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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  November 5, 2015 2:07am-2:39am EST

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♪ right now at 11:00 o'clock, drivers on the turnpike skipping the tolls and it's costing big money. it's happening every day. right now there's nothing that be done to stop it. the new jersey restaurant that guarantees a great meal and a fun time. taste with torro taxi to you unique place where there's singing in the dining room and stories in the kitchen. new tonight authorities need the public's help as they try to figure out who stole two puppies from a backyard and left the mother of the pups dead on a
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fence. hello i'm ukee. what. >> i'm jessica dean. we begin tonight with millions of dollars in unpaid tolls. >> drivers on the pennsylvania turnpike supposed to pay tolls because it's required. that is not always happening. >> three on your side reporter jim donovan is joining us now. thousands of drives are blowing through these things and not taking another look. it happens hundreds of times every day all over the state as people take advantage of the open e-z pass lanes. it's common scene at turnpike toll booths across pennsylvania. drivers sliding through the e-z pass lanes with no e-z pass showing and the red light still shining. the result for the violator -- >> they can put a warrant out for you probably. >> reporter: most drivers over estimate what will happen to them for non-payment. >> probably go to jail. >> reporter: in fact far from it. you're not likely to see a state trooper in your rear view mirr mirror. the toll booth cameras will capture your license plate and you'll get a bill in the male. since they won't know where your
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trip started the toll will be calculated to the furthest point. plus a $25 processing fee. consider that your fine. >> we do about 1.5 million notices each year. we have aggressively try to find those 1.5 million people. >> reporter: some drivers know they've got a letter coming. >> i deserved it. i knew. i knew. i mean, you know, and i was just glad it wasn't more than it was. >> reporter: e ma scene finger paid the bill but many violators don't respond. last year, the pennsylvania turnpike sent out 886,001st notices about half paid up. a second notice went out and another 20% responded. the rest go to a collection agency. >> when you talk about 1.5 million people and that's only collecting about 70% of that's not good numbers. >> reporter: turnpike commission chairman sean logan says when the fiscal year ended in may, the turnpike had $33.3 million outstanding in unpaid tolls.
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but that his hands are tied. the state legislature has repeatedly refused to give the turnpike commission the authority it needs to collect. >> we are not penndot. we're the turnpike commission so if you are a had a bitch tal violator or run up a huge bill with us, i can put points on your license. i can't go after your registration. >> reporter: state representative hal english understands the frustration. especially when money is so tight. >> the turnpike does have to rely on the legislature to i guess give it some teeth. >> reporter: until that happens it leaves responsible, honest drivers holding the bag. now in may the turnpike gave up on every collecting $3.7 million. they just wrote it off and we're told that they can't even report the violators to credit bureaus. meanwhile the problem in the losses will multiply as the turnpike moves towards electronic tolling. >> wow! >> that's in the commonwealth. what about other states. >> in new jersey if you don't pay a toll you can be fined up
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to poof hun doctor dollars or spend 30 days in jail. you don't want to do that. in ohio they actually started putting gates in e-z pass lanes. i don't see that happening here. >> wow. how about that. >> i'm really surprised by that. jim, thank. >> see you tomorrow. active animal cruelty sends shock waves through a philadelphia neighbor. puppies are stolen and their mother a pitbull is found hanked oh and fence. "eyewitness news" reporter nat that brown is live at the pennsylvania spca in hunting park with more on what is a very disturbing case. natasha? >> reporter: well, this is absolutely an extremely disturbindisturbing case of anie tee tonight. a dog found hanging from her own leash, two puppies stolen and their own are in left wondering who would do this and why? >> oh, god. oh, lord have mercy. >> few words only gut wrenching sounds of anguish from la tanya thomas moments after seeing her pitbull hanging from its leash on a neighbor's fence. >> the neighbor of the owner of the animal saw the dog hanging
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at her backyard over her fence. >> reporter: 24 hours earlier la tanya says she noticed that her pitbull and the dogs two, 32 month old puppies were missing. the puppies are still nowhere to be found. la tanya hoping they don't meet the same tragic fate as their mother. >> i think they might have killed her before they put her over that gate. >> this is obviously a deliberate act along with a theft of animals. so we're looking for, you know, any information regarding this that would help us out. >> reporter: spca officers scowered the neighborhood honing had in on dip lap poe dated property in the 5100 block of marvine street in logan. they're looking for suspects and the two missing puppies. the dog's owner still coming to grips of the loss wondering how a protective and fearless pitt could have been captured and kids. >> she's one of those hard headed dogs. she don't listen and she will bite you. >> no stranger walk up to her.
