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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 11, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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good morning, today is veterans day and we're soluting our troops. justin says there is also, in rain in your holiday forecast, he has details coming up. >> good timing on that. we're live overnight with violence, two men are rush to the hospital after an overnights stabbing but only one is expect to face charges. >> well, first of all, thank you for not asking me what i said in the tenth grade, appreciate that. >> so some laughs and tough talk on serious issues after republican presidential debate. we will wrap up highlights for you coming up in a few minutes. it is wednesday, november the 11th, good morning, happy veterans day. i'm nicole brewer. >> i'm erika von tiehl. lets check that veterans day forecast and the roads with meisha and justin, good morning. >> good morning. we are getting over the hump you guys. yesterday was no easy commute, today is looking fantastic, so far, thank you justin for some dry roadways. can we hang on to that all morning long. >> i go the that covered.
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no threat of rain now. this storm is out of here and those cloud are breaking up i can see in center city. we will have some sunshine. we may not go total sun but enough to warm us up mild for this time of the year in the mid 60's. last of the rain moving off shore, that storm ace across new england right now, still cloud cover this morning, and really starting to clear out through far north and western areas in the lehigh valley and poconos. to temperatures in the low to mid 50's. we have a little bit of the breeze to deal with as well. every now and then when that wind kicks up, it the gets chilly. jacket wet they are morning. fifty-four palmyra, new jersey. there is that sustained wind at ten to 15 miles an hour, the direction is key, out of the northwest and that is a dryer wind flow. here's what to expect, partly sunny skies, we will warm it up compared to yesterday, high temperatures in the upper 50's, 64 will do it for our afternoon high for philadelphia 63 at the shore. not bad in the mountains we're talking mid 50's.
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don't get used to the dry weather, we are in the rapid weather pattern so another storm will bring more rain in the forecast tomorrow. we will break down those details in a few more minutes but dryer conditions outside on the roadways this morning, i think that commute will be okay. you cannot blame the weather. >> you certainly cannot, justin, good point. the roads are looking good and just great this morning. now with that said we have an accident, this is i-95 northbound at branch to woodhaven road just block ago this far right lane. it is making people do a single will file lane if you will, block ago this shoulder and part of the right lane. i have a a feeling that will be cleaned up very quickly not causing too many slow downs because it is an exit ramp. also on the plymouth meeting area taillights moving in the southbound direction at the blue route, ridge pike, you can see, plenty of vehicles on the roadway pushing in the 6:00 o'clock hour. that is what we would see on a busy wednesday. also the the schuylkill taillights moving in the eastbound direction at 202, in the king of prussia area. as i look at cameras around king of prussia area things
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are looking g you are holding steady and good news everybody is traveling around at posted speed, ladies, back over to you. new this morning a stab nothing cheltenham send two men to the hospital. >> they are investigating what led to the violence. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is at that scene with the latest information, justin, good morning. >> erika and nicole this has been only home with the all of the lights on here throughout the the morning. cheltenham police first arrived here more than three hours ago after reports of the stabbing here overnight. cheltenham police and detectives were seen through that front window, beginning what we hear is a bloody scene inside. a reported stabbing at this home on the 500 block of davis road in cheltenham, about 2:30 this morning after a fight between two men believed to be roommates took a sharp turn. it the is unclear, what triggered that fight at this time but once it was over, one man was stabbed in the chest and arm, we are told and he was taken to einstein. the man thought to have stabbed him was taken to
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abington and said to have shown signs of injury and heavy bleeding as well. now both men are expect to recover and we are also hearing a woman was present but was not hurt. now back outside live, the detectives and police remain on the scene this morning, again, both men are expect to recover but the one believed to have done the stabbing in this case we are told that he will likely face charges. we are live here in chelten a ham i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> justin, thank you. also in montgomery county search is on for suspect who shot a man in the stomach. police say victim was shot overnight at garth and bruce roads in springfield township. he was rush to the hospital in unknown condition, and there is no word on a motive. search is on for gunman who carjack and abduct a 71 year-old woman outside a wawa store in claymont. surveillance captured this image of the man flashed a gun and demanded cash from the victim. he made her drive from the the wawa in philadelphia pike and beston avenue to the the
