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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 1, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". fire rips through a montgomery county apartment complex, and reaches three alarms overnight. over dozen families are out of their homes this morning, and we are live with what made this fire so difficult to fight. also, halloween tragedy, when out of control car hits a group of trick-or-treaters. at least three people are dead, we'll hear from horrified witnesses coming up. and, heart breaker for temple, as the owls suffer their first lost of the season. we've got reaction from fans, and the team, after one of the biggest games in school history. >> today is sunday, november 1st, good morning to you, so glad you're with us, i'm nicole brewer. it is 6:00 right now. we send it on over to kyla, see with a kind of day we're telling with today. >> can i just say i'm little
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heart broken for temple this morning. you and have i to go to bed early. i watched little bit of it t seemed like all of this fun, excitement. >> the hype, really, to have been un defeated this far into the season is a testament. >> you got to feel good about that. >> way to go, cherry and white. that aside, let's talk about the weather. leg soggy -- soggy start this morning, not much, few sprinkles moving through. then on with our day, temperatures are going to be warmer today. in fact, the beginning after warm upcoming our way, so slightly soggy start, warmer, high of 67 degrees, that's what you can expected to. live look at the neighborhood network shows already in the 50's, what a difference a day makes, look at this, 52 hainesport, we have philadelphia at 54, princeton at 51, and blue bell, coming in at 54 degrees. not bad. take a look at the temperatures overall, you got to go all the way to mount pocono to find some 40's, there just 44, i like it, atlantic city at 57. so, live look at storm scan3 shows you what i am talking b cloudy skies, judge us few sprinkles coming our way. those will start to clear out getting throughout the day. left with cloudy skies, again,
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those nice mid to upper 60s for philadelphia, and down the shore, poconos, you'll have that same light rain this morning, and high of about 60 degrees, but here's the bigger story, folks. take a look at what's happening with temperatures. we are going warm and warmer, as we head through this week. i will tell you about a run of 70s, coming up, in your seven day forecast, nicole? >> kyla, thank you. as we've been mentioning, temple fans didn't get the outcome they were hoping for in last night's football game against notre dame. owls lost a heart breaker before a packed house at lincoln financial field in south philadelphia. the final score, notre dame, 24, temple, 20. >> leslie van arsdale has more on last night's game. >> temple owls have nothing to be ashamed of. they played great game. just fell short. and coach matt rule couldn't be more proud. >> you know, as i told them there is was a great moment for us to find out how good we are. everything we want to get son in front of us. we have four games left. no matter where we go, no matter what is in front of us,
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we have to play the way we did tonight and make one more play. >> we believe, we know we can play with anybody in the country. you know, we've got that great team that, but like i said before, we got to get back, correct our mistakes, get back. >> and the players were blown away by the support in the stands. >> it was great. you know, we had a lot, a lot of fans. they stuck with us the whole game. it was awesome. >> how great was that crowd? that was a terrible crowd. father from a dame did a good job, they traveled well. but i turn that on across the country, you see great temple crowd, you see great week. game day was awesome, great football game. i didn't want to lose but i'm glad was a great football game. >> college football at its best, the players withhold their heads very high. reporting from lincoln financial field, leslie van arsdale, eyewitness sports. >> row action from temple nation range from the pride and frustration, not getting the job done when it really count in the true philly fashion fans had no problem
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expressing those feelings. take a listen. >> i thought that we were going to win, i thought they would win at first but they didn't, i was upset. everyone was freaking out. >> i thought temple played well. and they just came up little bit short. but they will and good program coming out. i thought they played pretty well. >> there you go. even with a lost fans say this is the exposure the temple program really needed. many feel that the school and it athletics program will ultimately benefit in the longrun from all of this. more on that game coming up in sports. >> right now, though, over dozen families are displaced after fire rips through their apartment complex in plymouth meeting. fire started in an apartment and then quickly spread. cherri gregg from sister station, "kyw news radio", 1060, liver on the scene with the detail, cherry, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, nicole, yes, evidence of that quickly moving fire is visibly clear here behind me. at the plymouth rock amount here on sandy mill road as fire officials remain on the
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scene, trying to figure out what caused the blaze that evacuated 30 resident from 19 ants inside of this complete. take a look at the video. fire started around 10:30 last night, billing d of this five building complex, and quickly escalated to three alarms within an hour. flames burned through more than dozen apartments, causing billowing smoke, and flames, that went up several feet, causing heavy damage to the roof and other areas of the building. firefighters used ladders to get the water on top of the flames, evacuating residents, even some pet. we've been told that one woman was stuck on her balcony here, and was quickly rescued by firefighters. fire chief kevin laurence said that the sprinkler system wasn't working properly, luckily, residents say they heard the smoke alarms, and quickly got out. >> managed to get out. so that's what i am talking about, the men, just happen that i they're safe. >> we did have hydrant out front that evidently got hit
