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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  November 3, 2015 2:07am-2:39am EST

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right now at 11:00, they're portable, they're convenient but these small chargers that keep your wireless devices run, leaving some with burns on their skin even setting furniture on fire. three on your side's jim donovan exposes the hidden danger. the unexpected spot you'll find some of the best asian food in the area. at any time with tori travels to bucks county where a close knit family serves up sushi rolls with a side of love. and there is new information in the mysterious death of a
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three-year-old new jersey boy. tonight the mystery deepens as the attorney for brendan's father says the toxicology results are in. good evening everyone i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. we begin tonight with a warning about something many of us use, portable battery packs. they also keep our tones and tablets running when we can't find an electrical outlet. >> as three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan explains they can possess a hidden danger. when you can't find a gadget those little gadgets do the trick but they sometimes cause big problems. it's the hunt for power but when plugging in isn't possible, portable battery packs can be a good solution. most of the time. >> i felt my knee actually burning it sort of had flashback on night jeans. that's when i knew, wait, something is happening. >> reporter: aftermath tells michelle grace's story. a rug scorched by fire. charred pieces of battery pack all over her apartment. and burns to her clothing and
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skin. >> very scary. very scary. >> reporter: michelle was using rechargeable device when she plugged in the u.s. b cord the battery blew up. it all happened so fast. i turned around. my couch was on fire. full on flames. >> reporter: so far the consumer product safety commission has 540 recalls or complaints involving all types of charging devices. >> battery fully champed the fire is more intense. >> reporter: yank wang an engineering professor conducted experiments on lithium battery fires. although fires aren't common, wang says problems can occur in older devices with battery management systems that no longer work. for instance, they keep taking a charge even when they're 100% full. >> overheating, fire, explosion eventually. >> reporter: another concern many products sold today are cheap imports or harder to detect counter fits like scene in this report. as for grace, she's just thankful her explosion wasn't
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worse. >> had i been on airline or if i had small kids, that were arou around, yeah, that could have been extremely frightening. >> reporter: in fact just last month, federal aviation administration urged passengers not to pack spare portable lithium battery chargers in checked baggage so as to avoid the risks of fires and acciden accidents. >> wow everybody has them. >> look at them twice for now on. >> look at the hole in that sofa. my gosh. >> exactly. >> thank you jim. appreciate it. >> toxicology tests come back but the results only fuel more questions about what happened to three-year-old ren dan creato. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live at the prosecutor's office in camden with more on the reported finding. david. >> reporter: jessica, tomorrow morning will mark three weeks since little brendon creato was found in haddon township. his autopsy results came back a few weeks ago inclusive. you add that plus new information about the toxicology tests, and the concerns continue to grow. >> it's suspicious. it's sad.
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but for my client the biggest thing is we're just no closer to an answer now. >> reporter: philadelphia attorney richard, says the case of brendan creato is a mysterious one. and he's even more confused after he says brendan's toxicology report came back negative. >> i call the prosecutor's office. i spoke to the individual i've been dealing with there. they confirmed for me that the toxicology reports have come back negative. >> reporter: the three-year-old's body was discovered not even half a mile from his dad's apartment in haddon township. about 9:00 o'clock in the morning on tuesday octobe october 13th. three hours before his client dj was on the phone with police. >> you didn't hear anything or see anything, nothing like that? >> no. i just woke up and he wasn't in my apartment. i don't know if he wouldn't wandered out or what happened. >> police on facebook and tumbler and twitter, they seem to have a real vent that mr. creato my klein has something to do with this. >> reporter: but he said that's not the case. didn't j creato is grieving
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father. one who wants to know what happened to his son. i reach out to the camden county prosecutor's office tonight about the toxicology report. a spokesman would not confirm or deny the information. if you have any information authorities are still looking for tips. we are live in camden county, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> david, thank you. authorities in gloucester county make an arrest in a nearly decades old cold case. 43-year-old john blocker facing murder charges he's accused of participating in a 2006 home invasion that left jawn kavas owner germantown auto parts shop dead. blocker and three other men ambushed him when he arrived at his washington township home and tied up his children. he was arrested in physical this morning and awaits he can tradition to new jersey. new tonight, a vigil to honor a 16-year-old shot and killed while riding his bike in north philadelphia. family, friends and neighbors gathered to remember saleem west. he was killed sunday afternoon on west sedgley avenue after he and a friend got into a
