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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  October 30, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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good morning, after extremely warm and beautiful day yesterday we're cooling down for the weekends. justin has a check on your weekend forecast, and whether kids will have to bundle up for trick-or-treating this weekend. >> plus, frightening moments for passenger on flight headed for philadelphia after a man starts yelling and pacing on the plane. how pilots and crew responded. >> congress pals dollars the budget bill, heads to president obama's desk, more on the rare late night session. >> good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. >> i'm nicole brewer. getting your day started as usual with justin and meisha taking on traffic and weather together. good morning. >> good morning, guys, it is feeling little creep any here, isn't it? like some weird necessary in the air? >> just a little bit. >> i don't know, something's a
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brewing, halloween's around the corner. good morning, you guys, roadways around the corner. justin, happy to say they are looking dry this morning. >> big difference, as far as yesterday at this time. and it is a lot colder, though, so we had highs in the 70s, certainly not feeling like late october, but today, kind of backward should be for this time of year. temperatures right now compared to this time yesterday, much colder, ten to 24 degrees colder depending where you are, check it out, waking up at 54 at the airport in philadelphia, 47 allentown, 41 mount pocono, south jersey, some of the cold spots also in the lower 40's, similar numbers, up into some of the northwest suburbs, willow grove, pottstown, doylestown, all in the upper 40's at this hour. nice and clear, still left over cloud, cutting across cape may county right now, it will be dry, though, lots of sunshine throughout the entire day today. now the trends into the start of the weekends, winds little breeze out of the northwest at about 10 miles per hour in some spots, so there is a little bit of chill in the air certainly jacket weather this morning, but again, a lot of sunshine today. we make it feel pretty good.
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we break it down here, 8:00 temperature, 49 degrees, full sunshine, by 10:00 low 50's, cooler lunch hour with temperatures in the 50's, highs today, only getting up into the upper 50's, which is close to average, we will talk about that trick-or-treat forecast coming up and the next chance of rain up in a few more minute. let's hit the roads, meisha. >> justin, i feel like that's perfect weather for all of the little kids and the big bear costumes and all of that stuff. good, good, good. good morning, everyone, happy friday to you. tgif. still dealing with some construction here on the vine, east and westbound, still closed between the schuylkill and broad. we're getting used to this, underway for quite some time. it is scheduled to lift around 5:00 a.m. i'll let you know when it does, but normally starting to see this clear right around 5:00 a.m., if not little bit earlier, especially the westbound lanes, usually get pick up first, then the eastbound lanes follows. so the vine still closed. for those every in you that area, also route 100 northbound sunrise boulevard, one lane is blocked, and the southbound direction, you can
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kind of see the cones still on the road, but evidenced by the amount of traffic, not going to slow anyone down, especially at this early, still looking pretty dark out there. construction clear on 95 southbound at street road. looking good here, volume levels in every camera are looking very light, that's exactly what we would probably expect on friday before halloween, construction 202 southbound ramps to 95 closed until november 2nd, at around 5:00 a.m. ladies, over to you. >> meisha, thank you. new this morning, philadelphia police are looking for a gunman, and motive, after shooting in brewerytown. after midnight, 34 year old man was shot while he was standing at 29th and girard. he is in stable condition with gunshot wound to the neck. >> a man accused of mid-air scare on flight bound to philadelphia is awaiting mental evaluation and charges are also penning. >> video shot bypass inning err and police escorted a man off american airlines plane in phoenix, happened thursday morning after flight 754 left los angeles with 150
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passengers and crew of six. shortly after take off, passengers say the man got up, and screamed in the aisles. >> we got duct tape and handcuffs, we had to hold the guy in the seat, fasten his seatbelt, and say if you get up we're going to duct tape you together. so we diverted to phoenix. >> the flight arrived at philadelphia international airport yesterday evening, no one was hurt. >> damage to this dynamic airways boeing 767 removed. moved. this morning, if educational investigators as well as officials from boeing will be on scene to figure out what caused the plane's left engine to burst during take off. twenty-one of the 110 passengers on board were injured. one of them remains in intensive care. >> warning for people who use the schuylkill river trail. police want runners to be on alert after two indecent assault. in both cases, female run remembers targeted by teenagers on bikes, who would touch them inch appropriately
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on the rearend while riding by. both assaults happened between 7:00 and 8:00 p.m. authority say pink down the number of incidents is difficult because most go unreported. >> legal surprise from the judge as convicted child molester jerry sandusky asks for a nutri. new trial. that was sandusky on his way into court. that judge at yesterday's hearing called on pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. that will judge wants kane to provide him and sandusky's lawyers any information she might have about leaks in the case by state prosecutors and also the judge in charge of the sandusky grand jury. the judge and san dust a's lawyers are looking for potential misconduct. >> new this morning, six day manhunt for convicted rapist and robber ended early this morning in kentucky after police shot and killed floyd ray cook. cook had been on the run since allegedly shooting at officers in kentucky and tennessee on saturday. cook was found armed in a ditch. he exchanged gunfire with the