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it's somebody she knew. i really think so. >> reporter: well right now the spca is looking for suspects in the killing of that mother pitbull and they're also looking for anyone with information about her stolen puppies to please come forward either to the spca or to philadelphia police right away. we're live here at spca headquarters in hunting tack tonight, natasha brown cbs cbs3i were the natasha, thank you authorities on the mainline warning residents to lock they are vehicles following a rash of break ins. thieves struck a three communities last wednesday. tredyffrin township police say the thieves work quickly taking items they could easily carry off with them including a louie vuitton bag, coach wallet and handgun much police are searching for the suspects. >> frustration growing over the lack of answers in the mist yuk death of a toddler in south jersey. police found his body near his father's home on october 13th. investigators say there was no sign of forced entry orvis cybill trauma and his autopsy
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came back inclusive. tonight the cam county prosecutor' office tells us the investigation continues. but the attorney for the toddler's grandparents complain they are not being cep in the loop. >> respect the fact that the prosecutor's office and the detectives have to do their jobs but my, god, when the tox was negative my phone should have been ringing off the hook. if it was positive i bet i would have heard from people. >> the attorney of brendan's father says his client is innocent of any wrongdoing. >> pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane will appear in court tomorrow to discuss the jerry sandusky sex abuse allegations. that hearing will take place in harrisburg. sandusky a former penn state assistant football coach is appealing his 45 count conviction. the next mayor of philadelphia revealed some of the big plans for the city. mayor elect jim kenney outline his transition plan at jackson
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elementary in south philadelph philadelphia. kenney says when he officially takes office in january the first order of business is the budget. he also discussed creating a plan to fund universal pre k and wants feedback from residents on the issues. >> we also will be holding neighborhood town halls to collect items from philadelphia families who are critical to making our policies successful. the results from those town halls will be made available in january. big administration announcements are expected around thanksgivi thanksgiving. philadelphia's office of lgbt affairs stickin sticking ad pearl then until city hall. on tuesday residents voted to change the city charter and add the office to the administrative branch of city government. currently lgbt affairs is temporary office first created by mayor mike nutter in 2008. it advocates for issues important to the lesbian, by guy, bisexual and transgender community. >> it is beginning to look and sound a lot like christmas around our area.
