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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  November 5, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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good morning, two people are shot dead in a norristown apartment complex, we are live on the scene with the very latest on the investigation. and a plane leaves philadelphia a for maine but does not make it there where pieces of the aircraft where are found overnight. just like tech he is line up, for latest i phone fashionist a as are lining up for a couple of items at a count. we will show you what all the of the hype is about. i drove by this morning wondered what on earth are you in line for. >> a line forming for fashion. >> we will tell you why. >> it is thursday, november 5th i'm erika von tiehl, good morning i'm nicole brewer. we will start with weather and traffic. two very fashionable people here, justin and meisha. >> happy thursday, throw back
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thursday, we will have pictures of all of you. roadways are nice and dry. we are dealing with overnight construction project still lingering on the roadway. we have a hang up this morning. what will we be dealing with in terms of weather. >> we have things to talk about today. it is going to be mild but we will have a chance of rain and we are seeing fog around to this morning. that will impact your morning ride as we are starting to bring in that moist air mass. dense fog advisory, philadelphia a surrounding suburbs in pennsylvania and then all of new jersey, and delaware, right now, worst of it is in new jersey and delaware. we will get closer to bodies of the water, delaware bay, atlantic ocean with the most dense fog. fifty-seven a at area philadelphia a. cloud rolling in, little bit milder then yesterday morning. still will on the cool side but nonetheless we will talk back in the 70's. the wind are currently calm at 5 miles an hour. that holds the the fog in place, visibility down less than a half a mile. there is storm scan three. we have cloud and fog, a
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couple of spotty sprinkles showing up in cecil county maryland and chester county. this is not a big deal but may run into a passing shower in the morning and afternoon. there is visibility .3 of a mile in millville, dover delaware. and that fog is trying to progress further to the north, and west. the is there a temperatures, again, actually, we will be dealing with more cloud cover, that is not the updated. we will see highs in the lower 70's today. meisha, back over to you. still 70's, thanks very much. happy thursday, if you are just waking up with us. we are still dealing with overnight construction on the vine street expressway. the this is between broad and the schuylkill, we have been dealing with this, around 5:00 . east and westbound still closed. this is showing ramp from the schuylkill to the vine. east and west is closed between broad and schuylkill this morning. ninety-five south between girard and vine left lane southbound direction is still block due to that overnight construction project here. i-95 flashing lights and
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arrows pointing you over. make note because 95 tend to get busy quite early. we have construction in new jersey cherry hill to be more specific route 70 westbound before cooper landing road. left rapist block. right around 6:00 a a.m. i will update you and let you know when that does lift. more construction 95 north ramp to cottman is closed and pennsylvania turnpike eastbound on and off ramp at fort washington, the left lane is also block, erika, back to you. developing right now a shooting in a montgomery county apartment complex. >> two people are dead and police are now investigating. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live in norristown with the details, justin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the norristown police remained here on the scene this morning. that is right two people found shot to death in the second floor of the apartment here in norristown and we are hearing a possible person of interest has been identified in connection to this shooting. let's take to you video now on the scene we're hearing this shooting, may have been in self-defense.
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norristown police department called here just a after 11:20 last night to the park place apartments on the 700 block of sandy street. sources tell us at least one body was found in a second floor hallway and that this could have been a break in attempt into an apartment with the possible shooter inside. we're also hearing a child may have been present, but there are in reports at this time of a child injured. now detectives, crime scene investigators and officers have remained here on the scene throughout the night. as we are back out here live on sandy street showing you a car that just moment ago was wrapped in police tape as part of the investigation, and no word on who this car may belong to, as you can see now, it is part of the investigation. again we are told a possible person of the interest has been identified and as been cooperating with police and no reports of other injuries at this time. again, two people found shot to death last night. the investigation still underway. the that is it from norristown, i'm justin finch
