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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  KYW  November 3, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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from the polls $10,000 rich err. lizard on the lamb. this iguana gave local officers the run around in a delaware county parking lot. they even had to call in backup. you'll always feel like a vip when you dine at one of the area's finest steak houses. it's fitting on this election day, the manager is nicknamed mayor. he and his side kick saw tori the real successful behind a successful restaurant. >> i'm jessica dean. >> ukee washington. we begin with leck night 2015 and has a new mayor. democrat jim kenney won easily over republican melissa murray bailey. kenney received 85% of the vote. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is outside kenney's headquarters right now on independence mall. david? >> reporter: ukee and jessica jim kenney walk through these doors behind me in old city a mayoral candidate he walk out a mayor leck. 99th mayor of philadelphia to be exact. promised multiple times as he left that he will bring new
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energy to philadelphia's city hall. former philadelphia councilman jim kenney knew just minutes after the polls closed that he would be philadelphia's 99th mayor. >> throughout this campaign i have been asked time and time again what i am going to do to move philadelphia forward. tonight surrounded by all of you i am reminded it is not what i am going to do, it is what we are going to do together. >> reporter: kenney greeted about 400 supporters and in his brief speech, he touched on crime and the public school system. >> if we, f we all pitch in, then philadelphia's teachers will actually have the resources they need to teach and our smallest most vulnerable -- our smallest most vulnerable children will go to pre k. >> reporter: many in the crowd have supported kenney for year. >> he knows the city. he mose how to work in the government. but still he's an agent of change. >> reporter: political insiders expected kenney to win the mayoral race after he came
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out on top in the may primary. committee 70 president and ceo david thornburgh told "eyewitness news" polling today was low key and so were the numbers. >> i would much rather see a highly energized enthusiastic turn out but we'll have to wait for the future for that. >> reporter: mass mayor elect kenney left for the night. >> very happy, very humble and i appreciate the support the people in the community have give vince. we had great coalition across the city and i'm very proud of it. >> reporter: mayor elect kenney will begin this official transition early tomorrow morning. he'll take the oath of office in january. reporting at the national museum of american jewish history in old city tonight, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> david, thank you for that. defeated republican candidate melissa murray bailey spoke to her supporters earlier at her campaign. >> we put a new face on the republican party of philadelph philadelphia. a face we can all be proud of. we've touched so many parts of this city. especially those that have been
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the most neglected. >> bailey went on to thank those on her cam pan staff and volunteers for all of their hard work. those with the most votes weren't the only winners tonig tonight. a school crossing guard walk away with big prize for doing her civic duty at a philadelphia polling station. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos has more on her winning vote. >> election day it's your civic duty to go out and vote. well one south philly woman a school crossing guard did just that and she left this polling location some $10,000 richer. all evening voters came and went from the murphy rec center in south philly. helping elect our next local and state leaders. that's what bridget conroy very this was doing around 6:00 36 tuesday leaving the polling location with wide eyes wondering about all the lights and camera. >> you're our $10,000 winner. >> no way! oh, my god. >> the philadelphia citizen a non-profit non part son media group sponsor the lottery.
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the way to increase voter turnout. the money comes from the aj pamela foundation. co-founder larry platt says the time and location were randomly selected by a computer. >> we're going to continued to anything we can to -- whether it's voting, whether it's other forms of civic engagement to up the level of participation. >> bridget says she heard about the lottery. >> i did see my sister walk by. maybe you'll win. >> reporter: already planned to vote. >> do you vote in every election. >> i try to. report roar did he say spy the surprise -- >> i'm overwhelmed right now. >> oh, my god. i'm so happy for you. >> reporter: she still plans on being at workomorrow here at this intersection. >> i'm a philadelphia school crossing guard. >> reporter: with perhaps an extra big smile on her face. >> tenth and bigler. >> tenth and bigler. >> that's so funny. >> reporter: as for that the $10
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she plans to give some away and purchase a used car. greg argos cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> congratulations bridget. voters in montgomery county are elect agnew diss trek attorney. democrat candidate kevin steal leads republican bruce castor. steal works in the prosecutor's office and castor is the former district attorney. the bill cosby scandal was a central issue in the race. risa set tree ferman did not seek re-election for district attorney so she could run for common pleas court judge much she's leading the field of six candidates. biggest race in the state is the unprecedented three vacancy on the pennsylvania supreme court. the ap has just declared democrats kevin dougherty david wecht and christine donohue's the winners. in new jersey, all 80 assembly seats up for grabs. only four districts were considered competitive. and as to have night, democrats picked up seats so they now control the assembly fief to 30.
