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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 31, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> today is saturday, october 31, happy halloween to you, so glad you're with us, i'm nicole brewer. we sent it over to kyla, see how the trick-or-treat letters fair tonight. a lot of people out and about? >> yes, a lot of people will be out and b the last thing you want to be freezing or have to carry umbrella with you, and i'm happy to say we will stray dry, will be little cool. high today just 58 degrees, we can ends hal cool. >> not bad. maybe for the little ones, jacket or coat tonight if you head out. not bad at all. for the temple game, too, by the way, dry for that, too, little cool. but not bad, in fact, we will start off our day quite nice, cool, but sunny start to the day, some spooky afternoon clouds, moving in, and then very much warmer sunday, on the way, by the way, some 70s in our forecast later in the week. currently right now, though, it is chilly. take a look at our live neighborhood network. plymouth meeting 34 degrees, wayne, 38 right now, wilmington, 38 for you. and 34 for mays landing.
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notice the winds there in the right column, it is very slight this morning. so that helps us out with the chilly temperatures. live look at storm scan3, shows you that our skies are relatively clear. just few clouds off to our west. as we zoom out, though, there is some spooky weather, as we look right through the center of the country, some stormy wet area ahead of front. good news that won't put damper on our evening tonight. we don't have to worry about. that will we could see few sprinkles on our sunday morning but that's about it, sunshine to start the day, high of 58 degrees, same story down the shore, clouds roll in in the afternoon. fifty-one in the poconos, so little cooler and temperatures, let's talk temperatures, shall we, we start warming up sunday, but by monday into tuesday, we're getting way up there. we will see 70s everybody, starting on tuesday, right through the end of the week more about it many doing up. >> breaking news from overseas, egypt prime minister says russian passenger jet has crashed. passenger jet reportedly
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caring more than 200 people. plane took off, dis ace peering from radar about two minute after take offer. the plane was bound for st. petersberg. search and rescue team now trying to find out exactly what happened, and of course, we will continue to follow the story and bring you more information as it becomes available. >> right now, though, we are talking about owlo-ween back here at home. temple fights to continue their undefeated streak, as they take on number nine ranked notre dame. big game tonight, "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff live at independent dense mall where espn college game day has taken over market street, where people are already pumped. i hear them in the background, alec, good morning. >> yes, things getting hyped around here. that's a good thing, has just dropped whole bunch off. i think just couple of minutes ago, notre dame fan walked through. this is ritz can i territory for that as i've been saying this morning. in less than three hours now
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we have this countdown behind me. the temple university football program will be taken to national stage asomugha college game day begins. >> you might wall these night owls. >> fans turning up in groves, as the wildly popular college game day broadcast just nows away. >> i love to party with all of those guys over, there it is just a lot of fun. >> most haven't slept, and don't plan to. hoping to hang in there, as their temple owls do against notre dame through that 8:00 p.m. kick half on. >> we love our school so much. and this is like crazy, what's happening right now. >> they came out to secure that coveted he will real estate to show offer the knot quite come re hence recall sign during the 9:00 a.m. broadcast. showcase will take temple history making seven and zero owls to national stage.
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>> being it is halloween, people did dress up. saw more than one hotdog, of course more than couple of owls. >> i'm excited. temple will win. notre dame is going down. game day is here. we're psched. let's go tu. couple people told me they did no go to bed at all. independence mall will fill up, as these hours countdown. once again three hours before the live broadcast, right here at independence hall. reporting live here, alexandria hoff, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", nicole, we send it back to you. >> i love it. night owls, perfect. alex, thanks. beating know notre dame. the university boards every trustees will soon need to talk about the possibility of new 35,000 seat stadium in north philadelphia. law firm partner and former mayoral candidate, nelson diaz, is on the board, says that there is still a long way to go before a stadium becomes
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a reality. >> it is premature, until you have at least the money in hand, and not promise us the monday any hand. >> to make it happen, diaz says victory today against the fighting irish and also a big bowl game would give the board some justification to put a stadium in north philly. >> well, new this morning, police are investigating a possible shooting in north philadelphia. it happened around 4:00 this morning, near the intersection of randolph and van ankle owe street. shots fired at woman sitting inside her car. she was struck in the head with either a bullet or a piece of glass from her car. she is now in critical condition, but expected to be okay. there is no word on a suspect but police are looking for an astro van. >> also, new this morning, crews are still on the scene trying to determine the cause after fire, that broke out in the cecil b. moore section of north philadelphia. this happened at 20th and oxford streets, just before 2:00 this morning. the fire broke out in a row home, officials say the build something in danger of collapsing. at least one person has been taken to the hospital. but no word on the severity of
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the injuries. well, more and more towns are enforcing curfews to crackdown on halloween pranks. and the curfew last night for juveniles in maple shade, new jersey, was set at 8:00. children we saw out and about were of course accompanied by their parent. the curfew in nearby moorestown began at 8:30, parent we talk to think the curfew is little too early. >> what's wrong with 10:00 o'clock? i mean, that's a normal time for kids to be able to be out and about, maybe after 10:00 o'clock you don't want them out. >> good to keep the kids in and occupied and but i don't see a lot of mist chief. >> the curfew is 9:00 and 10:00 in moorestown, little more wiggle room. well, are you wondering what the curfew times are in your neighborhood? look no further than our website we have full guide for you, to help you sort that out. neighbors in the area on high alert hoping to bring ends to all of this before the thieves strike again.
