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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  November 11, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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the the last of the rain moves out of our area but it won't be long until it is back again. meteorologist justin drabick has the the forecast coming up. republican presidential candidates face off in the fourth debate, with volatile yet on the prime time stage i'm weijia jiang in business conn inn with the highlights come up. win are walks away with million-dollar, and the title of world champion. >> wow. >> i like the glasses too. >> can't let him see what you are thinking. >> very strategic. >> good morning it is wednesday, november 11th happy veterans day i'm erika von tiehl. i'm's nicole brewer. the mostly rainy and wet on the way in. i have got justin and meisha
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checking on the roads and weather. >> happy hump day, wednesday, still pushing to the workweek and it is damp out there but things are looking better this morning then they were yesterday. justin, what is in store. >> meisha, we will get some sunshine back in the forecast, but might run into few areas of mist, drizzle but improving condition throughout the morning. watch out for some wet leaves, there could be slick spots out there but here's last of the rain showers that radar is picking up across central, eastern new jersey and they should move off shore but gang inland we may run into areas of drizzle and mist. 54 degrees in philadelphia as well as wilmington. uniform temperatures across the region because of the cloud holding tough. but to our west we are breaking those clouds up and we will get sun sheen back out here this morning. wind switching directions out of the east moist flow and now they are out of the northwest. dryer air has returned, to the delaware valley. that will dry things out
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throughout the day-to-day. the visibility looking good for the most part, some spots dropping 2 miles up in reading, right now could be left over fog, and mist to dealment with bringing down morning clouds early in the morning, should give way to more sunshine as we head into noon time hour. temperatures still mild for this time of the year. temperatures in the the low to mid 60's for afternoon highs, but don't get used to the dry weather, more showers returning to the forecast tomorrow. we will break down those details in a few more minutes but lets see what the latest is with meisha. things are looking pretty good, we're still, seeing burlington bristol bridge just opened for those in and around that area we will let you know when that comes back down. and also the the schuylkill eastbound at the spring garden beautiful shot here looking good. again we have mentioned this that yes, roads are looking damp but overall things are looking good. certainly more dry then they were jed but that is a good thing. vine is looking g we are dealing with overnight construction project, last
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week, that is in longer the case, east and westbound looking good, we are dealing with construction here at columbus boulevard north, this is between oregon, avenue and richmond street. one lane is block, that entire way, make note of that, because that can get busy there. we have construction on 495 northbound at terminal avenue two right lanes until midnight, november 24th, off ramp is closed until friday and on ramp is closed until the end of november. all right. ladies, back over to you. new this morning, cheltenham police are investigating a stabbing this happened around 2:30 on the the 500 block of davis road. investigators say male room ma'am mate grabbed a knife and stabbed another roommate. no word what led to the stabbing. the victim is expect to survive. we will have have a live report in the next local half an hour. also, a shooting leaves a map hospitalized in montgomery county. police say victim was shot the in the stomach overnight. it happened at garth and bruce roads in springfield township. police say they have no
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suspects or a motive a a the the this time. also new a at least one person is in the hospital with injuries, after this car crash, at bartram avenue and pen rose ferry road in southwest philadelphia. one vehicle a appears to have hit a guardrail around midnight. there were several other vehicles involved in that accident as well. so far there is in word what caused that crash. and a accused child rapist is off the streets this morning. this is suspect oscar riveria herrera, officials say he broke into an apartment at the hatfield village apartment in hot hatfield early monday morning and sexually assaulted a six year-old girl. that suspect was held down by the child's stepfather until will police arrived. pennsylvania attorney general, kathleen kane, will go on trial, in montgomery county on additional perjury charges. a judge made the ruling following a preliminary hearing in norristown. charges stem from grand jury testimony last year as it came under investigation in the the leak of grand jury documents to the newspaper. kane's lawyer argued there was no evidence that his client
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remembered signing an oath to protect even prior grand jury material. smallest pool of g.o.p. presidential candidates yet took part in the fourth prime time debate this one in milwaukee. as we gentleman jiang reports, the the focus was on the the economy. >> reporter: the republican candidates got right to the economy in the debate on the fox business network starting with the minimum wage. >> taxes, too high, wages too high, we're not going to be able to compete against the world. >> every time we raise the minimum wage, the number of job less people increases. >> if you raise minimum wage you will make people more expensive then a machine. >> everybody should pay the same proportion of what they make. you make $10 billion you pay a billion if we get rid of the payroll tax everybody will get a tax cut. >> simplify the tax code to spur economic activity in the country. >> reporter: ben carson push back of recent criticism have
