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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 4, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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houses here, you know, i suppose it is easy enough for someone to drive-in here and cherry pick stuff. >> reporter: thieves hit cars in berwyn baptist road, summer way drive and east gulf club lane in paoli. police say thieves, worked quickly taking items they can carry off including a louie vouton bag, a coach wallet and a handgun. >> just make sure you lock things up and take proper precautions. >> reporter: jill malloy says working with police resident here are also using their community web site, to instantly alert and inform everyone, about crimes, and protective measures. >> if something happens, we do have a neighborhood association, and it gets communicated very rapidly. >> common sense locking will the doors, you know, hopefully just teenagers but who knows. >> reporter: so far tredyffrin police say they don't have any description of the thieves or
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the vehicle that they might have used. they are hoping that someone might have home surveillance video or information, if you you do contact police, meanwhile tredyffrin police say their advice is relatively simple, lock your car, take your valuables out and also, keep that vehicle until a well lighted a area if you can. live from tredyffrin township chester county, i'm walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". police shoot and kill a suspect who stabbed five people, on a college campus in california. all of the victims attacked the at the university of california, and they were conscious when paramedics reached them. three were treated on campus, two were flown to the hospital. >> it is really shocking to have this happen on our campus and, first thing in the morning, it is just shocking. >> no word on the identity of that suspect, police say they have no motive for the attack. developing right now an active shooter situation is unfolding in san diego. authorities there say a suspect opened fire on officers responding to a
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domestic violence call at an apartment complex. no one was hit but police say man continues to fire shots at them. planes landing at san diego airport have been halted for time being and that is because the the apartment building is in the airport's flight path. frankford high school under lock down this afternoon, police say, a call came in that there were two students inside who were armed. officers say that threat was unfounded and students were dismissed early. turning to weather now the trees looked like fall, but it certainly doesn't feel like it today. we have reached near record temperatures and mercury could go even higher then the next few days. it is so nice out here. so nice, i said it twice, and had to come out, this is an incredible day. >> i have the best spot in the building to day, hand down bar nun. >> that is why i had to enjoy witt you. you mind if i take my coat off it the is beautiful out here. >> i have short sleeves on and sunnies down and it is still
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warm enough to be out here, yes. >> i will enjoy the view while you do your thing. >> take a look at how warm it got today, as he goes to sun bath a little bitten joying the sunset there. let look at how warm it was, 80 degrees our daytime high 1 degree shy off the record, the record 81, that was set, back in 1974. it has been a long time since it has been this warm, even in november. at least 15 years since we have had temperatures of 80 degrees in november. not a record but very close. hopefully you enjoyed to it day. if not enjoy it right now as we will show you 71 in philadelphia. it is 71 in reading. seventy-two in allentown. 61 degrees the atlantic city airport. on shore flow keeping it cooler. if you are heading out to enjoy the the evening i wish it lasted until eight or 9:00 o'clock like summer evenings really do but sun has set. beautiful sunset. we are heading down to 66 degrees by 7:00. sixty-two by 9:00.