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wawa on du pont avenue in memorial drive where that victim took out more cash. suspect fled the scene wearing a orange shirt. if you recognize him call the police. this man oscar riveria herrera is under arrest this morning. police say he broke in the hatfield apartment and sexually assaulted a six year-old girl . it happened at hatfield village apartments early monday morning. herrera was held down by the the child's stepfather until police arrived. it is veterans day to day so don't forget to thank a vet who put their lives on the line to protect our freedom. we are looking live at the tomb of the unknown soldiers in philadelphia's washington square. mayor michael nutter will be there later this morning to take part in the ceremony honoring our many veterans. we're soluting our troops on this veterans day at cbs-3. we are looking at pictures posted by proud, friend and loved ones. if you want to share a picture of your loved one who is a veteran post it to twit error instagram with the hashtag cbs-3 and we will show it
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later this morning right here. late son of the vice-president gentlemen biden is being honored in delaware, state's national guard, headquarters, and, and, it will be held in the spring to unveil signs for major joseph r joe biden reserve arm center. biden died of brain cancer in may. he enlisted in the delaware army national guard in 2003 and later served two terms as delaware attorney general. republican candidates are back on the campaign trail after facing off on immigration, isis and economy on the fourth debate. weijia jiang has reaction and reactions. >> reporter: fourth republican presidential debate approved to be a big win for fox business and wall street journal. donald trump said it focused more on substance then cnbc economic debate last month. >> this was an elegant evening, there were no fantasy football questions. >> i will have my back.
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>> reporter: in need of the strong debate performance john kassig aggressively took on his opponent. >> we cannot ship 11 million people out of this country. >> i don't to have hear from that, believe me. >> things he were saying didn't always land with the audience, and i wonder if people thought he was just too gas i have. >> reporter: after the debate leading contender ben carson responded to recent questions surrounding his personal story. >> if there is some major scandal or something that is really of significance, that is a different story. but i want you to prove everything that has ever happened in your life, that you ever talk about, that is ridiculous. >> reporter: senators ted cruz and marco rubio garnered the most attention on line for holding their own. >> you cannot have a strong nation without strong values. >> reporter: jeb bush needed to stand out. >> jeb needed to break out tonight, i don't think that he necessarily got that. >> reporter: republican candidates next debate is next
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month. >> in milwaukee wisconsin weijia jiang for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". there will be more perjury charges when pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane goes on trial in montgomery county. the judge's ruling followed the preliminary hearing in norristown. the new charges stem from the discovery of an oath kane signed binding her to secrecy in grand jury matters. the prosecutors say kane lied when she testified that she had never signed such an oath. >> as you all saw in the courtroom we went through a number of exhibits which showed the powerful evidence that we had. >> i think that these charges are misplaced. i think these charges over state any conduct that she was involved in. >> kane is also facing charges of leaking secret grand jury material and then lying bit. it is 6:08. powerful veterans day storm is expected to bring some snow and also tornadoes across the u.s., you will see who got several inches of snow can you
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believe it. plus justin has our forecast coming up. also this. >> planes, popping noises, like fire works are going off. >> people watched in horror as a plane crashed into an apartment building, plus who was on board? we will tell you latest on this investigation coming up. star bucks red cup controversy, just won't go away, all of the backlash over those red cups is brewing up competent totition from another coffee giant we will explain.
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo!
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i mean, whoo. this is the first measurable snowfall of the season. >> one town had 8 inches of snow and forecasters say it is not over just yet. winter storm warnings, blizzard warnings and possible tornadoes, they are all making it the happen. the this is a strong storm system moving east from the rocky mountains. the national weather service says traveling will be extremely dangerous. and remember to keep it out west. >> yes. >> not here. >> i know, in utah they are used to it by now but back here at home getting a break from the rain, justin but not for long. >> it returns soon. >> it does, it looks like tomorrow. we are in the rapid weather pattern fast moving flow. this next storm system is across the the country right now so enjoy the the brief break. here's is what left of yesterday's storms across new england right now.