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of his life story. >> i have no problem were being vetted, what i do have a problem with is being lied about. >> reporter: g.o.p. has months to go before choosing a candidate but it is clear who the party intend to defeat, the the media roomies stop hillary. >> the clinton presidency will corrode the character of this nation. >> reporter: jeb bush took on donald trump over his views of russia. >> if putin wants to knock the hell oath of ice is. >> good idea for putin to be in syria, let isis takes out a a sad ape a putin will take out isis that is like playing monopoly. that is not how the real world works. >> reporter: thinks last face off until mid december. in milwaukee wisconsin, weijia jiang for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we have some encouraging news for former president jimmy carter as he fights cancer. his doctors say that there is no evidence of new tumors and he is responding well to treatment. in august, the 39th president revealed that doctors have
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found four tumors on his brain. mr. carter is 91 but remains active. the late son of the vice-president joe biden is being remembered in delaware. state's national guard headquarters in, new castle will be name for beau biden. a ceremony will be held in the spring to unveil signs for the major joseph r beau biden the the third armed forces reserve center. biden died of brain cancer in may, and he enlisted in the delaware army national guard in 2003 and then later served two terms as delaware attorney general. a life saving lesson for members of the local church, what to do if someone walks in with a gun. counter terrorism expert gave crucial members to the members of the mount carmel baptist church in west philadelphia last nightment for many a shooting rampage at emmanuel ame church, is hard to forget. nine worshipers died when 21 year-old dylann roof walked in and opened fire. >> after i got over the initial shock, sadness, wow
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how could someone do that to a church and it the just reminded me that nothing is off limits anymore in our society. nothing. >> now with impossible plan for unknown but terrorism experts say preparation is key. a montgomery county man is a world series champion. >> yeah, not exactly baseball. >> no it is world series of poker instead. >> north wales resident joe mckeon is more than seven million-dollar richer this morning, the 24 years old, he wore a vintage allen iverson juniors your and beat out 6,000 other players. competition was stiff. mckeon who has a math the degree spoke after his win. >> what are you going to do to celebrate this win. >> i think we will party. i think, it seems like the thing to do. >> reporter: sound like a plan. >> mckeon takes home a huge championship bracelet. marlton native, joshua was the runner up. couple local guys. both men competed at parx
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casino in bensalem and our jane carabao will have a live report in the next hour. that is will cool, two local guys. >> yes, seven million-dollar at 24. >> good for him. >> pretty legitimate. >> all for a math major. >> right no 4:39. investigators are on the scene the on the deadly plane crash. >> jet went in the apartment building killing everyone on board. we will have more on the scene coming up next. a family comes home to a wild discovery inside their bedroom we will show you which wild land creatures we will see right there. we will have that when we come right back. >> spoil the the surprise, sorry.
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there are no survivors. that plane was carrying nine people taking off from dayton, ohio on the way to akron. no one was inside that building or another home that caught fire. there were no known injuries
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on the ground. the jet clipped a utility wire on the way down and burst into flames. indiana family got quite the surprise in an unexpect house guest. >> take a look right here police shot this video of the buck that jumps through a front window and bedroom. >> oh, my. >> making himself cfortable. >> he did damage to the home's try wall, unfortunately and knock some ornament over and opened blind in the window and then eventually the the buck just ran away. when a buck is in your house, open up a window. >> yes. he will runaway. >> it is almost chris mass time. and very welcome guest on the roof. >> holidays are coming. and, some sunshine, returns. today we are going to see our warmest day out of the next, days, temperatures running in the mid 60's with sunshine. checking outside, looking better then yesterday at this
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time. live look at ben franklin bridge, still some clouds, a little bit of mist, fog, drizzle in some locations but wrapped improvement throughout the morning. the here's our headlines we are dealing with clearing for veterans day. turns out to be a nice afternoon. once again we will see another system thursday bringing in wet weather and cooler weekend, setting up. pretty wrapped weather pattern on us right now. a lot of changes happening every day or so. here's is what left of the steady rain moving across upstate, new york moving north and east. couple lingering showers along the jersey shoreline but we are breaking cloud up to the north and west, so that is an indication of what is to come here later this morning and afternoon. low to mid 50's, delaware, south jersey, 51 toms river. fifty-two cherry hill. right around city same story as we have cloud cover holding in the heat from yesterday. forty-nine, cooler in doylestown, 51 in chadds ford. high pressure just to the the south helps clear out a little bit not full sunshine but we will call it partly sunny.