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increasing cloud by 11:00 p.m. someone is honking their horn in appreciation of this beautiful will day. it is fantastic outside. question is how much longer does it last? we may have another near record day by even of the week. we will tell but that coming up when i join you inside. >> all right kate, thanks very much. next mayor of the philadelphia revealed some of his new plans for the city. marry electric jim kenney outline his transition plan at jackson elementary in south philadelphia. he says when he takes office in january the first order of business will be the budget. he discussed creating a plan to fund university prek and wants feedback from residents on the issues. >> we all should be holding neighborhood town halls to collect eye tease from philadelphia family critical to making our policies successful. >> there is results from the town halls that will be made available in january and big administration announcements are expect around thanksgiving. despite yesterday's beautiful, election day weather, turnout was sparse
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across the the region. on the bright side in philadelphia we are told number of voters at the polls was up nearly 5 percent over four years ago. and yesterday vote's proved a creation of a permanent office, in philadelphia. coming up a at 6:00 o'clock tonight our todd quinones shows us importance of the new office of the lgbt affairs and what it will mean for the community. results from all of the local races are available for you right now on our web site at cbs police say a fellow officer staged his own death to cover up, a life of crime. the suicide led to a manhunt and emotional funeral and now shock. correspondent dean reynolds has details. >> reporter: authorities in lake county a say lieutenant joe gliniewicz, laid out his baton and pep per spray to make it look like a struggle and then he shot himself. >> gliniewicz committed the ultimate betrayal, to the citizens he served and the entire law enforcement community. >> reporter: after a two month
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investigation that examined thousands of e-mails, text messages and phone calls investigators determined the highly decorated officer spent seven years, embezzling cash from the police explorers club youth program. >> thousands of dollars were used by gliniewicz for personal purchases, travel expenses, mortgage payments, personal gym memberships, adult web sites. >> reporter: u.s. army veteran was on patrol in september when he radioed that he was chasing three suspects on foot. a short time later he was found dead triggering a massive manhunt. residents in fox lake said they never saw this coming. >> my gosh, g.i. joe went from a hero to a criminal. yeah, it is sad. >> can't really think of him as a criminal, you you know. he was a nice neighbor to have. >> reporter: the gliniewicz family dismissed any suggestion of suicide and said that the father of four sons was looking forward to his
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retirement. dean reynolds, cbs news, lake beach, illinois. new revelation about why actor robin williams killed himself, his widow revealed he had a devastating form of demens a a disorder named for a doctor and researcher who lived here in philadelphia health reporter stephanie stahl is here to explain connection and has more on the condition. >> this is really a sad story, more on doctor louie in a moment but first the beloved actor and comedian robin williams, his wife says, they were living a nightmare, and that he knew he was losing his mind. robin williams widow says there was an endless parade of symptoms, an autopsy revealed he had louie body demens a a progressive neurological disorder that causes a variety of symptoms. >> the thinking process gets derailed, they have hallucinations, delusions, memory problems. >> reporter: doctor assisi, the head of neurology at temple health says mentallal problems associated with louie
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bodies are followed by movement difficulties, stiffness, being hunched, like with parkinson's. it sound horrendous. >> it is. unfortunately, it is horrendous because we don't have any major treatments for it. >> reporter: brain abnormality was discovered by doctor fredrick lou hoy did research with doctor always highamer. louie moved to philadelphia where his research on louie bodies, continued. >> it is not as rare as we think, as perhaps the third most common cause of demens a. >> reporter: louie bodies can be difficult to diagnosis, williams wife says she wants to raise a awareness and let everybody know why the six three-year old killed himself in august of 204, his way of saying no to the disease, that was robbing his mind and body. now, severe sensitivity is another symptom of louie body demens a which is why many thought robin williams was depressed. his wife says, he just didn't want to face the the future,
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that was confronting him and his family. such a sad story, devastating diagnosis and by wait they don't know what causes this. >> heart breaking. >> all the way around. >> thanks, stephanie. police in georgia arrested a woman whom they say posed as a nurse in order to care for bobbi kristina brown as she laid dying in hospice. police say the nurse was impersonating a nurse with the similar name at a georgia hospice. when brown died in july. brown, was the the only daughter of the singers bobby brown and late whitney houston, she died six months after she was found unresponsive in a bathtub. police say she fled a after she was given a chance to turn herself in. >> she said last week she was going to come in and turn herself in and it does happen from time to time. in this case she thought no, i will run so that didn't do her any good. >> police say she was a contract nurse through a placement services out of texas and they say this is an ongoing investigation that
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could lead to more charges. coming up on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 an incredible story, woman and unborn baby survived this horrific crash. we will have more on her emergency delivery. and more involvement find out what happened when iguana found rolling the streets of the delaware county. plus this: >> ♪ >> move your body. >> the new peanuts movie will be dance nothing theaters this week, grab kid around the tv, i will talk to the actual characters and preview the film, coming up.