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with a vehicle or something, so that put that out of commission tonightly. that's why lines are running so far down the street. water was little issue in the beginning getting it set up. after that it was fine. >> reporter: the good news is that no one was injured in this fire. the red cross is assist assisting, the families who have been displace the no word yet on the cause as the investigation continues. live in plymouth meeting, cherri gregg, "kyw news radio", cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> all right, cherry, thank you. meanwhile, a philadelphia police are investigating a deadly shooting in the city's hunting park section. it happened along the 4200 block of north 17th street. police say that victim suffered fatal gunshot wound to his back side. the suspect is still at large. >> well, night of halloween trick-or-treating and deadly when a car jumped the car in bronx, new york. eyewitnesses say they heard screams of terror, as that car barrelled into the crowd, killing three people,
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including a ten year old girl. it also injured four other. reporter dave carolyn has that story. >> we heard the boom, boom, boom, the cars hitting each other, the car flying, and then we were hearing screams. >> witnesses say the black dodge charger rams the car in front of it on morris park avenue near bo garth. then launched over the sidewalk, through a fence, and slammed into a wall, it was around 5:00 p.m., and police say, most of the victims were out trick-or-treating. >> i saw the car come up into the air, into the yard, it was horrible, man. >> some were under the vehicle, there was considerable damage to their bodies. >> three are dead, a 65 year old man who was on the sidewalk was crushed and witnesses said he died instantly. the ten year old girl died short time later in jacobi hospital as did 24 year old man. four are hospitalized, the 52 year old man was driving the black car, along with 21 year old woman, and two girls, ages three, and nine.
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neighbor, fabio, helped one of them. >> they grabbed whole bunch of towels. they ran outside. she was hardly breathing. i just put the towel on top of her to keep her warm. >> survivors two young girls, 21 year old woman and 63 year old driver who police sources say may have suffered a seizure in the moments leading up to the deadly crash. in the bronx, dave carolyn, cb souse news. >> gunman went on deadly rampage in busy downtown colorado springs saturday morning, killing three people. witnesses say he was marching methodically and shooting pedestrians at random before he was fatally shot in the gun battle with police. the el paso county sheriff's office is now investigating, they have no motive at this point. and they have not released the shooter's identity. >> overseas now, fighters attack hotel in the somalia capitol of mogadishu. at least nine dead, ten injured, attack started at dawn when suicide bomber detonate add vehicle laid win explosives at the hotel and then gunmen on foot shot at the people inside that hotel.
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islamic extremist rebels claim the responsibility for that attack. the us navy plans to send remotely operated craft underwater today to investigate believed to be the missing cargo ship he will pharaoh, located about 15,000 feet underwater, using sonar technology. el pharaoh went missing on october 1st near the bahamas during hurricane joaquin. the 33 crew members on board died. the ntsb says the wreckage looks consistent with 750 cargo ship, from sonar images, appears to go in a up-right position and in one piece. well, now the latest on the disaster in the skies. investigators are searching for the cause of the russian plane crash in egypt. the metro jet crashed shortly after take off yesterday killing 224 people on board, including 25 children. isis is claiming responsibility for that crash. but both russia and egypt de now it. ryan web report on the latest. >> a russian airbus 321 like this one took off around
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6:00 a.m. saturday morning, from egypt, red sea resort city popular with russians. the metro jet was on its way to st. petersberg the pilot radioed to report technical problems. plane went off course and disappeared from radar about 20 minute into the flight. military search helicopters spotted wreckage of the plane in the sinai peninsula. the same area where government and islam i can state militants have clashed. isis has claimed responsibility, but provided no evidence and are not known to have the capability to bring down a plane at those heights. a caravan of ambulances transported the dead to morgue in cairo. victims family members gathered at a hotel, near the st. petersberg airport, where grief counselors were on hand to help them cope. secretary of state, john kerry, sent condolances from his trip to asia. >> we extend our sympathies to the families, and all those concerned.
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>> investigators have recovered the plane's black boxes, that data holds critical information that will help determine what caused the latest air disaster. as loved ones wait for the bodies to be flown back to russia, a memorial is growing at the airport in st. petersberg. brian web, cbs news. >> 6:11, nasty storms are battering texas, the area is dealing with tornados and dangerous flooding. coming up next how the turbulent weather is taking it toll. kyla? >> i'm keeping an eye on little rain this morning. but i have another ion next week. if you like it hot, oh, boy, are you going to enjoy the warm forecast i've got coming your way, stay with us, good morning, everybody, "eyewitness news" will be right back.
