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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 30, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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parked right where it is sitting right now. across the street from the 18th police district a foot pursuit then began right down this road and it ended with one officer injured. 1:35 friday afternoon a uniformed philadelphia police officer, man spots driving in this sedan. the windows of suv with a a bat. >> he flees. he hear from officers losing track from them. >> reporter: when suspect parking his vehicle five minutes later two plainclothes officer in this tan pick up spotted him. >> partner in the unmarked vehicle gets out and start chasing the offender westbound on pine street. >> reporter: with one officer chasing on foot his partner uses truck to cut off suspect as path. >> that suspect slows the offender down. >> reporter: all of the while the cop that first spotted the suspect the one in the marked van, sees the chase and as the suspect tries running around the pick up. >> they fall to the ground. >> reporter: that is when the officer is hit by the the
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other cops. >> he is not able to stop quickly enough and runs over and leg up with the one officer. >> reporter: investigators say injured officer will be okay and now focus is on why the suspect even damaged the suv, in the the first place. >> the the owner of that vehicle is not in the city and nobody in that car at the time. >> reporter: suspect will be charged with vandalism and recklessly endangering an officer, the the officer we're told is recovering, he has fractures to his foot and his toes. we are live from west philadelphia, i'm's greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> we will get back to you shortly. thinks an important forecast to talk about now. temple game, trick or treating, lots of people outside. >> big things happening this weekend. meteorologist kate bilo live on the sky deck with a first look at the that weekend forecast, kate. >> jessica and ukee, it feels different out here today then this time yesterday. temperatures about... . then they were 24 hours ago but that being said it is a
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sunny beautiful friday afternoon. keep in mind at this time on sunday the sun will have, already set, and set those clocks back this weekend. we will have more in a bit. lets take a peak is what going on, storm an three. not a whole lot. few cloud from the west a across western pennsylvania, and that is associated with the frontal boundary moving our way throughout the weekend. a few more cloud by sunday and chance for a stray shower but i don't expect much in the the way of wet wet they are weekend which is great news. temperatures right new again, not too bad for this time of the year. just a couple degrees because low average. sixty in philadelphia a. fifty-seven in allentown after a daytime high of 60 degrees. ac airport at 57 right now, also 57 in wilmington and in millville. we mentioned temple game if you are heading out to see owls play thinks forecast for your saturday evening as temple takes on notre dame 8:00 p.m. kick off 50 degrees will be the kick off temperature. expect that to drop rapidly as we go through the game. more cloud will move in through tomorrow night. that will keep things not quite as cold as tonight will be but you will still want to
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dress in layers. we're talking up a and down temperatures. more down then up. today right around 60 degrees. tomorrow's highs in the upper 50's but that time it is just too cold. we will start off november, with some september like warmth. we are in the 60's. the seasonal sunday and monday. we are talking 70's next week. we will have more when i join you inside with the full forecast. for now, back over to you. looking good out there, thanks very much. authorities arrested five students in connection with the after school brawl that left four allentown police officers injured. officers were trying to break up that fight involving dozens of students outside william allen high school on thursday. part of it was caught on tape. authorities say a female student grabbed an officer by her hair, pulled her to the ground and assaulted her. three other officers were also injured. >> that was crazy. she will face charges. >> really i am man tour. >> unaudible. >> i just think it is super
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crazy, that something like that happen. i would say you are immune to it the but i never witnessed it before. that is crazy. >> reporter: students are charged with assault, riot, disorderly conduct and other offenses. united states military is working to remove the remaining section of the surveillance problem that crashed in northeastern pennsylvania officials say the work will be completed on saturday. helicopters will pull the hull out of the trees and in rural hundred see, lehigh county and military trucks will hall ate way. teams remove 6,000 feet of the blimp's tether and sensitive electronics equipment yesterday. officials still do in the know how it broke free from a maryland military facility on wednesday. in a dramatic policy shift the the obama administration, has made decision to send soldiers into syria. some lawmakers say it was made without a clear u.s. strategy in the the war torn nation. correspondent craig boswell has more from the white house. u.s. troops will soon be on the ground, in syria. less than 50 members of the u.s. special forces will will