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officers, before cook was shot and killed by two troopers and an us marshall. >> and, an investigation is underway into two law enforcement officers shot last night in tennessee. it happened about 80 miles southwest of nashville. police and sheriff deputies responding to robbery call when exchange of gunfire broke out with a suspect. one officers was hit in the chest, but was wearing a bulletproof vest. we're told he is going to be okay. the other, a deputy, was flown to the hospital. his injuries are not known. the suspect was killed during the exchange of gunfire. >> a body found on beach down the shore is identified as the former mayor of a gloucester county town. flags flew half staff yesterday for jeff radio, who severed as mayor of clayton borough from 2009 to 2012. his body washed up on the beach in strathmere, discovered tuesday. sources close to the case say it appears he walked into the water in atlantic city several days ago. >> we're still in shock. just can't believe it. nobody still knows what
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happened. but the fact that he's not here is heart breaking. >> an up a zip was performed on wednesday. the results are not yet available. a string of robberies at local cell phone stores are captured on camera. one suspect was caught with the help after store employee. jordan morris works at metro pcs. she found herself in the middle of a robbery on north broad street and took action. >> he walked in really slow. i thought i was getting a break. he said this is a robbery. i said for real? he said ya. i said take whatever you need and just get out of my store. so i handed him the money out of the second register, as soon as he got the money he ran out the store. >> jordan chase that suspect outside. they ran into patrolling police officers. the suspect was apprehended and a handgun was taken. a second suspect was arrested on october 17th. the pair are linked to nine metro pcs robberies. new this morning, congress is sending president obama a two
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year budget and debt deal that would prevent default in the coming days. the senate vote today approve that package overnight. the agreement raises the government debt ceiling until march 2017 and set the budget through the 2016 and 2017 fiscal years. >> also, this morning, there is new leadership in washington, republican congressman paul ryan is now the 54th speaker of the howls. all but nine republicans voted for him. ryan prom ills today end party bickering and urged colleagues to prove themselves worthy of the job to the job which they were elected. >> 4:38. still ahead, it has been out of use for almost 30 years. now the manayunk bridge is re-opening with a whole new purpose. >> yep, plugs the army is work to go remove military blimp from the woods of central pennsylvania. the tactics they're use to go remove that giant balloon. >> the weekend's almost here. justin takes a look at the weekend forecast and the slightly cooler temperatures we can expect. that and more when we come right back.
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>> effort ones to raise whale watching bolt both that sung off vancouver island sunday. officials say this could take weeks. five people were killed, when a wave toppled that tourist ship. a 27 year old man is still missing. officials say, they have recovered electronic equipment that could shed light on the conditions that caused that boat to capsize. >> an update now on what's left that far run away military blame that came down in central pennsylvania. state troopers used shotguns yesterday to fire shots at the main body of that blimp in an effort to deflate it. that big section of the blimp is expected to be removed in the next few days. the blimp's tether which dragon the ground, knocked out power to thousands of people. power has since been restored for all customers. >> official opening of the manayunk bridge trail, it links lower merion township with main street manayunk. first pedestrian and bike only bridge across the schuylkill river. it connect the cynwyd and
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schuylkill river trails. been out of use for almost 30 years since septa ended rail service on it back in 1986. >> 4:43, talk about this all important forecast, especially for trick-or-treaters. >> huge, finally feeling like halloween now. >> yes. >> yet, so warm. >> it was lovely. >> but we cool it back where it should be. no worries about any rain for halloween, trick-or-treat events look great. no problems, just maybe some clouds rolling in later on saturday night. until then, enjoy t cool start to the day right nowment look at the numbers though. kind of all over the place, the past few days, tuesday, we were in the low 60s, which is the average for this time of year. but wednesday, thursday, we made it to the low 70s, but today, tomorrow, different story, back into the 50's. so going little bit below average. but hey, late october, early november, we can deal with it. forty-three the cool spot in south jersey, millville, 54 capitol city of delaware, mid 50's in philadelphia, surrounding suburbs, upper 40's, so noticeably cold they are morning compared to yesterday. again, ten maybe 20 degrees
