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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  October 30, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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temple football fever, sweeping the city this morning, as the owls get ready for their biggest game in decades. this is so, so exciting, and of course a win against notre dame tomorrow night would go down as one of the greatest victories in temple history. >> undefeated right now, so exciting. also, live with how many the city and campus are getting ready for the owls huge game, a lot of people are also keeping their eye on the forecast, trick-or-treaters want to know if they have to bring their umbrella cooler than the 70s yesterday, but as long as you don't have to wear the puffy coat over your costume. >> you want it cool, yes, not cold. >> right, yes. >> let's get you in the mood. >> totally does. >> feels like fall.
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>> little weird if it is 07 halloween, not that i want to ever complain about seven's. >> well, yes, something about halloween feeling little chill. >> i little crisp. >> this time of year you get everything. few years ago snow in spots. we have had 80-degree temperatures on halloween. >> not this year. >> not this year. >> but check out halloween history across philadelphia. again, temperatures have been all over the place. we had rainy halloween, snowy ones, even very hot ones. check out the stats. warmest holiday we ever had, 1946, 82 degrees, that does not feel like trick-or-treatingment and those conditions, coldest, 41, in 1925, not too bad. we did have almost half inch of snow in 1925. and over an inch every rain, way back in 1895. rain that's not good. snow, i mean, at least you can snow with can deal with it, just brush it off. fifty-two right now in philadelphia, 46 allentown, and in reading, similar numbers, quakertown, doylestown, willow grove, you get the picture. really just much cooler than
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yesterday. overall, not that bad for this time of year. left over clouds, streaming across sussex county, delaware, into cape may county, new jersey, a loft sunshine on tap today. high pressure builds in from the wells. breeze out of the west and northwest, brinking in cooler drier air mass, little chill in the air, when that wind does kick up this morning. so here's what to expect. high temperature up around 59 degrees, in philadelphia, in the sunshine. similar conditions, at the shore. as we head to the poconos, low 50's, for afternoon highs, and there is that halloween forecast, trick-or-treating, looks great. so 6:00 start of most of the event, 54 degrees by 8:00. enjoy that candy at 50 degrees, with just few more clouds. now a check on what's happening on the roads. >> yes, let's do. that will good morning, justin, tgif to all of you at home just waking up, with us, so glad you're here. taking a look outside, things looking great. the schuylkill eastbound at the vine street expressway. the off ramp, looking great, basically, anywhere that i look this morning, the roadways are nice and dry. it is a friday.
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that helps volume levels stay nice and light as well. looking good. ninety-five southbound, coming around the s curve at con man, looking good, for those traveling into center city right now good time. in your great company just leaving now. we do have construction route 100 northbound at sunrise boulevard. reduced it one lane southbound, now, this is in place until about 6:00 a.m. you can see those cones, sitting in the roadways, still there in casino of single >> when we investigate a little bit further, it is not looking like it is causing any major slow downs right now, so things are looking pretty good there. of course, yes, big game, temple versus notre dame. game tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. market street is closed, right now, through sunday at 1:00 p.m. and the bus route that are affected 17, 33, 44, and 48, are now detouring, erika, over
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to you. >> calling it owlo-wean. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo live on temple campus, student hoping for treat tomorrow. jan? >> they're excite the,. >> this was the scene late last night. in old city at independence mall, where college game day is getting set up. highly popular, will shine national spotlight on philly, and the owls. saturday games, arguably the biggest game in temple football history. never before has the team gone seven and zero. here they are, trying to make it an un did he feet dollars eight and zero. but, to do it, they have to beat ninth ranked notre dame. temple now ranked 21st in the
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nation is the underdog. but the student body is fully confident. that the owls can take down a golieth in the fighting irish. >> it is a tough team. but i believe in terrible. so i think we have a shot. >> the superbowl for the school. >> it will be huge go they pull this off. >> it is crazy, people been out, hear the let's go temple chants, walking around the class t has been incredible. i really think that this is probably the biggest game in our school's history. >> been practicing all year for this moment. definitely got t you know? a little advice from a fellow athlete. that young lady on the track and field team. so just getting the team pumped up, and stay in focus, one of the student already awake here at the student center, sam foreman, the cherry crusade president, sam, thanks for getting up for us so early on a friday, but you are full of excitement watch are some of the activities that you and other student will be doing today?
