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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 4, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> wow. >> you're looking a at philadelphia's next mayor, jim kenney cruised to an easy victory and he is wasting in time. we are live with how he plans to hit the ground running today. and does not get much better then this weather-wise, it is warmest it has been in november in ten years. if you enjoyed those 70's we have good news for you today. >> feels so good. >> it is wednesday, november 4th, good morning, so glad you are with us, i'm nicole brewer. i'm erika von tiehl. let's check with justin and meisha. i know you were enjoying those temperatures too, good morning. >> it is gorgeous. the despite the fact that we have such beautiful weather it has been busy in the traffic center. we have a lot of accidents. the justin, how sit feeling outside. >> we cannot blame that on the weather but nice right now, skies are brightening up, sunrise at 6:30, clear skies right now, temperatures, 50's in the city, 40's in the suburbs. comfortably cool this morning with the light breeze but as we mentioned the warmest temperatures in november in ten years. november 16th of 2005 where we
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have to go back where we had a high temperature in the 70's. that is what we had yesterday, repeat the of today and friday, i mean we could be approaching upper 70's. the wilt get close to record territory. fifty right now at the the a airport. forty-one, allentown and reading. yes, it is cool, just like yesterday, it will be a quick rebound with the full sunshine. some suburbs getting close to the upper 30's. forty-one in mount holly and pottstown this hour. it is typical for early november, to get those cool mornings and you can get those warm afternoons. there we go, calm wind for those, 5 miles an her breeze, so no wind chills to deal with this morning and breaking down morning in the afternoon just full sunshine, temperatures running a good 16 degrees above average and the the reason is because we had clear skies. that is a trend. we will make i had up to 76 for a high in philadelphia a lower 70's at the shore and up in the poconos. we are talking about upper 70's. that full forecast in a few
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more minutes. but lets head over to meisha for a check of the roads. >> thanks very much, justin good morning to you. good morning to all of you at home. wondering about that accident animal vernon route 202 southbound that has been since cleared and now moving to new jersey 42 freeway north bound creek road approaching 295 looking good, a lot of vehicles but you're still traveling around at posted speed. i-95 southbound copping around that s curve we are tapping these brake lights letting us know you are traveling less than posted speeds now. we are moving in the 6:00 o'clock hour rush if you will. the construction 16th street ramp to westbound vine is closed. for those just leaving your home need to go take vine just know around 16th street. this is where we have an accident involving a jackknife tractor trailer that is still there route 322 is blocked at stone meeting house road. for those wanting to take commodore barry bridge or something around that a area make sure you know that this is closed and use an alternate
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such as oak grove drive. i will have another in 15 minutes. erika. police are investigating a stabbing on a septa bus. they a say a man stabbed another man in the head while that bus was stopped at intersection of forty-sixth and market in west philadelphia a. it happened around 3:30 this morning. police say suspect ran away after the stabbing and then got away. victim was treated for minor wound. meanwhile a man is hospitalized after a bar fight in the the port richmond section of the philadelphia a police say a few friend were inside playing pool inside a bar in the 2700 block of east thompson street, when a fight over that game led to violence outside around 2:00 a a in m. thirty year-old victim was stabbed and is in critical condition. police are hoping surveillance footage lead them to those suspects. a car stuck on train tracks in bridgeport is smashed by a freight train. norfolk southern train hit unoccupied car around 2:40 near second and tea powe street. the the female driver was not in the car at the time and
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there were no injuries. philadelphia's marry electric jim kenney is wasting no time preparing for the transition of power. >> the former city councilman defeated melissa murray bail any a landslide. philadelphia is predominantly democratic. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us at the city hall will where kenney will take that oath in two months, good morning. >> reporter: erika and nicole, good morning. before being sworn in january, kenney will building his mayoral team and with the campaign now behind him, this winner still has work to do. >> surrounded by all of you i'm reminded, it is not what i am going to to, it is what we are going to do together. >> reporter: marry electric jim kenney looking forward to the future at the victory party in the jewish museum with his family behind him on stage and hundreds before him on the floor, former city councilman says his campaign much like his own south philadelphia block is one made of many. >> we had environmental list, feminist, teachers, working families, first responders,