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get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone starting at $79.99 a month. and get $300 back with a 2-year agreement. this is your last chance. offer ends november 7th. get out of the past. get fios. >> helicopters carried along the remaining blimp from person even pen, pulled plump out of the trees, officials still don't know thousand broke free from military facility wednesday. its tether caused widespread damage. anyone with a claim is asked to call the army. >> violent weather front brought tornados and torrential rains over two day period. correspondent omar frill a frank a with the latest.
6:15 am
>> overnight in houston, emergency crews rescued 90 people from fast moving water. the system spun two tornados in suburban houston, toppling trees, damaging building. >> it was the same store that battered central texas, turning usually calm river into raging waterway. roads, around low-lying creeks, in the area, filled up, making driving nearly impossible. >> so it is flooding here. >> kerry packard somehow managed to stay calm as often flood waters started caring his car over a bridge, he called 911, then took this amazing video on his phone. >> so you can see, i'm floating down some sort of creek. >> kerry floated for more than half mile before grabbing a passing tree branch and climbing to the top. moments later, he snapped a picture of his car as the river swallowed it up. >> i know, you know, survival skills. so i new once i was on a strong tree, i was going to be fine. >> he waited for help on the top of the tree for almost
6:16 am
five hours before being rescued. resident in this neighborhood said it will take them few weeks to clean up all of this mess. that line of storms is now heading across louise anna into mississippi and alabama. omar villafranca, cbs news, austin, texas. >> wow, that's just, to see that car under that much -- >> unbelievable, just horrible. >> your survival skills, i heard him say, i and i thought wow. >> up in that tree. back here at home pretty much everywhere we're falling back. >> we're falling, which means couple of things. it means i hope your alarm went off at the right time, i'm glad we made t1 of our dough workers set it the wrong way, he ended up earliment happens. but it means the sun coming up little earlier. so let's take live look right now, you can see this is right from the top of our cbs-3 studios looking into spring garden, and that is what we're seeing, a lot of cloudy skies this morning, but you do notice little sun trying to
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peak through. and at this time of day, i haven't seen the sun in a while, right, now the down side is we will see the sunset at about 4:59 p.m. i know that's little rough. but, let's take live look at storm scan3, just want to show you that the southeast still having trouble there, more showers rolling in to louisianna, thankfully, we just have some light rain to wore built you can see, just few of these little scattered showers, are going to roll through, then they'll be out of here, even get little bit of sunshine breaking in later in the day. so few morning sprinkles, warming up today into the 60s, should be nice day temperature wise, monday do have another storm system coming through. it will stay to the south. so we should stay dry, cloudy, mid 60s. let me show you on future weather how it works out. here we are, sunday morning, got the little showers rolling through, by about 3:00 p.m. you start to see some breaks of sun making their way n i don't think it will be attributely sunny day, but we'll get a little bit. 7:00 a.m. monday morning, there is the second system staying to the south. so, some of you down little further south from our viewing area, see some rain, but should just see some clouds
6:18 am
staying dry, sunshine movings in in as we get into monday afternoon, sets us up for very lovely tuesday. boy oh, boy will you like our forecast. currently 56 degrees in philadelphia, hey that's nice, all right there is time of day. forty-five in mount pocono, about 57 down in atlantic city, as we zoom in here, you can see 06 degrees mark already showing up on the map here ocean sit, test us much warmer day than we did yesterday. 15-mile per hour wind, in wildwood, so southerly flow little bit of wind out there, about 10 miles per hour in philadelphia, and as we go throughout the day today again we start with sprinkles, relatively cloudy, see few breaks, as we start to get late near the afternoon. temperatures, though, about 67 degrees. for your high. and, by the way, this is what we're looking at for next week. temperatures much above average. this is our temperature outlook. you can see the entire eastern third of the country expected to be warm. now the jet stream moved little further north today. that he gig us little breakment look what happens. that's monday. watch tuesday, wednesday, here comes the warmth, surging in,
6:19 am
we're going to see 70s, my friends, and then start to cool down again, as it moves little further south on saturday. so average high this time of year 61 degrees, 50's saturday, see 60s today, monday, and then here comes the november 70s. i like it. i hope this an indication how our winter will be, right? to gave you a idea, we have no business being in the 70s, working our way through november. average high by the time we get to the end of the month just 50 degrees. so, no there is won't last forever, we will take it, little indian sumner november. high of 67 today. we will have cloudy skies, few sprinkles this morning. as we get into this evening, more clearing, mild temperatures, that's our overnight low. 51 degrees, not bad. and take a look at your seven day forecast, here comes the sun, folks. look at that tuesday, 70 wednesday, 73 thursday, 72 and friday, 71. i don't think it get any better than that in november. little tropical for us, nicole. >> we can welcome november any time. >> i know, we will be friends. >> kyla, thanks.