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we are clearing skies up, not full sunshine, still lingering cloud across the the region but more cloud showing in the ohio valley, that is our next storm a cold front that races east over the the next 12 to 24 hours. here's the the setup. get a brief dry clearing day for veterans day and damp again tomorrow and we will cool it done for the weekend. if you are waiting for that november wetter. temperatures in the 50's in south jersey and delaware. mid 50's around philadelphia, airport, mullica. cooler north and western suburbs. fifty-three allentown. fifty-one richboro. chadds ford has 52 at this hour. our storm continues to exit the region back to sunshine today, mild mid 60's, still mild thursday but we will have more cloud this front, brings some showers around late morning in the afternoon, nothing like we had yesterday so it is not heavy rain. once that front passes northwest wind moves back in for friday, into the weekend. this cools us down in the the 50's and it will be breezy into the weekend as well. we may feel chilly at times.
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partly sunny skies, in threat of rain this afternoon, tonight cloud will thicken up again. ten or 11:00 a.m., showers move in the region and they should get out by late afternoon early evening. we have partly sunny skies. high temperatures 64 degrees. well above average. extended forecast, still lower 60's thursday, cloud, showers around, have the umbrella ready and friday and weekend not bad, typical of mid-november weather, breezy, sunshine, 50's. eagles game, it is at home. the good football weather. >> yes, good weather. >> good tailgating weather. >> yes. >> we're also looking really good this morning guys. good morning. just waking up with us, no overnight construction projects to contend with, which is great news, but we have had a couple accidents out there good indication that it is still slippery out there. this is a look at interest stat i-95 northbound exit ramp to woodhaven road. still trying to get this cleaned. it looks like it is moving around. we were looking at this, it
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was pulled all the way out block ago this right lane. it is now moving on over. these vehicles no longer in single file lane in the far left side. they are trying to move around this as they maneuver around to get cleaned out of your way. make note if you to have take woodhaven road that is what is going on there. ben franklin bridge from new jersey is looking really good. this is just a gorgeous shot, i love showing it. you are still traveling posted speeds. nothing to tell you about that you are heating up as you come over that bridge into center city. this is where we have another accident that is already cleared on 202, i will move right past that and go in the tractor trail are accident, here, now this is involving two vehicles as well valley forge road and pop shop road, one lane block in this area ladies, back over to you. well, most people just want it to go away but holiday topic of controversy is heating up. >> little twist for you here by now you have seen star bucks new holiday cups for the the year. they are plane red, no festive sayings, design, gist loge on on on a red cup and coffee
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giant is getting blasted by fans. >> so now dunkin' donuts is getting in on the action releasing its own festive cups with the joy surrounded by wreaths and holy. dunkin' fans took to social media with their approval of this dunkin''s cups will be available throughout the holiday season. i like what you said, when this is our biggest problem, hashtag for problem. >> you know what i mean. >> go out and help someone. >> and i understand it is a larger thing, for a lot of people but at the end of the day it is a coffee cup. all right. 6:16. coming up, a new study linking meat to cancer. >> a football player in the area gives back to the community see how nfl free agent devon still brightens the the day for sick children. also as we go to break, this note for you, sears is offering deals to our military active duty reserve and retired military, can save 20 percent off select sales, 40 percent off kenmore appliances and 60 percent off of mattresses.
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great deal to be had. >> absolutely. >> and veterans can get free hair cups at the great clips locations. if you are not a vet patrons will get thank a veterans free haircut card to hand that out to somebody who has served. love to see that. we will be right back. who coined the term "side bread?" because there's nothing "side" about this bread. it may look like the moon. but it's the star of the show. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough.