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talking about the string of robberies. that happened between 7:00 and 13th street and washington and shunk. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter has more. >> beyond the scary decorations, this halloween, there are real life crime concerns for one south philadelphia neighborhood. on streets, east of broad, west of seventh, between washington and shunk, eight robberies, in just over a week. >> different victim, different offender. >> captain frank mel ilio said no one group is responsible. the crimes ranging from stolen iphones, to a commercial robbery. >> with this weekend being, you know, historically the night, mischief night, tomorrow al halloween, we want to make people to be aware of the surroundings while they're out. >> sure, you want to be more alert. >> for long time neighbor, tony, who has lived on the block, for 63 years, the crime
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alert comes as bad news. >> it is a tough situation. >> just hope for the best. >> after issuing the warning, police joined with neighbors in a pre justly planned unity march, following a recent murder and shooting. a sign of the police community cooperation that it is hoped will bring in robbery spree to an end. >> and immediately as we hear about the crime alert, from district, the captain comes down to talk to us, we come down to the community, weaver meeting, from that meeting everybody dispersed to where their district is. and hands it will from that point on. >> police here at the third district say so far, they've made arrest in one of the eight robberies. they hope from cooperation of neighbors and those neighbors staying alert they'll make many more arrests in the days to come. in south philadelphia, walt hunter, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". philadelphia police officer is hospitalized, after getting hit by a vehicle that was driven by fellow cop.
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near 55th and pine in west philadelphia yesterday. plane clothes officer was hit by an uniformed officer who was driving in a van as us a pursued suspect on foot. police say he took a baseball bat to an s.u.v. >> the own earth of the vehicle not in the city, nobody in the car at the time. >> the injured officer is going to be okay. he suffered fractured foot, and tow, the suspect is in custody facing charges. >> hatching today, military plans to remove the remaining section of the surveillance blimp that crashed in northeastern pennsylvania. helicopters will pull that blimp out of the trees in lehigh county and military trucks will hall it away. officials still don't know thousand broke free from a maryland military facility on wednesday. >> all right, 6:09 right now. still ahead on "eyewitness news", don't call them ghost hunters. they're ghost busters. >> paranormal investigations don't always ends with ghosts. i'm jamie, and in marble head, massachusetts on the hunt for spirits and other things that go bump in the night.
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>> plus the new halloween trend, but these strangely colored pumpkins aren't taking the place of jack o'lanterns. why they could keep trick-or-treaters safe. we'll have more on that story coming up next. withso, when chris browntion can mand will paulsath. would recklessly deny access to basic health services like mammograms and annual exams, it makes a real difference in women's lives. chris brown voted against funding
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among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now.
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>> work to determine what's haunt the and what can be debunk dollars by science or maybe the environment. just don't call them ghost busters on hunters. jamie, followed along on case, and has their story now from marble head, massachusetts. >> can you give us a sign of your press innocence. >> the search for ghosts and spirit often ends in mortal disappoint: >> oh, i got t. >> but every now and then? this happens. >> is there someone smear can you please make it go off as high as you can? >> nick smith, paranormal investigators has explored more than 800 cases, of suspected spiritual activity. >> we began doing local haunts, in my neighborhood in queens, cemetery, and then. >> most cases end like this one, where homeowners thought a ghost was shaking their bed. >> it turned out to be the wind. moving a garage door. the team says, 96% of the
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time, claims of paranormal activity can be debunk dollars by real world explanations. that leaves 4% of cases like this one in marble head, that can't. >> two centuries ago, kept prisoners lock up underground. stories every it ghosts haunt the town's historic in's and bars. judge ask john, who has lived here for nearly 40 years. >> there are ghosts in town. >> really? >> you can sense it. >> sometimes it is more than a sense. smith says, he has evidence. his recorder pick up a mysterious voice, during a visit here. >> do you believe in ghosts in. >> i believe that there is paranormal activity. what that activity is, whether it is ghosts, or simply environmental phenomenon that we've not named or classified yet, that remains to be seen. nick smith says he'll keep looking. >> marble head, massachusetts.