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unions, public school parents, clergy, lgbt community, immigrants and so many more. together these groups did far more than just elect a new mayor but they proved that every neighborhood matters. >> reporter: winning at a ratio of six to one, kenney now begins building the team that will bring his campaign platform into reality a platform including criminal justice, economic and educational reformed he said will even rich philadelphia a's future. >> i want things for our future, quality schools, prek, community policing and job opportunities that can support their future children. >> if this campaign was able to bring some light and some life to people who needed it most then that is what this campaign was all about. >> reporter: republican melissa murray bailey sees her mayoral run as successful saying her platform, raised attention to a city status quo that isn't working. >> we talked about real issues, holding the city back. the fact that we're not
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friendly to business, the fact that our public schools are failing, so many of our children. >> one of the most watched races will be who joins kenney as police commissioner once charles ramsey steps down next year. kenney will take office on january 4th, of next year and if you are counting, he will be the 99th mayor. we are live from city hall, justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you, justin. right new bill cosby scandal taking center stage in the race for montgomery county district attorney. democrat kevin steele beat republican date and former district attorney bruce castor. d.a.'s office has until january to charge cosby in connection with accusation about a 2004 a assault in the comedian's home. and democrats swept the unprecedented three vacancies on the pennsylvania supreme court. kevin dougherty, david wecht and christine donahue all won seat. victory means that the state's high court will have a democratic majority for a at least a decade. over to new jersey and
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voters expanded democratic control as all 80 assembly seats went up for grabs. democrats pick up at least three seats, they now control the a assembly 50 to 30. there was another kind of winner last night that didn't involve any votes. instead one lucky voter got a prize, a school crossing guard walked away with a $10,000 check for doing her civic duty at a south philadelphia a polling station. the philadelphia citizen a non-profit non-partisan media group offered that prize to a random vote eras a way to increase voter turnout. >> i just seen my picture and saying you win. i'm overwhelmed right now. >> well, the the philadelphia citizen says, the time and location were randomly select by a computer, bridget says she plans to donate some money and possibly buying a used car, good for her. jurors resume deliberations today to decide the fate of the chaka fattah junior. son of the embattled congressman chaka fattah is accused of defrauding banks,
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irs and philadelphia a school district. jurors, spent 30 minutes deliberating yesterday before going home. during closing argument federal prosecutors called fattah junior a scam artists. fattah, representing himself, insisted his business interests were legitimate. disturbing charges against local middle schoolers who were arrested for child pornography. parent in chester county are being told to check their children's phones after a school sexting scandal. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: three students, two schools, one message. >> think before you act becausehen we're dealing with electronic media things don't fade away so quickly. >> reporter: it the is a lesson learned the hard way right now, tuesday, tredyffrin township police announcing charges against three juveniles, for the creation and distribution of child porn, in sexually explicit images of classmates. >> we're not going to tolerate that in the public places such
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as cools in tredyffrin township. >> reporter: investigation stems from april, the accused students ranging from age from 11 to 15, now facing charges in serious as summary offense to a third degree felony. hoping images taken from the web and of students at both valley forge middle and tredyffrin east town middle will were created, sent, stores and viewed by several students. one instance led to a case of bullying and assault. >> we want to use this as a cautionary tail for our parents. checkup on your children, trust, verify. >> i will admit i'm a snoop. >> reporter: leann rush has a daughter in the the district but says it is important to take a pro active stance. >> again i'm a snoop. i encourage all parents to really look and see what their kids are doing. there is so much stuff floating out there and parents are just oblivious to the fact of all of the stuff that is happening what is going on. >> reporter: cbs-3 to receive a statement from the district saying in part quote we take these matters very seriously
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and follow up with procedures that from a safety for all students, school based discipline. as such the the district cannot comment on student discipline matters a as we in must do all we can to preserve privately rights have of all students. as mentioned police say the investigation is not over and there may be more charges, to follow. reporting tonight from chester county i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right. 6:10. coming up, ballot selfies air begins the law but one politician wants to change. that hear why they could help rock the vote. also watch as a car goes airborne and then flips over here in a violent collision. if that video is not enough when you find out who was inside it will. >> absolutely. a huge crack opens up in the earth see more amazing pictures from wyoming and find out what caused it up next.
