland 45 as well. all this cool aver is heading our way just in time for the weekend. at least first half of the weekend. then warms up for sunday. we will track chance for showers. tomorrow we are back to highs only in the 50's, temperatures don't go very far in the afternoon despite that sun. cool breeze as well. saturday with high pressure overhead wind dies down. it is halloween. big temple game. a lot of people tailgate fog that are game with college game day in town. nice football weather. temperatures near 60. upper 50's. sunny, cool but not too bad if you are outside in the wind
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not too bad either. sometimes you get a gusty win that makes it feel colder then it is. saturday is not a big deal. the shower chance on sunday as a weak front pushes our way. just a stray shower here or there heading out to a 5k sunday morning, it is frigid last year this sunday looks a whole lot better. that helps me, not very good runner. saturday 57 degrees for halloween. mostly sunny. it is on the cool side. not too bad. i have an elmo at the my house, nice fury red costume will do you just fine saturday looking for last minute idea. temple forecast looking g saturday. kick off at 8:00 p.m.: notre dame in town 506789 degrees. wind are light out of the southwest at five to 0 miles ab hour i few cloud drift in during the course of the game but that is all we have got for you. overnight clearing skies, less win. that will drop us down to 45 degrees for overnight low. for your friday mostly sunny, cooler at 59. you're witness weather seven day forecast is there a cool spill will friday and saturday highs in the 50's and then
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sunday a few more cloud and chance for a shower but not all that cold in the mid 60's sunday and monday and then next week we are going to kick start a nice extended warm spell here, 70 degrees on tuesday. seventy-two wednesday and thursday and when i look at the extended temperature outlook we were like yeah, really exciting. >> that was you over there. >> it felt so good. >> we have more next week. >> great, bring it, bring it. tonight after thursday night football. >> it is taste with torey from inputting cheeses to fresh loaves of bread this italian deli has been doing it all for 42 years and torey will introduce to you the brothers behind the best place necessary philadelphia a. they have been here since the beginning and for them it is in the just about the food. >> it is all about family. sitting down at the table. >> wow, i love that. >> you'll also want to see this special sandwich that they make, it could give the cheese stake a run for its
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money what, come on now. >> think about that for a second. >> get a taste with torey tonight on "eyewitness news" coming up after the game. the cheese steaks. >> that is what they say. >> we will see. >> after the game. >> "cbs evening news" is a few minutes away. >> scott pelley has a look to that, scott. >> hi ukee and jessica great to be with you here in philadelphia here's "cbs evening news" tonight. a plane catches fire on the runway, we will tell you about the evacuation of more than a hundred passengers. plus authorities used bullets to deflate the runaway blimp. it is quite a trick, halloween spectacle that is a visual treat, all of that just ahead on the "cbs evening news".
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saturday owls week, fall weather, it is going to be rocking at the link. >> yes. >> notre dame fight song. >> it will be happening.
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>> and also guys, it is home coming for a couple players, one guy in particular. notre dame invade philadelphia saturday night and one of their best players is would be of our own, wide receiver william fuller is a sports illustrated honorable mention all american. and, he is also graduate of the roman catholic high school. >> he is real excited to go back home. kind of a dream game for me, you know, especially with the college game day that will be there. it will be a great environment. can't wait to get over there. >> do you ever think you would play there with college game day watching temple owls. >> it is a dream come true. i would never thought about this happening. so it will be real cool. >> he is one of the best in the country. patients, patients and more patients, vinny lacavalier set to make his season debut after sitting out first eight games and waiting for his number to be called. 359 year-old will get a shot begins devils in south philadelphia. the flyers are coming off a four -three overtime loss to the sabres on tuesday night, a loss that the coach wasn't very happy about.
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>> i think we're all a probably disappointed with it. we didn't play our best. we had spurts but at the end of the game we had a chance to get away two points and we let it slip away too easy with the break away goal at half time. >> st. joes and phil martelli have reached a contract extension. in word how long the deal is. martelli is 61. he started coaching hawks in 85 and became main man in 1995. he is four time atlantic ten, coach of the year. >> i think that we would like to emulate temple football to be honest with you. i want to express good luck to matt rule and tell him, from a far, i'm thoroughly amazed at the job that he has done. he has made college football a conversation in philadelphia. >> classy move by phil. >> last night at a memphis grizzlies basketball game in the nba fan hit a jackpot, a
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half court shot. what did he win? normally guys get a car, some cash, no, he gets a lifetime supply of taiter to the from sonic. lifetime of taiter to the. what would you want. >> we have to check out how excite that had guy is, and, i want tatter tots y will take that too. put some sketch up, it is all good. >> ketchup not included. >> we
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on the cw philly. we're back here on cbs-3 after the game. >> up next, "cbs evening news". up next in, insuring scott pelley, take care family, have a good night.
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>> pelley: more than 100 people rush for the exits as a jetliner bursts into flames as it's about to take off. also tonight, rubio on the rights, bush on the defensive. >> it's not on life support. >> pelley: and debate moderators under fire. >> how about talking about the substantive issues people care about. >> pelley: in a controversial trial, a prep school graduate hears his sentence for sexually assaulting a 15-year-old freshman. and the house on morse avenue, where the eve of all hallows breaks loose. >> reporter: is it scary? >> no, it's just really cool. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: it was a frightening few minutes today that must have seemed like hours


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