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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  November 2, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". oh, we are loving the first week of november, as temperatures sour, talking temperatures ten, 15 degrees above normal, nice little taste every indian summer here. good afternoon, i'm erika von tiehl. warm today but even warmer tomorrow. and justin, i think we get pretty used to. >> this it just feels like september outside not november. >> right. that's what we will be dealing with really through the rest of the upcoming work week. today is the transition day, still have some clouds over us right now, you can see that behind me in center city but
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still enough sunshine get through the clouds, getting us already above average, in some locations so the temperatures, check it out, right now sitting at 62 at the airport, here61 we should be this time of year, only noontime. so we have few more degrees to go yet before we reach the afternoon temperature, 61 up in allentown, 56 mount pocono. so again really not that bad, no matter where you're cross the delaware valley, palmyra, new jersey, 64 degrees at 60 up in doylestown, winds are pretty much calm, about 5 miles per hour out of north to northwest. very comfortable outside. even though we don't have the full sunshine. clouds rolling on through every now and then get breaks in the clouds, because of storm system that situated well to the south. so no threat of rain today. we will just have mid to high level clouds filtering out the sunshine, the farther north and west you are from the city, see little bit more sunshine, so 68 degrees will do it for the afternoon high for philadelphia, more clouds, little cooler at the shore, 64 degrees, and up in the poconos little more sun, we get up to 59. now, here's what to expect for the rest of the week, jet
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stream mix-up up well to the north, just allows that warm air from the deep south to move northward. so talking about highs ten to 15 degrees above average, approaching the mid 70s, in the seven-day forecast, i'll let you agree to expect and when coming up in the full forecast. >> tainted halloween can't i passed out in chester county, needles were found in 6twix bars by group of friends trick-or-treating together in kennett square. parents in the area being warned to check all candy. police are investigating to see if the incident is real or a hoax. no one was hurt. now, meanwhile, the woodbury police department also say that they've received a report of tainted candy. police posted on their facebook page that a caller claimed they found a needle or pin, in a knickers almond bar in gloucester county. michelle garwood posted these photos on facebook saying she notified police, plans to brit candy in. police are urging parents to
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be cautious. there is now a $20,000 reward for chips that can help police capture two suspects in the shooting death after north philadelphia teenager. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch shows us the 16 year old was riding his bike with another teen wn shots rang out sunday afternoon. >> reporter: it was a quiet sunday afternoon like most, this neighbor recalls, until she heard the sounds of blasting bullets. >> i heard a bunch, to say he can actually how many, i can't by police count, 17 shots were fired west sedgley avenue around the corner from her home, shots police say were aimed at two boys ages 15 and 16 riding bicycles on sedgley avenue. at the time those shots were fired, police say, they had a patrol out in the area. the officers heard those shots and went looking for the source. what they found was that 16 year old boy shot in the back. the 15 year old boy was able to get away unharmed. police help to get that 16 year old to temple hospital
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where he died a short time later. >> i hope that they -- we are losing too many of our young people. >> reporter: detectives are looking for two suspects in a silver buick with dark tinted windows. officials say that car stopped the teens at one point on sedgley but they pedaled past. then the teens saw that buick pulled over further down and two men standing outside. one heavyset in a dark hoodie, and both report today have opened fire, as the boys try to escape. this morning police commissioner charles ramsey urged neighbors to not stay silent. >> you shouldn't get used to hearing gunfire, but it is just an unfortunate fact that in some of our neighborhoods it is all too common an event. >> reporter: justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". meanwhile, the search continues for the cause after deadly fast moving fire at a plymouth meeting apartment complex. one woman was killed in that fire. that victim has not been identified. dozens of people were force from the that homes and the
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plymouth rock amounts when the fire broke out saturday night. a total of 26 people are in the care of the red cross this noon. the first victims of saturday's deadly plane crash in egypt have returned home to russia. correspondent tina krause shows us investigators are hoping the black box holds some clues, as to why that plane went down. >> us intelligence sources tell cbs news the russian jetliner that crashed in egypt was likely not shot down. while some sources are not ruling out possible bomb on board, the us director of national intelligence says there is no proof that terrorists are to blame. >> we don't have any direct evidence of any terrorist involvement yet. report roar russian airline detectives contradict report that the pilot request today lands at the nearest airport because of technical issues. metro jet bosses say there was no mechanical trouble or pilot error and insists some casino
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of catostrophic event caused the plane to dive into the egyptian dessert, killing all 224 people on board. relatives broke down as the first bodies were brought back to st. petersberg monday. passengers had sent these vacation photos before boarding the plane from the resort town saturday, the broke liner broke apart mid-air about 23 minutes into the flight. investigators hope the black box flight recorders hold the clues they need to solve the worse air disaster in russian history. tina krause, cbs news. happening today, president obama will visit rutgers newark campus. later on this afternoon to push for criminal justice rye form. he is scheduled to preside over round table discussing former inmates re-adjusting to life after prison. the president will also stop at a drug treatment facility in lincoln park to highlight prisoner re-entry into the community.
