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tv   Eyewitness News at 8  CBS  November 1, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EST

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>> a raging fire in montgomery county overnight. ear we're following the latest. dozen out of their ants, several coast cues made, at least one person did not make it out alive. we're live on the scene coming up next. >> also, halloween tragedy, when out of control car hit the group of trick-or-treaters. at least three people are dead, and we'll hear from horrified witnesses, coming up. and, it was fun while it
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lasted. right? but ultimately, a heart breaker for our temple owls. we will have the breakdown of what happened in their big game against the irish. good morning to you, today is sunday, i'm nicole brewer. it is november 1st. we're falling back of course, and kyla grogan joins us now with more on that and also the forecast for this week, which sounds amazing. >> yes, almost summer like. first of all i would like to say we have little pep in our step. we got extra hour in our sleep. >> hello. >> makes a big difference. i'm enjoying it. but the down side of course the sun will set earlier tonight. so i know a loft people say oh, boy, the beginning of that, and it is a little tough. pretty good start to the day today. temperatures much more mild. but little bit of soggy start as well. in fact, we have few showers about to move through the area. but we will be warmer today. and looking out for high of about 67 degrees, take a live look, at our neighborhood network. this is cape may. and you can see they have 57 degrees, but pretty good cloud cover there, the sun not having an easy time poking through this morning. 46 degrees mount pocono,
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that's where the chilly air is, 58 in philadelphia, 59 atlantic city. lot 506's out there. storm scan shows you we do have few showers headed right toward philadelphia right now. so it will be philadelphia and point south, once that is out of here we should be done with it, and then just some cloud cover to keep an eye out for the rest of the day. so, we get rid of the a.m. sprinkles, then look for high of 67. sixty-eight down the shore. and 60 in the poconos, but you heard nicole mention, we going to be warming up. and boy are we. take a look at this. by the time tuesday comes around, 70s are your forecast, i'll show that you and more when in your seven day coming up. >> kyla, thank you. fire rips through apartment building in plymouth meeting killing one woman damaging several amounts. right now officials trying to figure out what spark that fire. cherri gregg from sister station "kyw news radio" 100 is live for us on the scene. cherry? >> good morning, nicole, yes, one woman died here, and this three alarm apartment fire at plymouth meeting, plymouth
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rock amounts, now we've been told that the montgomery county d.a.'s office is also involved. all of this, as residents of the more than two dozen damaged apartments, and others who live nearby, return to take a look at the charred remains of a fire that displaced 30 resident and damaged 19 apartments. now, take a look at the video, the fire started around 10:30, last night, in building d of this five building complex, and quickly escalated to three alarms within an hour. flames rose several feet high. they burned through the apartment, and in through the roof. and went up several feet. caused heavy damage. firefighters use lad tears get water on top of the flames. evacuate g residents, and rescuing. >> another woman will been rescued off of her balcony. chief kevin laurence said that the sprinklers system was not working. resident heard the smoke alarms and quickly got out.
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>> some people, furniture, and property, is damaged, and everybody really, really sad, upset. and they're not really happen. >> i we did have hydrant right out front that evidently got hit with a vehicle or something. so that put that out of commission totally. that's why the lines are running so far down the street. water little issue getting set up. >> the resident that i spoke to here are expressing sadness, and shock, as they learned that one of their neighbors died in this fire. the red cross is assisting the families that have been displaced, no word yet on what caused this blaze. as fire officials continue to investigate. live in plymouth meeting, cherri gregg, "kyw news radio", cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> all right, cherry, thank you for up that date. >> new this morning, in the city hunting park section overnight, a man was shot and
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killed. philadelphia police say it happened in the 4200 block of north 17th street. they say that man suffered fatal gunshot wounds to his back side. the suspect is still at large. >> well, night of halloween trick-or-treating ends deadly when a car jumps the curb in the bronx. eyewitnesses say they heard screams of terror, as that car rather barrelled into the crowd. that killed three people including a ten year old girl and injured four others. reporter elena gold has that store. >> i the nypd now looking for answers thon frightening crash on morris park in bo garth avenues. they say at 5:00 last night this out of control car plowed into a group of trick-or-treaters. then landed several feet off the ground. >> i saw come up in the air. >> witnesses say the man behind the wheel of this black dodge charger rammed the car in front of it, lunged, then slammed into wall. and struck two groups of people, celebrating halloween. several of them children. >> we heard the boom, boom, boom, the cars hitting each other, and the car flying, and