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deploy to northern syria to help coordinate fight against isis. >> they do not have a combat mission they have a training advising and assist mission. >> reporter: soldiers are expect to look at the the situation on the ground and determine which group u.s. can best partner with to fight isis. white house officials are trying to down play the new order insisting this is not a shift in policy. >> this is an intensification of the prodigy that the president announced a a year ago. core of the military, strategy in syria is to build up capacity of the local forces to take the the fight to isil on the ground in their own country. >> reporter: u.s. secretary of state beyond kerry is in australia trying to negotiate the cease-fire deal in syria that can hold for the next four to six months and for the the if first time iran, which is one of syria's main allies is taking part in the negotiations. >> i believe the the diplomatic situation is today more promising, then it has been, in sometime, because of all of the stake holders came to this table. >> reporter: russia a presently a has ground troops and fighter jets in syria to
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help government forces fight rebels and isis. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". white house has not said how long that deployment will last. authorities say that the man accused of causing a midair scare on the flight to philadelphia is from california. tmz obtained this video shot the by a passenger on flight 754 from l.a. after take off the man walk toward first class cabin reportedly going on about the the military, government and september 11th. the passengers subdued the man and flight was divert todd phoenix. there were no injuries, unidentified man could face criminal charges. faa says that the dynamic airways plane that caught fire in fort lauderdale's airport wednesday had no past issues. the plane's evening i inn burst into flames moments before the the plane was about to leave. more than 100 passengers and crew had to evacuate using emergency slides. one person was seriously hurt. national transportation safety board continues its investigation. a philadelphia man with the snake who forced the evacuation of the septa bus
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has surrendered on a misdemeanor charge. twenty-six year-old kwan riley is charge with interference with transportation facility. riley a allegedly lost control of his approximately 4-foot long bowa constrictor on a route 52 bus earlier this month. the passengers then evacuated and until the snake which had that time curled up in the compartment under the the seat could be retrieved by authorities. is there a there in the house? temple football fever is running high, as the the owls, ranked number 21 in the nation, look to continue their undefeated season with ninth rang notre dame in town. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson is on campus where students are showing their temple pride ahead of tomorrow's big game, hi there, steve. >> reporter: ukee, rarely do we get to see something like this, a a game that can all at won define the direction of the program and a university, a and while that day is tomorrow, today we saw the students celebrating and getting their team ready for a vick try. it gets no bigger then this...
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>> ♪ >> reporter: fans, cheerleaders, students, and yes, even their little dog too, yeah, temple's campus may be in north philadelphia but if you are were a student on friday afternoon, no one could resist being in the center of the world. >> you could feel it in the air. people are just talking to go strangers, talking about the game, it was awesome. >> reporter: report friday, all of the that steam that has been building we had a place to chill out. we watched with a crowd, coach matt rule brought his boys to cam puts, putting a cherry on top of a big weekend. and what a week it has been, owls football first staying untea feeted at seven-zero holding a national ranking and then getting a game day go ahead, and now, gearing up for a prime time nationally televised chance to take out number nine, notre dame. >> wow, it is pretty awesome, cool. >> it is literally like best
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thing i could have ever wanted. >> reporter: under scoring it all pride, student, feeling like the program is getting their respect that it the deserves and with that national attention for this little slice of north philadelphia a. >> i think with our school spirit, we can do anything. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00 e very excited alumni in town who founded a little tough to do some work today. we will tell you why and why one of them says that the steaks may be higher for victory then we could imagine, i'll tell you why at 6:00. live from the cam puts of temple university, i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" glim a's feeling the vibe, steve. >> i know it. you showed it in your piece and less than 24 hours independent mall will be a sea of cherry and white where traveling pregame show, college game day will be broadcasting. "eyewitness news" was there as crews put finishing touches on the set. that looks good. >> top of the nation, the see
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what we got. >> we will love. that come on into philadelphia bring it. coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" a disturbing scene from inside a school bus. students take cell phone video and bus driver assaulting a special needs classmate. we will tell you how they are doing. it is their money but they cannot access it. thousands hit hard when company that handles prepaid debit cardings off line, consumer reporter jim donovan is on your side with what is being done to help cut the cost. and we're smashing pumpkins, not like a sinister way but just in time for will halloween, state engineers are turning pumpkin for chip dials. the more news when we come right back.
