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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 30, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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october 30th, i'm erika von tiehl. >> he'll nicole brewer, and here is meisha and justin. >> tgif. i know everyone excited about halloween, especially justin, i know you have -- i was going to say your costume, but i don't know, good morning, just ten, roads are looking nice and dry. >> that's right, much bet they are morning, you know, we had the rain showers yesterday, they're long gone, it is actually feeling a lot colder, temperatures aren't bad, but compared to yesterday at this time anywhere from ten to 20 degrees colder, 52 he at this port, again not bad for late october,'s in the suburbs, but hits you in you were out at this time yesterday in the morning. >> forty-eight in pal my, a 46 doylestown, probably dropping few more degrees, right before sunrise, because we have the clear skies. 12 degrees cold nerve
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philadelphia, 20 degrees colder in south jersey, millville, and at the atlantic city airport. some left over clouds, across cape may county new jersey and sussex county, delaware, they'll move off shore later this morning into the afternoon. >> wind out of the southwest, brinking in cooler drier air mass, you will feel the difference. feels like late october today. breaking down the numbers, through the morning into the afternoon, little chilly, in the 50's, lunchtime 54 degrees in the sunshine, high temperatures, struggle to make it to the upper 50's, high of 59 for philadelphia and at the shore, and in the poconos, talking about low 50's, good news, continues for halloween, more on the forecast coming up in just a bit. but let's get over to the traffic center, see what's happening. >> happy friday to you, tgif. just waking up with us, things looking really good. every camera that i look in, things are looking nice, low volume levels right now,
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looking good on the boulevard, southbound direction, we can of corpse see that increase when we move into the 5:00 and 6:00 hour. but right now looking good for those of you coming from jersey, the ben franklin bridge looking good in the westbound direction, of course in the eastbound direction, as well. this is one hot spot we typically start to see increase as we push toward the 6:00. probably going to be slower friday, will look good all morning. you just have some construction, some cones in place, so in the southbound direction, you are reduced to one lane in and around the area, also car fire, new jersey turnpike, northbound, near route 206. that right lane is blocked for those every in you and around that area. and also, the lansdale-doylestown line is bussing, 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m., weekdays until december between colmar and doylestown. ladies, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you b to show you rather disturbing video here. local police officers under attack. >> those officers were injured, while trying to break up a huge after-school brawl in allentown. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live for just allentown more on that story.
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justin? >> reporter: good morning, this was an off-campus fight, taking place after school thursday, just blocks away from allen high here, this brawl reportedly leaving four officers injured, as well as three student under arrest. and we do have video to show you now, cell phone video, now making the round on social media, showing an officer outnumbered. this is a female officer, appearing to be knocked down, and attack, as she tries to pull student away from a fight. now, in published reports, allentown police count as many as 200 young people, gathering for this fight, with many of them watching, and not taking part. now, allentown police officers had to spread a clock, the area here, to break up this brawl, with many of those fighters then turning their attention to the police officers themselves, and coming to blows with them. now this morning we know police continue to investigate, and they say more charges could say against more student who were involved. live in allentown, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness
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news". >> justin, thank you. now, new this morning, philadelphia police are looking for clues that will help them solve a shooting in brewerytown. thirty-four year old man was on the corner of 29th street and girard avenue, when someone shot him in the neck. he's in stable condition. so far there is no suspect and no motive. >> well, charges and mental evaluation are pending for a man who allegedly disrupt add flight to philadelphia. american airlines flight 745 took off from los angeles thursday morning. the incident forced diversion to phoenix. now, video of that "tmz" obtained from passenger shows police escort ago man off the plane. shortly after take off, passengers say he stood up, started screaming. >> the poor guy needs help. i mean, but he's scared the hell out of everybody. i think he scared me, because, you know, we didn't know at first if he had somebody with him. >> the teen plane was nervous, could you feel the energy from the back of the plane. i was toward the back. everybody was just anxious to see what was going to happen whether we landed. >> very scary, that plane