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♪ the moorestown mall kick off the holiday season in style tonight. santa began greeting all the kids who have been naughty and nice. parents say it was so warm outside chanta should have been wearing a hawaiian shirt instead of that red hot suit. >> we were kind of shock when santa claus came out. but it kind of puts everybody into the mood and christmas spirit started shopping already. >> too early. on top of that christmas in july. and that you got your pre sales and your -- by time christmas comes i'm all shopped out. >> believe it or not we're now just 50 days away from christm christmas. >> i'm not sure what station it was but i heard diana ross and the supremes sinking silent night. >> know way. >> sure did. >> it's hard to think about holiday shopping when the weather is this warm. >> we broke the 80-degree mark. november 4th. how about it kate. >> we know what it's like to live in tropical location and
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celebrate christmastime and deal with the warmth it doesn't feel like the holidays whatsoever. but not a lot of complaints out there today. it was a very very warm one. 80 degrees our high today. normal high is 60. so a full 20 degrees above average. not only that it's the warmest november day we've had since november 15th of 1993. 22 years ago the laugh time we were in the 80s in november just degree off a record today. temperatures now dropping but we've got another shot at a record by the end of the weaning and i'll tell when you these temperatures take a tumble and we head back to reality. that's all coming up with the seven day forecast. ukee? >> also ahead tonight, dinner an show have never been so sweet. the new jersey restaurant where the hostess is a singer from england and her chef husband is a professional puppeteer with ties to hollywood. >> i heard around and i hit john goodman in the face with a big rubber to know and it was flying everywhere. >> this place is not your run of
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the mill restaurant you'll want to make a reservation after you see tonights taste with tori. >> after a big meal take a walk. why a quick stroll around the block may be better than hitting the gym. also a new use for the old revel cass soon know. only "eyewitness news" cameras are allowed inside the vacant resort. >> coming up right after "eyewitness news" at 11:00 it's late stow with stephen colbert. today he welcomes james bond star daniel craig. elizabeth gilbert and mathematician dr. eugenia
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british and u.s. official tonight have information suggest that the russian jetliner that crashed in egypt may have been brought down by a bomb. intelligence officials have intercepted communications that suggest the affiliate isis planned an explosive device on the plane. the airplane's black boxes still being analyzed.
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plane belonging to the russian airline metro jet broke apart at 31,000 feet. all 224 people aboard were killed. owner of the vacant revel casino in atlantic city wants to use the building to house syrian refugees. the new owner glenn straub gave "eyewitness news" a tour of the empty dark casino today. says he would allow 3,000 syrian refugees into part of the resort allowing them to stay up to 18 months. the casino has laundry facilities as well as industrial kitchens. a statement the state department told cbs3 it was not award of mr. straub's idea. >> on the health watch tonight taking a brisk walk may be better than working out at the gym to keep weight off. researchness london found that people who walk regularly for more than their minutes have lower body mass index numbers and smaller wastes than those who go to the gym. the effects were particularly noticeable for women and both men and women over the age of 50. how about a delicious dinner an show in a small new jersey town? >> tonight our taste with tori
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is in a restaurant run by a puppeteer with ties to hollywood and a singer from england. >> our vittoria wood ill takes to us suite lou's. note it. >> they're sing in the restaurant and stories in the kitchen. >> i thought this will be fun. >> reporter: anthony asbury is not your typical chef. he's not even a trained chef. he's itself taught former professional puppeteer who is always on. >> what's up with the movies on the wall? >> i didn't know what else to put up. (laughter). >> reporter: we even had interview him in the kitchen. let me have scall lap set up right here before he got into the restaurant business it was hollywood. he work on the movie the flint stones with john goodman. anthony brought dino to life. >> with dino on my right arm, and we had a bucket of slop of like ky for dino's tongue i turned around and i john goodman in the face with this big rubber tongue and it was flying everywhere.
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i go, is this the weirdest thing you've ever done? he goes, get off of me. (laughter). >> reporter: worked with the famous jim henson. and david bowie in the 1986 movie lab binge. >> reporter: adventure fantasy most of the characters were puppets. >> what was jim henson like. >> without the doubt the most generous person i ever met in my life. >> reporter: why do you say that. >> when you were working op a new cash he'd let you try new things until you got him. >> reporter: he creates and inspire american cuisine. >> it freaks my son out. where did you come up with that recipe. i just dream it up. >> reporter: here a decadent duck dish with cherry reduction sauce. let's not forget the music. >> ♪ >> reporter: anthony's co-star and wife louise or sweet hula known to belt out a few tunes on the weekends. she even had her own brush with fame she was british singer and model in the early '80's.
