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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  October 30, 2015 2:52am-4:01am EDT

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everything he does. felt his wrath. he called "politico" losers after publishing their article. >> in some polls he's not number one anymore. you're seeing the voters starting to pay attention to the other candidates and what they're saying. this is a natural progression of how a lot of campaigns go. >> did you see that debate? >> you had a few peopl plapped. then they looked at the person like them and they're like, they watched it. so i'm close. that's good enough for me. >> 14 million people tuned in to cnbc last night compared to foxo 24 million viewers.
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jimmy kimmel made a statement about people lying about o cf1o watching whennthey asked pedestrians what they thought about the debate hours before it even taped. >> how do you think trrmp looked with bangs last night? was that cute? >> he bangsswere cute. >> tell meeabout what was going thrrugh your mind when you saw his toupee slipping a littlee bit? >> i was like oh, gosh. >> after the debate, hillary clinton tweeted out this and today the democratic debate is o trending aga >> i was very happy to have mold and pimples on the left side of my leg. >> the folks at bad lip-reading rellased this new viial sensation and it is everything. >> dynamite. >> i do, pin pinto. i have a foam finger. pou ready? >> i could watch that all day long. >> i love the internet because
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of things like this. thank you. a kardashianncontroversy is also making headlines today. lamar odom's dad claims that khloe is keeping him from seeing >> i'm upset because this is the second time i came to see and ttey won't let me see my son. >> joe odom, visibly upset outside cedar sinai hospital last night, telling tmz he blames khloe for banning him from lamar's hospital room. >> it is khlleehi >> yes. and they shut it down where anyone can't visit, stuff like that. son. let other people see my that is not even related to him& sabotage things going on. >> khloe's been tasked with making his medical decisions ever since he was found unresponsive in a nevada brothel two weeks ago. >> the stress relief i felt and that anxiety went away. >> the 31-year-old covergirl says she's not back
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refusing to leave his bedside as he battles pneumonia and kidney damage. khloe said that lamar doesn't have much of a support system. he doesn't have any siblings. his mother died. his father has been, you know, battling adddction over the years. >> a new report is now saying it's actuallyylamar who is calling the shots,,not khloe. >> it's about me being happy with my own self. as long as i can lay my head down at night, thatts all that matters. >> you know what? say what you will about khlo but she has always been a straight shooter. >> always. a different member of the kardashian clan is celebrrting not one but two milestones this michael yo at our social station with more. she had a nice birthday. caitlyn jenner turned 66 yesterday. she got quite the gla birthday gift. that's what's trending. in. >> i think it's a little late for that. -p>> you think so? >> aitlyn jenner trending for the latest honor, one of "glamour" magazine's women of
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the year. >> it woold be attractive to me to have a guu treat me like a woman. >> the i am cate star made the cut after her veey public coming out as a transwoman earlier this year. >> i'm just hoping r i had my . >> former real houss still trending for bad behavior. >> just putting everything back >> a little over a week ago she revealed her woos on her former co-star brandy glanville's podcast. now courttconundrums are getting buzz followiig charges of >> i've been sober for three years. >> richards who had struggles with alcohol abuse and run ins with the law was sentenced on tuesday to serve three years on probatton, attend 52 alcoholics anonymous meetings and perform
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300 hours of community labor. >> one day at a t >> i am queen b. >> or queen me. reality diva nene trending as she headed bac join the cast of "the real housewives off atlanta" and that's got a lot of buzzing about the bravo franchise. >> i'm not mean and nasty. i'm a real cool person. >> we shall see. despite leaks announcing in june she'd be step ago way from the franchise, she posted these shots with an island backdrop and caption "honey i'm home." in another photo to her one million followers this shot of her with a current cast with the caption "guess who's coming to dinner." #rhoa. >> remember, she's the og georgia peach. i can't wait to see the drrma she stirs up.