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then we were hearing screams. >> police say 65 year old lewis perez and his ten year old granddaughter niana died from the impact. his other three year old granddaughter got rushed to the hospital in stable condition. >> all i can think of is my god, i hope he makes it. >> fabio saw everything, and rushed over trying to save the family before paramedics arrived. >> you just wish could you have done more. >> also came to the rescue, 24 year old christian lakea. also killed in the crash. police say lakeaa9 year old sister and 21 year old friend were hit, too, and have minor injuries. >> you can't imagine something like is real. looks like something from a war move. >> i deadly scene, something witnesses just can't get past. this could have happened to any of them walking on the sidewalk during halloween. >> horrible. it was horrible. sixty-three year old driver, and figure out what led to this tragedy. in morris park, the bronx, elena gold, cbs news. >> the us navy plans to send a
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remotely operated craft underwater today, to investigate what is believed to be the missing cargo ship el faro, located about 15,000 feet underwater using sonar technology. el faro went missing october 1st near the bahamas near hurricane joaquin. thirty-three crews member on board died. ntsb said the west and consistent with 709-foot cargo ship, from sonar images appears to be in a up-right position and in one piece. >> now the latest on the disaster in the skies. investigators are searching for the cause of the russian plane crash in egypt. that metro jet crashed shortly after take off yesterday, killing 224 people on board, including 25 children. isis is now claiming responsibility for that crash. but both russia and egypt deny it. brian web reports on the latest. >> the metro jet was on it way
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to st. petersberg, when the pilot radioed the control tower to report technical problems. the plane went off course, and disappeared from radar, about 20 minutes into the flight. >> military search helicopters spotted wreckage of the plane in the sinai peninsula. the same area where government and islam i can state militants have clashed. isis has claimed responsibility, but provided no evidence and are not known to have the capability to bring down plane at those heights. a caravan of ambulances transported the dead to a morgue in cairo. victims family members gathered at a hotel near the st. petersberg airport where grief counselors were on hand to help them cope. secretary of state, john kerry, sent condolence frost his trip to asia. >> we ex ten our sympathy to the families and all those concerned. >> investigators have recovered the plane's black boxes that data holds critical information that will help determine what caused the latest air disaster.
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as loved ones wait for the bodies to be flown back to russia, a memorial is growing at the airport in st. petersberg. brian web, for cbs news. >> and happening right now, after all of the talk, and all of the hype, the cherry and white definitely brought the fight. but they just couldn't bring home the win. unfortunately, the owls suffered a disappointing lost last night to the notre dame fighting irish. the score between the two nationally ranked teams stayed tight for most of the game, but in the end a touchdown by notre dame sealed the temple fate. final score here 24 to 20. >> i'm not real a football fan. i don't really watch football. but i got so into this game. so close. would have made so much history. as mentioned, the game between the two nationally ranked football teams also received plenty of pre-game hype. espn college game bay program featured that match up in it broadcast life at independence mall yesterday. and what a great run. i mean, undefeated to up this
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point, you guys, you really pulled it off. and still couple of games left. sole, we're cheering for you. still to come this morning, you probably heard of therapy dogs, right? but how about a therapy torp is? we'll see how this turtle is spicing things up at a senior center. also this morning, a father turns his grief into an important message. health reporter stephanie stahl catches up with a man who transformed hits lost into his life's mission. kyla? >> and if you like -- few light showers are about to roll through the area. make your plans today. plus we've got some people could thing this week. i'll tell when you, and how long it lasts, good morning to you, thanks for joining us, we will be right back, stay with us, "eyewitness news"
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>> live look, just shutdown for the annual bridge 10k. race scheduled shortly. also it, mile bridge walk, and kids dash. so the end fire bridge will be closed until about 9:30 this morning. the event benefits lark school for with disability in bellmawr, new jersey. jefferson hospital's neonatal intensive care unit held its annual reunion, so sweet, arts and crafts, games other activities for graduates of the nicu. hundreds attend the the event yesterday including someone very special. who spent time in the nicu himself. timmy kelly. you probably know him as philadelphia's little good lung charm. >> good luck charm. >> really cool to see and be a part of such a great community from when the kids were born, to where they are now. and they're flourishing, and i'm really happy because of the doctors and the nurses here at jefferson. >> and we call timmy kelly our
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good luck charm of course because whenever he since the national anthem for the eagles game, they always win. so works out for us, we love him. such a sweet guy. hey, you have probably met therapy dog right or maybe therapy cat before. those trained pets are used to soot people in times of need. but, what about a therapy turtle -- turtle? have you heard of this? maryland tortoise helps out during the hard times. >> at this senior center outside of baltimore, an african spurred tortoise is the most popular visitor. >> tada. >> it is real cute. i never saw a turtle with a dress on. it is very unique, i think. >> wasabi, known as sabi, doctors cents to impress, making people like 38 year old wendy laugh and forget their troubles, she lost her husband a couple of years ago. >> it lifts up my spirit. >> sabi gets along with other therapy pets, too, although they don't always know what to make of her. people, though, have no doubt.