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that's the right price! it's that low. what other things on this list "can't be right?" looks like a list full of "can't be right's." seriously? at giant, prices have just dropped on thousands more items. my giant. 07-degree temperatures, in november, this is my kind of forecast. >> it doesn't get much better then that. >> thanksgiving three weeks away and we're talking 70's, justin. >> yes, so almost like beach weather, we're talking 70's at the shore. it is cold when you step outside the suburbs. look at that 39 and clear skies kutztown area middle
6:14 am
school with a calm wind right now and nice sunrise, setting up this morning coming up in 15 minutes. but a rapid rebound over 30 degrees in the afternoon as we made it in the 70's. no matter where you are, it is will cool. dover, newark delaware in mid 40's. swedesboro at the 44 degrees. voorhees coming in at 45. chalfont same story, malvern 49. chadds ford a will cooler spot at 42. forty-one pottstown and allentown. the suburbs are dropping down in the 30's. quiet on storm scan three. we have clear skies, calm wind. that is a allowing temperatures to drop. all of the heat we had yesterday escaped back to the at the months fur because of the clear skies but we are back at it with full sunshine and mid 70's for highs. tomorrow cloud return, low disturbance to the south, spotty showers, nothing heavy, into the morning, afternoo thursday. after that moves out we will be back to more sunshine for friday, another warm day in the upper 70's and cold front for weekend.
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this cools us back to the 60's on saturday and then 50 reason sunday. today looking great. full sunshine. fog starts to roll role from the ocean with southeasterly breeze along the coast, delaware bay and river watch out for spotty shower and thursday a afternoon bringing the trend, that is running a good 15 or maybe enclose to 20 y end of the week as jet stream is well to the north. so enjoy it today, 76 degrees for afternoon high, tonight cloud increase, 55, extended forecast 70's through friday, and then coolest temperature on the seven day, 57 on sunday. that is not bad. >> i love it. >> yes. >> justin. >> yes. >> what a week. making us all look good this morning on this hump day. >> your morning commute is looking okay, everyone is traveling pretty much at posted speeds other than 95 moving in the southbound direction. we have had some accidents o there. this is one. this is a live shot from chopper three an accident in new jersey involving a
6:16 am
jackknife tractor trailer route 322 is blocked still at stone meeting house road. you will certainly want to use an alternate such as oak grove road and for those approaching commodore barry bridge you certainly want to take caution and use that alternate. that is oak grove road because it is closed. take a look at that tractor trailer. it does not look like it is moving anytime soon. for those again in and around that area avoid it because 322 is still closed and that is not moving. moving right along here we have another accident involving injuries, 202 southbound, past smith bridge road, that is another accident this morning, not yet being cleared and also mass transit delays on broad street line because of the delays at fernrock station due to signal problems. nicole, over to you. well, take a look a huge crack in the earth has opened up in wyoming. >> experts say that gash is the the big horn mountains, and active landslide 750-yard long, 50-yard wide and 50-yard
6:17 am
deep. beautiful looking but some people speculate it could awakening of the long dormant super volcano beneath yellow stone national park. incredible to look at good that is scary. >> the thought of the volcano. >> coming up, australia mod hole became an instagram star quits social media and shows the ugly real willty. take a look. >> everything i did in the day was to be that perfect person. everything i did was for views and likes. >> social media validation took over perfect life and now her you tube confession is going viral. see what she's doing to show harsh reality behind those photos that she posted, with those
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the video is pretty alarming. car goes airborne and flips over several times. >> but knowing there is a pregnant woman inside makes it more alarming a amazingly she and the baby both survived. >> cbs news correspondent don champion has more on the video and look at how mom and baby are doing. >> reporter: looking at this video is almost hard to believe, anyone could have have survived this accident. watch again as this car flips, several times. here you can see the the husband and wife inside getting ejected. >> i'm still a little jittery. >> reporter: eric turner's daughter brittany was still in the the car and brittany and her husband dennis were on their way home from a doctor's
6:21 am
appointment tuesday when the accident happened. dennis was driving at the time. >> he just said there was a car that was drove him off the road and in the pole. he said it was like car was coming at him faster then some reason instead of coming to stop. >> reporter: photos showed the help coming to the scene. even more concerning, brittany was eight months pregnant. the hours later at the hospital doctors were forced to perform an emergency c-section. >> the baby is now doing well, little help breathing but other than that he is doing real well. >> reporter: looking at the video of the accident turner is thankful that the family survived, brittany and her husband did suffer broken bones, and their baby, had been due on christmas day. don champion for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". it is a miracle. >> absolutely. >> thank goodness. coming up selfie ballots, they are really a thing but they are illegal. find out why one politician wants to change that. if you have a dog you want to listen up we have an
