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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 30, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> i'm so happy to report, jessica and ukee, the weather will cooperate not as warm as we would like it or not the as warm as yesterday but it will be cool, crisp and most importantly it will be dry, for halloween and for that all important temple game, we may have a shower creeping in sunday. lets look at storm scan three i can tell you it feels great out here as sun goes down. you you can see rain moving through central part of the country that is lifting north and east ward as we head through the weekend. we will not feel that much of a first impact from that system a stray sprinkle, more cloud on sunday and that is it. in the near term we have clear skies friday night and clear sky and light wind, that is a recipe for cold, expected to be a cold friday night and a very frosty start to your saturday morning. twenty-four hour temperature change. do you remember how warm it was yesterday? now temperatures have dropped ten to 15 degrees from those numbers. we were in the 70's yesterday. today many spots stayed in the 50's and that is where we will be tomorrow, highs in your 50's for halloween but heading
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to that temple game wear layers. it will be chilly, but this is great football weather, tailgating bring hot chocolate, make a pot of chile in the crock pot. it will be fantastic. notre dame in town at the link 506789 degrees your kick off temperature with the south and west f that is too cool, wait until next week. look at this warm up, by tuesday, we're talking 70's. it is november. it will feel like september again. not for only one day, but this is not just a fluke. we may stay warm through the end of the week. we will have have your full seven day forecast, with more on what you can expect for trick or treating, raise your hand if you try to take the kid trick or treating right before the temple game, for tomorrow evening. we will send it back inside to you. speaking of the temple game owls from all around the region are spreading their wings and cheering on the home team. >> "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson is live on campus where he spoke to excited alumni in town for the big game, steve. >> reporter: jessica and ukee, we have been showing you those excited students all day long, but it is not just the the
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students who are hyped for tomorrow's big football game but also the the a alumni who are all over this city. we found some in very high places and they say it is a little tough to concentrate. it is, still a productive day at dilworth paxson law firm but just with a few more distractions. >> is there a constant flow of new articles, speculation, and debates, and i'm definitely looking at it way more then i should be. >> reporter: that is attorney mark winestein hitting facebook for his temple fix and he says, why not, with the owls nationally rang undefeated seven and zero and gearing up with a national thely televised showdown against notre dame, a little work place excitement is warranted. >> the entire time i was at temple, temple had a losing football team. >> it is really exciting and gratifying. >> reporter: upstairs, the big bosses are even in spirit. former mayoral candidate nelson diaz says most of the calls on friday were from one thing. >> people calling me for
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tickets. i have never had as many calls for tickets. >> reporter: diaz, also happens to be on the board of trustees at temple. he says that the board will soon meet to talk about the possibility of approving a new 35,000 seat stadium. >> it is premature until you have at least money in hand and not promises but money in hand. >> reporter: make it happen diaz says victory saturday and a big bowl game is crucial that would help us, that would put us in a position where it is justification to have something in north philadelphia. >> reporter: diaz tells me that the board is set to talk about the possibility, of a new stadium, on campus, in december. in the meantime, of course, the big game is tomorrow. we will be there to bring you the latest. for now we are live on the campus of temple university, i'm steve paterson cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> exciting times indeed. steve, thanks very much. temple fans, show us your spirit, get your camera ready and give us your best cheer. use hashtag cbs 36789 can't
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wait to see what you come up with. in other news a philadelphia police officer is hospitalized chasing after a suspect he saw vandal icing a car and was run down by a fellow police officer. the officer was injured at 55th and pine in west philadelphia a "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos joins us to tell us more bit. >> reporter: good evening, it all began with the driver of this honda accord right here, a pair of uber and lyft drivers who bashed in the windows of another vehicle. and just a block away from the 18th police district. a hot police pursuit that left one officer injured. police aren't sure why a suspect in this black sedan got out of his car with the the bat. >> it is a uber/lyft car, it is registered in new york. we're not quite sure yes got out of his vehicle and damaged the park vehicle. >> reporter: smashing in the windows of this gray suv. >> officers stopped the male and he jumped back into the car for short distance around the area, he flees, and
