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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  October 31, 2015 2:07am-2:39am EDT

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>> right now at 11 bill of dollars in unclaimed cash some of it could belong to you. jim donovan with the new way to get your money back. are you ready for, tonight a breakfast and lunch spot that has a halloween twist. >> living dead. help. >> but first temple football fever rises to new heights.
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gets ready for one of it's big guest games ever. >> good evening everyone ukee washington washington. jessica dean. >> fans believe they can keep the winning streak a life. natasha brown live on independence mall where excite. is building for tomorrow ism u excitement is certainly building. we are just hours away from one of the biggest games in temple football history. this city couldn't be more proud. the energy is electra fighting on temple campus and throughout the city of philadelphia. andy feet ted temple owls thrust the into the spotlight. >> so much events on campus like pep rallies and stuff. >> reporter: from the pep rallies earlier in the day to a more zairean campus at night. no one is losing site of what this game means for the team,
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university and students. >> this is the first time that you walk around campus and everyone is like really excited cause this is like a historic moment so ocrea l feel the vibe going on. everybody's like in full school spirit mowed. >> reporter: nelson diaz fits on the board hoping a new stadium in north philly will soon become reality. the team place at lincoln financial field field which comes with a reported 12 million dollar payment to use the stadium for home football games. >> its premature until you have at least the money in hand and not promise us the money in hand. >> reporter: while a victory saturday ses important in so many ways it's also perm for devon anderson he wants to see his cousin do well. >> kind of crazy. cause you know i've been going to a lot of the games i've seen him play at mount claire to see him come from mount claire to
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temple mind would go link. we are all argue ting for temple hopefully they win: well, they certainly are going to win we claim that victory. tim potentially does plan to bus thousand dollars of students here to independence mall for a national l tell violated pregame show. all eyes will turn to lincoln financial field tomorrow night where we will cheer on the cherry and white. natasha grown cbs3 eyewitness news. >> thanks so much. temple fans out there show us your spirit get 84 camera ready use #cbs3. philadelphia police officer is hospitalized after getting hit by a van that was driven by a fellow officer. near have it fifth and pine a plain clothes office was hit by a uniform officer driving a van as all of them pursued a status expect on foot. injured officer suffered a fractured foot and toes. before the suspect started running he took a baseball bat
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to an suv that suspect ses in custody. on alert tonight thieves are striking the area between 7th and 13th and washington and shunning there has been 8 rob rise in that area anne little more than a week. the crimes range engining from stolen phones to a commercial business robbery police are searching for suspects. >> more and more towns are enforcing curfews to crackdown on break. curfew in maple shade was set for 8:00. children we saw out and about were accompanied by their parents. curfew in moorestown began 830. parents think the curfew starts too earl into. >> what's wrong with 10:00? >> that's a normal time for kids to be able to be out and about maybe after 10:00 you p don't want them out. >> good to keep the kids in and occupied and you know just, i don't see a lot of mischief hundred moorestown. >> reporter: as for halloween night the occur few in maple shade is set for 9 clock.
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10:00 in moorestown. you can check out for full neighborhood guide for occur few time. >> how many times did you think if i a little extra money you may be owed some. computer reporter jim donovan joins us to talk about one of his favorite things unclaimed cash. >> reporter: huge amounts of money in pennsylvania, new jersey. i told you about it before even delaware has one point 6 bill dollars waiting to be claimed. and today they made it he is easier than everyone. >> into not everyone can be as lucky as a lot rewin near. you can ben titled to cash and not no it. delaware launch add new website so people can look for unclaimed cash and get back what's there. 3 on your side has been on the for front for years helping people get money and property back. last spring 3 on your side helped a health sent claim 12
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hundred bucks. >> we are happy. >> susan g. komen got money owed to them. i say this person is owed money ding ding mr. ukee washington. >> come on how much. >> reporter: i believe at least 300 dollars it could be a utility deposit you never got back or a check that got lost in the mail. >> it's coming from banks. insurance companies, if you have stock. securities that somehow gets lost coming from there. >> reporter: david gregory delaware department of finance when the owner can't be found the money end up with state treasury. >> we have a lot of assets that we'd like to write with true owners. in the past when it was more of a paper driven process people would get discouraged and fall by the way side. this allows them to do it all at one time. >> reporter: with the states new website. >> they can search for names, click the properties they believe that belong to them 10
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then they can file the claim in one seem less step: now to make it easy i posted links to not only delaware but links to states all used by each state on us fill testimony .com i'll be sharing it on facebook twitter, if you find your name file a claim. ukee washington only so much i can do. >> i no. thank you, jim. i'm waiting for cash to roll over. you found more. >> reporter: empty your wallet obviously you have too much. >> i wish. >> reporter: your people are like mine we guard our money. we guard our money. >> what are you trying to say. thank you jim appreciate it. well tomorrow the military plans to remove remaining section of the brim p. helicopter will pull the brim p out of the trees and military trucks will hall it away. officials still do not know hit