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confrontation with some men in a car. west's 15-year-old friend who was with him during that shooting escaped without injury. police are searching for suspects tonight. it's happened again. woman tells philadelphia police she was indecently assaulted along the schuylkill river trail. the latest incident happened yesterday afternoon. the woman was walking with her boyfriend when a group of boys on bikes began harassing them. one of those boys grab the woman inappropriatinappropriately. before riding away. other women reported similar attacks two week ago. a pitbull terrier abandon by dog fighters on the side of the road is now on the road to recovery. chester police officer found the dog now named remy in chester and the dog was badly injured. remy is now slowly making progress. he waited 16 pounds less than he should but he's getting the medical care and attention he deserves. >> woe up to love. you know, he was alive. but when he woke up, from recovery, all he saw was love
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here. >> the group justice rescue offering a $2,500 reward for information in remy's case. tomorrow is election day and voters in philadelphia will choose a new mayor. but how many people are paying attention? "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos took to the streets to talk about turn out. >> reporter: listen i get it's been a long day at work, the last thing on your mind is getting up and going out to vote. after all, it's not even a presidential election year, but there are some very important races here in pennsylvania that could impact many people's lives. the political signs are up. the voting booths are calibrat calibrated. on election day tuesday all that's needed now are the vote voters. why is tomorrow parent? >> tomorrow? >> election day. >> oh. i'm sorry, i don't vote. >> reporter: why don't you vote? >> certain beliefs that i have. i don't vote. >> reporter: the problem is not many people are following
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this election. >> you going vote? >> no. >> reporter: and turn out is expected to be dismal. >> anywhere particular 12 to 30%. i'm hoping 30%. i'm hoping for more. >> reporter: timothy dawling philadelphia supervisor of elections says that hope is farfetched. even though tomorrow's ballot not just who is running for mayor -- >> it is important day. i mean you have supreme court. >> reporter: in all three seats of our highest judicial court open. the first time in decades. and who is elected will approve legislative and congressional district maps even have final say on issues like gun control or paid sick leave. >> local elections are so important for people to be involved in this is where we can actually make change. >> reporter: so if i persuaded to you vote tomorrow during these elections, there are some ways to become familiar with who is on the ballot. one, in every single polling location one of these pink sheets which is a replica of exactly what you'll see the voting booth. you have your cell phone a free
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website called crowd pack a non partisan website where you can learn about the candidates even fill out a sample ballot and bring that right in with you to the voting booth. reporting here at city hall i'm greg argos reasons can three "eyewitness news". >> polls in pennsylvania open tomorrow from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. we have more information at we'll have your complete list of winners on tv online after the votes are counseled. in new jersey, polls open earlier at 6am. they will also close at 8:00 p.m. voters in the garden state will determine the makeup of the state's assembly as well as local and county races. cbs philly and the committee of 70 are here to help you on election day. you can ask us any and all questions before you go to the polls. you can also share your election day photos. let us know how you voted. use the hash tag cbs and 70. the weather this week will have you double checking what month it is. kate, it's feeling more like september than november. >> indeed it is we've got a nice
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warmup on the way n fact even with the cloud cover we were above average. 65 degrees was the high today. the average is 61 but even warmer tomorrow. we're putting nice string of 70s starting tomorrow right through the end of the week but not sunny for the whole rest of the week. i'll tell when you showers could invade the forecast and when we have to head back to reality back to november like weather that's coming up with the seven day forecast. >> also a local favorite for asian food fans and for this father and son their restaurant means more than just a business. >> will we're home, my father all he talks about is the restaurant. >> is that true? >> that's true. >> because i love it. >> and love is the main ingredient in all of their dishes. the owner even named a sushi role after his young granddaughter. have taste with tori when we come back. plus, eagles head coach chip kelly the new neighbor on the block. where he reportedly just bought a $1.1 million home. and coming up right after it
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witness news at 11:00 it is the late show with stephen colbert he welcomes mom allison jannie also comedian colin quinn and margaret cho shop by. the fun starts at 11:35. we'll be right back.