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temperatures in the 60's. here comes the cold front thursday late in the morning in the afternoon and scattered showers around nothing like we had yesterday and behind that front cooler air returns from can inadequacies, highs in the the mid 50's, kicking off the weekend but we do stay dry. cloud breaking up in the afternoon, still mostly cloudy conditions, overnight tonight and then tomorrow, late morning in the afternoon, and then a line of showers that start to move in from that cold front. veterans day, 64 degrees, partly sunny skies. here's that extended forecast, more showers on thursday, back to sunshine friday but put us in the 50's in the weekend. good football weather for eagles home game sunday with highs in the 50's. erika and nicole. it is in sports right new flyers are now losers of seven of their last eight games and home cooking it did not help. flyers back home after after a long western road trip with nhl, michael neuvirth but so much for shut out as avalanche scored in the first minute of the action. matthew shane had two goals.
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the flyers were shut out four to knock. colorado's first regulation win in philadelphia since 2002. flyers host capitols tomorrow night. today is veterans day and at the game in honor for one world war two veteran. ninety year-old ralph herman brought the the crowd to his feet. he was given a flyers jersey bearing his name in honor that brought tears to his eyes. >> it is most amazing thing i have had in a long time, these young boys deserve all of the credit they get here. before the game, steve marrow, dropped the puck for the ceremonial opening kick off. speaking of honoring veterans sixers will give free tickets to tonight's game to all active and retired service member. cardinal dougherty and villanova product kyle lowery and raptors are in townment sixers are still looking for their first win of the season. let's hope they will get it. >> absolutely. >> 4:45. still ahead, a cereals brand is in hot water over health
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claims. >> but first here's what is coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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here's your head lines this morning, new this morning a stabbing is under investigation in cheltenham, a man stabbed his roommate on the 500 block of davis road. police expect the victim to survive. immigration came up for discussion at last night's republican presidential debate in milwaukee. donald trump is proposing the 11 in million or more immigrants in the u.s. illegally should be removed. both jeb bush and john kassig support a pathway to legal status. montgomery county native is winner of this years world series of poke inner las vegas. joe mckeon wearing allen iverson number three sixers jersey is taking home 7.7 million-dollar. well, new york is shutting down daily fantasy sports in
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that state. the attorney general has ordered draft kings and fan dual to stop accepting bets from new york residents saying their games constitute illegal gambling under state law. fantasy sports companies contend their games are not gambling because they involve more skill then luck. they can will challenge the attorney general's order in court. it is 4:49. time for a check of business news. >> money watch's ohio wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange and three men have been indicted in the face of customer financial information. who is affect here. >> reporter: well, good morning, erika and nicole. federal prosecutors say men hack into institutions including jp morgan chase, dow jones, scott trade and austin based mutual funds. they stole personal information from more than 100 million customers, and then used it against them. erika and nicole. >> general millions recently jumped on the protein trend. they launched cheerios protein but now they are getting sued. what is going on.
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>> reporter: right, cheerios protein, promises to have more protein than the original but according to the new lawsuit cheerios protein has just slightly more protein but 17 times as much sugar. non-profit group center for science and public interests say that is misleading and false advertising. >> i would think so. >> lots of protein but don't want sugar. >> trying to do something healthy and backfires. >> thanks, jill. one of the world's most renowned jazz musicians received the marion anderson award in philadelphia. >> ♪ >> what a talent. "eyewitness news" at the kimmel center whe winton mar will sales was honored for making the world better for his leadership and humanitarian causes. marsalis spearheaded post katrina a relief efforts in his native new orleans. he received the marion anderson a award. >> the most powerful gift of american slavery has been
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music. and that music, like the the principals that under ground our belief is still has a power to denigrate and even slave and it has a power to lynn rate and enlighten. >> ballet dancer misty cope land was among many performers honoring marsalis last night. we will be right backment
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let's get the latest on the roads with meisha. >> good morning, to all of you at home just waking up, grabbing that first cup of coffee i will let you know roadways are looking good and better then yesterday. they are not as wet. here's i-95 southbound before girard looking good here. we are seeing our steady flow as we push toward that 5:00 o'clock hour but on i-95 south we are looking good compared to yesterday. here's a look the at new jersey, 42 freeway in the northbound direction at creek road. approaching 295, this is typically what we see approaching that 5:00 o'clock hour.