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>> thank taylor swift getting into throwback ttursday halloween spirit posting this shot of herself as a yellow teletubby. >> they scared me a little bit. >> really? >> yes. meanwhile, two more people who love dressing up, josh and his beautiful wife fergie. keltie knighh joining us. they ain't afraid of no ghosts. >> they are not they loveehalloween. and now they have the 2-year-old son getting in on the action. i sat down with josh for his movie "lost in the sun." before that, i had to take him on one epic halloween fashion o flash back. halloween is coming up. you're the king and queen, obviously, of halloween. i wann to do a halloween flash back take me to this. >> i was real riff raf and she was elvira. look at those beautiful eyes on her. >> those were like spandex. those pants that i have on. it is almost as interesting from the back as it was the front. >> i believe
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>> yeah. i was dennis woodruff and she was angelina. that was my favorite. >> it was? >> so random. >> very, very prepared. >> right? >> i would give that you. axel inherited his parents love for playing dressup. >> what you are goi >> a traditional trick or treat thing and then a mommy daddy sort of adult halloween thing. -p>> turn it off for any reason you understand? >> josh wears a darker look for his new drama "lost in the sun" out november 6th.& but this breweding photo he posted during filming that made my day. uncanny. clint eastwood and you. this is unbelievable. >> he's one of my all time heroes. >> you were tryinn to be clint? >> of course. >> who isn't?
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>> yeah, who isn't trying to be ccint? and i have a matching hat like that for my boy. >> i can't decide who is cuter, josh or his son. this movie i'm giving sexy points to josh. he is looking fin >> you know what? there are worse things in life than looking like clint eastwood. >> straight ahead, mom talk gets real from the unexpected weight gain to the pressure of body after baby. hollywood mommas are confessing all. it's next. >> that's grrat they're actually -- closed captioning provided by --
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hot body is not my thing in this lifftime. but there are other things that are. how great is that? >> you are awe proud momma telling us she knows where her priorities are and clearly hollywood pressure of getting that body back after baby is not one of them. >> i think she looked great bbfore the baby. she looked great after the body. we love you. she's not the only hollywood momma telling it like it is and confessing everything from weight gain to the every day
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pregnancy struggle. get real. >> i got to talk about this body is n point.. >> for me i just feeling like -- i was running out of breath. i would the stairs and be like i need to catchmyself. >> talking about weight for any she never thought she would lose >> the idea of getting into a .o bikini, i was like, what? the 40 extra pounds wasn't fitting for my lifestyle. >> all ladies, including hollyyood's most famous moms, pink, jessica simpson and kim kardashian are held to a very high standard during their pregnaaciessand after. what's going to happen. with my first pregnancy, i
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gained 85 pounds. >> mom of two, model and actress molly sims revealed to ""eople" -pmagazine's mom talk that her weight gain became a health concern. >> i had a bad, bad problem that, you know, no one diagnosed until four months later.gnancy i was working out every day. i kept saying i'm really tired. somewhere deep nside you do think that it will come off >> i was like in my late 20s and it fell off 2 but witt my now twins it was totally diiferen crazy on my body. everybody's pregnancy is different but ultimately at end it's aal worth it when you get that little gift in your armss >> it's all about the love. >> my baby turns 1 today. >> biithday. >> it's the homeethat basketball built. insideemichael jordan's multimillion mansion. >> and maybe if we start saving
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now. >> and smoky robinson,,how his early cocaine addiction nearly cost him everything. that's next.
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how awesome was that? michael jordan's be like mike gatorade commercial is as iconic as the guy himself. a piece of mike.ou, too, can own >> i thinkka lot of people would pike to be liie mike. he's worth a billion dollars. a billion with a b. that's right. now the six time nba champ is putting his $66,000 chitown pad tonight's celebrity properties goes inside jordan's multimillion dollar mansion. >> michael jordan's estate is on the market right now for $14,855,000 and that adds up to
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numbee 23. >> his former privacy exposed. ouu celebrity real estate insider giving us a tour of house thattbasketball built. >> it's 9 bedrooms, 15 full regulation basketball court, a full gym, home theat game room, card room every menity imaginable. >> and many of the amenities listed on the compound's feaaures. wine cellar, the fishing pond & that jordan stocked himself and a golfer's dream, a private putting green. >> it's my escape. basketball was my escape once i got on the basketball court. nothing else matters. now that i'm not playing basketball, golf does that for mm. >> the former nba star turned
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billionaire businessman started building the high land park property in 1991. just two years after he mayor -- married his first wife. >> michael j was a family man. heeraised his children there. the spaces were created for that. ffr a level of warmth thaa he was able to enjoy with his kids. >> their mother and i just try to makeesure that they stay grounned. >> aater the couple divorced in 2006, what neata received a $168 million settlement and the estate ot a pricey face lift. the 52-year-old listed property for $29 million before tying the knot with cuban-americcn model in 2013. >> michaee selling the house is because he moved on. he has a home that he built in florida. his timm there. >> i'm trying to really just enjoy life. >> you know whht? what a bargain. it is nnarly $15 million. nothing. just to sweetennthe deal, he is
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-preportedly giving the buyerrof his property every edition oo air jordans ever pade. >> that's signing bonus. ♪ i don't care about anything else bbt being with you being with you ♪ >> how can you not love that song? music legend smokey robinson performing his classic being with you" for legends own apollo. >> it's going to be a hot show. smokey is 75. without a doubt, he is a survivor. opening up to me about his cocaine addiction and coming back after hitting rock bottom. >> they were killing mee and i went througg it 2.5 years. i was a walking corpse. i went down to pounds. i hhd no clothes that fit me. people were giving me literattre about the cocaine what it would do to you why didn't i go to the doctor.
