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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 4, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EST

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as well for morning commuters, so thank you for that. things are looking good on the roadways. i'll touch base on that in a a minute. how is it feeling outside. >> we are cool. we're talking about 40's this morning but sunshine coming in this afternoon just like yesterday with highs in the 70's. still feels more like september. get outside and enjoy it if you can but yesterday we did make it to 76 degrees. that makes it warmest november day since november 16th of 2005, so ten years, pretty impressive. today a repeat or few degrees warmer. fifty-one at the airport. forty's in the suburbs. it does get cool in the lehigh valley, south jersey same deal, millville checking in at 41. forty-five doylestown, willow grove, lower 40's in pottstown. there could be upper 30's out there. wind are calm though. it is comfortably cool outside. you don't need that heavy jacket. we are not dealing with wind chills this morning. storm scan three just like yesterday morning perfectly clear looking up at the sky i can see crescent moon and it
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is perfect out here with the calm wind. a lot of sunshine. 9:00 o'clock temperature 58. climbing up to 71 by lunchtime. good lunch hour. hopefully to escape the office and get out and enjoy it mid afternoon temperatures is 76 for the the high in philadelphia lower 70's a at the shore and 71 degrees in the poconos and this 70-degree stretch continues through the end of the workweek. we have a couple rain chances with the forecast and get you details in a few minutes but let's energy today, how sit looking, right now. >> certainly lets do so. things are looking good, good morning, happy wednesday to you. roadways are looking good although we are starting to see a steady flow hit the roadway, still early hitting 5:00 o'clock hour. ninety-five north between girard and vine two lanes blocked moving in the northbound direction one in the southbound and that has since been cleared. we are seeing a light steady flow just starting to happen in the early morning hours. also vine street expressway is opened between broad and
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schuylkill, this is overnight construction project that we have been dealing with for quite sometime where east and westbound lanes are closed until will 5:00 a.m. it is right around 5:00 a.m. they are both opened on the vine street expressway which is great news and ramp paving project in bensalem. ramp from street red to i-95 north that ramp is block on one lane on i-95 a approaching that ramp. i will update you on that. this is where we have had an accident in new jersey. it was voluming a jackknife tractor trailer. it is still there. route 322 is blocked at stone meeting house road, use an alternate such as oak grove road. it might be in place for a while. erika, back to you. new this morning a man is treated for a minor wound after being stabbed on the september bus in west philadelphia a police say a male suspect stabbed that man in the head while bus was stopped at intersection of forty-sixth and market streets around 3:30 this morning. that suspect jumped off the bus and then got away a bar fight over a game of pool send
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a man to the hospital in the port richmond section of philadelphia. police say a few friend were inside a bar in the 27 hup block of east thompson street when an argument led to a fight outside that bar around 2:00 a.m. a 30 year-old victim was stabbed and was in critical condition. police are hoping that surveillance video will lead them to a suspect. a car stuck on montgomery county railroad track was hit by a freight train, car was second in bridgeport when norfolk southern train smashed into it at 2:40 this morning. the female driver was not in the car at the time and authorities are now investigating. there were no injuries. the election is over and now transition begins at philadelphia's city hall. >> jim kenney won in the landslide over republican melissa murray bailey, other candidates got less than 1 percent each. just continue finch joins us with the recap, good morning. >> reporter: jim kenney noise stranger to city hall but come next year he will show up back here with a new title. he says also a new vision for
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philadelphia. as the the votes were counted, hundreds joined kenney at his watch party at the jewish history museum and kenney quickry emerged on top winning at a ratio of six to one. with that win the work begins to put his stamp on his home city. kenney campaign on the platform including a fiscal plan for city schools, universal prek and police reforms. atop that list phasing out the stop and frisk policy which unevenly targets people of color. kenney's opponent melissa murray bailey and supporters, watched at united republican club. she praised her efforts to the cities failed education and status quo. almost 80 percent of the cities registered voters are democrats and last night, both she and kenney, had their eyes rather on the future of philadelphia. >> we talk about real issues holding the city back.