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go, owls. >> fans have feeling the beat, local law men are showing their temple pride, the bakery is had making temple tomato
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pies. yum. "eyewitness news" in manayunk, school's logo made of cheese right in the middle of the pie and customers are loving every minute of it. >> they are going out the door. tomorrow will be craze any here between halloween and temple game tomorrow it will be nuts. we have a ton of orders. >> right now they tell us they have placed temple students and they are excited about tomorrow's big game. how could you not be. >> bring it. i'm getting the theme, yeah. >> hey, it is called a rush card a prepaid debit card backed by russell simmons. customers say when a technical glitch kept them from getting their money, the card wasn't in a rush to help them out. >> three on your side consumer reporter is here to explain more. >> that is right, for two weeks people had issues after rush card switched to a new payment processing system. rush card tells us that it is backup and running but small number of of accounts remain inactive. the the rush card web site, claims get your money up to two taste sooner with direct deposit. but after a technical glitch prevented people from getting their cash, customers took to
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social media company is still trying to fix the problem for some, shanon chick sounded off on facebook, two weeks and i cannot access my accounts. feeling frustrated i cannot access my money for bills and every day use, rush card, give me my money. russell simmons, founder, posted this to facebook. >> we know how are and we know you are facing tremendous challenges. >> reporter: rush card blames new technology but tech experts are not so sure. >> technical difficulties are solved in a couple hours, not weeks. >> reporter: some think rush card may have been hack and might not know it just yet. >> right now it is about russell simmons doing the right thing. the it about rush card live doing the right thing. >> reporter: rush card says it will create a multi million-dollar fund to compensate those who can show they have incurred late fees or a financial setback as a direct result of the technical problems. they are waving some fees, for customers. meanwhile speaking of money coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00 you know how obsessed i am tonight, i'll
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tell you about the new way to check if you are owed money. billions of dollars are waiting to be claim. >> you love to find people money. >> i would not walk by a nickel on the street without picking it up. >> this is just. >> big. >> exactly. >> more rain hits texas, causing even more flooding there. this is cypress creek in austin, texas. heavy rain tipped the creek over its banks and on to the roads. elsewhere near austin flash flooding took drivers by surprise. storm system brought strong wind through towns near san antonio. reported tornado lifted a trailer up on the roof of the three story hotel and part of the high school, was ripped apart. >> um, um. back in our area kate joins us. we're doing okay. >> it has been a rough month for texas. a lot of flooding over and over again. for us things are quiet, cooler then it was yesterday by a good margin but a beautiful, sunny october day. you cannot complain about that as we head toward halloween. tomorrow will be like today,
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on the cool side but we will see a lot of sunshine for your saturday. lets look at is what going on outside. speaking of sunshine beautiful afternoon. the thinks our camera live sky cam three in ocean city cape may county which is looking nice this afternoon. nice day for walk on the beach. little bit on the cool side down there definitely need to bound will will up. temperatures in the upper 50's. the a as long as you have got hoodie on nice day to be in ocean city. west of the city we are looking at nice conditions on our live neighborhood network in kutztown you can see kid outside on the soccer field playing in the sunshine this afternoon. 55 degrees now. keep in mind we have got two more days of these nice, long afternoon. this camera will be completely dark at this time next week. so enjoy these late afternoons, the sunsets, while we have them because we have set clocks back this weekend and we will gain an hour of sleep but we lose an hour of our afternoon. storm scan three right now is quiet. a few cloud drift nothing to western pennsylvania. locally we are not seeing much of anything at all, skies are