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officers lose track of him. >> reporter: that is 1:35 friday afternoon. minutes later on the same block of the 18th police district two plainclothes officers spot the suspect parking his car, one gets out and chases him on foot. >> as he is chasing westbound his partner is parallelling him and as two passes to get up towards the the street, the the department pulled over to the sidewalk. >> reporter: as both officer a and suspect fall to the ground a third officer, one who originally spotted the suspect bashing in the suv's windows is also in pursuit in this marked police van. he cannot stop in time and hits plainclothes officer. >> he is not able to stop quick enough and his leg up with one officer. >> reporter: fortunately, investigators say that officer injured will be okay but he does have fractures to his foot and his toes. as for suspect he is being charged with both vandalism and endangering life of an officer. we are live from west philadelphia, i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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five students are now and rest in connection with the after school brawl that left four allentown police officers injured. the officers were trying to break up fight outside william allen high school and part of it was caught on tape. it doesens of students were involved in this. authorities say a female student grabbed an officer by her hair, pulled her to the ground and assaulted her. three other officers were also injured. >> that is police. that was crazy. she will face charges. >> it was really immature. i don't think an educational facility should have this. >> i think it the is super crazy. i never seen anything like that in allentown. i see it the in the news and stuff but never witness that had before. it is crazy. >> the the students are charged with aggravated assault, rioting, disorderly conduct and other offences. get out the vote efforts are ram pink up as election day approaches on tuesday. the black clergy of philadelphia a says their plans to boost voter turnout coincides with the 50th anniversary of the voting
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rights act. >> apathy in the the community, i don't know why, but we may have to address. that maybe we need to have voting on saturdays. >> reporter: the organization also endorsed judge kevin dougherty's campaign for one of the three vacant seats on the pennsylvania supreme court. election day thinks tuesday, stay with cbs-3 for continuing coverage on air and on line, at cbs the philadelphia inquirer, daily news and are merging news rooms, that move announced by the publisher of philadelphia media networks also comes with layoffs. the company will continue to put out separate papers. the the changes are expected to save the company five to six million-dollar. a south philadelphia neighborhood is on alert tonight thanks to a robbery spree. this is area where we're talking between seventh and 13th and washington and shunk. there have been eight robberies in the area in just over the past week. the crimes raising from stolen phones to a commercial robbery. police are searching for the
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suspects. well, here's ago mischief night in camden was full of violence and property destruction. >> officials are hoping to keep all of that in the past. tonight their focused on camden's kid. "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan is live in camden with more on what is going on there, cleve. >> reporter: years ago, i mean just about 20 years ago there were more than a 100 fires on the night before halloween known as mischief night but now they are bringing people out to have a good time. we're here in yorkship square in the fair view section of the city where kids are playing, having fun, eating food and it is a party with a purpose. to these camden children halloween is a chance to play games, dress up, and eat goodies. police hope it stays that way as they grow into teenagers. unfortunately some have been seen causing trouble on the tonight before halloween as a right before dread age but dreaded mischief night is transformed into blue newt. >> blue night where we celebrate our coming together,
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incorporating our officers, you know, with the kids. >> is it safe. >> to be safe. >> to be a good citizen. >> to be a good citizen. >> and to watch over my neighborhood and community. >> children took ab oath to be good citizens in their neighborhoods and earned the right to be called blue knights. city officials and county police department see it in as a golden opportunity to strengthen relationship with local families. >> this is such a huge improvement because i have been doing work with juvenile pop eulogies in the city of camden for many, many years and i remember kid as young as that saying no, cops are our enemies. to see this it is remarkable. >> reporter: i'm here with a blue knight, what does that mean to be a blue knight. >> to save our community. >> reporter: are you having fun. >> yeah. >> reporter: happy halloween. the we are live from york ship square in camden, i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> getting the message out. thanks, cleve. thank you young for doing your thing. getting spooked is part of
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the experience on halloween. >> haunted house goodies for a scream or two but you may be surprised by some of the things that creep people out. health reporter stephanie stahl, dives into the science of fear, that is up next, kate. i'm more in the candy side of halloween then spooky side, let's be honest here. we have your halloween forecast, will this system off to the west provide any tricks in the forecast this weekend? we will have the latest. we will take a peak at that setting the clock back stuff, how early will our sunset be? that is coming up with the seven day forecast, leslie. we have sixers home opener tonight, against the jazz, always an exciting time but brett brown says he knows sixers fans have been very patient but there is a lot to be excited about this season. we will hear from him later in sports. we will be right back after the break.