6:22 am
important warning for you, a common ingredient in every day food that can poison and even kill your pet. we will tell what you to watch out for. another fantastic day ahead, is that right justin. >> warmest temperatures in november in ten years and it stays warm through the even of the weekend first half of the in will be above average. those details in the eyewitness weather
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in ohio, supporters of the plan to legalize marijuana a are vowing to keep up the fight. on election day voters rejected a ballot measure that would have permitted use of marijuana for recreational and modes aal purposes. instead they passed a competing measure to prohibit monopolies of businesses that supply federally controlled substances. have you ever thought of taking a selfie of you and your ballots. ballot selfies are a against the the law in most states understandably because you are not supposed to show your ballot to anyone once it is mark. now an assemblyman wants to change this law in california. >> we need to do everything we can to encourage more voting and ballot selfies, insuring voting experience is a great way to encourage greater voter participation in california. >> assemblyman mark le vine plans to introduce legislation to legalize ballot selfies. >> everyone wants to have more people out to vote but unfortunate that so few people do but i wonder what that
6:26 am
implies you are posting how you voted. >> it is interesting, for a lot of people it is a private thing, private matter, some people don't even tell their spouse but other takes selfies. >> coming up next on "eyewitness news" a big nasty bird taking over a neighborhood. dozens of vultures are dal aging property and that is not all see how residents are trying to get them to buzz off. jan? >> reporter: and while guilty of giving our dog a little will human treat once in a while. today doctors are warning there may be a new hidden danger for dogs in our food we will take a look straight ahead. well, 95 south is heating up, we have an accident in new jersey on route 322 and another one on 202 outbound i'll have updates coming up but first we will take a quick break.
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good morning, everyone. hey, the leaves may be coming down but temperatures just keep on going up. we're looking live down second street in olde city where people are enjoying this fall warm up. do i love seeing leaves change colors but i can get best of both world is here. >> rake the leaves you have some nice weather to do that. >> yes. >> not at all. >> it could be worse, this time of the year we could be in the 40's. let's enjoy 70's. not everybody likes the the warmer air but cold air will get here. we're not in any rush. enjoy it out there. it is almost beach weather today. we will be full sunshine. live look right now at 57 but win is like that, ocean water still not bad in the 60's. air temperatures along the coast will make it in the 70's with the sunshine. the these are highs yesterday. philadelphia 76 degrees. seventy-five wilmington. mid 70's atlantic city,
6:31 am
reading 73 in trenton. same deal today, a a at least 16 degrees above average. fifty at the the a airport. forty-one in the colder suburbs up to the north, berks county and lehigh valley, mid 40's, willow grove and doylestown. still spot in the 30's with the clear skies and calm wind. not much of the wind to deal with this afternoon. storm scan three is quiet over the delaware valley once again high pressure keeping us nice and dry, comfortable and warm with the sunshine but there are showers to the south that will head in our area tomorrow. that forecast no brainer, a plus all the way. this day may deserve extra credit mid 70's in the sunshine. we will talk about how long warmth last in the seven day but lets head over to meisha for a check of the morning commute. >> let's do so, good morning everyone. if you are just waking up with us this is a live shot an accident in new jersey involving a jackknife tractor trailer on route 322, block, 322 is block at stone meeting house road. use an alternate such as oak
6:32 am
ove road for those of you who need to take commodore barry bridge. you will want to take that alternate of oak grove road, again because as you can see from this picture this is probably not moving anytime soon. route 312 is right now closed. moving to the schuylkill eastbound at spring garden looking good here. i want to move to another accident right now and this is in downingtown, mar shallton thorndale road south of business route 30 it sound like we have a person trapped in the vehicle will here. if you can a avoid this area you will want to do so while the investigation persists or while they try to get that cleared out of the way. also another accident involving injuries, 202 southbound past smithbridge road, another area that hasn't been cleared just yet so avoid it if you can. also the broad street line is experiencing some delays, because of some delays on fernrock station due to signal problems. we will have another update on mass trans tonight 15 minutes, erika. >> we're little more than a
6:33 am
year away from the presidential election and now a new poll shows ben carson surging to the lead. poll from quinnipiac university just released a few moments ago puts carson ahead of hillary clinton 50 to 40 percent. clinton also trailed in hypothetical match ups against, marco rubio, ted cruz and chris christie. philadelphia's marry electric jim kenney is ready to launch their transition project this morning. he defeated melissa murray bailey and three others. kenney received 85 percent of the vote. kenney who celebrated his victory at national museum of american jewish history and decided he can't make philadelphia better by himself. >> throughout this campaign i have been asked time and time again what i am going to do to move philadelphia forward? tonight surrounded by all of you i'm reminded it is not what i'm going to do, it is what we are going to do together. >> from the standing start last winter we put a new face on the republican party in
