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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 2, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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they are relieves one scar was ruled a hoax very quickly. stories of razors and needles and hand we will goods, seemed to date as far back as the tradition itself this weekend innocence of the holiday, overshadowed, yet again, by panic, after otherses tell me that this photo was posted on facebook. >> it was scary, very, very scary. >> reporter: posts, said he found a needle in the snickers bar and world is f up. >> everybody was upset. >> reporter: gloucester township incident followed reports of the tainted candy in kenneth the square, chester county. police there tell me they are investigating the legitimacy of the complaints. woodbury heights police posted this message to their facebook sunday evening, saying they are looking into a report of a needle or a pin i had side candy. back in gloucester township, police say once detectives began digging, they found, the story was not quite adding up. >> reason he gave during an
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interview was he wanted to teach his children a lesson that this kind of thing could happen. >> reporter: ultimately though police say it is, le drew hoist getting a lesson as he has been charged with filing a false police report. now police also tell me that le drew claimed that he bit into the candy bar before finding that needle. we will have much more on this story as well as new updates from the other incident coming up new tonight the the at 6:00. for now, reporting live, rahel solomon for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> we will sue then, thank you. chopper three over a crash involving a september bus in northeast philadelphia a it happened around 12:30, on the 7,000 block of oxford avenue in fox chase. route 17 double bus collided with a truck hauling heavy equipment. both slamming in the front of the two businesses. eyewitnesses say that the truck had a police escort as bus made a wide turn at the corner. >> i just saw a giant white truck, stuck into the side of my building, the corner of my building, and then i
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immediately just thought how glad i was that it didn't come right into me. >> i don't understand how a driver like that can miss that giant of a thing, it doesn't make any sense. >> reporter: bus driver and two passengers were taken to the area hospital for non-life threatening injuries. tonight police are searching for four suspects, in connection with the deadly shooting of a teenager riding a bike in strawberry mansion. and tonight, we're hearing from a 15 year-old who escaped that gunfire unharmed. the violence unfolded on west sedgley avenue yesterday afternoon and "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson is live with more on this, steve. >> reporter: jessica, that scene is very near where we are right now near victim's home. you can see memorial here has been growing, all day, and neighbors now lighting candles, and they are expect to join in a vigil in an hour which will hopefully help with the healing process because it has been a rough day for this community. community in pain.
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>> my nephew is gunned down, and took his life for no reason. he was a good kid. >> reporter: hugs, frowns and tears in north philadelphia, on monday, one day after police say a teenage boy was shot and killed, riding a bike with a fend, near his neighborhood. family identified the victim as 16 year-old salem west a teen just beginning to enjoy life. >> he liked to have fun. he liked to hang out with his friends. he was living his life. >> reporter: police say at 4:40 sunday afternoon west was riding bikes with his friend, five-year old tam errander son in the to 2200 block of west sedgley. there, two men stood in back of his silver buick, scared, the the boys fled, before 17 shots rang out. salem was killed, tamir was not hurt. >> i go across the street and he is laying there. >> reporter: what was it like to see your friend laying thereafter being shot. >> traumatized. >> reporter: we spoke to tymir
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monday who is still in shock. >> i try not to think bit. >> reporter: tymir, says her sonnies good at staying tough but she can tell just like everybody here, he is in pain. >> he is hurt. i know he is. he is trying to hold it in but he is hurt. he watched it. >> and, police, say that they are searching for suspects. meanwhile the community is coming together in, about less than an hour, for a candle light vigil, and, hopefully... >> steve, thank you very much. >> well, our first week of novas we turn to the weather will feel more like september. warm today and we will be warmer, tomorrow. meteorologist kate bilo is tracking conditions for you on the sky deck, kate. >> it is weird to be out here at this hour, and see sunsetting but it is beautiful out here right now. you can see, behind me the sky is an amazing shade of pink orange over sky line of
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philadelphia. as we look west it is a beautiful sunset like mother nature is saying it is early, it is dark when you drove home but there is a beautiful sunset to make up for it. we have cloud that we saw today starting to filter out of the region clearing there northwest to south east here this evening. most of the showers have missed us off to the south. they are over portions of virginia and carolinas and that is heading out to sea and will not impact us. what will, impact us is a nice warm up. today was a above average. our average high is 61. temperatures are in the the 50's, but we have 65 today. looking for 70's we have got that on the way starting tomorrow, and coming up i'll tell you how long it will last? view of the sunset as we send it back inside to ukee and jessica. >> what a beautiful, night, kate, thanks very much. deadly discovery is under investigation at an atlantic city resort how a woman was town dead inside atlantic palace early sunday morning. authorities have not released victim's name age or any information, surrounding the circumstances of her death, but we do know autopsy results
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are pending. police are asking, anyone who knows anything about this, to come forward. and a nine year investigation into a deadly washington township home invasion, ends with an arrest. john walker of philadelphia is charged with the murder of juan cuevas in 2006, authorities say that the victim was beaten to death inside his home and his three children were tied up. coming up at 6:00 hear from the victim's sister about today's development. our cleve bryan will have a live report. more victims of the saturday's deadly plane crash in egypt are returning home to russia tonight. investigators are hoping that the recovered flight recorders will hold clues into why the plane went down. correspondent tina krause reports now from london. >> reporter: u.s. intelligence sources tell cbs news that the russian jet liner that crashed in egypt was likely not shot down. while some sources are not ruling out a possible bomb on board, the u.s. director of national intelligence, says that there is no prove that terrorist are to blame.