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the fate of chaka fattah junior is in the had hand of the philadelphia jury. son of the democratic congressman chaka fattah is accused of defrauding backs, irs and philadelphia school district. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria movies live with more, alex. >> reporter: good evening, ukee. the jury has broken for the evening a and will reconvene tomorrow morning but what they did do is request the judge to replay about an hour and a half worth of secret recording
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that is were taken between pennsylvania fattah junior and a former collogue, roommate and friend. that audio was taken without the defendant's knowledge back in 2011, while out for drinks here at a city bar. audio has been a large part of the case begins the three two-year old accused of taking out bank loans for two companies that the federal government did not believe exist. he is accused of skewing budget numbers for his own benefit while working for a private school funded by the philadelphia a school district. fattah junior says his business where is very real and took hard work. he told us this afternoon that with his mother a and father, both with political and public eye, he has tried his best to stay out of trouble. >> i'm the type of person that has been under scrutiny my entire life. my dad was elected the year i was born. i believe before i was born. so, since then i have been under scrutiny, since i was old enough to, you know, walk around and, you know, move around by myself, early in high school or in early middle
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school, i have always known, if i do something wrong, it would create some attention. >> reporter: the federal government believes fattah junior sought out extra cash to fund very expensive cars, clothes and trips to the casino. jury again will begin deliberations once again tomorrow morning. reporting live from federal court, will alexandria hoff, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> alex, thank you. it is a story we first told but yesterday, many are wondering how a loose iguana caught in delaware county got out in the first place. >> that runaway reptile was reunited with its owner earlier today. collindale police say the owner had been trying to lost lizard igy for several days after she escaped. 4-foot iguana was discovered sunday in the rita's water ice parking lot. police are trying to determine if any laws were violated. you have heard of smart cars and smart phones what about a smart ship? that is royal caribbean is calling the anthem of the
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seas. it a sailed into new york harbor this morning. the ship offered the high tech experience, where passenger can interact with robot bartenders, play in the sky dive simulator and access lightening fast internet connections all while at sea. nasa has revealed a half an hour video of the sun in ultra high definition, take a a look at it, the video was created from images and data recorded from nasa's solar dynamic observatory. it constantly monitors sun capturing images every 12 seconds in ten different wave lengths of ultraviolet light. colors represent the different temperatures, of solar material. kate bilo, we saw a lot of that sun's warmth today. >> nice. >> we sure did. what a beautiful day it was. i will ask you guys a question and i asked it on twitter and facebook. if you could make every day of winter be like today and give up snow and cold for just one year, would you do it. >> yes. >> we'd to have move to san diego. i like a little winter.
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>> most people today maybe because it was so beautiful, yes, absolutely, let's make every day today but some said if you want warm all year round don't live in philadelphia a. >> yes, that is right. >> but i'll tell you, today, it was great. >> it was nice.l you, today, >> what a beautiful day. beautiful sunset as well, caoff this gorgeous day. i just posted a a photo from the sky deck on my twitter and facebook page. chopper three, hd, live over the city right now and it is just gorgeous out there. everything is all lit up, everything looking beautiful. the sun has just dipped below the the horizon but you can see all those colors in the sky, the gold, orange, not a whole lot of clouds to reflect off of outside tonight so just a clear sunset shot and city looking all lit up tonight. really nice bird's eye view from chopper three, this evening. great to be up there having a view for ourselves but we love bringing it to you live as well. sun has set at boardwalk plaza on our live neighborhood
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network at 61 degrees there. folks taking a walk on the boardwalk this evening enjoying the last of this very, very unseasonably warm day where temperatures reached the 80's in some locations. storm scan three, sweeping the area we are not seeing anything at all. everything is quiet. we have been tracking these showers, little system in the carolinas over past few days. that area of high pressure is moving out to sea, and around the western edge of that high we will start to see this moisture and cloud cover pull back to the north and as we get into tomorrow, it will not look quite as beautiful a as today. more clouds and chance for couple of sprinkles here and there as those showers move north. temperatures hanging on in the 07's. reading also 71. seventy-two in allentown. we are still more than 10 degrees above average high today in salem, down the shore, thanks to the wind off water. high today 80 degrees in philadelphia a well above average. 1 degree shy off the record. reading is 77. trenton 75. no record broken here but we