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the results of the new jersey assembly elections as well as results from all other local races are available for you right now. go to the numbers are staggering. foreclosure auctions up 61% bank repossessions more than tripled. >> if you think we're talking about a few years ago during the great recession think again three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan joins us now, jim, those figures involve housing right now in new jersey. >> indeed. foreclosure activity in the garden state is on the rise. up 27% from a year ago. the highest rate in the entire country. new money is available to help people safe their homes but you've got to apply to get it. first, sandy hit. then casinos started closing down. for this couple of gallon a way township it was like a one-two punch. >> my husband got his -- went
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from 60 to 40 hours a week. i end the up losing my job. it got worse. >> the parents of three now work multiple part-time jobs to make their condo mortgage payments. >> it was full time. i have benefits. i had everything and then i lost it. >> struggling to stay a float, but for how long? >> we won't be able to afford monthly payments. it's very real issue for many of our fellow neighbors. >> reporter: marquetta morris louie with clarify a no non-prot credit and housing counseling agency she owes the perez family is far from alone. >> we knew that this was on the horizon. roar report according to realty track, nearby atlantic city topped national metropolitan foreclosures filings in the third quarter of this year. one in every 97 homes had some sort of foreclosure activity. trenton wasn't far behind. with one in everyone 72 homes. >> thankfully, there are agencies that are now trying to respond to it. >> reporter: several weeks ago, new jersey launched the
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home safer program. a foreclosure prevention initiative offering eligible homeowners up to a $50,000 grant to help bring their monthly payment to an affordable level. >> really designed to help people who are under employed or unemployed and really facing financial hardship through no fault of their own. >> reporter: like homeowners al will he hasn't today and jose. >> it's a way to help you through a rough patch with the idea at some point in the near future the homeowner will be able to afford the mortgage payments on their own. >> keeping our fingers crossed and hopefully we get approved. >> reporter: now, homeowners don't need to be behind in mortgage payments to be eligible for the home safer program. you can even be underwater and oh more than your home is worth. contact your mortgage service to find it if they participate in the program or reach out to hud accounting agency like clarify to help. i posted information at i'll be sharing it oh and if a facebook and twitter.
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>> what about up front costs. >> no up front costs. any agency or any person tells you you have to pay in advanced fee a big red flag that you're involved in scam and a lot of people prey on folks when they're in these financial situations. >> they sure do. >> no fees. >> pay attention to that. >> jim thanks. >> u. regulators find takata corporation $7 million for defected air bags which explode with too much force sent shrapnel flyers at drivers and passengers. eight people have been killed and more than 100 injured. about 23.4 million driver and passenger inflaters have been recalled on 19.2 million vehicles sold by 12 auto makers. three students are facing charges to night in connection with a school sexting scandal in chester county. police say the students created and distributed sexually explicit images of classmates at valley forge middle school and tredyffrin easttown middle school. one instance led to a case of bullying and assault and police say more arrests are likely.
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how about this? 70s in november. we're enjoying this full warmup. katie only if it could last three or four more months. >> three or four months instead of three or four days won that be nice. at least we've got a few days of it. today we got to 76 degrees. it was the warmest november day in a decade since novembe november 16th 2005. and we've had few more of these days at on the way coming up i'll tell you how long the warmth will last and if it sticks around for your weekend. that's coming up with the seven day forecast. thanks, kate. also ahead meet the dynamic duo of fine dining. two local guys who earned their way into one of the hottest restaurants in the area. >> i was the busboy and the dishwasher. >> at one point we'd be on the roof patching tar and the neck thing we'd be, you know, cooking pies all night. >> they know how to make customers feel like a million bucks. vittoria takes you behind the scenes at dell fresco's. >> plus, you don't see this every day.
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an iguana found roaming the streets of delaware county. i'll tell you how officers caught up to the reptile on the run. coming up after "eyewitness news" at 11:00 it is the late show with stephen colbert. tonight he welcomes antonio banderas, reid hastings and john irving much the laughs get started at 11:35. we'll be right back.