6:20 am
>> all right, happening today, you are looking live at the ben franklin bridge here, it will be shutdown in about an hour. for the annual run the bridge 10k. registration is now getting underway at campbell's field, and then at 7:00 the bridge will be closed until 9:30 for that 10k run. it is 2-mile bridge walk, and also the kids dash. the event benefit the lark school for children with disabilities in bellmawr, new jersey. >> also, happening today, the new york city marathon, this is a look at the painting of the finish line. some 50,000 runners from all around the world will hit the pavement through all five borrows. many of them are likely getting their minds and bodies ready for that 26.2-mile journey. more power to you. >> all right, well, imported cheese cents, fresh crusty bread, are we making you hungry? >> coming up next, vittoria widdle heads to a philadelphia institution. best eat in the city. for them, not all about the food. >> it is all about family.
6:21 am
sitting down at the table, enjoying the food that we're making. >> love it. the special sandwich they make that could give the cheese steak a run for it money. wow. high compliment there. we'll be right back.
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6:24 am
you won't find just anywhere. >> ♪ >> when you pull open the door here, hey, guys. >> hey, tore. >> i your honor greeted by warm welcome and the smell of fresh crusty italian bread. >> love it. >> best store in the northeast, best bread, and best meats. >> yep. it is a local favorite for all things italian. imported cheeses and meats, tomato peace, homemade sausages, sandwiches, basically, they've got it all, soup to nuts. >> we have soup, and we have nuts, too. >> mastermind behind it all, italian born brothers, they've been in business here together at the rhawn and bustleton for 42 years. >> how do you guys separate the roles? >> i'm in the meat department. >> he does a super job at it. >> awesome. >> and most of the -- i'm take
6:25 am
care of the deli and the cook foods. >> but for them, it is not just about the foods. >> it is all about family. >> yes. >> sitting down at the table, enjoying the food that we're making. and ones the family sit, and enjoys, and mentions the name ditillo, that's all we want. >> right, right. >> we don't have to be millionaires. we don't have to be rich. but just want to be happy that you're happen. >> i two are cuss glimpse right. >> behind the counter since they were kids, frank and zero's sons, anthony and vince, wanted to show me a meatless sandwich. one of their specialties, the broccoli ran hoagie. first bright green bitter greens, quick pan friday. >> extra virgin olive oil, garlic, and prune the broccoli rain. >> little salt, that's all. >> next step, the flat top griddle for good chopping. >> it is funny because you're almost treat that like a
6:26 am
cheese steak, like would you chop up a cheese steak? >> very similar. heat it up, just melt that cheese. >> now the addition of one of anthony's favorite and mine you. >> can't get any better than sharp provalone. >> they're not shy. >> they are not shy on the sharp provalone. >> no. >> because of its simplicity, frank and ciro? >> pest and the food where we came from. broccoli rain with a very basic dish, inexpensive, bread, homemade bread, we had nothing else, except broccoli rain, bread, and cheese. >> to me, pricely. >> if you're not salivating, something is wrong with you. >> that did look pretty good and little selfie there at the end. there is a link to ditoloo, if you want to tell tore bye your favorite place toss eat send her message on facebook. >> all right, 26:00 right now. we do have some new information on what is now a deadly fire in montgomery county overnight. we are live on the scene, with the very latest, that's coming up in our next half hour.