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were close across the area. wilmington 74. atlantic city 71. i went out for a run. most beautiful day, in the world that can get me out for a run but a lot of folks out on the trail along the schuylkill river today enjoying soaking up every minute of the weather because it is rare we will get this weather in november. tomorrow morning we will start off with cloud cover a few spotty showers, here's 2:00 p.m. not a wash out but definitely is no the that deep blue sky we saw and that can continue into friday and skies will clear and friday has another shot at a record as we tap into this warm southwest flow, temperatures in the upper 70's and record is 79. as far as tonight is concerned we will drop down to 55 degrees, increasing cloud, cool, comfortable. tomorrow does stay mostly cloudy a stray sprinkle here and there, 72 is your high for your thursday. here's the three day forecast, friday the record is 79, look at how warm, 78, we have enough sun we have a chance to hit 80 degrees and break that record, and then saturday we will clear it out behind the
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front, sun comes back but back to reality back to the mid 60's, still a nice start to the fall weekend. >> very, very nice. >> appreciate it. forget the gym coming up what new research says is the the best way to get a slimmer waist line. is there still time to book that thanksgiving trip without stretching your wallet. three on your side jim donovan has what you need to know to save some cash, don. simply put it was one of the worst rushing performances in the history of the philadelphia eagles, coming up in sports the bird get a do over against dallas, hear what the guys are assaying about
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i wish i may, i wish i might, have the wish i wish tonight wishes do come true. the lincoln wish list event is on. right now get exceptional offers on the entire lincoln family. for a limited time your choice of mkc, mkz gas or hybrid for $369 a month with zero due at signing. don is here and we are saying bye-bye, bye week and we are saying hello, cowboys. >> hello cowboys and hello to demarco in particular. steven jones, the the the executive vice-president, has no regrets, zero, they let demarco murray sign with the eagles in the off season. when asked about the decision, we would do it again. as for the eagles, they are
5:24 pm
looking to beat the boys sunday in big d. pat gallon has more. >> in their 113th meeting back in september the eagles played perhaps their worst game of the season and maybe one of the worst ever against the cowboys. it was an ugly showing by the eagles as they managed just 7 yards on the ground with three turnovers. >> anytime you play the opponent the second time within the division you go back, you look at the the game and if you want try to recreate what you did and if you lost, you try to really dig in and look at why and try to keep that from happening again. >> reporter: after the poor effort in week two this one might hold a little more weight in the eagles locker room. >> this one is definitely important as well. we should be a approaching every single week with the same intensity, and same demeanor. >> reporter: one player that must be better not only against dallas but second half of the season is sam bradford. he reflects on the first dallas game. >> it was bad, you know, but i think we have come a long way
5:25 pm
from that game but going back to that first dallas game and looking at it, so many negative playness that game. it just put us behind. >> reporter: did he watch tape of that game. >> yes, of course. >> reporter: here we go again another installment of the season rivalry lacking the usual luster of an eagles/cowboys match up and that is probably because both teams every under 500 but once ball is kick, forget about all that it means very little. from the novacare complex, pat gallon, "eyewitness sports". >> pat, thank you. of course, cowboys 26 wins this season, one of them. >> hello, i know, i know. >> right here in philadelphia. >> we need a mulligan, we have to make the best of it. >> we will look ahead now. >> thanks, don. coming up next half an hour it is a a chilling sight car flips over during a violent collision and pregnant woman inside survives. more on her emergency delivery, that is now being called miraculous. and a woman find thousands
5:26 pm
of dollars for a negative review on line, today she takes her case to capitol hill how this could impact reviewers nationwide when we come right back.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
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a violent store robbery caught on tape as a suspect strikes a customer in the face with a gun, steals his wallet, and then takes off. "eyewitness news" continues now at the 5:30. i'm jessica dean. aim ukee washington. philadelphia a police say suspect is wanted for multiple armed robberies. "eyewitness news" reporter ra hell solomon is live at southwest detectives with the details, rahel. >> reporter: ukee, two robberies happened about a mile apart and just within hours of each other, the surveillance video is very clear. you can see the suspect hit one of the victims in the head
5:30 pm
with a gun and now police want to you take a a very close look at this video. halloween night at this chinese food store on 52nd street near haverford avenue. it is just about 8:20. watch as the suspect walks back and forth outside a store as if he is on the phone. victim pays for it, and then before he could walk out he is stopped by suspect with the silver gun in his hand. moments later when he apparently refused to give up his money, he is hit in the head with the gun and head over the cash. hours later a around 3:00 a.m. police say same suspect robs another man this time at sunoco on forty-seventh and walnut. video shows as suspect and another man wait around the soda a machine, police say they are waiting for the store to clear out before the one robs his next victim but in the before paying for his drink. at first robbery police say suspect made off were $400. the second, 80 bucks and victim's wallet and cigarettes.