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the fact that we're not friendly to business. the fact that our public schools are failing, so many of your children. and we created a real platform for change. >> i want a lot of things for our children. quality schools, prek, community policing and jobs opportunities that can support their future children but most of all i want them to grow up in the philadelphia where we look past our differences and join together to create a better place for all of us to live. >> reporter: this morning and for next several weeks kenney will craft his cabinet and structure his administration. he will be sworn in january 4th of next year. live at city hall, i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, there were other kind of of winners last night that didn't involve getting any votes. a school crossing guard walked away with $10,000 prize for doing her civic duty a at a south philadelphia polling station. a philadelphia a citizen non-partisan group, offered that prize to a random voter to increase voter turnout.
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>> we will continue to to anything that we can to do whether it is voting, or forms of civic engagement, to up the level of the participation. >> i'm overwhelmed right now. >> the philadelphia citizen says that the time and location were randomly select by a computer, and bridget plans to donate some money and possibly buying a used car. to montgomery county where bill cosby scandal was front and center in the district attorney's race. with 100 percent of the votes counted democratic candidate and current prosecutor, kevin steele beat the republican date and former d.a., bruce castor. the the contentious race had implications in the cosby case. the district attorney's office has until january to bring charges a against cosby in connection to accusations about a 2004 a assault in the comedian's home. steele has been and investigator in that recently reopened case. pennsylvania had an unprecedented three vacancies on the supreme court, they
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were all filled with democrats. kevin dougherty, david wecht and christine donahue all won seats. that a assures the state's high court will have a democratic majority for at least a decade. over to new jersey and democrats have pick up at least three seats in the assembly. all 80 were up for grabs but only four districts were competitive. democrats now control the assembly 50 to 30. and we have all of the outcomes from all of the local races on our web site just go to cbs the link is is up at the top of the home page. juror returned to work to try to decide the fate of the chaka fattah, junior. son of the embattled congressman shack a fattah is a accused of defrauding banks, irs and philadelphia school district. jurors spent 30 minutes deliberate before going home. during closing arguments federal prosecutors called fattah junior a scam artist. fattah represented himself and insists his business where is legitimate. investigators are expected to announce today that the death of the northern illinois police officer was suicide.
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media outlet are report ago this fox lake police south, died of the self inflict gunshot wound. the the lieutenant's death led to a massive manhunt on september 1st he radioed that he was chasing three suspicious men on foot. parents in chester county are now being told to check their children a's phones have after three students are charged in a school sexting scandal. police say that the students created and distributed sexually explicit images of classmates at valley forge middle will school and tredyffrin east town middle school. one of those instances led to a case of bullying and assault. >> i use this as a cautionary tail for our parents, checkup on your children, trust and verify. >> i'm a snoop, and i encourage all parents to really look and see what their kid are doing. this is so much stuff floating out there and parents are oblivious. >> police say more arrests are likely in this case. the old revel casino has
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been shut down for months but now it could have new life. >> we will tell you but owners new offer to fill that closed casino and this is a little bit off the the wall. >> we're still in shock. we didn't know what to think. you don't see that every day. >> look out below, see what saved that plane from disaster when the pilot ran into trouble. we have a warning for dog owners this morning a common ingredient in every day food that could make your pet very sick. what you need to look out for in your kitchen. >> ♪ >> i think we will see some sun, this morning, and into this afternoon, justin says he has a nice forecast for you, especially if you like it hot, we will take a short break. we will be right back.
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we're following breaking news in south sudan, at least 23 people have been killed after a russian made cargo plane crashed shortly after taking off. a reporter near that scene said some of those victims are children. there is no word on what cause that had crash, once again, at least 23 people are dead in south sudan, nicole.