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>> she is just adorable. she walks around here like i think it is so great. they make our day here when they come and visit. they really do. >> wasbi. life of the party now. she wasn't always this social. she had to overcome some challenges of her own. she would eat at night, and then any interaction with me, she was terrified, just withdrew. >> lisa was patient and persistent, when she rescued wasabi8 years ago, talking to the turtle often, allowing her to acclimate. then one day just popped out. now? >> everybody lights up. everybody want to know all about her. >> she is actually helping people to do what she did, to overcome whatever fear. >> it is true. she really -- really came out of herschel. >> and this frilly tortoise is proving sometimes laughter really is the best medicine. weijia jiang, cbs news, maryland. >> that's cool. >> i know, what could be bad in life when you have a little
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turtle dress the up, you know? >> and doesn't even matter if it is a turtle, cat, dog, it is the joy, the joy it bridges. >> at a senior center somewhere, just helping folks out, very good. >> indeed. very cool. >> you know what opens is not so cool this morning, nicole. >> pretty mild out, yes. >> it is pretty mild out. you will feel when you walk out the door. take live look at this camera off the rooftop here, our spring garden camera. you can notice, that we have got few little blips of sun that are trying it make their way through. hasn't been the most spectacular sunrise this morning, because of all of the cloud cover, but dow see little blue trying to work its way n we'll see that improve, getting into the afternoon. right now unfortunately we're dealing with a few sprinkles out there that are about to roll through our area. so, few morning sprinkles today, then warming up, into those 60s, monday we have another storm system, but it is going to stay to the south. so we should stay dry, cloudy start some more six's on the way. live look at storm scan3, you can see them talking here just little bit of light shower about to roll through
8:17 am
philadelphia, so headed out the door just be prepared it will be quick and it will be light, and then it will be out of here. so, as you get ready to start your day, we start to see that roll out. and then we get some clearing, but notice this second system, that's rolling to our south. that is 10:00 p.m. tonight. it is going to stay to our south. but it will bring some clouds in, and that 8:00 a.m. time frame shows you, you know, again, if you are in the southern tip of the delmarva peninsula, see some showers or any point south, so if you are traveling just keep mindful ion. that will this is monday night, we start to get nice clearing in for monday, sets us up for lovely rest of the week. so today, we see those sprinkles, ending as we go through our morning, few breaks of the clouds work our way into the afternoon, and lovely high of 67 degrees. tonight, remember, that the sun will be setting earlier, because the sun came up earlier, thank you, to daylight saving time. 4:58 p.m. that's your sun s i know little bit of bitter pill to swallow. 58 degrees currently in philadelphia, right now, 45 in mount pocono, reading about 54, and dover coming in at
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57 degrees. at we zoom in here, little cooler in doylestown, 52 for you, mt. holly coming in at 57 degrees. not bad morning at all. the winds is picking up little bit down the shore. so about 14 miles per hour from wildwood to atlantic city, about 12 miles per hour here in philadelphia, bit of southerly flow. jet stream taking little trip to the north. that will means warmer temperatures for you and i as we get into tuesday. about 10 degrees above average, and it is not just tuesday. remember, the average this time of year, about 61 degrees. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, even friday, we are looking out for highs in the 70s, everybody, so your temperature outlook shows you that it is not just philadelphia, the entire eastern seaboard is going to see much above average temperatures, as we work our way through the week, and lot of sunshine, with it, as well. sixty-seven today. few sprinkles about to roll through. we get some breaks in the clouds. as we get into the afternoon, your low tonight, 51, that's nice and mild for november. we see more clearing as we work our way into the evening. then look at this seven day forecast, i mean, really look at it, because we've got 70s
8:19 am
starting on tuesday, this is november, everybody. wednesday, thursday, beautiful sunshine, even into friday. i'm singing, nicole, because that is just fantastic. pretty good. that's pretty good for november, even better. >> yes. >> kyla, thanks. let's seem, it is 8:19. let's check on the roads with ann evans. good morning, ann. >> nicole, the ben franklin bridge shutdown in both directions, looks like you'll have walkers on one side, runners on the other. this is all for the cooper norcross run, the bridge that's happening right now for great cause. and the bridge is closed in both directions, it will be closed until around 9:30 this morning, you're going to want to take the walt whitman bridge instead. so once again the bring bridge, shutdown in both directions, for the cooper norcross run, that's run the bridge that's happening right now. we will move the traffic cam right here to the ben franklin parkway, another event, on the ben franklin parkway, today, it is the run for hope. and the inner drive of the ben franklin parkway is closed, between logan square and spring garden street, for this major event.