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the largest ship ever built in the united states will stay a float at least for now. the ss united states was once the world's fastest ocean liner. now it's dock in the delaware river rusting away. a local group is trying to avoid sending it to the scrap yard. instead they want to turn it into a museum. the group announced today it has raised more than $100,000 so far. the board will meet this week to discuss the ship's future. so much for those chip kelly going back to college rumors. the eagles head coach reported bought a new house in haddonfield, camden county. we're told the coach spent $1.1 million for the home which is more than 4500 square feet. it's close to the stadium and qb
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sam bradford reportedly lives just down the street so it's very convenient there. when it comes to asian restaurants in the area, bucks county has one of the best. >> this restaurant focuses on japanese, korean and thai and well known for it's sushi. >> let's goat a taste with tori. tori joining us with your latest dining experience, tori. >> because it is a focus on sushi let me tell you something. the food that you are going to experience in this next package is unbelievable and let's just say the food is great but the family is just as wonderful. if you speak japanese it's name means delicious. nothing lost in translation he here. the name couldn't be any more accurate. ♪ >> reporter: some say we taste with our eyes first. and if that's the case this mix of korean, japanese and thai
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dishes leave you feeling happy and full at first site. >> vision that stays with oishi john minute and his dad say minute. >> had i'm home my father always he talks about is the restaura restaurant. >> is that true. >> that's true. >> because i love it. i love whole friends, customers. i'm so happy. >> say minute is south korean born foodie loves the restaurant business and has always had great instincts about bold flavors an passion for pleasing customers. >> outstanding and always manage to cater to my needs and wants. >> reporter: it's always been a family business. john helping out as he was growing up. >> i started off very humble. my mom would come out take your order, go back, cook it. >> eventually john was off to college. reluctantly returning on weekends. >> i hated coming back because any college kid they want to spend time with their friends but like any family business, everyone has to pitch n everyone
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needs to help once i graduated i'm out of here. >> john moved away. worked in finance when the market slowed down and his mother became ill it was a new point of view that led him home to support the family and the restaurant. >> my dad was always telling me, you know, come back. like we're going to grow. i need help. >> reporter: he was pushing you along. >> he let me do what i wanted to do but i think he kind of knew i would come around somehow in his own way i think he knew that. looking at your parents as people and they're not, upping, you really develop relationship with them and i saw the hard work that they put in every day and how much they loved what they were doing and i think that kind of passion is infectious. >> this is the result of that passion. >> it's beautiful. >> thank you. >> led by say's elegant hands and have i bran combination like the crunchy queue comelier roll with tuna, tempura, caviar and spicy sauce. >> try, please. >> i want to see how much happy you face. >> i feel -- it will be there.
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>> this is fantastic. >> make for you too. okay? >> reporter: how about the sophia role name after his little granddaughter? just one of say's many many creations that comes from an imagination that has no limits. >> i never slow down. i have so many customers and always make everybody happy. they give it to me so much energy. they love my food. >> reporter: doesn't that bring a smile to your face? say has also made a little something for you guys. >> oh really. >> as you see here. >> yes. i'm going to pass this around and i want you to know as just as the business is growing, so is the family. john and his wife are expecting their first child. so congratulations to them. >> wonderful. >> yes. now oishi a byob. if you want to dine there make a
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rerises cervix,. i want to hear about your favorite places. send me a message at faceboo fak wood dill. >> i just picked mine old. jessica grabbed the chop sticks. >> i was in japan i had to have a fork. i'm sorry. >> you went for the cucumber role there with the tempura. crunchy spicy tuna role and the cucumber. is that amazing or what? >> my taste buds are jumping around happy. >> right? >> i hope say is watching right now. say said he was like, when i feel and see the happiness that i get from my customers that's when i know it's a job well done and i can tell you, i am happy beyond limits when i had my dining experience there at ois oishi. >> we'll hang and on to this. we'll let kate do the weather.
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>> you can get that later. >> i'll let you all eat. >> i'll take the show from here. >> enjoy your sushi. >> we'll save you some. >> sophia roll. >> sophia role named after say's grander daughter. >> so cute. i'll definitely be trying that. let's get to a little weather first and for most while you eat we'll talk about temperatures headed to the 70s. it is a november warmup. let's take you out and see what tonight is looking right now start you out on our roof cam. a lot of cloud cover outside today but things cleared out just in time for a beautiful sunset and now it's clearing skies temperatures dropping pretty steadily chilly evening outside. here's a still frame of that sunset earlier. this captured on palmyra cove nature cam. the delaware river, the sky just -- incredible shade of reddish pink for just a brief moment over the city of philadelphia. you can see reflected in the water the great shot there. 47 degrees right now in palmyra, new jersey. storm scan3 shows the clouds are moving on out and clearing the skies root now. showers have been really going all day off to our south across
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portions of virginia down through the carolinas. you can see still heavy rain in portions of south carolina. but all of this is moving out to sea. as high pressure builds in to the north that will keep us protected. the system will not impact us and we're just talking about a beautiful november warmup if you like the sound of 70's and i'm not talking about bell but toms, i'm talking about temperatures in the 70s more than 10 degrees above average for the next several days. 52 degrees right now in philadelphia. it's 43 in allentown though. very chilly there. down to 39 already in mount pock know. now keep in mind temperatures dropping a little bit quicker than they did last week because we got an extra hour of darkness so earlier sunset temperatures have little more time to drop. you can see the cool air over portions of the great lakes look how warm it is near inspect in desmoines and chicago and all that warm air is headed our way for the next several days. so with high pressure in control, it's feeling like september. tomorrow southwest wind. highs in the 70s. sunny and beautiful for your tuesday. wednesday mostly sunny and gorgeous as well and then as we
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head into the end of the week we will start to see a few more clouds drift in by thursday and friday. but really the reason for this is the jet stream is lifting to the north. what that gives us that warm southwest flow. any too many you tap into air from portions of the deep south that's when you get temperatures to surge usually we get this at least this time of the year one-day fluke ahead of a cold frontal much this time it lasts for four days straight. the warmest day be friday and that is out ahead of a cold front when you'll feel a warm breeze all day and temperatures surge to the mitter 70's. it's beautiful outside. color wise as fall. fall foliage peaking across the region right now. past peak towards the lehigh valley poconos. we've got that beautiful fall color to look at. it is a stunning first week of november here in philadelphia. overnight clearing skies. it is cool at 50 degrees and for your election day tuesday, sunny and warm for the time of year. 71 degrees. you like it warmer take a look at wednesday, 74 degrees.
