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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 10, 2015 2:07am-2:39am EST

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♪ right now at 11:00, google is watching you. the world' most popular search engine knows more about you than you probably think. three on your side's jim donovan shows you how to find out what it has on you, and how to make sure it stays private. pizza so good you need to call ahead and reserve the dou dough. tonight taste with tori takes you to the port richmond shop where they're serving up a family tradition. and a sleep on the job. philadelphia police launch an investigation into this photo
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they say shows two officers sleeping in their patrol cars. good evening, i'm ukee washington. >> eye hi, everyone i'm jessica dean. take the umbrella with you before you head out the door tomorrow. >> meteorologist kate boil low checking the conditions as well as when and how much the region will see. >> take a look at the system behind me. you can see what's happening here. we've got kind of a one-two punch to talk about as we head into your tuesday. first system heavy rain just off to our south right now. you can see it from the city on south. it hasn't quite made its way into pennsylvania but we've got this area of rain back to the west and that could come through for us during the afternoon and evening hours. so this is kind of a large system it's all spread out impacting much of the eastern seaboard. heaviest rain right now in portions of coastal virginia and off the coast of north carolina where there's little bit of circulation there. what that's doing is pulling this moisture you can see it's almost moving due east. this heaviest rain will impact the shore points and delaware overnight. moderate rain in philadelphia
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tomorrow morning. another round is possible for the evening commute. so coming up i'll tell you how much rape we can expect across the area and once we get through tomorrow that's not the only chance for wet weather this week. i'll tell when you rain returns to the forecast before a noticeable weekend cool down much that's all coming up with the seven day. jessica and ukee. >> kate, thanks so much. google it is the world's most popular search engine allowing us all to find things very quickly and very easily. >> but how much does google know about you? three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan finds it may be more than you realize. >> that's right, ukee a. a lot of information cam cheering everything from where you've been to voice commands they store it unless you instruct them not to. it tracks the web sites we vis visit. >> i kind of am aware of. >> greens information from our e-mails. >> i don't know about the intricacies. >> captures and stores your voice. >> that's interesting. i wonder why? >> reporter: when it comes to google. >> they're tracking everything he is special physical you're signed into your account. >> reporter: on your laptop, i-pad, even your android device.
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>> everything is integrated with google now. >> reporter: manager eddie steve -- app droid phone is linked to his google account. he knew googled stored user information he was surprised how precise it was especially as it relates to tracking locations. >> it will show you the exact place that you've been. the time you were there. and pictures if you took them there. it's kind of freaky. >> google is tracking that with the hopes of delivering you a better customized experience. >> reporter: rob dividio assistant professor at drexel university and specializes in computer crime and digital forensic. he says, the fact that you can access your information -- >> also means they can do it and anybody that gets access to that data through some sort of malicious hacking or intrusion type of activity will also have access. >> reporter: many of us may not realize google retains this information but it doesn't keep eight secret. >> google does a great job of explaining exactly what they're capturing and it gives the user
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directions on how to go about deleting that information. >> reporter: visit your google history page and you can find your web searches, audio commands as well as other histories like youtube videos that you've searched for and watched. you can disable the storage feature by hitting pause on the managing your activity page it's right here. in fact -- >> whether it's google, yahoo, outlook any type of online web service, go into the privacy settings scene what type of information they're capturing on you and retaining. >> reporter: dividio recommends going in and checking those settings ong a regular basis for all of your services as you never know when one will change privacy settings and leave you vulnerable. >> i'm with steve, kind of freaky. how does google store people's voices. >> reporter: retain your voice google voice search. it's arrived referred to as okay google. it ask for directions, weather forecasts and stuff like that. the good thing was, i mean i
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guess i set up all the block -- road blocks a long time ago. >> there's one youtube video i guess i look at for a story about three years ago but other than that,ing. >> that's all they have. >> they don't have anything on me. >> ut-oh. all right. >> well -- >> i'll set up your blocks. >> thank you, jim. appreciate it. other news tonight philadelphia police hunched reason an investigation into a photo of two officers that went viral on social media. police say it shows the two officers asleep in their patrol car. police say the picture of the unidentified officers was taken by a civilian at undisclosed location in the 24th police district which covers part of kensington and port richmond. >> an investigation is underway. the appropriate disciplinary action will take place. >> lieutenant dan forward said the photo sends the wrong message about the hard work so many officers put in every single day. a thief allegedly robs two center citibank but doesn't make it very far. police say they seen smarter criminals after this alleged robber tried to flee in cab. the man allegedly robbed the tb
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bank on 11th and chestnut and then the pnc a block away on market. but once he hop flood that cab, the driver took him right to police headquarters. it's unclear how much money he got away with but we do know that man is in said federal custody tonight. also tonight philadelphia police are investigating the deaths avenue couple in frere mount park as a possible crime of passion. 25-year-old shakor arlene and 32-year-old lisa myth were found dead inside an suv friday after being shot multiple times in the head. police say the couple had outside relationships that's where they're starting the investigation. authorities have questioned a woman connected to the male victim. but so far no arrests. >> for the first time ever federal regulators calling for seat belts in all school buses. the national highway traffic safety administration says seat belts would cut the number of deaths in large schoolbus crashes in half. just last month schoolbus flipped over in virginia injuring 28 children. currently only six states