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generally clear across the region with sunshine this afternoon. nice evening to be outside. with the clear sky and wind lightening up as well, that is recipe for cold. temperatures will drop rapidly once the sunsets tonight. we're down to 57 allentown. forty-seven in mount pocono. it is 60 in philadelphia you can see, all across the northeast the cold has settled in, we are at 49 in buffalo. forty-seven in pittsburgh. fifty-two at state college. the just yesterday highs were in the 70's. the atlantic city yesterday hit 75. we have 72 in philadelphia, wilmington and trenton. allentown got to 7o today's high cooler. in fact, well cooler then yesterday. fifty-nine was the the high in atlantic city. 16 degrees cooler. fifty in philadelphia 57 in wilmington. big departure there. we have hit 60 in trenton and allentown. it will stay cool, high pressure overhead for your saturday, most of the day sunny and beautiful. dry day but we have this next system approaching that could bring us a few more cloud by later saturday evening. good news that may not be
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quite as cold tomorrow night and tonight. mostly cloudy for sunday a chance of the sprinkle some think it is a a big deal without door plans and showers off to the south on monday that will keep the clouds in place, is what happens tuesday, wednesday, thursday that everyone should start getting excited about. more on that in our next half an hour this great shot comes from mike type inner pemberton, new jersey look at the that beautiful fall foliage. we are peeking this weekend. leaf peeping a good idea. for halloween lets look at scary spots across the region. erie, 54 degrees. scary, west virginia at the 65 for your halloween. boos illinois, 58. casper, wyoming 62. black cat arkansas 63 degrees the halloween temperature there. we have cloudy conditions. clearing out, mainly clear. 39 degrees is your overnight low. for your saturday sun to cloud, bone dry for halloween. got to throw a scary references in where we can. you're witness weather three day forecast, bone dry for halloween. treat of the forecast though,
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57 and then we are in the mid 60's sunday and monday but a alluded to nice stuff happening on tuesday and i'll have more coming up with the seven day in a bit. >> instead of playing how long bingo, as you just said. >> yes. >> you're on a roll. >> i'll be back with more. >> yes, thanks kate. as we continue tonight metal shavings could be in your peanut the butter jar, coming up, we will tell but a new recall, also this. in honor of the super bowl 50, coming to cbs, nfl players, are referring back to their roots, presenting them with the the game ball, i'm alexandria hoff before this story, coming up. we are live at sixers home opener, against the jazz, a huge show, planned for all of the fans here tonight, but earlier i had the opportunity to go one on one with sixers head coach brett brown, and coming up later in sports.
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leslie van arsdal has the the sixth are home opener and more, hi there leslie. >> one thing sixers know how to do is throw a a party. they have a lot of stuffed planned for everyone here tonight a as sixers take on the jazz. some of the guys out here practicing as we speak, looking to bounce back after losing season opener. i actually had an opportunity to go one on one with coach brett brown, in more ways then one. >> do you want to play a little pick. >> you go first. >> thank you. >> what a joe. >> reporter: as a head coach of the nba team, you will be competitive. >> this is what we do. >> p.c. >> we will go backboard, no square. >> no square. >> that is the only way i know how to to. >> if i hit, it doesn't count. >> it doesn't count.
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>> that was top of the square. >> trash talk. >> while he admits he is competitive he needs his team to be too. >> it the is all i know. why else would you do this you want to go win game. >> watch out we have a big game herey didn't take this job to boost my coaching record, and, you know, i think i see different things. i see greater challenges. i want to deliver a team to the court that the city is proud of, that they are proud of and confident in. >> so if you are wondering how the the game turns out. >> okay. >> okay. >> it is a tie. >> you got to love brett brown. he kind of gave that one to me. but we are getting ready for sixers home opener, sixers/jazz and we will hear more from brett brown coming up at 6:00. back to you guys. >> get ready. >> yes, get them out. >> thanks, leslie.
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coming up next, residents are on edge this halloween weekend. >> reporter: beyond the halloween decorations there are some real life crime concerns this halloween in south philadelphia a. an alert issued by third district here, i'll have a live report on what you need to know, coming up next. and a wild scene in texas, bullets fly during a biker brawl that turned a strip mall you will into a battle zone. more of the video that was not supposed to be released to the public. new a at 6:00 halloween, it is time when many of us, stake our fears on purpose, on how this is always good, for a scream or two but you may be surprised by some of the things that really creep people out. we will uncover the science of fear, at 6:00.