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>> thanks, erika. in ohio they just said no to marijuana voters have reject plans to legalize the drug for recreational and medicinal uses. adrian diaz explains why it went down in defeat. >> the work continues. it is not over. >> reporter: supporters of the plan to legalize marijuana in ohio are vowing to keep up the fight. even though voters issued a resounding no to legal says on tuesday. iain james, executive director of resnsible ohio helped bring the the issue to the ballot. >> there are people who have a a chronic illness and they need compassionate care that it provides. >> reporter: ohio governor and republican presidential candidate john kassig was among those who worried that the measure would do more harm than good saying in a statement ohio said no to easy access to drugs. >> i voted yes, and no on issue three. >> reporter: voters passed a measure preventing monopolies being created in the state
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rejecting a agreed ibis plan for legal says that would have allowed a small group of private investors to exclusively grow and sell marijuana. >> competition, in every aspect is a good deal for businesses and good deal for the citizen. >> ohio is my home. >> reporter: singer and real toty star nick lachey was a among those who bankrolled campaign for legal says, following the the vote, former lead singer of 98 degrees took to twitter saying in part, change takes time. adrian diaz for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". 5:14. the pentagon is grounding the program behind that runaway defense department problem that came down near bloomsberg, pennsylvania last week. with giant on board radar systems the the blimp safe guard east coast air space. this eye tea was controversial before last weeks incident. permanent decision will in the future will be made after army conclude their investigation. check this out right here,
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here is amazing video on your screen, that is a plane parachute nothing to a landing. three men were on board when it landed, in arkansas. the pilot is former wal-mart ceo bill cimans. the plane's system failed. he was flying to baylor university where he teaches. no one was seriously injured. a crack in the earth in the mountains of wyoming has people talking. it is 750-yard long, 50-yard wide and 50 feet deep. geologist say it is an active landslide. some people say it could ab wakening of the super volcano beneath yellow stone national park. it is not a threat but people are advised to stay away from it. now lets check that warm forecast with justin, in the 70's. >> pretty impressive, yes, it is not just today but for rest of the week. warmest kay we have had in november in ten years. lets go outside. nothing happening just like yesterday morning, clear skies, nice sunrise will be happening in an hour and 15
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minutes. temperatures cool. we are looking at 40's in most of the suburbs. here's the setup, we're warming up nicely. yesterday we hit 76 degrees, our average right now is 60 for this time of the year. we will keep it in the 70's today similar to yesterday. couple degrees cooler on thursday and then friday, friday might even be, upper 70's if we see enough sunshine. now we're approaching record territory. we have to beat 79 in wilmington. in philadelphia it is possible we will get to that. trenton, atlantic city airport in the upper 70's. even mount pocono 69 degrees, that is easy to beat, even up there. forty-one millville. forty-one cap sol city of delaware. forty-two mount holly, new jersey. there are some cool spots away from the city with clear skies inn calm wind. we are in the the lower 40's in allentown. still dry storm scan three. high pressure over mid a atlantic and northeast. we have a disturbance over carolinas. we have clouds and showers across southern virginia. that will head northward tonight. we will bring back some cloud. temperatures stay warm.
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full sunshine, high pressure over us. high moves off shore tomorrow. there is that weak disturbance that could have a couple showers thursday, very spotty, and then friday, back to some sunshine, very warm ahead of this cold front and once that front moves through bringing a few showers on late friday we will see temperatures getting closer to average for the weekend. sixty's for high on the saturday. that is still not bad. quite to it day, tonight we will see fog developing along the the coastline, delaware bay and river and then cloud move in for thursday, maybe a couple of spotty showers late morning in the afternoon. today looks great, lots of sunshine. seventy-six for the the high temperature and then for tonight increasing cloud, it is cool, 55, watch out for areas of fog. the here's that extended forecast. seventy-six to take. lower 70's with the cloud. back to the mid 70's friday and 60's and 50's heading in to sunday. all right, how is it looking. >> seventy-six, you cannot complain about that. good morning everyone. happy wednesday to you. we have an accident right now near malvern and route 202 southbound past route 30 it is on the shoulder and it did happen earlier, but as you can
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see all these flashing lights out here, still indicating on the north bound direction you'll see flashing lights on the southbound direction thinks where the accident did happen. crews are out on foot, if this doesn't get cleaned out of our way sometime soon it will cause slow downs for those in and around that area. vehicle went in the median and block ago this shoulder. it is a affecting southbound and northbound malvern. so for those coming over westbound in center city looking nice here, beautiful shot of downtown coming into that center city area. also, all clear, ramp paving project, ramp from street road to 95 north was blocked for a while. you can see it is all opened. steady flow here, and we saw that in the 5:00 o'clock hour now trying to push toward them. they are slowly starting to drop a bit and we have another accident in new jersey. we will update that in 15 minutes, erika. >> meisha, thank you. old revel casino in