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>> what's he trying to do, finds a ghost in the drawer? >> that ghost is in the drawer. >> good luck, buddy, you won't find it there. but i believe in ghosts for sure. >> i do believe in other worldly spirits. >> there go. >> creepy. >> sometimes i think of it in a nice way, though, you know? like my grandmother visiting me when i see a butterfly go by, because she loved butterflies. >> i'm talking goals, goblins, you know, faking it to the next level. but let's talk about this trick-or-treat forecast. >> good news, we stay dry, little cool today. high of just 58 degrees. we will be in the low 50's, upper 40's for trick-or-treating but the dry part really the one. and i got to tell you, this was a close call. take a look at storm scan3, look at the nasty weather, i would call that spooky, wouldn't you? ya, that's some nasty weather rolling through texas, you can see providing lighter showers up in oil now. for us, not going to be a problem. we could see few sprinkles in the over night hours in the early morning sun say -- sunday, that best it, clear skies right there. that means, sunshine to start,
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few clouds will start rolling in, see that this afternoon. but, spooky clouds are just fine, right? as long as we don't get any rain? 42 degrees currently in philadelphia, check out mount pocono, just 30 degrees. we are at the freezing mark in reading. very chilly in millville this morning. at 32, as well, 41, down in wildwood. as we zoom in here, good news, quakertown, look at you! 28 degrees, oh, stay under the covers, folks. thirty-three in willow grove. mt. holly, about 34 for you. it is chilly. no doubt about it. we do have little bit of saving grace with the wind, this morning, because it is to has been very calm. and that helps with so chilly outside, just about 6 miles per hour now ilphia.n you know, when you get the stiff breeze, it can make it feel all the much more cooler. so as we go through the morning, we start off with the clear, kind of chilly forecast, the sunshine will be with us, as we work our way into the 11:00 a.m. hour. about 50 degrees, then as the afternoon kicks in, we see the clouds. future weather, how this works out. we go through the day with some sunshine, here comes the afternoon, clouds starting to roll n that's 4:00 p.m. headed into trick-or-treat time, see we stay nice and
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dry. overnight hours, the clouds, turn to few sprinkles, there is 8:00 a.m. as the system generally falls apart it makes its way toward us, good thing it, means, that we will stay dry, but could see just few little sprinkles, as we get into the overnight and early morning hour time frame. for sunday. but tonight, i think, this is prep good. right? 51 degrees at 7:00 p.m. some spooky clouds, which will make it little cool, creepy out there tonight. high of 40's, for you, again to eight a.m. and 9:00 p.m. just to gave you a idea did you know the harm he is halloween in 1946 here in philadelphia, 82 degrees. cold eggs, they got the most snowy, and the wettest had over inch of rain all the way back in 1895. no records being set for this time around. so we should be just fine. the temple game, taking on notre dame. good football weather, too, it will be cool out there at 8:00. about 49 degrees. but the win out of the south at 5 miles per hour means that that won't interfere with the game. and hey, let's add one more
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thing, the foliage getting down right gorgeous. take a look at this. will many past peak in the poconos, closer to philadelphia, you can see, places like allentown, getting right to the peak area, very nice, in fact, in the high level there, in philadelphia. your photo from mike typer. pemberton, new jersey, gorgeous, all of the red and/or ankles out, there so enjoy that, too there is weekend from a chance to get out. 58 degrees that will be our high. start sunny, afternoon clouds, winds staying light and variable, tonight, there it is, your overnight low of 47 degrees. that overnight sprinkle possible, but i think mostly just cloudy evening, again it should not interfere with the trick-or-treaters as it pushes later into the morning hours on sunday. remember, we do wind the clocks back as we get saturday night into sunday. little cloudy thereon your sunday, monday, also, cloudy but look warming up. by the time we hit tuesday 70s all the way through the rest of the week, look at the sunshine coming our way, too. >> that's warm welcome for november. >> certainly. >> you know, we will take it. kyla, thank you.