6:27 am
plus, stabbing on the campus of rutgers university. a student sent now under arrest and coming up next what led to that violence. >> and money suddenly unavailable on some prepaid debit cards. three on your side jim donovan tells you how it happened, what one company is doing to compensate. >> and, some showers to start our day. kyla grogan back with your sunday forecast and a little good news for next week. we will be right
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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". today is sunday, november 1st, good morning to you, so glad you're with us, i'm nicole brewer, it is 6:30, going to send it taught kyla grogan on the cbs-3 skydeck. i know we're falling back, also tracking little rain, right, kyla? >> just little bit. notice because we're falling back, starting to see daylight a lot earlier than we did yesterday, about hour earlier, soily difference. we do have some clouds to start and few sprinkles, as well this morning. they'll mover out relatively quickly. so we get cloudy skies, break of sunshine or two moving its way in throughout the day, too. then i've got some real big news for you, we got streak of 70s coming our way next week, four days worth of them. currently 56 degrees, so nice and warm this morning, as we take live look at center city. winds out of the southwest at about 10 miles per hour, still little breeze out, there and you can see the mostly cloudy skies that are with us, as we take a look at the region, you have to go all the way to the poconos to find the 40's this
6:31 am
morning, and 44 degrees, lot of 50's atlantic city coming in at about 57 degrees. taking live look at storm scan3, this is what we're looking out for. again, it is just few sprinkles, not everyone will see them, for instance, i'm very dry right now here on the skydeck, not having any problems, but could you see few sprinkles going through the morning, then that will give way to just cloudy skies. high of 67 today. sixty-six on monday with some clouds to start the day but look at what happens on tuesday. 70 degrees, and sunshine. can you believe it? during the first week of november, well, believe it or not, we've got a streak of warm weather coming our way, and i will talk about that coming up in your seven day forecast, nick snow. >> kyla, thank you. right now we do have new information as a fire rips through an apartment complex, killing a woman, in plymouth meeting. several amounts, were damaged, and over dozen families displaced. cherri gregg from sister station, "kyw news radio" 1060, live on the scene with more details, cherry?
6:32 am
>> as you mention montgomery county coroner's office is report that one woman has died in this blaze. folks have not been told that information at this point. as you mentioned about 30 residents have been evacuate from the 19 ants, inside of this complex. take a look at the video, fire started, around 10:30 last night in building d of this five-building complex. it quickly escalated to three alarms within an hour. flames burned through more than dozen apartments, causing billowing smoke, and the flames went up several feet, causing heavy damage to the roof and other areas of the building. firefighters used lad tears get water on tomorrow of the flames, evacuating residents, even some pets. we've been told that one woman had been stuck on her balcony here, fire chief, kevin laurence, said that the sprinklers weren't working
6:33 am
properly. but, luckily, many of the residents were able to get out quickly. >> we did have hydrant right out front that evidently got hit with a vehicle or something, so that had put that out of commission totally. so lines running way down the street. water was little issue in the beginning, getting set up. >> as i mentioned, earlier today, this morning, we were initially told that no one had been injured in this fire. but, just received word, from montgomery county coroner's office, that one woman was killed. the residents who had been evacuated are being hemmed by the red cross, as the investigation on what caused this fire continues. live in plymouth meeting, cherri gregg, cyw news radio for cbs 3, "eyewitness news". >> cherry, thank you. >> heart broken temple football nation is waking up this morning, with an extra hour of sleep but without the big win they were hoping for. the owls suffered a disappointing lost last night to the notre dame fighting
6:34 am
irish. the score between the two nationally ranked teams stayed pretty tight for most of the game but in the end a touchdown by notre dame's sealed temple's fate. the final score 24 to 20. >> well, ill i am not real a football game, but i got so into this game because it was so close and would have made so much history. >> leading to up yesterday the game also received plenty of pre-game hype. espn college game day program featured the match up and broadcast live from independence mall. we'll hear more from temple coach matt rule coming up later in sports. >> rutgers university student sent charged with stabbing two people in a dorm tore at this, this happened on college avenue on that campus in new brunswick friday evening. police say 18 year old daniel attacked a student and visitor during a argument in the lobby of midler hall. faces attempted murder and other violent charge, coming ahead of president obama's visit to rutgers campus on monday. >> in west philadelphia, a trapeze artist was injured,
6:35 am
30 feet, in a crowd at the performance at the universal circus, happened near the man music sender 52nd and parkside just after 5:30 last night. circus officials say the 19 year old suffer lower back injury, expected to make full recovery. no one in the crowd was injured, the cause is under investigation. well, serious injuries to the driver of a van that crashed into a house. this all happened at pacific street in kensington avenue in philadelphia's harrow gate neighborhood. the driver of that van was rushed to temple university hospital in serious condition. l & i is now aware of the crash because of the significant damage to that structure. >> a car hits an utility pole and knocks power lines onto home in north philadelphia. this happened on the 3000 block of page street. the homeowner says the car struck the utility polander 4:00 saturday morning, and kept ongoing. no no one was injured. right now, crews are on the scene replace that pole, police have not located the car. well, local church gave out some kindness, on halloween, trinity christian
6:36 am
chapel, took 50 cents off the price of gas per gallon at a local station. about 500 people filled up for less, costing the church about $3,000. the church also provided water bottles and soft pretzels for all who were there. >> that's nice. >> it is called the rush card, customers say when a keck tal glitch kept them from getting their money, rush card wasn't in a rush to help them out. "3 on your side" consumer reporter jim donovan explains. >> the rush card website claims get your money up to two days sooner with direct deposit. but after a technical glitch, prevented people from getting their cash, customers took to social media. the company is still trying to fix the problem for some, shannon chick sounds the off on facebook, two weeks, and i can't access my account. feeling frustrated i can't access my money for bills and every day use, rush card give
6:37 am
me my money. russell simmons founder of rush card posted this to facebook. >> we know who you are. and i know you are facing tremendous challenges. >> rush card blames new technology, but tech experts aren't so sure. technical difficulties are solved within a couple of hours, not weeks. >> some think rush card may have been hacked and don't even know it. >> it is about russell simmons doing the right thing. >> now rush card says it will create multi-million dollar funds to compensate those who can show they incurred late fees or financial set-back as a direct result of the technical problem. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. >> well, it was a spooky night at the philadelphia film festival. upper darby's own jamie kennedy was at the prince theater our ukee washington, where the screening of his cult classic horror movie scream. after the screening, the actor and comedian participated in a q and a session with fans.