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on alert, they are hoping police can bring an end to it before the thieves strike again. let's show a map where robberies have happen, between seventh and 13th street, and washington and shunk. eye witt the necessary news reporter walt hunter joins us more, walt. >> police say in some cases robbers did use weapons, fortunately no one hurt but with halloween weekend so many people outside on the street here in south philadelphia, they wanted to issue a crime alert so everyone will be well aware, and watch out for themselves: beyond a scary decorations this halloween, there are real life crime concerns, for one, south philadelphia a neighborhood. on the streets, east of broad, west of seventh between washington and shunk, it is eight robberies in just over a week. >> some gunpoint and some strong arm robberies. different victims. different offenders. >> reporter: captain frank man
5:31 pm
will owe who issued the crime alert says no one group is responsible, crimes ranging from stolen iphones to a commercial robbery. >> this weekend being, you know, historically mischief night and tomorrow halloween we want to make people aware to be aware of the urn ising while they are outside. >> sure, it the bothers you and you want to be alert. >> reporter: for long time neighbor tony, who has lived on the block for 63 years, the crime alert, comes as bad news. >> it is a tough situation. we just got to hope for the best. >> reporter: after issuing a warning police joined with neighbors in a previously planned, unity march, following a recent murder and shooting. a sign of the police community, cooperation, that it is hoped that will bring this robbery spree, to an end. >> and immediately as we hear about the crime alert from the district captains come down and talk to us we will get it out to the community. we have a meeting from that meeting everybody dispersed to where their district is and handle it from that point on.
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>> reporter: now police say so far they have made an arrest in one of the robberies and they say they are hoping with cooperation and neighbors staying alert they will make more arrests in the very near future. live from south philadelphia, walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thank you for that. investigators in texas are trying to figure out who leak surveillance video that shows a deadly shoot-out between rival biker gangs. cnn aired the video on thursday. it was recorded inside twin peaks restaurant in waco in may. law enforcement have been ordered not to discuss the case and they say they did not release the tape. one bike are told cnn about his brush with death. >> at that time, it was pretty horrific. there were guys getting hit, falling, and i realized i needed to getaway from where i was. i looked at a, the guy to my right, my left, a a good friend of mine, and i told him i said we have to get off the
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sidewalk or we will die here. >> when it was over nine people were killed and nearly 200 arrested. this video leaked as the grand jury continuing weighing murder charges in the the case. new viral video reportedly shows school bus driver assaulting a special needs student. other students recorded this incident and classmates say it started when 15 year-old nearly missed the bus and didn't listen to the driver about where he was supposed to sit. student said something inflammatory to the driver and a allegedly threw something at him, a and that is when the driver stopped the bus and pulled the student out of the seat. >> he hit him in the head and he has a disability in the head. he is supposed to be watching us not hurting us. >> reporter: police a less ted the bus driver. he is now on administrative leave. intense manhunt is over after a deadly shoot-out overnight in kentucky. police and u.s. marshals shot and killed fly ray cook, last night, cook approached a woman who recognized him and she
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called 911. police had been frantically searching tennessee/kentucky border looking for cook after he shot at a police officer on saturday. an old bridge gets new life in manayunk. chopper three over the opening of the new manayunk bridge that was used by septa 30 years ago and it has been rehabbed in the pedestrian and bike only bridge. it is the only one of its kind over the schuylkill river and it links the the heritage trail with the the schuylkill river trail. so enjoy that this weekend. cbs-3 is home to super bowl 50 and it is part of the ongoing celebration of 50 years of championship football. nfl is giving out golden footballs to schools that produced super bowl winning players today a local high school had a surprise visit, got some winning advice, and a golden football. will alexandria hoff was there. >> reporter: the the eve of the pemberton township high schools's home coming game, but it is a different kind of home coming for one former student. >> they want to know if he was rich.
5:35 pm
that is first thing that they asked. >> it will be a big deal having to play our hearts out and play for him. >> reporter: man everyone is talking about is former nfl tightened, ed smith, who earned this bling with the atlanta falcons during 1999 super bowl. before that he played for the eagles. before that he played nine years playing pro baseball and before that he was voted most athletic and most likely to succeed in pemberton township high school's class of 1987, shocking, right. >> i consider this my entire time at pemberton was some of the best moments of my life. >> reporter: report after rallies smith like many super bowl alumni from around the country presented his high school with a token, a super bowl 50 golden ball. >> i don't care what your plan, what you are doing, keep doing what you are doing, we're watching and i will be out there tomorrow, go hornets. >> reporter: in turn, he was given an unexpect gift too. >> he is showing the students that he remembers his high school. it is all about where he came from. >> it will open up your eyes.