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a recovery effort is expect to begin at day break in ohio following this fiery plane crash. the small business jet
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careened into an apartment building yesterday. there is still no official confirmation of how many people were on board. cbs news correspondent don champion has the very latest. >> reporter: mass fatality team will begin work at the site of this business jet crash in akron, ohio this morning. >> this is a very complex situation, and it need to be done very carefully and everything need to be documented while it is one of the reason we will wait until warning lights. >> reporter: officials still have not yet confirmed how many people were on the plane when it crashed into an apartment building and a house. owner of the jet says nine people were on board. no one on the ground was killed. a neighbor was recording video on her cell phone with a plane crashed, 911 calls quickly poured in. >> an airplane just crashed into these houses in front of me. >> plane, a hawker business jet was flying from the dayton, ohio area when it went down 2 miles away from the akron fulton international
6:21 am
airport. >> i don't know. i'm not a pilot but just from what i saw, it looks like he really wanted to try to pull out, and at that time he was just too low. >> reporter: the ntsb and faa are sending investigators to the scene. don champion for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right. 6:21. nfl free agent and penn state alumni devon still giving back to his hometown. >> wilmington native brightened day for children at the hospital. still donated more than a dozen play station four's, helping sick children is a cause close to still's heart. last year his daughter lea for the pediatric cancer and now is in remission. >> i went to the hospital when my daughter was diagnosis, first found out she had cancer. you definitely try to come back here and give back the two families and kid that are here, and i know exactly what they are going through. >> still did much more than just donate those dozen play stations, he also donated his team playing with some of
6:22 am
those kids and you can just imagine what a special moment that was for them. >> play station four, too. >> yes. >> so cool. >> that is awesome. all right. coming up, meet the local guy who just won the world series of poker, that is coming up. need to get a good nights rest, go to bed name. we will tell you why sleeping in the nude is apparently better for your health. look at the garments of clothing being tossed. >> only on that one stool. >> more rain on the way is that right. >> starting to dry out, cloud breaking up, fast moving weather pattern, another storm brings more showers we will time it out the in a few more minutes. for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! at giant, prices have just dropped on thousands more items.
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my giant.
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on the healthwatch this morning, eating grilled meat may increase kidney cancer risks. >> journal of cancer research found kidney cancer patients ate more meat then healthy adults. specifically they looked at meat cooked over an opened flame which health experts say can create carcinogens. researchers say people should not cut meat out of their diet but eat it in moderation. scientific proof that sleeping naked is good for you. sleep experts say, i love video here, lower body temperature is better for more restful sleep and cooler environment at night helps with primary sleep harmone melatonin. >> body temperature may be one of the triggers to the the
6:26 am
emergens of melatonin and so cooler body temperatures may be helpful to the emergens of the melatonin in the sleep hormones. >> here you go if you are more comfortable sleeping in your pj's, experts say just lower the thermostat, so that is an easy fix. >> nice about fall and winter when it does get cooler, yes, my husband has two fans going at all times, so i always have, plenty of blankets. that explains why i'm so restful at night. coming up next viral video from the university of missouri hear what the communications professor sent a student journalist that grabbed a nation's attention, jan. >> reporter: what a night to be a poker player from the delaware valley, the final two men at the table during world series of poker, just turned out to be from our area, coming up we will show you you, who took home 7.7 million-dollar prize. all right. we are heating up on i-95 south, this is right around girard and we have a couple
6:27 am
accidents one in collegeville and dresher, i'll have updates coming up. but first we will take a quick break. stay right where you, cbs-3 "e [door bell ringing]
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all right. word has it we're getting a break from the rain today but that is all it is, a break. justin is tracking more wet weather for tomorrow. is there always a but, justin. >> can we just enjoy the moment. >> i know. nope, this is television news, you cannot. >> i'm just trying to keep it real. >> i love it. >> a little bit of sunshine. >> enough sunshine to warm us up, we will make it in the mid 60's, and nice looking veterans day, showers have moved off shore, still left over clouds along the coastline, live look at margate right now and if you
6:31 am
are a surfer, hit it. i mean we have off shore wind. wind are not huge but nice clean conditions out there, take advantage of it as wind remain west through much of the day. they will kick up as well. here's is what left of the storm up across new england right now and again, those clouds will slowly break up throughout your morning and afternoon but rapidly, fast moving weather pattern in place. we will see our next storm moving in later tonight and tomorrow. fifty-five at the the airport in philadelphia lower 50's in the coldest suburbs. fifty in doylestown at this hour. there is wind out of the west/northwest so that is a oler dryer wind. that will help scour out some of these clouds, so increasing sunshine throughout the morning, temperatures rising through the 50's, into the the lower 60's by early afternoon. should be a nice lunch break with the mix of sun and clouds. afternoon high does make it up to 64. well below average. at the shore eventually some sunshine, six 36789 we are looking at mid 50's with partly to mostly cloudy skies. we will bring back more rain in the forecast for thursday,
6:32 am
we will time that out coming up in the seven day in just a few more minutes. meisha, back over to you. >> thanks, good morning everyone. just waking up, things are looking okay. we have two accidents one in collegeville and one in dresher. we will get to that in a moment. this is the boulevard and we have an accident, 95 north exit ramp to woodhaven road is all clear. boulevard is looking good as we move in the southbound direction. you are traveling slightly less than posted speeds but overall looking good there also looking good in delaware county i-95 north at 452 looking good there. now this is where we have an accident in collegeville and let me back out of the way. this is up the road from marry immediate farm involving a, tractor trailer and two vehicles including injuries. one person has been transported to the hospital this is at will veil forge road at potshop road. one lane is blocked in this area. i can tell you right now if you can avoid that area you will certainly want to.
