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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  October 29, 2015 11:15pm-11:51pm EDT

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year in a lot of ways around the league when you consider that we have the most teams undefeated through week seven since the 1970 merger, yet we have the fewest number of teams that much a winning record. there are only six other teams with a winning record. you have these five. patriots will be the first to get to 7-0 here tonight. bengals and pittsburgh. denver and green bay. they'll be playing in the mile high city on sunday. as carolina will be hosting indianapolis. third and 10. to matthews. trying to set some blockers up but the patriots help bust it up. it will be fourth down coming up. phil: of course they're going to go for it. a field goal does nothing. i tell you, they were rolling, everything was all excitement. hey, we were excited about the
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miami dolphins tonight and reality hit them here tonight. you see how far they are away from being a championship team. jim: fourth and 5. they'll keep the drive going as sims hauls it in. it wasn't going to be the easiest position to be in because it's a complicated week anytime you play the patriots and when you have the short week on top of it, you're traveling. phil: got a new defensive coordinator so that's tough on him getting ready for an offense that does so many different things. new head coach, been on the job for a couple of weeks. jim: to the end zone and just out of reach for stills. so after tonight, the east looks like to. miami and new england meet for the second time week 17 on january 3. but you look at the dolphins, 0-
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3 in the division. tannehill. taken down by mccourty. mayo was giving chase also. phil: mccourty once again off the outside. was patrick chung one time. they switch position, this time mccourty comes. same blitz, nobody there to block him, gets the sack. jim: and that's the fifth sack registered by the patriot defense. and now third and 23. knocked down by logan ryan, who had an interception earlier in this game. phil: you know, they lost
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darrelle revis. everybody thought boy, this is going to be such a completely different team. what will they do? i think they've gotten better up front and they play so much of this type of coverage where they just play man-to-man and they're getting better at this as the year goes along. that's what you have to do in league now. if you can't cover and knock down passes like that you're going to be in big trouble. jim: they have to get to the 7 for a first. fourth down play. they're after him again. tannehill. throws it toward the end zone. jump pass. knocked down and the patriots will take over on downs. harmon back there. rookie justin coleman as well.
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jim: thursday night football, again, only on nfl network starting next week. the bengals and the browns. we bring it to you, the nfl
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network. garoppolo is in at quarterback. that's white at running back. and jimmy grab lo in his second year out of eastern illinois takes over as brady retires for the evening. another stellar performance, phil. phil: yeah, just a terrific performance and i have a chance and you do too, to talk to the coaches and players and we felt a great concern from the coaches of the patriots about the match-ups, which we talked about. does it really matter when you talk about the patriots? no matter what happens they're going to score. you have to find a way to score 30 points to have a chance to beat them. referee: offside, number 78, defense. lined up in the neutral zone. five-yard penalty. remains second down. jim: to your point on this 30-point discussion. you have to put up 30. they put up 28 in the first game
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against pittsburgh and every game now after that they've scored at least 30. more than 30. phil: you and i sit around talk about keys to the game and everything and my first key for the dolphins was what? how do you score over 30 because no matter what you do to this patriots offense, they figure it out during the game and they find the matchups they want and they exploit them. jim: second and 4. that's white. had a prominent role in the game last week and he's knocked back for a loss of one. you start looking down the line at the patriots' schedule. they have some games the likes of at denver. we'll see them at the new york giants. they have a game at the new york jets but this is a team that already, the whispers are out there. is this going to be like that team of a few years ago? phil: those whispers are not going to stop after this game, that's for sure.