5:36 pm
i probable willly walked by it and take a few pictures, go on snap chat, instagram, twitter. >> reporter: according to smith whose brother also graduated from pemberton and went on to the nfl the golden football symbolizes more than just success on the field. >> anybody who is looking at this ball you can bring something back too, it might not be a golden football but, you know, work hard, and you know, something of yours could be here sitting next to me. >> reporter: pemberton high school will be facing off against deptford township tomorrow at 11:00 a a.m. they have the golden football on their side and they are ready for a win. we're here in pemberton, alexandria h ot f for cbs-3 eye bitterness news. super bowl 50 is on super bowl cbs 36789 it is sunday february 7th, 2016 right here on the station you are watching, cbs three right around the corner. >> won't be long. >> still to come tonight there could be metallal shavingness your pea he nut butter. important information about a
5:37 pm
new report. and then when pumpkins fly, local students put a spooky twist on a annual, pumpkin throwing contest, katie. a chill has moved back into our forecast, coming up we will have the forecast for halloween, temple kick off and also more about a warm up, next week all coming up when we come right back. >> ♪ the
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for district attorney in montgomery county... kevin steele, first assistant d.a. with a 98% conviction rate and tough sentences for sexual predators. or bruce castor, a former d.a. who refused to prosecute bill cosby. castor said, "we don't charge people for making a mistake or doing something foolish." many more victims came forward, and castor admitted he could have used their testimony against cosby but castor didn't even try. bruce castor was not looking out for the victims.
5:40 pm
the maker of the skip i is recalling jars of the reduced fat creamy peanut butter spread. some 16-ounce jars could contain metal shavings. the f.d.a. says expiration
5:41 pm
date on the affected peanut butter is december 14th, 2016. products were sent to distribution centers that serve seven states including delaware. christmas comes early for wal-mart shoppers. >> on sunday wal-mart will roll back prices on thousands of products. the sale will last 90 days. new this year wal-mart will include in story to demonstrations and food tastings. roughly two month holiday season accounts for 0 percent of the retail industry ease annual sales. i was walking downey think it was walnut the other day and i looked in one of the stores. they had christmas lights in there. >> come on. >> you can tell they were starting to put together the trees. >> here it comes. >> have you heard any christmas music will. >> it is halloween tomorrow. by manor sunday, it is happening. >> oh, it is happening. >> it is happening. >> we will be right back. >> it is on. the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3,500 hospitals. fewer than 10% received 5 stars.
5:42 pm
among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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well, it is halloween
5:45 pm
weekend. we would love to see photos of you and your family friend in costume and photos of your decorated house. post your photos on line and use the hashtag cbs 36789. lets look at this costume, kelly, of glenside is dressed up. >> and this sweet pea, super girl, that is georgia michael jones. we know that face. she looks like her mommy, our producer, christina she has her own television show on cbs. >> perfect weather out there for halloween. there is a chill in the air. it will get cooler. question is how should you dress your kid for halloween. >> meteorologist lauren casey joins us with the mobil weather lab at laurel hill cemetery in philadelphia where prehalloween festivities, are underway, lauren? >> reporter: yeah, thanks, guys. i'm here with the mobile weather lab temperatures little cool but not too scary. 57 degrees. there is an event right now tonight, it is mischief night
5:46 pm
and this event people are just dying to get into. so i have a amanda jean here who works with the cemetery, tell us about the event you have going on tonight. >> we're celebrating mischief night with true tails from the tomb, these actors are portraying real residents at laurel hill, and there is going to be refreshments, stories through the evening, starts at 6:30, $20 a person. we are excited. >> do people need to bring anything with them to the event. >> they can bring a flashlight because it gets dark at laurel hill. the just bring your flashlight but come enjoy the the story. >> reporter: and then there is a family friendly event tomorrow, can you tell us about that. >> so fall family day is from 1:00 to 3:00 there is a parade, scavenger hunt, we have face painting, and story telling. the just $5 a person. we hope everyone comes out to written us. >> reporter: thanks very much, amanda conditions tomorrow will be pretty nice for the trick or treaters. all a of the ghosts and goblins a little bit cool. we will be chilling down in the 40's by 9:00 o'clock hour