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landed at philadelphia international last night. no one was hurt. >> developing right now, congress passes a two year budget and debt deal that would prevent a default in coming days. the senate vote today approve that package overnight. the agreement raises the government debt ceiling until march 2017. and set the budget through the 2016-2017 fiscal years. the deal now goes before president obama for approval. >> also, developing this morning, the manhunt is over for convicted rapist and robber floyd ray cook. he was killed in a police shoot-out in kentucky overnight. the 62 year old has been on the run since allegedly shooting at officers in kentucky and tennessee over the weekend. cook was found armed in a ditch. he exchange dollars gunfire with officers before cook was shot and killed by two troopers and an us marshall. >> two suspect are in custody in connection with robberies at cell phone stores. "eyewitness news" reporter natasha brown tells us police caught up with the suspect, with the help of very alert
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store employees. >> my anxiety. >> jordan morrison had no time for thought. the metro pcs employee fawn herself in the middle of a armed robbery at the store, in the 4200 block every broad street, wednesday evening. >> he walked in real slow. i thought i was getting a break. then he said this is a ron i i said for real? he said ya. i told him take whatever you need and just get out of my store. so i handed him the money out of the second register. as soon as he got the money he ran out the store. as soon as he ran out i ran out. >> chased him out of the store and into the hand every police officers on patrol in the area in response to more than dozen cell phone store robberies in the city, within the last few month. >> swat officers immediately jump into action. they were able to apprehend the suspect, recover a handgun from him. >> police arrested another suspect on october 17th. the two men now in custody are linked to nine metro pcs store robberies, their spree extend
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interesting northeast and northwest philadelphia to southwest philly and center city. tina says two of her stores were robbed in the last week. >> my husband now doesn't even want me around the store. he want me to just take care of the rest. and i'm usually here working sometimes by myself. >> it is a very dangerous situation whether you have the individuals armed going into these locations. it is just lucky at this point that no one has been injured throughout the course of their robbery spree. >> now that suspect is in custody, jordan has had time to reflect on the gravity after very dangerous moment. >> now that i'm anything it, i'm like ya, i could have got shot, you know what i am saying, because he did have a gun, it was a roll begin, and it was loaded but at the moment i wasn't thinking about. that will but i'm just happy he got caught. >> right now police have two suspect in custody, they are not ruling out the fact that more suspect may be linked to this robbery spree. at police headquarters, natasha brown, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". 5:07 right now. temple football fever is spreading from north broad all the way to old sit. >> i yes, market street
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actually closing along independence mall. here's why. preparation for college game day continue there. being built on market street, between fifth and sixth streets. tomorrow morning, is the first time temple has ever been featured on that iconic college football show. pretty exciting. >> isn't that great? temple student kent get fired up for the game at cherry on pep rally this afternoon. there will be free food, t-shirts, music and prizes at the tower, all of the fun start at 3:30 this afternoon. >> our jan carabeo will be live on temple's campus coming up until the next half hour with the growing excitement before tomorrow night's huge game. >> counting down to this one. >> amazing, so excited for them. hey, talk about frightening flight here. plane burst into flames, right on the runway. >> hear from passengers who scramble to escape the burning wreckage. >> also, learning new details about the run away blimp that crashed in central pennsylvania when the military hopes to finally remove that crippled blimp. >> and costumes ready to go for trick-or-treating. now we have a halloween super ride for you. >> yes, we do. >> going to be creepy.
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>> ♪ >> oh, clocks, get ready to turn them back. yep, tomorrow night, that's right, the end of daylight saving time. hard to believe but the sun will set before 5:00 next week. erika, i know you're excited about. >> this you are the only one. >> i know, i accept. that will everyone sells booing. >> for those of us that go to bed early, it actually does help. and for the kids in the morning going to the bus stop. >> so true. coming back in a couple of minute. stay with us. >> ♪
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>> welcome back, the military now in the process of removing some 6,000 feet of feather from a surround vale end blimp that came down in central pennsylvania. state police fired shots at that main body of the blimp, to deflate t the tail was removed yesterday, along with top secret electronics. the rest of the blimp is in a ravine so deep the army says it could take several days to remove. >> the biggest challenge just the fact that it is very steep terrain down there, stream that runs right through the site, and it is heavily wooded. dragon the gown for miles knocked out power to the area,
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investigating how it broke loose from its morgue in maryland, erika? >> federal investigators as well as officials from boeing will be at fort lauderdale's airport this morning. the working to figure out what caused a plane to catch fire during take off. several passengers were injured, one remains intensive care. david begnaud has more from florida. >> engine is on fire. >> dynamic airways plane caught fire at fort lauderdale international airport just as taxing for take off thursday afternoon. >> now, freaking. >> the 20 year old daniela and her 22 year old brother david seat in the row seven, flames started shooting out of the left engine of the boeing 767. >> when you look outside the plane, what could you see? >> first thing i saw, smoke all over the place. >> seat 12a. he says, the 30 seconds it took for the flight attendant to open a door and dispatch the emergency slide felt like