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for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". new overnight a vicious a attack with a paint ball gun send a young child to the hospital a as philadelphia a police search for the culprit. this happened near 7-eleven at east luzerne street around 11:30 last night. a masked man in the car started shooting paint balls at the ten year-old boy and family. young victim was struck near his eye and rushed to st. christopher's hospital where he is in stable condition. police say paint ball guns are not toys. >> paint ball guns can cause severe injuries especially if used in close proximity to the victims. so when arrested, this shooter, this perpetrator will be charged with aggravated assault, reckless endangerment, possession of an instrument of crime. >> police say the suspect was driving a green car and got away fast on k street. we have new information this morning on a small plane that left philadelphia, and crashed in queens, new york. nypd now confirms they have recovered a body from that
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wreckage. caller told police they saw a flash in the sky over breezy point yesterday evening. police harbor units found debris about a mile an a half off shore. that plane is believed to be a two seater that took off from the northeast philadelphia a airport. it is reportedly heading to maine. well, maybe a middle of the night for us but a huge line is forming outside h and m store at 16th and chestnut in center city. these people are waiting for a chance to snag clothing from the collaboration the the stories doing with the designer is from balmain. while many clothing items will be priced, some pieces are going for over $500. right now an active animal cruelty send shock waves through philadelphia's logan neigh hide. le tone use thomas said her pit bull and two puppies went missing. the soon afterward that pit bull was found hanged. puppies are still missing. dog's owner is hoping they
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don't meet the same fate a as their mother. >> i think they might kill her before they put her over the the gate. >> this is a deliberate act, a along with the animals, and so we're looking for any information, you know, regarding this that will help us out. >> reporter: spca officers are focusing on a dilapidated property in loge as as they search for the puppies. owner says they think the dog knew the person that killed it. authorities on the main line are warning residents to lock their cars following a rash of break ins. thieves struck in three communities last wednesday, and tredyffrin township police say that the thieves worked quickly taking items they could easily carry off including a louie vouton bag, a coach wallet and handgun. police are searching for those suspects. frustration is growing over lack of the answers in the mysterious death of the toddler in south jersey. detectives found three-year old brendan creato's body near his father's haddon township home october 13th.
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investigators say there was no sign of forced entry and visible trauma and his autopsy came back inconclusive. camden county prosecutor's office says the the investigation continues but attorney for toddler's grandparents complain that they are not being kept in the loop. >> we respect the fact that the prosecutor's office and the detectives have to do their jobs but my god, when the negative my phone should have been ringing off the hook. >> the attorney for brendan's father says his father is innocence of wrongdoing and is now looking for answers. happening today, pennsylvania attorney general, kathleen kane, is heading to court for questioning in the jerry sandusky child sex abuse investigation. sandusky's lawyer will question kane over comments she made about grand jury leaks involving the judge. the hearing will take place in harrisburg. sandusky, a former penn state assistant fat ball coach, is a appealing his 45 count convictions. and it is back to work for
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jury deciding fate of chaka fattah junior. the congressman's sonnies, charged with miss spending loans and some of nearly one million-dollar in education fund, he got as a school management subcontractor. fattah junior, who is representing himself, claims that authorities are targeting him because of his luxurious lifestyle and also because they want to hurt his father. 4:39. was it the a bomb? coming up next, new information on what may have brought down that russian jet liner in egypt over the weekend. a suspect in the viral video and an attack on the uber driver has broken his silence. hear from that man coming up
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mirrors. they show us all our problem areas... those places that we can't wish or squish away.
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well now fear no mirror, and eliminate those problem areas with coolsculpting - the patented cooling technology targets and kills fat cells, with no surgery or downtime. so if you want to see a slimmer you when you look in the mirror, go to today to receive a limited time offer for a free consultation. british officials say there is a strong possibility a bomb brought down a russian jet behind inner egypt. intelligent officials intercepted communication that is suggest the the affiliate of ice is planted an explosive device on that plane. the airplane's black boxes are still being analyzed.