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colder depending where you are. forty-six in quakertown, 47 allentown. nice and quiet, storm scan3, little band of clouds coming across sussex county, delaware, cape may county, new jersey, will move off shore. generally mostly sunny conditions today. high pressure moving in control. just bridges in cooler air mass, locks us in with the sunshine, temperatures in the 50's. another warmfront approaches, later saturday into sunday it, will bring more clouds saturday night, maybe sprinkle or two sunday, most areas stay dry, back to the 60s, and then next week, another storm will track to the south on monday, maybe few showers south of the city. then we really start to warm up in the middle of next week again looks like highs reach the 70s. not much happening today. sunshine maybe few fair weather clouds into saturday. we go, same deal, a lot of sun to start off your halloween, clouds moving in during the evening. for today, enjoy it, sunshine, 59 degrees, closer to average northwest breeze, 10 miles per hour. tonight we drop to 42 degrees, mostly clear skies, here is the halloween trick-or-treat forecast, in the evening, temperature, 54 degrees at
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6:00. 8:00 right around 50. very comfortable conditions. we go from the 50's this weekend, to the low 70s, next tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. nicole, back to you. >> all right, justin, thanks. in sports, the flyers play the sabres in buffalo tonight. looking to break two-game losing streak. last night's flyers took early lead on the devils at the well. first goal of the season, puts the flyers up one-nothing, but, after that, it was all devils. unfortunately. new jersey scored twice on the power play, and twice in 64 seconds, in the third period. devils win this one, four-one. >> one of the most popular college coaches in philadelphia will be sticking around. st. joe's and hawks head coach, basketball coach, that is, phil martelli, have reached a deal on contract extension. no word on how long that deal s but we can tell you the 61 year old took over on hawk hill back in 1996 after ten years as assistant. the coach had an interesting answer, when asked about this year's hawks. >> i think that we would like to emulate temple not ball, to be honest with you. and i want to express good
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luck to matt rule and tell him from afar, i am thoroughly amazed at the job he's done. he has made college foot wall a conversation in philadelphia. >> oh, love that. and we couldn't agree more. speaking of the undefeated temple owls, they are playing the biggest college football game in philadelphia, in years, tomorrow night, against the notre dame fighting irish. sold out lincoln financial field, a lot of people excited about this one. one of the biggest stars on the irish is william fowl err, wide receive remember roman catholic. take a look. >> real exciting going back home. like kind of like a dream game for me. you know, especially, you know, it will be a great environment. i can't wait to get over there. >> you heard the roman grad mention college game day right? the preparations for that national broadcast continue on independence mall, that's where it is all happening. the stage for espn big broadcast is being built on market street between fifth and sixth streets. market street will be closed for the entire extravaganza.
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tomorrow morning will be the first time temple has been featured on this iconic doll edge football show. i am so excited. >> i know, watching every saturday, putting that on. >> absolutely, just, i know, for long time temple wasn't part of the conversation. so way to go owls. happy owlo-wean. >> as we were saying, and jan carabeo will have more coming up. >> still ahead: one auto maker has new feature set to be released in australia we'll tell but the unique problem drivers face down under. >> first, what's coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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philadelphia police are looking for a gunman and a motive after a shooting in brewerytown. the 34 year old victim is in stable condition, with a gunshot wound to the neck. a man accused every mid-air scare on flight bound for philadelphia, is awaiting a mental evaluation. in video shot bypass inning err obtained by "tmz", police
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escorted the man off american airlines plane in phoenix. >> this happened yesterday morning, after that flight left los angeles. and shortly after take off, passengers say that man got up and screamed in the aisles. no one was hurt. >> and, congress is sending president obama a two year budget and debt deal, that would prevent a default in coming days. the senate vote today approve that package overnight. the agreement raises the government debt ceiling until march 2017. and set the budget to the 2016 and 2017 fiscal years. >> it is 4:49. time for check on business news. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange, jim, another down day on wall street. what are you watching today? >> continue vest ers waiting for the commerce department to release new numbers on consumer spending for september. spending money on gap prices but so far that hasn't really translated into more shopping. consumers spending makes up about 70% of economic activity. so very important. erika, nicole? >> jill, we're hearing volvo is jumping on new safety feature for drivers in
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australia what's this about? >> all right. how about kangaroo detection? >> wow. >> turns out more than 20,000 car kangaroo accident every year. cameras and radar will detect the animals and automatically apply the brakes. erika, nicole, perhaps we'll use that for deer and other animals here in the united states. >> i was just going to say. that will it sounds funny but really that's a big problem. when i am driving to work in the morning, i worry about deer, so technology like that would be real helpful. >> the idea of kangaroo versus something else? maybe the way it hops? >> these are the questions. jill, thanks. coming up after the break, another check on traffic and weather together. we'll be right
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>> 4:52 on the day before halloween, we appreciate you wearing your orange today.