6:33 am
whenever we have a crash involving tractor trailer and two other people and people transported to the happy can guarantee you it will be block off in that area. this is second accident in dresher, limekiln pike at susquehanna road near the turnpike one lane is blocked and this accident is also involving injuries. nicole, over to you. montgomery county man is waking up millions of dollars richer. >> yes. >> must be nice. >> joe mckeon won world series of poker last night. our jan carabao joins us on it side parx casino and runner you have have both played. both local guys. >> erika and nicole, good morning. what a night it was to be a poke are player from the delaware valley. the winner is from north wales, pennsylvania. the runner up is from marlton, new jersey. they have both played here at parx casino and in atlantic city but only one could take home that coveted diamond and gold championship bracelet. >> it is a deck.
6:34 am
joe mckeon goes wire to wire, to win the 2015 main event. >> analyst stopped to call this years world series poker main event as joe show and on finally night, the 24 year-old from north wales, montgomery county delivered. >> mckeon has been at the table, built the table and then ran the table. >> reporter: mckeon held a overwhelming lead in poker chips coming in the last night of the three day event and he never let up. one by one, he brought away the competition. >> remarkable run of the am tour. >> reporter: until just 25 years old marlton, new jersey native josh beckly sat across from him at last championship belong to mckeon. >> he had card every time he needed them. >> reporter: for the the last time mckeon won when he got lucky when his pair of ten beat beckly's four. >> i think i did. >> reporter: beckly's second place win earns him nearly four and a half million-dollar, mckeon takes home 7.7 million.
6:35 am
the champion, not doing interviews during play simply had this to say after winning the biggest tournament of the year. >> i feel pretty good now. >> what will you do to, celebrate this win. >> i think we will party. >> reporter: mckeon shared that excitement with family and friend who were there in the audience in vegas. you could hear them chanting joey ice cube. erika and nicole, interestingly enough according to the web site he go the that nickname because he used to work on a ice cream truck and load in the ice every single day, i have a feeling that work is well in his past by now. 7.7 million-dollar richer, erika and nicole. >> he is just 24. >> can you imagine. >> he had the icey nerves. >> nothing to do with his strategy, ice cream truck instead. >> ice cubes did it. >> jan, thanks. listen to this new york is shutting down daily fantasy sports in the state. attorney general had ordered draft kings and fan dual to
6:36 am
stop accepting bets from new york residents saying the games constitute illegal gambling under state law. fantasy sports companies contend that their games are not gambling because they involve more skill then luck. they have challenge the attorney general's order in court. right now more fall out at the university of missouri. >> student journalist trying to cover a protest are told to leave the public area while a communications professor and that video has gone viral. ken long reports. >> back off. >> go. >> reporter: confrontation between students and a student photo graph. the photographer shooting the video walks up to woman. >> you need to get out. >> i actually don't. >> that woman calling for muscle, is assistant professor melissa click, at the the
6:37 am
university's communications school. she pushes the student photographer, covers his lens and mocks him. >> this is public property. >> you need to go. >> reporter: directing students to form a human chain to block the journalist from doing their jobs. >> don't let those reporters in. >> good job. >> we went to to professor click's office to ask why would a mass media communications instructor want to stop the media. she wasn't there, but this flier expresses her opinion about traditional media. the communications school says it cannot comment about personnel but says, intimidation is never an acceptable form of commune case. >> last person you think, this was a student journalist trying to report on the situation. >> go back to journalism 101,
6:38 am
freedom of the press. >> that was kai law reporting and the professor has apologized and resigned her a appointment with the school of surgeonism but she remains employed asiana cysttent professor at mu's communications school. lesson learned i guess. right now it is 6:38. 106 people have been indicted from this massive biker brawl in waco, texas. it happened in may. yesterday a texas grand jury return the indictments. nine bikers were killed and more than 20 injured in this shoot-out at twin peaks sports bar, the grand jury accused suspects oven gauge nothing organized criminal activity. >> 6:38. >> love it or hate it, apparently so. >> there is even help for guys out there that want to try that look out but their hair is not quite long enough. wait until you see what we're talking about here coming up next. >> a couple of friend that have been growing beard in south jersey are about to go into business for themselves but how will it work out in a dry town?