5:31 pm
>> it is just targeting people who come in the store, worker who works in the area, second case is a male who reside in the area and threatened with the gun to strike one victim in the face with the the gun. we know he is out there, pretty visible, images are good and we are asking for the public tip line 215-686-tips with any information you have on this offender. >> reporter: police tell me that one victim hit in the head luckily only had mine offer injuries but again, anyone with any information is asked to call 215-686-tips. reporting from southwest detectives, rahel solomon for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> rahel, thank you. the video is alarming. a car goes airborne and flips several times. what is more, there is a pregnant woman inside, amazing that she and the baby survived. cbs news reporter don champion has more on the video and how mom and baby are doing. >> reporter: looking at this video it is almost hard to believe anyone could have survived this accident. watch again as this car flips,
5:32 pm
several times. here you can see the husband and wife inside getting ejected. >> i'm jittery. >> reporter: brittany turner was in the the car, he said brittany and her husband dennis were on their way home from the doctor's appointment tuesday when the accident happened, dennis, was driving at the time. >> he just said there was a car that push him off the road and into a pole and he said it was like the car was coming at him faster for some reason instead of trying to stop. >> reporter: photos show moments when help got to the scene, even more concerning, brittany was eight months pregnant. hours later at the hospital doctors were forced to perform an emergency c-section. >> the baby is now doing well, a little help breathing but other than that, he is doing real well. >> reporter: looking at video of the accident turner is thankful that the family survived. brittany and her husband did suffer broken bones, and their babied had been due on christmas day.
5:33 pm
don champion for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we were both glued to that story, unbelievable. >> unbelievable and that photo looking at the baby, just looks so relieved that the baby is okay. >> glad everybody is okay. >> yeah. in other news, adaisy chamber is formally charged with second degree murder. 259 year-old is accused of intentionally driving in the crowd at oklahoma state university home coming parade last month. three adults and a two-year old boy were killed. chambers family says that she was previously hospitalized for mental health treatment and a judge has ordered a psychological evaluation pending results of the blood test. within the last hour u.s. intelligence officials have said that they believed it was a bomb that brought down a russian air liner over the weekend. all 224 people on board were killed and earlier today the uk suspended all flights over the sinai peninsula over concerns that a bomb was used. middle east terror group initially claimed responsibility but that was dismissed by egyptian
5:34 pm
officials. u.s. officials have not said who they think may have planted the bomb. campaign 2016 republican presidential candidate jeb bush is in new hampshire, hoping to fix his struggling campaign. bush is sticking around for a while to focus on a state many say is key to his campaign. latest new hampshire poll shows trump leading with ben carson and marco rubio following close behind. jeb bush did not make it to the top five abe he is not worried. >> not at all. >> i'm exactly where we need to be, i'm campaigning hard, talking about issues important to people. >> it is not looking like jeb bush, you know, originally i went after jeb because i assume he would be primary competition. >> the new hampshire primary takes place february 9th. kraft heinz announced it will close seven factories including the plant in the lehigh valley and layoff more than 2,000 employees. the closures are part of the effort to cut costs following merger of the heinz and kraft earlier this year. 400 employees work at the the
5:35 pm
upper macungie facility. the closures will occur in the next 12 to 24 months. mercedes benz is recalling 126,000 cars and suv's over faulty air bags. it effects 2008/2009c3 hub, c350 and c63 models, and the 2010, glk350, four matic. the the luxury auto maker says problem with the air bag control unit can cause air bags to deploy without warning and not inflate during a crash. more forgo to cbs you can find on line reviews on just about any company, product or service but leave a negative review and it could cost you. jen palmer knows this first hand. she was find $3,500 by a company have after refusing to rehave move a negative note about them. the company's terms of service included a so-called gag clause which prevents consumers from making critical postings on line. >> i hope nobody ever has to go through that night mayor,