8:20 am
as you can see. if you look up to the art museum circle there, folks prepared for this run. and we are moving the traffic cam one more time. than is the blue route, actually the blue route north of mcdade boulevard, you can see the pretty fall leaves there, to the left of your screen, the blue route in fine shape, it is busy but it is moving. and that's the latest from the cbs-3 traffic sent earl. i'm ann evans, nicole, back to you. >> ann, thanks for the update. cbs-3 health watch this morning, distracted driving, killed nine people, each and every day, and injuries another 1100. it is a growing problem, as more people turn to their phones and other technology, while they're behind the wheel. health reporter stephanie stahl spoke with a philadelphia father who lost his daughter to a distracted driver and is now on a mission to raise awareness and save lives. >> my daughter kacie was killed by a distracted driver. >> joe at match he will newtown high school talking what happened to his 21 year old daughter, hit by 58 year old man who was distracted by his gps. >> anybody have a.m. more dad who texts when they drive?
8:21 am
>> turns out not just teens and 20 year old who drive distracted. plenty of parents are behind the wheel with their kids, and not paying attention. >> studies show that if a kid gross up in a household with a mom or dad who drive distracted, they are three, four times more likely to also drive distracted. >> admitting he did it, too, before kacie was killed, now feldman on mission to ends distracted driving. talking to groups all over the country, and gathering poinent reminders. >> these wrist bands represent what? >> dead children. >> these are all dead children? >> all dead children killed by distracted driving. >> i'm really sad about it, i did realize how many actions happen all the time. >> judges like teaching the dangers every drunk driving, the new mission is to spread the word on how technology and driving don't mix either. a message that student will teach their parent. >> i'm pretty confident that owe are saving lives for dad who has lost a daughter, i'm
8:22 am
really fortunate in what i get to do and the positive impact that i have in kacie's memory. >> joel, philadelphia lawyer; not running a marathon to raise money for the cause. and has created a inner active educational program about distracted driving. we have that link. cbsphilly.comment click on health. a post it for you on my facebook and twitter feeds. stephanie
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>> latin sounds is per vase i have. singer gloria estefan the reason, lee could you and catches up with the legendary singer on broadway already her life story is in the spotlight. here is a preview of the interview you'll see coming up cbs sunday morning. >> ♪ >> back in the 80s, few new
8:25 am
what latin cross-over really meant in music. until this happens. >> the miami sound machine became one of the decades signature sounds. >> ♪ >> these days, gloria estefan is at a different stage in her life. >> oh,. >> literally. >> no, no, no clue of what's happening to you ♪ >> at 58, the queen of latin pop, seeing her life turn into a megawatt broadway muse ago. on your feet. >> is it what you could have expected. >> i couldn't imagine what this would be like. i never imagine it would be so emotional. >> so personal. >> so much so. >> light up there. >> gloria played by anna villafana, bears resembling. >> the minute she walked in it was one of those movie moment
8:26 am
where they say they kid around, that face, i must have that face. >> gloria estefan living the american dream, plus, keeping time with london's big ben. that's this sunday morning right here on cbs-3, at 9:00. >> right now, 8: 26. still ahead this morning on "eyewitness news", we are following the latest on a fire that reached four alarms overnight. it left a woman dead, and several other out of their homes. we'll have a live report straight ahead. >> also, we're talking about unclaimed cash, consumer reporter jim donovan tells you about the newest way you can check to see if you're owed money. billions of dollars are waiting to be claimed, so is some of it yours? he'll let you know. and falling back on this first day of november. kyla grogan back with your sunday forecast next.