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>> giving out prizes to student for school spite. friday we have members going around, tweet hashtag cheering on. show us, when you can get the cherry pick, you can see, there, we give a prize to a temple prize, i'm wearing my shoelace that is we get for that now. we're also gig out wearing our new membership shirt to all of our members can get their shirt today. >> you can make your signs, everyone made them already. but, it will be some emergency materials down therefore your game day. >> tell me a little about it. why did you pick this one? actually my second time, i already this this one made. other one in the media center getting printed.
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many of us watching the game, hoping they lose, because that's the big five sometimes. rival rye, which had this made for our basketball game. and she has been on my wall ever since ready to get into action. so, this seemed like good time to bring it back. >> little he know. >> yes. >> i'm sure there will be watching us, maybe not enjoying it as much, game day, just like we would enjoy watching them in the tournament but the big five, great rim are you. >> thanks sam, so much. i know it is early for you. we have little sign of our own, i have to figure out how to get this one on college game day. owls hoping it is a hollow owl-o-wean. we have fun video posted on line just go to cbs-3, check it out. >> love. that will love the happy owl-o-wean. i love what you said about the materials if you haven't made your sign yet. >> jan, see you later this morning, thank up. >> i like it, right now 5:37. in business news this morning, organic cheeseburgers make
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their international debut. >> the next big economic indicator coming out today. money watch's jill wagner joins us at the stock exchange, hey, jill? >> good morning, nicole, erika. vin esters waiting for the commerce department to release new numbers about consumer spending, americans have been saving a lot of money on relatively cheap gas prices so far that hasn't translate intoed more shopping. this is really important. because consumer spending makes up about 70% of economic activity. it is starting to feel a lot like christmas, largest retailer on monday, wal-mart will rollback prices on thousands of holiday products it, will ask for 90 days, so the holiday season accounts for about 20% of the retail industry annual sales. >> testing all organic burger called the mcb. also new organic san witch made with after lying will, cheese, spicy sauce, if it is successful, organic mickey d's could make its way to the u.s. and if you have ever dropped
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your smart phone, you know it doesn't take much to crack the screen, now, there is a solution, motorola says its new droid phone is shatterproof. it uses numerous layers to absorb shock and keep the glass intact. it is on sale now for verizon customers, where has this been, erika, nicole? >> shelling out all of that money for a new one? >> thank you, jill. well, happening today, the official opening of the manayunk bridge trail linking lower merion township with main street in manayunk. the first pedestrian and bike-only bridge across the schuylkill river t connect the cynwyd and schuylkill river trails, that's been out every use for almost 30 years, septa ended rail service on it back in 1986. >> unfortunately, we have a warning for people who use the schuylkill river trail. police want runners to be on alert after two indecent assault. the most recent was this past tuesday, near walnut st. another was reported on october 21st, near locust street. in both cases, female run remembers targeted by teenager
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on bikes who had touched them ann prepare re atly on the rearend while riding by. both assault happened between 7:00 and 8:00 p.m. >> it is kind of crazy. almost a little scary. when you run you're in your own zone. you don't spec people to come up and grab you. >> i have seen kids early in the morning working out, running. >> authorities say pink down the number every incident is difficult, because most go unreported. >> authority are trying to figure out who leaked this surveillance video showing the biker brawl in central texas. cnn aired exclusive video that far shoot that killed nine people in may, and shows many, many more running for cover. even without sound the video alone terrifying. aired on cnn thursday, it shows members of the biker club, sitting and having drinks on patio, one moment,
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the next dodging bullets and running for their lives. off screen fight started with the groups, shoot-out at the now infamous twin peaks restaurant in wako texas killed nine people. >> those did not come from wako police department. those were not released by the district attorney either. >> video leaked as grand jury continues weighing murder charges in the case. 177 bikers were arrested after the shooting, and charged with engaging in organized crime. law enforcement officials have been ordered not to discuss the case. >> we are continuing to a bite the gag order, will continue to do what what that judge judge has asked us to do, not speak any further on the twin peaks matter. >> associate the press says it got the video along with other pieces of evidence last month, while it shows not to release the material, the says it revealed thousands of pages of evidence related to the incident, and concluded police
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gunfire hit bikers that day, it is not clear as any of those shots were fatal. don champion, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> justin bieber released a loft pains disappointed. >> the word on why he just walked right off the stage last night after sank egg just one song. >> also, george clooney expanding his family. meet the newest member of the clooney clan. that's next. >> you don't want to miss the very special milestone on cbs this morning today. charlie, nora and gale are celebrating their 1,000 broadcast this morning. >> oh, very nice. >> see what they have in store on cbs this morning, it starts at 7:00 right here after "eyewitness news" on cbs-3. congratulations, guys, we'll be right back.