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long time. to know something was on fire. >> twenty people taken to the hospital for various injuries. >> we all reacted very well inside the airplane, and i think that help us a lot. >> experts say such incidents are rare, but last month british airways jetliner caught fire at motorcycle karen international airport in las vegas. found fuel leak in the area of the jet's left engine and wing. the cause of the fire is under investigation. david begnaud, cbs news, for the lauderdale. 5:14, let's check in with justin on for car i can interesting or treaters? >> good news, we'll keep it nice and dry. today we with on halloween, as well, i don't think any complaint. it is little colder than yesterday. waking to up temperatures in the 40's, many spots, yesterday we were in the 60s, even upper 60s. so temperatures do take quick
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tumble over the next 48 hours. don't get used to it, though, we will warm it right back up above average into next week. i'll show you that in the seven day forecast, and check out what to expect for halloween. this morning 40's, to the low 50's, what we're dealing with again yesterday, about 20 degrees warm nerve some spots. there is some cold air. just north and west. state college at 39 degrees. that colder dry air mass continues to filter into the region today. so tonight, with clear skies, we are talking about some widespread 30's, many of the suburbs. bit of breeze this morning, as well, west to northwest winds, bringing in the colder air, 12 miles per hour in philadelphia, nine in allentown, so ready to head out for the morning bike ride or run, fighting little bit of winds out there. bit of windchill to deal, with as well. still left over clouds, extreme south jersey over cape may county. no rain. high pressure moving in from the wells. we keep it nice and quiet on storm scan3, so a loft sunshine in our forecast this afternoon, enjoy it, comfortable temperatures close to six, halloween day, first half will be sunny, parade looking good in the afternoon. trick-or-treating no problems. just going to be some clouds
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that roll in for the evening hours. but still we keep it nice and dry. today 59 degrees, we do it for the high temperature tonight it gets chilly, clear, 42, and then, here we go, had a halloween forecast through the evening, temperatures hold in the lower 50's, not bad for trick-or-treating, again, just few clouds out there. all right, how about that temple forecast? 8:00 kick off saturday night, ooh degrees, not bad football weather. here is the extended forecast, little cool, friday, saturday, but neck week look at that. low 70s, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. i know meisha is like that. >> i love it. i love it. thanks so much, justin, good morning, everyone, tgif. happy friday to you. the day before halloween, looking good on the roadways, here's a look at 95 southbound at girard, area that always heats up fairly quickly, certainly is right now. but looking good. everyone still traveling around, at posted speeds, in that area. this is where we have some construction, route 100, moving in the northbound direction, at sunrise boulevard, you reduce to one lane in the southbound direction. but you can see, it is not holding anyone up. everyone looking good, in
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fact, very light traffic in and around that area right now. we have an accident, this is in allentown road at 40 foot road. nothing blocked in this area, just wanted you to be aware of it in case you see flashing lights. single vehicle went into a ditch again, nothing blocked there. we do have a car fire in new jersey, northbound, the new jersey turnpike, northbound, near route 206. that right lane is blocked in and around this area still. not causing too many slow downs, though, just took a peak, and looking pretty good right there. yes, the big temple versus notre dame game. 9:00 a.m. to noon at independence mall, then market street closed from now until 1:00 p.m. is sunday. nicole, over to you. >> meisha, thank you. we are learning about possible new charges against convicted child molester jerry sandusky. pennsylvania judge says prosecutors must consider a new criminal complaint filed by a boston man. that man says sandusky sexually as ought the him in the late 19 80s. the judge ruled the pennsylvania state youth of
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limitations which has exception of state employees which sandusky was at the time. legal judge asked for new trial yesterday -- sandusky asked for new trial yesterday. >> yes, ma that was sandusky on list way into court. that will judge said the hearing called on pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane to turn over any information she might have about leaks in that case by state prosecutors and a judge in charge of the grand jury. the judge and sandusky's lawyers are looking for potential misconduct. >> there were grand jury leaks, and if the grand jury's office parities it in it, it should result in a dismissal of the charges. >> kane released emails about the san it is can i case, last month suspected the leaks came from within her office. three's on your side this morning, with big recall some of the most popular cars on the road. more than 300,000 accord need to be fixed because the side airbags can inflate, if you slam the door too hard. this recall affect the 2008 and 2009 models of the accord. if you have one of those cars,