6:39 am
i'm cleve bryan with that store friday pitman, new jersey. soluting our troops on the ice, we have the flyers, celebrating our veterans before last night's game. we will be right back. ♪ >> you're looking live at the tomb of the unknown soldiers a at arlington national cemetery, and as we solute our troops on this veterans day good morning.
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6:42 am
a new brewery is starting in gloucester county. >> and surprisingly it is happening, in a dry town. >> "eyewitness news", new jersey reporter cleve bryan has that store friday pitman, new jersey. >> this is a little set up we have going here right now for ouhome brew station.
6:43 am
>> reporter: look at many home brewers, justin fleming wand third his hobby could be a business. >> it has a nice rye taste to it. we dry hopped it. >> reporter: six months ago fleming, a security guard and life long friend, deave demandsdy approached pitman's economic development commission about opening a micro brewery downtown quite a question considering it is a a dry town. >> initially we thought going in the whole process it was going to be, we were going to be kicking doors down and it would be tough, but that was not the case. >> reporter: while pitman does not allow liquor licenses a 2012 new jersey law allows micro brewers to have a limited brewing license and sell beer even in dry towns. meet the future home of kelly green brewing company. >> through this wall that is not going to be here anymore we will have our bar. >> reporter: plans are coming together to open up the brewery by next spring and there does than the seem to be any real resistance. >> dynamics of the town has change. folks have young are families and they want to the the
6:44 am
restaurant and they want to have a beer. >> reporter: pitman has long allowed byob restaurant which received state approval to sell bottles of wine from new jersey wineries. fleming who spent his entire life in pitman thinks brewery and town are a perfect paring. >> not like we're trying to to open up a bar up and get a bun have of people drunk downtown. we want to open up an operation that will be basically service this whole community down here. >> reporter: kelly green's brewing license is still pending and they won't be the the only show in town. another brewery human village brewery is also trying to open up here n pitman i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we're now at 6:44 on this veterans day a lot of folks off from work. how is it looking. >> not bad compared to yesterday. we will not go full sunshine but we should see enough sun to warm us backup in the 60's which is well above average. we should be in the 50's for daytime highs this morning everybody is the same as far as neighborhoods go from the weather watchers looking at lower 50's because of the cloud cover, we will take you
6:45 am
north and west, kyle higgins house in hatboro. he has sunshine, temperatures right now 50 degrees, send a message happy veterans day to the veterans out here and enjoy the day, thank you for your services. little further north and west we will go up into berks county where we had a temperature of 52 degrees at rick's house in bethel, pennsylvania. still some clouds. nice photo. we have weather watcher here looking good and in uniform thanks very much for your services. lets talk about today's weather, yesterday's storm starting to move out, coming across new england. slow mover with left over cloud but a wrapped weather pattern very progressive with the jet stream just close by. you can see more clouds in st. louis, our next storm developing. it will be a cold front that races east over next 12 to 24 hours. we are talking about more rain tomorrow but nothing like what we had today. future wind speeds out of the northwest and west. that dries us out a bit. the breezy at times this
6:46 am
morning. may feel chilly. wind go south tomorrow so we will keep temperatures on the mild side, for one more day and then finally into the weekend we will cool it down. low pressure exits region high pressure over us today, with partly sunny skies so we're dry here comes that next storm moving from the the midwest and bringing in some showers especially late morning early afternoon on thursday ape then once that front clears us, we have a strong pressure difference between this low and high moving in. notice black lines and equal pressure they are tightly pack. that means win coming at us for friday into the weekend. what about the second half of the month of november. cool air off to the west. this is forecast remaining above average overall for our temperatures for end of the month. today it is warm at 64 degrees with partly sunny skies. meisha, is what the latest on the road. >> beautiful veterans day, good morning everyone, just waking up with us this is where we are heating up in delaware county. ninety-five north bound at 452 we are slowly slowing down.