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require seat bets on school buses including the state of new jersey. a local radio host sets up gofundme page to raise money for dallas women's shelter and donations continue to grow tonight. host josh innness at our sister station wip set up that page and is raised more than $30,000 so far. he was inspired to act after graphic photos released greg hardy tosses ex-girlfriend beaten and bruised allegedly at the hands of the defensive end. >> i want to see something positive come for the ladies in dallas and i want to see something positive come for the people of philadelphia. >> hardy was convicted in the assault on his ex-girlfriend last year but the conviction was toss outer on appeal which she cannot be located to testify. the convict has been ex punched from his record. >> fresh off their win again the cowboys members of the eagles took part in a virtual game day. >> our david spunt shows you how they used technology to connect with some members of our armed forces on the other side of the
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world. >> reporter: not even 24 hours after the eagles big win in dallas, three players spent time playing a little football with american soldiers overseas thanks to an internet connecti connection. >> quarterback mark sanchez outside linebacker connor barwin and wide receiver riley cooper took turns playing the game they know well. >> to be able to play video games and talk with those soldiers and stuff it really gives us a good feel for what we're really doing on the child. >> the game took place with soldiers from afghanistan, army sergeant joe owe neato jumped at the chance to play the real live football stars and he isn't shy. he had some feel trying rapper. before talking to "eyewitness news" about virtually hanging out with the three eagles on the other side of the globe. >> any time somebody takes the time out of their day to come and say something it doesn't matter if they have celebrity status or you know what i mean really good at what they do. >> talking to the players gave him a new outlook on life.
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>> it's rare that you get to meet people that are just nice any more. >> reporter: connor barwin was nervous to play army soldiers. >> impressed with, you know, madden and how real the game is now. so but obviously there's a little bit of pressure playing against those guys. >> reporter: before heading their separate ways the players promised to keep in touch with the sergeant. riley cooper even invited him on a hunting trip. >> any special message you want to send to the philadelphia region. >> philadelphia is the foundation of his country it's the city of brotherly love. >> the sergeant hopes to watch his new friends at the linc when he's back state side. in south philadelphia, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> we applaud them all. having a good time. >> nice to see. when it comes to pizza everyone has a place they call their favorite. in philadelphia one shop in port richmond gets a lot of votes in fact they've been making their pies the same way for nearly seven decades. this pizza is so popular, sometimes you have to call ahead to reserve your dough. >> you got a good product. people will come. you don't just go every other
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restaurant and see oven like this. it allows you to serve a style of pizza that you don't get every day. >> see why it's worth that wait and tonight's taste with tori. kate? and rain is moving in. parts of the area already getting wet this evening. you can see heavy rain here over portions of delaware and south jersey and it's headed our way philadelphia. it's going to be a rainy tuesday. i'll have all the details coming up in weather. ukee? >> also, a backlash against our region's largest mall all over its holiday display or lack thereof. why santa's return didn't sit well with customers and what the shopping center is doing about it. coming up after "eyewitness news" at 11:00 it's the late show with stephen colbert. he welcomes ethan hawk, us senators claire mccastle and amy klob u.s. ha and
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king of prussia mall is making some big change change is holiday display. organizers planned to make santa experience modern take of the north pole. many visitors were upset by the displaying saying it's missing christmas spirit. one teen even made a petition hoping to get the traditional tree decorations. >> i'm a around 420 right now. into the big but it's a start. >> this is a sign it's actually happening. >> looks so play. there's nothing to it. >> we received a statement from simon mall that says quote after listening to customer feedback we immediately decided to reinstall our existing christmas decor and hope cut join us in celebrate the christmas season. >> clothing chain h and m says it will not be open on thanksgiving. the retailer released a statement today saying all of its u.s. stores will be closed on thanksgiving to give
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employees a chance to spend time with their families. h and m has traditionally been open on thanksgiving much this is a first for the company. target announced today like last year it will open on thanksgiving at 6:00 p.m. it seems like almost everybody loves pizza. everyone has their favorite place. >> love pizza. >> love. one philly pizza shop is so popular the own are in suggests you call ahead to reserve the dough. >> must be good. >> um-hmm. >> must be g let's get a taste of tori. tori joins us with more on this scoop. >> that's right. we're talking about a place where calling ahead is protocol to get a good pizza pie. yes, it's true. it's not always easy to get a pie at tack cannoli's but it's definitely worth the wait. >> steaming hot pizza with lots of red sauce an crunchy crust to die for. >> always good. this is the best. >> this place can get so busy you have to call ahead days in
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advance to order suppose. >> you got a good product. people will come. >> joe van knee is make the pizzas the way they always have in a brick oven. >> you don't just go into every other restaurant and see an oven like this much eight louse to you serve a style of pizza that you don't get of day. >> for 67 years the tack kannelly family has been making pizza in the same building on east somerset street in port richmond. john tack kannelly took over the business from his father. >> he made me work since i was 12 years old. he was tough and work work work. watching him, watching him and you just watch so much you do it. you picket up. >> something the 23-year-old giovanni can relate. he's john's son. >> he watch something for so long started busboying when i was fourth or fifth grade. work hard. don't be lazy that's it. >> as you might expect, things can sometimes get a little hot around the oven. >> he doesn't think i pay attention but i pay attention. we learn quick. you make a mistake he's very stern. >> do you remember what it was like making your first pizza and your dad watching over you.