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>> that's awesome. your first album cover of your solo. >> this was couple years later this picture. this was one of my modeling pictures. >> reporter: did you know she also did this? >> i did the -- remember wall? >> yeah. >> ♪ >> what is it good for? >> absolutely nothing. say it again. >> ahh! >> pitman, new jersey, dinner an show have never been so sweet. as here in sweet hula's. >> do you ever leak at your wife singing and you're back her cooking go, wow, this is cool. >> all the time. the first time i noticed we had line going out the door. i looked up and everyone in the restaurant had stopped eating. stood up and started dancing. completely blew my mine much she's awesome. she's absolutely awesome. >> a love song an love story all with a sweet ending. very cool. that was like a fun place. >> a lot of personality and quite a couple. anthony and lula have been
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married for 21 years. >> and they met in a bar in birmingham england after one of anthony's show. he tells us it was love at first site. to learn more about suite lula's head to >> indicate is here with a wonderful look at the forecast. you have been asking people a very timely question. >> i went on twitter and facebook and i wanted to know because i was thinking to myself if i can have this day for the rest of win just for one year, instead of winter weather, would i? would you? >> today i think i might have. i asked a few people. here's a few reactions start off with my friend jonathan, there's a place for weather like today. it's called california. i want frost advisories and evening flurries end just told me on twitter maybe my complaints haven't been heard. i want november weather but matthew remember berman no doubt i would take today especially after these last two winters. on facebook deborah wrote in today was beautiful but i would definitely miss the snow and cold i enjoy getting warm and
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cozy with hot chocolate. i can understand that. but stacey says i would take this weather every day skip all the snow and ice. so i'll ask you guys -- >> ut-oh. >> would you take this day year round and have no snow, no cold all winter long for one year. >> yes! >> absolutely without reservation. >> i'm with jonathan and deborah. i like a little winter chill. not much a dusting. >> the first time it snows i'll say you asked for it. >> don't blame it on me. come on now. >> all right. >> you're the only person that loves humidity. i'm in the minority. >> i got you. >> well today was beautiful day. as i said before we got to 80 degrees for the daytime high and we were heading toward another near record temperature bite end of the week but then we got something for everyone a little bit of a actual coming back in the forecast eventually as well take look outside right now it's bout full evening in philadelphia. but do you want to watch forge dense fog. we've got clouds starting to creep in and some fog will be cropping up across the area as we go through the overnight hours so be safe out there on the roads.
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traveling maybe you're the first part of your morning commute tomorrow could be a few slow downs with patchy fog. storm scan3 i want to show i was few showers starting to creep in now down around d.c. and baltimore. lifting in kind of rotating outer band around an area of high pressure lifting in from south to north and this is what's going to be invading our area tomorrow and kind of raining on our parade a little bit after a big of beautiful day. high pressure here, clear skies, around the periphery of it this moisture getting pulled back to the north. i also want to tell you i mentioned the fog just came in a dense fog advisory has been issued for delaware, philadelphia county, delaware county and all of south and central new jersey also bucks county that goes until 10:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. so just be safe on the roads watch for those pockets of dense fog out there. as we head through the overnight hours temperatures dropping pretty steadily. 52 degrees once the clouds come in the temps there start to level off a bit. 49 though right now in atlantic city. highs today climbed to the upper 70s and near 80 new castle county airport at 74.