6:47 am
ninety-five south approaching, cottman, we looked atwood haven road, that accident has been since cleared. cottman looking good around s curve in center city. i want to call your tension to the accident in worchester township, merry meeds farm. valley forge road and potshop road use an alternate such as white hall road. i can tell you one person has been transferred to the hospital, couple vehicles involved including a tractor trailer. i can tell you that road closed, stay clear of that area. another area where we have an accident still is in dresher limekiln pike at susquehanna road near turnpike. one lane block. this accident is also, involved with injuries. for those driving around out there good indication it might be slick so use some caution, nicole, over to you. well to day is veterans day, of course and last night flyers honored our nation's service members during their game at the well. tie an a rocco was there and got to meet a couple of vets.
6:48 am
>> unaudible. >> reporter: ralph herman brought the wells fargo center to their feet on tuesday. >> it was most amazing things i have had in a long time. >> reporter: world war two veteran took his hat the off to the crowd during the first period, shown on the big screen and was awarded his very own flyers injuries which his name and honor that brought him to tears. he has been home for more than 70 years, but remember this like it was yesterday. >> these young boys deserve all of the credit they get, yes, they certainly do. >> ♪ i'm proud to be an american ♪ >> the flyers took the ice for warm ups and camouflage in honor of the military members past and present. as a national anthem was sung, military in the arena soluted the color guard, veterans of the past wars. >> i really respect vietnam vets and world war two veterans because they didn't get to come back to things i came back to.
6:49 am
>> reporter: marine pilot captain steven maro who got back from deployment drop the honorary first puck. >> you don't miss what you miss until you come back like grass, and trees. it is such a blessing to have so much support. >> reporter: it took place one day before veterans day on the 240th anniversary of the united states marine core. started right here in philadelphia a. in south philadelphia, i'm diana rocco for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". sixers will honor our american veterans tonight as well, all active and retired service in members can get a free ticket to the game against toronto raptors. philadelphia native kyle lowery, is on the raptors who played at northeast, dougherty and villanova they have lost 17 straight games dating back to last season, 231 days to be exact because tonight they will win it all, right? before the tip off, "eyewitness sports" reporter pat gallon will sit down with kyle lowery. pat and kyle played together back in the day at northeast high school. kyle in the center in the
6:50 am
front row and number ten there with those super sweet frosted tips, that is pat gallon, looking sharp, pat. kyle later transferred to cardinal dougherty and starred at villanova don't miss pat's interview with kyle lowery tonight on "eyewitness news". get his thoughts on hair styles. >> i know looking tough. >> looking tough. >> i love it. >> a half toward fourth grader is trying to make the world a better place with the power of word. >> just two word to be exact. ukee washington got to meet this young girl and hear how her big idea got started in this weeks brotherly love. >> reporter: nine year-old ana malone never knew her grandfather former lower merion police detective indict in 2005 before she was born. what did your father tell but his father, your grandfather. >> my grandfather, told my dad always to be nice because he doesn't like bullying, and i don't think anybody does. >> reporter: his son michael malone is ana's dad. >> i got that from him.
6:51 am
i passed it on in my way and i used to quiz her always be nice to everyone. >> one day i was like dad why don't i just live nice and so that is how i came up with the idea. >> reporter: with the help of perfect mom, anna designed these, t-shirts in different colors with the word live nice. >> it is extra, extra love, what are you trying to say: her goal raise money for ain't bullying efforts. so her parents had a few dozen shirts printed for a yard sale this spring. they sold out. they printed more. those sold out as well. they kept selling authorities $20 each and school and festivals, and at local shops. >> one of her goals, is to have somebody wear that shirt in all 50 states. >> reporter: she has raised $2,000 so far and $400 has gone to an anti bullying group, another 400 to a girls youth program. >> how proud is he right now looking down on her because you know he is. >> he absolutely is.