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today's heads lines, four police officers in allentown suffered minor injuries while trying to break up a brawl involving 200 teams. this happened near allen high school yesterday, at least three teens were taken into custody. >> also in this video obtained by "tmz", a passenger escorted off a plane in phoenix. the american airline flight was heading to philadelphia when witnesses began screaming
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in the aisles he's now awaiting mental evaluation. >> and preparations are now underway, for espn college game day on independence mall. temple will be featured on the show for the first time ever, leading to up tomorrow night eights game against notre dame. such exciting game, exciting time for temple fans, hopefully good weather for the game, with all of the trick-or-treaters throughout? >> great for anyone, no matter what plan you have going on. great football weather, great conditions in the 50's, with clouds recovering in saturday night. little colder than we were yesterday at this time. but nothing we can't handle. generally in the 40's, maybe some 30's, in some of the coldest suburbs, so check it out what's happening from the weather watchers. we have 43 degrees, at eileen's house in gym bert ville. fifty-one clementon, chesterfield, new jersey, ed connor checks in at 44 degrees, perkasie, john jenkins, 47. similar conditions up in bath bath, cherry hill, mid and up fourth's, there is one cold spot, out in chads worth, in urge new jersey, mark 39 degrees, out in the pinelands, typically we lose
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all of that heat with the clear skies. that's what's happening right now. average high temperatures, 62 degrees, at that on tuesday, past couple every days it was warm, in the low 70s, but now we drop it back into the 50's, both today, and tomorrow, don't get used to it, though, because next week we warm it right back up. high pressure over us right now, so look at. that will just mainly, sunny skies, exception right now, came may county, sussex county, delaware, still seeing left over clouds, from yesterday's front that moved through. but overall just nice pleasant day. we start off saturday, sunshine, saturday night, we are inbetween two systems for sunday, maybe sprinkle, most areas stay dry, so overall, the whole weekend does lock good. forecast say up to 59 degrees. mostly sunny skies. tonight it get chilly, clear, comfortable, 42 for center city. some 30's out in the suburbs, and we look ahead to the halloween planner during the morning, lot of sunshine, chilly, low four's, afternoon parades, no problems, we're in
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the up ear's, and evening temperatures also in the low 50's, clock change, again, saturday night, go back to standard time, sunday morning, sunsets, sunday evening, coming in at 4:59. extended forecast cool today, tomorrow, back to the 60s, sunday, monday, then seven's for the middle of next week. meisha? >> oh, justin it, makes me so happy. and it is a friday. and it is a day before halloween, lots to be happy about this morning. >> looking great, this is looking better than it normally does ' we push toward the 6:00 hour. so looking good, real nights there, everyone traveling at posted spree. disabled vehicle, 95 northbound approaching the betsy ross bridge, pulled all the way off blocking right lane, shoulder of course, flashing light. this isn't causing any slow downs either. when i look at the censor zones, still traveling at posted speeds in that area as well. >> the vine has the overnight
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construction project lifted between schuylkill and broad, lifted around 5:00 a.m. east and westbound on the vine looking good. south collegeville road black rock road. one lane block here. still not cutting any major delays but just be aware of that because if that doesn't get cleared out of the way, it certainly could. the car fire is now all clear on the new jersey turnpike. ladies, back over to you. >> first round pick, okafor, when the sixers tip-off tonight. taking on the jazz for the sixers season home opener. now sixers ceo scott will be here live in our studio next hour to talk about expectations for that team, this year, hopefully they'll be hi, right? >> well, here in philadelphia, no love lost for penguins fans. >> never. fan proved last night, why they are so dislike. watch what happens right here, okay, puck is thrown to young boy. see what happened? that older fan ruined the moment, snatching the puck, see that?
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>> right in front of the little kid last night at last night's penguins game. keeping it for himself. however, the fans let him hear t luckily the pen wins came to the rescue. mascot came up, gave the boy a sydney crosby jersey and two pucks. >> oh, thank goodness. >> got to give the penguins credit. but that older gentleman, really? snatching a puck out after kid's hand? >> sit down. >> they did tweet out this photo very nicely, tweet add picture of the boy with his prizes saying you de is her of it little guy. >> very sweet. i guess at the moment you can't blame the guy. probably don't survey the crowd before you grab the puck, just saying, maybe didn't see the kid? >> we'll give him the benefit of the doubt. but really, like canned fry a baby. >> ♪ >> word this morning, sore fry justin bieber, after storming off the stage in norway, take a look.