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tacony palmyra bridge is scheduled to open in the next ten minutes and just so you know burlington bristol bridge is back down for those who heard me saying it was up, it is back down as of of right now. we have a malfunctioning traffic light on the boulevard at adams avenue, the the out are drive is affect because of that, just make note as you head outside your doorway this morning and some construction columbus boulevard northbound between oregon avenue and richmond street one lane is block on that stretch. justin, things are looking way better then they were yesterday so it will not, stay in store all day. >> we will see sunshine as well, still maybe you will need wipers early this morning about to head out, some spots seeing mist or drizzle but majority of the steady rain is gone. here's is what left, couple left over showers, central, east and new jersey continuing to move off shore, to our west those clouds are breaking up, we will see stars before sunrise, this morning. 54 degrees in philadelphia, 48 in mount pocono. everybody generally in the the 50's because of the cloud cover, but forecast high of
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64. we are running well above average partly sunny skies, nice looking veterans day. tonight skies return mostly cloudy, chill which a low of 48 degrees. that is a sign of our next storm. we are in the wrapped weather pattern, very progressive. another front will come in on thursday, this will bring in some showers, nothing heavy at this point, not like what we saw yesterday. sixty-two still mild ahead of the front on thursday and once that front clears us for friday in the weekend we will bring back cooler air. it will be windy friday and saturday with highs in the 50's. erika and nicole back to you. we're getting a preview of the sexiest night in television. the vittoria secret fashion show kicks off in new york city with the models men as angels getting ready backstage. jillian aldridge will be wearing fire works fantasy bra, it is worth two million-dollar. that bra is hand crafted wit diamond, and yellow sapphires, set in 18 car on the gold and comes with the matching belt. as everyone does. the together the the two took more than 685 hours to create.
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>> just to have fun, and enjoy the the moment, because it is very exciting. >> we will never forget it. >> we are all together. right now there is a lot of people here a lot of press but once we go change it is just the girls ape that is when it is fun. >> and save the date, see the victoria secret fashion show december 8th at 10:00 p.m. right here on cbs-3. >> the bra and the belt. >> yes. >> you got the to have it. >> yes. >> what every woman wants. >> in diamonds. >> they are beautiful though. >> yes. >> coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news" we are live with the latest developments on overnight stabbing that sent two people to the hospital. plus it is veterans day a day to honor our troops who served our country. we will show you some of the former current and military will enjoy today. the coffee cup controversy that will just not go a
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we're live with what led up to this encounter. we are starting to dry out after a rainy take but there is more rain in the forecast, justin lets you know when the wet weather returns. >> cleaning up against the the competition meet the the new multi millionaire after a battle will between two local players and the world series of poker, and, seven million-dollar richer. >> get your poker face on. >> it is wednesday, november 11th, veterans day i'm erika von tiehl. justin and meisha are keeping an eye out. good morning to you guys. >> happy wednesday, veterans
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day, and roadways are looking good like we have been saying all morning long, they are dryer then they were yesterday which is a good thing and we have two accidents, and smaller roads just in a moment but how are things looking outside. >> we have clouds over us right now but they are high level clouds, signs of an exiting storm system. those cloud break up as well. we are damp, chilly, have we have a breeze, jacket weather this morning here's the last of the rain from yesterday's storm system moving across new york city, upstate new york and new england and these included are breaking up to the north and west toward poconos and lehigh valleys. zooming in closer there we will see left over light rain showers over the coast have of new jersey. a few areas of sprinkles or mist to deal with very early this morning, otherwise, improving conditions. temperatures holding in the low to mid 50's, may tropical another degree or two in areas that do see clear skies before sunrise. quake are town, doylestown the cold spot at 50 degrees. wind picking up out of t


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