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check to see if you have skippy peanut butter in the kitchen, okay? because several 16-ounce jars of the reduced fat creamy spread now being recalled. the manufacturer says small pieces every metal shavings may have ended up inside. officials say the expiration dayton the affected product is december 14th, 2016. the recall affect seven states in including delaware. >> on the cbs-3 health watch this morning, halloween can be seriously dangerous for the millions of children with allergies. but now teal pumpkins are changing that. health reporter stephanie stahl tells us more about the project that's catching on fast, here, and around the country. >> might look look tough little football player in his burlington county front yard, but his alerts gist to things like poe nuts, milk are constant challenge for brady and millions of children with allergies, halloween can be an ordeal. >> you want them to feel the same. you don't want them to be excluded. >> teal pumpkins to the rescue, universal symbol to
6:20 am
let everyone know this has non-food al hoe wean treats. >> we have halloween sling i things, we have stingers, we have spiders, we have sidewalk chalk. >> in addition to regular candy, brady's mom, eve, and other teal pumpkin families, will also have a separate bowl, with non-food treats. >> when you see and the aphylaxis, that's heart stopping, for me, in i weigh, life threat glenn so epi pen always nearby, to off-set allergic reaction, which can happen in in brady even touches something, that has been in contact with peanut products. >> because if your apples and the icing -- >> family finds ways to make safe food and treat fun. now, halloween is no longer a scary ordeal, since teal pumpkins have joined the festivities. started last year, by food allergy and research
6:21 am
education. variety of resource toss keep halloween safe for everyone, including, a crowd sourced map. so you can easily find teal pumpkin homes. we have that link for you, click on health. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> chances are you've see plenty of pink the will cents several weeks, for the month of october, pink light shining bright all across our region. october of course is breast cancer awareness month. many localed buildings and landmarks taking part in the light for the cure campaign. from the city to the suburbs, to the shore, the pink lights have been on display pretty much everywhere, sever as reminder to schedule that mammogram. light for the cure campaign joint effort by cbs-3 the "cw philly" and susan g. komen philadelphia, it is now wrapping up its 14th year. just love to see all of the pink light. we will take a short break and be right back.
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>> the thrill of victory, crisis, sandra bullock, billy bob thorton play spin doctors for rival political candidate. reveals the ugly side of campaigning. sat down with the stars. take a look. >> we are going to spoon food them the store. >> i san did a bullock place a -- plaza political strategies, gets back in the guage. >> only one wrong in this, only one, that's losing. >> as jane bodine, she takes on a politician's campaign, even though she doesn't know anything about her candidate, and doesn't speak spanish. it is an opportunity to get even with rival strategies, pat candy, played by billy bob thorton. >> i am how many times have you gone against cannedy? >> how many times has he beat you? >> three, four times. >> was the reason for his her
6:26 am
demise, she the reason she is off the wagon again and gone in deep. thorton's charge is her smooth, charming and ruthless. >> there is the sex appeal of course. there is something a luring about your charger. >> for an actress, fun to play, to be that sort of caniving and -- but, the bad part is there are people in real life-like that. >> if you fight with monsters for too long, you become a monster. >> kreen writer had george clean any minds to play bumm owing's character until she expressed interest in the part. >> because of what is really about, which is what human beings are willing to do to get the win. >> george clooney one of the producers of the film bakes dollars on 2005 documentary about strategies, james carvel. suzanne marquez, cbs news, hollywood. >> all right, well, it is just about 6:30. but already, fans in philadelphia this morning, temple nation is up early, and getting pumped for today's game against notre dame. we're live with all of the
6:27 am
pre-game excitement. >> plus, it is a great place to go this halloween weekend, specially, if you like ghosts in your coffee. yep, there is a spectacular menu, try the egg whites of the living dead, or mayor rosemary baby cakes, they have it all. also one staff, one in particular, who really keeps spirits up. have a taste with tori up head in our next half hour of "eyewitness news", stay with
6:28 am
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>> you don't have to wake up early if you never went to bed. that's the kind of did he case temple fans are showing out here this morning. we'll have more for you live coming up. >> alex, thank up. temple football fever, yep, you saw student have it, and so do alum any working across the city coming up in just couple of minute here. once the epitomy of elegance, hosed some of the most famous people. now the deadline on for this historic ship. will it be saved? has it come to the ends of its journey on the delaware river? >> today is saturday being october 31, happy halloween, so glad you're with us, it is just about 6:30, and we send it taught kyla for more on the trick-or-treat forecast. we don't want any rain tonight. >> that's right. you know what? i can deliver on that. we are going to stay dry today. good news therefore our
6:31 am