6:38 am
>> good movie, re inch event the the genre, so, it was just a good my. and halloween, man. >> the philadelphia film festival wraps up today. >> well, local kids put their creativity at this to the test at the dover mall for costume contest. our own ukee washington was there judging the whole thing after the event ended the kids got to go trick-or-treating at the mall, and looks like everybody had a great time, including ukee. >> well, a big crowd turned out for a unique halloween party in south philadelphia. take a look. >> magic garden hosed their first bash, everybody decked out in their best halloween costumes. they dined on mexican food, and the west philadelphia orchestra provided the music. well, lot of fun in philadelphia's headhouse district. "eyewitness news" there at pumpkin fest on second street, between pine and south. look at those cutest.
6:39 am
the fall festival had tricks and treats for children, and adults alike. the fun included live music, shopping, a hey maze, great food of course, also trick-or-treating in local businesses for the kids to attend. got little tig err there. >> all right, well, halloween spirit was alive on the campaign trail saturday. democratic presidential candidate, bernie sanders, went trick-or-treating three of his grandchildren in new hampshire following campaign events in that area. the senator from vermont went as himself. yep. his grandkids were dressed as a dom recall snow man, sonic the hedge hog, and a good witch. he spent about 20 minute trick-or-treating them. so that's very sweet. >> and the new speaker of the house goes political for halloween. paul ryan dressed up as his former runningmate, mitt romney, and later tweeted out this family picture. that appears to be him, in the romney masker, standing next to his wife. >> all right, 6:39 right now. spooky site on halloween. check this out. what looks like a skull in the
6:40 am
sky. ya, we'll explain what this is all about coming up next. >> plus: did you set those clocks back? it is 6:40. okay, just so you know, it is getting lighter out already. and meteorologist, kyla grogan, will tell us how the weather is falling back when "eyewitness news" continues. stay with us. ah! come on! let's hide in the attic. no. in the basement. why can't we just get in the running car? are you crazy? let's hide behind the chainsaws. smart. yeah. ok. if you're in a horror movie, you make poor decisions. it's what you do. this was a good idea. shhhh. be quiet. i'm being quiet. you're breathing on me! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. head for the cemetery!
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. milk, fruit, cultures. mmmm, yoplait.
6:43 am
>> the days of simply putting on devil horns are over. japan upped the and the tee, becoming world-wide champion of halloween, in terms of costumes. costumes, and more costumes. thousands dressed up for big halloween celebration, and oh, in tokyo. the japanese have stretched halloween into fall week every events, featuring parades, and costume contests, they all look amazing, wow, that's great. well, just in time for halloween, spooky object passes by the earth. here's new animation of it. take a look, kind of looks like a skull if you look closely. able to capture all things spooky thanks to observe tore knit can airy islands, they say they can't explain it erie resemblance to human face or skull, casino of does look like skull. >> kind of does. >> yes. >> dead come net. >> seeing that yesterday, and i was like interesting. you know there is like to study these things, because the concern of course is that
6:44 am
some giant one could have an impact to the earth, so it is good, that they're keeping an eye ton. >> truly scary, kyla. >> yes, little scary. i am keeping an eye on the weather today, and nothing to be scared of. temperatures will be in those mid to upper 60s, today will be little warmer but notice that we have the cloudy skies as we take live look at center city. sun is going to have little bit of tough time breaking through this morning, we even see few sprinkles out there. we will get there, not going to be bad day, and then warmth to talk about everybody. >> so, few a.m. sprinkles, warming up today, monday, we've got another storm system but it is going to stay to the south. thankfully. we should stray dry, cloudy start monday. see stormy wet edger track through, lots of moisture down south, yesterday again, but thankfully here in philadelphia, for us, most of this kinds of breaking up before it makes its way toward us, what i'm seeing, sprinkles, skirting to the north of us, shouldn't be too bad. but cloudy skies out there, no doubt about it.