5:36 pm
nobody has to feel scared, humiliated and bullied by a business. >> a senate committee heard palmer's story on cap 208 hill and law makers in both chambers are considering a bill to make gag clauses illegal. dozens turnout for a special solute to those who served our country. frankford high school honor guard presented the flag in northeast philadelphia today. world war two army veteran george sherman delivered the keynote address. the 94 year-old from bensalem was 21 when she served in the africa.rses core in north she talked about her experiences, veterans day is next tuesday. we solute all of our veterans. >> absolutely. still to come on "eyewitness news" ukee landing a giant interview. >> alert the kid, to come around the tv i'm talking to charlie brown, lucy and the gang a ahead of the new peanuts movie. do you want a slimmer waist line? what researchers say you should be doing instead of
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going to the gym, kate. summer in november continues, but will it last into the weekend? i'll have your seven day eyewitness forecast coming up when we come back. for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! at giant, prices have just dropped on thousands more items. my giant.
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who went to the gym. effect where is strong for women and both men and women over age 50. i can attest to that because -- >> you love steps, you inspired me to do the the steps. i dropped i guess ten to 12-pound within the last six months. >> you got to get up a and move. >> that is it. >> all right. >> keep it moving. >> we will shake a little bit with the peanuts character
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back on "eyewitness news" now with a very cute, photo trending on social media, a deer photo bombing a new born photo shoot. >> look at that. >> the baby was posing on a bail of hey surrounded by pumpkins at a park in louisiana and apparently the deer walk up like that and photographer said it is not first time that she has nicknamed the deer maggie has made an appearance. she a says maggie has been sneaking into her pictures since beginning of summer. >> it is very pretty, isn't it.
5:45 pm
>> beautiful. >> plenty of family funnies headed to a movie theater near you. get ready for much anticipated peanuts movie featuring charlie brown this time chuckies looking to finally change his look after someone special moves in the the neighborhood. >> hey, gang, look there is a a new kid moving in. >> i just hope this new kid has never heard of me. >> it is not often you get the opportunity to start over with a clean slate. >> hey chuck nice to see you, i'm a big fan, man. what do you think this film will do for your image. >> i'm's excited this movie will give me a chance to turn things around and proving it doesn't always go wrong for me. >> do you see, just like i planned it. one of of those stars is my star and i know my star will always be there, comforting voice saying don't give up, kid. >> i'm honored to be here, talking to you, how proud are you of this movie. >> i stand behind this movie 100 percent. i promise action, adventure, i
5:46 pm
promise laughs, love and let's do this. >> are you serious. >> lucy, nice to meet you. >> hello. >> it is not every day you good it to work with a naturally pretty face. you are trying to get on my good side, aren't you? are you kidding me. she's not that pretty. >> the snoopy and wood stock, this is great. so you guys have been together for a long time now what is your seek receipt >> i love having a friend like you. >> i can't believe i'm about to talk to the new
5:47 pm
>> get ready for what will probably be the hottest toy, this holiday season. >> wait, wait, wait. >> ♪ >> he dances. >> he does the moon walk. >> i like the ear flaps. >> yes. >> be careful. >> it day buys on friday. >> sit, sit, stay boy. >> beautiful day outside young lady, i didn't want to come off the the sky deck. >> sky deck is beautiful. just great to be out and about in philadelphia enjoying maybe lunch outside and hopefully you got to take a walk and grab a cup of coffee outside today. we have more warmth where that came from. let look at a photo, we will look at sky cam three and this is sky cam three looking live from the cbs-3 studios out toward center city where a
5:48 pm