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i hated me. i actually hated me. i look in the miiror and say who is this dude? i hated him. >> that was over 30 years ago. the rock 'n' roll hall of famer telling me he eventually climbed his wwy out of addiction through prayer. >> when i went in that church that night,man, i was an addict and when i ca out of that church that night, i was free. ♪ >> this sunday on own, smokey sharing his hard one life lessonsson oprah's "master class." >> i went on a hell of a drug trip. i didn't do it when i was young. i was 40. ♪ >> a vp at motown for mmny years and in the business for 58 years, heehas a lot tooteach. but there's one thing i had too know. looking at your brother, you're 75 years old.
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how do you look so good? >> i started to take care of myself. i know i only get this body once. >> you know why he looks so good? he has that inner light thht shines through. beautiful soul. >> you know who else looks good? rick schroeder. tomorrow we're with t teen idol who is sharing the hollywood spotlight with his teenage model daughters. social media pros, mode look out kendall anddkylee, there is a new sister act in town. but is their teen idol dad overprotective? >> that is a mall bikini and that angle is just not appropriate for you. >> tomorrow on the "insider."
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the world's most populated country is trying to start a baby boom. seth doane now on why china is ending its one child per family policy. >> reporter: when we met last year, she told us she worried about her son michael being an only child. >> feels lonely.
3:23 am
>> reporter: today's announcement means couples can now have two children, reversing a three-decade-old policy designed to limit a booming population. promoted via propaganda posters, the communist government claimed its one child policy prevented 400 million births and lifted many out of poverty. but the policy was unpopular, and enforcement could be draconian, including forced abortions. with only one child, many couples chose to abort female fetuses. today, there are 33 million more men than women. china finally changed its policy as it faces a shortage of workers in an aging population. but we found even with the rule change, the dream of a second child is not universal. have you always wanted to have a second child as much as her? i'm not wedded to the idea her
3:24 am
husband told us, because it brings so much financial pressure. the cost of supporting and educating one child could still trump having a second. seth doane, cbs news, taipei. >> by the way, china is about the same size as the continental u.s., but it has 1 billion more people. monster wave season started this week in portugal, and the best surfers in the world are hitching an amazing ride. they've had only 60 footers, which are tremendous, but they're hoping for 100 footers. monsters of another kind make this is the scariest time of the year. but at this house, everyone is in good spirits. that story is next.
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finally tonight, have you noticed? halloween is challenging christmas in the home decoration competition. mireya villarreal got a look at the haunts on morris avenue in the shadows of hollywood. >> reporter: what appears to be an amusement park is actually rick poluzzi's front yard. >> i want a lot of spectacles. >> reporter: every night in the ten days leading up to halloween, 4,000 to 6,000 visitors stream into this normally quiet neighborhood to experience halloween is it scary? >> no, it's just really cool. >> reporter: the idea of a
3:28 am
fright-free halloween began when he took his young daughters to their first haunted house. it didn't go well. they ran out screaming? >> right. >> reporter: not happy? >> no, not at all. >> reporter: a former animation producer for "the simpsons" tv show, decided he could build something better. how much is your allowance for this? >> usually between $10,000 and $12,000 each year. >> reporter: and it also cost him time. he starts putting up pumpkins in july. do you think there's a point where your wife and children will be like, enough? >> yeah, they did that ten years ago. >> reporter: with his daughters now all grown up, he insists every year will be his last. >> isn't that the coolest? >> reporter: but moments like this always pull him back. >> good job. some have introduced their kids to us now, little babies. that makes them feel terribly old. >> reporter: still, he's not ready to give up the ghost any time soon. mireya villarreal, cbs news, los
3:29 am
angeles. >> and that's the "overnight news" for this friday. for some of you, the news continues. for others, check back with us later for the morning news and cbs this morning. from the broadcast center in new york city, i'm scott pelley.