6:52 am
>> live nice. how do you feel inside what does it the mean to you. >> be nice in anyway that you can. >> reporter: to find out more about live nice, go to cbs love. i'm going to see you tonight, family. i'm ukee washington. cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> simple powerful message. >> i got goose bumps and her little voice, live nice. so simple, you are right. a warning for parents about an item your child may have. >> 130,000 kids straw tumblers have been recall. pieces of the straw can break off in a child's mouth posing a choking risk this he were sold at target between may and september. you are told to contact the manufacturer, ignite for a full refund. campbells is changing recipe to the classic chicken noodle soup. camden based company is removing artificial ingredients like ms g and replacing witt more chicken brot and onions. it will debut in the limited addition can pre meeting the new star wars film. fellows, if you long for
6:53 am
book look of david beckham but lack lengthy locks you are in luck. group is selling clip on, man buns. >> no, no, no. >> this is just too much. >> attachable hair piece comes in variety of colors. they sell for $10 ape so far more than a thousand have been sold on line. >> blonde or brown. >> more than a thousand people bet are not. >> her's into it. >> if you saw a guy with the clip on man bun. >> i say that is a brave man. >> all right. >> whatever you like. >> nope.
6:54 am
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updating a story we have been following all morning long the investigation continues into an overnight stab nothing cheltenham. >> one men were rushed to the hospital. justin finch joins us from the scene with the very latest, good morning. >> reporter: erika and nicole good morning. both men are on track to recover this morning. we are told this began at 2:30 at this home on the 500 block of davis red here in cheltenham overnight. we are told one man got a knife and stabbed the the other, and that man suffered stab wound to his chest and on the other man also had signs of injuries, heavy bleeding. stabbed man was taken to einstein. man who did stabbing was taken to abington. both men are expect to recover. the investigation ongoing. this morning we have just expect to the woman who left the home a short time ago and asked her about the condition
6:58 am
of both men and she tells thaws both men should be okay that it was a fight that came to an even with the stabbing here overnight. we are live from cheltenham, i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". as it is veterans day a thank you to all who serve and have have served because of you old glory flies high and as especially true right there in wisconsin. that is the world's largest american flag, on a 400-foot pole. if you are wondering dimensions here it is 140 feet wide by 70 feet high. there is also a veterans memorial at the base of pole. >> that is something to see when win is going an flying high very nice. >> olive garden is offering a free entree for vets and active duty military. their companions can get 10 percent discount on meals as well just show your military id. ihop is honoring veterans by serving a free stack of red, white and blue pancakes this veterans day. it goes from 7:00 a a.m., until 7:00 p.m.
6:59 am
pancakes for lunch and dinner. proper military id is require. if you don't have your id they will accept your american legion card or just a photograph of you in uniform in case you don't have that handy. >> red, white and blue pancakes. i love it. in case you are off from work we have a decent forecast. >> much better, we will keep it the dry in, threat of rain, some sunshine, 64, pretty mild, more showers return tomorrow and then cooler and dry for weekend with sunshine. >> all right. ninety-five northbound approaching blue route is certainly heating up as well as the the vine slowing down just a little bit. we will go to the wide and see areas starting to slow down, that is schuylkill at, i-95 and blue route in the northbound direction. >> thank you, meisha. cbs this morning is coming up next. world's busiest on line shopping day is four times larger than cyber monday and this year analyst say it could shatter sales rorrer. >> join us bright each weekday morning starting 4:59:30. we will leave you now on this veterans day with a live look
7:00 am
at the tomb of the unknown at the tomb of the unknown soldiers right captioning funded by cbs good morning. it p it is wednesday is, n 111th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." ggop candidate gop candidates issues. marr marmarco rubip mar t>> r > a jet cr apartment building. familip families are on th desperately seeking answers. >> tim mcgraw is in the studio 57 today. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. i know that rand is a committed zotisolationist. i'm not. >> i don't have to hear this. >> the gop showdown in milwau


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