beautiful shot this is. everything all lit up. it is darker then this time last week but mother nature has made it up to us with the beautiful wet they are week. lets look at our eyewitness weather watchers from lynn springer from cherry hill, new jersey. sunsetting, peeking between the trees here and what a great fall shot this is, we have got mums, leaves on the ground, leaves still changing. it has been just a gorgeous week not only sunshine and that deep blue sky we saw today but of course beautiful foliage as we are at our peak of foliage in philadelphia a and surrounding suburbs. tomorrow is still nice and warm. problem is it is not quite as sunny and beautiful. if you like deep blue sky i hope you got your fill, tomorrow cloud come back in and thanks to this system right here. this has been off the coast of the carolinas all week. high pressure out to sea, we will see this get drawn up around western edge of the high and so a few showers could invade through the day tomorrow but we will be more noticeable will be cloud cover, mostly cloudy thursday.
5:49 pm
seventy-one in philadelphia. sixty-six in trenton. seventy-two in allentown. sixty-five in millville. these are temperatures we see on a september evening ape look at daytime highs. the these are high temperatures across live neighborhood network 74 at new castle county a airport. drexel hill upper darby high school 77. seventy-seven in bird bureau at daniel boone area high school. camden academy charter high school 77 degrees there as well. just a great, warm day, all across the region. at philadelphia international a airport we have hit 80 degrees, the record was 81. we were so close we fell a degree shy of that, that record setback in 1974. future weather shows cloud being drawn from the south a few showers at 3:00 a.m. tomorrow morning things will look different and even in the afternoon look at this cloud cover, showers will be light and spotty through the of afternoon but they will be around and overnight tomorrow night and friday morning still a few showers lurking in the area but then a cold front approaches from the west.
5:50 pm
out ahead watch what happens skies clear as we get enough sunshine with the southeasterly wind and we will ramp those temperatures up. the showers will come through friday evening. we will clear out slowly through the day saturday, showers developing to the south, cloud may try to hang on through first part of the day saturday and sunshine, clearing from northwest to south east during the day saturday. friday could be another very warm day. record to beat in the 70's. seventy-nine the record in philadelphia from 1948. also 1948 in wilmington and allentown record highs in the upper 70's a. i think we have a good shot with that robust southwest wind as we await a arrival of the cold front which will cut into this november summertime weather. for your thursday clouds, sunshine warm with the stray spring will at 72. here is the seven day forecast and friday is our next chance for near record warmth. we will be within a degree. seventy-eight is the high. saturday we will clear it out 64. cool and sunny sunday and monday and mild again back to above average temperatures next tuesday and wednesday.
5:51 pm
ukee and jessica back over to you. speaking of booking a flight for thanksgiving there is still time to book that trip. >> three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan has information you want to keep in mind. >> just three weeks to go, airline seats are available but can't be too choose i if you are on a budget. every year we hear the same story, the wednesday before thanksgiving is the the biggest travel day of the year. but just because adage is repeated doesn't make it true. accord together department of transportation the actual busiest day for air travelers is in the summer and every year it is a different day. that doesn't mean you should wait long to book your turkey day trip, however as time tics on prices go up. highest fares happen on the wednesday before thanksgiving or sunday after. some experts suggest traveling thanksgiving day not only can it save you money but morning flight may get you on the ground in time for that turkey dinner. connecting flight may also help your wallet but just remember weather could cause
5:52 pm
delays and make your travel delay longer. when determining your budget check baggage fees depending how much you and your family bring, overall cost can go up. speaking of travel coming up at 11:00 drivers on the turnpike, skipping the tolls to the tune of the millions of dollars, it is happening every day and right new there is nothing that can be done to stop it. that is right, you pay, yet they get a free ride i'll explain tonight at 11:00. >> that is not cool. >> that is not fair. >> exactly. >> all right, jim. >> tune in. >> yes, we will be here. still ahead on "eyewitness news" see children now ready for winter thanks to a local non-profit. >> find out what inspired founder to step up, coming up in this weeks story of brotherly love. we will be right back.