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>> we don't have any direct evidence of any terrorist involvement just yet. >> reporter: russian airline officials contradicted egyptian reports that the pilot requested to land at the the nearest airport because of technical issues. metro jet bosses say that there was no mechanical trouble or pilot error and insist some kind of of catastrophic event caused the egyptian desert, killing all 224 people on board. relatives, broke down as the the first bodies were brought back to st. petersberg on monday, and passengers had sent these vacation photos before boarding the plane from the resort town of sharm el-sheikh on saturday. jet liner broke apart in midair about 23 minutes into the flight. the investigators hope that the black box flight recorders hold the clues that they need to solve the worst air disaster in russian history. tina krause, cbs news.
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egyptian officials and aviation experts have dismissed claims from islamic militants who say they shot the plane down. experts say isis does not have in missiles capable of reaching a plane a at 31,000 feet. for the first time in history three seats are vacant on the pennsylvania supreme court, leaving you, with more power then ever to effect future rulings. a pennsylvania supreme court has been in the forefront of the legal decisions even decide to go up hold same sex marriage before the u.s. supreme court. that decision will be made when polls opened tomorrow and "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones is live in the the sat center with more on the candidates, todd. >> reporter: jessica, is what happened right now has never happened in pennsylvania in 311 years. as you mentioned, three vacancies are up in the supreme court, there are seven candidates and perhaps the best known in our areas judge kevin dougherty, is brother of the powerful union boss, john dougherty. >> what would you say to you between you and your brother, maybe just too much power and influence to have. >> first and foremost, that is
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what can i say, he is my brother, i love my brother but my brother never influenced me and my deis is. i have been a judge in the court of common pleas for five years. >> reporter: also running judge jidith olson of allegheny county who called this a historic chris will california election. >> it is critical because there are only seven seats. three new justices will have a significant impact on the jurisprudence of the commonwealth for many years to come. >> reporter: judge michael george fridays gettysburg and former district attorney. >> the supreme court of pennsylvania touches every part of our society, whether it be how we support our children, how we care for our families, and how neighbors get along with each other. >> reporter: born in overbrook philadelphia judge paul panpinto is only independent candidate in the race but he previously ran unsuccessfully as a republican. >> i'm not behold even to political parties, party bosses, union, any special interests. my candidacy is for the the
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people. >> coming up tonight at 6:00 we will look at the other candidates, including the only judge, who is from bucks county, to receive a not recommended rating from the pa bar a association. we will hear what she has to say about that as well as superior court judge david west and christine donahue. reporting live from the sat center, todd quinones for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". tomorrow, voters in philadelphia will choose a new mayor, republican date melissa murray bailey is facing long odds where registered democrats out number opposition by seven to one. her opponent, heavy favorite and democrat jim kenney. both candidates a agree that the philadelphia school system will be one of the major priorities, if elected. polls in pennsylvania are opened from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 . we have more information on our web site at cbs and we will have a complete list of winners on television and on line after the votes are counted. cbs philly and committee of 70 are here to help you rock the vote this election
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day. share you're lex day photos with us so let us know you voted using hashtag cbs-3 and 70 or ask us any questions you have before heading to the poles. we are definitely here to help out. still to come on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" an abused doggies on the mend and touching hearts nationwide, we will have the story of the search to find the people who left him near death. a sky diver, dangles 10,000 feet in the air when his jump suit gets stuck on the plane, find out how he got out of this jam. a new technique to try to protect new borns, health reporter stephanie stahl tells us about a special type of baby blanket that can be a real life safer. is chip kelly sticking around? i'm path gallon here in haddonfield, new jersey, we will tell you why it is possible that he does for the foreseeable future. blank