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and, new jersey governor chris christie is in camden at this hour highlighting the department's policing. community policing. christie is holding a round table meeting to talk to the camden county police force, about their public safety reforms. the governor is also going to talk about the progress being made to bring down crime in the city, and the positive relations between the police and the community. >> well, it is almost here tomorrow is election day, and voters in philadelphia will choose a new mayor. republican candidate, melissa murray bailey; facing long odds in a city where registered democrat outnumber the opposition by about seven to one. her opponent heavy favorite and democrat jim kenny. both candidates agree that the philadelphia school system will be one of their major priorities if-ee elected. here is a reminder for you, polls in pennsylvania, they open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. we have more information on our website and we will have complete list of winners on tv and on line after all those votes are counted. coming up this noon: disturbing video from inside
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an uber car. a passenger reportedly attacking a driver. we'll tell you what started that fight and how the driver finally stopped it next. >> and we all know little sleep can make you cranky. but which one is worse, tossing and turning or having your sleep interrupted?
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>> passenger goes on a rampage, the violent attack only ends when the driver uses pepper spray on the passenger. now, that passenger facing assault and public intoxication charges today. cbs correspondent maria de real picks up the story in los angeles. >> you got to give me directions. >> why did i have to give you directions? >> because my address -- >> , no you refuse to. >> the uber passenger becomes belligerent, then the video seems to show him falling over in the back seat. >> you're too drunk to give me directions, began no. >> i'm kicking you out. >> i'm giving you the directions right now. >> that's it. >> the next thing i know i just got fists flying at my face, and, you know, i reach for the pepper spray. >> the man swears yanking his hair, a law enforcement officials told our los angeles station kcbs that the passenger, 32 year old benjamin goal seen senior marketing manager for taco bell. >> the only way that i felt i was going to get him to stop beating me was to incapacitate
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him, use self-defense, i don't believe woe have stopped. >> when riders sign up for the service they agree to code of conduct. there is also a rating system for rider, but that's not enough to make some drivers feel safe. says he's done with uber for now. >> i don't feel safe driving for uber any more. >> benjamin gold send out every jail now facing charges every assault on a cab driver, and public intoxication, as well. cbs news, los angeles. chipotle will keep 43 restaurants closed in oregon and washington, as health officials investigate e-coli outbreak. one portland couple said they went to chipotle one night, soon after the man became violently ill. so far 22 people in oregon and washington have been diagnosed with e-coli, and most have eaten at a chipotle in the last few weeks. kelly collins said she's never seen her husband so ill. >> i know we're never going to eat there again.
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this was horrible. >> this is was more than just food poison, it is there is ex exposure. >> exact source of the contamination has not been determined. the outbreak does though seem to be confined out west. no restaurants in our area have been affected. former us president, jimmy carter, says he feels fine. and he plans to keep busy despite his cancer diagnosis. the 91 year old admits it is too soon to know if treatment he's received is affected on his brain cancer. but carter says he's not felt ill through the rounds of immunity boosting drugs. as a matter of fact, jimmy and rosalynn are in tennessee today, they're working on a habitat for humanity home. still ahead on "eyewitness news", some ideas of what to do with all of that left over halloween candy. and, some scary pictures hereof a giant crack in the ground. we're talking 40 yards wide and 100 feet deep. we'll tell you where this happened, and just how it happened, too. that's coming up.