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the plane belonging to the metro jet, broke apart at 31,000 feet. funerals are taking place for victims among the 224 people killed in that crash. the the california man, caught on cameras beating an uber driver, is now breaking his silence. ben golden says he was intoxicated when a camera recorded him attacking an uber driver in orange county. the three two-year old, fired from his marketing job at the taco bell, claims he does not remember the assault or being pepper sprayed by that driver. he only realized he was responsible after a friend saw that video on line. >> that is not me, in the video, you know, it is not me, and it was hard to watch and i'm ashamed. >> golden now says he wants a chance to make things right with the uber driver who is now suing him. he is charged were four misdemeanor counts, assault and battery and faces a a year in jail. an iguana a on the loose
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us now safely home with its owner. >> iggy was found sunday in the rita's water ice parking lot tuesday. she was taken to a local animal hospital, and collindale police say the owner called the police station and was able to just go and pick up iggy. he said he escaped several days and and they could not fine him. at this time the owner will in the face any charges or any fines. >> keep an eye on your iguana. >> with all this nice weather we're having. >> yes, 75 and sunny. >> we hit 80 yesterday. it got hot. it did. today we will lose the sun. not a whole lot of sunshine and some cloud. talking mid 70's. maybe a shower around. you want to have the the umbrella will a around to be safe. but overall not a bad start to the morning. temperatures warmer then yesterday but we are dealing with fog. lets go outside for a live look. no, we don't have a a camera. we will go right to the
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graphics. yesterday a warm day certainly. we had a high of 80 degrees. warmest november day since november 15th of 1993, so that is pretty impressive. so now we are bringing the cloudack, we have moisture flowing from the atlantic ocean, dense fog developing near south jersey and shore and atlantic city airport. up land down to a mile and a half visibility. we are less along the coast. .3 of a mile visibility in millville, half mile in dover. so these visability will drop a little will bit more. we have dense fog advisory until 10:00 o'clock for around philadelphia, all of delaware and new jersey. couple sprinkles in chesapeake bay, weak disturbance in the upper atmosphere bringing cloud and threat for few passing showers in the morning and afternoon. forty-eight in millville with the fog, 54 swede bureau, cherry hill in the lower 50's. similar numbers around philadelphia, suburbs 53, palmyra. fifty-six mullica. fifty-four allentown. temperatures are uniform because we have cloud cover. that is holding in the heat we have had. rain chances today, it is low, 20 percent chance. tomorrow morning, 10 percent chance as a cold front approaches, it is later friday
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evening is our best shot to see rain, 40 percent chance. saturday early is possible. so for today we will see cloud and fog, a couple of spotty showers in the afternoon, tonight, mainly dry, just fog and some clouds around and then tomorrow morning, same deal, cloud to start and then some sunshine in the afternoon. there is a a line of showers that comes in friday evening eight or 9:00 o'clock. today though mostly cloudy skies, sprinkles possible, 72 tonight. we will hold around 60 for city. the the extended forecast very warm friday, 78, maybe 80. back to the 60's on saturday. justin, thanks. in sports sixers are still looking for their first win of the season and they will give it another shot tomorrow night when they play cavilers in cleveland. sixers gave the bucks a run last night in milwaukee, jahlil okafor had 21 points. fellow sixers rookie tj mcconnell is first player in nba history with 12 assistness two of his first four games but the the bucks went on to win 91-87.
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still ahead on "eyewitness news", how netflix is helping parents get to bed sooner. >> yes. >> but first here's what is coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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welcome back, we are following latest developments in norristown this morning. two people are shot to death. this happened at park place apartment complex on the 700 block of sandy street. police are questioning a man who remains on the scene. also a ten year-old boy is recovering after being shot by a paint ball gun in juniata. search is on for masked man and a boy who shot at that boy and his family. the victim was taken to st. christopher's hospital where he is in stable condition. dozens of people are line
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outside h and m waiting for that store to open up at 8:00 a.m. when luxury brand of clothing, bamain, and they go up for grabs at discount prices. that line started forming yesterday afternoon. people want these deals. >> must be pretty good clothes. >> right. >> y. >> 4:49. time for a check of business news. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange. we are hearing the the market fell slightly but facebook stock is looking on its way up, looking strong. >> reporter: mark zuckerberg will like it. facebook stock hit a high after it earnings report yesterday. more than a billion people, that is billion with a b, went on facebook every single day, in september, and which is 17 percent more than last year. erika and nicole. >> billion. >> billion. >> well, jill, lots of parents struggle to get their kids to turn off tv or maybe turn off facebook and go to sleep and
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we're hearing netflix wants to help with this. >> reporter: it is a little ironic, netflix has launched five minute bedtime videos. they will be based on the animated series dyno trucks. they are shorter then usual 20 or 30 minute programs and perfect for the the kids who beg for one more show. erika and nicole. >> so give them a little bit but still get them in bed. >> that is netflix. >> whatever it takes, on television. >> yes. a big thanks for big donation to the ronald mcdonald house charities. >> "eyewitness news" at citizens bank park where corporate donors to our 2015 ronald mcdonald charity phone bank were recognized for their generosity. some familiar faces, including our ukee washington and jessica dean, there they are looking terrific, jim donovan and stephanie stahl stopped by. president and general manager of the cw and cbs-3 brian kennedy also made remarks. they are 2016 phone bank to benefit ronald mcdonald house