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back on "eyewitness news" with the sky divers leap that does not, exactly go according to plan. fernando got owe was hoping to free fall over peru but instead his pant leg got caught on the plane's exit steps and you can see him hanging, and he hung upside down for about 30 minutes before he managed to cut himself loose with the knife and continue on, with his jump. >> wow. >> you know what, if that was
5:15 pm
me, that is a sign. >> yes. >> exactly. >> woman is recovering and faces charges after authorities say she was bitten by a zoo tying inner nebraska. >> police say jacqueline eddie trespassed on zoo property have after hours and then tried to pet the tiger. the tiger bit her when she reached in the cage. she's hospitalized with a hand injury and charged with criminal trespass. she has a long history of dui a arrests and police say she may have been drunk when she decided to visit the tiger. a mother watches a a ann as her daughter is bitten in the waters by a shark off the coast of florida. these are photos from the aftermath in cocoa beach. jill cruz was bitten yesterday. shark managed to get her in the calf. she's in the hospital. woman in the water helped drag her back to shore. >> i looked over at her and she said somebody help me. i saw the fin coming up and slap her in the face and she said it got me. i grabbed her hand and drug her back to the shore.
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>> woman has received some stitches and may have to undergo surgery. on the cbs-3 healthwatch tonight, cold turkey being used for new born babies, it is opposite have of wrapping them in a warm blanket. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here to explain. >> reporter: would you think you wrap them up. you see them cuddled up like. that not all the time does that work. one of the treatments for babies who don't get enough oxygen when they are being born, is to rap them in this special cold blanket the, that helps protect their brains. this new born baby is wrapped in the cooling blanket, in an effort to reduce risk of brain damage that can happen after a stressful birth, called therapeutic hypotheria a baby a's body temperature is temporarily lowered about 4 degrees, below normal. >> this therapy can reduce the the the risk of major injury that could otherwise lead to debtor significant disability in the form of cerebral palsy by 35 percent. >> when she was born she was in the breathing.
5:17 pm
>> reporter: heidi, recalls the scary moments around built of her daughter annie. >> i had a normal pregnancy we never prepared for anything. you don't think about things that will go wrong. >> reporter: things did go wrong and there were concerns that ann annie might be having seizures. doctors explained that the cooling therapy might just help. >> we he were just scared but we knew that the medical experts were recommending a all of this, we may as well go with their advice. i'm so glad we did. >> reporter: sixteen months later, annie is hitting her development willal milestones. >> she's actually early end, she walk before her first birthday. >> reporter: while it is not completely understood cooling is thought the to help save and reprogram brain cells injured by lack of oxygen. >> this therapy is a therapy that i lasts a lifetime. >> reporter: cold therapy is also been successful used on adult heart attack patients. the the treatment was first started after doctors saw that when people nearly drawn in cold water, they had good outcomes, so from that they
5:18 pm
developed all of these cold, therapies, and it is working. >> it is. >> it is counter intuitive but when you think bit, the the human body is so smart it has found ways to survive in even cold water. >> it kind of just shuts everything down temporarily, lets the the healing process start, and keeps things intact. >> that is a nation. >> stephanie, thanks. doppler radar is detecting lightening but this doppler radar tower is attract lightening. a worker was shooting video of the storm in brownsville, texas where that lightening bolt struck the the tower. it fried some of the sensitive weather equipment there. >> i'm sure it did. >> get that back together. >> kate joins us with our forecast. our temperatures will get warm. they will warm up quite a bit. i'm looking at that video. you don't want your radar to go down in the middle of the storm. that is exactly what probably happened there. but yeah we are on our way up to a november warm up. i can't believe it is november already but just feels more like late september over the next couple of days.