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>> oh, yeah. >> what did that feel hike? >> it was surreal i guess you can say. nervous. real nervous. because he's a perfect any of the. >> but the future boss the fifth generation of tack connelly to slide pies into this oven is gaining confidence. >> the way he puts on the sauce is different than the way i put on the sauce. the way i put on the cheese or pepperoni i like to place the pepperoni. he likes throw it on and then spread it all around. >> do you have have flash backs sometimes like you and giovanni in here and you're like my god, this is -- this is like me and my dad? do you ever have a feeling like that. >> oh, yeah. oh, yeah. we go at it. he was starting to learn, young, you know it all. people come in here they say they don't ask who made the pie. it has to be consistent. that's what i aim for. it. >> look like that's exactly what's happening. >> your father taught you well. >> thanks. i appreciate it. >> his mom could not be more proud. >> we didn't want to force it on him. we wanted it to be his decision.
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so he went to college and he decided this is for him. >> i'm very proud. >> could giovanni pass a little tradition my way? >> i don't want to show you up. ♪ >> straight ahead. >> straight ahead. >> no, there you go. >> yeah. >> are we all alive out there? >> i can't even speak. philadelphia classic special thanks to viewers michael loner and bridget mancuso for suggesting we visit tack connelly we brought in pizza from tack connelly's so you can give eight try as well. >> thank you. >> we have tomato pie right here. gorgeous. they put a love and passion into this pizza. the family is amazing. >> because i know you've been eyeing it. >> this would be the white pie with little spinner and tomato on top. shout out to the family. john and rose and giovanni who
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really i'm telling you, after taking a visit there and i've actually had birthday party or two there in the past, okay, they really, they put a lot of love into the port richmond section it's staple pore seize and really fantastic i think going to take a little bite and stop talking. >> excellent. >> those are called long shots. >> these are long shots if you're feeling frisky this evening ukee. >> long shots are a spicy pepp pepper. >> okay. >> what they do they blister them on the stone in olive oil and garlic again it adds heat to the pie if you're into that. >> careful. i did warn you about that. >> kate, we're saving you some. don't worry. >> i'm focused on this. >> we all have been. >> you've been wetting me all evening waiting for this pie. >> i know. it's mazing. tempting. >> he can't even breathe. >> his face is turning purple. >> we'll get him some water. >> tell us about the weather. >> we'll talk about the rain headed our way.