5:47 pm
but nice and dry, bone dry, in fact. now, i will get out of here because sunnies setting guys and i'm getting out of the cemetery before it gets too scary. >> i don't blame you. i don't blame you, young lady. wow. >> it the is creepy there, even when the the sunnies out. >> it is beautiful there though. >> it does. >> i will be judging a halloween costume contest tomorrow in dover. >> okay. >> it will be a a lot of fun. >> are you looking for scary, fun. >> a little bit of everything. >> yeah, as long as it doesn't touch me. >> yeah. >> stay away. >> you heard it here first. >> don't touch him. >> you may want the warm costume if you are still trying to decide between costumes you will not wanting to as a hula girl or anything. >> right, right. >> yes. >> moving on from that, something nice and warm, my sonnies going to elmo, and he will be nice and warm. he has cape to wrap around and keep warm and parents keep yourselves warm and bring hot chocolate on the trick or
5:48 pm
treat route. it will be chilly but it will stay dry which is great news. we will look outside, taking you out to our roof campaign you can see sunnies just about to dip below the horizon. only two more days, of these nice long afternoons, remember, we will set clock back this weekend. you get that extra hour of sleep which may come in handy, up late trick or treating, halloween parties, temple, notre dame game. it is looking beautiful. sunnies just beginning to set on our live neighborhood network camera at palmyra cove nature park in new jersey. you can see sun out of frame but it is beautiful. we have had beautiful sunsets all week long and this one is no exception. so what to expect a as we move forward the next several days. we have a brief cool down and then nice warm up. right now we're in the cool part. skies are clear, a few cloud filtering from the west these will stay off to the west as we head through tonight and much of the weekend as well. the cloud get here on sunday. we're talking about a chill in the air but pretty quiet
5:49 pm
conditions as we head through your halloween saturday. 60 degrees is your temperature in philadelphia. fifty-eight in reading. fifty-seven in millville. down to 55 in wildwood. high pressure overhead, that will keep us cool even though clockwise circulation around a high bringing cool air down from portions of the eastern canada and it has been breezy. wind are dying down as we get through tonight. tomorrow 8:00 a.m. high pressure overhead. you can see the system firing up to the west. good news is watch what happens. few cloud filtering in. saturday afternoon it is generally sunny and dry. these cloud and showers fizzle before the front gets here. more cloud sunday morning. stray shower early. then that falls apart and we will get sun back on sunday afternoon. then flow should stay to the south on monday. not a whole lot of wet weather in our forecast. tonight, of course, friday football frenzy, our pat galleys live at neshaminy and north pen at 7:00 o'clock tonight. if you are heading out to that game, it is clear, turning
5:50 pm
chilly, 54 degrees the kick off temperature that will drop quickly in the 40's. the pennsylvania pat is coming up at 6:00 live, so we will check with him then. for the rest of the region staying clear out and about on your friday night wear the coat. down to 39 degrees. chilly start to your saturday as well. temperatures warming up to the 50's on saturday. sun and cloud. bone dry. and cool. but i have to ask who is ready for a warm up or september in november? i'll tell you who? this guy is ready. he has his hand in the air. mr. skeleton, ready for that warm up, here we go, we will get through on a cool note and jet stream lifts to the north and we will get push of southeasterly flow and temperatures rise to ten plus degrees above average. that starts next tuesday. cool saturday, sunday we are close to normal at 65. monday same story and take a look at tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and friday temperatures in the 70's, all four days next week, and it will feel like a hint of summer in the first week of november, ukee and jessica,
5:51 pm
back to you. that was red skeleton. >> yes. >> do you remember red skeleton at all. >> in. >> i don't think so. i tried. >> i know the name. >> that is okay, that is all right. >> that is great pumpkin battle. >> students at rowan university, proving engineering is anything but boring, new jersey reporter cleve bryan has the the story from glassboro. >> just in time for halloween evil aliens descended upon rowan university friday but have no fear the engineers are here. >> smashing pumpkins. >> reporter: packed with obliterating alien target and pumpkins, seeing the students ratcheted, sawed, and muscled together medieval looking devices for annual pumpkin chucking contest put together by rowan university chapter of the american society of mechanical engineers. >> we always love that it falls either the day of or day before halloween because it always has a cool feeling. so this year is aliens invading earth. >> reporter: some opted for a traditional pumpkin chucking.