6:45 am
clearing sunday evening, remember, getting dark 4:58 p.m. problem probably won't see too light in the daylight, but we get into monday, there is the second system i was talking about. staying to the south. so some clouds to start our day there, at 6:00 a.m. and then some sunshine moving in, as we get into the afternoon. going into the 50's, 3:00 p.m., i would expect we will start to see little break every sunday shine two in there. fifty-six currently in philadelphia, 45 in mount pocono, 52 at lancaster, isn't it nice compared to the 30's i was talking about yesterday? fifty-seven in atlantic city as we zoom in here, 57 in cape may, and look at ocean city, already, at 60 degrees. the winds is out of the south today. it is a little bit breezy, we've got spots like dover, wildwood, to up 13 miles per hour. ten in philadelphia, jet stream taking vacation in the north. what it means for us, it opens the door for all.
6:46 am
warm air to come n so looking at temperatures starting tuesday, 10 degrees above average. our average high this time of year, 61, we will be in the 60s sunday, monday, then tuesday, wednesday, thursday, we're talking about highs in the 70s folks, yes, i know november is just kicking off today. see the entire even thirds of the count rip, today high of 67, not bad, cloudy skies, breaks out there get into this evening, more clearing, low of 51. lows just 51 degrees. here comes the sun on tuesday. check it out. it is november. but look at this. 70s on tuesday, wednesday, thursday, even into friday, beautiful week to visit philadelphia. aren't they lucky, such great weather to walk around in. >> aren't we lucky?
6:47 am
>> great forecast, kyla, thank you. 6:46. let's check the roads with ann evans, good morning, ann. >> good morning, the ben franklin bridge today is the start of the shop, star of the show today. but the ben franklin bridge is open only for another hour. closes at 7:45 this morning, and it will reopen at 9:30 this morning, for the cooper norcross run, the bridge, that is happening today. so you're going to want to take the walt whitman bridge for right now, the ben franklin bridge is open. but it will close from 7:45 a.m. this morning, to 9:30 for the cooper norcross run the bridge. we will move the traffic cam, to another event, filled highway, this is the ben franklin parkway. it is closed now between the art museum circle and spring garden street. it is closed for the walk for hope. that's another great event that's happening today. we are moving the traffic cam one more time, here you go, and this is the schuylkill expressway, at the vine st. expressway, the schuylkill on the right, and left of your screen, the vine street expressway that's that winds i rolled you see. it winds around the schuylkill
6:48 am
there, and both of those highways look okay this morning. no delays or problems on the schuylkill or on the vine expressway. let's check out mass transit. it is on or close to schedule for septa, new jersey transit, and the patco high-speed line, and amtrak, running on or close to schedule with no reported delays or problems. and that is the latest from the cbs-3 traffic center. i'm ann evans, nicole, back to you. >> ann, thank you. christmas is coming early for wal-mart shoppers l rollback prices on thousands of holiday products, the sale will last about 90 days. new this year wal-mart will include in-story to demonstrations and also food tasting. the roughly two month holiday season accounts for about 20% of the retail industry's annual sales. >> all right, we will breakdown temple's big game with notre dame. that's coming up next in sports. and, penn state, they won, but that's not the story. see how the nittany lions went wild against illinois. sports is next. stay with us.
6:49 am
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z that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ >> is rocky better than rudie? owls this close to proving t temple taking on ninth ranked notre dame. the owls looking for the first win, over a top ten team, in school history. 69,000 in the stands at the linc. that's a school record, pick it up in the first quarter. no score. desean kaiser finding his way, 4-yard touchdown run, seven-nothing, notre dame. owls down by four, pj walker to brandon, over the middle,
6:52 am
good for the score. and until the owls on the board. and up ten to seven. but back comes kaiser. up give him ann. he'll take 79 yards. all the way to the house. fourteen to ten, in favor of notre dame, now in the fourth quarter owls trailing 17 to ten, jihad thomas, nice move right there. fighting through a chest injury and gives the owls a huge score. and then, how about this? a field goal from austin jones, later in the quarter. and temple regains the lead. the fighting irish come right back. kaiser standing, delivering, to will fuller. he's a local guy, is fuller. went to roman catholic high school, breaking hearts all over the region. notre dame now leads 24 to 20, last chance, for the owls, pj walker, pick off, and temple first lost of the season, it is a heart breaker.