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jim: coming up next, the "the mazda postgame show." interviews and analysis. of tonight's game. the patriots get the mini bye this weekend and then they'll be back at home a week from sunday hosting the redskins. that will be the national late afternoon game on cbs. november 15. at new york giants. often a nemesis for new england. phil: yeah, i would say that's a good word for it. jim: buffalo comes here. at denver. phil: you ever notice just watching the patriots sideline, just watching tom brady. "thursday night football." we hear it constantly. it's such a grind for the guys to get ready but they all say the same thing. boy, it's going to be great to get the weekend off. just think, when you win, that makes the weekend much, much
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sweeter. jim: third and 35. grob lo hands off to white and he's stacked up. that will force them to punt and one last clans for the dolphins offense to try to do a little something here with the football. but miami has had so far only 14 yards rushing and if it remains at that figure, it would be the third lowest total rushing in a game in miami's history. this is coming off -- miller loon last week had 175 in a half. another punt fielded back deep, from the 5-yard line. phil: i don't know fit says something about the patriots defense or the two teams they played before the -- the dolphins, that is. jim: 57-yard punt. brady to gronkowski on the
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opening drive. lewis, who had, especially in that first half, a huge part in things. then finding edelman in the second half. edelman moved tout los angeles so he could get maybe some practice reps in the off-season with brady and quite a chemistry was formed this summer. edelman and amendola joined brady up at the vacation home in montana. they worked running routes starting at 6:00 in the morning at altitude. extreme altitude. phil: i would say this. if you're a quarterback in the nfl and you kind of watch this game. all the quarterbacks watch each other. there's a lot to learn from tom brady. and the fact is you can keep your skill level high as you get older. tom brady, 38 and, you know, that's what you have to do. you have to keep working at your craft and what makes you successful, he's a great quarterback because he throws the football so well, among many other things.
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jim: stills, the catch and a first down. again, the "the mazda postgame show" will come up. all the interviews and analysis of tonight's game. closing seconds here. the pass tipped up in the air and incomplete. we'll have the browns at the bengals next week and if i may borrow a little line that was used around here one time. it's for us, on to cincinnati. phil: here we go. you know, talking about the bengals, looking forward to seeing them next week. what a difference getting some of their players back that they didn't have in the playoff game we did last year when they played the indianapolis colts.
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their offense is maybe not quite as explosive or as good as the patriots has been this year but not far behind. jim: jonas gray. might want to go out of bounds but that will do it. pick up a big gain with that last one but of little consequence as belichick and the patriots now in the last four meetings here in gillette against miami have outscored them by nearly 100. 132-47 over the last four years here. edelman tonight with seven catches, 81 yards and two touchdowns. phil: yep. everybody contributes when you talk about this patriots football team on both side of the ball. start looking down at all the people that caught passes
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tonight. three different runners carried the ball. jim: on willie mcginest night, as belichick went over to congratulate him. one of his favorite players going boo the franchise hall of fame tonight. -- into the franchise hall of fame tonight. all right, tracy, let's send it to you again. trevor: i'm with julian edelman. four-touchdown night for brady, two of those to you in the second half. what can you say about the chemistry you two have together? >> we got some chemistry but we have chemistry with everyone. everyone is out there producing. made some big plays coming off of p.u.p. gronk being gronk. having little dirty out there, dion, he's doing well. defense had some turnovers. we have to get better on third
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down but it was good. trevor: how about the way this team came out in a short week against a really confident miami team coming in? >> it was good. we knew he had a tough battle. these guys have been playing very confident. they've been playing tough for anywhere new coach. it was about preparation, getting in there and going in and doing everything you could to try and out-prepare them and i think we prepared well. trevor: thanks a lot, congratulations. >> thank you. jim: you heard her ask about that chemistry with brady. they didn't know each other as kids but grew -- grew up not even 10 minutes apart south of san francisco. san mateo for. to redwood, julian. their two home towns just minutes away from the site of super bowl 50 in santa clara. 36-7 is the final. "the mazda postgame show" is coming up. back with more after this.
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>> welcome to "the mazda postgame show." rich: a very gronk halloween in gillette tonight. 113 yards off tom brady's 356 passing yards to number 87 with 61 career touchdowns now for a tight end that is one shy of shannon sharpe's career mark and he's in the pro football hall of fame, if i'm not mistaken. rich eisen along with marshall marshall, steve mariucci and michael irvin. rob gronkowski is soon to visit our set on "the mazda postgame
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show." the patriots are putting the ua bang thing on everybody they are seeing right now. led by number 1, who appears to be picked -- ticked off at the football world. michael: news flash. maurl: he's ticked off but he's playing at a high level. we saw it. they're up 30-some odd points and brady misses a read and he's on the ground slamming the football, hitting the ground. next play he hits edelman for a touchdown. that is the trivep that's driving this team and i believe it's not that he's upset. i believe this is who tom brady is. he wants to be perfect. michael: he's not upset, he's just doing what he does with the football. press onward to the metal. the last five days, 60-92 for 711 yards. six touchdowns and no
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interceptions. and how many wins? two. that's right. exactly. steve: we could talk tom brady all night. i'm going to audible a little bit. let's talk about this defense because they lost a bunch of players in the off-season but this defense sacked ryan tannehill five times. intercepted him twice. he was underture rells and how about stopping the run game? held them to 15 yards rushing. last week the dolphins had 248 yards rushing. the dolphins were never in this game. rich: the numbers brady put up in the last five games -- days. jim nantz, phil simms, we are eight week through the football season for these two teams and tom brady and the patriots have a two and a half game lead on the jets and a four-game lead on the dolphins. they're taking control of the a.f.c. east.