6:34 am
philadelphia a. a face that we can all be proud of. we have touched so many parts of the city. especially those that have been the the most neglected. >> kenney will be philadelphia's 99th mayor on january 4th, and he will replace michael nutter who reached the the two term limits. race for two at large seats on philadelphia a city council is too close to call this morning. right now current councilman dennis o'brien is trailing al taubenberger by 450 votes with 98 percent of the precincts reporting. you can find all a of the election results from your neighborhood on our web site, they are right in the home page at cbs well, a big warning for dog owners, if you chew gum you definitely want to hide that pack. >> put tonight a drawer because new warning says a sweetener used in sugar less gum could kill your dog. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins us from the dog park in olde city with more. if if you own a dog we're all listening right now, good morning. >> reporter: erika and nicole, good morning.
6:35 am
dogs are out and about this morning for their morning walk. we are coming to you live from olde city, just nearby a dog park. a a lot of them taking in this nice fall like morning. what we're talking about is the sugar sub tooth called xylitol and it is not only found in sugarless gum but found in a lot of products, even peanut butter. we know how our fury friend love that once in a while. doctors are issuing a warning and you want to listen up because it could save your dog's life. gunner is the new member of the family for sam and jordan pellet. >> good girl. >> reporter: he tells me pair deal with the heart breaking loss. two-year old luna died in april after getting into chewing gum made with xylitol. they took her to the vet but there was nothing doctors could do. >> her kidney tests weren't good. they were shutting down. we didn't really have any other choice but to put her down. >> reporter: xylitol is safe for humans but could be
6:36 am
dangerous for dogs causing low blood sugar and liver failure. sugar free gummies biggest offender but xylitol is found in some sugar free candy, chewable vitamins, baked goods, and peanut butter. number of products are on the rise and a spca animal poison control center is reporting increased calls about the the substance from 82 in 2004, to 3700 last year. some experts are calling forewarning labels on products that use xylitol but until then, doctors like ashley gallagher of friendship animal hospital say that owners need to take matters in their own hand. >> you just have to be really careful because dogs are nosey creatures and they are hungry all the time. my dogs are. they are always looking for a treat. you have to really watch them. >> reporter: sam and jordan will never take a chance again. >> with a lot of things like candy gum peanut butter, chocolate we check them all f they have xylitol in them we don't buy them. >> if you have a dog, the precaution is pretty simple
6:37 am
just go through your covert and if it says sugar free, flip it over and look for that word xylitol. if you have these products, it is okay put them high up so your fury friend can't get to them. back to you you. >> that is disturbing with the peanut butter because that is a a common treat to give them a pill, sugar free for yourself you don't think about giving it to your dog. >> good morning. >> good head up for sure. meanwhile, a happy ending for one dog owner. a california man was reunited with his missing dog all thanks to a app. animal shelter in sacramento that found the dog partnered with finding rover. by using facial recognition, look a at that, app was able to match the missing dog with his owner. this is shelter's first reunion since using this app a. >> how about that. >> that is great. delaware neighborhood is dealing with a loud stinky problem. >> yeah, there are turkey vultures perched on top of homes right there. it is happened in the chimney hill development. since vultures are federally
6:38 am
protected migration bird there is not much neighbors can do. thanksgiving around the corner, it is a turkey. the residents say they are loud, wake them up and leave behind disgusting things. >> early in the morning they are walking around like you think it is little kid up there playing, boom, boom, boom. >> big hair balls that will come off your roof and fall down on your deck. >> hair balls. >> community came together last night to try to scare those bird away but they used lights, they tried shining lights and making is in to scare them away, but they are protected you cannot the do much. >> i can understand their concern and frustration. >> not the neighbor you want to have good not so much. coming up famous hotel chain under investigation for allegedly blocking guests personal wifi hot spots. she was a social media sensation but now this a australian model is he unveiling the harsh reality behind those photos that made her a star. hear her you tube confession up next. campaign posters are so yesterday, see the under cover
6:39 am
ways supporters of the bernie sanders are campaigning for the presidential candidate, coming up next. >> ♪ >> classic song, and just a classic weather forecast, check out sky line, it will be a beautiful day, 70's and sunny in the middle of have november. >> hard to believe. >> yes. >> justin, yeah. >> how long will the 70's last? we will tell you when we come back.