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>> go out and cool off in the rain if you need to. take look outside rain is moving but it's not here yet. and i think he's having a medical emergency. let's move on to storm scan3. take look what's happening weather wise outside right now and we've got a lot of heavy rain moving up the eastern seaboard. good news for us is it's not here yet. so if you're out and about tonight, take the dog for one last walk after our newscast before you head to bed you shall be a able to do it in most of the area rain free. portions of southern new jersey and portions of northern delaware, it is pretty heavy i want to your attention to one little feature. this is cause a vortex msv off the coast out of the outerbanks this is drawing moisture eastward so heaviest of the rain will stay along the coast. as we go through the overnight hours and no tomorrow at least little light to moderate rain over here will be impacting philadelphia and the suburbs but the heaviest that yellow shading headed through portions of the south jersey and this down around the hampton roads area of virginia will impact the shore
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points overnight night and into early tomorrow morning. heaviest rain right now portions of new castle county, me town down towards smyrna on 13 here in delaware pretty heavy rain. orange shading imbedded crossing into cumberland county in new jersey at the moment. future weather shows this will be a one-two punch. overnight that heaviest rain shifts offshore impacting the shore points. this is 5am light to moderate rain in the city and nearby suburb. keep an eye on this area of rain as we go through the day that coastal rain pushes out. we may just see a little shower around 9am but then then we get another round north and west of philadelphia. this is 8:00 o'clock tomorrow night. that then finally lifts out but possibly not until overnight tomorrow night. again, it was looking like the heaviest rain might be tomorrow morning now it look like one-two punch as the system is coming in two parts and the sun comes back late on wednesday. not the last chance for wet weather though. here we go thursday. another chance for showers as a cold front comes through. we'll focus on your tuesday though. periods of rain and scattered showers here and on and off
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through the day instead jest south and east especially early northeast wind at 10 to 15, gusts to 13 miles an hour at the coast. look at the four number one models or top four models we look a few of them up toward an inch of rain. otherothers less than an inch. half inch to an inch. temperatures right now in the 50s across the area. another mild day. temperatures right where they're supposed to be for november. finally one day blow or at average. the rest of the month has been above average and i think the next two days will be warmer than normal as well. want to show you tropical storm kate my name sake storm looking organized near the bahamas. taken out to sea thanks to that cold come flewing our area on thursday. not a threat to us in philadelphia or the jersey sho shore. overnight cloudy with rain developindeveloping at 52 degre. tuesday periods of rain heavy at times on and off through the day heavy rain south and eve in the morning. north and west in the afternoon. we may end up right in the middle in philadelphia. we'll get moderate rainfall expected at any time through the
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day. veterans day clears out. showers again thursday. and then we're back to cool november weather. 50s, friday, saturday and sund sunday. >> cooling down. >> he's back. >> speaking of peppers -- >> speak of cooling down. >> thank you. >> kate, thanks. >> leslie is here now with a look at sports. >> i think the sixers need a little kick. >> how about that? waiting for that first win. when was the last time the sixers actually won a game? we'll tell you about an former flyers captain goes into exclusive club and thrill of victory for the eagle over dallas but one of their young stars will be missing the rest of the season. sports is next. ♪
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>> when was the last time the sixers won a game that would be march 25th when they beat denver. they lost 16 straight over the last two seasons going into tonight' game against chicago.
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brett brown did not have nerlins knoll tonight. he sat out with an injured wrist and the bulls took advantage of his absence. okafor stood tall fort sixers. reported his first nba double double. 21 points and 15 rebound. sixers trailing. chic shock pulled away. nick had a double double. 20 points and 10 boards sixers lost 17th straight game dating back to last season. 111-88 the final. now to the birds and what game last night. beating cowboys in overtime and rookie jordan hicks playing a big part in that win. returning an interception 61 yards for score. but then late in the fourth, you can see it here he hurt himself maki a tackle. and had to leave the game. the birds got the worst news possible. he tour a muscle in his chest and the eagles put him on injured reserve. the third round pick finish the season 50 tackles, two inception as forced fumble and three fumble recoveries. they resign emmanuel acho to
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replace hicks. they wracked up 459 yards. with regarded to that 295 yards. no interceptions one touchdown. that came in overtime to jordan matthews the game winner. what did sam tell jordan before that deciding play of the game? >> i got the call from chip. i came to the huddle. hey, i'm coming to you. win right here and sure enough he ran a grout route. the run after the catch was huge. >> even when things aren't going that well i have that same mindset forks to, wouldn't continue to be consistent and continue to get better. when games like this happen it's not like, it's greatest thing in the world. i did my job. >> next up for the birds the dolphins this sunday at the linc you can see the action right here on cbs3. the flyers with the night off they'll return to the wells fargo center tomorrow night to take on colorado. but former flyers captain chris pronger inducted no the hockey call of fame tonight. he spent three seasons wearing
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the orange and black and helped lead them to the stanley cup final in 2010. i think we all remember that. >> bravo. great to see that. >> all right. lesley, thanks. >> we'll be right back.
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♪ today people in kentucky camped out for alcohol. >> the rare kentucky bourbon called pappy vanwinkle went on sale today. it only goes on sale once a year for one day. people lined up outside the abc store in huntsville hoping to snag a bottle of the high end bourbon. antique collection has bottles aged where 10 to 23 years. they range in price from $50 to $250 a bottle and there were about 50 bottles available for sale. pappy vanwinkle's. >> we'll be right back.
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that's going to do it for us. our morning team is back from 4:30 to 7am tomorrow. for kate, lesley our entire team, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. we're always on at cbsphilly.c uup next the late show with
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stephen coluber. thanks so much for watching. good night, family, and sleep well. >> the following program is brought to you by supple, the new, revolutionary health regeneration drink by supple, llc. >> hello, and welcome to the smart medicine show. i'm dr. monita poudyal, and we have a great show today. if you have pain or know someone that has pain - joint pain, back pain, bone pain, muscle pain, or if you suffer from arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia or even weakness or fatigue, then you need to stay with us for the next half hour. we're going to be discussing medical breakthroughs that can help you eliminate pain, regain mobility and become stronger without dangerous drugs, surgery or negative side affects. my guest today is peter apatow.


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