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we're heading back to the 70's and it will feel fantastic. we're talking 72 degrees and warmer by the end of the week. the lets go out the to the campbell's field camera to show you the evening. it is a beautiful sunset. if you followed me on twitter i just flooded your tim line with sunset pictures. i was snapping pictures like crazy. lots of beautiful colors to the west and over city of philadelphia, the sky was a reddish pink for a while. we are looking great from ben franklin bridge looking at the bridge from campbell's field camera, still sunset in full swing. starting to wind down right now. here's our palmyra cove nature park, another view of the sky line in the distance and still a pink and purple shading to the sky outside. definitely early for sunset tonight but it was a nice one to look at. lets look at storm scan three. we're tracking this system all day long bringing us rain into carolinas, virginia, down into portions of georgia as well. this is moving off the coast but we have had a system off to the south. we have had cloud cover. started with sun. cloud came in and they didn't
5:20 pm
break much. so filtered sun on and off throughout the day. we have clear skies to the west. the as these clouds move out much nicer weather is on the way for the remainder of the week. especially next two days. we will see sunshine to go with the 70's a. fifty-nine in philadelphia. comfortable 57 down in millville. fifty-five in in allentown. today was slightly above average. not incredibly warm but you can start to feel those little vest stages of warmth in the atmosphere. notice just off to the west here cleveland and pittsburgh in the mid 60's right now well above average there. it is 61 in state college. that warmth is heading our way through the next few days. we will be warming up. sixty-five was the high today. average high is 61. new imagine if we didn't that have cloud cover how warm it would have been today. we're in the 70's for the week, tuesday through friday, you may have some cloud issues. maybe a few hours to deal with here and there but for next few days it is warm and sunny, tuesday looking great, just a a few more clouds but mostly sunny. seventy's on wednesday. thursday is a day that a few
5:21 pm
more clouds and shower could crop up but still 70's so we cannot complain too much about that. future temperatures chilly overnight. waking up to the 40's. look at the afternoon 71 degrees by 3:00 p.m. if philadelphia overnight tonight we are down to 50. skies are clearing. it is cool. for your tuesday, mostly sunny, nice and warmer. seventy-one is the day time high. you're witness weather three day forecast, well, really feels more like a late september forecast then a early november forecast. it looks like we have set the clocks way back instead of just an hour back. 71 degrees for your election day tomorrow. seventy-four on wednesday. a few more clouds on thursday at 72. it looks like a four day stretch of the 70's, more than 10 degrees above normal. >> no reason not the to get out and vote. >> get out and vote. >> got that right. >> thanks, kate. still ahead, haters hating on taylor swift. why the the pop star is being sued over shake it off. an increase in noisy restaurants is making it harder and harder for people to have a conversation, we
5:22 pm
will she you how some restaurants are designing these spaces to bring down the noise level, don. philadelphia's top eagle has a new nest, find out how chip kelly is making himself at home right here in the delaware valley. sports is coming
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all right. well, i guess we're saying chip kelly, welcome home. >> that is right. >> he will stay for a while. >> good story here. you know those old rumors about eagles head coach chip kelly leaving for college? thinking about it. if home is where hearties then chip kelly may insurance love with the delaware valley. pat gallon has more. >> reporter: first rumor was texas and then more recently southern california but maybe, just maybe, chip kelly is staying put as eagles head coach. according to a report he recently bought a 1.1 million-dollar pad in haddonfield, new jersey. while that hardly means he will be long term fans have mixed feelings on chip staying put. >> i think he will stick around but i don't think he should be. i think he is in way over his
5:26 pm
head being gm and head coach. >> i think he will. >> reporter: what makes you so su of that. >> because changes he has been making they are not gone over too big this year but it will work out the in the long run. >> reporter: kevin murphy of keller williams reality says chip made a good move to south jersey. >> wise investment real estate wise. he gets in the city, out of the city, haddonfield, he seems to keep its value. >> reporter: what do people of the haddonfield think of chip kelly moving in. >> for him it is sort of the like a new england town. it reminded him of a new england place, plus it is 15 minutes from the stadiums. >> haddonfield is like happy town. everyone wants to come here. it is very quaint. >> reporter: will they show him brotherly love and sisterly affection. >> i would be happy if he moves to new york and go giants. >> reporter: if he was moving in on your block would you bake chip kelly cookies? >> probably not because he will probably never be home. >> reporter: so maybe not. from haddonfield, pat gallon
5:27 pm
"eyewitness sports". >> haddonfield is happy town and would you bake him cookies. >> i like it. >> if he were your neighbor would you bake him cookies. >> he eats, sleeps and football. >> it is nice to welcome your neighbors. >> cookies. >> yes. >> good stuff. >> very good, don. dozens of chipotle restaurants close, coming up in the next half an hour what is behind an e-coli out break at the popular mexican restaurant chain. he is barely older then a puppy but he has endured a lifetime of a abuse. story of remi and those who helped save his life, coming up. uber passenger is behind bars for assaulting his driver, the attack is captured by dash barred camera. we will have the latest. new at 6:00 do you feel like your child is glued to the smart phone or tablet, stephanie stahl shows us the study done right here in philadelphia and we will tell you why some are not
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. new today at the 5:30, remi rescued. pit bull abandoned by dog fighters is on the mend after being rescued by a police officer. the wadley injured dog was left on the side of the road in chester delaware county.