3:30 am
this is the "cbs overnight news." >> welcome to the "overnight news." there is fresh outrage directed at former subway restaurant spokesman jared fogle. he made millions as the face of the fast food chain, but is now awaiting sent tensing on child sex charges. prosecutors obtained audio recordings of him chatting with a woman in florida chatting about his sexual encounters with women. some of it is hard to listen to. >> reporter: fogle pleaded guilty to child pornography in august and agreed to pay $1.4 million in restitution to 14 victims. these recordings formed part of the evidence collected by investigators but they're only surfacing now. i want to warn you, viewers may find the content disturbing. in the audio recordings being heard publicly for the first time, jared fogle discusses his
3:31 am
sexual interest in children. >> reporter: the woman talking with fogle is a former radio host who interviewed fogle and became suspicious when she overheard him say he found middle schoolgirls attractive. she told dr. phil mcgraw she began providing secret recordings to the fbi. >> how did you feel when he said those things? >> disgusting. i felt like i was so dirty. my soul was dirty. >> he talks about how to groom a family.
3:32 am
he talks about how to groom the victim. he talks about all the things he does, the tricks of his trade. he just basically gives you the playbook of an evil monster. >> hi, i'm jared the subway guy. >> reporter: he became a household name as a pitchman for subway. and he used his fame to establish a foundation promoting healthy lifestyles among children. in august, fogle pleaded guilty to one count of distributing and receiving child pornography and one count of crossing state lines to engage in illicit sex with minors. subway cut ties following his arrest. in september, the chain said herman wallren made a complaint about fogle in 2011 but it was mishandled. after amassing five years worth of recordings, herman finally reached her breaking point when fogle mentioned her two young children.
3:33 am
>> she had to leave her kids, her family, go off somewhere and do this, come back, terribly upset for hours afterwards. and it took a lot of time away from her family. and changed who she was. that was a very painful thing for her. >> reporter: dr. phil is devoting two episodes to the audio recordings. one airing today and another on friday. fogle is facing 5 to 12 years in prison. and up to $500,000 in fines. his attorney declined to comment. subway told cbs this morning that they have not heard the tapes. the company said they felt duped and betrayed by fogle and their sympathies go out the victims. the american cancer society's new guidelines for breast cancer screening has sparked a firestorm of controversy. the society wants women to start screening later.
3:34 am
and do so less often. three cancer doctors wrote an op-ed in "the new york times" blasting the changes. michelle miller has the latest on the mammogram debates. >> reporter the american cancer society says it came up with the recommendations after reviewing the best medical evidence available and weighing the benefits and harms of mammograms. but more than 200,000 new cases of breast cancer expected this year, the doctors who wrote the editorial say early detection is key. >> if your number one goal is reducing deaths, mammograms starting at age 40 makes sense. >> reporter: as top specialists in the battle against breast cancer, these doctors say they can't back the american cancer society's latest screening guidelines. what don't you agree with? >> the problem with these guidelines is that they're confusing to the very women that should benefit from mammograms. >> reporter: they publicly aired
3:35 am
their concerns in "the new york times" saying we no longer wish to be involved with the cancer society. the new recommendation suggests women with an average risk start yearly mammograms at age 45 instead of 40. at 55, they can switch to every two years. but they add women can start screening at age 40 if they wish. >> our goal is to empower people to make that informed decision. >> reporter: this doctor chaired the panel that created the new guidelines. >> as a woman ages, the breast tissue tends to get less dense and makes reading easier. >> i've had the privilege of finding early cancers by screening women in their 40s and these guidelines are a setback to protecting the health of these women. >> reporter: critics worry it could lead insurance companies to limit coverage. >> the question is, will we be
3:36 am
covered to be screened? will insurance companies jump on these guidelines and then say, sorry, no reimbursement? >> the american cancer society continues to be one of the strongest voices for continuing insurance for women age 40 and older. >> reporter: why push it back to 45 from 40 if you left the door open for it to be insured? >> at 45, there is no question how common breast cancer is, the ability of mammograms to save lives. between 40 and 44, breast cancer is less common. >> reporter: in the hundreds of responses the op-ed received online, there was strong reaction on both sides. one reader wrote, what if the one saved woman is you. eight years ago it was me. or your sister or your daughter? still willing to play the odds? another said, personal experiences of the few should not drive medical policies for the majority. >> we desperately need resources for better technologies. >> reporter: dr. david aga said
3:37 am
the focus should not be on when to get a mammogram but how to better detect breast cancer. >> we want to be told what to do, but there isn't enough data to tell every woman in the country what to do between the ages of 40 and 45. so that decision is between the woman, her family and doctor to make the right decision for them. >> reporter: adding to all the confusion, yet another new study is raising questions about the value of mammograms. the report in "the new england journal of medicine" found despite women getting mammograms for decades, the testing hasn't cut the rate of detecting breast cancer. >> the "cbs overnight news" will be right back.