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atlantic city is still empty seven months after it was sole. now that new owner has a different idea to the the property. glenn straub says he is willing to let syrian refugees stay at the resort. right now building is empty while straub fights lawsuit from utility companies and tenants. revel does not even have full utility service. we will wait and see if that refugee plan is realistic. it is time to check your philadelphia jobs market report. >> jill schlesinger takes a look at some career for workers who are getting some nice raises. >> reporter: while wage gains have been hovering over 2 percent, that is not the case for every american. there are a number of workers enjoying significant pay increases according to a new stud friday employment sites glass glass door crunched numbers and identified 20 jobs that has seen salary growth of three to 10 percent over past year. in addition to jobs that start from the low base like baris tas and security officers, one
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position that is seeing a big jump in pay is sales consultants. corporations hire skilled professionals to sell products, services or train others. many sales consultants focus on business to business where end users buy a more expensive item or service. that is why their compensation is twice as big as those in retail sales. total pay for sales consultants, rose to over $49,000, this year. 7 percent jump from 2014. requirements for sales consultants vary depending on the field but most are college educated. i'm jill schlesinger for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still ahead this morning we are closer to finding out what caused the e-coli out break at chipotle that made dozens of people sick. where scientists say the dangerous bacteria came from. a new hampshire woman under goes an emergency c-section after she's involved in the terrifying crash caught on tape. i'm don champion with her incredible survival
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incredible survival story this morning a pregnant mother in new hampshire is forced to give birth after a car runs off the road and flips over. >> cbs news correspondent don champion shares the terrifying video of that crash. >> looking at this video it is almost hard to believe anyone could have survived, this accident. watch again as this car flips, several times. here you can see the the husband and wife inside get ejected. >> i'm still jittery. >> reporter: eric turn are's daughter brittany was in the car. she said brittany and her husband dennis were on they are way home from the doctor's appointment tuesday when the accident happened. dennis was driving at the the time. >> he just said there was a car that push him off the the road into a pole. it was like the car was coming at him faster instead of trying to stop. >> reporter: photos show moments when help got to the scene. even more concerning, brittany was eight months pregnant. hours later at the hospil doctors were forced to perform an emergency c-section.
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>> baby is now doing well, a little help breathing but other than that he is doing real well report report looking at video of the accident turner is thankful that the family survived, brittany and her husband did suffer broken bones, their baby had been due christmas day, don champion, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". i cannot imagine. >> incredible they all survived and baby is okay. >> such areat outcome there but what a scare. coming up next, on "eyewitness news" the election may be over but there are undecided races. >> we will update you on high profile contests that are still too close to call, jan. doctors are issuing a warning to dog owners a possible new hidden danger in your kitchen, i'm jan carabao, reporting live it is silo tall and we will explain straight ahead. feeling the burn? in a unique way fans of bernie sanders are showing their
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support for the presidential candidate, just continue. well, yesterday's nice weather today we will get your shot and we will talk about 70's return to the forecast, with those details in a few minutes. from the road to the rails meisha has everything you need to necessity for your morning commute. 5:26. we will be right back.
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a changing of the guard at city hall, jim kenney overwhelmingly wins the the race to be philadelphia a's next mayor and now he is getting some work done this morning to create that transition plan, and that take over at city hall. we will let you know is what next for marry electric as we look at another big race too close to call. >> a neighborhood terrorized by turkey vultures and it is not so easy to get rid of the pesky bird. we will tell what you they are doing to try to fix that problem. they are loud, they smell and they are not going anywhere. >> leaving behind disgusting things apparently. >> indeed. >> yes. >> weather-wise, it is just terrible out there. >> we cannot complain. >> no. >> i i can say in problem, it is easy to leave and play a tape from my forecast and you wouldn't even know. >> exactly. >> that is what i'm talking about. we have a repeat. we have 40's in the suburbs. that is what we had yesterday,
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clear skies and sunshine this afternoon. here's is what happening, taking a live look from the palmyra cove nature park in new jersey looking across delaware river at the sky line, calm waters on the river as they have wind, scant, once again, calm so pretty comfortable outside even though temperatures are cool. compared to four hours ago not much different. right where they were yesterday a degree or 3 degrees warmer then yesterday morning at this time. fifty-one at the airport. forty-one allentown. some suburbs could drop in the upper 30's just before sunrise which is in about one hour, 45 in doylestown. willow grove. it is cool, it is november. this is what you can expect. wind are calm, 5 miles an her breeze out of the north in wilmington. storm scan three, totally quiet, high pressure on top so that means sinking air motion, cloud free skies, full sunshine, we will check out that school day forecast just like yesterday. you have to give it an a plus.


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