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upper darby high school 77. 77 in birdsboro take look at november so far and look at all of that is red temperatures so far above average. in fact 8.4 degrees above average on the month so far. we've got a lot of month left to go but you can see at least for the next couple couple days still above average. we'll start off november on a very very warm note. near record warmth returns not tomorrow. tomorrow's records are in the 80s more clouds around that will keep us slightly cooler still in the 70's with a chance for sprinkle. on friday the near record today. temperatures in the upper 70s as we eight await the arrival of the front. it comes through and heads back to reality this weekend but here's how it looks overnight again clouds rolling in maybe some fog showers are light and spotty through the day tomorrow. you may not see any rain at all. but it will be a cloudier day and we start to clear out through the day friday as that front approaches and winds from the southwest will really ramp up the temperatures. overnight increasing clouds, patchy fog, 55 degrees. tomorrow some a warm day at 72 but don't be surprised if you
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see a couple of sprinkles if you're out and about flick those windshield wiper. friday's record is 79. we will be very close much the front comes through in the afternoon with some showers and temps drop over the week and still nice as we head into next week just back to what november should feel like. you may need to dig the jackets back out. dig the boots back out. >> and just for the record i like heavy flurries temperatures in the upper 30s. >> get specific here. >> that's right. >> baggers can't be choose sers. you get what you get. >> thanks kate. >> don is here with a look at your sports. >> sixers looking for the first win of the season. we'll talk about a guy playing pretty well. he's not a high draft pick. doesn't have shoe deal and maybe you've never heard of him but this guy is having a huge impa impact. find out who is running the show tonight fort sixers in milwauk
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60 players taken in the 2015nba draft. tj mcconnell was not one of them. nobody gave the rookie out of arizona a chance until the sixers signed him as free agent
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and here we are. one week into the season and the kid makes his first career start just 23 years old. here in the first quarter mcdonnell drawing the double deem leaves it for jalill okafor had himself a ballgame. 26 points and six boards. mcdonnell grabs a loose ball finds knoll meryl lynn. mcconnell seven points, nine boards 12 assists in his first career start. sixers up by one later on. mcconnell over to nerlins knoll. the sixers up by three with two minutes to play. remember, looking for their first win of the season. 90 seconds left, one point game. chris middleton, on a miss match, finds the cutter. issues on defense for the sixers and they fall nine-87. they are now zero-four on the season. on to the nfl. eagles fans have made a living out of hating tony romo. on sunday, they'll intern their venom towards new target.
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the cowboys still out with a broken color bone. matt cassel gets the start sunday night in dallas. >> 11 turnovers, 11 interceptions on the year. huge turnover margin. we've got to take care of the football but at the same time we've got to be able to take shots and move the ball down the field. >> meanwhile as the eagles wait for sam bradford to meet expectations there was talk this week that 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick would be a good fit in philly. it can happen because the trade deadline has passed peg laying could continue into the off season considering cap has been perch. >> i just felt like i want colin to step back and breathe. look at things through a different lense. keep doing his thing. but, you know, keep working but just step back. >> never good when they pay 100 million and want to you step back. the friday football frenzy is
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going to delco. academy park hosts interboro and our game of the week. this was a heated battle but academy park hunk on to beat out camden catholic for the top spot. thanks to everyone for going to cbs philly/frenzy to vote. appreciate you. >> now we know where they'll be on friday. >> that's right. can't wait. >> all right. >> thank you buddy. we'll be right back.
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the whole day to sell to the their old cart aside and buy a new one...
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oops. nana's got the kids til 9... but it's only 2. guess you'll just have to see a movie... ...then get some dinner. what a pity. they go such gat work. a big thanks for big donation to the ronald mcdonald house charities. whit"eyewitness news" at citizes bank park. phone bank was recognized for their generation. familiar faces attended tonight including ukee washington and myself as well as jim donovan and stephanie stahl. the president and general manager of the cw philly and cbs3 brian kennedy made remarks and, hey, mark your calendars our 2016 phone bank to benefit ronald mcdonald house is set for march 22nd. doing it again. >> all right.
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>> we are excited. we'll be right back.
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our time is up. our morning team is back at 4:30 till 7am for kate, don our entire team. i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. we're always on at cbsphilly.c
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um next the late she with stephen colbert. have a good night, family and sleep well. ♪ >> announcer: the following is a paid presentation for the nuwave oven pro, brought to you by the makers of the nuwave precision induction cooktop. [♪...] professional chefs create great-tasting meals from years of experience and by using professional equipment. and now you can too, with the nuwave oven pro, the number-one countertop oven in america! no more defrosting or preheating that giant oven-- the nuwave cooks all your meals faster, better, healthier and easier, guaranteed. the nuwave oven is not a microwave oven, but uses conduction, convection


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