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justin? >> all right, good afternoon, everyone, feeling comfortable today. temperatures in the 60s, then it will feel more like september later this week, those details coming un in the eyewitness weather forecast.
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newspapers back christine donohue for supreme court. saying this daughter of a coal miner gets the highest rating from the bar association. they call donohue uniquely qualified. and cite her commitment to restoring integrity. both business and labor endorse donohue because she's independent and fair. prosecutors. firefighters. people who keep us safe - all back donohue. on tuesday - christine donohue. let's restore integrity to pennsylvania's supreme court
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>> more small children are swiping the screens of smart phones or tablets. a study done at philadelphia's albert einstein medical center found that nearly all us kids, under the age of four, have used a mobile device. tablets are the most popular choice. on average, kids as young as one use them, more than 20 minute a day. some critics call this
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disturbing, saying, it is suggesting parent are using the technology as a surrogate babysitter. if you were woken up repeatedly last night by say your significant other, your dog, maybe a noisy neighbor, chances are you're a little grumpy today. and there is now proof of a connection. researchers at johns hopkins found people who were disrupt tiff throughout the night reported the most negative moods the next day. that's compared to people simply not getting enough sleep. well, residents who live in rural wyoming getting nervous after huge crack opened up in the ground all around them. this thing is now 50 yards wide, and 100 feet deep. not to mention 600 yards long. there have been no earthquakes or anything else that you would think would have started this, geologists say rather it was formed by a slow-moving landslide, and it is not dangerous because that area is so remote. but still, just incredible, power of mother nature. >> looks cool, though. >> i mean, so many cracks out, there you got the grand canyon out west. what's another one?
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>> as long aspen pen stays crack free, new jersey, delaware. >> exactly. >> we can't believe this weather, the heat. >> i know, how about that? first week of november, we have halloween, clocks change, all signs every fall, not feeling like t talking september like conditions, not record highs, can still get in the 80s this time of year. that's not happening this week. but mid 70s, got shod at that in the middle of the work week. little further north and west, i thought i had the camera in from berks county, guess i don't, but more sunshine breaking out up in berks county right now, and that's where you will find the nicest conditions today. but overall clouds, but overall, temperatures still mild, as well. we are into the mid and potentially upper 60s today, few degrees above average. then talking about conditions feeling like september over the next few days, and talk about couple of shower chances in our seven day forecast. so, here are the average highs, for the fall season, september 22nd, we average mid 70s, october 1st, low 70s, november 1st, 61, we are already above that today, so
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talking about more like late october, or early october, and late september conditions wednesday, thursday and friday. so this is some true indian summer coming at us. >> this occurs mid to late fall, which we are in right now, typically happens after the first frost, already had freeze, so dealing with warm days, and some cool nights. that's really the forecast for the next several days. sixty-two the current temperature in philadelphia, and wilmington, 56, mount pocono, and there is real now cold air to our north and west, just warmer air that will continue to move in, over the next 12-24 hours, 63 degrees currently in pittsburgh. once we get rid of the clouds, temperatures start to warm up each afternoon. storm system to the south, steady rain stays well to the south today. so just mid to high level clouds, notice the clouds really start thinning out lehigh valley and poconos. those clouds continue to move the to the east and southeast through the rest of today. this afternoon call it partial sunshine, more sunshine to the north and west. tonight those clouds really thin out. should go mostly clear overnight. and then, for tuesday, look at that, full sunshine, really warming the temperatures up