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round three of the republican presidential debates is in the book. it was a raw cause affair. the consensus is, florida senator marco rubio came out on top. rubio sat down for a chat with charlie, gale and norah. but first, major garrett has a look at the gop political slugfest. >> reporter: the rnc chairman reince priebus also said cnbc ought to be ashame. more on that a minute. the debate did tackle big issues. entitlement spending, tax reform and the national debt. but overall the old saying applies. there was more heat than light. it was hard to focus through the noise. but some moments in this debate broke through. >> senator, you're not
3:41 am
interested in an answer. [ overlapping speakers ] >> reporter: like this exchange between jeb bush and marco rubio over votes that rubio has missed while campaigning. >> literally the senate, what is it like a french workweek, you get three days where you have to show up? you can campaign. or just resign and let someone else take the job. >> reporter: rubio implied bush was a hypocrite war not criticizing other vote-missing senators who have run for president. >> the only reason you're doing it now is because we're running for the same position and someone convinced you attacking me to help you. >> reporter: ben carson and donald trump both took fire from john kasich for policy proposals he called unrealistic. >> you don't make promises like this. why not give a chicken in every pot while you're coming one these fantasy tax schemes. >> he was such a nice guy and said i'm never going to attack. then his poll numbers tanked, that's why he's on the end. [ applause ] and he got nasty. >> reporter: carly fiorina had
3:42 am
to defend her tumultuous tenure that included tens of thousands of layoffs. >> yes, i was fired over a disagreement in the board room. there are politics in the board room, as wel. >> reporter: ted cruise detected a pattern in the debate questions. >> this is not a cage match. and if you look at the questions, donald trump, are you a comic book villain? ben carson, can you do math? john kasich, will you insult two people over here? the questions that are being asked shouldn't be trying to get people to tear into each other. >> reporter: and when the issue of government regulation of fantasy football surfaced, new jersey chris christie called time-out. >> we have $19 trillion in debt. we have people out of work. we have isis and al qaeda attacking us. and we're talking about fantasy football? [ applause ] >> reporter: after the debate, carson joined republicans in calling the media biased. >> in terms of the kinds of softball questions that the democrats get, and the kind of tough questions that republicans get, i don't mind tough questions.