5:31 pm
>> police want to know who is responsible, "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter joins us from haverford township where the doggies getting the care and attention he so desperately needs, walt? >> reporter: ukee, when you visit remi here at keystone veterinary hospital and see his cage you might expect to hear barking but you don't. you you hear his tail wagging. he is so happy to be alive and being loved, after all of the the abuse he suffered and today i paid a visit to remi with one of the two officer who just made the the rescue and helped save this little guys life. >> you a good boy. >> reporter: behind the sad frightened eyes the scars from injuries, that left him nearly dead. remi will never really necessity all of the terrible things that were done to him. >> he has multiple by the, and wound, he was so cold, the the temperature would not register on the thermometer, the heart rate wouldn't register on the machine. >> reporter: just as rescue
5:32 pm
officer rus harper rescued the pit bull terrier found along this chester street by a police officer who stayed at the dog's identify for an hour, until he could rush him for treatment. the officer, not the just helping save the dog's life but also in those sad moments, giving him will a name. >> remi. >> i heard him coughing and i heard some problems. i didn't want him to die without a name. >> reporter: with wound stapled and antibiotics administered remi is hoped to survive and fully recover. at one and a half it is believe he out grew his usefulness to the dog fight promoters, who abandoned him on the streets, wounded and dying. >> he woke up, and he was alive, but when he woke up, from recovery, all he saw was love here. >> reporter: remi who was starved by the dog fighters, weighing 16-pound less then he should, now gets lots of good food, and lots of attention
5:33 pm
worldwide from his facebook postings but more than anything, he is getting lots of love, which when you think bit, is the only thing that puppies in their hearts, ever really expect from frustrates. >> you are my good boy, that is my good boy. >> reporter: very nice. the justice rescue is offering a $2,500 reward to lead to the people who abused remi and in the future, chester police officer robert kitnor who is other half of the duo will be reunited remi right here. we will make sure we are here and we will keep you updated on this remarkable dog. that is it live from havertown in delaware county, i'm walt hunter cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> may that tail stump on, yes indeed. walt, thanks very much. rampage caught on cam crane zidan uber car in los angeles. a passenger starts pummeling the driver. this violent attack, when the
5:34 pm
driver, used pepper spray. that passenger is face ago salt and public intoxication charges. cbs news correspondent, nydia, talk to the driver. >> you have to give me directions. >> why do i have to give you directions. you refused to. >> reporter: uber passenger become belligerent, and then video seems to show him falling over in the back he seat. >> you are too drunk to give me directions, man. >> i'm taking you out. >> no, that is it. >> next thing i know i got fists flying at my face, and i just, reached for the pepper spray. >> reporter: man swears as he yank his hair, law enforcement official told our los angeles station kcbs that the passenger, three two-year old benjamin golden is a senior marketing manager for taco bell. >> only way i felt i would get him to stop beating me was to incapacitate him with the the use of some kind of
5:35 pm
self-defense. i don't believe he would have stopped. >> reporter: when riders sign up they agree to a code of conduct. there is a rating system for riders but that is not enough to make some drivers, feel safe. he says that he is done with uber for now. >> i don't feel safe driving for uber anymore. >> reporter: benjamin golden is out of jail and facing charges of assault on a cabdriver and public intoxication as well. cbs news, los angeles. the the passenger, involve in the incident has been permanently banned from use uber. well, new york city police are looking into whether a medical emergency caused a driver to lose control and hit a group of trick or treat are in the bronx saturday night. ten year-old girl, her grandfather and another man were killed when the car jumped a curb. police say no drugs or alcohol were found in the driver's system and there is no indication that the car was speeding. president obama is visiting new jersey, today. he stopped by rutgers newark campus earlier this this a afternoon to push for criminal
5:36 pm
just advertise reform. the president hosted a round table to discuss how inmates cannery adjust to life in prison. he toured a woman's halfway house in newark and thanked workers there for helping former prisoners overcome substance addiction problems. new jersey governor and presidential candidate chris christie was in camden earlier today and there he held a round table meeting with the camden county police force to talk about their public safety reforms and also to thank them for their services. christie used the opportunity to talk about the cities recent success in fighting crime. >> you are the proof that what was once the most violent city in america can be turned around with leaders to come together to get things done and to support each and everyone of you in uniform. >> christie also signed an executive order giving special recognition to police officers and proclaiming november 5th as law enforcement a appreciation day in new jersey. turning now to campaign
5:37 pm