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6:42 am
the fcc has find, hilton $25,000 for allegedly stonewalling an investigation on whether the hotel train blocked guests personal wifi hot spots. for more than a year hilton guests complained that the hotels locked individual wifi hot spots unless they paid a fee. fcc says hilton will face significantly higher fines if it fails to cooperate in the investigation. hilton says it strongly
6:43 am
disagrees with the fcc fines. one week after defense department blimp came down near bloomsberg pennsylvania the the future of the program behind it is in question. blimp is equipped with radar systems meant to safe guard skies over east coast were controversial before last weeks incident. the the pentagon says they are with holding funding until the army can investigate what went wrong. well, we know what went wrong here take a look, this is video of the plane using a parachute to make an landing. >> three men were on board when it landed in arkansas and pilot is the former ceo of wal-mart bill cimans. >> he says the plane's oil system failed. he was flying to baylor university where he teaches. >> the the pilot was able to land satisfaction no one was seriously injured. i a had no idea they had parachutes on planes. >> thank goodness that they do. that is scary. >> 6:43. lets check with justin and our weather watchers. are they enjoying what we are seeing. >> they are waking up with temperatures in the the 40's but afternoon highs as well.
6:44 am
we're talking 70's once again not a bad start to the morning with the clear skies out there. generally widespread 40's, there are a few 30's in the colder suburbs. we will check in down south dover delaware and chilly there in 43 degrees. forty-two in hatboro at kyle higgins house. north wales, still checks in at 45 degrees, downingtown, 54. so little bit milder, just west of the city, chesterfield, 43 degrees, and moving to delaware sally has 48. you get the picture. low to mid 40's for the most part middletown delaware jason at 42 degrees. we will warm it up, so we have a shot of 80's, and you hear that term a lot but really where did it come from? typically occurs in mid to late fall, we need first frost to happen, we already had that, so we will get warm days, cool nights, generally clear skies, but the name is the term from the american indians as they use warm conditions like we are having today and next few days to
6:45 am
gather more supplies for upcoming winter. why not? good weather to be outside. we are at 65, yesterday 76. we will keep it in the 07's for the end of the week. sixty's where we should be. the friday a has a shot to reach 70's. we are close to the record hypo tension. check it out we need to reach 79 for philadelphia, wilmington. it is also possible. we will get close and challenge these numbers on friday have a afternoon. depend how much sunshine we will see. today we will be in full sun once again, high pressure right now that keeps us nice and dry, rain chances start to increase tomorrow. we will give it 20 percent chance of a spotty shower. 30 percent later on friday as that cold front comes through. if we see any rain saturday it will be in the morning. nothing happening today. tonight some cloud, start to have move back in. start to watch for fog along the coastline in south jersey and delaware bay and then included thicken up throughout day thursday and spotty shower coming in the afternoon. today no chance of rain, 76 in the sun, tonight increasing cloud, 55 the extended
6:46 am
forecast. low to mid 70's through end of the week, cools down for weekend but 57, cool as i can find here in the seven day forecast sunday, how sit looking. >> not bad for november, thanks. looking okay but we have some spots to make you aware of this morning just thinking about hitting the roadways in case this pertains to you. we have an accident still in new jersey involving a jackknife tractor trailer route 322 blocked at stone meeting house road. use an alternate for those a approaching commodore barry bridge, use alternate oak grove road in and around that a a area because it is not yet cleared l me backup out of the way at a mass transit update. only local services are operating on the broad street line because of the delays at fernrock station, local services are delayed, around 20 minutes, no broad ridge spur or express service in and around this a area, and shuttle will buses are operating between fernrock and olney so use bus route four and 16, septa mass transit and we have an accident downtown a
6:47 am
person trapped in the vehicle marshall town thorndale road south of business route 30. i will have a quick update in ten minutes. nicole, back to you. a local non-profit founder says every child deserves a brand new winter coat. >> non-profit is helping thousands of children stay warm this winter. "eyewitness news" anchor ukee washington has his story in this weeks brotherly love. >> this month this chadds ford non-profit will service 2 million th child. we caught up with them in will mink ton. volunteer henna is hard at work she has students from upper country day school and serbian a academy prepping 1200 coats for a slew of young shoppers. >> basically what will happies kids will file through here and we're going to match the the sizes and get to choose color coat they want. >> reporter: it doesn't cost these kids a cent. operation warmth pays for these brand new children's codes to be made and given