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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". today is sunday, november 1st, good morning to you, so glad you're with us, i'm nicole brewer, just about 8:30 right now, we send it out to the skydeck, kyla grogan, tracking warmer temperatures this week, right, kyla? >> i am. but, right now, we have some spring tolls deal, with and i have a couple of them here on the skydeck, not bad, though, really just few sprinkles, and little bit after breeze, as well. soap, here is a little chill in the air. but compared to yesterday, what a difference in temperatures, so today, we will start our day with these sprinkles. cloudy, few breaks every sunday, we go throughout the afternoon, then, nicole allude dollars to, a streak of 70s, coming our way. take a live look at cape may. you can see, some of the clouds working their way through, as they said at 58 degrees, right now, same story, 58 degrees in center city, and you see the southwest wind at about 12 miles per hour, clots of clouds, these are the the showers, take a look at storm scan3, light, brief, and
8:30 am
casino of falling apart as they make it toward philadelphia. that's why we will see the sprinkles, but they'll be out of here relatively soon. today looking out for high of 67 degrees, your monday start cloudy, but high of 66. and do you see what is happening on tuesday? 70 degrees, and sunshine, to start november. not bad at all. you can see the breeze, picking up here, little bit. but we have pretty nice day today, nicole, we will talk more about the 70s, not just one day, whole run of it coming our way. >> all right, kyla, thank you! right now, though, fire officials trying to figure out what caused a deadly apartment fire in plymouth meeting. one woman was killed, several and the damaged leaving dozens of resident without a home this morning. cherri gregg from our sister station "kyw news radio" 1006 live for us on that scene. cherry? >> good morning, nicole. yes, residents have been returning here this morning, to check out the remains of this three alarm fire as you can see, it is charred, debris, trash, all left here,
8:31 am
the damage caused 30 residents to be evacuated, destroys 19 ants, and of course, claimed the life of one of the resident here, take a look at the video, the fire started around 10:30 p.m. last night in building d and quickly escalated to three alarms. flames were several feet high and burn through more than dozen apartments, causing heavy damage to the roof. and other areas of the building. firefighters used lad tears get water on top of the flames. evacuating resident even pets. i understand there were some rescues, and that the one woman she was stuck in her amount, fire chief kevin laurence said that the sprinklers weren't working properly, and there was damaged hydrant, which caused some challenge, and in controlling the blaze, but luckily, most of the resident heard the smoke alarms, and quickly got out.
8:32 am
>> some people furniture, and properties, damaged, and everybody -- some people are really, really sad, upset. >> now, the red cross is assisting families, displaced, folks have sort of been looking off their balconies, and just coming back, looking at the extensive damage caused to this building. i understand that security is tight to keep anyone from disturbing the scene, as fire officials investigate the cause of this fire. we have been told that the montgomery county district attorney's office is also involved in this case. as the cause of the fire currently being investigated. this fire again claimed the life of one woman living here, in this apartment complex. live in plymouth meeting, cherri gregg, "kyw news radio", cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> very sad, cherry, thank up. well, temple fans didn't get the outcome they were hoping for in last night's football game against the
8:33 am
irish. >> pack house at lincoln financial field in south philadelphia, the final score, notre dame, 24, temple, 20. leslie van arsdale has more now on last night's game. >> well, the temple owls have nothing to be ashamed of. they played great game, that just fell short, and coach matt rule couldn't be more proud. >> you know, as i told them, this was a great moment for us to finds out how good we are. everything we want to get done is in front of us. we have four games left. no matter where we go, no matter what, you know, is in front of us, we have to play the way we did tonight, just make one more play. >> we believe we know we can play with anybody in the country. you know, we definitely a great thing we took a lost but like i said before we got to get back, you know, correct our mistakes, and give back, get ready for the next. >> and the players were blown away by the support in the stands. >> it was great. you know, we had a lot, a lot of fans. they stuck with us the whole game. it was awesome. >> how great was that crowd? that was a temple crowd.
8:34 am
notre dame did great job. but i was fired up, man. you turn that on, all across the country, you see great temple crowd, you see great week, game day was awesome, then you see great football game. i didn't want to lose but i'm glad it was a great football game. >> this was college football at it best, and the players can hold their heads very high. reporting from lincoln financial field, leslie van arsdale, eyewitness sport. >> temple football fans were forced to go home last night, without that big win. but, after the game, fans spoke out, and emotions were still running high. take a listen. >> i thought they would win. yes, i thought they would win at first but they didn't. i was upset. everyone was freaking out though, freaking out. >> i thought temple played well. and they just came up little short. but they'll be good program coming out. i think they played pretty well. >> even with the loss, great exposure for the temple football program. many felt the school and it athletics program will ultimately benefit in the longrun. i think so, as well.