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above average, so we talk about the numbers. today, mid maybe some upper 60s, depending on how much sun we see this afternoon, tonight it, gets cool again, we drop to about 50 for center city, 40's in the suburbs, then look at tomorrow, many locations breaking the low 70s, for afternoon temperatures. so enjoy this afternoon, partly sunny, mild, 68 degrees for the afternoon high. tonight little on the cool side because we clear the clouds out, 50 degrees for center city, 40's the suberb, winds light out of the northeast five to 10 miles per hour. check out the extended forecast. we go 68 today, up to 71 on tuesday, with mostly sunny skies, wednesday even warmer at 74. now, there will be a little disturbance that comes through thursday bridging more clouds, could be scattered shower or two in some spots. but still mild in the 70s, friday, 74 degrees, again. not total weekend, we start to cool back down, and we are talking nothing terribly cold, maybe mid 50's sunday, so may have couple of degrees below average. overall nice stretch of warm
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temperatures if you like that for november. >> just incredible. >> we know you love to surf. still hitting the waves? >> yes, out there over the weekends, water not bad, 60s, we'll take it. >> how much candy do you have in your house right now, halloween cannedy? >> not much. i didn't go trick-or-treating. >> well, if your house is full of candy after this weekend we have ideas how to get rid of it or save it for late. when we say later we mean much, much later. >> give it to me! >> justin can use t if you don't want to give it to justin, you can freeze it, so throw in a bag, throw it in the freezer, have a treat around valentine's day? also you can use some candies for baking or maybe add it to brownies or even in decoration on the top, mam's of course work well, save it tore ginger breath house? that could work well. or if you don't want it in the house, too tempting, fun size candybars, economy down so smooth, flight. >> oh, ya. >> you can donate it to a retirement home or my favorite option, contact an organization, a lot of groups send care packages to troops overseas. so if that bag of snickers or
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kit cats are just calling your name, donate to somebody who really would appreciate it, out of the country right now. >> love those. >> eating right now, immediate graph if i case. >> it lasts for awhile, you can keep it there to for few months. >> well, you eat your raw broccoli every morning here, >> well, you eat your raw broccoli every morning here, justin, great
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>> new technique to help to protect newborns. stephanie stahl stills us
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about special type of baby blanket that can be a real lifesaver. than the tonight at 5:00. then at 6:00 salvation for the uss united state. we'll show you why the historic ship on penn's landing is not headed for the scrap yard at least not for now. talking sports real quickly, kansas city getting ready for a parade. the royals have won their first world series in three decades, by beating the mets in extra innings. the royals scored five runs in the 12th inning last night, at new york city field. they scored two runs in the ninth, to send it to extra innings. the final was seven to two, and the royals won the series, four games to one. manager was not surprised. >> everything they set out to accomplish, they did. they wanted to win the division, they won it by 11 games. they wanted to win home field advantage for the place officer, they d they wanted to win the world series, they did. >> the royals last won it all back in 1985, 30 years later, well done. kansas sitly celebrate the win with a parade tomorrow
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afternoon. and, in case you haven't heard yet, cookie monster is celebrating a birthday. that's right. sesame street will only say that the muppet, i think they're being delicate, i appreciate, that however, we did some searching and sources on line think he is actual turning 46, looking terrific, still lovers his cookies but as he is getting older he under stands the importance of eating bert. now says cookies are sometimes food, and people should eat healthy all the time. so cookie monster says cut back on sugar, you snow. >> he looks good, though. >> agreed. >> ages well. >> just like the day he was born, right? >> now let's get some kookiness here. >> that's "eyewitness news" at noon, for justin all of us here thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. always on line at the young and the restless is coming up next. should cookies should we get, what kinds? >> ♪
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>> mariah: okay, you guys, let's get up for the parade. come on. line up. no? okay, hi, mr. robot, do you mind getting your head out of your laptop so you can help me out here? >> kevin: give me just a second. >> mariah: really? >> billy: hey. so is this the drop-off for the parade? >> mariah: oh. more -- more kids. that's -- that's great. >> kevin: way to inspire confidence in the people trusting us with their children. >> mariah: [ scoffs ] >> billy: you sure about this? >> victoria: nick says mariah's tougt


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