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broke free from a maryland military facility wednesday. time may have run out for ss united states. the group trying to keep the ship afloat gave itself until tomorrow to raise enough cash to race the piece of history. david spunt has a look at where things stand now. >> reporter: ss united states person in a fide the best when it came to okay liners. >> threat is. >> reporter: the 1962 film bon voyage highlighted the cities glory now it sits rot ting where its been on the delaware river since 1996. the ship could be gone for sick. >> passengers stayed up all night. >> reporter: for ss united states a group aimed at bringing the ship back to life. gibs also name found on the ship as her grand father famed architect william francis gibs started designing the vessels in 1914. >> what is it like to be the granddaughter of the man that
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designed this ship and the person trying to save this ship so many decades later? >> w i just hope we pull it up i hope we save this. >> us presidents, royalty and hole wood celebrities made the trip across the atlantic frequently. those memories exist only in films and photo albums. >> couldn't sir van see pays 60 thousand dollars a month to store the ship here at the philadelphia appear. thursday night gibs met with private don first for a final ship fund raiser. she says the couldn't sir van see brought it just 20 thousand dollars that night. >> since early this month when we first announced to the world that we reached this pointer with the ship we raced approximately a hundred thousand dollars. >> reporter: gibs says for now no more fund racers are plan she will consult with the staff about october 31st deadline and go over the numbers announcement expected next week. complete redevelop. would cost more than 200 million dollars a
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number susan gibs is hoping a private developer would pay. she told eyewitness news a few developers expressed recent interest. >> are you at piece with whatever happens. >> no, i am not at piece, she's got to stay afloat: david spunt cbs3 eyewitness news. >> big week mend dental potentially game. well the halloween forecast be a trick tore a treat that's the question you can see things are clear for now will this system impact your weekend i'll have the latest we will warm up next week full forecast is coming up. >> also ahead do you like guest in 84 coffee. a great place to go this halloween weekend especially for brunch. >> that's right they have a horror brunch for halloween it's
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not only the food it's a few people behind the counter too. >> into all right, and the eyewitness sports team rock king on the high school seen tonight. original football frenzy straight ahead. and coming up after eyewitness news the late show with steven colbert and tonight steven welcomes charlie rows, author, and musical performances by guest and a zombie how appropriate. starts 1135. we will be right
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>> now we know temple campus is sport ting cherry and white there's also pink lee core a center is showing pink like part of lights for the cure campaign cbs3 and susan g. komen philadelphia. check and see if you have skip pea peanut butter in the
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kitchen self jars of the reduce d fat cream knee sped are being recalled. small pieces of metal shavings may be inside. december 14th 2016 recall affects 7 states including delaware. are you looking for a place to have brunch this weekend? >> well, we happen to have that place for you and there's a halloween twist on the men you. yes, there is let's get a taste with tore rejoining us from fairmount section of the city, tory. >> reporter: thank you so much everyone. yep life supra 15 in a's cafe a fantastic brunch, they are known for brunch and french toast they are definitely getting in the holiday spirit this weekend. ♪ >> reporter: they've got
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skeletons on the wall and ghost in your coffee. assistant manager is just one of the staff members who keeps customers in good spirits on the raining. >> everyone is really great they like they are part of the staff and the team. >> reporter: what kind of relationship does she have with regular customers? >> well, let's see, it's pretty deep. i've had regulars visit my mom in canada. they no a lot about has and we know a lot about them. and so many relationships have developed at his counter. he e she not only place manager but therapist. >> she's really great she gave me advice. >> she's special she's definitely a hero. >> reporter: robert who owns this sabrina says the secret sauce is letting the staff be who they are. >> we do get a lot of text messages if you notice, they let us know how we are doing, that
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goes straight to my cell phone 90% of it is all great. always about the service staff. >> reporter: and right now the staff is having some scary fun. >> some help. >> reporter: brunch men you for halloween is getting spook tackler let's just say its to die for. items like the agency white of the living dead and rosemary's baby cake. me i was going big starting with am he kneeville horror french toast. omg look at the size of that. what is in it. >> cream cheese, ricott, apple byberry syrup. >> reporter: was it delicious. friday the 13th. >> in this my dear is the camp chrystal lake cumulative feria special breakfast. >> reporter: this was scary good. plan cakes, short rib hash and
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two over easy eggs. >> in this one is right up my alley. >> reporter: if that wasn't enough then it was time for the killer could you say outer space beer gary how much could i eat i even surprised some of the staff. finally i had to stop. exhausted. after having a near food coma. i think i just died. she even tucked me in. >> well there you go you guys just when you thought i couldn't eat enough here i am at sabrina's and spencer's too i keep on eating. let me tell you something about that brunch it is huge and fantastic and you will be leaving frightening l fool. for more information go to remember advice that you have in the area because you are the expert.