8:35 am
well, rutgers university student charged with stabbing two people in a dormatory, this happened on the college avenue campus in new brunswick friday evening, 18 year old daniel attacked the student and visitor during argument in the lobby of met letter hall. lee and dray faces attempted murder and other charges. violence comes ahead of president obama's visit to rutgers newark campus monday. >> in west philadelphia, a trap east artist was injured, when he fell 30 feet into the crowd during a performance at the universal circus. it happened near the mann music center at 52nd and parkside, just after 5:30 last night. circus officials say the 19 year old suffer lower back injury, and is expected to make full recovery. no one in the crowd was injured, the cause is under investigation. well, serious injuries to the driver of a van that crashed into a house. this all happened at pacific street in kensington avenue in philadelphia's harrow gate neighborhood. the driver of that van was rushed to temple university hospital, in serious condition. l & i now aware of the crash,
8:36 am
because of the significant damage to that structure. >> a car hits utility pole and knocks power lines onto a home in north philadelphia. this happened 3000 block every page street. homeowner says the car struck the utility polander 4:00 sass date morning, then just kept ongoing. no one was injured, and right now, crews are on the scene replacing that pole, police haven't located the car. >> a local church gives out some kindness on halloween, this is great. trinity christian chapel of sewell, new jersey participated in a gas buy-down. they took 50-cent off the price of gas per gallon at local station. so, about 500 people, filled up for less, costing the church about $3,000. the church also provided water bottles and soft pretzels, for all who were there. >> well, it was a spooky night at the philadelphia film festival. upper darby's own jamie kennedy was at the prince theater with our own ukee washington for the screen of this cult classic scream. after that screening, the actor and comedian participated in a q and a session with fans.
8:37 am
>> i figure this was good movie, casino of re-invented the genre, you know, unfortunately, the west died this year, so just good movie. and this palo wean, man. >> if the film festival wraps up today. well, local kids put their creativity to the test at the dover mall for a costume contest. our own ukee washington was there, after the event ended kids got to go trick-or-treating inside the mall. cool. looks like everybody had a great time and some great costumes, too. >> alive on cat i am pain trail, democratic candidate bernie sanders went trick-or-treating three of his grandchildren, in new hampshire. following campaign event. >> he went as himself. i guess he didn't have time to grab costume. his grandkids were dressed as abombable snow man, hedge hog, and good witch.
8:38 am
sandra spent 20 minutes trick-or-treat. >> and the new speaker of the house goes political for halloween. paul ryan dressed up as his former runningmate, mitt romney, in later tweeted out this family picture, it appears to be him in the romney mask standing next to his wife. >> 8: 38. much more to cover here on "eyewitness news", coming up next we will check in with "face the nation" john dickerson, for a look ahead at today's broadcast, we'll be right back. for the girl scout meeting... okay. for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! giant just dropped prices on thousands more items. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane. my giant.
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which makes the checkout lane, victory lane. baby! mom! i love that we're spending the weekend together. oh i know! hey, why don't you turn off your phone and all your stuff. good idea. it's off. mom? oh my internet is so slow when anyone else is using it.
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did you like want to do something? i am doing something. leave slow downloads behind. it's good to be back. the 100% fiber optics network gives you the fastest internet available for all your devices. get out of the past. get fios. face the nation will be coming your way a little later this morning at 10:30, here on cbs-3, joining us now with a preview live in washington is the moderate err, and cbs news political direct or john dickerson. good morning. >> good morning, nicole. we're going to talk to the man of the moment in the republican presidential race. that is florida senator, marco rubio, after that strong debate performance he's getting a lot of chatter, and some big new donations, we will talk to him about his
8:41 am
campaign and his newly frosty relationship with jeb bush. we will also talk to the new speaker of the house from which is son somebody, congressman paul ryan, about job he didn't want, but seems to be very happy to have. and, what he's going to do with the house, then we go over to the other side of the aisle, in the house, and talk to the number two democrat in the house, maryland congressman sandy hour. what's he think of the paul reiner a? can anything get done? we will find out. then we will also have political panel to talk about the weeks event, and then what's coming up next week, nicole. lots to cover, john, thanks for the preview. we already watching. >> still to come this morning, some showers this sunday morning, and little bit cool to start the day. but, kyla grogan back with a warm up in the seven day forecast. really, really warm. plus: nasty storms battering texas, the area there dealing with tornados, and dangerous flooding. coming up next, how the turbulent weather is taking it toll. >> and, billions of dollars of unclaimed cash. some of it could belong to you, three on your side jim donovan with new way to get your money back. we will be right back.