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thursday and friday just a few more clouds but it is still warm. we can deal with a few clouds with temperatures in the 70s in november. front comes that was friday night into saturday. then we're back to reality over the weekend. we'll clear it out and get sunshine back but sunday's high of 55 feel down right cold four days in the 70s this week. >> wow. >> can't complain about that forecast. >> back to reality. thank you. appreciate it g thank you. in don is here with a look at sports talkin talking about hoos loyalty and royalty tonight. we push lebron played fort sixers but he doesn't. so why does the king get a standing ovation in south philly to night? the answer is coming up next in sports.
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one of our news produce duce certification walks into the sportsports department and thers this dude named lebron. it looks like he could play a little bit. we only laughed because sarcasm can truly state how great the king is. the cavs visiting south philly. lebron four-time nb a.m. vp2
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time champion. foam quarter cavs up by nine. jalill okafor fort sekoses beats down low. 24 points. just three boards. the rookie out of duke getting it done. cavs down by seven. lebron throwing it up and he will throw it down. cavs shoot 53% from the floor. lebron again with that he become the youngest player to reach 25,000 career points. he's 30 years old turns 31 next month. gets standing ovation. the sixers, though, get the loss, 107-100 is your final score. switching gears, blitz, bow ties and bourbon eagles satisfy tee malcolm jenn kin hell his second annual charity event in sent city tonight. i had a chance to catch up with him and a few of his teammates. we talk about fashion, relaxation and cowboys nation. >> wear the bow tie, don't let the bow tie wear you. >> he's a big fan of bow tikes and giving back to the community his foundation raised money for
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youth initiatives. >> everywhere i've been that affected me and supported me i've tried to give back. we're in four different states and philly is our new target and we're looking forward to planting roots. >> plenty of malcolm's teammates came out to support even if they didn't all dress the part. >> i notice you're not rocking the bow tie. what happened. >> i actually rock a bow tie a lot. i knew i was going to have him. a lot of people will have them i would be a little different. >> this the first time we've seen the eagles since their loss to carolina. the bye week a much needed break from football. >> i was in philly for couple of days. i went to miami for a couple of days. but it was all just -- all just rest. you don't realize how tired you are until you're in miami and you sleep for six hours in the middle of the day. all right. i need add little vacation. >> but the rest and relaxation ends tomorrow. the three and four eagles go back to practice and will take on the two-five cowboys on sunday night. >> this is a team that's backed into a corner. so we got to come with our own -- we're not a great spot.
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we haven't been play iting well. we got things to prove coming into the second half of the season. >> nice. >> quality event tonight. >> yeah. >> congratulations to you malcolm jenkins and guys do stuff in the community we always applaud glove that's what it's all about. thank yo
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♪ the world's most famous beagle joins the biggest stars in hollywood. >> snoopy honored with a star on the hollywood walk of fame his star neck the creator of the peanuts the late shall shuttle. this ceremony comes days before the release of the peanuts mov movie. >> he's big. >> yeah. snoopy joins bugs bun night, mickey mouse and the simpsons with stars on the walk of fame. >> i'll be talk wig snoopy on wednesday. >> all right. >> with a preview of the peanuts movie. >> look for that everybody. congratulations, snoop. we'll be right back.
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that's going to do it for us. our morning team a back follow cory 30 to 7:00 a.m. for don, kate, orienter team i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. we're always for you at up next the late show with
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stephen colbert. >> thanks so much for watching. good night, family and sleep well. ♪ >> announcer: the following is a paid advertisement for omega xl. >> my name's larry king. a few years ago, i had to have open-heart surgery. when i recovered, i established the larry king cardiac foundation to help people like me avoid heart problems with proper foods, medication, and a healthy lifestyle. well, i recently met ken meares, a man with similar goals. he's the founder and c.e.o. of great healthworks and, for 25 years, has been active in creating and promoting good health. well, ken has developed and tested a product called omega xl. now, we've all heard about the benefits of a daily dose of fish oil, but they tell me that


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