2016, the debate bashing and demand are dominating the headlines in the race for the republican presidential nomination. it comes in the wake of the highly criticized debate, moderate by cnbc last week. craig boswell has more from washington. >> reporter: aid for most of the republican presidential campaigns met behind closed doors a at a virginia hotel late sunday night to take control over future debates. monday morning, they sent out this letter with the list of questions, and demand from broadcasters hosting upcoming debates. >> we should all use more leverage to get more objective on broadcasters or moderators. >> reporter: it comes after candidates criticized handling of the last weeks debate hosted by cnbc. >> if you watched the debate you probably came a away thinking that the election business sound by the. >> reporter: in the letter the campaign specified at least 30, second opening and closing statements along with the equal number of questions for each candidate. in addition, the campaigns are asking hosts not the to ask
5:38 pm
yes or no questions without time to provide a substantive answer, have a lightening round, allow candidate to candidate questioning. >> what we are doggies asking those broadcast partners to give us some information so we can talk with them and decide what the format is, you know, what is accept aable for individual campaigns. >> reporter: proof that debate is still mattered, senator marco rubio is getting a a boost in the poles from his performance. he is in third place in new hampshire behind donald trump and been carson. craig boswill well, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we have a potentially explosive situation. >> chopper three is live, where old ammunition was found inside a home. we now know bomb squad is on the scene there and we are told ammunition was discover in the home that is believed to belong to a horder. we will watch this situation, we will continue to update you, as we get more information. and still to come tonight right here on "eyewitness news", someone has some bad blood, forte lor swift. we will have the the latest on the 42 million-dollar lawsuit
5:39 pm
over one of her most popular songs. restaurant noise, sometimes it is so loud, it is difficult to hold a conversation. we will tell what you some businesses are doing now to change that kate. it was a mild day to day but it will get much warmer then that, we're talking 07's. we will tell you how you long and when it will be snapped back in reality coming up with the seven day forecast as soon as we come right back.
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check your freezer, the the company is recalling some ground beef, all american meats is recalling more than 167,000-pound of ground beef, because it could be contaminated with e-coli. the items were produced on october 16th and distributed in 60 and 80-pound cases.
5:43 pm
no one has reported getting sick but we have more information for you a at cbs there is no connection at this point due to an out break ofe coal i in washington state and oregon, nearly two does ebb people gotten sick there possibly after eating at chipotle restaurants. but one portland couple went into chipotle and soon afterward the the husband became violently ill. chipotle will keep 43 restaurants closed in those states while officials investigate. kelly collins said she has never seen her husband so sick. >> i know we will never eat there again after this because it was just a horrible experience. >> this was more than just food poisoning this was potentially life threatening, you know, exposure. >> the the exact source of the contamination has not yet been determined, the out break does seem to be confined out west, no restaurants in our area have have been affected. it is a historic day for the the interest the national space station. >> on have november 2nd, 2,000, 1st 3 a astronauts
5:44 pm
stepped in the space station to live and work. the it has been continually inn habited ever since. the right the now two crew members are in the middle of a one year mission to test effects of long term stays in space on the human body. the experiment is a a precursor to sending people to mars. we areloser to closer to reality. >> it will get here eventually. >> it is. >> that is wonderful. >> we will be right back. i have type 2 diabetes. i started with pills. and now i take a long-acting insulin at night. i take mine in the morning. i was trying to eat right, stay active. but i wasn't reaching my a1c goal anymore. man: my doctor says diabetes changes over time. it gets harder to control blood sugar spikes after i eat and get to goal. my doctor added novolog® at mealtime for additional control. now i know. novolog® is a fast-acting, injectable insulin and it works together with my long-acting insulin. proven effective. the mealtime insulin doctors prescribe most. available in flexpen®. vo: novolog® is used to control high blood sugar
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5:47 pm
how young people spend their money and it seems the so-called millennials are pizza a fans. >> yum, i love pizza. select from the money transferring app, pizza, is something people ate most often. pizza tops every where but new york city where they spend it on taxis and here in pennsylvania where it is craft beer. >> um-hmm. >> is what your favorite topping on a pizza a. >> you know, you will make fun of me, but i like vegetables, like all vegetables on there. >> yourself. >> i like pepperoni. >> no, i like pep ren i. >> i like it spicy. >> i can have have two brothers in their 20's and they used them all the time and they used craft beer and pizza a. >> so yes.