6:53 am
twenty-four to 20. >> notre dame great team. a lot of respect for them. i thought they made great, great plays, one more play than we played tonight a loft things went against our guys tonight. they just kept battling and battling and battling. and even to the last play, i thought we had maybe come back and win the game, couldn't be prouder of them. >> we got a lot of guys willing to do whatever. you know what i mean, we got great guys. i think the character for next week, awesome game tomorrow, you know, on to the next one. >> sometimes it is not what you do, it is how do you it. penn state had a six and two record, entering saturday, but none of their wins were all that impressive. nail biters don't inspire confidence. there were beat downs, though, those get it done. so, that enters saturday's match up against illinois. look at them make a point. christian hackenberg, happy valley, first quarter, no score. firing to chris. 6-yard score.
6:54 am
upon state on top. later in the quarter hackenberg again, night comfortable pocket. junior quarterback 21 tore 29, 266 yards, 12-nothing, nittany lions. thirds quarter it is halloween, so penn state decides to go with a trick. nick scott throws it back to hackenberg, first to catch a touchdown since michael robinson in 2004 they crush illinois 39-nothing. impressed with his qb. >> pro style pass, some guys are dual threat passers, then some guys hurt you in all three phases. that's hack. he can hurt with you his legs. he can hurt you as a receiver. he can hurt you as a passer. awesome. >> awesome. just awesome. let's head to up providence, where penn took on brown and ivy league action, second quarter penn you have 14 to seven. alec, 13-yard score. next, quaker possession, again, completes, 2 yards
6:55 am
score, penn with 48-28 victory on the road. out on the main line, villanova took on maine. they'll score the first, pass complete to aaron wells. watch, watch wells down the line. it is cents out of the way, goes 64 yards, nova with a 13 to three win. triple crown champion, american pharaoh won the $5 million breeders cup classic by six and a half lent in his final race before retirement. fans stood 20 deep all along the rain cheering and snapping, photos of the superstar horse. american pharaoh won nine of his 11 career starts including the first sweep of the kentucky derby, preakness and belmont in 37 years. that's it for sports, i'm don bell have, a great day. >> all right, well, many dressed up in full armor on saturday, but not for halloween. "eyewitness news" in logan township, new jersey, for the armored come back league national tournament. these participates from all over america are swinging
6:56 am
actions -- axes, swords, completing for spot on the us team called the usa night. there were one-on-one fights, as well as larger team competitions. >> all right, very interesting. well, jefferson's hospital neonatal intense tiff care union, halloween arts, crafter, games and other activities for the graduates, so sweet. hundreds attended the event including someone very special, who actually spent time in the nick ooh, timmy kelly. but you probably know him as philadelphia's little good luck charm. >> it is really cool to see and to be part of such a community from from when the kids are born and where they are now, and really flourishing, i'm real happy because of the doctors and nurses here at jefferson. >> we just love jim kelly around here. we call timmy the good luck charm, whenever he since the national anthem, they win. ya, which is a very good thing. >> well, hey, meet with a sabe, therapy tortoise, at senior center outside of
6:57 am
baltimore. and she is even dressed up for halloween. by the way, she has several dresses including formal dress for a special occasions. she is a turtle. wow. that's the first time i've seen a turtle dressed up for halloween, that's great. that's it for "eyewitness news" at 6:00. here's what we have coming up for you at 7:00. peak time to check out fall foliage in our area. meisha johnson taking us on dream drive-thru some of the best leaving peeping spots in bucks county. plus the healthy water trend, comes straight from a tree. why this beverage is pushing out the popular coconut water. get ready form warm temperatures this week, kyla has a check on the forecast next.
6:58 am
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7:00 am
that provide access to mammograms - life-saving procedures women rely on. chris brown and will pauls: a risk that women in atlantic county can't afford. >> /couldn't be prouder of them. as i told them there is was a great moment for us to finds out how good we are. everything we want to get done is in front every us. >> a heart breaking lost for temple, as they come so close to beating notre dame. we'll have a look at last night's game. also how the team feels going into the last few games of the season. we're proud of them, that's for sure. plus, one woman has been found dead, after a three alarm apartment fire in plymouth meeting. the number of families impacted and why fire fight verse such is a big problem extinguishing the flames. >> and trick-or-treating, turned deadly, in new


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