5:52 pm
others, developed their own devices. >> we have basically a big cross bow. >> reporter: while some enjoyed great success, others might had to go back to the drawing board. >> it is a a really great engineering application that is really fun because they are shooting pumpkins at something. >> reporter: the competitors here are 50/50 split between local colleges and high schools. for college students it is a chance to show off their knowledge and for high school maybe spark interest in the future career field. >> he want high schoolers to learn about engineering and try to design something. we just want them to get the whole feel of engineering and see if it is something to do so we can get more people. >> reporter: win or lose, everyone had a blast n glassboro, cleve bryan, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". my, my, my. >> loving it. >> that looks like fun. >> we will be right back.
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republican national committee says it will suspend its partnership with nbc news because of this weeks debate on cnbc. today the the rnc chairman sent a letter forbidding nbc from broadcasting a g.o.p. debate, scheduled for february. the republicans complained cnbc moderators asked candidates petty and non-substantive. thrill of victory, sandra bull you can and billy bob thornton play spin doctors for rival political doctors. >> it reveals the ugly side of the campaigning and entertainment tonight's kevin frazier a sat down with the stars. >> this week, oscar winner sandra bullock is a a political strategies who is sent to a war torn country to win a presidential campaign. it is based on real life efforts in our brandies crisis. >> wake up, this is war. is there only one wrong in
5:57 pm
this. only one, and that is losing. >> anyone understood that? >> speaking spanish. >> reporter: sandra bullock, a brilliant political strategies struggling professionally and personally to do her job in a country she's unfamiliar with while facing a rival that she knows all too well played by billy bob thornton. >> what are you doing here, i thought you retired or gave up or something. >> he was the reason that she basically had to leave and isolate herself. >> and in preparing for the role, bullock was amazed at what people like her character can do, if the candidate is elect. >> she uses what seems to be his weeknesses, initially, as a campaign strength. i think that is where these consultants are brilliant. they are ad executives. how do you take something that is looked at as a weakness and turn tonight to something you want to buy.
5:58 pm
>> you should feel something during the interview, like some tears, could you just turn toward the camera. >> wow, wow look at him. >> this is it. >> reporter: she doesn't care how she gets the win as long as she wins and she will use any tactic that she needs to in order to do it. >> this this is no longer an election, this is a crisis. >> reporter: for entertainment tonight i'm kevin frazier now back to you in the studio. and, for all of the latest news from hollywood you can watch entertainment tonight every week night at 7:00 right here on cbs-3. >> that will do it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 temple football fever, students have it, so do alumni working at offices in philadelphia area and we are live as excitement builds. >> fans are out for halloween are you ready to be scared? i'm health reporter stephanie stahl with more on the science of the fear. it is a chilly friday
5:59 pm
evening in philadelphia but your had halloween forecast is more of a treat, then a trick? next week we're tracking a pretty big warm up, as we head back to september, in november, i'll have your full forecast, "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. go owls. >> go owls, is right. temple football frenzy is hitting a a a fever pitch, fans swarmed temple campus for this pep rail. undefeated owls sore past ninth ranked notre dame tomorrow night and continue their historic season. ahh, yeah lots of big things happening. >> yes. >> tomorrow, the game, we have halloween, it will be a fun weekend. >> good evening, we're so glad you are with us. we want to look first at the weather because that will impact everybody. meteorologist kate bilo is live on the cbs-3 sky deck with her first forecast, kate, how is it looking.
6:00 pm
>> i'm so happy to report, jessica and ukee, the weather will cooperate not as warm as we would like it or not the as warm as yesterday but it will be cool, crisp and most importantly it will be dry, for halloween and for that all important temple game, we may have a shower creeping in sunday. lets look at storm scan three i can tell you it feels great out here as sun goes down. you you can see rain moving through central part of the country that is lifting north and east ward as we head through the weekend. we will not feel that much of a first impact from that system a stray sprinkle, more cloud on sunday and that is it. in the near term we have clear skies friday night and clear sky and light wind, that is a recipe for cold, expected to be a cold friday night and a very frosty start to your saturday morning. twenty-four hour temperature change. do you remember how warm it was yesterday? now temperatures have dropped ten to 15 degrees from those numbers. we were in the 70's yesterday. today many spots stayed in the 50's and that is where we will be tomorrow, highs in your 50's for


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