6:48 am
away. >> let's go, man what kind of size we have here. >> reporter: he founded it 17 years ago. >> we have some kids standing on the side of the road and freezing, really, really cold and sunburn and i just could not believe kids were trying to get on the school bus, and a local shop. >> reporter: operation warmth serves more 350,000 children a year, funded by donations and corporate partnership and paid back with smiles. >> my new jacket. >> for a child who is struggling, dealing with property getting something new to the world. >> a a lot of surprise like everybody gets a coat, just tremendous. we're excited, parents were excited and we will have more kids ready. >> reporter: hanna sums it up well. >> good to keep people warm. warm people are good. >> reporter: donation of $20 buys another coat. we have more information on operation warm on our web site at cbs
6:49 am
i'll see you tonight. i'm ukee washington. cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> just wonderful. >> that was so sweet, that little girl at the end warmth people are good. >> yes. >> time to see is what coming up, and gayle king joins us live with the preview, good morning. >> good morning, erika and nicole. you know what i thought was so sweet we got to hear ukee's voice again. >> i know, me too. >> good to see you both. ahead what the author behind a explosive new book on the vatican is saying about the church scandal, plus a close look at parachute technology that came in handy the other day. it saved a former wal-mart ceo when his small plane crash. we will reveal forbes list the world's most powerful people. we will introduce to you two massive enormous big players, look at these two, helping lead baylor to an undefeated season. that is what i said. holy molly. >> yes. >> 400 pounds. those are big boys. >> yes.
6:50 am
>> back in the morning we will see new ten minutes. >> absolutely. >> thank you, gayle. more than half million followers on social media and now a teenage model is giving it up saying it is not real life. >> she explained in series of posts and captions on instagram. linda kin cade has her message. >> reporter: social media validation, it is about the the number of of likes you get when posting an image or video, but 18 year-old senior o'neill it became an obsession. >> i had the dream life. i had half million people interested in me in social media, on instagram, i had over a hundred thousand views on you tube. to a lot of people i made it. i was, i still am, and i don't want to model a at all. i was signed. i had one of the biggest a agencies in the the america wanting to sign me to a modeling contract and having it a all on social media means nothing tour real life. >> reporter: australian
6:51 am
teenager reveals how contrived in i a you tube confession. >> everything i to was for views are for likes. >> reporter: more than half million followers on instagram, o'neill revealed the truth. the enhanced photos on social media life are far from real. she writes, spray tan, paid promotional, and clothes, i was 15, this is what i thought was inspiring. on this image i had acne here, this is a a lot of make up. and here not real life, took over 100 similar poses trying to make my stomach look good when it harden eaten that day. and i was taking them until i was somewhat proud of this. on this one, would pay $400 to pose this dress. >> social media, which is now a business, if you don't think it is a business you are diluting yourself. >> reporter: she's saying she was prompted by inn security, not confidence. >> everything i did in a day was to be that perfect person
6:52 am
on line. >> teenage confession received a lot of support on twitter, carla wrote i never paid attention to senior o'neill but i admire her bravery and honesty now. the lindsey pointed out the irony, o'neill, social media isn't real, please stop worshiping me. she responded worships her even more. >> a few are skeptical. i feel like, in ten years she will want that back and perhaps wish she hadn't posted that video. o'neill followed by posting this image, confident, does not that they will like me, confidence is, i'll be fine if they don't. >> wow. >> to be so young and have that realization. i ren seeing a quote that said i used to walk in the room and wand fur people liked me. now i walk in and wonder if i like them. but that comes with age. so the fact that she's coming to this realization so young, it is a a nation. >> great example for other young people out there, hundred pictures, and you look like that in one. >> what it takes to get that
6:53 am
photo. >> that was linda kin cade reporting. while on the subject of photos that gets lots of likes on social media, this one out. a deer photo bombed this adorable new born. >> baby was posing on than bail of hey surrounded by pumpkins when the deer walked right up. photographer said it is not first time that dear another which she nicknamed maggie had made an appearance. she a said maggie's been sneak nothing to her pictures since the beginning of the summer. it makes it all the more adorable. >> of course, like i said earlier as a new mommy would have been like my gosh don't get too close. >> it is only a deery know but still.