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philadelphia and set for the spring or march, and give you a heads up. >> that is for sure. always such a great event. >> we will be right back. you probably can't workout like an nfl player... but now you can eat like one. get our players' choice pizzas. the new sriracha meats, the bbq chicken and bacon, or the loaded works. just $12 each. better ingredients. better pizza. better football. at the new papa
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well, thermometer may tell a different story but beginning to look and sound a lot like christmas and the holidays are around the the area. >> ♪ >> too soon? anyone else, too soon. norristown mall kick off the holiday season in style. santa began greeting kid, who have been naughty. parents say it was so warm out, santa should have been wearing a hawaii shirt instead of the hot red suit. >> we were kind of of shock when santa claus came out, but it kind of put everybody in the mood and christmas spirit started shopping already. >> too early, on top of that, we have chris mass in july. you have your presales and your before sales, a and by the time christmas comes i'm
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all christmassed out. >> believe it or not we are under 50 days, away from christmas. i'm not sure how i feel will that. i like to get through, thanksgiving. >> i already started to watch shows. >> good morning, meisha. >> a all that talk about christmas over there, i don't know. i don't know about that. that is crazy. happy thursday. vine street expressway, good news, all opened, east and westbound on the ramps from the schuylkill to the vine they are also opened right now. that is great. this area heat up early. all cleared here 95 south between girard and the vine, one lane was close there had for construction. they were moving out of our way, we were taking a peak, a couple moment ago but i-95 northbound before street road and it is pulled off to that right shoulder. right now not causing too many problems but on i-95 it certainly can as morning progresses. but right now pulled off to the shoulder, not causing too
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many slow downs. we have construction still in place cherry hill new jersey, route 70 westbound before cooper landing road left lane blocked until about 6:00 a.m. in the world of the traffic we are dealing with construction and one accident, what about weather? so rain, we have to be worried about this that this morning. >> we have fog and rain to deal with. not a big rain threat but fog will be an issue for next several hours. that fog advisory goes into effect for 10:00 o'clock for new jersey, delaware and philadelphia some visability will drop to a quarter mile or less. allow extra drive time as that fog continues to thicken up over next few hours. fifty-seven, mild in philadelphia at the a airport. fifty-six wilmington. everybody in the the 50's. there are 40's out there. warmer this morning because of the cloud cover. couple spotty showers up the chesapeake bay and weak disturbance moving through today. depeping where you are, you may run through a sprinkle will or two. we have 07 degrees but skies mainly cloudy to day. then tonight we will continue with some clouds, could see
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areas of fog once again along the shore. we will drop to 60 degrees. the extended forecast back with some sunshine tomorrow, temperatures upper 70's, nicole. >> now lets get a check of the stories our sister station kyw news radio 1060 is following. four months, four days and counting and still in budget in pennsylvania. how philadelphia senior centers are feeling the pinch. a new report takes a look at the how we train our physicians after they graduate medical schools. it may sound fishy what breweries are using as a filter to help the yeast settle faster. check in two, three, four times a day on kyw news radio 1060 on your am dial. breakfast anyone. >> little gress. >> preview. coming up next on "eyewitness news" we are live as detectives piece together clues from the double shooting in montgomery county. plus pro to testers say it is time to dump trump a high profile gig for the candidate.
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good morning, developing right now, a montgomery county apartment complex is surrounded by crime scene tape after two people are killed overnight. now detectives are trying to figure out what led to that double shooting. we are their life with the latest clues in this case. also developing, don't be surprised if you hit traffic heading out this morning. the it is a foggy start. justin will let you know when it clears up and forms again. happening right now call it a fashion frenzy in center city or there will be one in the store, these people have been camped out all night long we will show you deeply discounted clothes they are trying to get their hand on coming up in three hours. >> it will be a frenzy once they wake up. >> they are all sleeping. >> good morning, it is
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thursday, november 5th i'm erika von tiehl. i'm nicole brewer. justin has your forecast. in fact, he is outside on the sky deck. and meisha keeping an eye on the road. >> yes, we are dealing with some fog. we can see in the camera. i will touch base on that as well as an accident and overnight construction project. when will this fog get out of the way. >> a a few more hours, not until mid-morning. it is starting to feel damp that moist air mass starting to move off the the atlantic ocean. we are dealing with fog. you can still see buildings behind me but that fog trying to settle in center city. check this out we have a dense fog advisory for philadelphia, surrounding suburbs and then all of new jersey and delaware. this goes until 10:00 o'clock this morning. it will take sometime until we can warm the temperatures up that will scour out this fog but look at the fog starting to increase, delaware, right now, dover, visibility, up .3 of a mile. two and a half at the atlantic city airport, three in millville. this is fluctuating over past hour or so but you might encounter some deep


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