3:43 am
but it just shows that there's a big difference. >> reporter: the post debate consensus, marco rubio and ted cruz did well and jeb bush struggled. donald trump told us he was certain he won. as for the way it kuked -- conducted the debate, cnbc released a statement saying people that want to be president of the united states should be able to answer tough questions. >> thanks, major. florida senator marco rubio is with us from colorado. senator, good morning. >> good morning. >> what do you think you achieved last night? some are saying this may have been a moment for you. >> well, you covered this long enough to know. it's one debate of many. we have another one in 12 or 14 days. so we're looking forward to that. every one of these is an opportunity to introduce ourselves to people that have never heard about us or know little about why we're running for president. >> senator, were you surprised that jeb bush attacked your attendance record? one of your local newspapers is also raising it as an issue. is it a fair question? >> look, my campaign is not
3:44 am
about attacking anybody else. my campaign is about who i am and what's important for our country and the future of america that's what i am going to continue to focus on and won't change my feelings. i'm not running against them, i'm running for president. >> did you make that attack personal against jeb bush? he was once your mentor. >> again, i have great regard for him. i said that last night on the debate stage. every candidate should run on who they are and what they'll do if they become president and let the republican voters decide who the nominee should be. if there are policy differences, we should discuss those differences. i've never personally attacked anybody in this race and i'm not going to start now. >> well, you called hillary clinton a liar, senator. you called hillary clinton a liar. >> well, no, i said hillary clinton lied about benghazi, there's no doubt about that, charlie. there are e-mails which she was talking to her family telling
3:45 am
them there was an attack on that consulate due to a terrorist attack by al qaeda elements and going around the country talking to the families of the victims and to the american people and saying no, no, this is because of some video that someone produced. >> senator, you know the cia was changing its own assessment of what happened there during that time zone. >> that's not accurate. it was clear from the very early moments after that attack that it was not a spontaneous uprising. it was a planned attack, well orchestrated by people that brought arments to that attack that you would never see as part of a spontaneous uprising. what was clear is from the early moments oh of that attack, she knew that it was a terrorist attack, as she shared by e-mail with various people. yet she continued to perpetuate the lie -- >> if you're calling her a liar, by saying she perpetuated a lie, why do you think she did that? what was her motive? >> well, that's very clear why, because they were in the middle of a 2012 re-election which president obama made the claim al qaeda was being defeated --
3:46 am
>> you're saying hillary clinton lied because she wanted to help barac obama in his re-election campaign? that's a serious charge. >> yes. well, it's the truth. that's not only why she did it, that's why everyone in the administration did it. the narrative of their campaign at the time, charlie, was that al qaeda was on the run and had been defeated. that was the narrative. this countered that narrative. they didn't want that out there. that's why they didn't tell the truth about what happened. and the families of those victims deserve better. the american people deserve better. >> are you denying that the cia was sending different information as they assessed it and providing different information to the leaders of our government, that was part of the reason -- >> without violating any -- >> david petraeus -- >> i don't want to violate anything confidential, but i'll tell you this. it was clear from the earliest moments after that attack that everyone on the ground and everyone closest to that attack knew almost instantly that this was an organized effort, not part of a spontaneous uprising.
3:47 am
and there was never, ever any evidence that it had anything to do with a video produced by some guy out in california. for them to further that narrative and continue to do so well after it was clear that wasn't the case was unacceptable. the american people deserve better, and the families of those victims of benghazi deserve better. >> at one point, senator, it appeared that the candidates seemed to be debating the moderators more than each other. jeb bush this morning said he didn't think it was a fair debate. what is your assessment of the debate last night? >> i was disappointed, because i thought cnbc is a station where they go into deep conversations on a daily basis about economics. i thought last night was a night to talk about what are your plans to reduce the debt, who should the role of the fed be, what about this trade deal we have? these are major economic issues. instead of taking up those questions and pressing the candidates on specifics, we had some of the other questions you had been asked. i thought it was a wasted opportunity and that's what made
3:48 am
it unfair, not just to the candidates but the american people. these are issues i was ready to talk about. this is why i'm running for president on these issues i take very seriously. i know the other candidates do too. and we wasted an opportunity last night to do that, because you have to respond to questions such as some of those posed last night about ben carson and some website and whether donald trump has moral authority. wasted opportunity and what i thought was the perfect forum to go into detail about specific and pressing economic policies. up next, the democrats. cbs will be hosting the debate from des moines, iowa november 14th at 9:00 p.m. eastern. the "overnight news" will be right back. and pilled cardigans become pets. but it's not you, it's the laundry. protect your clothes from stretching, fading, and fuzz. ...with downy fabric conditioner... it not only softens and freshens, it helps protect clothes from the damage of the wash.
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stetson is renowned as the hat that won the west, but that was a long time ago. for the most part, hats have drifted out of style. after 150 years in the hat making business, stetson is working to change its image. jan crawford has the story. >> reporter: on the big screen -- >> looks like we got ourselves a lady's man. >> reporter: john wayne embodied the spirit of the american west. >> i like you, too. ♪ >> reporter: but the stetson, synonymous with cowboy culture and country music, is no longer a staple.