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>> another band of heavy rains, spawned three tornados, and some dangerous flooding. cbs news correspondent omar villafranca has more. >> overnight, in houston, emergency crews rescued 90 people from fast moving water. the system spun two tornados in suburban houston, toppling trees, damaging buildings. it was the same storm, that battered central texas, for second night. turning the usually calm got loop a river into raging waterway. roads around low-lying creeks in the area filled up, making driving nearly impossible. kerry packard, shop, managed to stay calm. as often flood waters started caring his car over a bridge. he called 911, then took this amazing video on his phone.
8:45 am
>> so you can see how the flooding down some sort of creek. >> kerry floated for more than half mile, before grabbing a passing tree branch and climbing to the top. moments later, he snapped a picture of his car, as the river swallowed it up. >> i know, you know, survival skills, so i new once i was on a strong tree, i was going to be fine. >> he waited for help on the top of the tree, for almost five hours, before being rescued. residents in this awesome neighborhood say it will take them few weeks to clean up all of this mess. that line of storms is now heading across louisianna, into mississippi, and alabama. omar villafranca, cbs news, austin, texas. and i'm happy to say that we don't have any dangerous or severe weather to deal with today. just little bit of rain this morning, good morning to our eyewitness weather watchers. getting some observations in a lot warmer than we were this time yesterday. we start with this one, 57 degrees, where ed is. you can see, he's got the cloudy skies as well. he sent me picture, this morning, take a lock at this,
8:46 am
what sunrise looked like. you didn't see much sun out there. >> cloud cover little later in the day. phil, good morning, in philadelphia, and he says the temp rose overnight 49 to 54. we are warming up. usually temperatures drop. not always the case today little difference, 53 degrees, where lisa is in wilmington. also has cloudy skies, and she says comfortable, breezy morning, with a little rain moving in. and hopes everybody enjoys their sunday, thank you, least, a you too. that rain will be moving out quickly, we are seeing some sprinkles right now, live look at center city, certainly clouds cover, is right there, and it is to will be with us throughout our day today. few breaks in and around our afternoon hours, but for this morning, i think we will have the cloud cover to deal with. also, to deal with, remember, we had the sun come up earlier this morning. sun going down earlier tonight, so sunset at 4:58 p.m. yes, we in that time of year. live look at storm scan3, shows you the light showers,
8:47 am
falling apart of it, as they make it toward philadelphia. but i just feel few sprinkles out there. i think you will too, i don't say i need umbrella but take jacket with a. who warming up today. nice 60s, believe it or not, another storm system coming our way tomorrow. but we stay south of us, and so it is just going to bring us some clouds, and some mid 60s, not bad. let me show you what i am talking about, future weather. we get rid of the sprinkles this morning, giving way to clearing, about 5:00 p.m. right when the sun goes down by the way. >> to our south, as we get into our monday morning, there is 9:00 a.m. you can see, it is getting very close, but staying to the south, we get some cloudy skies but i believe we'll stay dry for your commute monday. starting to clear out, supposed to be real nice getting into monday afternoon and evening. sets us up for very sunny tuesday. currently 58 degrees in philadelphia. forty-five in mount pocono. 606 millville. hit the 06 degrees mark also in wildwood. and if we zoom in here, boy, look at this run of 60s, warming up from cape may, all the way to ocean city.