6:54 am
this flu season... your immuthe way it didn't work when rock was young. so we made fluzone high-dose vaccine... for people 65+. with a high high higher dose of antigen... it's significantly more effective than fluzone vaccine in preventing flu. fluzone high-dose vaccine is approved for people 65 and older. it's not for anyone who's had a severe allergic reaction to any vaccine component, including eggs, egg products, or to a prior dose of any flu vaccine.
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tell your doctor if you've ever had guillain-barré syndrome. side effects include pain swelling and redness at the injection site; muscle aches, fatigue, headache and fever. other side effects may occur. if you have other symptoms or problems following vaccination, call your doctor immediately. vaccination may not protect everyone. so, if you hopped around the clock, ask your doctor or pharmacist about fluzone high-dose. fluzone high-dose vaccine.
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in your head lines this morning a man is treated for a minor injury after he is stabbed in the forehead on a septa bus in west philadelphia. police are now looking for suspect got away on foot. also parents are urged to check their kids phones, after three students were charged with cheating, and distributing sexually explicit photos of the the classmate at valley forge middle school and tredyffrin east town middle school. marry electric jim kenney will hold his first news conference since defeating melissa murray bailey and three others in this years' lex. presidential candidate bernie sanders admits he likes briefs, over boxers. >> he joked about this with ellen deagain rest and mocked on the saturday night live but there are bernie sanders feel
6:58 am
the bern briefs on line for sale. >> a avermont company says sanders supporters can wear their presidential preference on their sleeve and elsewhere too. they say it is a perfect stocking stuff this holiday season. >> it cracks me up, it is unbelievable. we have bernie underwear now. >> we started with a good fit. >> can you buy more than one pair. >> you absolutely can. >> what one brief a week. company says sanders doesn't like taking corporate contributions so there is sanders underwear benefit a none in profit that cares for injured service members. >> still going to a great cause. >> one of my favorite lines, we hope it is not a passing brief fad. >> well done. >> well done. >> we're hoping 07's stick around too. >> it will, the rest of the week, jacket wet they are morning but shorts and t-shirts in the afternoon. 76 degrees and full sun. we will bring back clouds and showers thursday but still
6:59 am
mild at 72. friday, mid 70's, maybe potentially upper 70's close to the record high there. could be some showers late in the day as a cold front approaches. wool cool back down. >> we're hitting our rush hour right now, 95 southbound at girard that whole stretch of 95 moving in center city is very slow and right now schuylkill at city avenue once you get off roosevelt boulevard you are not moving. ten on the the schuylkill, 12 i-95 southbound. and blue route, holding steady in the 50's. >> all right, meisha, thank you. cbs this morning is coming up next. they have a cookbook from the old cbs great the show, a blue bloods, bridget money hand is bringing her recipes that brings her tv family around the table. >> remember to join us bright and relevant i each weekday morning on cbs-3. we will get you started nice and earl hi 30:00 in the morning. we hope to see you then. great weather. >> yes.
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, november 4th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." stunning new conclusions about the shooting death of an illinois police lieutenant that left a community living in fear. new details of vatican insiders fighting reform and pope francis. elizabeth palmer talks with the author about the splofexplosive book. forbes magazine reveals its list of the most powerful people. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. the authorities will only say they will lay out all of the details this morning. the fox lake cop shooting investigation tas a turn.


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