3:52 am
♪ you just want to sing a little chill song ♪ even today's superstars, keith urban and luke bryan perform hatless. that culture shift hit this american icon hard. >> the western lifestyle hat is something we could never, ever do without. >> reporter: before she was named stetson's ceo in 2012, she was a key player in all-american labels ralph lauren and calvin klein. this is a wall of iconic hats. >> or versions thereof. >> reporter: now she's locking to remake a fashionable hit of america's classic hat. >> you're basically trying to make the stetson cool again. >> uh-huh. and i don't think it's a lot of work. i think we're at a place where dress is neither a novelty or a fashion flash in a pan. so there's our opportunity. ♪ >> reporter: stetson is finding
3:53 am
that opportunity in places like the festival circuit, where british fans like the vaccines and mumford and son are refining american cool. >> this is the benchmark. oh, cute. >> reporter: born in japan and raised in america, she says she sees stetson with a unique point of view. >> something purely american, which is the american west, the cowboy, the manifest destiny of sort of an endless horizon and anything is possible. >> reporter: haberdasher sean o'tool is seeing an uptick in sales. >> since 2011, every year has been an upswing. >> reporter: where are we today in terms of the status of the hat? >> i think the hat has come back
3:54 am
a great deal. i think it still has a long way to go. the vastmajority of the population is just getting into it. ♪ images of times square from the '30s and '40s, it's a sea of hats. >> reporter: stetson's heyday dates back to the turn of the century, when the company had 5,000 employees, the philadelphia factory turning out 2 million hats a year. today, that number is closer to 500,000. most made in garland, texas. but the company is now based on the not so wild west side of manhattan's garment district. where she leads a staff of eight. here, they're marketing the 150-year-old company for a future that also includes emerging markets in europe and asia. >> america is different. it's a one of a kind identity and one of a kind legacy that we're representing here.
3:55 am
3:56 am
3:57 am
a plan to honor the memory of martin luther king jr. is on a collision course with history with the shrine to the american confederacy. some people want to build a statue of dr. king on the mountain top there. mark strassman reports. >> reporter: stone mountain is a confederate mt. rushmore, etched into its granite face likenesses of robert e. lee, stonewall jackson and jefferson davis. three heroes of the old south stand 90 feet tall and 190 feet wide. timothy pilgrim is with georgia's sons of confederate veterans. >> this memorial honors the 900,000 confederate soldiers that went off to fight to protect their families, their homes, and country. >> reporter: a georgia state authority plans to put a tribute to dr. martin luther king on top
3:58 am
of stone mountain, specifically a freedom bell of racial reconciliation. something dr. king dreamed of in his "i have a dream" speech for this georgia community, among others. >> let freedom ring from stone mountain of georgia. >> reporter: opposition was instant. georgia law mandates this park be maintained as a confederate memorial. >> to put a monument on top of an existing monument is unlawful, disrespectful, and inappropriate. >> reporter: the confederate crowd found unusual allies. the local naacp was also opposed. along with charles steele. >> it's something that was a dark past of our history and needs to be buried in history. >> reporter: steele leads the southern christian conference. you don't want to add to it with a bell, you want to take it away.
3:59 am
>> we want to eradicate it. we want to blast it, we want to paint over it, whatever it takes. that's what we want to do. >> reporter: here's the twist. many surviving members of dr. king's inner circle support installing the bell. one of them is congressman john lewis. >> the mountain belong to the people of the state and to the people of this nation. why not? >> reporter: in his legendary speech, dr. king spoke of, out of the mountain of despair -- >> a stone of hope. >> reporter: stone mountain remains a symbol for both, depending who you talk to. the freedom bell proposal needs one more vote by the state authority board which should happen by the end of the year. georgia's governor has already approved the idea. meanwhile, gale, a confederate flag group of supporters plans to rally again here next month. that's the "overnight news" for this friday. for some of you, the news continues.
4:00 am
captioning funded by cbs it's friday, october 30th, 2015. this is the "cbs morning news." terror at takeoff. chaos when a jetliner packed with more than a hundred passengers erupts in flames. a texas shoot-out caught on camera. surveillance video is released of a deadly gun battle between rival biker gangs. tasks with keeping kids safe. a school driver is under arrest after he is seen hitting one of his passengers. justin bieber, why he cut off his concert after just one song.


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