trick-or-treaters. in fact, chilly out here right now, but clear, which means that we will see sunshine when the day starts, but cloudy skies are coming, as we work our way to the afternoon. hey, will make it all the more spooky tonight, right? sun to clouds today. cool, but dry. so that will be a good run for our trick-or-treaters. heights just in the upper 50's, and we do have a warm upcoming, as we head into the next few days. currently, this 42 degrees taking live look at center city. winds out of the northwest 6 miles per hour, not bad at all. the winds giving us little bit after break. look at these temperatures around the region, 32, just at the freezing mark in mount pocono. reading is joining in them with that number as is millville. thirty-three allentown, as you can see, about 37 in dover. thirty-six in atlantic city. so it is most certainly chilly start to our day. live look at storm scan3, shows you that we have those clear skies, some clouds off to the west, so those will reach us this afternoon, and there is little bit of scary weather, off to the west, i'm happy to say that that's going to fall apart for the most part as it comes toward us, looks like just few sprinkles
6:32 am
for us overnight tonight, into sunday. but again, trick-or-treaters should stay dry. so remember, tonight we do fall back in hours, resetting the clocks, and tomorrow, cloudy skies, maybe sprinkle or two to start, and high of 67. so, warm up on the way for monday. sixty-six, and would you believe, we're going warmer than that, as we head into next week, we will talk about 70s, in your seven day forecast, when i come back in just a few moments, nicole? >> november, not sounding bad, kyla, thanks. nos why the house owe wean today, it is owl-o-ween. temple fights to stay undefeated as they take on notre dame. many student left campus nice and early to grab a spot on inch die pandies mall, of course where espn college game day is take over market street ahead of today's game, also where we find "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff along independence mall this morning, i know you are not alone out there, alex, good morning. >> reporter: i thought i would be alone, i thought college kids can't get up this early. oh, i'm far from alone, by foot, by bus, by uber, temple
6:33 am
fans get down here early, wanted to secure a spot and get in on all of the college game day action. you might wall these night owls. (cheers). >> temple fans turning up in droves, to indeed pens dense ham, as the wildly popular espn game day broadcast just hours away. >> just love being out here, early in the morning, i lover being cold, i love getting ready. i lover to party with all of those guys out there. full out fun. >> most haven't slept and don't plan to. hoping to hang in, there as their temple owls do against notre dame through that 8:00 p.m. kick-off. >> we love our school so much. this is like crazy, what's happening right now. >> they came out to secure that coveted real estate to show off the creative not quite come re hence recall sign during the 9:00 a.m. broadcast. the showcase will take temple's history making seven and zero owls to national stage. being that it is halloween, people certainly did dress up,
6:34 am
we saw more than one hotdog, and of course temple owls. >> it is electric out here, 5:00 a.m., scant beat this. >> for an event like this, there is tons of security, so i asked this guy for id. >> oh, my gosh. >> yep, he is the real deal. oldan iverson. >> like oh, where are you guys? >> look for the two giles in the owl costumes. >> olden iverson, how cute is that? >> one of the first times they'll be broadcast, main and national stage, it will be literally again there is broadcast will start at 9:00 a.m. this morning, lot of very, very excited fans out here at independence hall.
6:35 am
>> while new pride, for the team, even when they weren't the best. >> the entire time i was at temple, temple had a losing football team. it is really exciting, gratifying. >> several temple alumni admit they found it hard to concentrate, and work yesterday, constantly checking facebook, reading up on articles about today's big match up. >> and you know, local mom and pop stores also getting in on the action. showing their temple pride, as well. this bakery here making temple tomato peace, love it, the school logo made of cheese right in the middle of the pie. as you can imagine, customers are loving it. >> going out the door, tomorrow it will be crazy between halloween, the temple game, it will be nuts. we have a ton ordered. >> the bakery tells us they also employ temple students and they're excited about today's game. >> temple fans we want to see your spirit. we know you have got t get your camera ready. give us your best cheer, use the #cbs3. all right, 6:35 right now. time may have run out for the
6:36 am
ss united states. the group trying to keep that ship afloat gave itself until today to raise enough cash to save the now rusting piece of history. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt has a look at where things stand now. >> the ss united states personified the best when it came to ocean liners. film highlighted the ship's glory. now, that same ship, where it has been on the delaware river since 1996. the clock is ticking. and the ship could be gone for good. executive director, con is her venosi, group aimed at bringing the ship back to life. gibbs also name found on the ship, as her grandfather, famed naval architect, william francis gibbs, started designing the vessel in 1914. >> what do you think it is like to be the granddaughter who designed had ship and the person trying to save the ship
6:37 am
so many decades later? >> well, i just hope we pull it off. >> us president, european royalty, celebrities made the trip across the atlantic frequently. those memories exist only on film and in photo albumns. today, money is tight. right now pace $06,000 a month to store the ship here at the philadelphia pier. thursday night they met with private donors for final ship fundraiser, says the con is her venosi brought in just under $20,000 that night. >> since earlier this month, when we first ' northerns to the world we reached the ship, we raised approximately $100,000 says for now, no more fundraise remembers planned, and will consult with staff about the october 31 deadline, and go over the current numbers. and announcement is expected next week. a complete redevelopment would cost more than $200 million. a number susan gibbs is hoping a private developer would pay.