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tonight is is a great place to go this halloween week find like ghosts in your coffee. a spectacular menu, the egg white of the living dead, rose
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marie pancakes but there is more than food, it is a great staff and one manager in particular who gets involved. >> great advice, great food, but how is vittoria woodill taking one bite too many and gone too far? once you see foot perfect in time for halloween you you cannot blame her for being overcome, have a taste with torey on "eyewitness news" tonight at 11:00. lots of fun, spooky things on halloween eve, our viewers are getting dressed up and taking lots of pictures. check these out, young and old, send us your picks using hashtag cbs-3 and you may see them right here on cbs-3. lets take a look at one right now these guys, page and ryan, dressed up as their favorite characters chase and mar shall from the show, paw patrol. happy halloween guys, looking good. from adorable to scary halloween is filled with frightful sights and ghosts a and goblins. >> health reporter stephanie stahl has more on the science behind fear. >> fear, fear.
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>> interesting stuff. >> it is. some people love haunted houses and being scared. well, there will be plenty of that this weekend. but, fear is something that most of us, experience at some point. for me, it is snakes. anyway, what about you? halloween, it is time to be scared. beyond haunted houses, fear is a basic human instinct. many are afraid of things like spiders, flying, public speaking and death. it is normal. >> fear is here to protect us. >> reporter: elizabeth gordon a psychology resident says emotion to fear helps keep us safe. >> people sense fear things that has been dangerous to them as we evolve. a lot of things we will see around halloween play on sort of the natural fears that we would have. so fears of spiders. >> reporter: talk about spooky, the penitentiary is all creeped out for halloween. terror behind the the walls. >> people like to be scared because it is that intense experience, adrenaline rush.
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>> reporter: brett, the director of operations says the exhibit at terror behind the walls plays on the unknown and unexpected. >> the attractions, it is a lot darker. people air frayed of dark and what might be in there. that attraction does have spiders, snakes, things like that rats that people air frayed of. >> reporter: go ahead, be afraid, enjoy that scary rush but be ready for your body to react, it is a natural physical response to fear. >> you are heart will raise, your pipe ills dilate, heavy breathing, sometimes stomach distress and dizziness. >> um-hmm. >> well, people who enjoy that rush of being scared, also tend to be thrill seekers, we're told. they like things like roller coaster. when it comes to things thaw fear like flying or public speaking, the experts say just do it, conquer your fears, expose you're owe exposure will reduce those fears. >> that is true, just expose yourself to what you are a
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afraid of. >> yes. >> you don't like snakes. >> i do not like snakes. >> i don't like people jumping up at me either. the haunted houses which they jump at you. >> kate has best idea good it is all about the candy. >> it is all about the candy. >> i have nightmares about clowns. >> i'm not too keen on clowns. >> everybody has got something. >> thanks, stephanie. speaking obfuscate, here is our forecast. >> yes. >> there you are. >> candy is reason to go out on halloween more so then the fear for me. not a big adrenaline speaker, i hate rollercoasters so that makes a lot of sense. we have a nice forecast for your halloween, nothing scary bit. once sun goes down and it is, you know, gets dark it will be creepy out there if you are where lauren is, at laurel hill cemetery. that is a perfect place to go. they have a great family fun event tomorrow. lets look at outside right now. storm scan three shows rain moving through central part of the country at the moment.