5:48 pm
>> yes. >> so, what a beautiful evening it is turns out to be. great sunset out there. >> just gorgeous. >> just beautiful. i went out on the sky deck. you have a shot coming up. it is so beautiful. i will show you my pictures in just a moment. we have nicer weather. god bless you where that came from we are heading to the 70's starting tomorrow. it will last all week long and november warm up underway. lets look outside, you can see it is dark, at this time last week, we were just starting to see sunset and now we have set those clocks back. hopefully you enjoyed that extra hour of sleep you got and sunset early yesterday. today's sunset a at 4:57. things are dark in center city. dark tail end to the commute for most people outside but it is a comfortable night. temperatures not all that bad, certainly for november. lets look at our eyewitness weather map ande what they are looking at tonight. we have 60 degrees as we check with steve schwartz in bensalem. clear skies there. feeling pretty good for november 2nd. not used to coming home in the
5:49 pm
dark at least it is comfortable. 58 degrees. we will head to the north and west we will check with jeff moore in hatfield. fifty-eight in the bad either. even down in new jersey and millville where we get in central, southern new jersey, that is where temperatures drop quickly. still 56 in buena vista township. margot so glummy and mild. it was glummy, little cloudy but temperatures staying relatively comfortable overnight and then off to the races tomorrow. here's the picture i was telling but my photo the owe earlier. that i stitched together or at least cropped the side a bit to fit it in the box. and what a beautiful sky it was. it spread out even over the cities sky line. it looked like the sky was burning, in the best possible way, outside. this evening, a fantastic sunset with that system just off to the south and east off shore. speaking of that system here it is on storm scan three producing some showers, glummy conditions across the carolinas and virginia tonight and even a tornado warning earlier down in georgia where one cell got pretty nasty for a time.
5:50 pm
it looks like that has weakened but nasty storms across deep south tonight. we don't to have worry about this system. it brought us cloud cover and now moving out to sea and we have got clearing skies overnight and lots of sunshine for next couple days. right now it is 55 degrees in allentown. fifty-nine in philadelphia a57 in millville and in wildwood. look at reading and lancaster in the 60's right now which is comfortable for this time of the year. it is a heat streak. what he don't technically called it a a heat wave because that is three days in the 90's. we are not near 90's. but we are well above average. ten to 15 degrees above average for four days straight as jet stream lifts to the north and this warm air billows in. the the warmest day will be friday as a front advances. we will get robust flow from the south and west and that will knock us in the mid 70's. the but by saturday, everything is buckling in and we will get a cool front and temperatures drop back toward average. showers move back to sea, tomorrow 2:00 p.m., full sun, same story, wednesday at
5:51 pm
2:00 p.m., full sun watch thursday, just a few more cloud and a couple showers here and there. it is not a wash out but more glummy day then we will see for the next couple. clear sky, school, 50 degrees is the the low, but 71 for your tuesday, mostly sunny, feeling fantastic. it is election day. sixty-seven by noon, and 66, by 6:00 p.m. no reason not the to get out and vote tomorrow. here's you're witness weather seven day forecast, look at this stretch of 70's, two sunny nice days and two slightly cloudy days. breezy friday mild at 47 with the chance of the shower and then sun returning saturday back to the mid 50's and then back to the 50's for highs sunday and monday so enjoy this week while it is here. now back to you. >> looking nice. >> kate, thanks. ever go out to eat eat and so loud you can hardly hold a conversation. >> it can get loud. >> sure. >> some restaurants are designing new places to dial down the the volume.