6:38 am
she told "eyewitness news", few developers have expressed recent interests. are you at peace with whatever happens? >> no, we can't. she's got to stay afloat. >> david spunt, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> rock-and-roll half marathon starts at 7:30, begins at eakin's oval. live music along the 13.1-mile course. headliner concert featuring the jim blossoms. proceeds for the event go to the american association for cancer research. >> well, old bridge gets new life in manayunk. chopper three, over the opening of newman young bridge, it was used by septa, some 30 years ago, has been rehabbed into a pedestrian and bike only bridge. the only one of its kinds over the schuylkill. it now links the cynwyd heritage trail with the schuylkill river trail. >> 6:38 right now. a brunch with a halloween twist. ya, do you like ghosts in your coffee? who doesn't?
6:39 am
coming up next, cbs-3 vittoria waddle discovers great place to go this holiday weekend, we'll have this spectacular story behind the food. plus this. >> if you think trick-or-treating is for the birds, think again. i'm core even a mitchell. i'll tell you why it may and dog slide when comes to celebrating halloween. >> and will the weather be attributing, or a treat, this halloween? kyla grogan back with that answer next.
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>> vittoria takes a look at a spot that has a spot right on the menu. >> they've scott skeletons on the wall, ghosts in your coffee. >> our main spot here is fun. and good service. >> assistant manager just one of the staff members who keeps customers in good spirits. >> everyone is really great. they make you when you are at the counter kind of like you are part of the staff, the them. >> what kind of relationship does she have with her regular customers. >> well, let's see. it is pretty deep. i've had visitors visit my mom in canada. they know a lot about us. we know a lot about them. so many relationships have actually developed at this counter. >> she not only plays manager,
6:43 am
but therapist, too. >> she is really great. gave me some boyfriends advice one time. >> special, definitely a hero. >> robert, who owns this, and several other locations, says the secret sauce here is letting the staff be who they are. >> and we go get a lot of text messages, because if you notice here, what i'm doing, message, that goes straight to my cell phone. >> really? >> yes. i would say 90% of it is all great, and always about the service and staff. >> right now the staff is having some scary fun. >> help! >> the brunn every menu for halloween is getting spooktacular, too. and let's just say, it is to die for. items like the egg white of the living dead, and rosemary's baby cakes. me? i was going big, starting with the a.m. any ville hala stuffed toast. >> omg. look at the size of that. what is in it?
6:44 am
>> cream cheese, rick cat a filled with oreo cookie pieces, cranberry orange cut any and dried apricot topped with apple berry. >> wow was it delicious. and straight from jason and friday the 13th? >> this, my dear, is the camp crystal lake cafeteria, special breakfast. >> this was scary good. pollen that pancakes, short rib hash, two over easy eggs, topped with kale chim i cure. >> i in one right up my alley. >> if that wasn't enough? then time for the killer cows outer space burger. how much could i eat? i even surprised some of the staff. finally, i had to stop. exhausted, after having a near food coma? >> i think i just died. >> she even tuck me in. >> we change. >> well, there you have it. if you are looking for a
6:45 am
fantastic and frighteningly full brunch head to sabrina's, right here off callowhill. it is really awesome. and they really have so much fun. and that's what halloween and really, eating is all about. if you have any recommendations, for me, to keep the taste with tori, and for more information always go to she's still eating. do you see her taking a deposition breath trying to pace herself? all right, tori. go ahead. there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning saturday. anthony mason and jericka duncan join us live from new york. good morning, guys, hi, jericka. >> look, good morning, good to be back. >> we miss in you fill. >> i coming up, ya, fighting for their football fans, the nfl hears from three cities that may lose their beloved teams. and as you can imagine, the fans are giving them quite an earful. >> plus we are going to see some of the rarest places in
6:46 am
the world, photographers from national geographic, have been there for a new book. we'll show you where they went. >> and they're in the dying business. but they found new life in nuptials. where more and more couples are actually holding their weddings at funeral homes. >> all of that plus comedian david spade, your eye opener the the dish and muse nick our saturday session, just ahead, on cbs this morning, saturday. >> jericka? >> ya. >> how about it? sorry to interrupt there but i have to say, jericka work here at cbs-3 in philly. so always fun to see her in new york, doing her thing. and anthony, you too, it is great to see you. >> thank you. >> all right, guys, we will be watching. thanks so much. >> right now we send it over to kyla for more on the forecast. >> good morning, and i'm saying good morning to my weather watchers this morning, who are waking up very chilly, notice, some of these temperatures, just 30 degrees, where dolores lee is, that's in newark, and she says cold. she has got frost on the windshield. yes, you bet.