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>> fans got little too close for comfort, so, after only one song, he turned around, just walk off stage. right? bieber quickly apologized on stain gram blaming his mood on lack of sleep and a hectic week. i can't really tell, but why was he wiping the floor? >> i don't know. >> but bieber, since there is a concert to go to, really, guys? another fun furry news, george and amal clean. i are parent. of a rescued dog, adopted four year old millie a bassett hound abandoned wandering the streets looking for food. the california humane society says the clooney's showed up unannounced and asked to meet millie. >> she goes home with probably the most famous couple in the world these days, yes, hollywood ending. >> so sweet. they brought their other rescue cocker span all millie to meet louie to make sure they get along. in honor of the adoption,
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shelter has named two lab puppies, one george, the other kloon. >> i oh, no amal? >> i was going to say, i don't know how she feels about that. >> but to name a dog after a laidy? >> we will go with that. >> adorable, and millie couldn't be keith err. so congratulations to the happy family. >> just got more perfect, as if it were possible. good morning, we'll be r just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at
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a ten year old boy is lucky to be alive after a shark attack in hawaii. emergency crews rushed to help that boy after the attack along the coast. the fourth grader says he was body board whg he felt something pull his leg. >> and then it popped out of no where, and bite my leg. >> raymond received several stitches on his right leg, and thigh. he is expected to make a full recovery. this is hawaii's seventh confirmed shark attack of the year. a man lost his leg earlier this month, when a tiger shark bit him. >> a wildest cape from one of southern california's largest jails is all caught on camera. watch the inmate here in the white shirt as he punches a person, makes it to the jail lobby, then you see visitor scramble, right, they don't know what's going on. inmate kicks a guard and heads straight for the front door. deputies of course in hot
5:56 am
pursuit, but he does manage to make that escape. now, that inmate, christian paul, was recaptured just short time later. but scary stuff. >> elderly kentucky man survives after being trapped for five days alone in a car. seventy-seven year old will will your march he had last seen friday. family and friend searched everywhere, including the same road where he was found by a passerby on wednesday. his car had gone off the road and landed in ditch. >> to me, somewhat of a miracle he was spotted. because i don't believe his in his age, his medical condition, woe have made it up to the roadway. >> might have been trapped in something you that you can't get out of. i don't know what, i don't know what he -- i'm sure he was scared to death. >> march he had was dehydrated but conscious, and talking when rescue crews to him. he was then take -- taken to the hospital. he is expected to be okay. we will be back at the top of the hour. good morning.
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newspapers back christine donohue for supreme court. saying this daughter of a coal miner gets the highest rating from the bar association. they call donohue uniquely qualified. and cite her commitment to restoring integrity.
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both business and labor endorse donohue because she's independent and fair. prosecutors. firefighters. people who keep us safe - all back donohue. on tuesday - christine donohue. let's restore integrity to pennsylvania's supreme court
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good morning. this video is tough to watch here. local police officers under attack while trying to break up a after-school brawl. we're live with more on this video that was posted on line. >> a flight headed to philadelphia from los angeles is diverted after unruly
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passenger causes a bit of a scare in the air. you'll hear from passengers who helped subdue him. >> and this is a huge weaken for temple football. the owls have not played a game this big, in decades, we're liver on campus, getting you pumped up for the bill owl-o-wean game. >> so excited for them. >> oh, we all are. >> today is friday, october the 30th, good morning to you, i'm nicole brewer. >> i'm erika von tiehl. check on your forecast today, and tomorrow trick-or-treaters, and tomorrow's big game. good morning, guys. >> tgif to you. i feel like everyone in such a good mood. it is friday. it is halloween tomorrow. it is beautiful weather outside, and roadways are dry, can i not tell this is making so many people so happy. so justin, thank you for that. >> hey, no problem. i take full credit, yes, i accept tips, as well. waking up temperatures really where they should be for this time of year. but it is much colder than yesterday. we had temperatures in the 60s, but today, anywhere from 13 to 20 degrees colder, so, it just makes it feel a lot colder than w


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