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there are unwanted guests in a delaware neighborhood. lots and lots of turkey vultures. they're loud, they smell and they're causing property damage. residents in a felton kept county neighborhood have it so operation vulture vanish is now taking place. volunteer firemen and members of the community are trying to get rid of them by shining lights and making noise. vultures are federally protected migratory birds. it was unusual call to collingdale police and this story has a lot of people talking tonight. >> two women spot add 4-foot long iguana sun bathing in rita's waterrites parking lot. they called police who call the
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glenn olden animal hospital and video shows them trying to capture the lizard who eventually got caught in a nearby fence. >> kind of got itself wedged and she had it by the body, not the tale, the other kid went around the other side of the fence, the on the technician with the gloves on, and they kind of wiggled enough to get it loose enough out. >> the animal hospital was able to determine the iguana soofi male. she will be kept in foster care until owner can be found. grocery stores are seeing a spike in meat thefts. it's because beef prices have soared in recent years. also high protein diets increased the national demand for meat all of this then the recent drought in the midwest is leading to a spike in beef prices. new york city some stores are now putting anti theft packaging on their meat products. >> he's a restaurant manager nicknamed the mayor but this election day he had nothing to worry about. >> along with another manager they run a well-known center city steakhouse vittoria takes
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us behind the scenes to show us how it's done and tonight taste with tori. ♪ >> reporter: when you walk through the doors at dell frisco's you know you'll have a big big experience. and it's not all about the ambiance it's about big flavors and big personality. they're dynamic duo. no capes just ties. two local guys with humble beginnings who now run one of fill's biggest high end restaurants. >> i was the busboy and the dishwasher. i did two jobs, you know. running around lik. >> now carmen is running dell fresco's as the general manager. >> we treat everyone as if they were guests in our home. i always think if i was throwing a cocktail party in my house, i would go up to everyone right make sure they're having a good time. >> hello ladies. how is everything this evening? >> my job is to make sure that carmen's job is easier.
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>> this is the assistant gm drew. carmen's right hand man he also work his way up in the business starting out at frank's pizza cheltenham. >> work tag young age, 13, 14 and when you're like really busy location like that, i mean you really learn that you have to do everything. at one point we'd be on the roof patching tar the neck thing we'd be, you know, cooking pies all night. >> reporter: right. >> hundreds of people. >> reporter: 500 people go to dell fresco' a every ratch night and the hours can be brutal. 60 to 90 hours week. drew work the room like a guy running for office. >> going to go straight down, the front of the vault. you guys are trying to show me up with these shirts. >> you're known the mayor. >> mayor nutter is the official mayor but, yes, i've been call the mayor before. >> reporter: it's how you take care of people that's why you call you that? >> correct. that's what i'm told. but i try to make everyone just feel special, upping, whether it's your professional athlete or actor that is come in often or, you know, someone's grandmother. >> you have a sense of brotherly love here. >> everyone has been great.
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terrific. beautiful. >> reporter: of course it's not just carmen and drew making the magic happen. >> in the kitchen executive chef john is making sure those gorgeous steaks are zeroed perfectly and buttered. >> our steaks are primed and there's only small percentage of steaks that can be considered prime. so they're very well marbled and have great fat content. >> reporter: let's not worry about the fat. i know i didn't. a little hot. this is the 32-ounce sera prime steak called wagu for $89. everything is just exceptional. i can also taste butter on the steak which i'm loving. don't forget the sides. rich lobster macaroni and cheese or spinach supreme. decadent food and luxurious atmosphere. >> i tell everyone every night we're not working. we're not serving we're throwing a party. we throw a party every night here at dell frisco's and it shows.
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>> wow! >> i think everybody's mouth is watering now. >> i'm looking for tori. >> you can check dell frisco's story and menu at and don't forget to facebook tori about your favorite places. she really does want to hear from everybody to hear where they should be checking out and we can't wait. >> there's a joke. tori will walk in here any minute. this is a joke, right. >> i'm sorry guys. >> looking under the desk for buttered steak. >> oman. >> robuster mac and cheese. >> little something something. >> tori, where are you. >> you're here kate and you have the forecast a warm one. >> probably better i'm not ea eating a steak as i trying to lunch into the forecast. warm week and it feels great outside for november we're talking about temperatures in the 70s all week long. right through friday at least then of course changes just in time for the week end but i've got good news fort weekend as well. will he back to crisp, cool october weather and the sun will return as well. let's take look what's going on outside right now. take you out to beautiful shot here from campbell's field looking out towards the ben franklin bridge. everything all lit up on a
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clear, cool night. it's cool but it's certainly not cold outside. temperatures pretty comfortable. now we do have those temps dropping with the clear sky overnight. and if you're looking to the north, you may see some light in the sky. we've got a aurora bore rielle list out there tonight. a strong storm is producing beautiful colors the northern lights. we're not in a very good spot for it unfortunately. we're in the low zone as you can see here in philadelphia. you head up to the north that's where it gets a lot more likely but if you're very dark area away from light pollution you look low on the north horizon you just may see a little bit of a hint of green out there if you do make sure to send me a picture. send it to me on twitter or facebook. i'd love to see it if you're further north the better chances lie. but it's been a clear beautiful day across the bore. time lapsed video from broad headsville earlier today. nothing but blue sky out there all day. it was what i like to call gold dee locks day, not too warm, not too cool, just right. you don't need a jack in the afternoon but nice cool start to the day temperatures in the 40s