6:47 am
let's take a look at this one, 36 degrees, this is where phil is in philadelphia. and he's got clear skies out there, too. and phil actually sent me very creepy and spooky photos. there you go. in this one taken down in chestnut hill. very nice. and i want to look at one more if we can. i think i have a photo here, too, this is lynn, in cherry hill, as well. she says happy halloween. and it is a cold start to the day. i agree with you there. and she, too, sent me some great decorations, i love there is people just getting their yards all deck out, getting ready for the holiday. it will be speak i day everybody. but we stay dry. live look right now, at what it looks like from the roof of cbs-3, taking live look at center city, and i can tell you when i was out there just few moment ago, you can really see the moon very clearly. which i think is kind of fun on halloween. and it is an indication, those clear skies, that we will see some sunshine as we start our day today. so not bad at all. we get going. let's take a look at some of the spooky towns around our region, take a look at this, blood creek, new hampshire in
6:48 am
the 40's today for the high. spook hill maryland, about 57 degrees. as we zoom out here, we have few more of my favorites, black qatar can saw, where they will be in the 60s, also wimp hazel oregon, not to be out down by tombstone, arizona today in philadelphia lucky here, sunshine to start, spooky clouds moving, in temperatures staying in the 50's, for the most part, as we get into our evening. probably some upper 40's, once we get past the 8:00 p.m. time frame. but it should stay dry for you, everybody, being outside won't be problem for trick-or-treaters also not a problem if you are headed out for football today as temple takes on notre dame. 8:00 game expecting 49 degrees, chilly out, there definitely need your jacket. 5-mile per hour winds. means it won't make it feel colder because of the wind. that will be good. now, we do have scary mess in the middle of the country. take a look at the stormy weather ahead, front causing whole lot of trouble down in louisianna, texas, but for us that isn't going to really hold together enough to give us much after problem. we will have clear skies to
6:49 am
start, the clouds in, there and as you can see the clouds will start rolling in from west to east. and then, eventually, we get few sprinkles, from this system. but that is about it. so let me time this for you on future wirth, show you what i am talking about. saturday about 6:00 p.m. trick-or-treaters getting ready to head out. just the clouds to contend, with we go into the overnight hours, that is when some of the rain rolls through. this is about 10:00 a.m. again, i don't expect this to hold together for philadelphia, so i think at best we will just get few sprinkles getting into the morning, then little sun and clouds for sunday. another system coming through on monday, but this one staying to the south. that's monday at 8:00 a.m. clouds, down the shore, for sure. but we should stay dry, so we're daunting little bullet there, too. really two systems. both kind of skirting right next to us, not giving us much trouble. so i am happy for. that currently 42 degrees in philadelphia, just 30 in mount pocono, 34 lancaster, little scary in reading, and millville, where sitting at the freezing mark, just 32, cold chilly degrees, we have some 40's stone harbor, ocean city feeling little bit warmer there. so today, you can expect, sun
6:50 am
to start some creepy afternoon clouds, high of 58 degrees, and very spooky overcast night tonight for our halloween, tacking hour by hour, sunshine starts off, temperatures just in the 50's today. so it will be a little chilly out there. now, i want to point out too while we had 06 degrees friday, we will be in the 50's today, six 60s sunday. look what's coming. 70s. can you believe it? starting on tuesday, and just to gave you a idea, we really shouldn't be anywhere near the 07 degrees marks, we should be in the 50's all the way through, november. so, today, we see the 50's high of 58 degrees, some sun to start some afternoon clouds tonight. we will stay dry for trick-or-treating but overnight sprinkle or two possible as we drop to low of 47. and there is your seven day forecast, that not only shows that we have to put the clocks back hour tonight, but 70s starting tuesday, right through friday, with lot of sunshine, wow, well, do you love watching weather you can be featured in our newscast by becoming eyewitness weather watcher. sign upright this very second at
6:51 am
/watchers. >> right this second. >> right now. >> thank, halloween isn't just for humans, pet now tacking part and their owners spending more and more money to get them dressed for the occasion. carina mitchell reports. >> super day for pets at this halloween costume contest at this store. definitely dog showed up so did the pope. >> i am thought it was a good costume for her and she's italian. >> holly came dressed as shop-a-holic. >> went to all of the best stores. >> even a cat got in on the act. >> we did the teenage mutant ninja turtles. >> halloween pet parades being held across country, you will find every kind of costume. from this hotdog hanging in some fries, to popular presidential candidate. >> predict 20 p.m. americans will drop estimated $350 million on costumes for their pets this year. >> how much do you think you spent on your pets costume for halloween?