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that will not impact us very much at all. it will head our way sunday bringing in cloud and stray sprinkle. the the rest of the weekend looks great, right the now storm scan three no problems. temperatures right now falling off pretty rapidly, now that the sun has set. we are seeing temperatures dropping quickly because of the clear skies and that light wind at 58 degrees in philadelphia. fifty-four in himville. fifty-three in allentown. we are down to 45 in mount pocono. definitely chilly outside tonight heading down to the 30's and expect frost on the ground tomorrow morning. we are looking at the 50's and lower 50's across the north east. chill has settled in. it is not here to stay. we will warm up, again as we head into next week if you like these temperatures we saw yesterday get ready for more where that came from next week but today was back to reality. after 57 in atlantic city to day just 59, wilmington got to 27 yesterday. today didn't break out of the 50's. we barely hit 60 mark today here in philadelphia what to expect as we head in the weekend. it does stay on the cool side for your saturday, had halloween but again, it is
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more of a treat then a trick. cool and dry highs in the low to mid 50's across north and western suburbs, generally upper 50's here in philadelphia a then on sunday, closer to normal. we will be back in the mid 50's, more cloud around and a chance for a sprinkle but definitely not a wash out. keep your eye on that system to the south. it looks like showers mainly stay suppressed south of here during the day monday. so it is another mild day. then as we go beyond that forecast, it will start to feel like september, in november, next week, watch at how the jet stream lifts to the north and this big pocket of warm air sits overhead. tuesday, wednesday, and thursday and friday, well above average. really for the entire eastern half of the country through in majority of the next week. that will feel fantastic. i'm looking forward to that. overnight mainly clear, chilly down to 39 degrees. heading in to saturday sun to clouds, bone dry for your halloween, and 50 degrees by 8:00 p.m. and then we will set those clocks back, for the end of the daylight savings time and that means sunset on sunday, 4:59 p.m. it will get dark very, very early. back to the mid 60's sunday
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and monday and there you go next week. seventy's, tuesday, through friday, get ready for great weather, as we move into next week, stay there we will b
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it is time to get excited. we are minutes away from the sixers home open's betweens utah jazz. you can see some of the guys out here warming up a as we see. before the game they will pay tribute to the memory of moses malone, darryl dawkins and harvey pollack and they plan a very big show in their memory. the team, looking to bounce back after losing the season opener on wednesday, expectations are low for this team. they are last in the espn power rankings, and the fans have been very patient with the the team's rebuilding process. the fans do want a team that fights every single game, and that is what coach brett brown, says that they will
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get. >> respect competitive play. i feel that the city respects, energy. i feel like the city appreciates no back down. by and large we play like that. so, to walk into our building and to deliver that type of mind set, and attitude and let these guys understand, you know, that is all they want at this stage, good things will happen if we keep playing that way. >> all right. it is friday night. you know what that means? it is friday foot the ball frenzy. our pat galleys at the game of the week. enjoy the ride. hi, pat. >> hi there leslie. we are in lansdale. you know every so often a couple powerhouse programs get together, this one here is like patriots/broncos. it is like bears and packers. we have neshaminy north penn, it is a big one, because they are fighting for first place and two, six-two teams, neshaminy four-one. they have won three straight.
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north penn , they are six-two. they are five and zero in the conference. they have won five straight games, and they beat pennsbury last week. this ace a huge battle, in the conference, and a couple of teams that put together, some big offenses. tonight a big one on the cbs-3 friday football frenzy here in lansdale. leslie, back to you. have fun town there too. >> all right. sound like a lot of fun over there, pat, thanks very much. let's talk hockey. the flyers begin a five game road trip tonight in buffalo. last night the they took on the devils, and that did not the go so well, the game was tied up until the third period, and that is when he new jersey scored three times, and handed the flyers their second straight loss, and they will try to break that streak tonight. the sixers, back here live at the center, will go for win number one of the season. it would be nice to do that, as a home opener. we will be right back.
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well, the moment mom and pop stores are showing their temple pride. >> this bakery is making temple toe mate the owe pies. "eyewitness news" in manayunk, the schools logo made of cheese is in the middle of the pie. the bakery has received many order for their special tomato pie for tomorrow. >> it looks yuck i. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on the cw philly. we're back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news". tonight questions linger about what caused a fire in the plane. the investigation continues with chris van cleve. here now with scott pelley.
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take care family, we will see >> i will not put american boots on the ground in syria. >> pelley: but two years later, he's doing just that, as the war against isis esk laits. also tonight, severe storms. the water's deep in the heart of texas. the search for the cause of this near disaster. >> one interesting thing is that going inside the cabin, you can't tell there was a fire. >> pelley: and steve hartman are a high school football player going for the exclamation point in a coach's career. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: president obama is putting u.s. forces on the ground in syria, something he had vowed not to do. but after a year of american airstrikes and the failure of a u.s. program to b


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