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>> gentlemen, like one big pumpkin walking around for you all morning long. good morning, everyone, tgif. yes, roads are looking good, the day before halloween, probably going to be, you know, light travel day. usually is on fridayment then you add the fact it is halloween tomorrow. maybe a lot of people playing hooky today. either way, this is the vine, east and westbound, was closed, now, we're starting to see some drive-thru traffic, which is great, because regardless, even if it is a lighter volume level day today, the vine will still be busy, no doubt, right around that 6:00 and 7:00 hour. so right now, this is all open, if you are just thinking about hopping on the vine, now is a good time to do so. here is a quick look at 95 southbound, right around the airport, looking good here, no major delays at the airport, everything is sounding and looking good there, as well. route 100, northbound, at sunrise boulevard, this is where you also have more morning construction, still, in play, you can see the cones, just little dark out there. but see the cones still out there on the roadway, you are reduced to one lane moving in the southbound direction for those every in you and around that area. also, we have a car fire this morning, the new jersey
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turnpike northbound, this is near route 206. that right lane is blocked, for those of you having to drive through and around this area. know you might get a little hang up in the area. justin, looking nice and dry today. >> it is, yes, much better than yesterday. as far as the temperatures go, also much cooler. this is typical late october conditions, for today, and once again who are halloween. outside, much colder than yesterdayment jacket weather specially in the suburbs, looking at mid 40's, up in the lehigh valley, 41 mount pocono. still at the airport, 54 degrees, again surrounding suburbs, starting to drop off, probably dropping few more degrees before sunrise. nice and quiet on storm scan3, storm system long gone. still left over clouds, right across extreme south jersey, cape may county, and central southern delaware. they'll move off shore later this morning. overall mostly sunny day, again, overall cool day, temperatures around 59 degrees for the afternoon high, that's couple of degrees below the average, northwest breeze coming in at about 10 miles per hour. now, for tonight, we continue
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with the clear skies. it will get cold. forty-two for center city. so widespread 30's, in the surrounding suburbs as the wind starting to calm. maybe out of the northwest at around 5 miles per hour. looking ahead to halloween, dry stretch continues, great looking forecast, it will be feeling like halloween in the morning, lot of sunshine, temperatures in the low 40's, afternoon, any halloween parades, looking good on saturday, 58 degrees, some more clouds will start to return in the evening hours, but we keep it dry for the trick-or-treating events, temperatures hold in the 50's. and of course, saturday night, make sure to turn the clocks back one hour. 2:00 a.m. sunday we go back to standard time. >> this means sunset on november 1st, this sunday, coming in at 4:59. erika is just pumped for that. i call her a vampire. >> i'll take it. >> extended forecast, sunshine, friday, saturday, bring back clouds sunday, maybe sprinkle. warms up next week, back to the low 70s by wednesday. nicole, back to you. >> justin, thanks, a check on some of the stories our sister
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station "kyw news radio" 1060 is following. sunday is the day of the dead, traditional mexican holiday where people pay respect toss loved ones, family members who have died. also special event taking place at the pen museum this weekend. >> also, residents in haddonfield, hold rally outside municipal building about the proposed sale of old school property, slated to become a drug rehab facility. and memorial to the victims of gun homicide, here in philadelphia, last year. has been erect in the front of tabernacle church and university city. you can check in two, three, four times a day, "kyw news radio" 1060 on your a.m. dial. erika? >> coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news", frightening day on the job for some police officers. they come under attack while during a high school brawl. how the injured officers doing this morning. >> george clooney expanding his family? ya, meet the newest member of the clooney clan. we're back at the top of the hour. look how perfect they are. >> i mean, reall
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>> overs under attack, terrifying video here posted on line, after some local police officers are hurt while trying to break up a after school fight. >> a scare in the air, when flight heading to philadelphia is forced to macum expected stop because of an unruly passenger. you'll hear from the other passengers who helped subdue him. >> more than just game of the year for temple. the owls have not played a game this big in decades. we're live on campus, sweeps the city ahead of tomorrow night's huge showdown against know interest dame. so excited. >> happy owlo-wean. good morning, it is friday,
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october 30th, i'm erika von tiehl. >> he'll nicole brewer, and here is meisha and justin. >> tgif. i know everyone excited about halloween, especially justin, i know you have -- i was going to say your costume, but i don't know, good morning, just ten, roads are looking nice and dry. >> that's right, much bet they are morning, you know, we had the rain showers yesterday, they're long gone, it is actually feeling a lot colder, temperatures aren't bad, but compared to yesterday at this time anywhere from ten to 20 degrees colder, 52 he at this port, again not bad for late october,'s in the suburbs, but hits you in you were out at this time yesterday in the morning. >> forty-eight in pal my, a 46 doylestown, probably dropping few more degrees, right before sunrise, because we have the clear skies. 12 degrees cd


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