6:52 am
>> i spent about $30. >> probably about a hundred dollars. >> halloween is evolved into major consumer holiday. now, zombies cents are finding unique waste to attract a new breed of customer. >> petco holds these contests to promote their line of costumes. >> see, they could dress their pet up just as nice as the pet was a person. >> first place went to this patriots i can pup dressed as a marine. but nina says it doesn't matter who wins or loses, it is about including your pets, in the fun. >> you think of them more as a pet or a family member. >> oh, definitely a family member. she has no idea she is a dog. >> carina mitchell, cbs news, new york. oh, so sweet. all right, well, halloween is fun, it can also be dangerous for our pet. right? and pen vet does have a couple of reminders. keep halloween candy out of your pet reach. this is real important. because chocolate can be harmful. so can the wrappers on your candy. also, don't for them to wear that costume. i know we just saw plenty of
6:53 am
cute ones, but if it restrict their movement, their bark or even their breathing, be sure to take it off. that sound like a no brainer but definitely do. that will also, avoid lit pumpkins, careful opening the door for trick-or-treat earls. make sure your pet has proper identification in case they get loose with the door opening and closing. all right, we will take a short break. we'll be right b withso, when chris browntion can mand will paulsath. would recklessly deny access to basic health services like mammograms
6:54 am
and annual exams, it makes a real difference in women's lives. chris brown voted against funding for cancer screenings. and will pauls opposed funding for clinics that provide access to mammograms - life-saving procedures women rely on. chris brown and will pauls: a risk that women in atlantic county can't afford. mom this is hugely important. is there anywhere in your house i can get a good signal? anyway, you were saying. it's a tragic love story. i love tragedy. what is that noise?
6:55 am
what? i'm on set. what movie? i'm shooting a movie about laundry. leave slow internet behind. a movie about laundry? yeah the 100% fiber optics network gives you the fastest wi-fi available when you need it the most. get out of the past. get fios. >> are you stock up for halloween candy? >> i hope so. >> this is casino of cool. the website influence err, i think that's how they pronounce it, polled 40,000 people across the country on their favorite treats, mapped out all of the winners turns out reeses peanut butter cup
6:56 am
is the favorite overall. not surprising. >> do i have to go to nebraska to get twizzlers? >> good question, kyla. in pennsylvania, apparently, people can't get enough swedish fish. those are good. >> i'm right there with them. sour patch kids, big favorite, and delaware apparently lovers three must can tears. >> not so much for me. >> take it or leave it. >> something about that stuffy don't know if it is chocolate. >> yes, some kind of gooey goodness, not sure. moving right along, we also know that most kids there have candy on the brain, how can they not. now new high tech way to figure out which houses are the must visit for trick-or-treating. so cool. target actually created a app called treatster. users can mark the best houses, when it comes to decorations, and more importantly, candy. >> so i can figure out where to get the twist letters. >> you can be very strategic about your trick-or-treat route, candybars, you know. >> well, speaking of trick-or-treating, we are very fortunate that we will stay dry tonight, it will be
6:57 am
little chilly out there. so, low 50's, upper 50s as we get to the seven to nine the p.m. time frame. spooky clouds. cool and creepy. but, if you're crooked out by the cooper temperatures, have no fear. because look at this. 70s coming our way on tuesday. >> hello. >> like the sound that far, kai l and that's cbs-3 "eyewitness news" for now. so we may be signing off on tv but always on line at >> that's right, cbs this morning saturday is next, make it a great weekends, happy halloween, everybody, happy because it works for our patients. here, at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, we give our patients the freedom to make appointments that fit their schedules, even on weekends.
6:58 am
because we believe in being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living their busy lives. weekend appointments are now available here. learn more at
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good morning, it is october 31st, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning saturday." breaking news overnight. hundreds are killed when a russian airliner crashes in egypt. and a halloween cons ert turns tragic after the nightclub is set on fire. >> the nfl hears from three cities that may lose their beloved teams. and why more and more couples e


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