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make sure you hit me up on facebook .com slash victoria, let me know what issued be taste ting meant i don't think i'm going to make it out of here a life. >> tory, come on it looks great. >> he's concerned for you. >> reporter: i can't stop. >> tory, we'll get you some help. [laughter]. >> all right. >> reporter: rest up this weekend. >> oh, my goodness i can't believe it. >> in she had french toast an beer gary. >> noon a little december certification. >> coming for halloween a lot happening. a lot going on a lot of sugar. you get an extra hour of sleep to sleep it up. the weather looks pretty great for wean wouldn't and for the temple football game tomorrow night. let's look take you out to our roof couple sky couple 3 everything is looking okay right
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now. skies are clear. and you know what happens i told you a million times on a cool clear night with light wind, temperatures like to plum met. it is getting cold. we are in 40. and we've got thirst in some spots across the map. you can see take into a quick time lapse in margate it was a beautiful day down the shore. sunshine across the sky all day long. another beautiful sunset. even though today was a little bit cooler than yesterday it still was a nice fall day with temperatures in the low 60 actually not that far up the average. you can see rain starting to come in on the system. showers due northeast most of this will miss us, more clouds on sunday maybe a chance for a shower. a few spots, the poconos allentown they are at 40 degrees, 41 in redding. 50 at the airport. 40 in state college.
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temps drop l thud l overnight. yesterday, 70s. today, 50s and barely hitting 60. it was a return to reality, but, the good news is if you like these numbers, we've got several days of it next week. it will feel like we are heading back to september next week. cool and dry for saturday temperatures mid to up 60 not bad for halloween at least it's not wet. good news for trick or treated. sun cloud stray sprinkle. monday this system will stay mainly up to the south bring us clouds but the showers should miss us for the most part of the overnight we drop into the thirst 39 degrees trots tea start to saturday. bone dry for halloween saturday 57 degrees will be the daytime high. speaking of halloween let's take a look at the map dead man's corner main 44 points, erie 54 degrees, pumpkin center south
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carolina 54, black cat ashing says halloween temperature of 63. in our area temps will be dropping from mid 50s to low 50s during course of saturday evening make sure you set the clocks back an hour. we get an extra hour of sick the sunsets at 4:49 p.m. that gets sad every time i say it. here's what's not so sad next week a beautiful warm up 72 on tuesday. we can keep it in the 70s through friday. >> really. going to feel like a little return to sunday -- summer. >> here's a look at sports. teams are struggling fliers two games, sixers looking for the first game of the season your team, your town your kids the first game of the season your team, your town your kids on tv f newspapers back christine donohue for supreme court. saying this daughter of a coal miner gets the highest rating from the bar association.
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they call donohue uniquely qualified. and cite her commitment to restoring integrity. both business and labor endorse donohue because she's independent and fair. prosecutors. firefighters. people who keep us safe - all back donohue. on tuesday - christine donohue. let's restore integrity to pennsylvania's supreme court
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>> home dauby facing utah jazz looking for the first win of the season. 26 point game in boston on wednesday and here he is in the first quarter. he score d 10 points. long night jazz led most of the game led by david, the sixers drop the homeowner 99 to 71. flyers kickoff a 5 game road trip try to a new game, first
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round pick goal right there that will give the lead. power play ryan o'reilly. the flyers drop third straight game 3 to one. ♪ >> love it guys thanks so must friday nighttime for friday football frenzy let's get to the action philadelphia public league. roxborough taking home lincoln, samuel car weaving his way in and out of traffic win. end zone there big winner 46 nothing. only at north east wash well cheer around the end score northeast wins 32 to 20.
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we have pots grove check out porter. 5 yards out. pot grove big winner 47 to 3. over the bridge we go charles walker, walks it into the end zone untouched winning 64 to 7. eastern, eastern going deep get the interception wow. readily we a golden football, kicking the balance for haverford they win this one 21 to 13 stay tuned for game of the week is next. we'll be
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>> welcome back it's time for game of the week you voted for mess sham ma knee north pen. >> reporter: we are in lansdale for friday football frenzy it is a big match up between 6 and two neshaminy and north pen. here in the second quarter score 27 yards out what a run. 103 north pen. for neshaminy, here's the first of his two scores 95 yard drive tied at 10 a piece.
2:34 am
let's go west, he would move this pile on his own. score again to make it 1610 north penn. defense they are happy. back to, he would hit the end zone give neshaminy1716 lead. big play here, the sixth double move watch that would put north pen in the red zone and of course, take over from there because can he not be stopped. this right here game winner north penn the victor 2713 eyewitness sports. >> shows are some moves. >> love the high school. >> 79 the cheerleaders. >> so much excitement high school. thanks appreciate it.
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>> that's going to it for us tonight. our morning team is back tomorrow from 5 till 7 for kate, leslie our entire crew. >> up next steven colbert. >> thanks for watching. good night, family. sleep well. ♪
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