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jim: you're right, itch -- rich. they have a stranglehold on it at the moment and now 7-0. this is now the second time in patriot history they've won the first seven games in their history. of course 2007 was the other occasion. you started at the end of the game talking about some comparisons. who's going to beat them? the year they won the super bowl they lost four times in the regular season. you don't see four losses the rest of the year. phil: no, ied be shocked if they lost four games. again, you have to score so many points to have a chance. the thing, they said it. steve mariucci, the defense. that's one of the keys. the offense we know is going to keep scoring with the quarterback and with josh mcdaniels and the scheme. but with the defense, i really believe it and i thought so, that front seven can stop the run. they're getting better at it. they have linebackers that make plays. it remind me of those first couple of super bowl winning teams. mcginest, mike vrabel. they have this going on here
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right now too. jim: i can hear a lot of people trying to draw hard, fast conclusions. hey, those wins for the dolphins. that was against tennessee and houston. maybe this thing is not so special. i don't think you want to go there with this dan campbell team. i don't know how many expected them to come here on the a short week and win at new england. it wasn't pretty. they were dominated here tonight but what do you come away with thinking about the dolphins? phil: no matter what happened. it wasn't like i was going to go yeah, that was just luck and bad teams and all that. i think they've changed their attitude a little down there, the way they matchup -- match up against the patriots, it was a terrible match up for them in many aspects. but the dolphins will be in that group of about 15 teams trying to fight for maybe an 8- record. jim: the reality of it is there were only 11 teams with winning
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records coming into the week. you start to try to figure out who are your wild card teams? phil: the wild card race is going to be fun. jim: going to be interesting to see. again, we'll see you next week at cincinnati, only on nfl network. meantime coming up next on cbs, your local news except on the west coast and don't miss "the late show with the with stephen kolber and "the late late show" only on cbs. "the mazda postgame show" continues on nfl network. for phil, tracy, mike carey, all the crew. jim nantz saying so long from foxborough and thanks for watching "the mazda postgame show."
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♪ >> it's the game the nation will be watching. temple football fever is building around town as the owls gear up to take on notre dame and tonight we talked with one of the oldest living players in temple's history. why he knows a thing or two about upsets. cut your car insurance premiums in half. maybe even more. three on your side's jim donovan shows you how you can save big money. but first tonight a mid air scare. passengers jump in to help the
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flight crew after a man starts pacing and yelling on a philadelphia bound flight. cell phone video obtained by tmz shows the unruly passenger being taken off that plane. good evening, thanks for staying up late with us. i'm jessica dean. >> i'm ukee washington washington. we're hearing from two men who helped subdue that passenger. american airlines flight 745 took off from los angeles but landed in phoenix where it was greeted by police. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is outside philly international right now where the flight arrived late this evening. david? >> reporter: ukee, these passengers looked exhausted when they got off the plane tonight. what an experience. they didn't know who this guy was. what he wanted or what he was capable of tonight he's in custody in phoenix and they are safe. in this cell phone video taken by a passenger obtained by tmz, police escorted unruly passenger off flight 754 after it made an emergency landing in phoenix. passengers say the man was screaming obscenities.