8:48 am
we're awfully close whipped brisk down the shore, dover, 17 miles per hour now, and you see the teens in wildwood, atlantic city it, miles per hour if philadelphia. taking hour by hour, those clouds with us today, but few breaks this afternoon, and you are going to notice the temperatures, just going to feel a lot more pleasant when you walk out the door. and if you think that's pleasant, check this out. jet stream taking little journey to the north, what that means is it opens the door for warm air to come in. look what happens hereby wednesday. we are going to see 70s tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday. it won't be until saturday that this finally starts to cool down a bit. beginning of november i have to tell you, that's pretty nice. so while we saw 50's yesterday, 60s for your sunday, monday, 07 degrees on tuesday, and we will see the 70s again mid week even through friday, when the average this time of year is just 61. so today not bad. few spring tolls get rid of. cloudy few breaks every
8:49 am
sunday. and high of 67. tonight, wow, nice and mild, that is the low temperature tonight. 51 degrees for first day of november. very mild. glorious seven day forecast, which by tuesday gives us sunshine and 70s, not one, not two, not three, but four days in a row. not bad. we start to cool down next saturday. >> let's check in ann evans to see if she has any good news. >> we have good news. ben franklin bridge closed in both direction does have traffic on bridge but in the form of foot traffic. cooper norcross bridge, underway, benefits children with special needs, great cause and well underway as you can see, both directions of the bridge have runners and walkers. >> take the walt whitman instead. >> moving the traffic cam, art museum circle, ben franklin frankly lynn parkway. inner driver shutdown between
8:50 am
logan square and spring garden street, that's for an event called the run and walk for hope taking place there. and we move the traffic cam one more time, and i95 at the airport. headed down to the airport this morning, no delays or problems, i95 in pretty good shape. and that's the latest from the cbs-3 traffic center, ann evans, nicole, back to you. >> ann, here is a question for you. not for ann specifically but for everybody. i just wish i had some extra money. you may be owed some, not even know t3 on your same consumer reporter jim top van reports on unclaimed cash. >> not everyone as lucky as lottery winner. you too could be end tight told cash and not even know t today delaware launched new website, so people can search for unclaimed cash and get back what's theirs. "3 on your side" on the forefront of the issue for years, helping people get their money and property back. health center claim over 1200
8:51 am
bucks all happy to receive more funding. >> $435 owed to them. >> i'm thrill to except that dollar amount. >> cbs-3 employees were owed unclaimed cash. >> mr. ukee washington. >> how much? i. >> believe at least $300. >> what? >> it could be utility deposit you never got back or check that got lost in the mail. it is coming from banks, insurance companies, if you have stock, security, somehow get lost, coming from there. >> david with delaware department of finance says that when the owner can't be found the money ends with a state treasury. >> we have a lot of assets, that we would like to reunite with their true owners, and the past, when it was more of a paper driven process, people would get discouraged, and they would casino of fall by the wayside. but this allows them to do it all at one time. >> now with the state's new website? >> they can search for their names, they can click the
8:52 am
properties they believe that belong to them, then file the claim, and one seamless step. >> posted links to not only delaware new unclaimed funds sites, but links to the sites used by each state. on and also be sharing it on facebook and twitter. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim
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8:54 am
>> is rocky better than rudie? owls this close to proving t temple taking on ninth ranked notre dame. the owls looking for the first win over top ten team in school history. 69,000 in the stands at the linc. that's a school record. pick it up in the first quarter. there is no score. desean kieser, finding his way, 4-yard touchdown run, seven-nothing, notre dame. second quarter, owls down by four. pj walker to brandon shipping over the middle. good for the score. until the owls on the board.
8:55 am
and up ten to seven, but back comes kaiser. you give them an inch. he he'll take 79 yards. all the way to the house. fourteen to ten. in favor of notre dame. now, in the fourth quarter, owls trailing 17 to ten. jihad thomas, oh, nice move right there. fighting through chest injury. and gives the owls a huge score. and then how about this? a field goal from austin jones, later in the quarter. and temple regains the lead. the fighting irish come right back. kieser, standing, delivering, to will fuller. he's a local guy, fuller. went to roman catholic high school. breaking hearts all over the region. and so notre dame now leads 24 to 20, last chance for the owls, pj walker, pick off, and temple first lost of the season, it is a heart breaker, 24 to 20. >> notre dame is a great team. i have a loss of respect for
8:56 am
them. i thought they made great great plays, one more play than we made tonight a lot of things went against our guys tonight. they kept battling, battling, battling. and to the last play, thought we could come back to win the game. could be prouder of them. >> also how good after team they are. we got a lot of guys willing to do whatever. you know what i mean, great guys, you know, i think the casino of next week, you know, awesome game tomorrow, and on to the next win. >> that will do it for sports, i'm do don bell, have a great stay. >> how prouder are we of the cherry and white? >> yes. >> that was tight game. >> yes, amazing run, undefeated to up this point, right? and they still have few more games, like coach said -- >> got extra hour of sleep. hopefully everybody will wake up feeling little better about it. >> good call. don't forget, fall back, don't be surprised if you see the clock it, looks little funny, right? >> don't be surprised if by tuesday you're wondering if you should need your sunglasses and sunscreen, look at this. 70s starting tuesday, for four days in a row, with lot of gorgeous sunshine, today not bad either. sixty-seven, little cloudy out, there few sprinkles right now, they'll move on out of
8:57 am
here. so such a good stretch you know for november? >> fantastic for november. >> fantastic. kyla, thank you. that's cbs-3 "eyewitness news" for now. signing off on television, always on line at sunday morning is next, make a great day, guys. we'll see you soon. kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
8:58 am
i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase.
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