5:52 pm
jill wagner, reports. >> reporter: many restaurants these days entrees are dished out with the side have of decibels, open kitchens, hard surfaces and closed quarters have created a lively hat months fear but it can be also hard to have a conversation. earl will they are year cbs news found restaurants, could reach decibel levels similar to city traffic or a jackhammer but a at ocean prime in new jersey, general manager zach montgomery is dialing down the the noise. >> we want our restaurant to be, live, energetic but we can have a conversation. >> reporter: ocean prime built this new restaurant with sound in mind. >> it is not necessarily the loudness that is the problem but echoes and reverberation. when you get to the point where you cannot hear yourself think. >> reporter: they because in greg merckl to absorb the sound. a glass wall a allows the kitchen to be seen, and in the hurt. carpet on the floors and padding on the walls, also keep conversations, quiet. >> so this padding is behind
5:53 pm
all of that fabric. >> that is right. here you can push on it, it is soft, it absorbs the sound. >> reporter: merckel says many restaurants are making similar changes to adjust accoustics. some put padding under table to suck in sound. >> our clients are more something tonighttive of it. >> reporter: ocean prime still uses music to give their restaurant a lively feel but design a allows customers to dine without the din. jill wagner for cbs news, new york. we like the feeling of energy. >> i like hearing it, i like to experience it. i like when it is kind of loud and rowdy. >> i like it. >> okay. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" taylor swift sued over song lyrics. >> but can she shake it off? story when we come back.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
for district attorney in montgomery county... kevin steele, first assistant d.a. with a 98% conviction rate and tough sentences for sexual predators. or bruce castor, a former d.a. who refused to prosecute bill cosby. castor said, "we don't charge people for making a mistake or doing something foolish." many more victims came forward, and castor admitted he could have used their testimony against cosby but castor didn't even try. bruce castor was not looking out for the victims.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
super girl is flying to the top of the viewer's must see list. >> tonight super girl must create a support system of super friends. >> if i'm going to be a hero, i have proved everyone i know what i'm doggy am going to need practice. so, start small, get better. and to do that, i am going to need your help. >> i'm in. >> i am in. >> spoke with stars melissa benoit and melissa told us what it was like trying on that super girl suit for the very first time. >> well, there is an internal kind of of switch, you know, i stand differently, my posture is better, i walk differently, i feel stronger, and braver, and it is kind of funny, how that works that a piece of clothing can do that but it does. i think it is the cape. >> she has a point. super girl tonight at
5:58 pm
8:00 right here on cbs-3. here's something a taylor swift may not be able to shake off. >> she's being sued for allegedly stealing lyrics to her hit song shake it off. musician jesse brown claims his 2013 song hater going to hate contain 22 word phrase. he is seeking 42 million-dollar in damages from swift and her record label, as well as the writing credit, on shake it off. stay tuned. that is it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00. >> this washington township home was a scene of the gruesome murder a decade ago, and tonight, police think they may have the man responsible in custody. our cleve bryan has the family of the victim speaking. candy scares in our area why police say one man ended up behind bars, after a halloween hoax, that had some parents, scrambling to check their children's treats. kate? and today turned out a bit on the cloudy side but temperature slidely above average.
5:59 pm
we are heading way a have above average, starting tomorrow in the 70's, i'll tell you how long this november warm up will last coming up at 6:00. health reporter stephanie stahl breaks down a new study that all young children are becoming increasingly, tech savvy. gloucester county family a tonight a man is behind bars nearly a decade after he allegedly murdered a man inside his washington township home. tonight, we're hearing, from the victim's family. police have arrested a philadelphia man and charged him with murdering. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is live on saddle brook road in washington ship ship what is the the latest on that cleve. jessica and, ukee the details were terrifying at the
6:00 pm
time, as dad comes home three, kid, tied up, inside the house, and he is tight up and beaten to death with the blunt object. the his family tells thaws they have never had any closure, until today. >> lifted a big burden off my back. because we have been waiting nine years. >> reporter: family of juan cuevas said they have prayed for nine years that investigators would find his killers. on january 20th, 2006, cuevas came home to find four masked men holding his three children hostage in their washington township home. they were all tied up and the alleged robbery and eventually the the intruder beat cuevas to death. >> i just the same, it is not same. he held us up, he made the holidays special, he made the children special. >> reporter: monday morning a major development in the cold case, fbi in philadelphia arrested four three-year old john blocker and his girlfriend, on north 57th street and charged him with murder. glou


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