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>> we were sitting there on the main and the guy comes up to the front to give a speech and he starts talking about the government and his uncle was missing in action. >> reporter: chip yates happens to be pilot and sitting a few feet away when the man reportedly started screaming and threatening other passengers. >> we got duct tape and handcuffs and we had to hold the guy in his seat. fasten his seat belt and say if you get up, we're going to duct tape you together, and so we diverted to phoenix. >> reporter: bill shaw was sitting in first class and says the man started screaming about money as he paced up and down the aisle. >> the poor guy needs help. i mean, but he scared the hell out of everybody. i think he scared me. because, you know, we didn't know at first if he had somebody with him. >> reporter: when the plane landed in phoenix chip yates took this picture on his cell phone of a police officer removing the man's luggage. phoenix police took the man into custody. >> involuntary petition was completed and the subject was delivered to a psychiatric care facility for an emergency health
11:46 pm
evaluation. >> reporter: the plain finally landed in philadelphia just before 8:30. passengers walked by chip yates and bill shaw to thank them forgetting the man under control so quickly. >> the entire plane was nervous. you could feel the energy from the back of the plane. i was towards the back. everybody was just anxious to see what was going to happen when we landed. >> reporter: we checked with phoenix police. they are not releas releasing h. but charges are pending when he leaves that mental evaluation. reporting at philadelphia international airport tonight david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> frightening and nervous energy for sure. david, thank you. a warning tonight for people had use the schuylkill river trail. police want runners to be alert after two indecent assaults in both cases female runners were targeted by teenagers on bikes who would touch them inappropriately on their rear end while riding by. both assaults happened between 7:00 and 8:00 p.m. pipping down the anybody of incidents is difficult because most go unreported. a legal surprise from the judge as convicted child
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molester jerry sandusky asks for a new trial. that was sandusky on his way in to court today. the judge at the hearing called on pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. judge wants kane to provide him and sandusky's lawyers with any information she might have about leaks in the case by state prosecutors and the judge in charge of the sandusky grand jury. the judge and sandusky's lawyers are looking for any potential misconduct. flags are it's a half staff tonight for the former mayor of clayton, new jersey. jeff radio who served as mayor from 2009 to 2012 was found dead tuesday. his body washed up on the beach in strathmere. sources close to the case say it appears he walk into the water in atlantic city several days ago but there's no word yet on a cause of death. >> a string of robberies at local cell phone stores captured on camera. one suspect was caught with the help of a store employee. jordan morris works at metro
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pcs. she found herself in the middle of a robbery on north broad street and took action. >> he walked in really slow. i thought i was getting pranked. and then, um, he said this is a robbery. i said for real? he said yes. i told him, take whatever you need and just get out of my store. so i handed him the money out of the second register. as soon as he got the money he ran out the store. as soon as he ran out iran right out there. >> jordan chased the suspects outside and they ran into patrolling police officers. the suspect was apprehended and handgun was taken. second suspect was arrested on october 17th. the pair are linked to nine metro pcs robberies. it's being call the latest innovation in smart driving. pay per mile auto insurance. if you drive very little it pay there areville. jim donovan joins us now. jim you found some people are already saving. >> that's right, jessica and ukee. indeed. i don't know about you but it drives me nuts knowing that even though i don't use my car a lot my insurance costs the same as people on the road all the time.
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well now there's a solution. he doesn't spend of day on a highway and you'll never see him sitting for hours in rush hour traffic. in fact adam, has a sweet gig. >> right now i'm working from home. >> reporter: there's only one problem. >> my car is literally park out front all day report roar the cost of his auto insurance -- >> i was paying close to $130 a month. >> reporter: that's until a company called metro mile entered the picture. >> they give bike to work or take the train to work. you're not using your car much per mile insurance will save you money when you're not using your car. >> reporter: metro mile is a pioneer of pay per mile auto insurance. offering low mileage drivers a cost saving alternative. >> the best customer for metro line somebody who drives under 10,000 miles a year. >> how does it work. the nothing bill is broken down into two parts. flat base rate is determined by a number of factors including how many years you've been driving, the kind of vehicle you have and your accident history.
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the second part of the bill is a per mile rate where you pay a few cents for each mile driven. in adam's case -- >> right now i'm paying $35 a month and 7 cents a mile after that. >> reporter: since adam only drives about 60 miles a month his mileage charge is less than five bucks. after switching to metro miles, his total insurance bill each month with liability and collision dropped from $130 to around 40. >> it's very affordable. >> reporter: wireless device called a pulse flying a put under his dashboard. it doesn't transmit information about how he drives, but does track the miles driven. you pay for what you use. >> reporter: mileage data as well as diagnostic information about the car can be accessed online or -- >> this information is also on the app on your phone, too. >> it is. >> reporter: simply put it's the price that's grabbing attention. after all -- >> if i'm saving money why not spread the word? >> indeed. pennsylvania is the sixth state metro mile is being offed but theipa


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