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honda will contact you about fixing that problem starting in mid december. >> right now, it is 5:19. time to check your philadelphia job market report. cbs news business analyst, jill schlessinger, explains new way to help pay off those student loans. >> forget nap rooms and fuzz ball tables. newest employee benefits employees are use to go attract and retain great workers, help repairing student loans. in pennsylvania, the average student debt in 2014 was mort than $32,000. accounting for price water house coopers is the largest company to date to offer this benefit. in 2016 it will begin paying $1,200 a year toward a young employee's student loan debt for total of six years. according to the society of human resource management, only 3% of companies currently offer this form every debt relief. but that number could grow. that is because employee turn-over costs american businesses as much as $11 billion a year. so, it is no surprise, that companies want to keep employees happy. and with 71% of undergraduates
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leaving college in debt, offers to lighten the load appeal to a lot of employees. in the meantime, there are other ways to get some help with your student loan payment. a career in public service can typically result in a portion of your debt being forgiven. learn more at student i'm jill schlessinger, cbs news. >> trick-or-treat remembers going to be out on the road of course tomorrow night. it is not all fun and games if you aren't careful. >> what makes halloween this year specially dangerous. plus, young boy survives getting attack by a shark. hear how he fought for his life and actually got out of
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well, the ghouls and goblins will be out tomorrow night for halloween, but not all fun and games for trick-or-treaters. in fact, ham owe wean is the deadliest night of the year for pedestrians. that's according to triple a. when halloween falls on saturday night, the number of drunk driving violations also sky rocket. so whether you're walking around with your kids tomorrow, or out driving, please, please, be careful. and speaking of halloween, we know you have some great costumes and decorations all picked out for trick-or-treating. outfit for the holiday, want to show those to you with the #cbs3, big hero six, joselyn the cow girl. >> i love the pictures, specially the little baby dinosaurs, so sweet. and then jen one of our producers sharing this one with us, one of our writers' babies, so cute, star wars scene. then little zombie there playing the guitar. but again, we just love to see your photos, whatever you are doing for halloween, snap picture of it, it is so, so easy. we will be doing the same, and of course sharing our pictures with you, i've got jack all
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ready, he has couple of costumes this year, so i'll be sharing those with you. and back here in the studio, erika as got her little baby. her little baby girl. sophie, our minon this morning. >> oh, getting her to show off her little costume. >> there go. >> remora three. giving the dog directions? he doesn't care what camera she is on. look at her. >> sophie will be showing off awesome doggy costumes all morning long. >> isn't that the best part about the holiday? >> not escaping the desk, doing really well here. >> we'll have the so sophie cam later today. >> were you born for this, girl. you have face for tv. >> ben, we want to see your pictures, see your kids, your pets, whatever you got. send them into us, just make sure you use the #cbs3 on twitter, on facebook, on instagram. where ever you put it, we'll make sure to grab it and share
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it with you here on tv on "eyewitness news". so sends them in. get them n use that hashtag. >> hey there is may be more sweet than scary. i hope offering children 12 and under free scary face pancakes. happening all day today from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. if you can't make it today, don't worry, the special pancakes will also be available tomorrow. but, but, they won't be free. still delicious. >> still delicious, but won't be free. sophie did so great. >> she did well, i thought. >> she has been through this before. >> he has been poor toured before, yes. >> becoming a bit after regular here. >> special contributor. >> i love it. >> many doing up: temple campus just buzzing this morning, as owls fever sweeps the city. jan? >> reporter: it is arguably the biggest game in temple football history, as this team tries to make it eight and zero by de keating the notre dame fighting irish at sold out link on saturday night, at 8:00 p.m. i'm jan carabeo, reporting live on campus, coming up we take a look at all of the fan and student excitement.
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>> jan, thank up. also it, looks like scene out after movie. people ducking for cover, as bullets fly, during a massive biker brawl. why this video wasn't supposed to be released to the public. justin? >> all right, waking to up some colder temperatures compared to yesterday at this time. it is feeling like halloween, we will check out what to expect for the upcoming weekend in the eyewitness weather forecast. >> justin, thank you. also, meisha has a look at the roads, we get ready to head out this friday morning. so happy you're with us, we'll be right back.
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temple football fever, sweeping the city this morning, as the owls get ready for their biggest game in decades. this is so, so exciting, and of course a win against notre dame tomorrow night would go down as one of the greatest victories in temple history. >> undefeated right now, so exciting. also, live with how many the city and campus are getting ready for the owls huge game, a lot of people are also keeping their eye on the forecast, trick-or-treaters want to know if they have to bring their umbrella cooler than the 70s yesterday, but as long as you don't have to wear the puffy coat over your costume. >> you want it cool, yes, not cold. >> right, yes. >> let's get you in the mood. >> tot


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