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well this month a chadds ford non-profit will service 2 million child, its founder has a simple mission every child with the brand new winter coat. >> we saw kid get their coats in wilmington and it is today's story of propertierly love. >> reporter: volunteer hanna is hard at work, she and students from upper country day school and serbian academy are prepping 1200 coats for a slew of young shoppers. >> so basically what will happies kid will file through here, and we're going to match them with the size and they get to choose the the color coat they want. >> reporter: it does not cost them a cent, operation warmth
5:57 pm
pays for these brand new children's coats to be made and given away. >> go ahead. what kind of size do we got here. >> reporter: dick sandford founded it 17 years ago. >> kid standing on the side of the road in kenneth square, and, really cold december day and i just could not. and, i went to the local hospital. >> reporter: operation warmth serves more than 350,000 children a year, a across the country, funded by donations and corporate partnerships and paid back, with smiles. >> my new jacket. >> for a child who is struggling, dealing with poverty, getting something brand new means the world. >> a lot of surprise, like everybody gets a coat, it is tremendous. we are excited, parents are excited, and we will have more kid ready for school. >> reporter: hanna sums it up more. >> warm people are good. >> oh, yeah, how cool or how
5:58 pm
warm is that. donation of $20 buys another coat and we have more information about operation warmth on our web site at cbs arely. hopefully you can help out. a few weeks ago we told but nourish mobile market which employs homeless people raising $14,000 to win a matching grant. well, as of today, we can happily say they have met their goal. thanks to many have you. that is a great follow-up right there. >> congratulation is great, three minutes of news just then. >> not all bad. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 6:00. >> now at 6:00 a new use for the old revel. the owner of the now closed casino says he want to welcome syrian refugees. our greg argos got a look inside the building that has been shut down now for more than a year. >> beautiful mild evening here in philadelphia, after a near record day, today, we have got more warmth on the way through end of the week but how long will this summe in november last? i'll have your full forecast, coming up. also, voters approved a
5:59 pm
creation of the permanent office in philadelphia, what will it mean for lgbt community in the city. also this. >> a cape may county family business to hop in the car and off to the airport to get to vegas to watch their son compete in poker's biggest tournament. i'm cleve bryan coming up with how a local boy is doing in the world series of poker main event. more than one year after revel shut its doors the owner says he has a new use for the vacant building. he wants to welcome refugees, from syria. and he tells "eyewitness news" he has the plan to do it. good evening, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos got a look inside as he joins us live from ac, greg. >> reporter: jessica, ukee, good evening, it is a multi billion dollar property but right now you can see revel sits here dark, unused, unless
6:00 pm
the owner of the revel has its way turning this place right here behind me into the world's most luxurious refugee camp. the most expensive hotel and casino in a atlantic city is history went bankrupt. the revel now sits shuttered and empty, no blinking lights, ringing bells here as new owner glenn straub moles over new concepts for the space. perhaps his most controversial idea, uses the the hotel and casino to house syrian ref geese. he agreed to give us a exclusive tour of the massive facility as long as he did not appear on camera. he said he would allow 3,000 refugees into part of the resort and plans to have their stay as long as 18 months, managed by the red cross. >> this broadway theater here, seats some 5,000 people but if this plan takes place it is where syrian refugees will get processed and then sent off to their living areas. as for the


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