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this morning. storm scan3 shows a few showers lingering off the coast of the carolinas starting to diminish. high pressure in control off to our north. we get into a southwest flow finally by the end of the week. that's really going to help the temperatures ramp up in fact possibly near records by friday. we're pretty close to record today as i'll show in you just a moment. 56 degrees now in philadelphia. definitely getting little chilly out there with those dark conditions starting an hour earlier with earlier sun debt. down to 44 in millville. 48 at the atlantic city airport and 49 in reading. highs today, though, 76 degrees. warmest november day in a decade here in philadelphia. the record was 80. so 4 degrees shy of a record here. 75 in wilmington. 74 the high today in atlantic city. and it stays warm for november for your wednesday. sunny and warm. back to the mid 70s. still mild thursday and friday but these two days feature more cloud cover friday a really robust southwest flow knock us into the upper 70s in some spo spots. the record is 79 and we may be close to that here in
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philadelphia. overnight tonight, clear skies, recipe for. 52 will be the low in the city. 40s in the suburbs with skies clearing through the overnight hours and as we head through your wednesday lots of sun. it's warm again. 74 normal highs around 60 we're about 15 degrees above average across the vast majority of the area. "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast, warm through friday, front comes through friday evening with a chance for a shower. but the good news even though cools down this weekend we'll clear it out. we've got sunshine returning saturday at 66. sunday is a crisp cool pretty seasonal november day. it will feel chilly compared to this week but then it look like another warmup next week right back to the mid 60s by tuesday. >> keep it coming. >> great forecast. >> thanks, kate. >> sure. >> don bell here now with a look the sports. >> yeah guys we're back to the nfl remember the last time the eagles played the cowboys. they do. what a disaster. the birds are back from the bye. hear what they're saying as they get ready for another match up? with dallas. sports coming up next.
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dear fellow citizen, your home is your castle. but sometimes the castle needs a new roof or kitchen. i can show you how to borrow money for it and not break the budget. if you have a question about how a home equity line of credit could work for you, ask me. i can help. sincerely jose gomez fellow castle owner and fellow citizen. >> all right. don is back and eagles are all rested. >> week off for everybody. >> right. >> we've been talking about it. >> it's dallas week. >> again, right. >> again. >> let's get after it. reboot and reset. the birds are back after a bye9 games left in their season at three and four will they make a push for the playoffs for miss it for a second year in a row? the re-energized eagles at practice today. theirs test after a week off is dallas as we just mentioned they
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play the cowboys sunday night in big d. interesting thing though about having a week off is, the players love it, the head coach, though, not so much. >> actually i'd rather keep training to be honest with you. so get you out of your rhythm. >> when you get an off day sometimes you jump up and you get 65 scared because you think you missing something much that's when you know you've been working a lot. you do need a little break. >> i know the feeling, player. as for the eagles matchup against cowboys, they're trying to avoid their third straight loss to dallas. back in september they got em bar rav at the linc. demarco murray had 2 yards on 13 carries. sam bradford had three turnove turnovers. and they lost by 10. >> it wasn't the team we want to be. that was a very poor performance by us as an offense. the defense played their butts off special teams had pretty good game but as an offense we sucked. >> on who hockey new. he had mon town the canadian city known for having friendly
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people and a mall big enough to host indoor ring and roller coaster. >> the puck drop about 10:00 o'clock tonight so game tied in the second period. flyers on the attack. ryan white with a slap shot. finds the back of the net. and they take the lead but the oilers score twice in the third and now lead it three-two. for the first time this season the college football playoff ranksings released tonight. cfp picks the top four teams that will play for the national championship. temple comes in at number two. they take on one and 7smu on friday. all right we need a placing to life from on friday night. here are your choices. we're doing this of course for the football frenzy. your choices are interboro at academy park. bishop eustace at camden catholic. council rock south at couldn't sill rock north. go to to vote. we'll announce the winner tomorrow night at 11:00 right
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here on cbs3. >> always a fun time. >> always a fun time. >> indeed. >> rivalry games in there, too. >> i like it. don, thanks so much. we'll be rig
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♪ it's definitely a sticky situation so city seattle pike place mark is cleaning up its famous gum wall. >> until now the gum has been cleaned every on the month. this will be the first time it's
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all going to be removed. machine will melt the gum with 280-degree steam then an estimated 1 million pieces will peel off. in in places it's up to 6-inches thick. i know everyone is going ew. >> abc gum. already been chewed. >> we'll leave you with that. we'll be right
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that's going to do it for us. our morning team is back from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. for kate, don our entire team i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. the late show with stephen
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